A Beginners Guide to SUPER GT

IT’S AWESOME!Introduction to SUPER GTSUPER GT is Japan’s premiertouring car competitionfeaturing heavily-modifiedproduction cars (or those designedto be commercially available). GTstands for Grand Touring – a highperformancecar that is capableof high speed and long-distancedriving. SUPER GT is a longdistancecompetition driven by acouple of drivers per car sharingthe driving duty. The cars lining upto compete in the top class GT500are from the Big 3 Japaneseautomakers while domestic andoverseas manufacturers go upagainst each other in the otherclass GT300. One of the greatestexcitements of SUPER GT is amixed format that GT500 and 300cars run the same race as a pack.It has brought the series to the topfavorite motorsport in Japan.■SUPER GT has a full of world-class drivers and team directorsDrivers participating in SUPER GT are well be ranked among the world topdrivers. Many of them started their career from junior karting competitions, andeventually stepped up into higher racing categories. Just as with baseball andfootball, SUPER GT has many world-class talents from both home and abroad.Furthermore, most teams appoint former drivers to team directors who haveachieved successful career in the top categories including Formula One andthe 24 Hours of Le Mans. This has made the series establish a leading positionin the Japanese motor racing, creating even more exciting and dramatic battlesto attract millions of fans globally.■Championship battles to go down to the wireSUPER GT car is driven by two drivers sharing the driving duty. Driver pointsare awarded to the top ten finishers in each race, and the driver duo who earnsthe most points over the course of the season becomes the champion. Toequalize competitiveness and avoid any runaway champion, a weight handicap(success ballast) is assigned to carsaccording to the drivers’ pointsscored in the previous race. Itreduces any single car’s chance ofdomination over the season, therebythe championship is highly likely to godown to the wire!2

■Two types of motor racingMotor racing is classified roughly into twogroups according to forms of racecar used.One is “formula car racing” featuring openwheel,single-seated cars designed exclusivelyfor races. F1 is the best-known category in thisgroup. The other is “touring car racing” withheavily-modified street cars. SUPER GTbelongs to this group.Touring car racingCars seen on the streets, with closed cockpitare referred to as “touring cars”. Touring carracing has many series worldwide. Somefeature production vehicles that remainunmodified, whereas others, such as SUPERGT, involve considerably modified cars.Formula car racingFormula cars come with open-wheel andopen cockpit. The cars are lighter thanproduction vehicles and have excellentacceleration and cornering speed. As thesecars are primarily intended to produce higherspeed, they are single-seated.■Big race with over 20-year history1994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142015The All-Japan GT Championship begins with a total of five series races.Regulations include a two-class system (GT1, GT2) and a weighthandicap. The first champions are the GT-R (GT1) and Porsche (GT2).Six series racesClass names changed to GT500 and GT300 to represent expectedhorsepower of the cars. Having two drivers per car became arequirement starting this year. First all-star race held in addition to the sixseries races (Central circuit)With the Honda NSX joining the race officially, the GT500 competitionnow stretches between three large manufacturers, including Toyota(Supra) and Nissan (GT-R). Six series races and an all-star race (Motegi) held.Maximum race distance now 500km. Seven races and an all-star race (TICircuit Aida) held.Seven races and an all-star race (Autopolis) held.Japan GT festival in Malaysia special race (first ever abroad) held on topof the seven series races.Seven series races and a continuation of the special Malaysia race fromthe previous year.Eight series races held, one of which is the first regular overseas race inMalaysia (fourth round).Eight series races.Seven series races and an all-star race held in California, United States. InGT500, the Fairlady Z appears in place of the GT-R.Series name changed to SUPER GT. Eight series races.Nine series races. In GT500, the SC430 appears in place of the Supra.Nine series races, making a running total of one hundred (The ninth race inFuji; including special races).Nine series races. In GT500, the GT-R appears in place of the Fairlady Z.Nine series races.All cars in GT500 become FR racecars with 3.4-liter V8 engines to meetwith basic technical regulations. In GT500, the HSV-010 GT appears inplace of the NSX. Eight series races and the JAF GP (Fuji) held.Eight series races and the JAF GP (Fuji) held.Eight series races and the JAF GP (Fuji) held. Hybrid vehicles appear in theGT300. The first female driver from abroad participates in GT300.Eight series races and the JAF GP (Fuji) held.GT500 introduces new technical regulations in line with the basicspecifications used in DTM (2.0-liter four-cylinder direct injectionturbocharged engines and standardized monocoque chassis).First official race in Thailand.The new mother chassis concept car first came on GT300. The cars nowshare a number of common components including the monocoque, and itallows the teams to develop competitive cars more freely and at low cost.SUPER GT, originally named the All-Japan GTChampionship, launched in 1994. The race mainlyfeatured Japanese sports cars as well as foreigncars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.Its popularity has grown tremendously as thenumber of participants increased, and the seriesbegan expanding into overseas in the 2000s. Thisinternationalization led to the series name changeto SUPER GT in 2005. Seeing that FIA GT3 carparticipations have considerably increased inrecent years, SUPER GT is going more global thanever before. The 2014 season saw the new GT500technical regulations which had been unified withthose of DTM.1996The McLaren F1GTR makes a splashyentrance. Following fanvoting, an all-star race(non-title race) is held.2002The Malaysian leg, whichhas joined as a specialnon-title event since2000, is made an officialrace.2004All-star race is held inthe US. This marks thata race series of Japaneseorigin appear for the firsttime in the US.2012Hybrid cars (ToyotaPrius and Honda CR-Z)first appeared in GT300.2014The Thai leg of theseries was made anofficial race.3

IT’S AWESOME!Tips for Giving an Added ExcitementSUPER GT employs a fairly unique format to give you a buzz.Races would be more fun if you know what it is all about!GT500 CLASS【Participating models】LEXUS RC FHonda NSX CONCEPT-GTNISSAN GT-R* Regular 2015 entrantsNISSANGT-R■Classes and ModelsSUPER GT is a mixed format of racing competition that two classes, GT500 and GT300 determined by the difference incapability, race together. Each class is classified according to the respective horsepower. The horsepower is capped by intakeof fuel flow to the engine in GT500 while by intake of air flow in GT300. What makes SUPER GT tremendously exciting is twoclasses at different performance levels are racing together, thus fans get to enjoy frequent overtaking. Currently a total of 17models from both classes take part in the 2015 SUPER GT season. There is no such race series as SUPER GT with this colorfularray of cars lined up to race together.■Diversity of Cars Provides a Sense of ExcitementOne of the prominent features of SUPER GT is the cars with various specs competing against each other. For example,although Prius is classified as a simple four-door sedan, it can be morphed into a competitive racing car with engine andchassis rightfully modified to deliver superior performance. And yet every participating car must come with the same level ofhorsepower, therefore completely different classifications of vehicle – ultimate sports cars and conservative sedans by nature –can be mixed in a single race.■Weight Handicaps Create Close BattlesOne-car dominationover the course of theseason spoils the fun ofthe sport. To avoid this,SUPER GT introduced thesuccess ballast systemcalled “weight handicap”where weight penaltiesRead the sticker on the sideof the car to see how muchweight is on the vehicle.are assigned in the next race to cars depending ontheir performance during the race weekend. Heaviercars have poorer acceleration and braking; meaningthe championship battle is expected to go down tothe wire. In the current GT500 class, when the weightexceeds 50kg, the handicap will be replaced by a fuelflow adjustment for the first 50kg.Weight Handicaps (success ballast)WeightcalculationNoneSamplepoints5Weight ( points accumulated in previousraces x applicable weight value)Rd. 1Rd. 23 5pts×2kg=10kgRd. 3 15 8pts(5+3)×2kg=16kgRd. 4One point ⇒=2kg20 23pts(5+3+15)×2kg=46kgRd. 5 13 43pts(5+3+15+20)×2kg=86kgRd. 6 4 56pts(5+3+15+20+13)×2kg=112kgRd. 7 One point=1kg 1 60pts(5+3+15+20+13+4)×1kg=60kgRd. 8 None 0kg* Weight is calculated according to accumulated points the drivers have acquired in all previous races.* Up to a total of 100kg ballast may be added. (i.e., in the above calculation, cars in Round 6 shouldhave a weight of 112kg, but the additional 12kg are exempted.4

GT300 CLASS【Participating models】LEXUS RC F GT3TOYOTA PRIUSTOYOTA 86 MCHonda CR-ZNISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3SUBARU BRZ GT300Audi R8-LMS ultraBMW Z4 GT3Ferrari 458 GT3Lamborghini Gallardo GT3LOTUS EVORA MCMcLaren MP4-12C GT3Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3PORSCHE 911 GT3 R* Regular 2015 entrantsNISSAN GT-RNISMO GT3■How to Spot ClassesYou can tell the difference between GT500 and GT300simply by looking at these three points: headlights, carnumber panels and front windshield decals. GT500 classcars come with clear/white headlights, car numbers anddecals, while GT300 are distinguished by color of yellow.Front Windshield DecalsWhite decals are for GT500 and yellow for GT300.HeadlightsHeadlights are also an easy way foryou to spot the classes even froma distance and in bad weather.Car Number PanelsCar number panels with blacknumbers on either white or yellowbackground go on display on theside of cars.■Rolling startSUPER GT employs a rolling start to initiate a race. Unlike F1, which adoptsa standing start with cars remain stationary on the grid until a green signal isgiven to start the race, SUPER GT races start with cars already in motion. Inthe rolling start, all cars follow the leading car, known as the safety car, inqualifying order maintaining speed and position untilthe safety car leaves the track and the starting signalturns green. Since overtaking is not allowed until youhave passed the start line, the drivers attempt toovertake all at once along the first corner. Don’t missthe grueling scramble as they vie for a better position!5

TIPS FOR WATCHING RACEThe Path to VictoryLet’s have a look at how a race is going during a race weekend.Enjoy your time at circuit by learning more.■Qualifying: Grabbing Pole Position isn’t EasyQualifying is crucial as it is where the starting lineup is determined. SUPER GTemploys knockout qualifying format, meaning both two drivers must be quickenough to get into higher position. Everyone makes a desperate attempt toclock the fastest lap in qualifying within the given time limit to get a betterposition. It really is a breathtaking battle well worth watching.Better qualifying resultsput you to be way outfront in the starting grid.This brings a greatadvantage overcompetitors in the race.Knockout FormatQualifying is run in a two-stageknockout format. The fastest 13cars (GT300) and 8 cars (GT500)will advance to the second stage(Q2) leaving the rest eliminated inthe first stage (Q1) and fill thestarting positions. The fastest carswill then have a shootout to aimfor pole position.* Any driver who takes part in Q1 may notparticipate in Q2.GT300 (15 min)Top thirteenadvance toQ214th and beloweliminated andfill positionsQ1Five-minute intervalGT500 (15 min)Top eightadvance toQ29th and beloweliminated andfill positionsGT300 (12 min)Top thirteendeterminedQ2Eight-minute intervalTen-minute intervalGT500 (12 min)Top eightdetermined■Race: Genuine Speed is Simply Not Enoughto VictoryRace strategy is a big key to win arace. It includes which driver to beassigned first to driving duty andwhen to pit. As each team has itsown strategy, it could create moreexciting races. Both speed andintelligence are vital to victory.One driver mayonly drive up totwo-thirds (2/3)of a given racedistance.■Point System: One Point Has Extra Meaning Towards the EndThe top ten finishers ofeach class in each racescore points towardsboth the drivers’ andthe teams’ standings.Points are accumulatedin each race dependingon the results. Somedrivers in the past havewon the title by a singlepoint. One point sure isimportant.Driver pointsClassification 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10thPoints 20 15 11 8 6 5 4 3 2 1Team pointsClassification 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10thPoints 20 15 11 8 6 5 4 3 2 1No. of laps Same no. of laps as 1st One lap behind 1stFinished race 2 laps orless behind 1stGT500 3 pts 2 pts 1 ptGT300 3 pts 1 pt* For races with a distance of 700km or longer, points are awarded on a 25-18-13-10-8-6-5-4-3-2 basis.Race completion pointsare added to team pointscorresponding to thenumber of laps completed.6

■Race Weekend ScheduleFriday is dedicated to preparing for the race. On-track actionsbegin on Saturday with free practice and qualifying. Sunday iswhere morning warm-up and actual race take place.In between SUPER GT sessions, there are a variety of eventsheld for all ages. The circuit is bustling with excitement andyou can fully enjoy yourself all day long.Time schedule Drivers on duty/ Autograph and photo opportunitiesSaturdaySunday7:00 Public scrutineering, open pit8:009:0010:0011:00Free practiceWarm-up12:00 Pit walk Pit walk13:00Beginning of startingprocedure/grid walk14:0015:00Qualifying (knockout)Race16:00 Polesitter interview Awards ceremony17:00 Kids pit walkRace winner interview*Check out the fixed schedule online at or the circuit website.Pit WalkAn event to experience walkingthrough the SUPER GT pit lanewhere you can view the cars andgarages up close. Sometimesdrivers meet your wishes forautographs and photos if you arelucky. Accessible only to Pit Walkpass holders.Kids Pit WalkThis free event is like the pitwalk, but limited to youngerkids under 15. It takes place onthe afternoon of the qualifyingday. Any adults as guardiansaccompanied by his/her childrencan also attend, so it’s more of afamily event to enjoy.Grid WalkThe grid walk is an event enablesyou to catch a glimpse of thestarting grid right before the racecommences. Experience a tenseatmosphere as teams make theirfinal preparations for the start ofthe race. Accessible only to GridWalk pass holders.©GTA©GTA■SUPER GT is Held Throughout Japan and Abroad!SUPER GT currently covers the nation with one leg in Thailand. The domestic rounds take place all in theprestigious circuits, and the Thai round is in another Tilke-designed track Buriram United International. Theglobalization expands SUPER GT’s fan base not only within Japan but also around the world.Sugo (Round 6) September 19, 20Miyagi Prefecture Sports Land SugoBURIRAM (Round 3) June 20, 21Thailand Buriram United International CircuitOkayama (Round 1) April 4, 5Okayama Prefecture Okayama International CircuitAutopolis (Round 7) October 31, November 1Oita Prefecture AutopolisSuzuka (Round 5) August 29, 30Mie Prefecture Suzuka CircuitMotegi (Round 8) November 14, 15Tochigi Prefecture Twin Ring Motegi(Round 2) May 2, 3FUJI(Round 4) August 8, 9Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Speedway7

TIPS FOR WATCHING RACECircuits are Filled with Fun!Circuit has many facilities besides a trackincluding pit area where teams do theirduties; race control tower to keep therace safe, legal and punctual; and medicalcenter for the injured to be cared for.Come to the circuit and experienceSUPER GT at first hand. All those SUPERGT cars are just inch away from you, andyou’ll be overwhelmed by their irresistiblespeed and engine sound. You may evenbump into your favorite drivers. Inbetween sessions, there are many funevents you don’t want to miss. Talkshows, stage events, pit walk... everythingmust give you a very good time!GrandstandA Race control towerThe race control is responsible for monitoring and supervisingeverything that happens on the track. It would include keepingthe track safe, providing timing data, and penalizing violations ofthe regulations.AB PaddockA closed area in whichteams’ transporters arekept, and also teamcrews, drivers and otherofficials do their job. Youcan see the driverswalking and racecarsright there unless youdisturb them.❸C PitsAn area designated forteams to work on thecars and for the driversto make pit stops forrefueling and/or a driverchange during the race.The area is opened up tothe public only when thepit walk and kids pitwalk take place.❹❺8

©GTAD Event spaceA ton of fun events make yourday extremely enjoyable! Golook the drivers’ talk shows,the Race Queens’ appearanceson stage and the exhibit ofvarious cars. The SUPER GTofficial shop is in this areafeaturing team merchandise,model cars, official SUPER GTmerchandise and more. Thereare also places to eatintroducing snack and yummylocal dishes.D©GTA©GTA©GTA©GTAProfessionalsworking at the circuitIntegrity of physical infrastructure sure isconductive to success in a race though itowes to a team of dedicated specialists.They all feel a strong sense of commitment toassume respective positions. No event canhappen without their loyal support.Specialists❶Race directorThe race director overall manages the logisticsof the race. He is authorized to make everydecision about the race control including whichflags should be indicated, and whether to issuepenalties for each case. In SUPER GT. Eachcircuit has its own race director.❷MarshalsMarshalls (a.k.a. officials) are observers in thefield whose primary role is overseeing the saferunning of the race. This can be achieved bywaving flags to signal the condition of the trackto drivers, and rushing over to the scene of anaccident to ensure safety.❷❸Medical teamThe medical team joins SUPER GT throughoutthe season to be on stand-by at all times duringrace weekends just in case of accidents andemergencies. They also serve as a “familydoctor” to keep drivers fit.Vehicles❹Pace cars/Marshal carsA vehicle driven by the official to lead all cars ingrid order maintaining speed and position untilthe starting signal is given. Another major role isto keep the track safe bygoing on patrol duty tomonitor the track for signsof danger.C❶B❺Ambulances and helicoptersBoth are on stand-by in case ofaccidents. Ambulances are posted aroundthe track to rush to the scene of injury.Helicopters are also kept ready outsidethe circuit at all times for any severe caseto transport quickly to hospital.❻©GTANissan SkylineCrossover, SubaruOutback and Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybridact as FRO in the 2015 SUPER GT season.❻TransportersLorries loaded with all the teams’equipment, cars parts and tools, requiredfor the race to transport them from circuitto the other are called transporters. Thetransporters are mostly in the liveried, andhave plenty of fans.SUPER GT emergency system: FROSUPER GT has its unique emergency one-stopsystem called FRO (First Rescue Operation). It ismade up of an emergency medical specialist, awell-trained rescue worker, a fire warden, and aset of fire extinguishers all located in a single car.Three cars currently serve as FRO in this season.FRO provides strong support for more quick rescueactivities.9

TECHNOLOGYGT Car IllustratedLet’s take a look at the differences between SUPER GTcars and production cars to find out what modificationsare made to GT carsCOCKPITThe cockpit is a driver’s compartment. It isentangled in roll cages to protect thedrivers from being injured and the car seatis custom fitted for each driver to achieveoptimal fit and comfort. In very hotconditions, some machines have thecockpit which will be air-conditioned tokeep the driver cool during the race.DRIVERTo ensure drivers’ safety, the best wayfor protecting them are a helmet as wellas a HANS (Head and Neck Support)device to disperse the impact on headand neck into the whole shoulder.Driver clothing is required to be flameretardant so as to offer protection inthe event of a fire.ENGINEThe success in races depends on howgood the engine gets tuned for gainingcompetitiveness. Every team gives one ofthe top priorities to the enginedevelopment. In 2014, GT500 underwenta major change in the engine to bestandardized to 2-litre turbochargedinline-four (the NSX CONCEPT-GT,though, is allowed to come with a hybridsystem). In GT300 class, cars built to theJAF-GT300 regulations are free to mountany engine from the same manufactureras those of the base chassis, and themounting position, location and orientationare also unrestricted. Whereas the FIAGT3 cars are more strictly regulated andhave no such flexibility in the engines.Using Common TechnicalRegulations to German DTMGT 500 ClassFor the 2014 season onwards, all the GT500 class cars use thesame monocoques (main chassis) as those used in the Germantouring car race DTM. Many other components now have thesame basic specifications. As the next step of theinternationalization of SUPER GT, a joint race with DTM is beingplanned.BODYWhereas production cars are made of steel andaluminum, SUPER GT racecars, which aim for gaininghigher speeds, use lighter, sturdy carbon-fiber in thebodywork. This means that racing vehicles weightapproximately 80% of production cars.10

AERODYNAMICS PARTSThe significance of aerodynamics is to channel the airflows perfectly andgenerate as much downforce as possible that presses the car down onto theroad. This increases the car’s grip generated by the tires and permits highercornering speeds. They are mountd either in the sides of the front or therear. In the GT500 class, the front spoiler, under-floor, rear diffuser and rearwing have been standardized across all cars. (only two types useddepending on tracks) For the body, the development of aerodynamics islimited to specified area shown in blue in the illustration on the right. Abovethe specified area, the same dimensionsas production cars are required. In theGT300 class, the JAF-GT300 subclasspermits development within prescribedlimits, and the rear wing uses singleplane. In the FIA GT3 subclass, designs not allowed in the JAF-GT300 canbe used on condition that the basic specifications are followed, but changingthe aero parts themselves is not permitted.TIRESSUPER GT employs purpose-built racing tires. These arewider and larger than those of production vehicles. Tiresmust be optimally chosen according to the track conditions.Grooveless slick tires are best in dry conditions providing farmore traction while rain tires should be used in wet weather.A Variety of Cars on Two DifferentRegulations Featured inGT 300 ClassGT 300 class is open to carsconstructed to JAF-GT300regulations and FIA GT3specifications. The JAF-GT300 regulations relatively allow forgreater flexibility in the development of cars, thus you’ll seevarious cars whose engine displacement, drive system andbodywork are all different. FIA-regulated cars, on the other hand,are eligible for many other GT races held across the globe, andthis is why they have a huge fan base worldwide. On top of that,another new concept car has been introduced on which GTAdevelopedmother chassis (having anumber of common componentssuch as monocoque and engine) isemployed. Such the diversity addsabsolute excitement to GT300 class.11

TECHNOLOGYAnatomy of a Pit StopSUPER GT has strict regulations about pit work: a maximum of fivecrews are allowed in the working area to conduct all the operations;tire change must be done by no more than two crews of the five;the engine must be switched off during any pit stops; and tirechange is not allowed during refueling. Since choosing the optimumpit strategy as well as crews’ performance are crucial in having asuccessful race, they aim to ceaselessly train very hard to pursue asquick and accurate as possible pit works to gain an advantage overcompetitors. Let’s find out how it works.Impact WrenchA tool designed for quickly winding off andon wheel nuts, allowing pit crews to changetires breathtakingly fast.Crews often customizetheir wrench to fitcomfortably in theirhands and improve workperformance.Driver ChangeIn the race, each car is requiredby the regulations to be driven byat least two drivers sharing thedriving duty. A driver may not drivefor more than two-thirds (2/3) ofthe whole distance. The color ofthe light on the upper left cornerof the front windshield indicateswhich driver is at the wheel - redfor the No. 1 driver, blue for theNo. 2 driver and green for the No.3 driver.Tire ChangeTo cover a long-distance race, you need to pit during a race to change tiresas they are getting worn out. Since tire change is optional, it is at each team’sdiscretion to change all four, either front or rear only, or none. You’ll be impressedby tire changers’ consummate performance: lifting heavy tires effortlessly, takingoff the worn rubbers and fit the fresh ones – all done so quickly and precisely.12

Team MembersTeam directorThe team director has totalcontrol over the race bymaking every strategicdecision, including when topit, rationally and instantlyin each phase. He is themain pillar of the teamleading all members.CoordinatorThe coordinator coversa wide range of duties;arranging media schedulesand sponsor commitmentsare of particular significanceto this job. There are anumber of women valued inthis professional field.EngineerThe engineer’s mainrole is to analyzedata obtained fromracecar as well asdrivers’ feedback.He then shares withmechanics everystrategic decisionto achieve the bestperformance.Pit board manA man who holds outa board on the pit wall toinform a driver of the timeinterval to competitors andinstructing him to pit. Asthe driver streaks across themain straight, it is absolutelycrucial to hold the board upto him easily viewable.Race QueensWith adding glitz andglamour to circuits, therace queens serve asan important symbolof promoting teamsand its sponsors’products. They playan irreplaceable role asbelles of SUPER GT.RefuelingEven if cars start the race with a full load of fuel,it doesn’t cover the whole distance. Refuelingis needed to complete the race. Although rigsused in SUPER GT are designed to allow for rapidrefueling, flow rate has been programmed in toprovide enough time for a driver switch.Fire ExtinguisherAs the SUPER GT cars run on petrol, pitworks must be performed with extremecare to avoid fires causedby fuel leakage or spark.Just in case a crew ison standby with a fireextinguisher.Air JackA pneumatically-driven device for lifting a car off the groundwhile changing tires. By injecting compressed nitrogen into fourpistons mounted alongside of the wheels, the pistons projectdownwards to promptly lift the car off the ground.13

TECHNOLOGYWhat Makes GT Cars So Fast?Engine, the Heart of the CarEngine is considered the most critical part of the vehicle.A variety of engine types can be seen in SUPER GT.How Engine WorksEngine is one of the most vital componentswhich is said to be the “heart” of automobiles.The mechanism is quite intricate but, put simply,its purpose is to burn a fuel to create heat intomotion so that the car can move.Engines come in many different types, and allhave their distinctive characteristics, such ashaving good acceleration, capable of reachingtop speed and/or lightweight. In SUPER GT,there are a plethora of vehicle types, and thusengines are also naturally quite diverse. Givinggreat attention to the engines might be anothergood idea for you to enjoy the race more.Engine Types Seen in SUPER GTStraight/Inline V Type Horizontally OpposedStandard in production vehicles,suitable for small displacementand 2, 3, or 4 cylinder engineThe main type of standard vehicleengine generates power by movingpistons up and down. Amongthese types, inline engines havecylinders arranged in a straightline. These engines are often usedin small displacement vehicles.Typical cars equipped with thisengine are LEXUS RC F, Nissan GT-Rand Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT.Keeps down the overall lengthwhen there are a large numberof cylindersWhen viewed from the front, thecylinders of this engine form a“V”. This engine is often used incars that require large horsepower,such as sportscars and full-sizedcars, as the engine becomeslonger when many pistons are setinline. Well-known cars equippedwith this engine are BMW Z4 GT3and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3.Keeps down engine height andlowers the center of gravityHorizontally opposed engines havepistons facing away from eachother in a 180º symmetrical layoutaround the crankshaft. The lengthand height of this engine layoutcan be kept shorter, and lower thecenter of gravity. As the pistonmovements resemble boxing,they are also referred to as “boxerengines”. Representative cars withthis engine is Subaru BRZ andPorsche 911 GT3.Subaru Engine’s Distinctive ValueSubaru enters a BRZ in GT300 class. The car comeswith a horizontally opposed (HO) engine in its power unit.Excellent vehicle balance is achieved through thelightness of weight, compactness, and the low center ofgravity compared to standard engines. Theseadvantages allow for a smooth and shudder-free feel todeliver driving stability. Additionally, since the designphilosophy for the location of GT car engine andmounting arrangements are shared with that ofproduction vehicles, it delivers high-level and goodbalanced driving experience you can enjoy with Subaruvehicles.14

What is the secret ofmaking GT Cars So Fast?Engine Oil, the Lifeblood of VehicleDo you exactly know what engine oil is for?It makes a big difference in performance.How Engine Oil WorksEngine oil serves to 1lubricate the engine partsto prevent friction and wear; 2cool the enginedown; and 3take in unburned fuel generatedfrom the engine. It acts like “blood” goingthrough a cycle inside the engine.We ask a racing driver Kazuya Oshima about theimportance of oil in a SUPER GT car.おおしまかずやせんしゅ大 嶋 和 也 選 手Just Changing the Oil Greatly Improve Driving!An Important Element for VictoryIt is amazing that just by changing theengine oil you’ll get a better drivingperformance. We use the best oil that makesthe most of the engine capabilities, such asrevolutions, mileage, durability andhygrothermal conditions. The optimumchoice of the oil enables you to drive fastwith higher power and better fuel efficiency.More fuel loaded onto your car gains weightand cause poorer acceleration. This is whyfuel efficiency is incredibly important to winSUPER GT.ENEOS SUSTINA is an oil that is beneficial to your engine,employed on the ENEOS SUSTINA SC430Oil not only keeps the engine clean, but maximizes theengine’s capabilities and improves fuel efficiency. ENEOSSUSTINA is chosen by LEXUS TEAM LeMans in its quest forvictory. ENEOS SUSTINA is a fully synthetic oil made fromWBASE as base oil with the highest viscosity exponent,together with ZP technology, a new antiwear additivechemistry that does not contain sulfur. It is designed toimprove your fuel efficiency for a lengthy period, and toprevent dirt particles sticking together to form sludge. ENEOSSUSTINA provides strength and durability and is perfect forthose who want to take good care of his car.Outstanding Drivetrain Fluids that IncreasePower Transmission Performance and Achievea Good Driving Feel and High Fuel Efficiency!AT and CVT fluids are composed of a base oil and avariety of additives. ENEOS SUSTINA AT and CVT fluidsemploy the WBASE technology as base oil used inSUSTINA motor oil. What’s more, the application ofFriction Control technology, ENEOS’ unique additiveprocessing technology that emphasizes powertransmission performance, to additives in the WBASEensures both anenjoyable driving andenvironmental care. Gogreen and go clean withENEOS SUSTINA!ENEOS SUSTINA Premium Motor Oil is availableat ENEOS service station near you.Clink here for more aboutENEOS’ motorsport activities

TECHNOLOGYWhat Makes GT Cars So Fast?Tire, a Big Performance DifferentiatorTires are the only point of contact between car and track.It is vitally important to select the right ones for great performance.How Tire WorksTires provide fundamental motions. They play a key role in drivingstability and optimum braking distance. As SUPER GT cars aredesigned to go much faster than production vehicles, the tires tend towear very quickly. For this reason tires used in SUPER GT are all fromproven and trusted manufacturers.There are five tire suppliers competing in SUPER GT this season.Teams can partner up with whichever supplier as they think the bestmatch with their cars. You’ll sometimes see the same models ontrack with different tires on for a strategic reason that makes the racemore intriguing and unpredictable.1 Supporting Car’s Weight(Load Support)Four Primary Functions of SUPER GT TireEven though GT car is lighter in weight than productionvehicles, it weighs over one ton. With a driver andsuccess ballast added on, tires must be strong enoughto withstand considerable load.2 Transmitting Propulsion and Braking(Traction & Braking)TIres must transmit braking force onto the track surfaceaccurately. SUPER GT tires are carefully designed toreduce braking distance allowing for tire-road friction. Itworks well especially in pit stops.3 Changing and Maintaining Direction of Travel(Steering & Stability)SUPER GT tires provide excellent steering precision oncorners and good stability on straights responding to awide variety of demands of drive and road.4 Absorbing Shocks from Road(Comfort)As GT cars run at high speed, drivers are subject toimpact from obstacle and bumps in the track. SUPER GTtires absorb such shocks and offer comfort.Bringing SUPER GT-proven Technology to Commercial TiresBridgestone’s sports tire range “Potenza” drawsheavily on vast experience in SUPER GT andother motorsport categories. The product lineupincludes RE11-S, a premium performance tireexclusively for circuit use with lap time benefit;RE-71R for racetrack to everyday driving tunedfor both dry and wet conditions; and S001provides the superior driving performance for anexciting ride.For more information on Bridgestone motorsport:POTENZARE-11SPOTENZARE-71RPOTENZAS001

Helmet, the Driver’s IdentityMore than just a protection. It is also distinctive characteristic of the driver.How Helmet WorksHelme is primarilya protective gearfor the head andbrain of the driveragainst impacts.Only authorizedhelmets thatmeet the strictsafety standards,including shockabsorbingcapacity,penetrationresistance and fireretardancy, can be used in SUPER GT. Helmetsalso are something uniquely personal to driverswith iconic designs and livery. You can thereforespot a driver from his helmet. Do you have afavourite artwork?A racing helmet with a proven trackrecord at the world’s top racesThe GP-6, a lightweight auto racing helmet, maintainshigh safety levels through a proven structure forracing and is of the same basic structure as that ofthe GP-6RC, a carbon helmet used in F1. The GP-6comes equipped with M6, a terminal to attach anchorsfor connecting the HANS withthe helmet. This headgearhas all the functionality that isenough to satisfy professionalsdemands.■Price: ¥108,000 (tax included)For more information onArai helmets: Belt, the Best LifesaverSafety belt is an indispensable item inhard races and balances performance thatlead to victory while keeping driver safeHow Safety Belt WorksSafety belt is a critical element to savelives. It supports drivers when experiencingcornering G-forces and acceleration andbraking. SUPER GT drivers are strappedin the cockpit by a six-point harness - twoshoulder straps, two pelvic straps and twoleg straps. It differs vastly from the one seenon your car. The strict safety standards forthe safety belt is governed by FIA, withaccreditation valid for five years. Thoughthe safety belt’s buckles keep gettingsmaller and lighter, their usability has beenimproved. The belt can be released by thedriver with a single hand movement. Duringa pit stop, one of the race’s most thrillingparts, the quick driver changes are madepossible thanks to this functionality.17

TECHNOLOGYOther Good Solutions to SUPER GTMany parts used on SUPER GT cars are commercially available. Let’s find out…Mobil 1 protects the ARTA NSX CONCEPT-GThigh performance engine. No special designsare used. It is the same Mobil 1 availablein stores. Mobil 1 has outstanding engineprotection performance.Founded in the UK in 1919, Holts has alwaysbeen the leading supplier of chemical paint,delivering a consistent “repair & maintenance”service to your car.PITPRO provides all sorts of maintenanceservices that professionals put their truston. They cover everything from applyingprotective coating to deodorizing air.ARTA CR-Z comes with the Aerotwin WiperBlades from BOSCH. They are superblyeffective even at high speeds and under criticalconditions.Prostaff CC Water (all-round car coating spray)keeps your car clean. The repeated use of CCWater to the windshield makes your car moredurable.Castrol EDGE is the triumphant engine oilthat has been the trusted partner for manymotorsport teams. Soluble titanium polymersmaximize engine performance.Companies participating in the amsc are all engaged in thedevelopment of various automotive products. And suchproducts, which are generally available for purchase at theshops, are used in the GT machines as well.Enable Inc. ANZEN MOTOR CAR CO.,LTD. IYASAKA LIMITED Weds Co.,LTD. F Design Office OKAMOTO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Cores International,Inc.,SAIUNION INC. Sanko Inc. SUNTECH CO.,LTD. GS Yuasa Battery Ltd. Shonan Leotech Co.Ltd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NISSEI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.BANZAI,LTD. BRIDE CO.,LTD. HOTSTUFF CORPORATION xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd. Yupiteru Corporation WATT’SMotorsports is supported by numbers of business corporations and companies.18

RELATED GOODSGRAN TURISMO 6(PlayStation 3 Exclusive Software)The Real Driving Simulator “GRAN TURISMO 6” is Now Available*The imeages may differ from those on the actual product.The latest version of the acclaimedracing video game series forPlayStation 3 (PS3) “GRANTURISMO 6” is now available. TheGRAN TURISMO series hasrecorded sales of over 75 million*worldwide. Having marked the 15thanniversary of the series launch, theexcitement of the real drivingsimulator GRAN TURISMO series isstill evolving to be moresophisticated. GRAN TURISMO 6features 1,200 types of car, severalthousand customized parts and 100courses across 40 locations. Thegraphics and vehicle dynamics havebecome more real than ever thanksto a new game engine and fantasticpartnerships with automakers andcar-related manufacturers. What’smore, online updates regularly adda series of new cars “Vision GranTurismo”, that the world’sautomakers exclusively provide forGRAN TURISMO 6, as well as anumber of new features andcontent. GRAN TURISMO 6 staysthe forefront of racing gametechnology.* As of March, 2014GRAN TURISMO 6■Suggested retail price:●GRANT TURISMO 6¥6,648 (and tax)■Information: Turismo 6: TM & ©2013 Sony ComputerEntertainment Inc. Developed by PolyphonyDigital Inc.19

RELATED GOODSNew Range for 2015!Enjoy the Accuracy of Our1/43 Scale ModelsSUPER GT OFFICIAL miniature modelEBBRO’s 1/43 scale models offer high quality flavordown to the finest details in pursuit of perfect realismthat can only be found in the SUPER GT officialmodels. With our huge range of product, you arebound to find the one you’re looking for. More andmore new models are scheduled to be releasedfor the 2015 season. Our 1/18 scale models arealso recommended. Visit our website for the latestinformation.EBBRODie-cast models●Prices : Start at 7,800 yen(Tax excluded. The prices are subject to change.)● Inquiries : MMP Tel : 054-272-4797●URL : PROGRAM & INTERNETEnjoy SUPER GT on Your TelevisionGet to Know More about SUPER GTthrough SUPER GT+!“SUPER GT+” is now even more of a content-rich TV program featuring apromising young actor Akiyoshi Nakao as the MC in his fifth year whoseperforming horizons include movie, TV and theatre. This season, formerF1 driver Sakon Yamamoto has joined the team to offer commentary. Theprogram is co-hosted by a TV Tokyo announcer Eri Kano along with a model/TV personality Nami Iwasaki serving as a new reporter. SUPER GT+ with thismighty lineup covers committedly both inside and out of SUPER GT.Air dateEvery Sunday at 11:30 pm on TV Tokyo network●Official Website ●twitter!/supergt_plusSUPER GT Live Broadcastson J SPORTS!J Sports, a sports satellite channel, broadcastslive coverage of all qualifyings and races. Even ifyou miss the live broadcasts, reruns are availableas well! The channel also presents “on-boardplus”–a recorded race program with onboardfootage–and “GTV”, a talk show with invited guestdrivers onany cool andinterestingstories aboutSUPER GT!Watch SUPER GT Qualifying LiveOnline at “NICO NICO LIVE”All 2015 SUPER GT qualifying sessions are available freeon NICO NICO LIVE! It offers you a new way of enjoyingthe race with NICO NICO’s unique feature: you can addcomments overlaid directly onto videos in sync with otherviewers. Live feed from some races in the current officialrounds are also scheduled to be available free. For moredetail, please follow the link below.●

OFFICIAL SITENews, race reports, photo gallery, ticket info… SUPER GT Official WebsiteSUPER GT official website is easy to navigate and has full of useful information featuring a selection ofnews, teams and drivers profiles, race reports, photo gallery and ticket information. Here you will findeverything you need to know SUPER GT. Visit today and learn more about SUPER GT!SUPER GT Official Website http://supergt.netEnjoy the race even more with SUPER GT Official Mobile SiteSUPER GT official mobile site is something you can’t do without in watching races. Now available forsmartphone as well. You’ll find live timing, race reviews, interviews and more – all hottest news and infofrom the circuit. The mobile site has exlusive contents including hot tips and fun quizzes to win prizes.The service is available for only 315 yen a month.Mobile Menu Accessi-mode Menu List -> Hobbies/Sports -> Motor Sports -> SUPER GTEZweb au one -> Category -> Sports/Leisure -> Cars/Motorcycles -> SUPER GT MOBILESITEYahoo! Mobile Menu List -> Sports -> F1/Motor Sports -> SUPER GT MOBILEiPhone/iPad AppSMARTPHONE APPSUPER GT 2015 Timing AppA dedicated iPhone/iPad app to give you an instant accessto grueling SUPER GT battles in real time. Download free. Bymaking in-app purchases, you can enjoy extra content suchas live timing data view for each track session (free practice,qualifying and race) and circuit position view. Get it now onApp Store!QUESTIONNAIRETake Our Survey and Win a Prize!SUPER GT is always keen to hear from you to find outwhat we can do to make the sport even better for fans.Tell us what you think about SUPER GT by taking ourquick online survey and you will be entered to win a prize.*The survey is available in Japanese only.Mobiles andSmartphonesScan the QRcode to access.▶Each of the seven surveys opens on the qualifying day and closes on the following Sunday (in domestic rounds only).*Survey is open for both who have and haven’t watched races at the circuit.PCsClick the banner seenon the right side of theSGT Official Website’stop page.CIRCUIT EXPERIENCEExperience What It’s Like to Be a Racing Driver!The Circuit Experience offers you a firsthand experience riding in the hugelyattractive cars of manufacturers competing in the SUPER GT or the GT3 basecars used in the GT300 class, driven by a current or former driver. The events arescheduled to take place at each SUPER GT race.* Why not apply to take part in thisamazing Circuit Experience, which is already attracting great interest from the fans?*The Circuit Experience may not be held in some races.©GTA©GTA■Application Requirements●Paying members registered in the SUPER GT Official Mobile Site who have either 1) a Paddock pass valid on a raceday; or 2) Supporters Club members having an annual credential (season pass).●Those who can email us your comments and/or a report on your Circuit Experience within a week after the event; orpost your Experience on SNS such as Facebook or Twitter.●Age 20 or older. ●Height 130cm or taller.*Application for Supporters Club Annual Credentials for this year have now closed (April 2015).21

INFORMATIONSUPER GT Official ShopSUPER GT official shop hasa large selection includingthe top-selling ticket holder,a variety of merchandisefeaturing ever popularweight handicap, T-shirt,stationery and more. Theitems are also available onour online shop. Search for“SUPER GT SQUARE”.ticket holder / strapSUPER GT Official StageMany participatory events take place on theSUPER GT official stage, including drivers’ talkshows, team sponsor events with race queens,gift lotteries for kids under 15. We even have apodium ceremony simulation for you to get ataste of what it’s like to be the winner. For detailedschedule of the events, check out the scheduleboard in front of the official stage.Complimentary SUPER GT Kids Kart EventHighly favored event “Kids Kart” takes place again thisyear at the specially-constructed track in the EventSpace. Young children aged 6 and older of between100 and 135cm in height can have a free trial ofdriving Kids Kart. As participants are limited, pleasemake as early reservation as possible.©GTASUPER GT Supporters ClubJoining the Supporters Clubgrants membership privilegesavailable only here! You can signup for a membership on thewebsite or the Supporters ClubDesk open only on every race weekend. Annualmembership fee is 4,120 yen.Join Supporters Club Now – 2015 Membership Application(expires on December 31, 2015)Membership Privileges❶Season pass (annual credential) available for purchase!❷Supporters Club exclusive guest pass available for purchase!❸Advance ticket sales of up to 20% off!❹Free Pit Walk ticket on the race day offered to advance ticket purchaser!❺Free admission to qualifying day!❻Special event/campaign exclusively for members visiting circuit!* Some limitations on ticket purchase applied.2015 New Membership Privileges●Original double-sided plastic folder●Original sticker●2015 SUPER GT Regulations Book*●Free qualifying day ticket (for 7 domestic rounds)* Regulations Book is in limited supply.Join us nowand enjoy moreperks!Online application also available.For more details: supergt-square.com22

INFORMATIONFIA-F4 – A New Entry-Level Feeder SeriesThe SUPER GT organizer GTA has launchedanother new formula car race – that is FIA-F4 Championship. Following a proposalby the Fédération Internationale del’Automobile (FIA), FIA-F4 was created as“the fourth formula car category” next to F3.It started off in 2014 with the inaugurationof Italian Championship followed bymany other nations’ own championshipstaking place this year including Japan,UK, Germany, Australia and China. Eachchampionship employs one-make formulacar with which drivers compete under highlevel of safety and equal conditions.©GTAGreat Platform for Young Driversto Improve Their SkillsIn the pyramid of formula car race with Formula 1 at thepinnacle (see the illustration on the bottom right), FIA-F4Championship is placed as the fourth rank. The category isintended for young drivers serving as a stepping stone intoF3, GP2/Super Formula (SF) and then F1. This hierarchicalformat is similar in structure of baseball: F1 is regardedas the Major League Baseball while FIA-F4 is as collegebaseball Division 1. As many of the SUPER GT drivershail from these feeder categories, FIA-F4 Championshipdefinitely is the series GT fans must follow!The car used in FIA-F4 is powered by a single make of 2000ccfour-cylinder engine capped at 160hp.FORMULA RACING PYRAMID■……F1■……GP2/SF■……F3■……FIA F4F1©GTAGP2/SFF3FIA F4FIA-F4 Official Sponsors23


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