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Future Normal

Future Normal Why Every IT Trend Points to PaaS

’50s ’60s ’70s

’50s ’60s ’70s ’80s ’90s ’00s-’10sClouds +EdgeDevicesX WindowGridComputingPCMITS AltairIBM PCMacintoshWindows3.x/9x/NT& Linux 1.0Windows XP/7/8Mac OS XMiniDECPDP-8DECVAX 11/780SunWorkstations& ServersSun/ILMRender FarmsSun/AMDx86 ServersNiagara CPUsMainframe IBM 701 S/360 S/370 4300 S/390 zSeries

All new IT will be connected – or ‘cloudy’…• Since the IBM PC was introduced (Aug.1981 to now)• Processor speed has risen ~25% per year• Memory capacity has grown ~40% per year• Mass storage surging ~50% per year• Desktop systems are burdened with too much state• File system technology has not addressed new needs• Governance falls short of rising demands• Trends redefine “best practice”• Bandwidth expansion: ~45% per year• Processor road maps favor shared machines →• Data centralization → superior governanceServer CPU sales trends:Overall, 2011-2015 (TechNavio)7.1% CAGR“Contributing to this market growthis adoption of cloud computing.”Cloud servers, 2011-15 (IDC)21% CAGR

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