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iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary GuideiPad: A Magical andRevolutionary GuideBy: James Brucehttp://ipadboardgames.comEdited by: Justin PotThis manual is the intellectual property of MakeUseOf. It must only be published in itsoriginal form. Using parts or republishing altered parts of this guide is prohibited.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 2

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide1. IntroductionIf you’re reading this you either already own an iPad or are seriously thinking aboutgetting one (here’s an iPad simulator to help you decide). This guide will help you toget the most out of your shiny new tablet. I’ll show you how to effectively manageyour device and keep it organised and tidy. I’ll give you some tips and tricks, andpresent you with the MakeUseOf app picks for pretty much anything you’d want todo.Some things in this guide you may already know, but I’ve tried to write it with avariety of readers in mind – even experienced iPad owners are sure to findsomething here they weren’t aware of, or some new apps that will change theirusage of the device. There’s something for everyone, so read on and enjoy.The iPad manual from Apple is also a great compliment to this guide, feel free todownload it as well:http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iPad_User_Guide.pdf2. Basic InterfaceIf you’re a seasoned iPad pro, you can probably skip this part of the guide. Foreveryone else, the home screen interface is the best place to start learningabout your new iPad. Though we won’t be covering it here, we have coveredthe Settings screen in detail before, so be sure to read that too if you’reexploring the settings. We will assume default settings for most of this guide,though.2.1 Managing your Home ScreenUse your iPad regularly for a few months and you’ll no doubt end up with adisorganised mess of applications. Let’s do some sorting.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 4

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary GuideTouch and hold on any icon on the home screen for about 3 seconds and the iconswill all start wobbling. In this mode, each icon has an X in the corner, to quickly andeasily delete icons from your home screens. Apps deleted like this will still be stored inyour iTunes library, so to delete the app entirely do so in iTunes and sync your device.You can also drag the icons around to re-arrange them in this mode – dragging tothe edge of the screen will push you onto the next home screen.Remember: You don't need to stick to the sliding home screen areas – you can addup to 6 of your favourite apps to the main dock area too, or move the existing onesoff there if you don’t use them.As of iOS version 4.2 you can drag an application icon on top of another icon inorder to create a folder, or drag an application into an existing folder. Of course,you can also rearrange the location of apps within a folder. If you have a lot of appsthat you really need one-click access to, just create a folder of essential apps andadd that folder to your main dock launch area.The easiest way to manage your apps, however, is through the app tab of the iTunessync screen. You can read about this more in the iTunes Sync section of this guide.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 5

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide2.2 Searching for specific itemsIf your home screens are often as disorganised as mine are, and you find yourselfwith hundreds of apps or a badly organised media library, the easiest way to findsomething instantly is through the Spotlight search tool. To access it, press the homebutton and scroll across to the furthest home screen on the left. Just start typing inthe file, song, app name, contact or email that you wish to find, and the searchresults are displayed instantaneously.I often use this search function to quickly launch apps without searching across thehome screens, or to find a certain song I’m craving to hear.2.3 MultitaskingIf you’re running version 4.2 or higher your iPad is equipped for multitasking. Whenyou click an Internet link or a mail link, you will no longer need to shut downwhatever app you are running. Instead “quick switch” to the new one. When youare done, you can switch back by pressing the Home button twice quickly to bringhttp://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 6

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guideup the multitasking menu. The multitask menu can also be used to quickly dim thedisplay or control iPod functionality.2.4 Screen Rotation Lock:Locking the screen orientation of your iPad is essential for reading in bed and lazingon the sofa, but Apple can’t quite decide how to do it. In 3.x versions of iOS, theswitch on the side of the iPad - next to the volume rocker - could used to do thisquickly and easily. In version 4.2 of iOS, Apple changed the switch so it behaved asa mute button instead, choosing to move the screen rotation lock to a touch buttonon the multitask menu. Understandably, users were distraught. In version 4.3, you canchoose the behaviour of this switch from the Settings screen.3. Typing on the iPadSince any typing you do on the iPad is on a small keyboard and with no haptic(touch) feedback, it will take a while to get used to. With the device horizontal, I cannow type almost as fast as I can on a regular keyboard. Even so, there are a few tipswe can all learn to make typing on the iPad that little bit easier.3.1 International KeyboardsIf you need to type in anotherlanguage, iOS is remarkably welladapted without the physicallimitations of real keyboards.From the settings screen, selectGeneral -> International Keyboards.This can be great for studying, and it’san absolute life-saver in internationalmarriages, let me tell you! Switchingbetween Chinese handwriting,Japanese romaji input system, andplain old English couldn’t be easier. Even if you don’t need to type regularly in aforeign language, the natural handwriting keyboards are great for practising yourKanji if you’re learning Chinese or Japanese, as you need to get the exact strokeorder correct for it to be recognised.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 7

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide3. 2 Quick SymbolsFor most people, the occasional accented letter is more than sufficient. Forlanguages based on the Roman alphabet, just hold down the base letter andvariants will appear. The same also applies to quotations and other symbols.3. 3 Copy and PasteSelecting, copying and pasting items on the iPad is somewhat of a black art. Let usguide you on the way to being a copy-paste ninja and save you the frustration. It’seasy when you know how.Triple-tap a block of text to select all ofit - this will grab the entire paragraph.Double-tap to select a single word.From here, you can adjust theselection by dragging the blue tags toexpand or contact it.To paste, hold your finger on thescreen until the magnifying areaappears. Carefully drag into thedesired position, and simply hit paste.Finally, you need not bother using theperiod key. Simply double tap thespace bar when you are done withyour sentence and your iPad will automatically add a period and begin a newsentence. Also note that by default the first letter of any sentence is automaticallyhttp://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 8

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guidecapitalised, so don’t bother pressing the shift key (even though your typing instincttells you to!)4. Adding Gmail, Yahoo, HotmailEmail Accounts:By default there are built in settings for Gmail and Yahoo to easily add your webmailaccount to your iPad. From the settings screen, select Mail, Contacts, Calendar thenAdd Account, select the account provider, and fill in your name and password.For some reason, Hotmail isn’t listed by default, but it’s just as easy to add. ChooseOther as your account type, then simply select Add Mail Account. You’ll need to fillin the same details, but there are no complicated settings or server addresses. If yourpassword and username were correct, just click save on the next screen and you’redone!4.1 Syncing Your Google Calendar and Contacts:Setting up your iPad to sync calendar and contact data with your Google accountis a little more difficult, but not impossible. Follow these steps:1. From Settings, select -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Add Account -> MicrosoftExchange2. Type in your full Google email address for email, as well as the same again forusername.3. Leave the domain field blank, and fill in your password.4. Press Next. A box labelled Server will magically appear.5. Enter m.google.com6. Select the services you want to sync.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 9

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide5.iTunes SyncThe iTunes Sync screen is a remarkably powerful tool that new iPad users tend tooverlook. Let me show you all the great things you can do with the iTunes Syncscreen to enhance and customise your iPad experience. Not an iTunes fan? Try thisiTunes alternative.5.1 Manage your storage spaceYou actually have a high degree of control over precisely what gets synced ontoyour device. With the default settings, you often get a little of everything – somemusic, the latest podcasts, some videos, all of your apps - but with a littlemicromanagement of the storage area you set your iPad up to be even more usefulto you. With your iPad connected and recognised in iTunes, take some time to gothrough each tab and personalise the content you really want on your iPad.For instance, I like to use my iPad to show family and visitors particular photo albums– so under the photos tab, I’ve set it up to sync the latest X events, plus somefavourites like wedding photos and vacations. On the other hand, I have an iPhoneto listen to music and audio podcasts, so I’ve completely disabled music syncing.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 10

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide5.2 The easy way to manage your appsTruth be told, moving a large number of apps around using “wobble” is quite timeconsuming. The easier way is to plug in your iPad and use the Apps tab of the iTunesSync screen. Just drag the icons around with your mouse. You can also drag theicons from one screen straight on to another by dragging the icon to the preview ofyour preferred screen on the right.If you’re having trouble finding which screen you want to put an app onto, just findan app from the screen you’re looking for on the alphabetical list of apps to the leftand double click it. iTunes will show you where the app is currently placed.5.3 Add files to use in your appsToward the bottom of the App sync tab there is a section devoted to apps that canexchange files (such as Apple Pages, or various PDF and ebook reader apps). Toshare a file with that app, simply click on the app name, then drag your files into thebox on the right, or select them manually using the Add button.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 11

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6. 1 News:BBC News: My personal favourite forunbiased news reports from the world over,the app also features live streaming audioand embedded video for most stories. Youcan customise the news selection screen tohide categories you have no interest in andshuffle the important ones to the top. [iTunes]Flipboard: “A personal iPad magazine”,Flipboard is a beautiful way to merge all yournews sources. The interface is groundbreaking, and it will automatically pull in theFacebook and Twitter news stories, picturesand videos that your friends are posting. Youcan share, like, or reply from within the app.[iTunes]. Check out the spin-off Surfboard, forbrowsing webpages in flip-style.MobileRSS HD Free: Whilst the free version isad-supported (not heavily, though), this appsyncs with your Google Reader account andsimply offers the best way to view your feeditems and share them. One particularfeature I like is the one-click image savefeature, and the choice of dark or lightthemes. Try it now if you’re not into themagazine style viewing experience and I’msure you’ll love it. [iTunes]Guardian Eyewitness: For those of you whoare more visual learners, this app from theBritish newspaper The Guardian features astunning new high-resolution imageeveryday. Each image is meticulouslychosen to make you examine every part ofthe detail, not simply flip to the next, and aquick blurb explaining the context. [iTunes]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 14

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6. 2 Book and PDF Reading:Stanza: A competent no-frills PDF and e-bookreader, and my personal choice for readingmostly anything on the iPad. The quickbrightness adjustment and text size make thissuitable for any time of day, and it handlesany format ebook file, including obscurecomic-book formats like CBR and DjVU. Addbooks by iTunes, or browse the built-in libraryof out-of-copyright works. [iTunes]Bookman: [iTunes] For comic books and largePDF files that are graphic intensive, Stanza justdoesn’t quite cut it. Bookman has a muchfaster PDF rendering engine, and thethumbnail overview of PDFs is great for quicknavigation. If you’d prefer to use Apple’s owniBooks reader, then you can always use thesetools to create your own iBooks to read onyour iPad.Kindle: [iTunes] If you'd rather leave your bookpurchases to Amazon, or are already a Kindleowner, the Kindle app is your only choice. Thebook selection is also far greater than Apple’sown iBooks, but do consider the new Barnesand Noble app too. If you’re looking for yourkids, the Barnes and Noble Nook for Kids mightbe the answer.Kobo: A curious eBook app that claims tohave 1.8 million free books (and not justancient classics, either) that tries to makereading into a kind of game, withachievements, a personal dashboard,Facebook sharing, and a page full of stats.You can even set up a daily newspaperdeliver of your Instapaper clippings [iTunes].Give it a go, I quite enjoyed it.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 15

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6. 3 Drawing and Photo AppsDraw for iPad: For the kids, Draw for iPadoffers a familiar crayon and paper interface,and you can even draw co-operatively overBluetooth, and play some simple built-ingames like tic-tac-toe. Your kids can keeptheir digital masterpieces forever, or emailthem to…the fridge? [iTunes]Adobe Ideas: While the free version is limitedto one layer, this app is the ultimatesketching tool for adults. Anything you sketchis automatically vectorized, so zooming in onany part of it loses no clarity. It’s also quitegood if you have shaky fingers, as it removesany imperfections when it renders your stroke– making an artist out of anyone. Great forsketching up logo ideas or just doodling, youcan then save the results or email them as aPDF. [iTunes]Adobe Photoshop Express: Everyone’sfavourite photo editor has officially made itto the iPad, and it’s free. With a bunch ofbasic editing tools and whizzbang effects, it’ssimply the best photo editor the iPad has tooffer, and I applaud Adobe for making itfree. [iTunes]Photobucket: Looking for inspiration? Sadly,there’s no free way of getting Flickr on theiPad yet, but if you ’re happy withPhotobucket then their iPad app is justperfect, showcasing featured photographyor letting you search simply and viewslideshows. It has a 17+ rating due to the factthat you could theoretically get access tosome of the adult content. [iTunes]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 16

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6. 4 Blogging and WritingPlainText: From the makers of Writeroom,PlainText is a simple distraction-free writingapp that does exactly what it says on the box.PlainText also syncs with your DropBox toavoid file sharing issues, though this freeversion is somewhat supported by ads (notparticularly intrusive ones, though). [iTunes] Ifyou’re using the iPad as a study tool, be sureto check out these 3 great study aid appstoo.Wordpress: If you have a Wordpress.com orself hosted blog, you can be blogging fromthe official iPad Wordpress app in no time.Though the WSYIWG editor is absent, andinserting pictures and media is limited to eitherabove or below the content, it’s a great wayto quickly draft up your ideas beforepublishing them when you get home. [iTunes]Evernote: While not strictly a writing-only orblogging app, Evernote is an incrediblycompetent personal data organiser withoptions to include audio recording too, and itall syncs with your Evernote account onlineand on your desktop. It’s not just an app -it’s awhole lifestyle choice, and some would say areligion! Find out more at evernote.com thendownload the app [iTunes].Clockwork Notebook: [iTunes] A simplenotebook app within which is hidden lots ofadvanced functionality, includinghandwritten doodles, sticky notes, and anundo button -all in one free package. Ifyou’re looking for something to jot downideas this is for you. Bakari also wrote anextensive article on free iPad writing apps thatwe didn’t have space to include here, so besure to read that too.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 17

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6.5 Live TV and TV GuidesABC Player: (US Only) Watch the latestepisodes of all your favourite ABC shows,with fast streaming and limitedcommercials. Doesn’t appear to be HD, butcertainly watchable. UK users should looktowards BBC iPlayer instead as even with aUS iTunes account it will still detect your ISPlocation. [iTunes]BBC iPlayer: (UK only) Though not strictly anapp, the BBC iPlayer site has been fully iPadoptimized and all the current BBC showscan be watched, streaming in HD, for free.To get the full app experience, just click the+ button in Safari and select “Add tohomescreen”-this will give you an icon justlike an app and remove the Safari addressbar. [BBC iPlayer iPad optimized site]TV Guide for iPad (UK): If you do still insist onwatching the box live, this is the essentialfree app for UK viewers. The interface isgorgeous and functional, and it lists everydigital channel as well as hooking into yourSky account if you have one, and evengives you a quick link to search BBC iPlayerfor past episodes if you need to catch-up.Perfect! [iTunes]Yahoo! Entertainment: For American users,this seems to be the most popular app ofchoice to get all your TV listings, though it’sa little clunkier than the UK alternative andthe interface is certainly slower. If you knowa better one, let us know! [iTunes]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 18

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6.6 Music and Streaming MediaNetflix: Though I’m not a Netflix subscribermyself, those of you with unlimited accountswill find you can not only manage your Netflixqueue, but stream movies in HD straight to theiPad, with very little lag and simply superbquality. Netflix was one of the firstprofessionally developed iPad apps thathelped launch the system, and it’s easy to seewhy. [iTunes]Pandora: With this app you really don’t needto store music on your iPad. If you haven’theard of Pandora it’s a personalized radiostation that learns your preferences over time,delivering new music it knows you will love. Ifyou don’t, just say so -you’ll never hear thattrack again! This app was the top freedownload of 2010, so what are you waitingfor? [iTunes]AirVideo Free: [iTunes] Though the free versionlimits the number of files you can view in anyone folder, this app is simply amazing. Withthe movie server software on your PC or Macsetup, you can stream movies directly to theiPad without ever having to care aboutformat issues -it will basically play anythingand re-encode on the fly so you can beginwatching immediately.Soundhound and Shazam: These are bothpretty incredible apps that allow you toidentify songs by recording a short clip, oreven by humming and singing with theSoundhound app. When Nancy covered bothapps on MakeUseOf, she found it quitedifficult to decide between the two, so besure to read the full article for the low downon each app. [iTunes Shazam, SoundHound]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 19

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6.7 Social MediaTweetdeck: [iTunes] Hands-down the bestTwitter client for the iPad and the app ofchoice for “power tweeters”, the interface isidentical to the desktop version and gives youa nice 3-column customizable overview of yourlatest tweets, direct messages, mentions, ortwitter searches. Anyone familiar with the PCapp will have no problem. Find more iPadtwitter clients online here.Friendly: Until Facebook releases it own officialFacebook client, Friendly seems to be theclient of choice for most. The free version isunobtrusively ad-supported, and lets you do allyour essential Facebook functions much thesame as the actual website does, includingchat. Simple but effective. [iTunes]AIM: Instant messaging fans need look nofurther than the official AIM app. Looks great,and free. No bells and whistles here, just simplechat. Even if you don’t have an AIM accountthe app interfaces with Facebook chat.Perfect if you’re stuck watching a commercialbreak. [iTunes]Gowalla for iPad: [iTunes] For social sharingjunkies, Gowalla is the ultimate location sharingtool, where you can check-in, tweet andFacebook share it all. It’s great way to discoverthe highlights of a new town too, and my wifeand I make sure to check-in whenever we visitLondon. FourSquare user? You’re stuck with theugly iPhone app I’m afraid. Switch to Gowalla!http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 20

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6.8 Remote ControlTeamViewer HD: This remote viewing andcontrol app is simplicity itself. Afterdownloading, you get a quick address andpasscode, and you can connect. I use thePC version of this app daily to oversee newemployees and occasionally give a helpinghand, and I’ve always been impressed bythe fact it’s so easy to setup and simplyworks. [iTunes] and teamviewer.comConnect My Mac / PC: For local networksonly, Connect My Mac [iTunes] or it’s sisterapp iRemoteDesktop Free [iTunes] let youview and control your computer without anyadditional software -though it doesn’t workwith the Home edition of Windows 7. It usesbuilt-in Windows and OSX functionality, butcheck out TeamViewer if you need crossplatformsupport via the internet.Wifi Touchpad HD Free: If you ever thoughthow cool it would be to use your iPad as agiant trackpad to control your Mac or PC,then this app is for you. With both trackpadand fully functioning keyboard, it’s great foryour living media center and works over theWifi network, so no BlueTooth problems orloss of signal after a few meters of distance.[iTunes]Apple Remote: Let’s not forget that Appleprovides a great free remote that you canuse to control iTunes on your computer oryour Apple TV, from your iPad. The interfaceis identical to iTunes, so you’ll have noproblem navigating. Remember, this will onlyremote control iTunes on your computer sothe sound will come out of your PC speakers- it won’t stream music to your iPad. [iTunes]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 21

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6. 9 Productivity and BusinessRoambi: If charts and data visualisation areyour thing, Roambi will give you visualecstasies you never thought possible. Justupload an excel file to your free personalonline Roambi account, and the data will betransformed into interactive charts andgraphs on your iPad. Read more and sign upat Roambi.com [iTunes], and be sure to readour iPad business tools write-up too.Dropbox: Sometimes simply emailing a file toyourself is enough, but for everything elsethere’s Dropbox. It’s a personal hard drive inthe cloud, which syncs with your localcomputer. While you can't edit the files, it issimply the easiest way to view basicdocuments on your iPadand it supportsnearly all the major text, spreadsheet andpresentation file formats. [iTunes] and signup.Wunderlist: This incredible to-do list app hasall the features you could want whilekeeping things basic! Wunderlist is not onlybeautiful and simply functional, it also syncsautomatically with the Wunderlist PC, Macand iPhone versions so you can keepabreast of what you have to do whereveryou are. [iTunes] Read more on this amazingcross platform app in Bakari’s article.Easy Books: After you’ve finished being superproductive on your iPad, you can total up allyour new earnings and write the iPad off asa business expense with this great freeaccounting app. Ideally suited to smallbusinesses, sole traders and the selfemployed, this app will handle every aspectof basic bookmaking. For UK users, it’ll evenhelp calculate your VAT payments. [iTunes]http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 22

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide6.10 GamesHarbor Master HD: If you do decide todownload this, make sure you don’t haveanything important to do for the next 3weeks. Harbor Master is a ridiculouslyaddictive game of steering boats intoharbors. [iTunes]While you’re downloading this, there’sanother 10 great addictive games here.Pocket Legends: Though it requires aheavy investment of time, Pocket Legendsis a massively multiplayer online role-playgame that is simply unparalleled in quality-and free. Featuring a detailed 3D worldand the usual assortment of fantasycliches. [iTunes]Angry Birds HD Free: How to explain thisgame best? You catapult some angry redbirds at poorly built structures full of greenpigs who stole the birds eggs. Understood?Suffice to say it’s incredibly fun andaddictive, and has been single handedlyresponsible for a global 5% loss inproductivity. [iTunes]Game Room: A collection of no less than 8classic board games for you and a friend,with beautiful graphics that really emulatethe feel of the originals. It even includes acustom game mode, where you candesign your board size and pieces. [iTunes]Be sure to check out my article on the bestiPad board games for more classics.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 23

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide7. Troubleshooting and Extendingthe Battery Life:For the most part, you shouldn’t have too many problems with the iPad. The mostcommon issues are app crashes, wifi connections, and general slowdown. I’malso going to show a little about how to get the most from your iPad battery -though even with full on usage you should get a good 6-10 hours.7.1 App CrashesThough iPads are often more stable than their iPhone counterparts due to lesshardware configurations, Apple cannot test every function of every app thatpasses through the store. Fortunately, if a bug has been reported and thesoftware updated, then a quick check on the Updates tab of the App storeshould put things right again.With the advent of multitasking, the multitude of apps left partially running in thebackground can sometimes cause problems. To close these, double press theHome button, then hold over an app icon to enter wobble mode. Click the red Xto close down as app as you would to delete one from the Home screens.If you’re trying to run a complicated 3D game try a complete reset of the device inorder to get all the available video memory. Hold down the On/Off Switch and theHome button until the Apple appears to reset the iPad.7. 2 Wifi ProblemsEarly versions of iPad software were known to have lots of wifi issues, so the firstthing you should check is if you are running the latest version. Plug your iPad intoyour computer as you would to sync it, and select Check for Update.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 24

iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary GuideWrap Up:The success of the iPad lies in the fact that it is precisely what you make of it, and notwo people will use their device in exactly the same way. While we can show thebest apps for the most common use cases, there are thousands of fantastic butentirely niche apps we couldn’t hope to fit within these pages. For those times, thereis the app store. Whatever it is you’re looking for - there’s an app for it (though not allfree).I hope we’ve also managed to teach you a few tips and tricks for using the iPad, nomatter what your level is. If you can follow our simple battery-saving advice, youshould get a good battery life for at least a few years.For the latest iPad tutorials, tips, and free app reviews, make sure to visit MakeUseOfoften or subscribe to the RSS feed in your shiny new iPad RSS reader. We have ateam of dedicated and knowledgeable iPad owners just waiting to show you thelatest cool apps, and we love getting feedback from you - about this guide, or anyof the other fantastic MakeUseOf guides available for free download.Thank you for reading, and I hope you get as much enjoyment and use from youriPad as I do.http://ipadboardgames.org/ | James BruceMakeUseOf.comP a g e 26

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