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ong>Fosterong> Care ong>campaignong> on the moveA uniquely designed mobile garden is going on a ‘roadshow’ across Fifeover the summer to get people thinking about fostering. The theme for FifeCouncil’s 2015 foster ong>careong>r recruitment ong>campaignong> highlights the vital rolefoster ong>careong>rs play in growing and nurturing>Fosterong> ong>careong> gives children a secure, safe and stable environment where theycan grow in confidence. Fife Council needs people from every age group andbackground who can provide long term, short term or permanent foster ong>careong> forchildren who can’t live with their birth families.Fiona McDonald fostering with Fife Council for 4 years says:“I’ve been a foster ong>careong>r for nearly four years. The feeling that I can make apositive difference to even just one child makes the job worthwhile. What I wouldsay to someone who is considering being a foster ong>careong>r, is to pick up the phone toFife Council, look into fostering and have a chat with somebody. It is one of themost rewarding things you can do in your life, so go for it!”The ‘roadshow’ kicked off at Dobbie’s in Dunfermline, and will be going toCraigton Country Fair from 4-5 July , Inverkeithing Highland games 8th August,Edinburgh Zoo from 10th August and Dundee Food and Flower Festival on 4-6September.The mobile gardens won a silver gilt award at Gardening Scotland at Ingliston inMay and were featured on the Beechgrove Garden.If you want to find out more go to orgive us a phone on 01383 602235.Dobbie’s on board – left to right: Tracy Findlayson - Family Placement team, Mary McIntyre - foster ong>careong>r, John Kirkness -Dobbies Halbeath store manager, Myrna Venters - foster ong>careong>r and Kayleigh Michie - Dobbie’s Community Liaison officer.

People at the heart of participationand engagement

Health & Social Care PartnershipFife Council and NHS Fife are creating a new Healthand Social Care Partnership. With full integrationof all adult health and social ong>careong> services startingon 1 April 2016 it will see one of the biggesttransformations in health and social ong>careong> in ageneration.To ensure the voice of the citizen is heard, theproactive involvement of hundreds of users of services,their families, ong>careong>rs, staff and partners has begun.The events in Fife have seen over 100 ong>careong>rs, patient,service user representatives and staff from acrossFife come together to give their views and shareexperiences.Not only are these shaping and informing serviceschanges they are actively being used to form thebedrock for a new Participation and EngagementStrategy.“We believe we need to create a civic voice in Fife.One that can truly influence the way services aredesigned and delivered. “said Allan Burns, Chair ofNHS Fife and host of the recent Health and Social Careworkshops.“The next step in our rolling programme is to reachout to the patient and service user representatives andpartner agencies to glean their views.”“Our strategy will build on the values andexperiences of staff and good partnership workingpractices already in place to ensure positive outcomesfor people.”Craig’s story is just one example. After being toldhe had Alcohol-Related Brain Damage (ARBD), Craigwas put in touch with the ARBD Service in Fife. Thisinterdisciplinary service enabled Craig to take controlof his life and regain much of his independence in theprocess.View Craigs video click on the play button or on theYouTube link to view through the website.Allan continued: “Ultimately we will share ourapproach to participation and engagement with thepublic. This will help us create a new approach for Fifeone which allows community voices flourish and makesa real difference to peoples experience of health andsocial ong>careong> now and in the future.”Listen online to some of the ong>careong>rs and partners whotook part in our workshops at Brown, Carer and Nina Mundy, Manager, FifeCentre for Equalities.To find out more visit

Wash your hands to help beat the bugsGood hand hygiene is an important way of preventing the spread ofinfection and protecting yourself from potentially harmful bugs thatcan cause tummy upsets, food poisoning and respiratory illnesses.Good HygieneWashing your hands properly with soap and warmwater is the single most important thing you can doto help reduce the spread of infections and helpprotect you, your family and those around you.Hand washing should be part of everyone’s routinebut particularly:••Before eating and handling food••After using the toilet••After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing••After touching animals or animal waste••After handling rubbish••After changing a nappyBefore and after visiting a hospital ward (alcoholrubs are also provided in hospital wards)Adults should encourage children to wash theirhands at appropriate times. Supervising youngstersto learn how to wash their hands properly will helpensure that good hand hygiene becomes a lifelonghabit.You can find out more about hand hygieneand resources you can use by visiting

Health professionals and participants at a recent Glenrothes groupDiabetes educationGroup supportA group education programme for people with Type 2 diabetes is goingfrom strength to strength.The X-pert Diabetes course, delivered by NHS Fife specialist diabetesdietitians and nurses provides a wide range of information and advice, allowingpeople to self-manage their diabetes, complimenting healthong>careong> appointments.The course, which is run over 6 weeks, provides opportunity to explorehow diabetes affects the body and lifestyle choices that can help to improvediabetes control.Participants receive a handbook at the start of the course with different topicscovered each week including further information on weight management,carbohydrate awareness, understanding food labelling and preventing thepossible complications of diabetes.Previous participants have commented on the friendly group atmosphereand the growing confidence they have found in further understanding andmanaging their condition.Relaxed and informal the courses run in a variety of venues across Fifethroughout the year.To find out more on the X-pert Diabetes programme and the next coursein your area contact Lesley Selbie, Managed Clinical Network offices,Cameron Hospital, on (01592) 226736.

NHS Fife hosts new series ofcafés for dementia ong>careong>rsNHS Fife is hosting a series of Carers’ Cafes to provide advice andsupport for the friends and families of those with dementia.Support for ong>careong>rsDementia affects around 90,000 people acrossScotland, as well as the many thousands of unpaidong>careong>rs – usually partners or relations – who supportthem.The new drop-in cafes offer an opportunity forong>careong>rs to sit down, have a cuppa and share theirexperiences with people in a similar position tothemselves.The sessions are run by specialist ProfessionalDevelopment Nurses, who work jointly with NHS Fifeand Alzheimer Scotland. They are available to provideany necessary support or advice. The events are alsobe supported by the Alzheimer Scotland ResourceCentre in Kirkcaldy.Each cafe takes place on Level 8, Phase 2, at VictoriaHospital and run from 1-2pm so that they finishimmediately prior to hospital visiting time.For more information on the Dementia Carers’Cafes, contact Alzheimer Scotland ProfessionalDevelopment Link Worker, Mahri or Alzheimer ScotlandNurse Consultant, Helen Skinner: helen.skinner@nhs.netCafes are scheduled forthe following dates:15th July 201513th August 201517th September 2015Clinical ResearchThroughout the history of healthong>careong>, research anddevelopment has been fundamental to advancingour understanding of the human body and itsprocesses.Research allows us to better understand why thingshappen in the body - for good or for bad - whilst helpingus to refine our understanding of illness prevention,treatment, and diagnosis.With this in mind, the recent opening of the dedicatedClinical Research Facility at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy,has provided the region with an exciting opportunityto be at the forefront of research and development inScotland, driving healthong>careong> improvements on a local,national and potentially international scale.The new facility follows the opening of the Researchand Development Department at Queen MargaretHospital, Dunfermline, and brings the space,equipment and staff to deliver high-quality researchand collaboration with scientists.It’s an exciting time to be involved with researchand development and it is encouraging to note thatFife is likely to be at the forefront of innovations andadvancements in healthong>careong> for years to come.To find out how you can play a part in healthresearch visit or call JoRobertson on (01383) 623623 ext 20946.The drop-in cafes will provide opportunity to catch-up in a relaxed atmosphere

Ed Watson, chief executive of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, jobseeker Stuart Imrie (aged 33) from Kinglassie tries out DaytimeActive and Ed Wallace, director of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust and clinical director of Glenrothes and NE Fife CHP.New scheme to help people get activeand back into workDaytime ActiveFife first’s gym membership aimed exclusivelyat helping people get active and back into theworkplace has been launched.Daytime Active, a discounted monthly pass whichallows access to 12 fitness centres across Fife, hasbeen designed to give jobseekers all the benefits ofan active lifestyle and recognises the challenges facedby those trying to find a job. The programme is beingdelivered by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust.The Programme is open to those claiming JobseekersAllowance and Employment Support Allowance andgives unlimited access, seven days a week between10am and 3pm to get active in the Trust’s gyms andswimming pools for just £10 a month.Ed Watson, chief executive for Fife Sports and LeisureTrust, said: “There is lots of evidence to show thatgetting more active more often improves motivation,self-confidence and quality of life. All these benefitsare especially important if you are trying to feel yourbest when accessing the job market.”Cllr Mark Hood, Executive Committee member , FifeCouncil, added: “This is a fantastic scheme that will doa lot towards widening access to gym membership forpeople on low incomes. Tackling the inequalities facedby those in poverty is a big priority for Fife Council.”For further details visit

FREESWIMMINGFOR KIDSA hot offerto cool downSummer activitiesAs the temperature rises, Fife’syoungsters are being offered anunbeatable offer to cool down withfree swimming across the region.Fife Sports and Leisure Trust – theregion’s leading provider of sports andleisure facilities – is making available itsSplash-out-for-Nowt scheme thanks toextra funding from Fife Council. The offergives juniors, aged 17 and under, theopportunity to swim for free throughoutthe summer school holidays.The Council funding also means FifeSports and Leisure Trust will also be ableto deliver its Quid-a-Kid programmewhich allows juniors to play racquetsports for just £1 during school holidays.Both family-popular schemesare available in the Trust’s facilitiesacross the region and are part of theorganisation’s drive to get more youngpeople active more of the time.Ed Watson, chief executive for FifeSports and Leisure Trust, said: “We arevery pleased to be in a position to beable to maintain Splash-out-for-Nowtand Quid-a-Kid – initiatives which areat the heart of the organisation’s driveto engage more young people withphysical activity at an early age toencourage a lifelong interest in stayingactive.”For full details on Fife Sports andLeisure Trust’s summer holidayactivities, visit

Fife’s online Home Swapsystem just got better!HousingThe Council’s Housing Service has welcomed FifeHousing Register Partners (FHR) on board as theyjoin the online Home Swap system in Fife.This means if you are a tenant of Fife Council or oneof our FHR partners (Kingdom Housing Association,Fife Housing Association, Ore Valley HousingAssociation, Glen Housing Association or Ochil ViewHousing Association) you now have easy access to findother tenants across Fife looking for a swap.With Home Swap you register your propertyinformation to create your own online advert. Onceapproved, you start searching online for a propertyyou would like to swap to. The system will show anyproperties that match your search options. You can alsoreceive weekly emails if new properties are added thatmeet your preferences.If you see a property you like you can show interest,Home Swap will then send an email to the other tenantto let them know.Since the system launched in September 2014, we’vehad 636 tenants sign up to Home Swap and 16 tenantshave successfully carried out an exchange. Theseswaps vary from the following types -••5 where the tenants stayed within the same area••3 where the tenants moved out-with their existingarea (i.e, Leven to Kirkcaldy for example)••4 have been like for like in terms of bedroom size••4 have seen tenants increasing / decreasing theirbedroom sizeIn terms of property types, we’ve seen flat to flatmoves, house to house, and even flat to house.Lee Verrall and Noella Wincott were the firstsuccessful tenants to swap through our online system.They swapped from a 1st floor flat to a ground floor flatin the same area.Noella Wincott said:“It’s been amazing, everythingwent through quickly and was easy to do online. Istruggle to get into an office so found it absolutelybrilliant and I am happy and settled in my new home”Council Home SwapLee Verrall, one of our first tenants to swap throughthe site said: “It went quite easy and I am glad I signedup. The house I moved to is in the same street I wasliving in. Without Home Swap I would never haveknown someone so close was looking for a move.Anyone looking for a swap should sign up as you neverknow who else is looking.”You can sign up for Home Swap online by

Live better to feel betterHealthong>careong>Most of us experience times whenwe feel stressed, anxious or struggleto lift our mood. For some of us,however, it can be more serious andwe might also need professionalsupport.So what can we do to improve ouremotional wellbeing and where canwe go to get help? Thankfully, thereare simple things we can do ourselvesand there is also a range of supportavailable to us should we ever need it.It is generally accepted that takingregular exercise is good for ourphysical health - it reducing our riskof heart disease and cancers, andhelps us to maintain a healthy weight.There is a growing body of scientificevidence, however, that shows thatexercise is just as beneficial for ourmental wellbeing.When you exercise, the body releaseschemicals called endorphins – thesetrigger a positive feeling in the bodywhich helps to lift our mood, oftenlasting way beyond the period ofexercise. Nutrition is also crucial as weneed to supply the brain with the rawmaterials it needs to produce thesechemicals and maintain them in ahealthy balance.Much like the rest of our body, ourbrains need a range of foods in orderto maintain the chemistry within.Giving your body a regular supplyof fruit and vegetables is particularlyimportant as they contain Vitamin Bamongst a host of other goodness. Lowlevels of Vitamin B in the body mayresult in depression, anxiety, irritabilityand insomnia.Similarly, foods like meat and fish aremood busting foods, helping to reduceanxiety and helping us sleep at night.Oily fish also contains Omega 3, whichhas been proven to help the brain tofunction better.So there are undoubtedly things thatwe can do and there is also a hugerange of resources available to helpus deal with common psychologicalproblems.Moodcafé ( isa website run by NHS Fife PsychologyDepartment which providesinformation and resources for peopleto help cope with problems like lowmood, anxiety or stress. In addition tooffering relaxation exercises, podcastsand self-help guides, Moodcafe alsoprovides information on the range ofcourses available in and around Fife.Similarly, the ‘Steps for Stress’website ( offerspractical tips to cope with stress andlooks at what steps we can take toreduce it to a manageable level.If you would prefer to speak tosomeone, you can call BreathingSpace on 0800 838587 - linesare open 24hrs at weekends(Fri–Mon: 6pm–6am) and 6pm to2am at other times (Mon–Thurs)or Samaritans on 08457 909090 -lines are open 24hrsBeating the bluesSupport for depression and anxietyAn online treatment programme for those experiencing depression and anxiety ishelping people across Fife.‘Beating the Blues’ is a computer-based programme which uses cognitive behaviouraltherapy (CBT) to help people understand the links between their thoughts, behavioursand feelings which can be accessed from home or in community centres.Participants on the programme are referred by their GP and take part in eight weeklysessions, each lasting around an hour. The programme is interactive and uses videoclips with exercises to complete both during the session and in between sessions. Itteaches people CBT techniques that will help with their depression and anxiety byassisting them in pinpointing and changing unhelpful ways of thinking that affect howthey feel, while giving them more effective ways of solving problems.NHS Fife is one of four health boards across Scotland using Beating the Blues as partof the wider European Mastermind programme project, which is managed locally byNHS 24. This will see the four Board areas trialling computerised CBT for two-yearsbefore allowing them to examine and examine and assess best practice in this kind.

Employ your mindMental health partnershipNHS Fife and the Fife Employability Access Trust (FEAT) have beenworking together to create life-changing outcomes for people withsevere mental health conditions.Funded by the Big Lottery, the ‘Employ Your Mind’ initiative is helpingpeople to pursue opportunities in either education or paid or voluntaryemployment. It uses innovative computer-based therapy to help clientsdevise strategies aimed at overcoming the challenges posed by poor mentalhealth.These strategies focus on developing core skills used in daily activities,including attention span, concentration, memory, and the ability to planand organise, to support clients as they pursue educational or employmentopportunities.Clients referred to Employ Your Mind work closely with FEAT, which isthe first employability project in Scotland to utilise this ground-breakingtechnology, throughout a 26 week course, where they are supported by arange of NHS mental health professionals to work towards a formal ‘Steps toWork’ qualification.The partnership was recognised at last year’s Fife Volunteering & VoluntarySector Awards, winning the ‘Partnership’ category, and FEAT also made itonto a shortlist of three for a Herald Society Award in the same category. Theinitiative has caught the attention of other NHS Boards across the UK, as wellas enjoying a weeklong observation visit from an Australian charity.

Top tips to enjoy thesummer sun safelyHealth adviceSummertime naturally brings us outdoors, whether we are enjoying trips to the park or having a barbecuewith family and friends.With this in mind, NHS Fife is offering some top tips to ensure people don’t get caught out by the summer sun.Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun is the main cause of sunburn and skin cancers. But you cangreatly reduce these risks by following a few simple steps:Spend some time in the shade – taking advantage of nearby trees, foliage or parasols can often be the best way toavoid harmful UV rays. Keeping covered up with clothing also helps to protect your skin.Wear sunscreen – if you can’t avoid exposure to the sun, sunscreen is an essential way to protect against UV rays;Sunscreens should have an SPF of at least 30 for adults and 50 for children.Wear sunglasses and hats – hats provide protection around the face, head and eyes, whilst sunglasses are also agood way to protect eyes against potentially dangerous UV rays. Glasses should offer 100% UV protection.Taking these simple precautions to guard against the sun means that you can enjoy the summer weather withoutcausing unnecessary damage to your health.Health and sexualhealth advice foryoung peopleHealth adviceThe Hub is a free service for young people offeringconfidential health and sexual health advice. Dropinsessions are available at a range of youth friendlyvenues across Fife without the need to make anappointment.Health professionals provide information andadvice on many different subjects including safer sex,contraception, relationships, family issues, bullying,alcohol and drugs, smoking, emotions and feelings.A Hub Plus service also exists which provides amore specialist sexual health service providing thefull range of contraception, emergency contraception,and testing and treatment for sexually transmittedinfections. Hub Plus aims to promote positive,responsible and respectful attitudes to sex andrelationships, enabling young people to think aboutdelaying early sexual activity, whilst helping to reducethe numbers of unintended pregnancies and sexuallytransmitted infections.Hub Plus services currently operate in Glenrothes andLochgelly.To find out further information on Hub and Hub Plusservices visit for details ofwhen services are open, as well as what they provide.Specialist sexual health services are also available atSexual Health Fife clinics, with some clinics availablespecifically for young people.Full details can be found at

New facilities open atQueen Margaret HospitalThe new patient garden and relaxation area

Hospital improvementsOver the last few months new facilities for patientsand visitors have opened at Queen MargaretHospital. In addition, work continues on newdevelopments on-site.Patient Garden and TherapeuticSpaceA new outdoor space providing a therapeutic gardenand relaxation area has opened.As part of upgrading works last year to Wards 5,6 and 7, patient access was created to the existinginternal courtyard area. Over the last few months,thanks to the hard work of staff, volunteers and theFriends of Queen Margaret Hospital it has beentransformed into a vibrant area for patient use.The courtyard now has a pergola, summer house,greenhouse and gardening hut along with an Astroturfarea for patients to take part in activities such asbowling.Changing Places toilet opensA new Changing Places facility for disabled visitors hasopened in the main reception area, providing visitors,their families and ong>careong>rs with the specialist equipmentthey require to meet toileting and changing needs.Changing Places toilets are different to standardaccessible toilets with extra features including a heightadjustable changing bench, hoist and peninsular toiletand enough space to accommodate a disabled personand up to two ong>careong>rs.Carer’s and patient informationpointAvailable in the main reception, the Information Pointprovides a range of information on organisationsoffering support and advice to ong>careong>rs as well as generalhealthong>careong> advice.It is expected that around 45 children a week willbe able to be seen at the unit, allowing children andyoung people in the West Fife area to be treated closerto home.New Dental DepartmentA new dental department providing specialist servicesis currently under development. The department willcater for patients who have more complex needs andwould have difficulty in accessing the ong>careong> they requirefrom their family dentist.Relocating from Carnegie Clinic, the service willcater for anxious patients of all ages who have beenreferred by their dentist, patients whose treatmentmay be more complex due to other medical issues andpatients with learning or physical disabilities.Inpatients at Queen Margaret will also have access tothe clinics should they require dental treatment duringtheir hospital stay.You can find out all the latest information new Changing Places facilityNew children’s audiology facilityA new purpose-built hearing assessment unit forchildren is currently under construction on-site.The unit will conduct hearing assessments forchildren and young people and will be the firstpaediatric testing facility of its kind at Queen Margaret.The Audiology Unit takes shape

Your local PharmacyHealth adviceEvery year, many people visit the GP with healthproblems which their local pharmacy could helpwith.Pharmacists can recognise many common healthcomplaints as well as providing expert advice andinformation on using the correct medicines and onhealthong>careong>.Many pharmacies are open in the evenings and atweekends. They deliver a variety of services includingemergency contraception, help to stop smoking, traveladvice, health checks and much more.The Minor Ailments Service and Chronic MedicationService are two services that are available at all localpharmacies.Minor Ailments ServiceThe Minor Ailments Service is for conditions likesunburn, bites and stings, sore throats, headaches anddiarrhoea. It offers people free advice and treatmentfor many common illnesses. To be eligible, you mustbe registered with a GP in Scotland, previously exemptfrom prescription charges and not a resident ortemporary resident in a ong>careong> home.Chronic Medication ServiceThe Chronic Medication Service deliverspharmaceutical ong>careong> and management to patients withlong term conditions requiring ongoing medication,such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.You can register for this service if you get regularprescriptions to treat a long-term condition and youare registered with a GP surgery in Scotland. You can’tregister for the service if you are a temporary residentin Scotland.Essential and RegularMedicinesIt’s important that you don’t run out of essentialmedicines, remember to check which items you need,especially before holiday periods. Medicines whichyou receive on repeat prescription from your GPshould not be stockpiled and you should only orderitems you need.If you do run out of your regular medicines andcan’t obtain a prescription from your GP, your localpharmacy may be able to give you an urgent supplyof repeat medication or refer you to your local NHSOut-of-Hours service. If you receive a prescriptionfrom the Out-of-Hours service they will direct you to acommunity pharmacy to dispense it.Contact your local pharmacy for more information onthe services they provide. To find your nearest localpharmacy and find out the opening times visit www.nhsfife.orgFor more information on what other NHS servicesare available to meet your healthong>careong> needs••There are 85 CommunityPharmacies across Fife• • You can walk in and visit withoutmaking an appointment• • If your pharmacist feels that it isbetter for you to see your GP, theymay refer you directly or advisethat you make an appointment

Fife ambassador’s dreamto dramPromoting FifeFife Council has launched a new FifeAmbassadors programme and plansto develop a network of inspirationalindividuals, who represent Fife’smany faces, share a passion for theKingdom and will promote the area as adestination of choice to live, work, visitand invest.To date, the network includes DougClement of Kingsbarns Distillery, chefand food writer Christopher Trotter,auto racing driver Gordon Shedden ofKnockhill Racing Circuit, Nicola Holland,the brains behind FunkyEllas Travel blogs,Actor Dougray Scott and Barbara Dickson,award-winning singer and actress.Ambassador Doug Clement has aninspiring story to tell. While workingas a golf caddie at neighbouringKingsbarns Golf Links, it was his visionthat first inspired the idea for a distilleryat Kingsbarns. His determined belief inthe project and an unfettered passion forsingle malt whisky has been instrumentalin bringing the dream to life.Located in the East Neuk of Fifeand overlooking the world-renownedKingsbarns Championship golf course,the arrival of Kingsbarns Distillery to thearea officially marries together two ofScotland’s finest exports, golf and whisky.As a born and bred Fifer, Doug hasworked and lived in Fife his whole life. Hesaid: “I hope that as a Fife AmbassadorI will be able to inspire others to followtheir business dreams and turn them intorealities. My venture here at KingsbarnsI think is testament to the fact that witha good idea, hard work, resilience and agreat team of people around you anythingis possible.“It is a great honour to have played asmall part in the current rejuvenation ofFife’s single malt whisky industry. It is myhope that this will bring more visitors toour region and, as Visitor Centre Managerhere at the Kingsbarns Distillery andnow indeed a Fife ambassador, I will doeverything I can to encourage this!Left to right: Distillery Manager, Peter Holroyd and Doug Clement of Kingsbarns Distillery

NHS Fife reducing itscarbon footprintGreener transportNHS Fife’s transport fleet is getting greener with the delivery of twonew electric vans.As part of the ongoing effort to reduce its carbon footprint, NHS Fifeis participating in the “Switched on Fleets” initiative. The scheme is runby Transport Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government and aims toreduce the nation’s carbon footprint by decreasing the number of fossilfuelledvehicles within Scotland’s public sector.Through the initiative, NHS Fife received grant funding towards the costof leasing two Nissan e-NV200 electric vans. The vehicles will be based atWhyteman’s Brae and Lynebank Hospital and will be used daily across theKingdom.Each van has a range of over 100 miles and will becharged overnight from dedicated charging pointson the respective sites. In addition to being betterfor the environment, the new electric vehicles arealso significantly cheaper to run than their petrol or dieselequivalents.According to the Energy Savings Trust, the cost of runningthe average fossil-fuelled family car is around 16 pence per milewhereas an electric vehicle costs less than 3 pence per mile to run. Thismeans that any money saved on fuel can be reinvested in patient ong>careong>.Gerald Ferrie, NHS Fife Transport Manager, with one of the new vehicles

Work begins on new Stratheden unitBuilding work has begun on a new Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit (IPCU) at Stratheden Hospital to replace the existing facilities.New facility underwayConstruction began in May to create a stateof-the-arteight-bed unit on the north-easternpart of the hospital grounds. The finishedbuilding is expected to be completed inspring 2016.The new unit will ensure the most vulnerablepatients can be ong>careong>d for in a safer, moresecure and supportive environment, designedspecifically to meet their needs.The facility will include a communal loungeand rooms for rehabilitative and therapeuticactivities. Patients will each have their own singleen-suite bedrooms, offering more privacy, whilstthere will also be access to an outdoor courtyardand private meeting rooms for visits fromfamilies or visitors.Replacement of the existing unit is a keyelement of the strategy to improve mentalhealth services in Fife and builds on a numberof previous recent works to modernise areas ofStratheden Hospital.NHS Fife recently hosted a series of informationevents which looked at the various aspects of theproject including the design and constructionalong with nursing and models of ong>careong> that.For further details on the project visit

White Ribbon ong>campaignong>celebrates target bustingeffortFIFE’s White Ribbon ong>campaignong> is celebratingtopping its target of 2000 sign ups six months early.The ambitious target of 2000 sign ups by Christmasfor the male-led ong>campaignong>, which aims to end violenceagainst women, was agreed following success ofthe ong>campaignong> last year when 1,000 people took thepledge and signed their support.Now with over 2,200 sign ups recorded alreadythis year, the ong>campaignong> is gearing up to reach themilestone of 3000 as soon as possible.Women and men are asked to pledge their supportnot to “commit, condone or remain silent aboutviolence against women,” and to wear a white ribbonto show their support for the ong>campaignong>.Sheila Noble, co-ordinator of Fife Domestic & SexualAbuse Partnership explained how important it is tospread the message of the White Ribbon ong>campaignong>among young people: “Domestic abuse and sexualviolence can have a huge impact on victims, theirfamilies and communities. The White Ribbon ong>campaignong>aims to change attitudes and say that this behaviour isnot ok. More men need to speak out against this abuseand violence against women. It’s something we shouldall be concerned about and no woman in Fife shouldbe living in fear.”White Ribbon Fife Steering group includesrepresentatives from Fife Council, NHS Fife, PoliceScotland, Fire Scotland, Fife College, and voluntaryorganisation (including Fife Women’s Aid and FifeRape and Sexual Assault Centre) and private sector.If you would like to join the ong>campaignong>or find out more contact: or 80 young people took part in a recent sign up event at Lochgelly High School. Pupils heard a presentationon the work of the ong>campaignong> before pledging their support.

Looking for something to do over the next few months? Look no further.....Don’tMISSDates for your diaryLooking for something to do this summer? Then check out the whole range of eventstaking place throughout Fife, with more being added all the time.For more information go to 23 AUGUSTBURNTISLANDBurntisland 30 AUGUSTANSTRUTHERRobert Callendar A2BExhibitionTel: 01334 & AUGUSTVARIOUS LOCATIONSFife Cycling JULYTHORNTONThornton HighlandGatheringTel: 01592 – 19JULYST ANDREWSThe OpenTel: 01334 460000www.theopen.com18 JULYKIRKCALDYFife InternationalCarnivalTel: 01592 583302www.onfife.com18 JULYBURNTISLANDPipe BandChampionshipTel: 0141 221 5414www.rspba.org20 JULYBURNTISLANDBurntislandHighland GamesTel: 03451 555555 JULY – 1 AUGUSTCRAILCrail FestivalTel: 01333 JULYDALGETY BAYPKD FestivalTel: 01383 820310admin@pkdfestival.comwww.pkdfestival.com26 JULYST ANDREWSSt AndrewsHighland JULY - 9 AUGUSTABERDOURAberdour Festivalorganisers@aberdourfestival.orgwww.aberdourfestival.orgAUGUST1 – 9 AUGUSTPITTENWEEMPittenweem ArtsFestivalTel: 01333 AUGUSTINVERKEITHINGInverkeithingHighland GamesTel: 01383 414982www.inverkeithinghighlandgames.com15 AUGUSTKIRKCALDYScottish BeachHighland GamesTel: 01592 AUGUSTKELTYScottish - 23 AUGUSTSALINEBritish Touring CarChampionshipTel: 01383 JULY 18 JULY 12 – 19 JULYKIRKCALDY BURNTISLAND ST ANDREWSFife Carnival30 AUGUSTCARDENDENCardenden VillageFairjohnston907@aol.comSEPTEMBER5 SEPTEMBERDUNFERMLINEBen Portsmouthand The Taking Careof Elvis BandTel: 01383 740384info@alhambradunfermline.comwww. alhambradunfermline.comUseful contactsPipe BandChampionship6, 13 & 20 SEPTEMBERFIFE WIDEDoors Open DayTel: 03451 555555 Ext SEPTEMBERCROSSHILLClassic Led RacesTel: 01592 SEPTEMBERGLENROTHESG4Tel: 01592 611101boxoffice.rotheshalls@onfife.comwww.onfife.comNOTE: Fife Council have changed their phone numbers from 08451 to 03451FIFE COUNCIL / NHSGeneral enquiries (8am-8pm)...............................................................*03451 55 00 00Closures – schools & facilities (24hrs)..................................................*03451 55 11 99Faults & repairs – housing, road & lighting (8am-8pm)................*03451 55 00 11Emergencies (24hrs).................................................................................*03451 55 00 9924hr homeless emergencies...................................................................0800 028 6231NHS 24............................................................................................................111NHS Inform....................................................................................................0800 22 44 88The Open19 SEPTEMBERKIRKCALDYKirkcaldy SandRacingTel: 01592 USEFUL NUMBERSGas emergency.....0800 111 999Scottish Power.......0845 272 7999Scottish Water.......0845 600 8855SEPA pollution.......0800 807 060SEPA floodline.......0845 988 1188* Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than 01 or 02 numbers and are part of any landline or mobile call package inclusive minutes.

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