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3Barn cleaningInsect Control:As soon as the previous flock leaves the barn the temperaturewill decrease. This quickly encourages darkling beetles tomove from the litter to the walls. As such organisms cancarry disease from flock to flock. The following should becarried out to eradicate them:Immediately clear around one metre of litter from the walls(one bucket-width of your machine) and cover this floor areawith an insecticide effective against darkling beetles (atpresent we use “Tempo” from Bayer). This will kill beetlesand other insects which try to migrate into the walls followingthe removal of their heat source (turkeys).This area is cleared of organic matter andinsecticide is immediately applied to kill allinsects that attempt to move back into the walls.Litter from previous flockDuring disinfection position afootdip at the barn entrance andplace clean coveralls and bootsinside the entrance door. Nextday after disinfection place newbait in the bait stations.Limit access to the barn andanyone entering must wear thecoveralls and boots which aresupplied. This is critical to avoidcontamination of the clean barn.Water line sanitationMany flocks become sick due the inadequate sanitation ofwater lines. We recommend the following procedure:Water lines and drinker pipes should be filled with chlorine(5% sodium hypochlorite) at a rate of 1 litre of chlorine per50 litres of water. This should be maintained for 24 hours(shock the waterlines) and then completely flushed withfresh water.The barn can then be completely cleared of all organicmatter from the previous flock. Remove as much residuallitter and dust as possible as this will make washing easier.Thoroughly wash all areas of the barn and equipment. It isextremely important to ensure that all “hard-to-reach”places are also washed eg air inlets, fan housings etc.Washing should be done with hot water with the addition ofsome detergent and under high pressure. Disinfectionshould be done under low pressure. It is good to add heatto the buildings in winter to increase the effectiveness ofdisinfectants.If a disease has been present with the previous flockdisinfection should be applied at 2 different stages usingtwo different disinfectants.Place all washed equipment which you intend to use insidethe barn eg feeders, drinkers, gates etc and disinfectabsolutely every part of the barn and all equipment.Don’t forget to “shock” all water lines with chlorine, fromwater tanks to drinker pipes.Water tanks should be emptied of all stale water, washedand disinfected, rinsed with clean water and filled close tothe time of poult arrival with fresh water.

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