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Next Level Journals Strings Summer 2015


LETTER FROM THEPUBLISHERAs publisher of Next Level Journals I truly feel like I am the mostfortunate reader to take part. I get to learn so much from somany. This summer release marks the first Strings journal. It’s thebeginning of an era and I could not be more proud of what thecontributors have to offer this time around.As usual they are all artists that I have respected either mywhole life or have discovered throughout my journeys and amcompletely enamored with. I believe you, as the reader will findextreme joy and discovery from this release.More specifically, in this edition you have the ability to learn aboutauditioning from Kathleen Winkler and Rex Surany. I appreciatedthe vast generosity of Peter Wiley and how he looks at his musicalexperiences as graciously as anyone I’ve ever known. Finally,Roberto Diaz will show you that the unknown is worth discoveringand being open to everything that is thrown your way may lead toa career.Ultimately each one of these artists are epic in their teaching,performance, and in some cases even entrepreneurial skills. Thefuture of our craft is exciting and they have enlightened us bysimply being who they are. I encourageeach one of you to do the same in your own way.Ranaan MeyerPublisher Next Level JournalsTime for Three Founder and BassistEducation We All Deserve FoundationFounderRanaan Meyer EntertainmentIndianapolis Symphony Artist in ResidenceSun Valley Summer Symphony Artistand Composer in ResidenceCharley Creek Arts Festival Artistic Director

THE ART OF ACHIEVINGYOUR DREAM5KATHLEENWINKLER,VIOLINISTAND TEACHERAs a whole, the audition experience shouldbe regarded as an exciting and inspirationalmulti-faceted journey that brings young, aspiringmusicians one step closer to realizing theirdreams. After all, how often does one have theopportunity to take center stage with a captiveaudience of celebrated musicians whose solepurpose at that moment is to have you as thetotal focus of their attention? Perhaps thisnotion comes across as overly Utopian but Iwould like to believe that the audition processis the culmination and realization of a lifetime ofdedication and faith. My own students know thatI enthusiastically embrace their audition pursuits,encouraging them to march purposefullytowards their goals, following the same upwardtrajectory of practice, commitment, passion, andpurpose they already exercise on a daily basis.Far too often, however, I have witnessed auditionpreparations reduced to countless months oflaborious practice and excessive hand wringing,the big “A” word a dark, foreboding cloudlooming overhead.Consider the words rendition and audition.Separated in spelling by a mere three letters, thecontrast in their connotations can be striking.Would you feel more at ease presenting “aperformance or interpretation, especially of adramatic role or piece of music” or, “interviewingfor a particular role or job as a singer, actor,dancer, or musician, consisting of a practicaldemonstration of the candidates suitabilityand skill.” These are the definitions of renditionand audition, respectively, as stated in theNew Oxford American Dictionary. While bothdefinitions contain a performance component,the word rendition implies an invitation to share;audition, for scrutiny and evaluation. It iswith the spiritual mindset of a rendition thatthe term audition is used in the followingparagraphs. When it is all said and done,performance is about sharing one’s heartfeltperspective on music.When navigating through a musical landscape,it is helpful to operate along a wide band ofwell-informed, organized strategies. Manyof these are already known to be matters ofcommon sense yet, oftentimes, we fail to heedthem. Strategic planning is not unlike buildinga sandwich with multiple, carefully layeredingredients, each contributing a distinctive flavorand texture to the whole. I’ve assembled myown musical sandwich below. If you’ve evertaken an audition, see if you spot yourself withinany of its layers of “ingredients.” Or perhaps, thiswill inspire you to formulate a sandwich of yourown design.