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The Graduate SchoolUniversity of South CarolinaPresidentialFellows2015-2016Student

Dr. Jessica ElfenbeinSenior Associate Dean, The Graduate SchoolProfessor of HistoryWelcome Fellows!2015-16 marks the sixth year of USC’s prize winning Presidential Fellowship program.To date, more than 125 students from 35+ academic programs in 10 colleges haveparticipated. The Graduate School is proud of your many accomplishments. We prizethe leadership you display in your academic disciplines, on campus, and in yourcommunities.I enjoy directing the Presidential Fellows program and facilitating GRAD 801, thebimonthly seminar held on Fridays from 11:15 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Public HealthResearch Center, Room 114. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate tocontact me. Know too that Lacy Ford, Dean of Graduate Studies, and our colleaguesin The Graduate School stand ready to assist you.I look forward to sharing an enriching and productive year.Jessica

GABRIELLA ANGELONI-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: History, Ph.D.hometown: San Antonio, TXcontact: angeloni1749@gmail.comI graduated with a B.A. in history from The George Washington University,where I focused on political, military, and naval history duringthe American Revolution. With funding from a university grant, I traveledto London to conduct research for my honors thesis, “‘Actualand Open Rebellion’: Lord William Campbell and the Fight for SouthCarolina, 1775-1778.” While pursuing my Ph.D. at USC, I will continueto study the American Revolution in the South and British Atlantic history. I am also on the SteeringCommittee of the Young Founders Society at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. In my freetime, I love taking day-trips to historical houses, museums, and battlefields and listening to Southernrock and bluegrass.SPENCER BABB-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Communication Sciences & Disorders, Ph.D.hometown: Prosperity, SCcontact: Spencer.babb91@gmail.comI earned a bachelor of arts in Experimental Psychology from theUniversity of South Carolina in 2014. My research interests includelanguage and literacy development in child populations with low oraland written language skills and low executive functioning (i.e. ADHD).I am currently working in a post-baccalaureate position within theDepartment of Communication Sciences and Disorders at USC. Ourmajor projects examine language and literacy development in children with dyslexia, Specific LanguageImpairment, adolescents in high school, and pre-school children. My primary focus has beenexamining word learning profiles in children with dyslexia and/or Specific Language Impairment andhow these differing profiles affect brain development. I am excited to begin doctoral studies this fallin Communication Sciences and Disorders at USC.4

ALEXANDRA BASILAKOS-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Communication Sciences & Disorders, Ph.D.hometown: Greenville, SCcontact: abasilakos@gmail.comI received a bachelor’s in Experimental Psychology from the Universityof South Carolina and a master’s in communication sciences anddisorders from the University of Georgia. I am interested in the brain’srole in speech and language processing and post-stroke communicationdisorders—apraxia of speech and aphasia. Specifically, myresearch interests include using imaging and electrophysiologicaltechniques to study how neural networks that support speech and language are affected by strokeand subsequently respond throughout recovery.SEAN BATH-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Geography, Ph.D.hometown: Charleston, SCcontact: hail from the nearby coastal city of Charleston, SC, where I attendedone of the country’s oldest liberal arts institutions, the College ofCharleston. I studied Political Science at the undergraduate level andcompleted a M.S. / M.P.A. dual degree program in Environmental Studiesand Public Administration, also earning a Graduate Certificate inRegional and Urban Planning in the process. My master’s level projectinvolved an internship with the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium where I worked on a federal grantproject to help Beaufort County, SC, plan for sea level rise using a participatory process. I am interestedin making a career out of helping communities adapt to climate change, especially sea level riseand other coastal hazards. At USC’s Geography Department, I will be able to work for the CarolinasIntegrated Sciences and Assessments program, which is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationresearch partnership designed to support local communities incorporate climate informationinto decision making ( Beyond my time at USC, I hope to contribute to climateadaptation however I am best positioned to do so, whether that be in policy, research and consulting,or as a professor. My hobbies include computer gaming, reading, debating, hiking, exploring, camping,learning Spanish (or other languages), and researching genealogy.5

BENJAMIN BELGRAD-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Marine Science, Ph.D.hometown: Youngstown, OHcontact: high school I have sought to become a marine biologist. I earnedmy bachelor’s at Eckerd College in Florida where I majored in marinescience and minored in mathematics and chemistry. While at EckerdI earned the Goldwater Scholarship and became a Hollings Scholar,allowing me to intern at NOAA and study neurotoxicity on the salmonolfactory system. At USC I hope to delve into the relationship betweenanimal behavior and morphology. Specifically, I will be working withDr. Griffen to determine the degree aggressive/bold crab behavior influences crab size and to examinethe effects of a crab’s size on its behavior.BRANDON BOESCH-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Philosophy, Ph.D.hometown: Hastings, NEcontact: am a fourth year doctoral student in the Philosophy Department. Iam currently writing my dissertation in philosophy of science on questionsrelated to the ways in which scientific theories and models arerepresentations of the world and the role of the scientist in makingand using these representations. I am also interested in philosophy ofaction, medical and environmental ethics, and the history of ethics. Ireceived my undergraduate degrees in biology, Spanish, and philosophy from a small college in Kansas.In my free time, I like to play piano, run, golf, read American literature, watch sports, and spendtime with friends.6

SETH BRAKE-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Political Science, Ph.D.hometown: Omaha, NE & Denver, NCcontact: sdbrake@gmail.comI was born and raised in Nebraska, but spent my high school years inNorth Carolina. I went to Union University in Tennessee and am nowmaking preparations (with great excitement) to attend the Universityof South Carolina. I study states and what makes them tick. I want toknow what circumstances lead governments to act in certain waysand how the actions of foreign governments force them to changetheir decision making paradigms. This grew out of a lifelong desire todevelop intellectual empathy. I have become convinced that it takes more than knowledge to understanda person, group of people, or state. It takes a willingness to put aside my own paradigms andthought processes and assume someone else’s. This quest for intellectual empathy has led me todesign board games, listen to unique music, and study International Relations. I try to live my life in away that is respectful and beneficial to everyone around me. In the first epistle of Peter, chapter two,Peter exhorts his readers using the following phrase: “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. FearGod. Honor the emperor.” It is my desire that this combination of love, fear, and respect guide mylife.DOUGLAS CAHL-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Geological Sciences, Ph.D.hometown: Edison, NJcontact: dougcahl@gmail.comMy mother introduced me to mathematics, and my father gave memy first introduction to experimental science: building go-karts. AtRutgers, where I received my bachelor’s in physics, I worked on a particleaccelerator. I earned my master’s in physics from the Universityof Maine. While there I helped design, build, and program a steerableradio telescope. My thesis work involved liquid nitrogen, germaniumdetectors, radioactive isotopes, and computer programming. At the University of South Carolina, Istudy surface ocean currents and related phenomena (wind, waves, etc.) using a high frequency radarsystem, acoustic current profilers, wind/wave buoys, and oceanic models. I hope to significantly contributeto the knowledge of the ocean, particularly near Long Bay, SC, within 200km of the shore.7

ZACHARY “ZAC” CANNIZZO-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Marine Science, Ph.D.hometown: Crystal Lake, ILcontact: zac.cannizzo@gmail.comDespite living the majority of my life in the Midwest, I have alwayswished to pursue a career in marine biology. I earned my bachelor’sat the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I majored in Biologyand Biological Aspects of Conservation and received a certificate inEnvironmental Studies. While at UW, I conducted research on invasivegypsy moth behavioral ecology, specifically cannibalism, and studiedabroad on a conservation semester in Ecuador. Additionally, I havespent time as a research assistant working with leatherback and Pacific green sea turtles for a CostaRican marine conservation organization. While at USC I will be working with Dr. Griffen in whose lab Ihope to continue my research of invasive species ecology and marine conservation.CRISTIN CHALL-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Philosophy, Ph.D.hometown: Detroit, MIcontact: studied physics at Howard University; during my last year there, Idecided that I didn’t want to pursue physics at the graduate level butwas still very interested in some of the pressing questions of modernphysics. I decided to pursue philosophy, and to that end I enrolled inVirginia Tech’s terminal master’s program in philosophy. At Tech I receivedthe background needed to finish my graduate education in thefield. Now that I am enrolled in a doctoral philosophy program, I intend to continue my explorationof the big questions in the philosophy of physics, including investigating the puzzles of quantum mechanics,relativity, and time. Ultimately, I hope to become a tenured professor, continuing to read,write, and think about physics around my teaching duties.8

CHIA-CHUN CHIANG-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Business Administration, Ph.D.hometown: Taipei, Taiwancontact: received my bachelor’s degree in finance and master’s degree ininsurance from National Taiwan University. Before coming to the Universityof South Carolina, I worked for Cathay Life Insurance Corporation,where I was inspired to pursue a Ph.D. in finance after dealingwith a complicated type of insurance product at my work in 2008.While I was in charge of evaluating a hedging program for investmentguaranteed products at that time, unexpected risks significantlyreduced expected hedging effectiveness. The first-hand encounter with the 2008 financial crisisinspired me to seek advanced risk management study in the field of finance. I intend to research riskmanagement for financial institutions. In particular, I want to define measures that can help identifyand control risks.CASEY COLE-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Computer Science & Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Urbana, OHcontact: came to the University of South Carolina in 2011 and graduated in May2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. During my fouryears at USC I worked as an undergraduate researcher in the ComputationalBiology Lab under Dr. Homayoun Valafar. It was there that Idiscovered my passion for the field of bioinformatics/computationalsciences. In my doctoral program at USC I plan to continue my work atthe Computational Biology lab studying protein structure and dynamics.9

DOROTHY “DOT” COLLINS-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Sport & Entertainment Management, Ph.D.hometown: Baldwin, NYcontact: am excited to be a part of the first cohort of Ph.D. students in Sportand Entertainment Management at USC. I earned my B.A. in ComparativeReligious Studies from Lawrence University, where I was a twosportvarsity athlete. I then went on to earn a second Bachelor’sin English Literature from Southwest Minnesota State University.After college, I initially began a career in the communications fieldbut gravitated quickly toward a full-time swim coaching career, whilecontinuing to do some freelance sport writing. In 2012, I returned to school at Old Dominion Universityto pursue a master’s degree in Sport Management, and found an academic field that I love. Mymaster’s thesis, which examined the effects of both new media and demographic factors on teamidentification in non-local NFL fans, represents my primary academic interests, fan identification andconsumer behavior. When not working, I still enjoy coaching youth sports and teaching children toswim, as well as spending time with my partner and our three children.NATHAN CORNWELL-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Philosophy, Ph.D.hometown: Eugene, ORcontact: nathanfc4@gmail.comI received my bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Franciscan Universityof Steubenville. After a year of graduate work there, I was acceptedto USC to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy. My main areas of interestare ethics and the philosophy of action. Alasdair MacIntyre, ElizabethAnscombe, Thomas Aquinas, and Aristotle are the four philosopherswhose work most inspires my thinking in these two areas. In my freetime, I enjoy physical training, cycling, hiking, skiing, fishing, and spending time with my wife.10

NICHOLAS DANNE-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Philosophy, Ph.D.hometown: Cedar Rapids, IAcontact: dann0027@umn.eduI am a former engineer in the Detroit auto industry, pursuing a careerchange into academic philosophy. My interests in philosophy includeethics, philosophy of science, and action theory. I almost minored inphilosophy as an undergraduate, and therein secured an appreciationfor what I perceived to be the primary challenge of the discipline:defending your argument from start to finish without contradictingyourself. My appreciation for philosophy resurfaced years later ata religious conference at the Franciscan University at Steubenville, when a satellite speaker fromthe philosophy faculty gave a talk on marriage. I enrolled in an online program (not Steubenville’s,although their distance program is excellent) to earn my Master of Arts degree in philosophy whileworking full-time as an engineer. At the University of South Carolina, I plan to study the contingencyand immediacy of human actions and their effects, with respect to intention, in light of presuppositionsfrom the philosophy of science.ASHLEIGH ELDEMIRE POINDEXTER-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Business Administration, Ph.D.hometown: Boston, MAcontact: studied chemical engineering and Japanese at the University ofMichigan, Ann Arbor. While at U of M, I interned for several companies,including a summer appointment at the NASA-Kennedy SpaceCenter. After graduation I moved to Dallas, Texas, with my spouse andbegan graduate work in economics at the University of Texas at Arlington.In 2012, I joined the University of South Carolina as a doctoralstudent in the Finance Department of the Darla Moore School of Business. My studies are motivatedby my ambition to contribute to the ongoing research and conversations in finance. Specifically, I aminterested in empirical corporate finance and fixed income securities.11

LEWIS ELIOT-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: History, Ph.D.hometown: Cape Town, South Africa via London, Englandcontact: have a joint BA in History & Ethnomusicology from the School ofOriental and African Studies, University of London and an M.A. inModern History from Queen’s University, Belfast. At USC, I will beresearching the role of the U.S. in the development of Caribbeanculture during and after the Second World War. I developed an interestin the topic from the combination of growing up in Brixton, an areaof London home to a large West Indian population, and a long-heldfascination with America that arose from listening to jazz from a very young age. I come from a longline of South African educators and keen academics, explaining my dream to teach at university level.When not studying, I try to recreate the sounds of Benny Goodman and Sidney Bechet on my clarinetand saxophone, play cards, cook, watch the Springbok rugby team, and follow the New OrleansSaints (Who Dat!?).JORDAN EZELL-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: School Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Niceville, FLcontact: up in a military family I became accustomed to a transientchildhood. Exposure to a myriad of people started my interest inpsychology and the trends that tie humanity together. After earningmy B.A. in Psychology from Samford University in 2013, I began myresearch career in clinical trials in Autistic populations at VanderbiltUniversity. During my time at Vanderbilt I was able to investigatepharmacological interventions and publish a paper evaluating adopted children with Autism. Thisfall I am joining the School Psychology Ph.D. program where I will work with Dr. Jane Roberts in theNeurodevelopmental Disability Research Lab. While enrolled at USC I plan to pursue research in earlyidentification of Autism and Fragile X Syndrome, as well as comorbid disorders such as anxiety. I alsohope to pair physiological measures with behaviors in these populations. Outside of research I loveoutdoor adventures, cooking, and playing with my dog!12

JIE FANG-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Shenzhen, Chinacontact: fangjie_16891@hotmail.comBefore attending the University of South Carolina, I pursued my master’sdegree in Materials Science at Northwestern University. Whileat Northwestern, I researched solid oxide fuel cells. I enjoy exploringthe relationship among cell’s microstructure, properties, fabricationprocess, and performance. My love of this field drives me to continuemy research in this area at USC. My future work aims at understandingfrom a fundamental science perspective the mechanisms of a fuelcell’s cathode and develop new catalytic cathode materials. I would like to work as an engineer in afuel cell related company after I finish my Ph.D. program at USC.DEEONNA FARR-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Health Promotion, Education andBehavior, Dr.P.H.hometown: Brooklyn, NYcontact: received a bachelor’s in human development from Cornell Universityand an M.P.H from George Washington University. My public heath careerconsists of experience in health advocacy, health education, andclinical research. In my most recent position I was a project managerfor the Stroke Disparities Project funded by the NINDS/NIMHD. As aresult of my work with health disparities in the context of infant mortalityand stroke research, I decided to pursue my Dr.P.H. in order to improve my understanding of thedeterminates of chronic disease disparities and what strategies can be employed to successfully reducethese disparities. Specifically, I am interested in learning which individual and structural factorscombine leading to the increased rates of cancer and cardiovascular mortality present in communitiesof color.13

PAUL FRAM-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Educational Psychology & Research, Ph.D.hometown: Reston, VAcontact: pfram@msn.comAfter graduating with distinction in English from Boston Universityand studying literature at UNC-Chapel Hill, I moved with my wife toSeattle and began what has become a 21 year career in teaching.Since moving to Columbia in 2003, I have received National BoardCertification, taught English and history at Hand Middle School, andcoached the district champion girls’ basketball team. Rewards forteaching are primarily intrinsic, but in 2013, I was overjoyed and honoredto be selected as the WLTX/Bi-Lo Golden Apple Teacher of the Year. My primary outside interestsare recording music with my son and daughter and playing the guitar.JERROD FUSSNECKER-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Political Science, Ph.D.hometown: Ripley, OHcontact: jerrod.fussnecker@gmail.comI was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army from WestPoint in 2002, have served on active duty since then, and am currentlyan Army Major. From 2002-2006, I served in Korea and Fort Jackson,South Carolina. From 2006-2009, I attended law school at theUniversity of Cincinnati through the Army’s Funded Legal EducationProgram. Since 2009, I have served as a Judge Advocate General withassignments in Germany (prosecutor), Afghanistan (legal advisor/rule of law coordinator), HunterArmy Airfield in Savannah, Georgia (Officer in Charge of the HAAF Legal Center), and Fort Irwin,California (Chief of Military Justice). While in Afghanistan my duties included coordinating a programwhere U.S. military attorneys mentored Afghan military attorneys. During this time, I attended theRule of Law Collaborative’s Interagency Training Conference in Washington, D.C. The seminar and mygraduate work at Oxford provided the impetus to pursue a Ph.D. focusing on rule of law issues. Thisfall, I will transition into the U.S. Army Reserves and begin my Ph.D. in the Political Science departmentwhile serving as a Rule of Law Collaborative Graduate Assistant.14

TAYLOR GARRICK-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Simpsonville, SCcontact: still an undergrad at the University of South Carolina, I had theopportunity to work with Dr. John Weidner and his lab. After havingsuch a positive experience, I decided to return to USC for graduatework. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the chemical engineering department,working in Dr. Weidner’s lab studying batteries, fuel cells, and ethanoland methanol oxidation. Upon graduation, I hope to work in industrialresearch and development or work in a national lab. I play several instruments including the piano,organ, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, mandolin, and banjo. Some of my hobbies include playing ultimateFrisbee, running, reading, and playing bluegrass.GERAD GENTRY-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Philosophy, Ph.D.hometown: Cooperstown, NYcontact: gerad.gentry@gmail.comI am invested in the intersection of art and reason. My work focuseson German idealism (specifically the relationship between Kant’sphilosophy and that of G.W.F. Hegel). My secondary interest isethical theory and bioethics within an Aristotelian tradition of ethics.As an undergraduate at Houghton College I majored in art, Englishliterature, and philosophy. I received a master’s in philosophy fromthe University of Chicago. In 2011 my wife, Megan, and I were Vita Institute Research Visitors atthe University of Notre Dame, where we both studied bioethics. My wife and I lived and worked inChicago for three years, where I was an adjunct professor of philosophy and also taught art to at-riskhigh school students. I am a 2013-2016 Lilly Fellow and also enjoy soccer, throwing pottery, andspending time with my wife and our daughter.15

STEPHANIE GRAY-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Public History, M.A.; History, Ph.D.hometown: Kirtland, OHcontact: native of Ohio, I headed to Massachusetts for my undergraduatestudies at Mount Holyoke College. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelorof Arts with high honors in history. Funded by a departmental grant,I traveled to Scotland to conduct research for my senior thesis, whichexplored prescriptive views of the institution in the late nineteenthcentury and how subsequent changes in design and decoration helpeddefine Scottish national culture. At the University of South Carolina,I am pursuing an M.A. in public history and Ph.D. in history. My current research interests revolvearound historic site interpretation, commemoration, and historic preservation. Working as a seasonalpark guide for the National Park Service, I have become particularly interested in American materialculture and the relationship between people, objects, and landscapes.ROBERT GREENE-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: History, Ph.D.hometown: Augusta, GAcontact: received a B.A. in writing and linguistics, with a focus on creativewriting, at Georgia Southern University in 2008. I also finished anM.A. at Georgia Southern University in history in 2010. During myundergraduate and graduate years, I filled various roles as a studentjournalist, winning two state-wide awards from the Georgia CollegePress Association. Currently, I am in my fourth year at the Universityof South Carolina, pursuing a doctorate in history. My fields of focus are American history since 1789,African American history, and twentieth century intellectual history. In addition, I also dabble a bitin the field of sports and cultural history. My career goals include teaching American history on acollege level, and writing for magazines as a public intellectual.16

ENNAN “NANCY” GU-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Statisticshometown: Harbin, Chinacontact: gu.e@husky.neu.eduI lived in Boston for two years and received my master’s degree inApplied Economics. It is so very cold in Boston, so I am very excitedto move to Columbia, where I can enjoy the beach and sunshine. Ialso chose USC in order to restart my career in a different way. I havestudied Economics for several years, but I feel I am short of knowledgeabout data. So transfering to a brand new field—Statistics—maybe a big challenge for me, but I know here at USC there are experienced and talented professors I canlearn from. I am a rookie in Statistics, so I know there will still be a lot to study in the following years.I treat everything I have as a gift and make it the best. I do not have a specific dream, but I want tobe so strong that no one can very easily or deliberately hurt me, be able to help other people, and dowhat I can to positively influence the world.MARK GUINTER-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Epidemiology, Ph.D.hometown: Lake Zurich, ILcontact: maguinter@gmail.comA Chicago area native, I’ve always been curious how different exposuresand pathologies affect human body function. These interestsled me to earn a B.S. in Integrative Physiology from the University ofIowa and subsequently an M.P.H. in Epidemiology from the Universityof Louisville. I proceeded to engage in research at the University ofChicago Comprehensive Cancer Center, where I helped to coordinatethe implementation of what will be the largest geographically-based multiethnic cohort containingbiomarkers in the country. This experience was influential in substantiating cancer as a research interest.I hope to investigate how diet, the second most preventable cause of cancer, can be used withphysical activity in improved cancer prevention and survivorship.17

ALEXANDER HALL-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Sioux Falls, SDcontact: graduated from Lincoln High School in 2011 before attending andgraduating with a B.A. from the University of New Mexico in Spring2015 with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. Additionally,I attained program completion from the Honors College (awardedSumma Cum Laude), as well as from the Psychology department(awarded Magna Cum Laude). During my time in Albuquerque, I wasinvolved with substance abuse treatment research via the lab of Dr.Katie Witkiewitz and began to develop my interest in the field of quantitative psychology. My undergraduatehonors thesis utilized a multilevel model to examine the relationship of alcohol drinkingproblem severity to Alcoholics Anonymous attendance over time. In my spare time, I enjoy running,biking, hiking (I’ve completed a number of endurance events—including a marathon, several adventureraces, and an ultra-marathon), and reading.SAMANTHA HARTLEY-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Fair Oaks, CAcontact: spent my undergraduate years at Stanford University studyingpsychology and neuroscience, whetting my interest in research inthe labs of James Gross (emotion regulation) and Ian Gotlib (depressionand anxiety), and being involved in everything student mentalhealth; I received a B.A. with Distinction in Human Biology in 2011. Ithen spent a year helping teach the social sciences side of the HumanBiology Core before starting as the School Mental Health ResearchCoordinator at Stanford’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Focused on adolescentsuicide prevention, the department implemented and evaluated schoolwide interventions, introducedevidence-based mental health curricula as a permanent component of a required high schoolhealth class (2000+ students taught so far!), and authored a Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Toolkitfor Schools that was recommended for use statewide by the California State Superintendent ofPublic Instruction. Experience on the frontlines of adolescent suicide clusters has convinced me thatmeaningful efforts toward adolescent mental health promotion, prevention, and early interventionmust involve schools, which have the potential to serve as an amazing platform for addressing manyof the usual barriers to mental health faced by today’s teens. While the research-to-practice gap inschool mental health is fairly gaping, I’m hopeful that under the mentorship of Drs. Mark Weist andAbraham Wandersman it’ll be one I’m able to help narrow.18

JOE HIDAKATSU-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Mathematics, Ph.D.hometown: East Jordan, MIcontact: jfhidakatsu@hotmail.comI was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to the United States with myfamily when I was five years old. I have been a Michigan residentfor the past 12 years and recently graduated from the University ofMichigan, where I studied mathematics and computer science. Myprimary research interests are in discrete mathematics. In particular,I enjoy learning about graph theory and its many applications. As anundergraduate, I worked in many different areas, taking on a completelydifferent project every summer, but I hope to lean towards discrete mathematics as a graduatestudent. I enjoy playing the piano and the saxophone—improving my musical abilities is probablymy biggest hobby.TIMOTHY HINES-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Biomedical Science, Ph.D.hometown: Fayetteville, NCcontact: was born in Ansbach, Germany, and moved around some when I waslittle because my dad is in the army. I stayed in Fayetteville, NC, fora long time and then went to Appalachian State University, where Istudied psychology, chemistry, and German. Now I’m here learningbiology.19

LAUREN HUFFMAN-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Mobile, ALcontact: lehuffman1@gmail.comMy interest in childhood obesity treatment and prevention stemsfrom my experience as student-director of a service-learning programat the University of Alabama that educated elementary students onthe importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Currently Iam a member of Dr. Dawn Wilson’s lab, where I study childhood obesityinterventions. My professional goal is to study obesity as a professoror as part of an interdisciplinary research team. I plan to use my training in the Behavior-BiomedicalInterface Program and the Clinical-Community Ph.D. program in pursuit of those goals.LAURA IREI-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Creative Writing, M.F.A.hometown: Phoenix, AZcontact: ljairei@gmail.comI’m a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up with my parents,two sisters, and numerous dogs. In 2009 I went to Middlebury Collegeand graduated in 2013 with a major in English Literature and a minorin Arabic. After graduation I moved to Boston with a few friends andworked as a barista and blogger, followed by a brief and interestingstint working at an inn. I absolutely love reading and writing fictionand am so excited to move to South Carolina in August to meet my fellow students and start mygraduate school life.20

OWEN JENSEN-2015 Scholarmajor & degree:Geological Sciences, Ph.D.hometown: Spartanburg, SCcontact: originally began college as an architecture student at Tulane Universityin 2005. My first semester was rained out, so I spent that fallat Wofford College, where I took a geology class and fell in love withearth science. I left Tulane the next fall and, yada yada yada, I restartedmy education in the geology department at Kent State Universityin 2011. At Kent, I developed a strong interest in geochemistry—combiningthat with my lifelong fascination with volcanism, I decided to study high-temperature geochemistryas a grad student. In the future, I hope to work as a professor, researching geochemistryand volcanism and passing on what I have learned to future generations of geology students. In myfree time, I enjoy growing rare and unusual plants, playing with my cats, making and listening tomusic, and exploring my surroundings.KATHLEEN JOCOY-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Fort Mill, SCcontact: jocoyk@gmail.comI received my undergraduate degree from Winthrop University in 2008and my master’s degree from Appalachian State University in 2010.After graduation, I served as a research associate for the Henry M.Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine,where I worked to better identify soldiers at risk for substance abuse.At the University of South Carolina I will focus primarily on quantitativepsychology, including statistical methods and modeling. My research interests include methodologicaldevelopment, statistics, substance abuse, pain perception, and video games. After graduation,I hope to become a professor at a university where I can explore new methods of data analysisand improve upon various methods of data collection.21

SARAH JUDGE-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Business Administration, Ph.D.hometown: Richfield, OHcontact: sarahjudge7@gmail.comI am originally from Richfield, Ohio, and I earned my undergraduatedegree from the University of South Carolina. As an undergraduatestudent, I worked as a Supplemental Instructor for introductory accountingcourses, which solidified my interest in the subject. While atUSC, I met my husband, Billy, whom I married in June of 2013. Sincegraduating with my undergraduate degree, I have worked in publicaccounting as an auditor for a variety of audit clients. I am looking forward to starting my Ph.D.program this fall where my research and studies will focus on the judgment and decision makingprocesses as related to auditing and financial reporting. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cooking,and reading.JOHN KINARD-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Fort Mill, SCcontact: jandersonkinard@gmail.comI earned both my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the Universityof South Carolina and began my Ph.D. in English and AmericanLiterature in the fall of 2014. My work has thus far focused primarilyon the Transatlantic works of Henry James, particularly as they engagewith the emerging technological discourses of the fin de siècleperiod. I plan to expand this work to include other authors, particularlyProust, Wilde, and Wharton. In addition to my research, I will also be taking over as the managingeditor of Modernism/modernity, the journal of the Modernist Studies Association, which will now haveits hub here at USC.22

SAMUEL KING-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: History, Ph.D.hometown: Myrtle Beach, SCcontact: sck122890@gmail.comI obtained my bachelor’s in history from New York University, with aminor in East Asian Studies. At USC, my research will focus on the historyof American foreign policy in East Asia from the late nineteenthcentury to the present, with an emphasis on China. I developed a greatinterest in this topic from my studies in East Asian history at NYU, aswell as from giving guest lectures on nineteenth century China at Horry-GeorgetownTechnical College in Myrtle Beach. I am a native of South Carolina, born in Florenceand raised in Myrtle Beach. I’m very much looking forward to all this exciting city has to offer. AfterUSC, my goal is to become a Foreign Service Officer and to work for the U.S. Department of State.MICHAEL LAUGHLIN-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Mathematics, Ph.D.hometown: Navarre, FLcontact: high school teacher, Mr. Loudon, got me hooked on math. Heshowed me that the subject was not only an interesting challenge,but that it also held a wide array of mysteries that were all provablewithin the discipline itself. The self-contained nature of math remainshighly appealing to me, and musing about various theorems providesme with endless volumes of things to discover. The time I spent atAuburn further cemented my choice. Despite my brief forays into chemistry and biology, ultimately Isettled on Applied Mathematics as my major. It was during this time at Auburn that I gained my firstresearch and teaching experiences, both of which I found highly enjoyable. I hope to conduct researchin Combinatorics and earn my Ph.D. in mathematics so that I may become a professor.23

AMBER LEE-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Irmo, SCcontact: ambermarylee@gmail.comI graduated from Clemson University with a degree in English anda minor in Italian. I then went to Emerson College in Boston, whereI obtained my M.F.A. in fiction. While at Emerson, I was appointededitor-in-chief of the literary journal, Redivider, and I was also hired toteach in Emerson’s First Year Writing Program, where I taught Introductionto College Composition and Research Writing. My experiencewith the First Year Writing Program solidified my passion for teaching and triggered a curiosity toexplore the role student interaction with one another plays in first year writing instruction. I’m interestedin the question of friendship—that is, what it means to be a friend, or to be worthy of friends,both in person and on social media—and how this affects the collegiate learning experience. When Iam not reading or writing, I enjoy traveling, dancing, running, playing with my cat, Raja, and spendingtime with my husband, Scott.CHRISTOPHER LING-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Business Administration, Ph.D.hometown: Oakville, Canadacontact: have an undergraduate degree in business administration fromthe University of Toronto, with an emphasis in marketing. Followinggraduation I briefly worked for a Facebook game. I completed mymaster’s in management at Queen’s University with a concentrationin marketing. My current research interests are in the areas ofsocial acceptance and rejection, emotions, and embodied cognitionas they relate to consumer behavior. Originally from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, I moved down toSouth Carolina for my doctoral studies in 2012. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano andguitar.24

HONGBO “DAISY” LIU-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Hospitality Management, Ph.D.hometown: Yixian, Chinacontact: daisy-liuhongbo@hotmail.comI received my bachelor’s degree in tourism management fromFudan University in Shanghai, China, and my master’s degree ininternational hospitality and tourism management from University ofSouth Carolina. I will continue with my Ph.D. degree in hospitality andtourism management at USC. My research interests lie in destinationmarketing and consumer behavior; I did my master’s thesis on theinfluence of culture on tourist behavior. In addition, and in light of the Internet era, I am interested inthe ways people are being influenced by new information technology, and the extent to which theyare giving away their actual or latent behaviors and minds through big data. Studying tourist behaviorthrough big data is something I hope to pursue during my Ph.D. studies. I like cooking and doingsports in my spare time.ADAM LUTZ-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Exercise Science, Ph.D.hometown: Baton Rouge, LAcontact: adam.d.lutz@gmail.comI participated in a variety of sports and extracurricular activities in mychildhood and adolescent years, including baseball, football, track,cross country, and piano. After taking a year off to get married, mywife and I moved to Jacksonville, FL, so I could attend Physical Therapyschool at UNF. Upon completion, we stayed in Jacksonville, andI was awarded a contract physical therapy position with the Navy atNaval Stations Mayport and Kings Bay. Military medicine provides a unique opportunity in physicaltherapy as it espouses a PT first protocol for musculoskeletal complaints requiring me to becomeskilled and confident in my diagnoses. During my time as a contractor, I was afforded the opportunityto participate in a wide range of continuing education courses to become an expert in the fieldof outpatient orthopedic and sports physical therapy. Upon deciding to enroll at USC, my family andI moved to South Carolina, and I began working in the home health setting. With that experience,my confidence in treating patients’ functional impairments with consideration of complex medicalcomorbidities has improved. In my time as a clinician, my wife of 8 years and I have had 3 children.Our girls are nearing 4 and 5, and we have a baby boy that was born May 1st. We absolutely cherishour family time—especially since the new addition—and love all things outdoors with our 8-year-oldgolden retriever.25

RACHEL MANN-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Hazen, NDcontact: earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakotain 2006; in 2012 I received a master’s degree in English literatureand a certificate in the teaching of composition from San FranciscoState University. Although my research focuses most intently on theworks of Aphra Behn and Jane Barker, I hope to conduct an expandedinquiry into the practice of print and manuscript circulation in the longeighteenth century as well as explore the construction of masculinity and femininity in the pagesof popular eighteenth-century women’s fiction. I posit that the collision of such areas represents anarena in which the notion of the author and the development of the “self” through the constructionof a gendered “other” both diverge and overlap.CAMERON MASSEY-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Too many to list!contact: csmassey7@hotmail.comI completed my B.A. in Psychology from the University of NorthCarolina-Chapel Hill in 2004 and my M.A. in Clinical Health Psychologyfrom Appalachian State University in 2010. I worked as a licensedmaster’s-level staff psychologist for a community mental healthcenter in rural western North Carolina before accepting a positionat Appalachian State in 2011. I have been working on a federal grantproject that includes a community needs assessment and evaluation, direct clinical service provisionin a school-based mental health program, and research on a variety of health behaviors. I havealso been an adjunct faculty member of the psychology department at Appalachian State teachingundergraduate level psychology. My areas of interest include diagnosis and treatment of adolescentdisorders, school-based mental health, and issues surrounding rural mental health.26

EMILY NEGER-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: New York, NYcontact: lived in Boston for seven years, first as an undergraduate at TuftsUniversity and then working as a research assistant at Tufts MedicalCenter. As a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in the clinical psychologyprogram, I have the good fortune of working with Dr. Ron Prinz in theParenting and Family Research Center. I am particularly interested inchildhood mood and behavior disorders and how parent-child relationshipscontribute to the onset and treatment of these conditions.My current research focuses on the role of parents’ sense of self-efficacy as a predictor of parentingbehavior. In the future, I hope to develop evidence-based interventions and provide direct clinicalcare to children and their families.ZI-JIA NG-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: School Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Singapore, Singaporecontact: zijia85@hotmail.comI graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’sdegree in psychology. After graduation, I worked as a researchassistant with incarcerated youths, maltreated children, youths withdisabilities, and children from divorced families or underprivilegedbackgrounds. I wondered why some children recover from setbackseasily, why some take a longer time, and why others never do. I becamecurious about the human potential to recover and rebound from life’s curveballs and setbacks.At USC I look forward to working with Drs. Scott Huebner and Kimberly Hills to study resiliency inchildren. I am interested in elucidating resilient qualities and mechanisms that promote healthydevelopment trajectories and prevent future psychopathology. Beyond the school walls, I enjoy travellingaround the globe and immersing myself in artistic creativity by making handmade cards andtactile arts and crafts.28

KWAME OWUSU-DAAKU-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Geography, Ph.D.hometown: Kumasi, Ghanacontact: have a bachelor’s in development planning from Kwame NkrumahUniversity of Science and Technology in Ghana and a master’s in urbanand regional planning from the University of Iowa. I am interestedin climate change and development: particularly how climate changeaffects the livelihoods of people and the strategies the affected personsemploy to adapt to climate change. I chose USC because of myadvisor’s research focus, which includes my home country of Ghana.I am excited to work in an academic program that allows its students to explore and engage ininterdisciplinary work and look forward to discovering and becoming part of the University of SouthCarolina community with my wonderful wife Ama.IVAN PANCHENKO-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Computer Science & Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Lviv, Ukrainecontact: become familiar with computer programming and appliedmathematics in the lyceum, I was admitted to one of the oldest technicalschools in Ukraine, National University “Lviv Polytechnic,”andreceived a state fellowship for the duration of my studies. After that Iworked as a research assistant at the Research Institute of Mechanicsof M. Lomonosov Moscow State University. In the General MechanicsLab I helped create an Exoskeleton—a system of robotic human lower limbs that can multiplycarriers’ dynamical force. All in all, my research interests lie primarily in microprocessor architecture,reconfigurable systems, hardware description languages, and embedded systems.29

JIEUN PARK-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Business Administration, Ph.D.hometown: Seoul, South Koreacontact: jieunpark695@gmail.comI have a B.A. and M.A. from Ewha Womans University in South Korea,as well as a M.A. from Ohio State University. My research interestsinclude group dynamics, identification, emotion, diversity, and entrepreneurship.My prior research lies in the analysis of organizationalphenomena from the multilevel perspective. Specifically, I have focusedon the effects of group-level procedural justice on the relationshipbetween psychological contracts and employees’ satisfaction andcommitment using multilevel analysis and response surface analysis. I would like to continue to studyhow employment relationships directly impact individual attitudes and behaviors during my doctoralstudies.CHANDI PATEL-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Gaborone, Botswanacontact: chandni19@gmail.comI received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from KennesawState University in 2006 and my master’s degree in clinical psychologyfrom East Tennessee State University in 2008. Since then I have beeninvolved in Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) training and implementationfor state psychiatric hospitals. Broadly, my research interestsinvolve studying the environmental impact (maltreatment, exposureto crime, parental factors, community supports) on child and adolescent adjustment, risk factors,and factors that lead to resiliency. Some of the research questions I’d like to study include: how canwe build resiliency in children who have a negative/ harmful environment; what factors play a role inchildren who have been maltreated/abused and don’t have challenging behaviors? Within the community,what supports are needed to build resilience in at-risk youth?30

LORELEI PHILLIP-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Communication Sciences & Disorders, Ph.D.hometown: Concord, NCcontact: lphillip@alumni.duke.eduI have always had an interest in language, and I obtained my bachelor’sdegree in linguistics from Duke University. I then went on tocomplete a master’s degree in speech-language pathology at Vanderbilt.However, underlying my interest in language was always somecuriosity about the brain, its function, and dysfunction. My training upto this date has prepared me to identify, assess, and treat a variety ofspeech, language, swallowing, and cognitive disorders. Of particularinterest to me is aphasia, an acquired neurogenic language disorder that can present in varying waysdepending on the site of lesion in the brain. Through the course of my doctoral studies at USC, I hopeto delve more into the neurological underpinnings of this disorder to gain a better understanding ofnot only how language is represented in the brain but also how we can utilize that information aboutneurological function to improve treatment outcomes and quality of life in this population.ALLISON PIERCE-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Experiemental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Hickory, NCcontact: alliepierce07@gmail.comI graduated from Appalachian State in 2012 with a B.S. in communication/advertisingand a minor in psychology, at which point I realizedI had a greater interest in my minor than in my major. This led meto complete my master’s degree in experimental psychology fromUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) in 2014. There, myresearch was in the field of decision-making. While at UNCW, I had theopportunity to attend a functional MRI seminar at MGH/HST Athinoula Martinos Center in Boston,which sparked my interest in using neuroimaging techniques in my future research. Also while atUNCW, I completed a graduate certificate program in applied statistics, an area that forms the othercomponent of my research interests. While at USC, I hope to continue exploring new statistical methods,as well as implementing several neuroimaging techniques in my research involving executivefunctions. In my free time, I enjoy playing both indoor and beach volleyball with my friends.31

KATHERINE REIFURTH-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Sport & Entertainment Management, Ph.D.hometown: Honolulu, HIcontact: kreifurth@gmail.comOriginally from Hawaii, I grew up waking up at 6:30 a.m. on Sundaysto go to a local sports bar with my dad to catch Packers footballgames. It was normal to call my dad during the spring and summerand find him taking off work to catch a good baseball game. People onthe mainland make similar (but maybe not quite as drastic) sacrificesfor their favorite sports teams. My question has always been, “Why?”.Why, and how, did I grow up to be this crazy Packers fan? Why am Imore loyal to the Packers than I am to any other brand? I’m here to learn all I can about consumer behaviorand fan development in sports, and, hopefully, in my time at USC, I can find answers to thesequestions.LAURA REINMAN-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Gunnison, COcontact: laura.reinman@gmail.comI am a native Coloradan and received my bachelor’s in psychologyfrom the University of Denver in 2011. While attending the Universityof Denver, I was an undergraduate research assistant for three yearsand completed an honors thesis on the stress and health of Hispanicimmigrant children and their mothers. More recently, I worked as aprofessional research assistant at Children’s Hospital Colorado. There,I worked with children who sustained traumatic brain injuries and with children on the autism spectrum.I am very excited to work alongside Dr. Jeff Schatz in the Neuropsychology and Human DevelopmentLaboratory at USC. In my free time I enjoy being outside, running, riding horses, watchingsports, and spending time with friends and family.32

CAMERON REKULLY-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Chemistry, Ph.D.hometown: Harrisburg, PAcontact: crekully@gmail.comI graduated from Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) with a bachelor’sin chemistry in 2012. During my time at F&M I participated in researchon the development of molecular probes for the quantification ofintermolecular interactions in solvated systems. My involvement inthis research culminated in an independent research project that exposedme to experimental design, data analysis, and the preparationof results for publication. It was during the course of this project that Ibecame particularly interested in pursuing a career in scientific research. My involvement in a laboratorymanual development project after graduation reinforced my interest in chemistry. After graduateschool, I plan to pursue a career as an analytical chemist in either academia or at a governmentalagency.KRISTIN ROBERTS-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: School Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Zanesville, OHcontact: klroberts@outlook.comI am a third-year school psychology doctoral student. I earned my undergraduatedegree from Ohio University, where I graduated summacum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. My research interestsinclude cognitive assessment, learning disabilities, and academicassessment and intervention. I am currently involved in several studiesas a research assistant in the Applied Cognitive Neuropsychologylab here at USC, under the direction of Dr. Scott Decker. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, listeningto music, and photography.33

STEPHEN ROSNICK-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Fallsington, PAcontact: smrosnick@gmail.comI was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, between Philadelphiaand Princeton. As a high school student, I was drawn primarilyto the humanities and social sciences. After enrolling in CarnegieMellon University, I majored in history, with minors in English andphilosophy, earning my BA in 2013. I remained at CMU for my initialgraduate studies, earning my MA in English—Literary and CulturalStudies in 2014. Following this, I returned home for a year to focus onresearching and applying to Ph.D. programs while substitute teaching at the George School and theHun School of Princeton. In my graduate studies, I plan to focus on late medieval and early modernliterature, particularly the way in which history is depicted and utilized in popular culture throughliterature. My favorite authors are primarily Chaucer and Shakespeare, and secondarily Gower, theGawain-Poet, Dante, and Marie de France.LARA SCHNEIDER-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Epidemiology, Ph.D.hometown: Cincinnati, OHcontact: studied History and Microbiology at Ohio State University andthen came to USC for a Master’s degree in Epidemiology; I liked thepeople and program here so much that I decided to stay and pursuea Ph.D. My research interests are in physical activity and nutritionalepidemiology, which I will get to explore with Dr. Jihong Liu in hercurrent interventional study with pregnant women and birth outcomes.34

CAMERON SMITH-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Rome, GAcontact: graduated from Mercer University with degrees in Psychology andSpanish, as well as a minor in English. At USC, I will be working in Dr.Almor’s lab, where I will ideally be using computational and neuralmeasures to investigate various psycholinguistic phenomena, suchas the process through which humans understand referential expressions.I would also like to extend these methodologies to investigatethe word and sentence selection processes that allow speakers ofa given language to select the right lexical information for what they are trying to say. Given mybackground in Spanish as well as psychology, another particular interest of mine is examining theselinguistic processes in both monolingual and bilingual populations.MADELINE STEINER-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: History, Ph.D.hometown: Dallas, TXcontact: ms3845a@american.eduA native of Dallas, Texas, I received bachelor’s degrees in History andMusical Theatre from American University. After finishing my undergraduatestudy, I spent a year as a historical interpreter at PresidentLincoln’s Cottage in Washington, D.C. While I have chosen to pursue myPh.D. in history rather than a career as a performer, my interest in thearts manifests itself in my research interests. I focus on United Stateshistory in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with a concentration on cultural history.I am interested in exploring the connections between popular culture, performance, and race duringthis time period.35

RACHEL STEWARD-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Biological Sciences, Ph.D.hometown: Kenmore, WAcontact: Seattle native, I earned my B.S. in biology from Tufts University inBoston. While at Tufts, I conducted extensive research on the chemicallymediated interactions of butterflies and their host plants. Aftergraduating in 2011, I worked on several projects to increase my exposureto different biological communities. I censused trees in the rainforestof Puerto Rico, explored the unique ecosystems of New Zealand,managed coastal shrubland habitat in Rhode Island, and workedwith tropical butterflies at the Pacific Science Center. I am now a third year Ph.D. student working inthe lab of Dr. Carol Boggs and studying butterfly evolution in the context of plant invasions, with theprivilege of conducting field research out of the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Colorado. I lovethe outdoors and all activities that take me there, and while in South Carolina I spend my free timeplaying soccer, hiking, and rowing with the Columbia Rowing Club.MALIK TAHIYAT-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Dhaka, Bangladeshcontact: malik_tahiyat_bd@outlook.comI earned my bachelor’s degree from West Bengal University of Technology,India, and my master’s from the Bangladesh University ofEngineering and Technology, Bangladesh. For both my bachelor’sand my master’s, my major was Chemical Engineering. My primaryresearch interests in undergraduate was in improving energy-efficiencyof electrolysis with pulsated dc; I was also involved in a grouppresentation on “Fully Inter-penetrating Network” (FIPN) polymeric membrane for separation ofEthylene glycol via pervaporation. My master’s research was more focused on process control. Mythesis focused on comparative analysis of different data -driven methods of analyzing nonlinearitiesarising in chemical processes. I was also involved in a joint research project with Memorial Universityon Comparative Study of different Supervisory Control Structures, which included Cascade PID,Model Predictive Control (MPC), and MPC + PID structures. I am looking forward to working onComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and hope to pursue an interdisciplinary study between CFD andProcess control, so that it is possible to simulate a flow profile with respect to change in valve inputin a process industry. Further scope may also lie in developing a closed-loop combustion mechanismin a mechanical device. I would prefer a career in academics; however, I am open to any opportunitythat allows me to pursue my research in similar fields.36

CALVIN THOMAS-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Opelika, ALcontact: calvinrobertthomas@gmail.comI graduated Auburn University in May 2013. My first experience inresearch was with USC’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates(REU) program in the summer of 2012. During this time, I discoveredhow much I enjoyed doing research in catalysis. When I returned toAuburn I got involved in research concerning contact lenses and ocularcomfort. I presented my USC REU research at the 2012 National AIChEConference Poster Session and my Auburn University research atthe 2013 AIChE Southern Regional Conference Paper Session. I placed second in my section at bothconferences. I find both teaching and research very rewarding and would like to eventually become aprofessor at a university.SARAH THOMPSON-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Juneau, Wisconsincontact: am a second-year PhD student in the English literature program,having earned my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and my Master’s at Marquette University. My research interestsinclude eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and Americannovels, particularly Gothic and female-authored texts. I am especiallyinterested in the ways in which specific texts, as well as whole genresof fiction, translate from one side of the Atlantic to the other.37

SARAH TRYON-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Excercise Science, Ph.D.hometown: Elgin, SCcontact: sarah.tryon@fulbrightmail.orgI graduated from Furman University with a dual degree inNeuroscience and German Studies. While at Furman, I conductedneuroscience research examining genetic expressionin the injured trout brain. I also gained experience conductingbiomechanics research in the Human Performance Laboratoryutilizing electromyography to examine differential muscle recruitmentduring various phases of cycling. I have taught English in Germany for the last twoyears, first as a Fulbright Grant recipient in Rheinland-Pfalz, then in Saxony supported by theGerman Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. I am excited to be a part of the ExerciseScience Ph.D. program, where I focus on motor control and rehabilitation. I enjoy spendingmy free time running, playing soccer, hiking, traveling to learn about new places and cultures,and flying in sailplanes.BLAIRE UMHAU-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: Marine Science, Ph.D.hometown: Owings, MDcontact: bpumhau@gmail.comI recently graduated with both general and departmental honors fromthe University of Miami, where I earned a bachelor’s in marine scienceand chemistry with a minor in French. I am interested in marinebiogeochemistry, particularly interactions between biogeochemicalcycles and global climate change. My work has taken me from mynative Chesapeake Bay to the Dominican Republic and French Polynesiato research topics ranging from habitat quality assessment based on phytoplankton and nutrientlevels in Chesapeake Bay tributaries to relationships between dust flux and paleo primary productivityin the Eastern Tropical South Pacific. I hope to continue my travels as I pursue my degree. In my freetime, I enjoy sailing and running.38

KATHERINE UPTON-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Fleet, Hampshire, Englandcontact: American by birth, I lived in England for most of my life. Iread English at Girton College, University of Cambridge. After graduating,I taught English in London for two years before deciding topursue a master’s degree. I completed my M.A. in American Literatureat the University of South Carolina in 2013. My research interests arein nineteenth and twentieth century Southern literature and childhoodstudies with a particular focus on the influence of Romanticismin both areas. I am a tri-chair of the American Literature Colloquium, a graduate organization thatarranges faculty talks and professional development workshops. As part of the USC Writing Center, Itutor students on general writing techniques and research how to support learning difficulties relatedto writing and composition in higher education.BRITTANY WALTER-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Anthropology, Ph.D.hometown: Tampa, FLcontact: am a biological anthropologist with research interests in bioarchaeology,paleodemography, medieval England, and forensic anthropology.My doctoral research focuses on evaluating the effects of urbanizationon the mortality of medieval London using paleodemographicand biochemical approaches. I received a Bachelor of Arts from theUniversity of Florida as a Florida Opportunity Scholar and a Master ofArts degree as a Deans Fellow from the University of Central Florida. While at USC, I have served asthe President and Graduate Council representative of the Graduate Student Association. My ultimategoal is to secure a tenure track position after the completion of my Ph.D., and I look forward toteaching students and continuing research in biological anthropology.39

CHRISTINE WEBER-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Coventry, CTcontact: christineeweber@yahoo.comI received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Eastern ConnecticutState University, after also attending college in NYC. I’ve beenpassionate about psychology since I first took a course in high school,and I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in several independentresearch projects since then. I’m thrilled to continue my educationin USC’s experimental psychology program and study how contextinfluences behavior with Dr. Wedell. Outside of school, I love to readand spend time with my black lab.JILLIAN WEBER-2013 Scholarmajor & degree: English, Ph.D.hometown: Chicago, ILcontact: have a bachelor’s from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignand a master’s from the University of South Carolina. Before comingto USC to pursue graduate studies, I lived and worked in Chicago andMiami. In both cities I interacted with a diverse cross section of people,leading to my interest in the confluence of cultural identities. Morespecifically, I’m interested by the representations of racial and ethnicidentities in African American literature as something geographically imposed upon characters. Ihope to continue examining representations of space as a racialized discourse of classification, particularlyin cities, like New Orleans, that are often thought of as culturally diverse. After completingmy Ph.D., my goal is to obtain a position as a professor of English literature.40

JOSEPH “RUFUS” WOFFORD-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Counselor Education, Ph.D.hometown: Myrtle Beach, SCcontact: grew up in South Carolina, much of the time in Myrtle Beach. I havehad an interest in helping others for most of my adult life. This primarilygrew out of the help I received from others as an adolescent andyoung adult. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Columbia InternationalUniversity. While I was living in Taiwan as an educator I decidedto pursue a career in the helping field and go back to Columbia InternationalUniversity to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling. Sincecompleting that degree, I have served as a counselor, director of counseling services, career counselor,and adjunct professor of undergraduate psychology. I have a special interest in professionalhelping from a strengths-based perspective with families / family members of children who are bornwith disabilities. I look forward to conducting research in that area as I am slated to begin my the University of South Carolina in 2015. Ultimately, I would like to obtain a faculty position with auniversity that shares my interest in research with this population, so that I can train others who willthen train others in helping such families. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy playing with myfamily. I also enjoy surfing and playing the ukulele and teaching others how to do the same.CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT-2014 Scholarmajor & degree: Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.hometown: Rockville Centre, New Yorkcontact: cjwright4242@gmail.comI completed my undergraduate degree in chemical physics with honorsat Brown University. My research focused on elucidating the atomicstructure of nanoparticle electrocatalysts, helping to inform the designof next generation fuel cells. During the summer between my freshmanand sophomore years, I was a student in the University of SouthCarolina Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programworking with Professor Xiao-Dong Zhou on catalyst design and synthesis. I am an Integrative GraduateEducation and Research Traineeship (IGERT) student. In my free time, I perform as a bassoonist invarious orchestras and chamber music groups, as well as playing squash. My long term goal is to leada scientific research group.41

WANZE XIE-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Experimental Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Weifang, Chinacontact: to starting the experimental psychology program at the Universityof South Carolina, I studied at East Tennessee State University andShandong Normal University in China. I am interested in cognitive/developmental neuroscience, especially on infant cognitive developmentand electrophysiology, such as EEG and MRI. I am working withDr. John Richards as his graduate assistant. My goals for the doctoralprogram are to continue to learn research skills and conduct researchin the developmental neuroscience area, and, after I obtain my Ph.D. degree, I will continue to doresearch in this area.MELEK YILDIZ SPINEL-2015 Scholarmajor & degree: Clinical-Community Psychology, Ph.D.hometown: Bogota, Colombiacontact: yildizspinelm@gmail.comBorn and raised in Bogota, Colombia, I keep going back there as myfamily still lives there. I attended Kenyon College in Ohio, where Ipursued a B.A. in psychology. As a Latina going to college in the U.S.,I became interested in understanding how different cultural backgroundsrelate to individuals’ attitudes, and behaviors. Upon graduation,I worked as a project manager at Dr. Polo’s Culture and EvidenceBased Practice Lab (CEBP) at DePaul University. The main project of the lab was an intervention totreat depressive symptoms among ethnic minority, low-income youth in public schools in Chicago.Influenced by my experiences at Kenyon College and the CEBP lab, I now aim to study the experienceof Latinos in the U.S. and cross-cultural psychopathology in general. I am also interested in studyingculture and how it intersects with gender and socioeconomic status, as well as how these interactionspredict mental health outcomes and processes. Finally, I aim to translate theory into clinical practiceby developing effective evidence-based and culturally sensitive interventions that can be delivered incommunity settings in order to reach groups that have been historically underserved.42

YUE ZHENG-2012 Scholarmajor & degree: Mass Communications, Ph.D.hometown: Xiamen, Chinacontact: was born in Xiamen, a beautiful beach city in the southeast of Chinaand obtained my B.A. in Journalism from Renmin University of China.I also earned a M.S. in Mass Communications as well as a minor in Statisticsfrom Iowa State University. I am currently working on my Communication Studies and a certificate of graduate study in healthcommunication. My research focuses on health communications,public relations, social media, and international communications, interms of how to use media technology to enhance public health. I have presented a range of papersat AEJMC, ICA, NCA, PRSA, and IPRRC and recently published in the Journal of Consumer Health onthe Internet.Fall 2015 ScheduleMARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THEFOLLOWING FRIDAYS!September 4September 11September 18September 25October 16October 30November 13November 20December 443


2015-2016 PresidentialFellows at a GlanceMost popularhome states1. South Carolina2. Ohio3. New York4. Florida5. North Carolina8 USCcolleges &schools28 states13 countriesMOST POPULAR PROGRAMSEnglish (10)Clinical Community Psychology (9)Experimental Psychology (7)History (7)32graduateprograms79current presidentialfellows28average ageof 1st year PF52% enter witha previous graduate degree45

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