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Lowest cost per ton solutionsMore load, less energy

MANTSINEN - Designed around your material handling requirements.Choice of diesel or electric power, tracks, tires, rail or fixed undercarriages. Hydraulic auto quickcoupler and locomotive pass through available. Sales and service for new and used.More load, less energy

The MC620 coupling system is the only fully automaticattachment coupling system in the industry.The Mantsinen Safety System load control displayMachine main functions monitor• Machines feature a unique HybriLift ® energy storage and redelivery system that recycles up to 35% ofthe energy used to lift loads. Mantsinen Hybrilift requires less diesel or electric energy to operate andresults in increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions.• The Mantsinen pass through gantry design allows efficient direct vessel to truck/train loading.• The MC620 coupling system is “state of the art” and the only fully automatic attachment coupling systemin the industry. Attachment changes (grapple to clamshell to magnet, etc.) in less than 60 secondsunassisted. Safe, durable, reliable and versatile attachment couplers lower your cost per ton ofmaterial movement.• Windy conditions do not effect the operation of the Mantsinen hydraulic material handler due to preciseload control. No swaying loads increase safety and productivity.• The Mantsinen cab elevator features independent vertical and horizontal movement to position theoperator for maximum visibility of loading targets increasing operational safety and productivity.Mantsinen USA • www.MantsinenUSA.comMantsinen Group LTD Oy • www.Mantsinen.com

www.MantsinenUSA.comMANTSINEN USA3993 East Royalton RoadBroadview Heights, Ohio 44147888-595-8389More load, less energy

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