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Issue #3 - REV Magazine

JAN 2011 PAGE 2

JAN 2011 PAGE 3CONTENTS06REV News> Updates & New HappeningsON COVERSequined Dress / First loveLeather Drawstring Heels / ALDOSlim Bangles / ALDOStudded Bracelet / First LoveRhinestone Rings / ALDOMetallic Earrings / ALDOWaist Belt / First Love12161823REV Mods> Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn BetterREV Parts> New Gadgets & GizmosREV Talk> Q&A with OWS's Klaus BosshammerREV I.C.E Special> Cool Sounds On the Move26REV I.C.E> Pump Up The Volume[46]REV Babe>Upclosewith Sofia2831323436REV Shop> AutoformREV Plant> Supersprint ExhaustREV Review> Mods Up CloseREV Across The Causeway> Awakened To MadnessREV Sports> Driven By PassionChiffon Dress / 1 PMPink Tassel Silhouette / LumiStraw hat / First LoveRibbon Earrings / 1PMPearl Bracelet / 1PM4042REV Wheels> A Tyre Shop With a DifferenceREV Shop> Concorde Auto44REV Club> Singapore Honda Club48REV Life> Cool Gadgets & Gizmos50REV Deals> Special Offers & Deals10 Cover Story>Eat My Dust14 REV Feature>Sprinting Forward20 REV Feature>Breathtakingly Stunning25 I.C.E Cover Car>What Lies BeneathThe Times Are A-CHANGINGif you’ve been following thenews recently, you’ll notice thatmotorsports and car modificationshave been gaining more attentionamongst the mainstream readers.Sure, it could be the rising COE thathas caused more owners to look at reinventingtheir rides than purchasing abrand new one. Or it could be the factthat with a track we can finally call ourown, in little more than a year’s time, thechance to finally race your own car iswhat has piqued the public’s interest.Whatever the reasons are or may be,we here at REV want to be the source ofall your information. What readers canexpect for 2011 will be a growing lineupof stories that are done the way youguys like it – filled with information andall the best deals.And since it’s a new year, you mightbegin to notice slight changes thatare meant to tweak this magazine topresent a much more complete guideto everything you need to know abouteverything modified.Basically, with the local modificationscene gaining more and moremomentum, we want our readersto be equipped with the appropriateknowledge and attitudes before headingout to get their rides modified.And it’s about how you can apply thisknowledge to the get the very bestresults out of your rides. Ultimately,at REV, it’s you the reader we’re mostconcerned about.Once again, I’d like to take the chanceto thank everyone, contributors andadvertisers alike, who were involved inthe making of our first issue in 2011out. And of course you, the reader, whoare taking the time to explore what theworld of modifications has in store.Have a great year ahead.Cheers,Ferouz JeremiahAssistant EditorMagazine is published in Association with the CarBuyerMagazine. The Magazine is out every 1st Saturday of themonth. 20,000 copies are circulated free around the island.Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01Singapore 787600Tel: 6455 8575 Fax: 6554 4875Email: rev@bigbang.com.sgPublisher Alan TanEmail: alan@bigbang.com.sgEditorialAsst. Editor Ferouz JeremiahContributing Editor Cheryl Tay,James WongSpecial Thanks tothe CarBuyer TeamSales and MarketingAccount ManagersAndrew Ting9101 8406Email: andrew@bigbang.com.sgIvan Ong8188 1825Email: ivan@bigbang.com.sgCreativeSenior Designer Emily NgDesigner Cai LishanPhotographyClement Tan / www.clemtan.comArt Direction Susanna ToCirculation & ProductionSenior Manager P.PanirSales & Admin CoordinatorSaniah AJPrinted by Times Printers Pte LtdDistributed by Mediacorp Pte LtdAll rights reserved. No portion of this publication may bereproduced in any form without the written consent of thepublisher. Opinions expressed in REV by contributors andadvertisers are not necessarily those of editors and publisher.Publication of an article or advertisement does not imply thatthe service or product is endorsed by REV magazine, unlessspecifically stated. While all efforts are made to ensure thatthe publication’s content are correct, Big Bang Media Pte Ltdcannot be held responsible for any error or omissions.

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COVER CARJAN 2011 PAGE 10EATThis EG6 has only one mission – to WINMYDUSTPhotographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comAt first glance, this Honda EG6 maylook like any other modified car, butit’s only when you take a closer look,and wonder in awe at its immenselyhuge tyres up front that you realize thisisn’t just any modified car. A drag carthrough and through, this particularEG6 was built for the sole purposeof winning drag races and crushingall opponents. And win it did, at therecently concluded Mettle games heldin Dec’10.Driven to victory by Joker Wong ofJmotorwerkz, who is also the owner,this little EG6 might seem like an oddchoice at first to be chosen as a dragcar, but like they say, never judge a bookby it’s cover. Though it is commonlyseen as a race car and not a drag car,what most people fail to realise is thatthe EG6 is actually quite ideal, thanksto its front wheel drive” explains Joker.“You only have to look at the numberof EG6s running around on our roadstoday. That itself is a testament to thetechnology and capability of this early90s manufactured car. And the factthat it remains as one of the mostcustomisable cars around has kept itpopular amongst tuning-enthusiasts.It’s all about playing with the rightadjustments to make it do what youwant it to,” continues Joker. And withthis EG6 being an unregistered car,Joker was able to go all out with themodifications.“It’s pretty extensively done up tobe honest. We started by trimmingoff all the unnecessary weight like aheavy battery and the standard glasswindows, and replacing them withlighter alternatives. By doing that, wewere able to get the EG6 to weigh inat about 800-900kg. Needless to say,the lighter the car, the better it wouldbe suited for a drag race, where weightand power both play an importantfactor,” Joker explains helpfully.Now lightweight enough, Joker beganhis focus on the power to drive hisdrag-machine. “Legality being a nonissue,one of the first things we did wasto fit a full-drag exhaust to the car. It notonly sounds ‘fierce’ but adds a coupleof extra horses as well. Also, with theEG6’s flexibility in accepting any of theB-series engines, all we had to do wasto tinker around with and voila, it gaveus what we wanted,” says Joker.“We re-worked the engine with lightenedconrods, added a balanced crank,custom grind cams and Wiseco pistonsthat made 11,000rpm an achievabletask,” beams Joker. It’s at this stagethat I noticed a slight discrepancy onthe EG6. It had only one-headlight! “Ah,so you’ve noticed. Well, to ensure thatover-heating would be a non-issue, weThese huge tyres might look out of placebut they’re absolutely essential

Sequin Dress / LumiCrisscross Wedges / ALDOMetallic Earrings / ALDOMetallic Bangles / ALDOJAN 2011 PAGE 11The power to blow opponents away in a jiffy!decided to use the missing eye you seeto actually be a customised air intakethat increases the volume of air thatenters, allowing the engine to ‘breathe’effortlessly. A customised radiatorfan works in conjunction to cool theengine,” adds Joker.A spic and span engine bay keeps thisdragster happyThe last step for Joker was to enhancethe EG6’s performance. “We fittedA customised MFactory close-ratiogearbox to maximize the accelerativepotential of the engine. What this doesis it gives a little extra breathing roombefore hitting redline to allow it to remainlonger in the VTEC zone. We rely on theHondata S300 ECU to keep all systemsrunning and in the green. Without it, it’slike having no control over all the powerat your disposal.All in, this winning dragster is the resultof much hard work and it’s obviousthat Joker has taken a really hands-onapproach with this winning drag EG6.And with plenty of chances to race oncethe track is up and in future events,we’re looking forward to see Joker andhis EG6 in some intense, drag racing.1/8 Mile Drag Race - 2nd Position (Class 4)Fast Facts: Honda Civic EG61/8 Drag Race - 1st (Class 7 Eliminator)ENGINERace-built B-series engine (11,000rpm),Lightened Con rods, Balanced Crank,Custom Grind Cams, Wiseco Pistons,ARP Studs, Full Drag Exhaust, HondataS300, Lightweight Race Battery,Customised Radiator Fan, CustomisedAir Intake, HKS Fuel Pump, InnovativeEngine Mounts, JM Custom Oil CatchTankCHASSISCustomised MFactory Close-ratioGearbox, MFactory Customised DirectSpool, MFactory LCAsCABINCustomised Dash, Defi Meters, RecaroSPG, Sabelt Harness, JM Custom WideFender, JM Custom Bumpers x 2It hasn’t lost an ‘eye’. That’s the air intake you’re looking at!EXTERIORPerspex Windows, Full Race TractionBar, Drag Rims, MT Slicks and Skinnies,Lightened/Strengthened Chassis, D2Customised Suspension, D2 CamberKits, Customised Steel Hoses

mods Jan 2011 PAGE 121. Rotora BrakeStopping in the blink of an eye is now possible with the Rotorabrake. Featuring calipers, disc hats and brackets that are all100% forged, the Rotora brake hails form a new breed of brakesthat exceed most other aftermarket systems in terms of qualityand performance. Autovox – 6475 57752. Pivot 3-Drive FlatA throttle controller that is ultra-thin and compact for a cleansleek look, the Pivot 3-Drive can be installed just about anywherewithout interfering with the way your interior looks. With a choiceof 3-modes to choose from – SPORTS: for higher accelerationresponse, ECO: for economy and NORMAL: for standardresponse, you can be assured of an improved performance foryour ride. McWell Ventures – 6844 46403. Supersprint ExhaustGive your Scirocco the sound it deserves with this LTA-approvedSupersprint Exhaust. Built around the Scirocco’s enginecharacteristics, this exhaust dramatically increases exhaust flowrates and velocity and is accurately tuned and suited to help youachieve the highest performance gains for your ride.Jeep Chee – 6745 47001324. KIC OilExperience a much smoother and quieter revving engine withincrease torque and more power when you use KiC oil. Designedto prevent excessive engine friction and damage under high RPMand sustained speeds for long periods of operation, get ready tofeel the difference with KiC.Blaze Trading Services – 6841 37245. Aero MeshThis grilles work by harnesseing the energry created when tocommon electromagnetic waves converge from two differentvectors or angles. The result is Scalar Energy, which is hardlyever present and commonly mistaken for vacuum.LHN Trading – 9001 10866. Violence V-Drive IIIncrease your car’s throttle response with the Violence V-driveII. This product not only enables you to program the throttleresponse according to your driving style with a choice of eco andsport modes available, but it comes with a new feature that cutsacceleration in emergency situations and has a voltage displayfor easy legibility. Sung Beng – 9272 48797. Sprint BoosterEasy to install, the sprint booster is one way to make your carmore responsive. It dodesn’t matter if you have a sport mode,ECU software, Sprint Booster works independently of othermodifications and makes your throttle more responsive so thatyou can put the ‘fun’ back into your daily drive.Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 681854678. IG BoosterThe IG Booster functions to stabilize the voltage of the sparkplug that leads to an increase to the power of your car by a largeextent. As the coil is highly sensitive, even an increase of 0.1V inthe wire will lead to large voltage increase at the spark plug, thusgiving you the added power you desire.ManCanDo – 9001 84489. D2 Racing SuspensionD2’s new range of suspensions are feature packed and providerace-grade suspension performance for you car. Composedfrom high strength steel, the D2 Racing Suspension is heightadjustable with various levels of damping to suit both street andtrack use. AT Performance – 9686 6219810. Forged Racing RadiatorWhether you’re an avid tracking enthusiast or not, investing in awell built radiator will provide substantial benefit to your ride. Thisforged racing radiator is designed to keep you engine runningat optimum temperature so you can get to enjoy the maximumperformance of your ride. Dynotechnica – 6841 1304109

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FEATURE CAR JAN 2011 PAGE 14Dials, dials and more dialsAny guesses what the bottle does? The source to the Evo’s power. A set of nice rims and brakes to go.Press green to go!SprintingIt’s all about speedand handling forthe owner of thismassively tunedEVO 8 MR-RSThe first thing about the EVO 8 MR-RS, apart from being the only oneof its kind in Singapore, that caughtJohnny’s eye was the potential for itto be modified. With a strong focuson upgrading the handling, power andperformance of the car, this EVO 8enabled Johnny to actively participatein rallies and carpark sprints.With a penchant of performing donutsand hand-brake turns, the EVO 8had to be trusted with a workshopthat came with good mechanicalFORWARDand software knowledge, as well asproviding support during race seasons.Settling on Jeep Chee, Johnny thenbased all of his modifications on histuner’s recommendations and alsoSMSA cum FIA regulations. And getthis, he had all the mods ready beforethe car even arrived!At first glance, you can tell this is acompetition grade car, with all thecomforts ripped out. Even the windowshave been changed to Perspex. Butall this little details allows Johnny toincrease his performance and handlingto the utmost of his abilities.And Johnny is one satisfied customer.“This Evo has won me many races andeven allowed me to be promoted toSMSA “Supergrade” status in 2005,”beams Johnny.When asked about what futureadditions we can expect, Johnnygave a quick grin as he answers,“Roll Cage.” What he intends to do isanyone’s guess.All the information at your fingertipsComforts are sacrificied for efficiencyFast Facts: 2004 MistubishiEvo 8 MR-RSENGINEATP 3037 Turbo Kit, APC CAI Intake,HKS Fuel rail, Walbere fuel pump,fuel surge tank, Aquamist coolingsystems, CP Pistons, JUN valve springs,Rastiworth Head studs, Jun 272 cams,VP Racing fuel Q16Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comCHASSISCustom made Hotbits suspension, APRacing 6-pot/4-pot brakesCABINDefi Boost, Oil pressure & Oiltemperature gauges, Blitz turbo-timer,Blitz Boost Controller,DRIVETRAINOS Giken clutch, Cusco LSD, Ralliart4.785 Final Drive

JAN 2011 PAGE 15 Increase engine power Increase engine torque Improve throttle response Remove low-end lethargy Remove high-end breathlessness Remove engine flat-spot Reduce engine noise Reduce engine vibration Reduce turbo lag Enhanced overtaking powerWe will change the way you drive!The ONLY one of its kind in the worldSpecial Promotion!$220Free Installation,Free Trial and Full MoneyBacked-Guarantee.TestimonialsSuitable for all petrol, diesel and CNG engines.In early 2008, before I knew about E-Power System, for many months I’ve been looking for petrol savingdevices for my old Kia Rio 1.4L MT. It is well known that this Kia model is reputed to have high consumptionof petrol. I’m glad that I came across E-Power System advertisement. I called Mr. Lim for an appointmentand from that day on when Mr. Lim fixed the devices I’ve never looked back! I like the response and powerof my car. My most excited experience is that I’m able to beat all the Hyundai Sonata taxi in friendly dragat the traffic lights and that the taxis are always way behind me.Driving my Kia Rio 1.4L MT at stage II is just like driving a 2L car. Smooth, responsive, powerful, reductionin engine noise and of course lots of improvement in my fuel consumption and drastic savings in petrol.Being a E-Power System user for 3 years, I’m still calling Mr. Lim to fix devices on my new car Honda Fit1.3L AT and with his new 3G devices I must say ‘WOW!’ Together with the 2G devices these new ones areeven more powerful hence petrol consumption on my Fit is so much improved on my already economicalFit. The other thing I like about the E-Power System is that it allows me to upgrade the System when mybudget permits. So what are you waiting for? The trial is free! Give Mr. Lim a call and like me, I’m stillsmiling, you won’t regret it for sure! Thank You Mr.Lim for showing me the E-Power System!Mr. Burhan Bin Saleh - Auxiliary Police Officer / Email: ubi_dude@yahoo.com.sgA very happy customer I am...... since Sept 2010..How selfish we human are by keeping the good stuffs to ourselves..... Not me.Please be informed that I am a happy customer wish to share the information about my new joy ride everyday..... This happenswhen I browsed the net and saw E-Power... what? Driving a 7.5 seconds 0-100km/hr MRS 2007, I called and had an appointmentthat last several minutes to install the first step and.... wow wow 6.5 seconds shock!! Decided to add on some magic stageII discovery by this man called Mr Lim, my car is flying smoothly... kinda exaggerating, but that’s how I feel... taking long routehome because this system does safe your petrol too.Mash Sarpowan Director of Precision Golf Academy.Being a car owner, you must actually take care of your performance car parts. And taking good care of your car parts will surelysave you from spending on unnecessary expenses. I’m a very satisfied customer now on E-Power Systems. Got to know this E-PowerSystem from one of the month’s issue on automotive magazine. Searching the website and to know better, and i decided to make acall to Mr Lim for an appointment. I just afford to have the basic installation, fix in and that’s the test drive begin. And that’s givingme a different feelings. In just three and a half months, i’ve installed to stage III, it is nothing much i can describe but to thanks MrLim for his passion and experience. It’s really great to know the E-Power Systems x Looking forward to upgrade till Stage 6...That’smy dreams!Andy Chok Banquet Manager Fairmount Singapore Subaru TsAmazing pickup and fabulous power! Yet fuel saving. - Ms. YH TanMy car runs like it is on steroids. The E-Power System is really a fantastic piece of innovation. So far I am getting 60 km more perfull tank of fuel. Cannot believe it at first, but now I am convinced. - Mr. Danny Ismail, PR Manager of Kelisa Club Singapore.The ONLY legal “plug and play” device to help you use a lower octane fuel, save petrol and boost your power with the step of theaccelerator! - Mr. Derrick Lee. Instant power when you need it, its a whole new driving experience. Try it to believe!Mr. Kelvin, President of Kelisa Club SingaporeKia Rio 1.6L Manual - Mr. Aki Chief mechanic, Ricardo Auto Centre“Being an automotive mechanic for 17 years, I’ve never came across a product that not only gives performance, but also fueleconomy, better throttle response, quieter engine and smoother gear shift! With so much surprises in improvement, nothingcome close to the E-Power System!” -Mr. Aki (Chief mechanic, Ricardo Auto Centre) - Installed E-Power System on October 2007Close-up of Ultrasonic Airchargerin a Lamborghini GallardoE-Power System as installedin a Lamborghini GallardoScalar Ionic ChargerScalar WrapAero-MashFor enquiry, appointments and on-site installation at your convenience:E-mail: enquiry@epowersystem.com Website : http://epowersystem.comTelephone: 65-63001911 Mobile Phone Number: 65-90011086Ultrasonic Aircharger

PARTS JAN 2011 PAGE 161. Powerails Type AHow comfortable your ride will be depends on the type of seatsyou’re using in your ride. For the flexibility of choice, a crucial setof equipment that’s important is to get the type of seat you wantin your ride, the Powerails Type A is a lightweight and sturdy railframethat can accommodate all types of reclining chairs to helpmake your ride a more comfortable, or sporty one.Miki Marketing – 6749 19962. Philips BlueVision T10Give your ride the HID look with the BlueVision 4000k. Approvedby major car manufactures, the BlueVision creates a powerfulwhite light that creates a distinctive blue colour, thanks to thecoating, to present a sharp blue xenon styling with a crisp whitelight that’s perfectly road legal and gives you the chance todazzle at the same time. Amici – 6560 1296123. Sports PedalHigh in quality and built to withstand a ton of punishment,this durable sports pedal is a must-have for all the speedfreaks and track-day enthusiats who enjoy putting thepedal to the metal. What makes it even better is that itshas no restrictions and is readily available for the manydifferent types of cars and brands out there in the markettoday. McWell Ventures – 6844 46404. EvoX C/F BonnetCarbon fibre is a widely used material in motor sportsthat not only adds a splash of aesthetic design to yourride but helps to reduce the overall weight of the caras well. So why not replace your stock bonnet with acarbon fibre one that not only looks wicked but will helpreduce the weight of your car and enhance your drivingexperience as well as saving you some precious fuel aswell. Aeimpex – 9109 78215. Acrylic Bubble Gear KnobAdd style and orginality into your car with this acrylic bubble gearknob. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, theseknobs feel right at home in the palm of your hand. What’s more,thanks to its simple design, it will be the perfect compliment tothe interior of most cars. Motec – 6265 35586. DaylightAdd a little sparkle to your car with these LED Daylights. Apartfrom allowing you to customize your car to stand out from thepack, these lights also help with added visibility both for yourselfas well as other vehicles at night. Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 68187.Air Con De-ionizerHere’s a way to rid your car of bad smells and with this deionizer.Installed on the coils of your air-conditioner unit, what itdoes it filter out all unwanted odurs from the air before it actuallyenters the air-conditioner unit, leaving your interior with a clearand fresh smell. Sung Beng - 9272 487935 648. OWS Universal Cleaner 610A cleaner that pretty much works without you having to domuch, the OWS Universal Cleaner is an excellent cleaningagent that leaves no residue and doesn’t harm the environment.All you have to do is spray it on the affected area and check tosee if it’s cleared once it evaporates. If once isn’t enough, justrepeat the procedure till all the dirt is gone and you’re done.OWS – 6452 32099. PU Carbon Fibre V-LipMade specifically for the Subaru Legacy, this V-Lip is made froma mixture of PU and carbon fibre and is 100% unbreakable!Because of the way its designed, this V-Lip is meant toenvelope your car in shades of aggression that affords youthe luxury of individuality as well as providing a sporty vibeto your ride all at the same time. Fabulous-X – 6841 932910. Hella LEDayFlexGive your ride the power to dazzle with the HellaLEDayFlex. Using powerful LED lights that make forbetter visibility at night and giving a hint of style in the day,the Hella LEDayFlex allows you to express your creativitycustomising your ride to stand out from the pack.Concorde – 6292 008789107

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Talk JAN 2011 PAGE 18It’s Oil AboutThe TruthHow much do you really know about the engine oil that’s running your car?REV gets all the details from the man himself, Klaus Bosshammer of OWS.How did you get started withengine oils?I actually started out working for acompany in Germany back in 1983dealing with additives first before movingover to another company where I spenta further 10 years before finally startingmy own venture in September 1995.It was in 1999 that I started lookinginto engine oils. I noticed that it wasvery expensive in the Philippines, In1999 I was looking into engine oil andI noticed it was quite expensive in thePhilippines. Since I had the necessaryexperience and contacts, I felt that Icould do a better job and that’s howengine oils become my baby.What is the most commonmisconception about engineoils?Generally, I find it amusing that peoplewho are misinformed in the first placeare giving others advice. In fact, asI’ve seen first hand for myself on theforums, more than 90% of those whoare actively talking about engine oilshave got it all wrong.One common mistake especially, ishow engine oils are being advertised.Like for example, certain dealers mightguarantee you maybe 25,000km beforeyou need to change. And in Europe,where the distances are huge andpeople travel a lot, it is applicable there.But when it comes to Singapore, you’llhave to drive for a couple hundreds ofhours to hit that mileage. So there is adifference that people fail to take note.What’s the biggest differencebetween Europe and Asia?Simply put, the humidity andtemperature. Humidity will definitelyfind a way into the engine oil all thetime. Hence the need to change engineoil. Which is why what is applicable inEurope doesn’t apply here.So what exactly is it that weshould know about Engine oils?The first thing you should know isthat all engine oils share the samecharacteristics. All oils have to followthe API (American Petroleum Index)standard. The difference between thevarious oils are the viscosity and theadditives added.For example, 5W-30 is a relativelyslick engine oil that isn’t suited forthe temperatures here as its viscosityis fairly low, and burns up instead oflubricating your engine. When thathappens, you end up with metal andmetal, with essentially no protection foryour engine.You might see some fuel savings,but your engine is going to be introuble. Just take driving in Germanyas an example. It’s common to seedrivers changing only after hitting the25,000km mark and sometimes eventhe 50,000km mark.What would you recommend forcars here in Singapore?In Singapore, because of the humidityand the tropical temperatures, the bareminimum you have to use is at least a5W-40 for your standard Japanese/Korean cars and for European makeslike BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes,at least a 5W-50.Is there a difference between fullysynthetic and hydro-syntheticoils?To put it simply, synthetic oils arecustom-built oils that are designed todo the job efficiently without any of theexcess baggage that can accompanymineral based oils. Hydro-synthetic oilsare actually considered a step beforefully synthetic. It’s not bad or anything,but it’s considerably cheaper. Do takenote that these two are not the same,even if they’re claimed to be 100%.Always be sure to check.What else should our readerstake note of?Firstly, there’s no such thing as a tripleesteror double-ester formula. Anythingthat claims to be is just pure gimmickyadvertising. You need to know thedifference ester and polyalphaolefin(PAO). Alone, neither Ester nor PAOare good, as a 100% Ester-basedoil will shrink the oil seal and a 100%PAO-based oil expands it. To get thebest results, make sure there are equalamounts of both Ester and PAO.Some of the enlightened ones willknow that Ester makes for betterlubrication, which is true. But only forracing engines. The kind you use onlyon tracks and get rid of immediatelyafter. What you have to understand isthat there are many different types of oilfor racing, and you have to know whatyou’re using it for.Any more?Yes. Don’t be fooled into believingthose advertisements that claim youcan drive without any engine oil witha special additive. What that additiveis, is actually chlorinated paraffin. Itwas in the 30s. By itself, it’s very goodlubrication, but once you heat it up tomore than 60 degrees, it turns intohydrochloric acid.Not really good for your enginenow is it?So what happens is that they add a lotof zinc into it as well to counter it. Butdon’t forget, too much of a good thingis a bad thing! And one more thing, thisinvention comes from America. Youdecide for yourselves if you rather trustAmerican automotive technology orGerman.

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feature car JAN 2011 PAGE 20Breathtakingly StunningDon’t blame us if you’re running out of adjectives to describe this amazingly modded BRABUS B25.There’s nothing wrong with thestandard Mercedes Benz E-Class. It’sof a reassuring build quality, classyand oozes luxury. “But it looks boring,”interjects AutoVox’s Brinal Chua. “It’sjust that it’s a little too old-fashioned formy liking.”Which explains why Brinal decided togive it the deck it all out with BRABUSfinery. “Our objectives were simple, wewanted someone to transform the carinto something distinctive.I wanted a designer that could mergethe interior and exterior into one flowingpiece of art. And that’s when we decidedthat BRABUS would be best for thejob. After all, the branding of BRABUSsignifies the pinnacle of Mercedes Benztuning. It’s one level higher than AMG,simply because BRABUS tunes forAMG,” Brinal explains.Everything that you see on the B25 hasbeen painstakingly thought out andimplemented. The front bumpers andside skirts all merge together to giveit a very sporty and aggressive vibewhile the quad pipe system visible fromthe rear complements the B25 ECUupgrade on the engine.To ensure that the B25 handles well, agood set of suspension from BRABUStogether with a set of 19” rims andlow-profile tyres help create a sense ofsnugness while you’re crusing around.“Everything is in control. You feel tightwhilst driving the car. It’s exactly thefeeling I wanted!” adds Brinal.In fact, it’s really hard to just pinpointone particular modification thatBRABUS has added. Everything justblends together. According to Brinal,“The potential of the car has beenmaximized with BRABUS. It makes youwant to drive it more and to look andfeel young again! ”And if you still aren’t convinced, justpark it beside a standard E-Class andyou’ll be bowled over by the difference.Fast Facts: BRABUS B25TUNERBRABUSEXTERIORBRABUS Front bumper with daytimerunning lights (LEDs), rear bumper withintegrated reflector with stainless-steelsports exhaust and rear lip spoilerCABINBRABUS floor mats, pedals, illuminateddoor-sill, door pin and race gear knobENGINEBRABUS ECO PowerXtra CGI ECHASSISBRABUS Lowering springs, 19”BRABUS Monoblock S. wheelsA totally different looking rearIt’s all about the intricate detailsDrive like a championPhotographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comCheck out the quad pipes!Everything falls nicely in place.

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i.C.E.in - car entertainment specialHiddenWondersGet ready to be blown awayby a sound unlike any other

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Feature car JAN 2011 PAGE 25what liesBeneathGet ready to step into a whole new experience in that makes your sound go ‘live’Contrary to popular belief, you do nothave to have the loudest nor flashiestsound system in order to have the‘best’ sound system.The important thing about audiosystems isn’t about how expensivethey are, the type of bass they flaunt,or even the minutest details of themaking and manufacturing of thesystem. Instead, the true beauty liesin the fact that it should be music toyour ears.With music being his only constantcompanion while he spends a greatdeal of time on the road, it was onlya matter of time before Justin Tan,owner of this sleek Honda Accord,became aware about the benefits ofhaving a good sound system.“If you ask me, most people pay verylittle time, money and attention to theparticular stereos they have in theirvehicles when in reality, we spend justas much time listening to our systemsas we do watching the televisions athome,” adds Justin.“So why shouldn’t we invest as much,if not more time and energy into ourcars as well?In order to create Justin’s perfectsound system, he had just two simplerules for the installer – quality andaffordability. “I enjoy many differenttypes of music and with this being myfirst time upgrading my sound system,I wanted something that isn’t going tobe too flashy and affordable.” A manwho knows what he wants.Knowing that a good system willmake or break the quality, Justin finallysettled on Monitor Precision Systems,after going much thorough comparisonwith other brands together with hisinstaller. Although Monitor PrecisionSystems is still a relatively new brand,the impeccable sound quality at a verycompetitive price was what sealed thedeal for Justin.A unique feature in Justin’s HondaAccord is that the subwoofer isn’tlocated at the rear, but it sits prettywell hidden just in front of the frontpassengers legroom. So instead ofhaving the music suffer a slight lagmoving all the way back to the car,you get to enjoy your music withoutany discrepancies.Apart from a carbon fibre bonnet,Justin’s Honda Accord appearsrelatively stock.“I’m not a flashy person by nature,and I don’t wish to attract attention tomy car. I rather people have a qualityexperience when they get a chanceto sit in my car as that’s the mostreassuring thing for me. Everythingelse doesnt matter.”A nice display for the tube amplifersFor your listening pleasurePhotographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comFast Facts: Honda AccordINTERIORMonitor Precision: SUPRANO 1000.4TUBE AMPLIFIERMonitor Precision: FABIO 800.4AMPLIFIERMonitor Precision: M7 3 WAYCOMPONENTPIONEER P80 HUAUDISON BIT-ONEThe secret to hi-fidelity lies in this muted glowing amplifierIntegrated seamlessly onto the main controls for a sense of uniformity

I.C.E JAN 2011 PAGE 261. Celestra FA275XThis represents one of the top rungs of Italian amplifiers. Builtwith solid technology, high manufacturing quality and perfectfeatures, the FA275X is a tri-mode operation amplifier equippedwith an intelligent electronic protect design capapble of puttingout high impuslive currents to produce the optimum soundquality for your pleasure. Autoform – 6294 55002. dbdrive Okur A7 75.4The A7 75.4 offers owners a chance to experience greatsound without much trouble. This 4-channel stereo amplifier bydbdrive features a continuously variable 24dB per octave lowpass x-over on all mono ampliers as well as variable phase shiftcontrol to name a few. Affinity – 9616 06353. Sony MEX- DV1600UA sleek and stylish 4x52W DVD player, MP3/WMA/AAC/DivXand Mpeg4 compatible head unit, the MEX-DV1600U allowsyou to connect, control and charge virtually any type of portablemusic player to you car stereo. Search with ease through all yoursongs and enjoy the enhanced audio quality that is achievedthrough the DSP technology incorporated inside for maximumenjoyment. www.sony.com.sg4. JBL MS-8Optimize your car’s stock audio system with the MS-8.Accepting inputs from up to eight discrete audio channels, thesystem analyzes the audio characteristics of your car audioset and acoustics before appliyng a digital signal processingequalization to optimize the frequency response, bassperformance, dynamics, clarity and detail to suit your sonorouspreferences. IMS – 6848 48885. Rockford Fosgate Power T1D212These bad boys have patented VAST technology that increasessurface cone area up to 25% so that the T1D212 performslike a much larger woofer. The new FlexFit basket not onlylooks the part but it provides extreme flexibility for the extremeinstallations. ADK – 6742 8275314526. dbdrive Okur A7 75.4The A7 75.4 offers owners a chance to experience greatsound without much trouble. This 4-channel stereo amplifier bydbdrive features a continuously variable 24dB per octave lowpass x-over on all mono ampliers as well as variable phase shiftcontrol to name a few. Affinity – 9616 06357. Sony XAV-70BTNot just a simple A/V head unite, the XAV-70BT adds alongBluetooth wireless technology with HFP, A2DP andAVRCP, allowing for hands-free calling and wirelessmusic stream. With a 7” WVGA motorized andtouchscreen display panel, your entertainmentoptions are endless as it relies on an abundance ofinput options. www.sony.com.sg8. ESX AUDIO SE2150Offering solid technology, high manufacturing quality, agorgeous design and perfect features that have set newstandards in this price range, the SE2150 represents the upperclass in the new ESX amplifier line-up that is fully equipped toplay multi-channel- amps that will offer you a great range ofquality for your enjoyment. Affinity – 9616 06359. Monitor Precision M7Enjoy sound at its best with this stylish system from the goodpeople at Monitor Precision. The M7 is a 3-way crossovercomponent that comes with a 6.5” woofer, 3” mid-range and28mm tweeter and is crafted with high grade materials thatfeature a plate polished chromeplate to add a touch of décorinto your ride. Amici – 6560 129667810. Vision 8” Camry Touch Screen DVDView videos and movies in crystal clear sound quality with this8” Touch Screen DVD. Packed with plenty of entertainmentfeatures as well as a a host of other utility features like a built-inGPS system to help with navigation in an easy to use and installset up. User-friendly and designed with USB/SD & bluetoothsupport, it will help keep all your passengers entertained to thefullest, while you’re on the go. Autoform – 6294 5500910

I.C.E REVIEW JAN 2011 PAGE 27MONITOR PRECISIONFabio 800.4We often overlook the amount oftime we spend in our cars. And forthat reason, most of us do not find itimportant to invest in a decent soundsystem. With quality systems costinga bomb usually, that’s another factorthat turns most of us away from eventhinking about it.But the Monitor Precision Fabio800.4 is here to change all that.Designed using the latest in electronictechnology available today, this Hicurrent4-channel amplifier providesone of the best quality sounding audiothat you will hear out in the market,at a very competitive price. With afrequency response of 10Hz – 50Khzand a singapore to noise ratio of100DB, the Fabio 800.4 is designedto provide you with years and years ofhigh quality fidelity, amplification andreproduction.Also, the Fabio 800.4 sports anaesthetically pleasing design that goeswell with any type of car. The goldand silver finishing gives it an air ofelegance, proving that not all soundsystems have to be tacky and gaudy.[EXPERIENCE THE JOYS OF HAVING A QUALITY SOUNDSYSTEM AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE]PIONEER MVH8250BTIf you spend an awful amount of timetravelling in your vehicle, one thingthat you require without a doubt toaccompany you is something that canhelp you relax. And what better whayto relax then with all your favorite songsand movies? With so many differenttypes of storage available these daysfor storing your music and movies,getting the right tools to play them canbe a tad difficult. And now you don’thave to worry anymore, with Pioneer’sMVH-8250BT Media Centre Receiver.Featuring direct iPod/iPhoneconnectivity and playback with USB andauxiliary connections, an AM/FM tunerand Audio and Video playback via SDcard, the MVH-8250BT compliments itsconnectivity with agenerous 3” TFTscreen that givesdirect access toall features. Witha built in 50W x4 Channel High-Power MOSFETAmplifier tominimize voltage loss, distortion isreduced to virtually nothing, ensuringyou a great clear sound all the time.Awesome connectivity and designedwith the intent to pleasure you aurally,the MVH-8250BT is a versatile andfunctional tool that will certainly serveyou well for all your in-car entertainmentand communication needs.[ ]A GREAT COMPLEMENTTO EXCELLENT SOUNDAND CONNECTIVITYFOR ALL YOUR NEEDS

ice ShopJAN 2011 PAGE 28Working WondersWith a brand new showroom stocked to the brim with quality products, AUTOFORM Enterprisecontinues to maintain its well-established reputation of being one of Singapore’s finest.Originally located along Syed AlwiStreet, AUTOFORM Enterprise longbeen considered the Mecca fordiscerning customers since it beganoperations 22 years ago. Right from thestart, AUTOFORM has made it a pointto focus on the customer experience asone of their top most priorities.And it is truly the experience thatcontinues to leave customers wantingmore. Carrying quality brands thatare synonymous with excellence,customers are practically spoiled forchoice with so many options available.Furthermore, with a highly trained andqualified staff that is on hand to assistwith the best advice on all the variousproducts available, you can be sure thatyou will definitely leave with the rightproduct that is best suited for you.Besides the experience, AUTOFORMis also synonymous with the serviceit provides for the multi-media rangeof products. You could say that it isAUTOFORM’s speciality when it comesto the installation of OE car monitors.The service is so extensive andimmaculate such that cars that aren’toriginally designed to feature any LCDs,will find themselves equipped with thebest ones once AUTOFORM is donewith them.From the installation and customizationof Doubledin head units for your cars, tothe wide array of accessories that rangefrom GPS systems, car alarms, parkingcensors and more, AUTOFORM strivesto continue its excellent work, making itone of the mainstays of car accessoriesshops. Remember, the next timeyou're looking for a truly unforgettableexperience that is all about quality, whynot visit AUTOFORM and be wowed!AUTOFORM Enterprise is locatedat 33 Ubi Avenue, #01-03, Vertex,Singapore 409968. Call 6296 5060or email autoform@pacific.net.sg formore information.

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JAN 2011 PAGE 30BMW F10 5 Series ExhaustBMW 5 Series / M5 ExhaustBMW 6 Series ExhaustAudi S5 4.2 V8 ExhaustAudi A4 / A5 1.8/2.0/3.2T Quattro ExhaustAudi TT Exhaust Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 / 2.0 Exhaust Volkswagen Golf 5 /6 ExhaustThe damping force ofthis shock absorber isnon-adjustable. Springfor this NF Kit is barrelform type as shown inthe catalogue. By Usingthis spring, we achievedmuch comfortabledriving quality.Height AdjustableFiat Bravo Exhaust Lancer CS3 Exhaust Subaru Impreza 1.6 Exhaust Honda Civic FN2RKIA CERATO FORTE / KOUP EXHAUST 1.6 COMING SOON!!Available forSUBARU 1.5 HB,STREAM RN6The shock absorberwhich it is exclusivelydesigned on the basisof the height, springrate data which iscalculated in everymodel. It gives a stifferfeeling to the car.Height AdjustableCoil Spring From $300!Coilover From $1550 and above!Available forCIVIC FD, EVO 10,SUBARU GRB,HONDA FITThe damping force ofthis shock absorber isadjustable. You canchoose its strengthamong 12 steps, soft,medium and hard forthe front & rear.CF-S can adjust theride height remains theadoption of certainlength adjustmentsystem. Also designedfor each vehicle to theposition of the bracket.Available forHONDA FIT &HONDA STREAMDamping AdjustableBy Electronic ControlUnit (T DampingAdjustable ByElectronic ControlUnit (TEAS)Dress-up From lowerscar by 35-40mmbut still provides acomfortable ridewith its increasedspring rate.Retaining good ridecharacteristics identicalto stock while offeringalmost 20-30mmlowering capabilitySlightly firmerdesign for improvedcornering stabilitywhile offering 25-30mm lowered look.Civic FDHondaStreamADVANCE RACING DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTSPACKAGE AFROM $65032 Stage Adjustable Damping Force EnablesVarious Settings Suitable For Your Liking.Shorter Piston for Lowering Spring ToPrevent From Hitting The Bumpstops.Twin Tube From Japan Reacts Quickly AndCorrectly Against Sudden Shock ReactionGas Filled To Keep The Shock PressurizedAnd Helps To Stop Oil Leak In ExtremeUsagePACKAGE BTANABELOWERINGSPRINGPACKAGE CFROM$950+FROM$395ADVANCE SUSPENSION +TANABE LOWERING SPRING+ ALIGNMENTLTA Compliant Exhaust From $650!Advance Suspension is a direct replacement for OEM MonotubeShock. Ideal as an upgrade from OEM Shock Absorber as it isdamping adjustable, therefore making it more responsive andeasier to adjust to suit different driving styles. Made from Steel andpower coated damper body.Models Available: Honda Civic FD, EG/EK, EU1 05 onwards, Fit GE6 08,Airwave, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vios, Altis, Allion, Camry, Mazda 3 06, 5,Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, EX, Nissan Sunny N16, Latio, Sylphy.Honda Fit GE6JEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD (EXHAUST SPECIALIST)Add: Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 Singapore 408701 Tel: 6745 4700 / 6749 4260 Fax: 6743 2059Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-232 Singapore 408704WEBSITE: WWW.JEEPCHEE.COM.SG E-MAIL: SALES@JEEPCHEE.COM.SG* AMEX/DINERS/OCBC/MAYBANK/UOB Credit CardInstallment Available

PlaNTJAN 2011 PAGE 31The Sound of ItalianSuccessMaintaining its tradition of excellence built uponquality and performance, it’s pretty evident whySupersprint remains as the tuner’s preferred choicein performance exhausts.When it comes to performance exhaustsystems, the first thing you shouldunderstand about exhausts is that thereis no such thing as a “cookie cutter”one-size-fits-all performance exhaustsystem. Installing such a “cookiecutter” system that is not optimizedfor your particular vehicle may result inperformance that is drastically poorerthan the OEM system.Throughout its 55-year history,Supersprint has kept its focus on thekey objective of designing and buildingonly the highest quality exhaust systemsin the world. Understanding that all carsare built differently, Supersprint hasdeveloped a rigorous process in whichthey are able to ‘tailor’ individual systemsto create consistent performancegains alongside appreciable soundcharacteristics.It all begins at the R&D facility locatedin Mantova, Italy. Here, every car isfirst tested in stock configuration onSupersprint’s MAHA AWD dyno, oneof the most accurate dynamometersavailable. This particular dyno performsover 1,000 test runs a year on a fullrange of automotive brands that allowsSupersprint to evaluate and optimize itsproducts for each brand.You’d be hard pressed to find any othermanufacturer, race team engine testingdepartment or even car manufacturerthat has the same performanceevaluating experience of Supersprint.Once the key data has been compiled,designers begin work on analyzingand assembling the first prototypesystems. As the first elements of theexhaust system are completed, theyare immediately tested once again forverification of performance gains viaadditional dynamometer runs. Keenattention is also given to maintaining thesound quality; each exhaust possessesa nice sporty tone that isn’t overly loud.And it’s this precisely this level ofoptimization that allows Supersprint toconsistently be amongst the first to offera performance exhaust option whenevera new, potentially interesting vehicleis released on the world market. Also,with all components regularly meetingor exceeding the strict European TuVrequirements, over 80% of Supersprintproduction is exported outside of Italy, atestimony to the prestige honed from allits years in the business.It’s no surprise that many of the world’smost popular after market tuning firms,especially those in Germany, preferSupersprint’s expertise when it comesto private label exhaust systems.All in, the choice of a Supersprint exhaustsystem is for the driver who expectsonly the very best for his car. And withsystems available for almost any vehicleimaginable, from sporty sedans to yourdream supercars, Supersprint is ableto deliver the perfect balance betweenperformance and class.

PRODUCTS REVIEW JAN 2011 PAGE 321 2Hurricane FilterHurricane – 9389 4179 Amici – 6560 1296Philips Diamond VisionIf you’re looking for a way to boostyour car’s performance without goingthrough the hassles of some majormodifications and spending a fair bitof money, perhaps you should take alook at this filter.Introducing the first standard stainlesssteel drop-in air filter in Singapore,the Hurricane. One of the fastest andeasiest way to improve your vehicle’sperformance, it takes just five minutesto install and bring life back to your car.What makes the Hurricane specialis that it gives a better air flow thantraditional paper or oil-based cottonthat find it hard to compete. Withbetter airflow equating to better powerand a faster acceleration, it’s easy tosee why the Hurricane makes for awise addition for your ride.Not only is it cheap and effective,the Hurrican is also readily availablefor use with most Japanese, Koreanand Continental car makes, and withmaintenance being simple and fussfree,the Hurricane filter is truly onemodification job that everyone shouldconsider, for the good of your cars.If you’re the type of car owner whoenjoys a car that dazzles, then this setof lights will do just that. Car ownerslooking for something a bit morestylish and distinctive can finally rejoicewith the Philips Diamond Vision.What sets these bulbs apart fromthe regular ones are the fact that theDiamond Vision bulbs are halogenbulbs that burn at 5000k while typicalhalgoen bulbs burn at just under3000k, giving you the familiar yellowishtint to the light. As the bulb beignsto burn hotter, you start to get aprogressively bluish tint to the light.So what you get with the DiamondVision is a bright white light with a subtlebluish hint that gives you a distinctiveand immediately recognisableappearance that is much closer to HIDxenon lights. And perfectly street legalas well.And when you compare the DiamondVision to most other aftermarket bulbs,you can certainly tell the difference bythe way it makes your lights look waymore upmarket and stylish comparedto some of the cheaper ‘blue blubs’.34Elig Ceramic Brake PadBlaze Trading Services – 6841 3724 RTES – 6844 4644Shadow E-Drive AdvanceYou can have all the power in theworld, but if you don’t have thestopping power, there’s no point to itat all. Made from ceramic fibers, fillermaterial, bonding agents and smallamounts of copper fibers within, EligCeramic Brake Pads are not onlysafe for the car, but safe on the driveras well, containing absolutely zeroabestos in it, unlike older brakes.Thanks to the mostly ceramic natureof the brake pads, heat is dissipatedwell, which keeps performanceconsistently strong, even afterrepeated strenous braking. Thanks tothe rigid construction, wear and tearis also considerably lesser and theresidual dust that’s produced doesn’tstick to the wheels.Not only are these brakes quieter andlonger lasting, the only waste productthat is produced is a silvery-white dustthat is hard to spot, that keeps yourrims looking spotless. If its brakingpower you need to contain the powerof your ride, then the Elig CeramicBrake Pads are definitely what youshould be looking for.If you’re one of the sensitive drivers,you’ll be able to notice that sometimeswhen you drive, it doesn’t feel thatyour car isn’t accelerating as quick asit should. While there’s no need to bealarmed as there’s nothing wrong withyour car, you should know that . you’rejust experiencing a little somethingknown as throttle lag.Throttle lag can easily be countereted.What the E-Drive Advance ElectronicThrottle Controller does is to eliminatethe lag time response between thepedal and the throttle body. It is aneasy-to-install piece of equipmentthat comes pre-programmed with 3modes of driving – PO mode: suitablefor a more sportier experience andcomes with 9 different settings thatadjust how sensitive throttling will be,EC mode: an economic mode thatprevents sudden acceleration and isfuel-saving at the same time, and thestandard Normal mode.Seeing as how the E-Drive Advance isapplicable to almost every car model,there’s no need to worry over the lossof any power in your car.

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ACROSS THE CAUSEWAY JAN 2011 PAGE 34AWAKENED TO OURMADNESSWhen we put money into a set of numbers, we tend tohaveforget how much it is really worthCash that you can hold with your fingersfeel precious and you will fight nearlyeverything else in the world to makesure you don’t lose it. But when theyare numbers on an online bank accountstatement or say, the sticker price on acar’s windshield, money is that bit moredifficult to quantify.Judging by the number of newregistration cars on the roads since Igot back from Britain, Singaporeansstayed relatively the same – thatRestored replicas like this Ford GT is commonplaceText & Photos: James WongThe M3 is another favourite, extremely popular with good residuals

JAN 2011 PAGE 35Jaguars are big in the UK, but the XK (especially in R trim) remainsOh, just a TVR and a mkI MX-5 having a break at Greenwich Parkis, mad – regarding purchasing cars.The Certificate of Entitlement (COE),a rubbish piece of paper anywhereelse but our legal tender to drive, hasrecently hit new highs. Before we getused to the high prices and then adjustourselves to them again, let’s put themin perspective. Many people say youcan buy a brand new car a few monthsago with what you’re paying for a CatB COE now. But that’s not the fullstory. Not only could you have boughta brand new car, you could probablyhave also used the money to buy aused E92 M3 back in the UK. Okay, I dorealise that comparing both countries isjust something that shouldn’t be done,given that cars will always be cheapernearly anywhere else in the world. Butputting into perspective what we payfor COE is crucial. If you’ve been tellingyourself ‘Actually, it is not that bad. Itmight even be higher next year.’ thenyou need a reality check. $72k for alicence to drive for 10 years is way toomuch to pay for anybody who is evenremotely sensible. Don’t do somethingso foolish like buying a new car. You willmost certainly regret it, and it isn’t truethat you haven’t got any options.new one. Honestly, a well-maintainedoldie would run fine (well, as long as itisn’t an Alfa) and if you go for the gemsof the generation, I guarantee you thatyou’ll be in for a treat.I know I certainly did. Many peoplehave questioned my wisdom in buyinga 20-year old Golf in the UK. But tryingPorsches reign in the UK, whether old or new, they are everywhereto explain what a GTI is to a layman isnot simple, as the car feels and looksrelatively similar to the bog-standardGolf in the driveway.But drive the lightweight car propelledby its lively 1.8L 8V engine and you’llwax lyrical about what the people innew cars are missing. Things are a lotYes, that’s 10k quid for a 3ersimpler 20 years ago. Cars drive better,they are cheaper, they are characterful.Give the 8V a bootful and it still soundsmenacing. Try that in a MkVI GTI andyou’ve got to hit above 3-4ks in thetachometer before you can even get anymeaningful sound. And coincidentally,20 years ago the COE didn’t exist. Howjoyful life must have been then.Go for an old car, but something witha fresh new 10-year COE bought afew months ago. If you call yourself ancar enthusiast you won’t see an oldcar as being actually ‘old’, but rathersomething that is just different from aA familiar sight in the cityThe XJ has been making a massive presence in London

SPORTS LOCAL AUTOMOTIVECapabilities Proven With MostConsistent Endurance Race Wins Colin Syn is confident that Singapore GPwill be able to run a purpose-built circuitwell too. JAN 2011 PAGE 37LAYING THE FOUNDATION OFMOTORSPORTS FOR ASPIRING DRIVERSDato’ Jude P Benny constructed a publicgo-karting facility as a gift to the youngdrivers of today. Dato’ Benny is an avid karter himself andhopes to see a homegrown kart racer scaleinternational heights one day. Team HKS Garage R has made it to the podiumon all four occasions that they have participatedin the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race.Lawrence Lee believes in continuallystriving for excellence in his business as wellas on the track.

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JAN 2011 PAGE 39SERVICING PACKAGES$178$188$108$108$128$138 $138MUGEN REV-RMOTULCUSCOSHELL HELIX ULTRAX-REVOWS NA RACINGMOBIL 1 GOLDChuan Lee Hin Tyres Trading Pte Ltd is a one-stop repair centre offering vehicle servicing, generalrepairs and performance enhancements, assured of quality workmanship. We provides a wide rangeof automotive services, with the technology of fulfilling all cars owners’ repair needs under one roof.FREE Checking Of Your Precious Vehicle When You Service Your Car With Us! Clean & Check Air Filter Clean & Check Air Con Filter Check Fan Belt Check Air Con Belt Cooling Hoses & Connections Check All Lightings Check Battery Condition Check Wipers Check Brakes Check Engine Mountings Check Power Steering Fluid Check ATF Fluid Check Coolant Fluid Check Brake Fluid Check Clutch Fluid Check Windscreen Washer Water Check Tyre Pressure Check Tyre WearCoolant FlushCoolant Flush willenhanced coolantflow and preventsoverheating andcorrode of themetal parts.OBDDiagnosticWill read moststandard OBDII data,as well as diagnostic troublecodes (DTC). Provides usefuldata for monitoring real timedata, troubleshooting, and repairpurposes.ATF FlushATF flushingeplaces oldworn-outautomatictransmissionfluid (ATF) withfresh new fluidto prolongthe life of thetransmission.Throttlebody Washing ServiceRemovescontaminationthat builds upover long periodsof use. Expectsmooth airflow,increased powerand torque after agood throttle bodywash!AlignmentServiceTo correctpull orabnormaltire wearsuch asscuffing,cupping or more accelerated wearon one side of the tire.High-SpeedBalancingBalancingprovides asmoother rideby minimizingtire bounce.This helps improve traction -steering control and extends thelife of the tires.Air Con Servicing & RepairsProper servicing of Air Condition systems toensure the cooling system is working in goodconditions. General Repairs Top Up Refrigerant Washing of Air Con Systems Changing of Coolant Hose Detect Leakage Replacement of Air Con PartsDenso Iridim Plug Oil Filter Brake Pad Mintex Brake Pad Fuel Filter Air FIlter Air Con FilterSonax Flush Motor Flush CoolantATFMugen ExhaustAvailable for:Honda Accord/CL7, CivicFD, FN2R, Edix, CRV, Fit/Jazz, Integra DC5, Odysessy,Stream, S2000.REMUS Titanium ExhaustCHUAN LEE HIN TYRES TRADING50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building Singapore 659578Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828We Specialize Air-Con Servicing and Repair Car Stereo Car Accessories Sport Rims and TyresOperating Hour: Mon-Sat: 8.30am - 6.30pm Close on Sunday & public HolidaysAvailable for:Audi S4 V6, TT RS, BMW X6 M,Nissan GTR, Porsche BoxsterFacelift, Boxster S FaceliftCaymen S, Panamera Turbo,Renault Megane RS Coupe,VW Golf 6 R, SciroccoOne StopAuto Services Centre0% Interest Installment Plan Avaliable* Conditions Appky

wheels JAN 2011 PAGE 40A Tyre Shop With aDifferenceJT Global leads the way instriving for customersatisfaction with thewide array ofservices ofofferOLUTIONModel: SSW 154Size: Available from 15” – 17”Colour options: Full Polished-Black,Bronze Metallic, Hyper SilverAvailable from Stamford TyresModel: SSW 146Size: Available from 15” – 17”Fits: Most Japanese & Continental carsColour options: Full Polished-Black,Hyper SilverAvailable from Stamford TyresModel: SSW 141Size: Available in 17” Colour options: FullPolished-Black, Hyper SilverAvailable from Stamford TyresWith a product range that is as variedand diverse as it gets, JT Globalhas long been recognised as one ofSingapore’s leading tyre distributors.Everything from passenger car tyres toheavy vehicle tyres can be found here.You name it, chances are they probablyhave it.But more than that, JT Global aspiresto provide customers with a level ofservice that is hard to be replicatedelsewhere. Besides being a specialisttyre and wheel shop where customerscan find almost all the major brandsbeing represented.JT Global has even come up withit’s very own in-house brand of rimsthat they market with pride called JTRacing. Likening it’s rims to gems, theaesthetic qualities of JT Racing rims arecelebrated thoroughly.Beyond this enormous range ofproducts offered, JT Global is also keento provide a one-stop service centrefor customers so as to better servethe local car community. And it is justfor this reason that they came up withJT Werkz, a one-stop service centrethat is equipped with all the productsnecessary.At JT Werkz, customers can expectservices like car maintenance,bodywork polishing, body kit sourcingand installation and more to be doneon-site by a team of highly qualifiedprofessionals.So the next time you’re in the market fora new set of tyres or rims, or if service iskey, be sure to pay the good people atJT Global a visit.JT Global is located at 23 Defu Lane12, Defu Industrial Park E, Singapore539130. For more information, call6457 7330Model: S910Size: 17 x 7.5 x 114.3 +42Colour options: Black with Gold lipAvailable from Chuan Lee HinModel: S819Size: 16 x 7.4 x 100, 4 x 114.3 +40Colour options: Black with Gold lipAvailable from Chuan Lee Hin

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SHOP JAN 2011 PAGE 42AN AUTOWONDERLANDShopping for all your auto accessories has never beeneasier at Concorde Auto AccessoriesShopping for car accessories has neverbeen easy. In fact, it can prove to be quitedaunting if you’re a brand new ownerdon’t know where to begin. While it iscommon that most of your friends willprovide you with conflicting advice onwhich shop to go to for the best deals,you can be pretty sure that one namewill definitely sprout up consistently –Concorde Auto Accessories.Having been in the automotiveaccessories business for the past 30years, Concorde Auto Accessorieshas grown into one of the largestleading suppliers for not only the localautomotive market, but regionally aswell, with accessories supplied acrossother South-East Asian countries likeBrunei, Indonesia & Malaysia to namea few. Back here in Singapore, youcan find renowned workshops suchas Autobacs and Stamford Tyres andhypermarkets such as Giant, Carrefourand Mustafa carrying its accessories.With a 7,500 sq ft showroom, ConcordeAuto truly proves to be a one-stopshopping destination for that is wellstocked with car accessories and otheraftermarket products for Japanesecars. Carrying a variety of brands likeMOMO, SPARCO, HELLA, BOSCHand Concorde’s own house brand,MERCURY, and SOFT 99, Japan’sleading brand for car care, customersare literally spoilt for choice. And if,the product you’re looking for isn’tavailable, you can trust Concorde’swide network base to help you sourcefor the particular aftermarket productyou want.Besides being a one-stop shop,customers get to enjoy a shoppingexperience unlike any other with a team ofwell trained staff that are knowledge andkeen to help. Proving it’s commitmentto being the best, customers can lookforward to an even larger range of caraccessories as Concorde plans towork even closer with partners in aneffort to expand the current range ofaccessories they have in store.Concorde Auto Accessories is locatedat 12 Jalan Lembah Kallang, #01-01, Concorde Building, Singapore339568. Call 6292 0087 or emailconcorde@concordeauto.com.sg formore information.

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ClubJAN 2011 PAGE 44Eat, Sleep, HondaIt’s not only about the love of Honda Cars. From organised drives,to charity work, the Singapore Honda Club has done it all and more.Beginning life in a sub-forum folderof the Delphi Forums, the SingaporeHonda Club (SHC) existed for onlya handful of Honda enthusiastswho shared their common passionfor everything and anything aboutthe automaker. Gatherings wereusually informal - members wouldmeet to update each other on theirHonda cars. Before long, the SHCstarted to attract more and morefellow aficionados and experiencedan exponential increase in it’smembership base.Today, the SHC boasts a membershipbase of more than 40,000 registeredusers, with quite a fair bit originatingfrom beyond our shores. To facilitatethe increase in forum traffic,SHC acquired its own domain (HYPERLINK “http://www.shc-forum.com” www.shc-forum.com) withits own dedicated servers to betterserve all its members. Apart from theforum, the SHC has also establishedits own space on Facebook andutilizes Twitter, popular tools in socialmedia, in an effort to reach out to allits members.Holding a treasure trove of informationwithin its servers, with more than halfa million articles posted on the forum,the SHC caters to everyone who isinterested in any model of Honda carsof any vintage, from models whichwe see on the roads everyday to exoticgrey imports. And with a moderatingteam that strives to keep the forum freefrom any flame wars, spam messagesand objectionable materials, memberscan enjoy their time discussing theirfavourite topics in peace.But more than that, the SHC provides aplatform where friends can update oneanother on the many aspects of theirlives. And what’s a car club without theorganised drives.Notable past club events include trackdays, an exclusive visit to the HondaMalaysia plant at Alor Gajah, Malaysia(at the invitation of Temple of VTEC Asia(TOVA)), and charity donations towardspeople affected by the Tsunami onBoxing Day of 2004 and more recently,the deadly earthquake in Sichuan,China in 2008. In the visit to the HondaMalaysia plant, 60 Singaporean Hondacars convoyed up north to meet up withan even bigger number of MalaysianHonda delegation for a fun-filled familyday at the Honda factory.On 14 November 2010, SHCcelebrated its 10th anniversaryby hosting a mega photoshootat the Formula 1 track andpit. The event saw over 100cars taking part and wasenthusiastically supportedby SHC members as well asaffiliated Honda car clubs suchas Rseries Forum, Fit Jazz Club(FJC) and Cityzen.sg.Visit the SHC forum to be part ofthis closely-knit online communityand to find out more about theevents that take place within thecommunity.SHC meets on the 1st Friday of everymonth at the car park next to LeisurePark Kallang from 9pm onwards.Text & Pictures Courtesy of Singapore Honda Club

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abeJAN 2011 PAGE 46Happy GoLuckyMeet our January babe, 19-year oldSofia Dendroff, who plans on being anMTV VJ or Radio DJ in the near futureSo Sofia, exotic is hardly theadjective to describe you…Exotic works well actually! To put itsimply, I’m Eurasian, but I’ve a mixtureof German, Malay, Indian, Chineseand Bugis. I have to admit it can befun sometimes having people try andguess what race I am.Art Direction Susanna To Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.com Stylist Susanna To Make Up & Hair Angel Gwee Qian Hui Cover Girl Sofia DendroffInteresting, so how did you startmodeling?To be honest, I never imagined myself toever be a part of this industry becauseI’ve never really thought of myself asa model. Let’s see, it all began abouthalf a year ago, when my friend, ahairstylist, took notice of was my reallylong wavy hair. He then asked me if Iwas interested to be his hair model,and so I agreed. We then engaged amake-up artiste and a hairstylist andBAM! That was how my first portfoliogot started. (grins)Do you fancy cars by the way?I do like cars to a certain extent. I lovegawking at expensive cars! Haha! Andcars that are PINK!So do you have a favourite car?YESSSSS! A Lamborghini! Handsdown I don’t care which model it is;Reventon, Gallardo, Sesto etc. As longas they belong to the Lamborghini,they’re all awesome!So what do you like to do?Going out shopping with friends,partying occasionally, Facebooking,Youtubeing, and all the other internetstuff. Ohhhh, and I love watchingmovies too!Tube Dress / 1 PMBeige Leather Heels / ALDOQuilted Bag / First loveBeaded Necklace / 1PMBangles / ALDOBeaded Earrings / 1PMWhat about your interests?Well, I guess you could say modelling.But it’s not as easy as it looks. It takesplenty of practice in front of the mirror,and plenty of bad photos for you tolearn what not to do in future. It’s sohard to be a model sometimes becauseI have to maintain my weight, which ishard because I love food so much!So where do guys fit in?I’ll give you one word – Complicated!Why do they always say that they justwant to be friends when their actionssay otherwise?Yipes! So what should a guy do?A guy who enjoys doing the things I liketo do, is trustworthy, kind, intelligentand confident of himself. He needs tohave a sense of humour and if he cansing, that’s a plus point!What are your plans for thefuture?I’ve always dreamt of being an MTVVJ or a Radio DJ! I still do hope thatone day, I will achieve my dreams. I’mstill trying to work my way up, but fornow, I just want to do well in school andgraduate with good grades!

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LIFE JAN 2011 PAGE 48CASIOS$206Casio G-Factory, Wrist Technology stores and authorised dealersFeaturing a bold design that practicallyexplodes with presence, the GX-56 isone extra-sized watch that exudes pureshock resistance. Packed with a host offeatures and equipped with Casio’s ToughSolar power system, the GX-56 makesa dramatic new statement about thestrength and boldness you possess.HANDYOPTIONSStart your new year with this collectionof timepieces that will suit any occasionLEVI’SLTG14, price unavailableAvailable at #02-22, Iluma@Bugis & #02-11,*Scape @ 2 Orchard LinkA|X ARMANIEXCHANGES$229A|X boutiquesand authorised retailersDIESELS$420Diesel boutiques andauthorised retailersADIDASS$155Authorised retailers

JAN 2011 PAGE 49ADIDASS$120Authorised retailersEMPORIO ARMANIS$555Authorised retailersMICHAELKORSS$328Authorised retailersVintaged Bronze Collection1. S$195, 2& 3. S$275Fossil boutiques and authorised retailersEasy on the eye and featuring a brandnew watch materially specially developedfor this collection, Fossil’s latest release isdefinitely one to shout about. Combininga utilitarian feel with an authentic vintagefinish, every single timepiece belonging tothe Vintaged Bronze collection is speciallycrafted to retain its patina over time.Suitable for both formal and casual wear,these watches are the perfect companionsfor you to start the new year in style.132O.D.MToy 2R 2nd GenerationAvailable at #02-22,Iluma@Bugis & #02-11,*Scape @ 2 Orchard Link

Deals JAN 2011 PAGE 50absolutelyFREE !!HURRY NOW!Motec Auto AccessoriesBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 S(628455)Tel: 6265 3558Just present this couponat Motec to redeem fora box of BOSCH Horn!Limited to 10 sets only.*insist on installation* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011$50OFF Includes Oil Filter FREE 12 Points Check$50 OFF for anyof our servicingpackages.Please referto ouradvertisement atpage 39.* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Chuan Lee Hin Tyres Trading50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building S(659578)Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828Revol Carz Makeover1 Time Polish Package $150Usual Price $180Polish And Paint SealantRemove WatermarksRemove Birds Dropping StainsInterior Leather Wash & ConditioningTyre ShineBrake Dust Removal on Rims* by appointment basics only$30OFF* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011REVOL Carz MakeoverBlk 42 #01-75 Toh Guan Road East Enterprise Hub (S)608583 Tel: 62679331Celebrating REV launch in SingaporeMega Buddy Sales!!Explorer 4.3” GPSSingle purchase$149Buddy purchase$240While Stock Lastsasia pacific sole distributor:* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Autoform ENterprise33 Ubi Avenue 3 #01-03 Vertex S(408868)Tel: 6294 5500 Fax: 6291 5040Violence V-Drive IISUNG BENG AUTO (PTE) LTD since 1969340 & 342 Circuit Road. Singapore 379494Tel: 9272 4879 Web: www.sungbeng.com$40OFF!with this cut-outcoupon present* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011$30 OFFu.p. $180Shadow E-Drive Advance$60 OFFwith trade inprevious model ofshadow E-drive.u.p. $180* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Racing Technology Exhaust System Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-02 Paya Ubi Industrial Park S(408933)Tel: 65 6844 4644 Fax: 65 6844 4244 Email: sales@rtes.com.sgWebsite: http://www.rtes.com.sgSTOP GUESSING!TEST YOUR CAR’SHORSEPOWER NOW!DYNOTECHNICANow $60Usual Price $100with lamda sensor.* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 201153 Ubi Ave 1 #01-37 Paya Ubi Industrial Park S4086934Tel: 6841 1304 Fax: 6841 1034 Email: benny33@pacific.net.sgAll SportSeats at10 - 20%OFF* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Miki Marketing51, Tannery Lane, #04-01/04-02 Sharely Warehouse Building S(347798)Tel: (65) 6262 3366, (65) 6749 1996 Fax: (65) 6749 9296, (65) 6250 6769Website: www.mikimarketing.com Email: info@mikimarketing.comabsolutelyFREE !!LeatherKeypouchJust present this couponat mcwell to reedemeither a leather keypouch or a set of tyrevalve cap.Super Earth Grounding WiresNOW$118u.p. $148Sabelt Shoulder Pads$6ONLY!Tyre ValveCapLimited to 50 sets each.* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Mcwell Ventures Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1#01-05/06 Paya Ubi Industrial ParkTel: 6844 4640 Fax: 6844 4641* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Pezr PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Fabulous-X Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-21 Paya Lebar Industrial Park S(408933)HP: 9667 7711 Tel: 6841 7697, 6841 9329 Fax: 6841 2024* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011Concorde Auto Accessories (S) Pte Ltd12, Jalan Lembah Kallang, #01-01, Concorde BuildingS(339568) Tel: 6292 0087All Tanabe Coilover$120 OFFRetail Price$120OFF* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011FREE Upgradeto Titan Package(98% Infrared Rejection) for the price ofPremier Package.Premier Package Price: $730Titan Package Price: $930* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 31st Jan 2011FREE REMUSSwiss MadeWatch worthS$500.00 forevery REMUSSportexhaustpurchasedFREEREMUSWatch!* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 15th Feb 2011JEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD (EXHAUST SPECIALIST)Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 S(408701) Tel: 6745 4700/6749 4260 Fax: 6743 2059Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-232 S(408704)COOL N LITE21 Toh Guan Road East #01-15 Toh Guan CentreS(608609) Tel:(65)67629885 Fax:(65)67629887KINGCRIMSON MKTG PTE LTDBlk 261 Waterloo St #01-16 (S)1802616299 9239 / 6299 1269 www.remus.com.sg kingcrim@singnet.com.sg

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