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sac-catalogue-1212 - Indoavis Nusantara


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INDOAVIS VFR <strong>CHART</strong> SERIES<strong>SAC</strong> (<strong>SECTIONAL</strong> <strong>AERONAUTICAL</strong> <strong>CHART</strong>)1 : 500.000BROCURE <strong>SAC</strong>.ai July 05, 2012

INDOAVIS VFR <strong>CHART</strong> SERIES<strong>SAC</strong> (<strong>SECTIONAL</strong> <strong>AERONAUTICAL</strong> <strong>CHART</strong>) 1 : 500.000TABLE OF CONTENTA. IntroductionB. Indoavis Products DevelopmentC. <strong>SAC</strong> Indec ChartD. <strong>SAC</strong> Index ListE. Sample Chart1. <strong>SAC</strong>-AC Aceh, Indonesia2. <strong>SAC</strong>-BT Batam, Indonesia3. <strong>SAC</strong>-PD Padang, Indonesia4. <strong>SAC</strong>-BP Balikpapan, Indonesia5. <strong>SAC</strong>-BJ Banjarmasin, IndonesiaF. Technical SpecificationG. Contac Information

INTRODUCTIONINFORMATION CONTENTSectional Aeronautical Charts are the primary navigationalreference medium. The 1:500,000 scale Sectional AeronauticalChart Series is designed for visual navigation of slow tomedium speed aircraft. The topographic information featuredconsists of the relief and a judicious selection of visualcheckpoints used for flight under visual flight rules.An aeronautical chart is a map designed to assist in navigationof aircraft, much as nautical charts do for watercraft, ora roadmap for drivers. Using these charts and other tools,pilots are able to determine their position, safe altitude,best route to a destination, navigation aids along the way,alternative landing areas in case of an in-flight emergency,and other useful information such as radio frequencies andairspace boundaries. There are charts for all land masses onSectional charts are in 1:500,000 scale and are named for amajor city within their area of coverage. Indoavis Nusantara(INDOAVIS) in the Indonesia provides a series of over 60 chartscovering the continental Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapora.Sectional charts are published by the Indoavis.The sectionals are complemented by Terminal Area Charts(TMAs), Training Area Chart (TAC) produced at a 1:250,000scale and depicting the areas around major Indonesia, airportsin detail, and Operational Navigation Chart (ONCs), producedat a scale of 1:1,000,000 and used for navigation by pilots flyingprimarily moderate speed aircraft and aircraft operating at highaltitudes.The charts are updated at six-month intervals to ensure topographic,navigational, communications and obstacle informationremains current.Earth, and long-distance charts for trans-oceanic travel.Specific charts are used for each phase of a flight and mayvary from a map of a particular airport facility to an overviewof the instrument routes covering an entire continent(e.g., global navigation charts), and many types in between.A sectional chart provides detailed information on topographicalfeatures that are important to aviators, such asterrain elevations, ground features identifiable from altitude(rivers, dams, bridges, buildings, etc.), and ground featuresuseful to pilots (airports, beacons, landmarks, etc.).The chart also provides information on airspace classes,ground-based navigation aids, radio frequencies, longitudeand latitude, navigation waypoints, navigation routes.Brochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Aeronautical Data BaseMAPAirspaceANNEX for Air Navigation ServicesICAO-ANNEX 2ICAO-ANNEX 3ICAO-ANNEX 4ICAO-ANNEX 5ICAO-ANNEX 14ICAO-ANNEX 15ICAO-ANNEX 18(Rules of the Air)(Meteorological Sevice for International Air Navigation)(Aeronautical Chart)(Units of Measurement to be Used in Air Ground Operations)(Aerodrome)(Aeronautical Information Services)(The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air)DOC for Air Navigation ServicesAirwaysAirportHeliportMEFMORAMOCANavigation AidsIFR Terminal ChartCharts for instrument flight rules (IFR)ICAO-Doc.8126 (Aeronautical Information Services Manual)ICAO-Doc.8697 (Aeronautical Chart Manual)ICAO-Doc.9674 (World Geodetic System)ICAO DOC 8168 (Aircraft Operations Flight Procedures)ICAO DOC 4444 (ATM - Air Traffic Management, 14th edition 2001)ICAO DOC 9157 (Aerodrome Design Manual)ICAO DOC 9137 (Airport Services Manual)ICAO DOC 9261 (Heliport Manual)ARINC DOC. <strong>AERONAUTICAL</strong> RADIO, INC. (Navigation System Database)RTCA DOC 272 User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping InformationRTCA DOC-276 User Requirements for Terrain and Obstacle DataRTCA DOC-200-A Standards for Processing Aeronautical DataRTCA DOC-201-A Standards for Aeronautical InformationNOTAMsAIP/FLIPSAIP SUP/AMDTCulturalReporting PointDigital ElevationModel (DEM)CONTOURVFR ChartCharts for Visual flight rules (VFR)DrainageGrid andGraticuleCoastFMS Navigation DataFlight management systemGeographical Data BaseMAPBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Coverage of the <strong>SAC</strong> for Indonesia and surrounding countriesN07°N03°S01°S05°S09°<strong>SAC</strong>-ACBANDA ACEH<strong>SAC</strong>-SGSINABANG<strong>SAC</strong>-SISITOLI<strong>SAC</strong>-MDMEDAN<strong>SAC</strong>-PKPEKANBARU<strong>SAC</strong>-PDPADANG<strong>SAC</strong>-IPIPOH (Malaysia)<strong>SAC</strong>-KLKUALA LUMPUR(Malaysia)<strong>SAC</strong>-BKBENGKULU<strong>SAC</strong>-BTJAMBIBATAM<strong>SAC</strong>-JM<strong>SAC</strong>-PBPALEMBANG<strong>SAC</strong>-LPLAMPUNG<strong>SAC</strong>-NTNATUNA<strong>SAC</strong>-PPBANGKA-BELITUNG<strong>SAC</strong>-WJWEST JAVA<strong>SAC</strong>-SKSINGKAWANG<strong>SAC</strong>-PTPONTIANAK<strong>SAC</strong>-PBPKL.BUN<strong>SAC</strong>-EJEAST JAVA<strong>SAC</strong>-SUSIBU(Malaysia)<strong>SAC</strong>-PSPUTUSSIBAU<strong>SAC</strong>-PCPURUKCAHU<strong>SAC</strong>-BDBRUNAI DSM<strong>SAC</strong>-BJBALITARAKANBANJARMASIN<strong>SAC</strong>-BM<strong>SAC</strong>-KBKINABALU(Malaysia)<strong>SAC</strong>-TK<strong>SAC</strong>-BABATU AMPAR<strong>SAC</strong>-BKBALIKPAPAN<strong>SAC</strong>-SBSUMBAWA<strong>SAC</strong>-NKNUNUKAN(Malaysia)<strong>SAC</strong>-MJMAMUJU<strong>SAC</strong>-MKMAKASSAR<strong>SAC</strong>-JBJAMBOANGA(Philippines)<strong>SAC</strong>-GOGORONTALO<strong>SAC</strong>-PLPALU<strong>SAC</strong>-EDENDE<strong>SAC</strong>-KDKENDARI<strong>SAC</strong>-BUBAU BAU<strong>SAC</strong>-GSG.SANTOS(Philippines)<strong>SAC</strong>-STSANGIHE TALAUD<strong>SAC</strong>-MOMANADO<strong>SAC</strong>-MLMANGOLE<strong>SAC</strong>-KPKUPANG<strong>SAC</strong>-DLDILI<strong>SAC</strong>-TETERNATE<strong>SAC</strong>-LBLABUHA<strong>SAC</strong>-ABAMBON<strong>SAC</strong>-YMYAMDENA<strong>SAC</strong>-SOSORONG<strong>SAC</strong>-FKFAK-FAK<strong>SAC</strong>-DBDOBO<strong>SAC</strong>-BIBIAK<strong>SAC</strong>-NANABIRE<strong>SAC</strong>-SNSENTANI<strong>SAC</strong>-WMWAMENA<strong>SAC</strong>-TMTANAH MERAH<strong>SAC</strong>-MRMERAUKEE98°E102°E106°E110°E114°E118°E122°E126°E130°<strong>SAC</strong>-DWWARWIN(Australia)E134°E138°Brochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

<strong>SECTIONAL</strong> INDEX LISTCovers an area of 5 (five) countries, with the division by 60 (sixty) sheetNO CODE LOCATION ISLAND COUNTRY1. <strong>SAC</strong>-AC ACEH Sumatera, Indonesia2. <strong>SAC</strong>-AB AMBON Maluku, Indonesia3. <strong>SAC</strong>-BM BALI/MATARAM Bali, NTB, Indonesia4. <strong>SAC</strong>-BK BALIKPAPAN Kalimantan, Indonesia5. <strong>SAC</strong>-BJ BANJARMASIN Kalimantan, Indonesia6. <strong>SAC</strong>-BT BATAM/SINGAPORE Batam, Indonesia, Singapore7. <strong>SAC</strong>-BA BATU AMPAR Kalimantan, Indonesia8. <strong>SAC</strong>-BU BAU-BAU Sulawesi, Indonesia9. <strong>SAC</strong>-BK BENGKULU Sumatera, Indonesia10. <strong>SAC</strong>-BI BIAK Papua, Indonesia11. <strong>SAC</strong>-BD BRUNEI DSM Kalimantan, Brunei Darussalam12. <strong>SAC</strong>-DW DARWIN Darwin, Australia13. <strong>SAC</strong>-DL DILI Dili, Timor Leste14. <strong>SAC</strong>-DB DOBO Maluku, Indonesia15. <strong>SAC</strong>-EJ EAST JAVA Java, I ndonesia16. <strong>SAC</strong>-ED ENDE NTT, Indonesia17. <strong>SAC</strong>-FK FAK FAK Papua, Indonesia18. <strong>SAC</strong>-GS G.SANTOS General Santos, Philippines19. <strong>SAC</strong>-GO GORONTALO Sulawesi, Indonesia20. <strong>SAC</strong>-IP IPOH Ipoh, MalaysiaNO CODE LOCATION ISLAND COUNTRY21. <strong>SAC</strong>-JM JAMBI Sumatera, Indonesia22. <strong>SAC</strong>-JB JAMBOANGA Jamboanga, Philippines23. <strong>SAC</strong>-KD KENDARI Sulawesi, Indonesia24. <strong>SAC</strong>-KB KINABALU Kalimantan, Malaysia25. <strong>SAC</strong>-KL KUALA LUMPUR Peninsula, Malaysia26. <strong>SAC</strong>-KP KUPANG NTT, Indonesia27. <strong>SAC</strong>-LB LABUHA North Maluku, Indonesia28. <strong>SAC</strong>-LP LAMPUNG Sumatera, Indonesia29. <strong>SAC</strong>-MK MAKASSAR East Sulawesi, Indonesia30. <strong>SAC</strong>-MJ MAMUJU West Sulawesi, Indonesia31. <strong>SAC</strong>-MO MANADO Sulawesi, Indonesia32. <strong>SAC</strong>-ML MANGOLE North Maluku, Indonesia33. <strong>SAC</strong>-MD MEDAN North Sumatera, Indonesia34. <strong>SAC</strong>-MR MERAUKE Papua, Indonesia35. <strong>SAC</strong>-NA NABIRE Papua, Indonesia36. <strong>SAC</strong>-NT NATUNA Riau Island, Indonesia37. <strong>SAC</strong>-NK NUNUKAN Kalimantan, Malaysia38. <strong>SAC</strong>-PD PADANG Sumatera, Indonesia39. <strong>SAC</strong>-PB PALEMBAN Sumatera, Indonesia40. <strong>SAC</strong>-PT PALU Sulawesi, Indonesia41. <strong>SAC</strong>-PP PANGKAL PINANG Bangka, Indonesia42. <strong>SAC</strong>-PK PEKANBARU Sumatera, Indonesia43. <strong>SAC</strong>-PB PKL.BUN Kalimantan, Indonesia44. <strong>SAC</strong>-PT PONTIANAK Kalimantan, Indonesia45. <strong>SAC</strong>-PC PURUKCAHU Kalimantan, Indonesia46. <strong>SAC</strong>-PS PUTTUSSIBAU Kalimantan, Indonesia47. <strong>SAC</strong>-SN SENTANI Papua, Indonesia48. <strong>SAC</strong>-ST SANGIHE TALAUT North Sulawesi, Indonesia49. <strong>SAC</strong>-SU SIBU Peninsula, Malaysia50. <strong>SAC</strong>-SB SINABANG Sumatera, IndonesiaNO CODE LOCATION ISLAND COUNTRY51. <strong>SAC</strong>-SK SINGKAWANG Kalimantan, Indonesia52. <strong>SAC</strong>-SI SITOLI Sumatera, Indonesia53. <strong>SAC</strong>-SO SORONG Papua, Indonesia54. <strong>SAC</strong>-SB SUMBAWA NTB, Indonesia55. <strong>SAC</strong>-TM TANAH MERAH Papua, Indonesia56. <strong>SAC</strong>-TK TARAKAN North Kalimantan, Indonesia57. <strong>SAC</strong>-TE TERNATE North Maluku, Indonesia58. <strong>SAC</strong>-YM YAMDENA Maluku, Indonesia59. <strong>SAC</strong>-WM WAMENA Papua, Indonesia60. <strong>SAC</strong>-WJ WEST JAVA Java, IndonesiaPT. INDOAVIS NUSANTARAGeo-Informatics and Aeronautical Information Support2 nd Floor Terminal Building A-02/PKHalim Perdana Kusuma Int'l Airport Jakarta 13610, INDONESIAPh : 62-21 808 80028 - 62.21 912 60023Fax : 62-21 809 7242e-mail : info@indoavis.co.idhttp://www.indoavis.co.idBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Sectional Aeronautical Chart (<strong>SAC</strong>)Scale : 1:500.000 / Cm = 2.70Nm / Inch = 6.86Code : <strong>SAC</strong>-ACCoverage Areas : Banda Aceh, IndonesiaEffective Date : 08 March 2012Produced and Published by : Indoavis Nusantara.PTBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Sectional Aeronautical Chart (<strong>SAC</strong>)Scale : 1:500.000 / Cm = 2.70Nm / Inch = 6.86Code : <strong>SAC</strong>-BTCoverage Areas : BATAM, IndonesiaEffective Date : 08 March 2012Produced and Published by : Indoavis Nusantara.PTBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Sectional Aeronautical Chart (<strong>SAC</strong>)Scale : 1:500.000 / Cm = 2.70Nm / Inch = 6.86Code : <strong>SAC</strong>-PDCoverage Areas : Padang, IndonesiaEffective Date : 08 March 2012Produced and Published by : Indoavis Nusantara.PTBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Sectional Aeronautical Chart (<strong>SAC</strong>)Scale : 1:500.000 / Cm = 2.70Nm / Inch = 6.86Code : <strong>SAC</strong>-BJCoverage Areas : Banjarmasin, IndonesiaEffective Date : 08 March 2012Produced and Published by : Indoavis Nusantara.PTBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Sectional Aeronautical Chart (<strong>SAC</strong>)Scale : 1:500.000 / Cm = 2.70Nm / Inch = 6.86Code : <strong>SAC</strong>-BPCoverage Areas : Balikpapan, IndonesiaEffective Date : 08 March 2012Produced and Published by : Indoavis Nusantara.PTBrochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

TYPE OF <strong>CHART</strong>UNIT OF MEASUREMENT<strong>CHART</strong> SIZE<strong>CHART</strong> PROJECTIONCOORDINATE REFERENCEELEVATIONMEFVFR (Visual Flight Rules)1:500.000 / 1Cm : 2.70Nm / Inch : 6.86Nm100 x 47 CmTM (Transverse Mercator)Geographical (latitude/longitude) & World Geographic Reference SystemIn Feet (1 Feet : 0.305 Meters)(Maximum Elevation Figure) Based on information available concerning the highest known featuresin each quadrangle, including terrain and obstruction (trees, towers, antennas, etc)SPOT ELEVATIONCONTOUR INTERVALMAGNETIC DECLINATIONPERIOD <strong>AERONAUTICAL</strong>Accuracy based on mean sea level500 feet Basic and 250 feet IntermediateMagnetic variation, 2005 is Approximately 1°30’ easterly over the entire chartWhen a significant change occurs but not more revisions ofter than 62 DayPREPARED AND PUBLISHED BY PT.INDOAVIS NUSANTARA - 2011REFERENCE DOCUMENTS ICAO-ANNEX 2 (Rules of the Air)ICAO-ANNEX 3ICAO-ANNEX 4ICAO-ANNEX 5(Meteorological Sevice for International Air Navigation)(Aeronautical Chart)(Units of Measurement to be Used in Air Ground Operations)ICAO-ANNEX 15 (Aeronautical Information Services)ICAO-ANNEX 18 (The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air)ICAO-Doc.8126(Aeronautical Information Services Manual)ICAO-Doc.8697 (Aeronautical Chart Manual)ICAO-Doc.9674 (World Geodetic System)<strong>AERONAUTICAL</strong> DATA SOURCE AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication)FLIPS (Flight Information Publication)NOTAM, AIP Supplement and AIP AmandementTOPOGRAPHY DATA SOURCESRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) NASADCW (Digital Chart of the Word) NASARBI (Rupa Bumi Indonesia) Bakosurtanal/BIGBasic background political map is from digital chart of the world and Batas NKRI Bakosurtanal/BIG.Brochure Indoavis <strong>SAC</strong> Januari 2012

Have a Safe FlightHave a Safe FlightCONTACT :Hendra Andi LondyPresident Directoremail : hal.londy@gmail.comPhone : 021-808 80028PT. INDOAVIS NUSANTARAGeo informatics and Aeronautical Information Support2 nd Floor Terminal Building A02/PK Halim Perdana Kusuma International AirportJakarta (13610) INDONESIAPhone : 62 21 808 80028, 62 21 912 600238Fax : 62 218097242Wsite : http://www.indoavis.co.idWsite : http://indoavis.blogspot.com/Email : info@indoavis.co.id

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