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Spirit of Artcocktail bookPhotography by Theo ChalmersA great cocktail demands the finest ingredients......

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookCONTENTSForwardA great cocktail demands the finest ingredients. Why find the world’s best gin for aTom Collins only to compromise it with just any lemon juice? A fruit liqueur musthave fresh, natural, high quality produce at its heart and the same is true of specialistspirits such as Menthe-Pastille with its crisp peppermint base or the richorange core of China-China.As you might expect from a French family business, the provenance, quality andfreshness of the ingredients in Giffard products is more than a passion, it is the veryessence of everything we do. We believe that the best ingredient is always flavour andthat means sourcing the very best natural produce and ensuring that the timebetween harvesting and maceration is kept to the absolute minimum.In 1885 it was widely believed that mint possessed medicinal benefits that aideddigestion and delivered restorative powers. Attracted by those claims, Emile Giffard,an Angers pharmacist, imported the Mitcham Peppermint plant from Surrey, inEngland and created Menthe-Pastille. The spirit’s cool, clean and refreshing flavourwas an instant hit with visitors to Anjou that summer and it is still enjoyed neat,over ice, by many in Angers where it’s relatively low 24% alcohol content is oftenpreferred to stronger spirits. Over the years, Menthe-Pastille has inspired artists andbartenders from around the world who have taken Emile Giffard’s originalmasterpiece as the base for world renowned cocktails such as the Stinger, or theWhite Lady, or as the fuel for their paintings and other works of art.10 years before Emile Giffard’s success with Menthe-Pastille, at Isère in the FrenchAlps, the Bigallet brothers were perfecting their recipe for China-China. Thistraditional orange based bitter is distilled multiple times in small copper alembic stillsand each time the spirit is macerated with a combination of sweet and bitter orangepeels. The final infusion includes sweet caramel and classic bitter agents alongwith cinchona and gentian botanicals to give a unique balance of flavours that rise andfall into each other. More recently Bigallet and China-China became part of the Giffardportfolio rounding off a strong selection of traditional flavours for cocktail enthusiastsaround the world.Karine TillardPageBroadway Martini 05Banana Old Fashioned 06Jake BlanchBananahattan 09GrassHopper 107 Wrays in Sunny June 11Hanna BixoCorpse Reviver No. Blue 15China-China With Love 16Napolean Kleinamite 17Sarah MitchellNo Trouble in China-China 21Mitcham Butterfly 22Bramble-Action 23Adriano Di GiovanniStorm Fruits 27Deep Blue 28Alex DyzartFather of Spice 31General Xiao 32Jay DoyPiscamenth 35Freezer Burns 36

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookSPIRIT OF ARTOur great-grandfather Emile Giffard was an artist, pharmacist,herbalist and creative epicurean. He was intrigued by the reputedtherapeutic and digestive properties of mint and his exhaustiveresearch lead him to the unique flavour of the Mitchampeppermint plant, which was found and named after the Surreytown where it was originally bred. He continued his research inhis hometown of Angers in the Loire Valley and in 1885, using theessential mint oil from Mitcham, he created a clear liqueur thatwas quickly appreciated for its refreshing qualities. Referencingthe fashionable English mint pastilles of the day, he named his newcreation Menthe- Pastille. Rapidly appreciated throughout Anjou,Menthe-Pastille became a favourite among artists of the day andsome such as Ogé, Cappiello and Misti, went on to develop theearly advertisements for the spirit itself. These artworkscaptured the contemporary zeitgeist with a sharp, satirical senseof humour, so much so that some of the work was only on publicdisplay for a short time due to understandable public sensitivitiessurrounding the First World War.We believe the creative work is timeless and should be seen andshared so in 2013 the Spirit of Art was born and a collection oflate 19th and early 20th century advertisements went of displayin London’s Covent Garden Market prior to starting a worldtour. In the autumn of 2014 we set out to create a new, modernSpirit of Art collection again drawing upon the inspiration ofthose who know and love Menthe-Pastille and Giffard. Today’sartists and bartenders share their love of cocktails with theirlove of body art and a century on, a new Spirit of Art collectionwas born.Edith & Bruno Giffard – Angers, Val de Loire, France

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookKarine TillardKarine is from Bordeaux and proud of it. Despite living abroad from the age of 18,Karine has always maintained a connection with France. Initially she worked atRaymond Blanc’s Maison Blanc and her very first tattoo was a simple 3 stars to remindher of her “childhood and her two brothers at home”. Karine is widely travelled andher tattoo collection documents time spent in Australia, Asia, the United States andthe UK.Karine first trained in the art of cocktail making at La La Land in Melbourne,Australia, where she and a friend would often visit the tattoo parlour together andshare the same design. Something Karine calls “Bromance tattoos”. Upon returning toLondon Karine took her cocktail experience to the next level at the highly respectedLondon Cocktail Club.

Broadway Martini50ml Portobello Gin15ml Menthe-PastilleSpirit of Artcocktail bookShake all of the ingredients. Pourthe ingredients over ice, stir andthen strain into a chilled glass.Garnish with fresh mint.Banana Old Fashioned50ml Old Forrester Bourbon15ml Giffard Banane du Brésil Premium Liqueur3 drops of Angostura Bitters10ml honeyMix all the ingredients over ice and stir. Straininto an ice filled, rocks glass.Garnish with a maraschino cherry.Spirit of Artcocktail bookpage 05 page 06

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookJake BlanchJake has been interested in cocktails for as long as he can remember and as soon ashe hit 18 he turned his interest into his profession. He now works at the renownedHawksmore bar in Covent Garden.If you engage Jake in conversation he will talk of his love for cocktails, tattoos and theDevon coast. Leaning forward, onto the bar he said, “Swallows started it. I fell in lovewith classic ‘40s and ‘50s American tattoos.” A Londoner born and bred, Jake spenthis childhood summers with his grandparents in Devon, where he learned to sail andbelieves “that’s what inspired the nautical theme” to his tattoos.

Bananahattan50ml Old Forrester Bourbon25ml Giffard Crème de Banane2 dashes of Angostura BittersPour the ingredients over ice, stirand then strain into a chilled glass.Garnish with a maraschino cherry.GrassHopper35ml Cognac15ml Menthe-Pastille15ml Giffard Crème de Cacao Blanc35ml Half & HalfShake the ingredients over iceand then double strain into acoupette glass.Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookpage 09 page 10

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail book7 Wrays in Sunny June10ml Wray & Nephew Rum12.5ml Giffard Crème de Banane20ml Koko Kanu20ml Giffard Melon Liqueur25ml lemon juice50ml apple juiceShake all the ingredients over iceand strain into a chilled glass.Garnish with a banana dolphinclutching a martini cherry.7 Wrays in Sunny Junepage 11 page 12

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookHanna BixoBixo is a Portuguese surname but Hanna was born in Gothenburg, to Swedish parentsand raised in the chilly north of Sweden. “I also have a native North Americanancestor and I celebrate that with a geometric arrow tattoo”, says Hanna. “I guess youcould say that I’m Native American, Portuguese, Swedish – now mixing it in London.”“My first tattoo was inspired by the Muse hit, ‘Sing for Absolution’. It constantlyreminds me of the song and how I feel whenever I hear it. Then came the swallowsrepresenting coming of age and leaving the nest but the large snowflake is there toremind me of snow, skiing and home”, she enthuses.Hanna arrived in London at 18 years old, straight out of school. “I had visited the citymany times before then and fell in love with it every time. When I finally got to livehere I was enraptured by the cocktail scene and immediately enrolled at Bar School”.Now a top bartender at the very popular Hawksmoor Bar inKnightsbridge, Hanna’s love for the city is stronger than ever but her choice ofcocktail gives away the international heritage.

China-China With Love25ml Navy Strength gin40ml Cocchi Vermouth di Torino15ml Bigallet China-China5ml Green Chartreuse1 dash of Angostura Bitters1 dash of Orange bittersSpirit of Artcocktail bookStir all the ingredients over ice andstrain into a chilled glass.Garnish with an orange twist.Corpse ReviverNo. Blue25ml Gin25ml Giffard Curaçao Bleu Liqueur25ml Lillet Blanc25ml lemon juiceShake all the ingredients over iceand strain into a coupette glass.Garnish with a cherry.cocktail bookSpirit of Artpage 15 page 16

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookNapolean KleinamiteNapolean Kleinamite25ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum35ml Klein Constantia dessert wine10ml Giffard Fig Syrup20ml Lemon juice1 dash Angostura Bitters1 egg whiteDry shake and then shake with ice.Pour over the rocks or cubed ice.Garnish with 17 page 18

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookSarah MitchellSarah Mitchell is a Sydneysider with all the enthusiasm and energy we have come toexpect from Australians abroad. “I’m now a trainer and supervisor at theBlues Kitchen and I’m just loving it”, she beams.Sarah majored in Combined Sciences and had every intention of returning home forpostgraduate studies but she fell in love with London’s hospitality industry. “Meetingnew people every day and being surrounded by them having a great time is soseductive. I became a flair bartender and then my interest in chemistrytook me down a more traditional route. I believe cocktail making is an art and scienceis understanding flavour at a molecular level.”Sarah’s first tattoo, a doodle, was designed by her sister which the two of them thenhad done together. The centrepiece of Sarah’s collection today is a peacock perchedupon a throne of roses, that stretches from her right shoulder to her right ankle andthat impressive work was done in London. Sarah’s left hip features a bold frangipanisdisplay, which reminds her of a scent so unique to her home in New South Wales.

No Trouble inChina-China25ml Gin25ml Bigallet China-China25ml CampariSpirit of Artcocktail bookBuild the cocktail and garnish with awedge of fresh orange.Spirit of Artcocktail bookMitcham Butterfly37.5ml Tequila12.5ml Menthe-Pastille2 spoons of honey25ml Lime juice1 Pinch of mintShake over ice and then strain intoa cocktail 21 page 22

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookBramble-Action25ml measure of gin10ml Giffard Maraschino liqueur10ml Giffard Crème de Violette25ml Lime juicePour ingredients into a shaker ofcrushed ice. Shake and straininto a tumbler.Top with Giffard Crème de Mûre.Garnish with a floating maraschinocherry.Spirit of Artcocktail bookpage 23 page 24

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookAdriano Di GiovanniOne day a week Adriano Di Giovanni spends a solid six hours just preparing forcocktails. Just a few years ago Adriano left sunny Sicily with the express intention ofbecoming a world class cocktail specialist and he has achieved it. For the last year orso he has been at Zilouf’s in Islington. “What I love about this bar is that whatever wecan grow or make ourselves we do and that applies as much to sauces in the kitchenas it does to juices behind the bar and the decor on the walls”, he says. “There is areally positive, ‘yeah let’s do it’ attitude here. We are encouraged to try new things, toexperiment, to have fun”.Adriano is Italian and in keeping with the national stereotype there is an energy andpassion to the man as he explains what motivates him, “As a bartender, making acocktail for someone is more than a job. It’s a personal statement by one individual foranother. This is from me to you and I want it to be the best it can be. I want to see youenjoy my work.”

Spirit of Artcocktail bookDeep Blue35ml Gin25ml Giffard Curaçao Bleu20ml Menthe-PastillePlace large rocks of ice in a tumblerand build the cocktail over it. Stirand serve.Storm Fruits40ml Rum25ml Giffard Apricot Brandy25ml Giffard Crème de Cassis50ml pineapple juice25ml lime juiceShake over ice and strain into a tallglass. Garnish with orange, mint andpassion 27Spirit of Artcocktail bookpage 28

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookAlex DyzartAlex Dyzart is from Kent but he acquired his cocktail mixing skills in Auckland’sspeakeasies during a two year stay in New Zealand. On returning to the UK Alex fellon his feet and joined the team at the famous Venn Street Records, where he is nowassistant manager.Alex’s first tattoo featured Sailor Jerry Swallows “that are linked heavily to SailorJerry rum. A very popular brand with bartenders”, he explains. “My next tattoo wasrather more ambitious and took three years in the planning alone. Inspired by theJoker and the Thief from Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower, the design covers myentire right sleeve and it was important to get every detail correct. I’m now workingon designs for my left sleeve with a phoenix as its central character. But it’s not justthe design that’s time consuming, finding the tattoo artist that I want to work with is achallenge in its own right.”

Father of Spice25ml Old Forrester Bourbon25ml Giffard Amaretto Liqueur2 Barspoons ofLuxardo Cherry Juice25ml Lemon juice1 egg white3 dashes of TabascoShake the ingredients over ice andthen strain into a coupette glass.Garnish with chilli and cherry.Spirit of Artcocktail bookGeneral Xiao40ml Rum20ml Bigallet China-China1 dash of Giffard Grenadine syrupStir the ingredients over ice andstrain into a chilled glass.Garnish with an orange twist.cocktail bookSpirit of Artpage 31 page 32

Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookJay DoyAt 16 years old the image of a reclining lady started to emerge on Jay Doy’s forearmand a tattoo grand plan began to take shape in his mind. “I’ve now got cat like imagesof David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Adam Ant, Boy George and John Lennon”, he beamed.“I’m a great fan of the water colour style and I’m pleased that it’s becoming a growingtrend.”Like so many others Jay started in the kitchen but moved closer to the front door overtime. “I originally trained as a chef but being locked away in the kitchen meant I didn’tget to meet people and I really missed that so, I switched into cocktail making as amore out front, creative role and I love it”, he says. Jay has successfully started tocompete in cocktail competitions and is currently working at the famousLibrary in Islington.

Piscamenth5ml Menthe-Pastille15ml Giffard Gum Syrup50ml Pisco ABA20ml lime juice20ml egg whiteDouble shake over ice.Serve in a coupette glass.Freezer Burns40ml Whisky5ml Menthe-Pastille20ml Bigallet China-ChinaStir the ingredients over ice thenstrain into a rocks glass.Spirit of Artcocktail bookSpirit of Artcocktail bookpage 35 page 36

Special thank you toNORTHCOTE RECORDS8-10 NORTHCOTE RDLONDONSW11 1NTWWW.NORTHCOTERECORDS.COME:INFO@NORTHCOTERECORDS.COMSpirit of Artcocktail bookGIFFARDChemin du Bocage - ZI La VioletteBP 3003749240 Avrillé (Angers)Francewww.giffard.comTel +33 (0)2 41 18 85 00Fax +33 (0)2 41 18 85 05Spirit of Artcocktail bookPhotography by Theo

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