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Issue #8 - REV Magazine

ISSUE 08 / JUNE 2011DAYNOM’S TRUSTYGOLDIESliding round with 860Horses at His DisposalBe a fan of REVMagazine Singapore onFacebook and stand towin a $100 StamfordTyres vouchermonthly!Shedding The Unnecessary Weaving It Right Green & Menacing


CONTENTS[08]Cover CarPhotographer Adam CroyFeature Car14 Less Is More 20FEATURE CarThe Pride Of CarbonRevoCONTENTS02 News - Updates & New Happenings06 Events - The Perks Of Being A Lady12 MODS - Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better16 Talk - Jeep Chee Trading / Motec18 Parts - New Gadgets & Gizmos25 ICE Special - Cool Sounds On The Move27 Ice Parts - Pump Up The Volume30 Ice Review - Pushing Boundaries33 Reviews - Mods Up Close38 TUNE-UP - A Guide To Performance Upgrades42 Asia AutoSalon - Asia AutoSalon 2011 Highlights44 Wheels - Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE00246 Across the Causeway -The Chapter Closes... For Now48 Sports - Driven By Passion51 Uncle Agony - Answering Your Questions53 Club - Subaru Club SG54 Life - Coffee Chic28ICE COVER CarRough Yet RefinedAppreciating the JourneyWhat comes to mind when the word“journey” pops up? For most, it will bethe period of travel which they makeon a daily basis. It can be as simple asgoing to the fast food joint for lunch,or getting to your office located at theother end of the island.Appreciation of such a journey,especially in this highly commercialisedisland we’re living in which deprivesus of any picturesque greenery, issomething that seldom happens.However, should you get the chanceto take a trip up north via the North-South Highway, you’ll find yourselfabsorbed in the lush greenery thatMalaysia has to offer. Hills, plantationsand villages are just a few of the scenicviews you can indulge in. A short 30minute drive from the checkpointwould bring you to an entirely differentrealm, away from the hustle andbustle that we are all so used to. Soakin the sights along the way (of coursemake sure you’re not the one driving)and put all your troubles at the backof your mind.It may take minutes, or hours in somecases, but you’ll eventually arrive atyour destination. May it be a holiday,or a simple day-trip to satisfy yourcravings for local fare, you’ll do thethings you planned to and begin thejourney home.But what struck you most aboutthe journey? Was it the food, thecompany, or the simple pleasures ofletting your mind wander while yougazed out of the window? Take abreather from your hectic life and giveyourself a well-deserved break. It willnot break the bank, but it will allowyou to escape from the monotony ofcity life.On a separate note, we’ve increasedthe pages of our current issue! You,the reader, have spoken and we’velistened. We’ve included additionalphotos of our feature cars for youguys (ladies included) to drool over.Our monthly giveaway for fans ofour Facebook page is still on aswe speak. So head over to REVMagazine Singapore’s fan page andwho knows, you may be the nextlucky winner of the $100 StamfordTyres voucher!Cheers,Samuel KangMagazine is published in association withCarBuyer Magazine. The Magazine is outevery 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month. 23,000copies are circulated free around the island.Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01Singapore 787600Tel: 6455 8575 Fax: 6554 2725Email: TanAsst. EditorSamuel KangFeature WriterMelissa ChengContributorsCheryl Tay, James WongAccount ManagersAndrew Ting9101 Ong8188 AdvisorJoey LimCreativeArt DirectorEdroos AlsagoffSenior Designer& Art DirectionEmily NgDesignerCai LishanPhotographyBryan LawMake-Up ArtistAlex HoCirculation &ProductionP.PanirSales & AdminCoordinatorChristine LeeSpecial Thanks to theCarBuyer TeamPrinted by Times Printers Pte LtdDistributed by Mediacorp Pte LtdAll rights reserved. No portion of this publication maybe reproduced in any form without the written consentof the publisher. Opinions expressed in REV bycontributors and advertisers are not necessarily thoseof editors and publisher. Publication of an article oradvertisement does not imply that the service or productis endorsed by REV Magazine, unless specificallystated. While all efforts are made to ensure that thepublication’s content is correct, Big Bang Media Pte Ltdcannot be held responsible for any error or omissions.JUNE 2011 01


Servicing BayAlignmentGeneral Repair BayServicing PackageAgipMann FilterSpray PaintingWashing BayCustomer LoungeNight & Weekends Servicing is strictly by appointment basis only.Night servicing (6pm-11pm)Weekend & PH (9am-6pm)AmsoilServicingfrom$68*onlyPackage A: $118 (5w/40) 4 litres24 HR Towing Services9101 3232Package A: $108 (5w/40) 4 litresPackage B: $108 (10w/40) 4 litres Package B: $98 (10w/40) 4 litres Package B: $158 (5w/40) 4 litresAll the above mentioned package includes free oil filter and 18- point check.Batteries from$110 onwardscar Polishing SpecialCall us for appointment now!Present thisleaflet to enjoythis specialpromotion!6 timespolishingPackageAll polishing come withfree vaccum and wash!*Terms & conditions apply. All prices inclusive of GST.Package A: $148 (0w/30, 5w/30, 10w/40, 20w/50) 4 litres$88*UP $120from $498*We Are Here!213 Kranji Road Singapore 739485 Tel: 6559 8944 Fax: 6515 3144Website: Email: Hours: Monday- Saturday: 9am to 6pm

NEWSBardahl - The OfficialLubricant of Formula Drift Asia“A World without Friction”- Sounds pretty impossible,isn’t it? Not in the case ofBardahl’s oil and fuel additives.Of course that is if you do nottake it literally.The unique formula of Bardahlproducts incorporates a“Polar Attraction” additivewhich electronically chargesthe molecules of ordinary oiland fastens themselves tightlyto any oppositely chargedmetal molecule.In short, Bardahl’s technologyhas enable their productsto employ a thin layer oflubrication on moving metalparts hence insulating thesurface against friction, heatand wear.Bardahl’s continual successin motorsport has been atestimonial to the integrity oftheir products. Come June,they will be making theirdebut as the official lubricantof Formula Drift Asia 2011.This Asian championshipseries is no grassroot levelevent. With participantshailing from all over the worldand the series spanningover 4 countries within theregion, it is no walk in the parkfor Bardahl products.Besides being the officiallubricant of Formula DriftAsia 2011, Bardahl has alsoteamed up with New ZealanderDaynom Templeman who iscompeting in the same series. Ahost of positive feedback fromthe team further strengthensBardahl’s standing as one ofthe best in the market.Harley-DavidsonOpens Asia PacificHeadquartersD1Spec Coiloverto Be Available AtFabulous XAfter bringing you countless outstandingproducts from D1Spec, Fabulous X will soonbe adding a highly sought after item to theirgrowing line-up of products.Harley-Davidson Motor Company announcedthe official opening of its Asia Pacificheadquarters during an event held at theCompany’s new regional office in Singaporeon 19 May 2011. Harley-Davidson is the firstmotorcycle company to base its Asia Pacificoperations in Singapore. The region officehad been based at the Company’s globalheadquarters in Milwaukee, USA.“This office is brick and mortar proof ofHarley-Davidson’s commitment to the Asia04 JUNE 2011Pacific region and to introducing the brand’sideals of individuality and self-expression tomore customers here,” said Matt Levatich,President and Chief Operating Officer, Harley-Davidson Motor Company during the grandopening ceremony.“We are excited to be opening this new officebecause now we are in a better position tosupport the growing number of customersacross this region that is eager to take part inthe unique Harley-Davidson experience.”D1Spec coilovers will certainly make adifference to your ride. Utilising a twin tubedesign damper, it offers the best of both worlds.It delivers comfort during regular day-to-daydriving, but will get harder as force increases,hence reducing body roll yet still maintaininga smooth ride quality. 28 different levels ofdampening adjustability and height adjustmentfrom 30mm to 90mm allows it to suit all kindsof driving styles.D1Spec coilovers are available for a widerange of models and come with a 1 yearwarranty against defects. Enjoy a freealignment for your vehicle with every D1Speccoilover purchase!


EVENTSThe Perks of being A LADYLadies were well pampered while the men got nothing but a go at the pool table.Text Cai Lishan Edited Samuel Kang Photos Volkswagen, Cai LishanJust last month, close to 700 ladiesflocked down to the F1 Pit Buildingto attend a two-day event organisedby Volkswagen Group Singapore. TheScirocco Ladies’ Day, as the namesuggests, was a ladies-only event wherefemales were given the opportunity todrive the Scirocco Sport 2.0 TSI on partof the F1 track. The men had to makedo with standing by the side while theladies had their fun. Sorry, this eventwas strictly for ladies only.The drive was well planned byprofessional race drivers and trackmarshals were stationed at eachcorner to respond immediately to anyemergencies. Thankfully, they weren’tsummoned during the time I was there.Upon entering the building, the ladieswere met by hunky boys who pointedthem in the right direction and gavethem a tour of the premises. I spottedsome ladies feasting their eyes on themand it wasn’t hard to figure out why.Ladies were well pampered with freemassages, pedicures and manicures.They also got their pictures taken withfriends and printed on the spot as a06 JUNE 2011keepsake. There were free refreshmentsfor all participants and this time round,the men and kids got their share too. Apool table kept the men busy while theladies took to the wheel.Finally, it was my turn to have a go in theVW hatch. For our own safety, we weregiven a short briefing before heading tothe cars. The whole drive was simplyincredible. Ladies were made to gothrough a slalom to first get a feel of theScirocco’s handling.Thereafter, we tested the car’sacceleration and braking abilities byflooring the pedal before braking ashard as we could upon reaching amarked point. It was much harderthan expected and despite repeatedattempts, I didn’t manage to clock asub 10-second timing.At the end of the drive, each ladywas presented with a small token tomark their participation in the event.I thoroughly enjoyed myself but alsowished that I had the chance to drivethe car for a wee bit longer. Hats off toVolkswagen SG for organizing such aunique event!

ATTRACTIVE RIM PACKAGES FROM 15” TO 20” TO CHOOSE!!BE SPOILT FOR CHOICES!!15” $68816” $88817” $108818” $138819” Special $$20” Special $$Project USuper Lock NutsAt $130, (up $170)With Every Set OfRim PurchasedAll Prices Include GST & Before Trade-In. With Any Set Purchase FREE:• Lifetime Purchase Repair • Chrome Tubeless Sleeve Valve • Off Wheel Balancing• Gunk Wheel Cleaner • Tyre Rotation & Balancing for Every 10,000kmCOILOVER & LOWERING SPRINGS AVAILABLE FOR ALL CAR MODELS!!SERVICING PACKAGES - FREE Checking Of Your Precious Vehicle When You Service Your Car With Us!$178$188$108FROM$1,200 FROM$350FREE ALIGNMENT FOR PURCHASE OF COILOVER OR LOWERING SPRING$108$128$142 $138$108 $108MUGEN VT-a MOTULCUSCO SHELL HELIX ULTRA X-REV OWS NA RACING MOBIL 1 GOLD PENZOIL HYPERTECCoolant FlushCoolant Flush willenhanced coolantflow and preventsoverheating andcorrode of themetal partsATF FlushATF flushing replacesold worn-out automatictransmission fluid (ATF)with fresh new fluid toprolong the life of thetransmission.ThrottlebodyWashing ServiceRemoves contamination thatbuilds up over long periodsof use. Expect smooth airflow,increased power and torqueafter a good throttle body washAir Con Servicing & RepairsProper servicing of Air Conditionsystems to ensure the cooling systemis working in good conditions• General Repairs • Top Up Refrigerant• Washing of Air Con Systems• Changing of Coolant Hose• Detect Leakage• Replacement of Air Con PartsDenso Iridium Plug Oil Filter Brake Pad Mintex Brake Pad Fuel Filter Air FIlter Air Con Filter Sonax Flush Motor Flush CoolantMugen ExhaustRemus TitaniumBroquetSprint Booster Version 23 Steps AdjustableHKS/JFC/Simota FilterBMC FilterBillion Air Funnel +Air DuctPower ChargerSummit 2/4 Pt BarsCrank PulleyNashin Brake HoseRunstop Disc RotorPerma CoolWheel SpacerProject U / Rays Lock NutSoundproofProsport GaugeDaylightSpring StiffenerCHUAN LEE HIN TYRES TRADING50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building Singapore 659578Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828We Specialize • Air-Con • Servicing and Repair • Car Stereo • Car Accessories • Sport Rims and TyresOperating Hour: Mon-Sat: 8.30am - 6.30pm Close on Sunday & public HolidaysH.I.DH.O.DOne StopAuto Services Centre0% Interest Installment Plan Available* Terms & Conditions Apply

COVER CARHuge Garrett GT47 turbochargerFast Facts:1996 Mazda RX-7 FD3SENGINEMazda 20B Triple Rotor, 13B Housing,Rotaspeed Port Design, Dowelled,Dry Sumped, Custom Sump Gear- This certainly doesn’t look like it was built in a shedDriven Oil Pump, Simota Cold Air Box,Custom Intake, Custom Intercooler,Garrett GT47 Turbocharger, Twin to the Goodyear tyres whileTial 60mm Wastegate, Aeromotive a Cusco 2-way LSD makes08 10 JUNE 20111500HP Fuel Pump, Carter Lift Pump,3-Litre Fuel Surge Tank, Braided Lines,60-Litre Jazz Fuel Cell, Custom Fuelsure it doesn’t go to waste.Tein coilovers hooked up to anEDFC controller allows DaynomRails, Bosch Coils, Denso Leads, Link to make suspension changes inIgniters, Custom Radiator, Oil Coolerthe comfort of his cabin.with Remote Filter Kit, Electric MezaineWater Pump, Dry Sump Pump andTank, Electric Power Steering, Link G4 Custom colours were laid downExtreme Stand-alone ECUby Car Colours NZ and this careasily stands out with its yellowDRIVETRAINBardahl graphics. The carHolinger 6-Speed RD6 Sequential gained a few inches sidewaysGearbox, Xtreme-Drift Triple-Plate with the GT300 wide bodykitCarbon Clutch, Cusco 2-Way LSD, and complimenting it is aCustom ADL Driveshaftcustomised bonnet and carbonUNDERCARRIAGE3D wing.Tein Coilover w/EDFC Controller, FactoryRX-7 Front/Rear Disc Brakes, 17 x Daynom’s workspace consists9-Inch Work Euroline Rims (Front), 18 of a Sparco bucket seat andx 10-Inch Work Euroline Rims (Rear), 6-point harness which holdsGoodyear Tyres 245/40/17 (Front) him firmly in place. Within easy265/45/18 (Rear)reach is a MOMO steeringwheel, Hollinger gearknob andCABINSparco Racing Seat, Momo SteeringWheel, Hollinger Gear Knob, Link DashDisplay, Exhaust Temperature Gauge,MSNZ 8-Point Roll Cage, ASD HydraulicE-BrakeEXTERIORCustom Colours – Car Colours NZ, FullGT300 Wide Bodykit, Custom Bonnet,Carbon 3D WingEXHAUSTCustom Stainless Steel Manifold, 4-InchStainless Steel Exhaust SystemASD Hydraulic E-Brake. A quickpull coupled with a few clutchkicks and a flick of the steeringwheel will certainly send thiscar dancing sideways. Thenature of drifting will inevitablyinvolve contact with cars, tyresand barriers hence the MSNZ8-point cage is employed tobeef up safety.Coming to You SoonIf drifting is your cup of tea andthis car just sweetens the deal,then head down to FormulaDrift Asia on 11th and 12th June2011. Daynom will be takingGoldie through her paces andI’m sure it’ll be something youwouldn’t want to miss out on.With such an elaborate setupthat covers all bases, Goldiewill certainly be the car to lookout for.Lucious fat lips compliment the 18” Work Euroline rims

genuinely MADE in GermanySole DistributorCall 6848 4218 for free delivery to your Authorised Service CentresAKENO AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTDKaki Bukit Road 1, Eunos Technolink No 9, #B1-03, Singapore 415938Tel: +65 6848 4218 Fax: +65 6844 4218Website: Email:

MODS1. Cusco 5W40 Engine OilCusco 5W40 engine oil offers the bestprotection and performance that you havealways wanted. Demanding drivers alwaysrequire stable viscosity performance evenin low and high temperature conditions andthis engine oil does not disappoint. Otheradvantages include better lubrication evenduring cold starts and improved fuel economy.2. Blitz S2 5W40Forming a strong oil film on the components ofthe engine, Blitz S2 engine oil will improve yourfuel mileage and reduce the oil consumption ofyour gasoline car. You can also expect betterengine response and performance with thisengine oil. The high viscosity index combinationoil also offers excellent heat and oxidationstability coupled with low-temperature mobility.SPK – 9658 97523. Perrin Air FilterPerrin’s unique air filter uses 2-piece foam constructionwhich allows the user to remove the foam filter for easycleaning. The advantages of such a foam element includethe ability to filter, at the same time hold significantly moredirt than any other filter in the market. The reusable foamfilter also allows you to wash and reuse it as manytimes as you like, reducing costs in the long run.LTM – 6452 21354. KIC Super GearFormulated for manual transmission cars with orwithout LSD, the KIC Super Gear oil is a 100%synthetic transmission oil that provides enhancedprotection against the wear and tear of hard driving.Available in SAE 75W90, this gear oil allows forsmoother gear changes and provides exceptional heatresistance to ensure the longevity of your gearbox.Dynotechnica – 6841 1304Blaze Trading – 6841 3724Modifications 101Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better& Enjoy a Better Performance overall with these Products5. VPM Carspeed Throttle ControllerObtain better throttle response from your carwith the VPM Carspeed Throttle Controller.This product allows you to select from 3modes (with a total of 12 stages) to suit yourdriving style. The stylish unit that comes withan LED display is easy to install and also aidsin improving the car’s fuel consumption.6. Power ChargerThe Power Charger will improve your car’sresponsiveness from 2000RPM onwards.Installation is a breeze and once completed,you can expect stable alternator charging aswell as smoother auto gear changes. It also prolongsbattery and the lifespan of your vehicle’s electricalcomponents. A water-proof and heat resistantdesign enables it to be mounted in the engine bay.Sung Beng – 9272 48799. Bardahl Syn Pulsar-N 5W40A top-tier fully synthetic engine oil from Bardahl,the Syn Pulsar-N proves its worth by beingspecifically approved by Daimler AG for usein Mercedes Benz’s engines. Not only doesit meet, but also exceeds many industry andOEM standards with its exceptional protectionagainst sludge, varnish deposits and frictionalwear. Recommended for use in modern gasolineand diesel engines including turbocharged units.Bardahl – 6634 06007. Sparco Carbon 385Not only does the Sparco Carbon 385steering wheel weight almost half theweight of a comparable wheel, you willalso immediately fall in love with itssmooth suede material. Weighing in at amere 498.96 grams, this 350mm steeringwheel not only weighs close to nothing,but also features a hollow carbon fibrecore which will look perfect in any vehicle.Concorde – 6292 0087Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 68188. eSPEC Upsize Rotor KitImprove your car’s braking abilities with theeSPEC upsize rotor. Designed for front andrear fitment, the slotted rotors range in sizesfrom 285mm to 330mm to suit your drivingneeds. Superb heat treatment prevents rotorwarp and a slotted design dissipates heateffectively. A caliper relocation kit makes for easy,bolt-on installation. Available for Mitsubishi LancerCS3, Honda Civic FD, Stream RN6 and many more.10. Pipercross Performance AirMotoRex – 6289 4188Pipercross’s Viper cold-air intake kit features a unique design whichaims to provide maximum gains. The kit takes incold and dense air and directs it straight into theViper’s inlet, swirling it through the one-of-a-kindPipercross reverse-flow air filter before entering aram pipe which increases its pressure. Besideslooking good, the CF heat shield alsokeeps the air cool so that maximumcombustion can be achieved.Autovox – 6475 577512 JUNE 2011

FEATURE CARSHEDDING THEUNNECESSARYForm and Function Co-ExistingHasport engine mounts hold the enginesecurely in placeThe battery found a new home in the bootPhotographer Bryan Law / Metamorphosis ProductionCleaned, shaved and tucked. Sweeeeet!14 JUNE 2011

Spoon carbon fibre mirrorsSticky Toyo R1R rubbersCars with performance and looksto boot have always been reveredby enthusiasts. Going beyond justexterior beauty is what the car you’relooking at now is all about. Peekinginto the engine bay will redefine thestereotype that spaces underneaththe hood are often oily and dusty.As we soak in the full extent of niptuckingthis 1992 Honda Civic VTihas gone through, a short crank firesup the 4 cylinders and the all-familiarVTEC exhaust tone reverberatesthrough the air.Gutting and TuckingTipping the scales at just over1000kg in stock trim, this car wasn’tthat heavy to begin with. Built for timeattack sessions over the causeway,weight reduction and a bullet proofengine naturally were at the top ofthe to-do list.First, the interior carpeting and trimswere stripped out. Armed with anassortment of tools, a heat gunand dry ice, sound deadening tarwas painstaking removed. The baremetal was further sanded down for asmooth finish before being sent in forpaint. In the hands of skilled painters,the interior was given a fresh coat ofmatching paint and the end productwas near perfect. The center consolespots a customized carbon fibregauge pod which 4 Defi white facegauges resides.The real goodness however, liesbeneath the Varis carbon fibre fronthood. Lifting it up would reveala spanking clean engine bay,something not commonly foundon our local shores. To achievethis tucked look, the factory wiringharness was chopped up andcarefully rerouted. The fuse boxfound its new home in the cabin andthe bulky battery was relocated tothe rear for better weight distribution.The firewall was cleaned up andbrake lines were moved to the cabin.Instead of going down the popular2.0L engine swap route, its ownerMeng Kiat decided to retain the everreliableB16 powerplant. Making upfor the lower displacement is a set ofhigh compression components whichreplaced the stock engine internals.Fuelling was taken care of by RCinjectors with a higher flow rate and aSard fuel regulator. To cope with theshort straights and tight corners ofour neighbouring Johore Circuit, thedrivetrain has a customized straightcut gear set. With an accompanyingtwin plate clutch, clutch slippagecaused by high torque figures will bea thing of the past.Was It A Downgrade?REV learnt from Meng Kiat that heused to drive a Suzuki Swift Sportbefore switching to his current EG6. Inthe eyes of many, it is a downgrade ofsorts. But he feels otherwise. “Due tothe rising COE, I made quite a tidy sumback when I sold my Swift. I decidedon an EG6 as it’s quite the collector’scar and I was certain I would behappy driving it. Despite Swift Sport’snimble handling, its power is a farcry from what I’m getting from myEG6. With a few handling upgrades,I’ve managed to achieve a stiffer ridewhich easily outperforms my Swift.Although comfort and ride quality iscompromised, the high revving B16VTEC engine is more than enough tomake up for it.”Sadly, most EG6 would meet theirdemise come August due to theexorbitant price of COE. Meng Kiatis glad his would be spared suchan ending as the previous ownerhas already renewed it. With a good8 years left, future plans includereplacing all worn parts to ensure itwill be a reliable drive. Of course, tracksessions are a must as that is wherethe EG6 will most certainly outshineits competition.Fast Facts: Honda Civic EG6ENGINEBlue-printed B16 High CompressionEngine, Microtech Standalone ECU,Hasport Engine Mounts, CustomisedAluminum Radiator, Cusco Oil CatchTank, Sard Fuel Regulator, RC FuelInjectors, Apexi Open-Pod FilterDRIVETRAINClose Ratio Custom Gear Set, StraightCut Final Drive, Twin-Plate Clutch3-piece Mugen pedal setUNDERCARRIAGETein Flex Coilover, Front & Rear Strut Bar,Honda Integra DC2 Wheel Hub, Brakes& Shifter, Honda Civic EK4 Front & RearLower Arm & Steering rackEXTERIORVaris CF Bonnet, CF Boot, J’s Racing CFAir DuctCABIN4 x Defi Gauges (Oil Press, Oil Temp,Water Temp & Fuel Press), SparcoSteering Wheel, Recaro SPG3 with SuperLow Miki Railings, Honda Integra DC2Cluster, Relocated Aircon Switch, Fusebox & BatteryA tad empty. But that’s how we ilke itNecessities only, pleaseEXHAUSTHonda Integra DC2 Type R Header,Midpipe & MufflerJUNE 2011 15

TALKBending it RightPreparing for the bending processStart of the bending processAlmost done... There you have it! The perfect mandrel bend!Not-so-perfect conventional bend That looks really badJeep Chee tells us why the exhaust system is as important as the engineHi there! What is Jeep Cheeall about and how did you guysstarted out?Unknown to many, Jeep Chee startedout way back in 1960. Back then,we were an automobile tire, batteryand exhaust service center. 30 oddsyears flew past and by 1994, JeepChee Trading was Singapore’s largestimporter/exporter and distributor ofautomobile exhaust systems.We were also awarded the soledistributorship for Tanabe andSupersprint products in Singapore. Wealso got involved in local and overseasmotorsports and put our expertisein suspension and exhaust tuning togood use.We’ve come a long way since and we’reproud to say we have since establisheda name in the car modification industry.Jeep Chee has proven to be anoutstanding workshop which providesquality workmanship at reasonableprices. We also pride ourselves as oneof the few workshops in Singapore thatcarries LTA-approved exhaust systemsfor car enthusiasts.What kind of services do you guysoffer?We provide basic servicing packagesuch oil changes and we also carry awide range of suspension upgrades.These include coil springs andcomplete coilover kits and we are ableto fine-tune them to your liking. You canalso get your braking system upgradedat Jeep Chee with high performancebrake pads or even aftermarket bigbrake kits. Of course, exhaust systemsare our specialty. We carry variousbrands of exhaust systems and theyinclude Tanabe, Supersprint, Jetex andAdvance. We also have a huge rangeof quality exhaust tips for your stockexhaust system.What are the advantages of usingan aftermarket exhaust system?An aftermarket exhaust system reducesthe back pressure and improves theperformance of your vehicle. Whencomplimented with other modifications,you can expect an increase inhorsepower and torque throughoutyour vehicle’s power band.The stainless steel material also is moreaesthetically pleasing to the eye. Youcan also expect a sportier exhaust noteas compared to most stock exhaustsystems which can barely be heard.Most importantly, LTA-approval ensuresyour exhaust system is road-legal andyou won’t have to worry about beingpulled over by our men in white.I heard you guys acquired amandrel bend machine. Care totell us more about that?About 2 years back, we purchased amandrel bend machine to cater to ourdiscerning customers who wanted the“perfect” exhaust system. Although itwas a pretty huge investment, it wasworth every cent as word soon gotout and we had even more customerscoming to us for their exhaust needs.What are the differences betweenmandrel bends and conventionalbends?Conventional bends generally refer toeither crush bends or crinkle bends.Such bends compromise the actualdiameter of the piping and hence auniform diameter will not be achieved.When mandrel bends are used toconstruct an exhaust pipe, an additionalmandrel is inserted into the piping toprevent crinkling or collapsing of thepipe. This additional mandrel is notpresent in crush or crinkle bends. Theexhaust piping is then bent into shapeusing hydraulic pressure. The results ofsuch a process are smooth, uniformand consistent-diameter bends.Uniform-diameter bends reducesbackpressure in the exhaust system.If you find it hard to understand, youcan relate this to using a straight plasticstraw when drinking your soft drink. Astraight straw will be easiest to drinkfrom, but when you bend it to forman L shape, you will realize it is harderto drink from, or blow air through thestraw. Mandrel bending will eliminatesuch a problem and allow the exhaustgases to exit easily.What kind of customization workcan customers expect at yourshop?With our mandrel bend machine, we areable to customize any 2” to 3” diameterstainless steel piping for your exhaustsystem. For turbocharged vehicles, weare also able to use the same machineto produce larger charge pipes forthose horsepower-hungry customersout there.Our skilled welders will also ensurethat each weld is done to perfectionand without any leakage. You can restassured that the end product will notonly look great, but also increase theperformance of your vehicle.Anything else to add?Jeep Chee is the only exhaust shop inSingapore which has a mandrel bendmachine. We are able to customize anexhaust system with minimum weldingalong the piping. Do not let yourexhaust system hamper your engine’strue potential by going for cheap andinferior quality exhaust system. A wellconstructed mandrel bent exhaustsystem will surprise you with itsperformance gains.We always welcome a challenge andare more than willing to work aroundyour needs. Commitment in producingexcellent work and going the extra milefor our customers has always been ournumber one priority.16 JUNE 2011

BMW F10 5 Series ExhaustBMW 5 Series / M5 ExhaustBMW 6 Series ExhaustAudi S5 4.2 V8 ExhaustAudi A4 / A5 1.8/2.0/3.2T Quattro ExhaustKia Cerato Exhaust Mini R56 1.6 Turbo Volkswagen Golf 5 / 6 / Scirocco ExhaustFiat Bravo Exhaust Lancer CS3 Exhaust Subaru Impreza 1.6 Exhaust Honda Civic FN2RKOUP EXHAUST 1.6 COMING SOON!! LTA COMPLIANT!!Coil Spring From $300! Coilover From $1550 and above!Available forSUBARU 1.5 HB,STREAM RN6Available forCIVIC FD, EVO 10,SUBARU GRB,HONDA FITAvailable forHONDA FIT &HONDA STREAMUnderbraceThe damping force of this shockabsorber is non-adjustable.Spring for this NF Kit is barrelform type as shown in thecatalogue. By Using this spring,we achieved much comfortabledriving quality.Height AdjustableThe shock absorber which itis exclusively designed on thebasis of the height, spring ratedata which is calculated inevery model. It gives a stifferfeeling to the car.Height AdjustableThe damping force ofthis shock absorber isadjustable. You canchoose its strengthamong 12 steps, soft,medium and hard forthe front & rear.CF-S can adjust theride height remains theadoption of certain lengthadjustment system. Alsodesigned for each vehicleto the position of thebracket.Damping Adjustable ByElectronic Control Unit(T Damping Adjustable ByElectronic Control Unit(TEAS)LTA COMPLIANTDress-up From lowers car by35-40mm but still provides acomfortable ridewith its increased spring rate.Retaining good ridecharacteristics identical to stockwhile offering almost 20-30mmlowering capabilitySlightly firmer design forimproved cornering stabilitywhile offering 25-30mmlowered look.Civic FDHondaStreamADVANCE RACING DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTSPACKAGE AFROM $65032 Stage Adjustable Damping Force EnablesVarious Settings Suitable For Your Liking.Shorter Piston for Lowering Spring ToPrevent From Hitting The Bumpstops.Twin Tube From Japan Reacts Quickly AndCorrectly Against Sudden Shock ReactionGas Filled To Keep The Shock PressurizedAnd Helps To Stop Oil Leak In ExtremeUsagePACKAGE BTANABELOWERINGSPRINGPACKAGE CFROM$950+FROM$395ADVANCE SUSPENSION +TANABE LOWERING SPRING+ ALIGNMENTLTA Compliant Exhaust From $650!Advance Suspension is a direct replacement for OEM Monotube Shock.Ideal as an upgrade from OEM Shock Absorber as it is dampingadjustable, therefore making it more responsive and easier to adjust to suitdifferent driving styles. Made from Steel and power coated damper body.Models Available: Honda Civic FD, EG/EK, EU1 05 onwards, Fit GE6 08,Airwave, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vios, Altis, Allion, Camry, Mazda 3 06, 5,Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, EX, Nissan Sunny N16, Latio, Sylphy.Honda Fit GE6Stainless Steel mufflerTITANIUM TipMandrelBendingServiceAvailable!$650AdvanceCoiloverUpsizeRotor Kit4 Pot BigBrake KitAdvance SteelBraided HoseExtractorJEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD (EXHAUST SPECIALIST)Add: Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 Singapore 408701 Tel: 6745 4700 / 6749 4260 Fax: 6743 2059Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-232 Singapore 408704We have revamped our website, please visit: WWW.JEEPCHEE.COM.SG E-MAIL: SALES@JEEPCHEE.COM.SGTAIL PIPES* AMEX/DINERS/OCBC/MAYBANK/UOB/CITIBANK Credit CardInstallment Available

PARTS1. LED Day LightWith the bright LED Day Light, you will definitely dazzle the crowdwherever you go. Encased in splash and moisture-proof enclosure,you don’t know have to worry about condensation appearing overtime. Adding a tinge of style during the day, and increasingvisibility at night, you are able to customize theposition of the LEDs to suit your taste.2. SOHO BackDriving should be enjoyed, and not a pain in the back.The long driving required by certain occupationsoften result in an aching and stiff back. The SOHOBack is a god-sent solution for such problems. Notonly does it help relieve back pain, it also aids incorrecting your seating posture. The designof the unit aids air ventilation and allowsprolonged usage and the height-adjustabletwin back support makes it suitable for all.Motec – 6265 35583. Scirocco Tail LampThis latest cosmetic enhancement for the Volkswagen Sciroccoadds the finishing touches needed on the already sexy Scirocco.With attention catching LED bulbs for the rear tail light, youwill be the source of attention of the cars behindyou. This LED variant of the tail light isavailable in both clear and tinted glass.Concorde Auto – 6292 00874. D1Spec Super EarthAvailable in eye-catching purple, D1Spec Super Earth 5-pointGrounding Cable will not only add the “bling” factor to yourengine bay, but also stabilizes the voltage of yourvehicle. You will experience brighter headlights,an increase in battery recharging speedand better performance from your audiosystem. This high quality made-in-Japanproduct is applicable for all kinds of vehicles.McWell Ventures – 8139 0848Fabulous X – 6841 7697Gadgets & GizmosThere's no point in having a powerful carif it doesn't have the right accessories to complement it.5. KIC ATFKeep your gearbox in optimal shape withKIC ATF Dexron III. This 4L 100% synthetictransmission fluid is available for all typesof automatic transmission except CVT. ItsHyper Grade (H Grade) rating is one of thehighest available for any ATF and providesexceptional wear protection and heatresistance especially in stop-and-go city traffic.6. OMP Style Office ChairLove the way your car’s seats hugs yourbody? Well you can experience the samething even in the comfort of your homeand office. This OMP style office chair fromMiki Marketing comes fitted with castersand armrests and is every car enthusiast’sdream come true.Blaze Trading – 6841 37247. Spring StiffenerExtend the life of your sagging coilsprings by restoring its tension withthis spring stiffener. Besides ensuringyour suspension lasts longer, the springstiffener also reduces body shock,improves ride comfort and road holdingand cuts down on noise and vibrations.Available for all types and makes of vehicles.Miki Marketing – 6749 19968. Violence GaugeFancy a gauge that not only accurately displays vitalengine stats but looks good as well? Your best betwould probably be Violence gauges. Available inamber or white display, these gauges are capable ofdisplaying a wide range of stats including water andoil temperature, volt, vacuum and oil pressure. Thesegauges can be installed on all types of vehicles.9. Carbon Fibre Gear KnobJeep Chee – 6745 4700With carbon fibre being a common sight on most cars nowadays,Motec has also introduced their own offering in the form of acarbon fibre gear knob. This round gear knob will fit nicelyinto your palm and allows you to shift gear withease. Available for a wide rangeof manual transmission cars.10. Avante UFO LED EyelinerSung Beng Auto – 9272 4879The radical headlight design of Audi cars took the motoring worldby storm. Many car manufacturers have since implemented theuse of LEDs into the design of their headlights as well. ManCanDohas provided a solution for the Kia Forte owners in the form of theUFO LED Eyeliner. Specially made for the Kia Forte, it is availablein various different colours andwould certainly make youstand out from the crowd.Motec – 6265 3558ManCanDo – 9001 488418 JUNE 2011

AUTODIESEL TURBO FUELSYSTEMS PTE LTD(The Only Authorised Denso Parts & Service Dealer In Singapore)We Specialise In:• Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Repair • Injector Repair• Smoke Inspection (NEA/STA/VICOM)• Vehicle ECU Diagnosis • General Service Of Vehicle• Turbocharger Repair • Starter & Alternator RepairOur FacilitiesWe are proud to be the first company to undertake common-rail supply pump repair facilities beforethe Euro 4 Emission enforcement by Singapore government.Testing FacilitiesProductsInline VE Fuel Pump V3 Fuel Pump V4 Fuel Pump V5P Fuel PumpHP0HP2HP3 HP4 Injector Alternator Starter Motor TurbochargerHeadquarterBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sec A #01-18 S’pore 575678Tel: (65) 6453 6656 Fax: (65) 6453 6085New Outlet101, Woodlands Industrial Park E5 S’pore 757522Email: Web:

TALKMotec’sHumble BeginningsWe turn back the clock and look at how Pierre got started in the automotive industryIn our present society, the car is nolonger merely a form of transportationbut also a representation of oneself.The younger generation are all for loudand flashy cars which best representwho they are.Pierre Ng started dabbling in the carmodification scene during his schooldays. After years of hard work, he hasfinally gained recognition from bothcustomers and other industry players.Having his car on the front cover of alocal publication is indeed a testimonialof his success in the industry.Being a mischievous boy who had badgrades in school, he was forced toleave after Secondary 3. However, hewas determined to make a differenceand did not allow others to despisehim. With the help of his doubledoctorate father, he was arrangedto attend another secondary schoolto continue his studies. Determinedto not let his father down, he workedhard and started topping his class.Upon graduation, he enrolled inSingapore Polytechnic and obtained adiploma. After completing his NationalService, he took up a course in HumanResource Management to furtherupgrade himself.In 2003, with the help of his parentsand his savings, he spent 18,000 AUDto purchase his car and that led himdown the pathway of car modification.Soon he begun sourcing for parts overthe internet and started selling them tohis peers, earning some commission inthe process.Pierre found satisfaction in modifyinghis car and the attention he got from it.Before returning to Singapore, he soldhis car for a whopping 32,000 AUD.The profits he reaped in helped him withhis venture into the car modificationand maintenance business. Uponreturning to Singapore, he set up hisown company that distributed carparts. While running his business,he ventured into property businessas well. He managed to earn heftycommission from his property businessbut this caused him to neglect his carmodification business.By 2008, he had to make a choicebetween property and car modification.He ended up choosing car modificationand put his heart and soul into thecompany. He set up his second branchthat same year. In 2009, Pierre finallyset up his own shop in Pioneer andstarted making a name for himselfin the industry. To further expand hisbusiness, he decided to venture intobranding and marketing for his productsand services. Through contacts inChina, Pierre also set up a factory thatmanufactures carbon fibre productsunder the “Karbon Kraft” brand for bothlocal and overseas market.As Motec is also a distributor of caraccessories to other workshops, hedecided to change his operation hoursto 6pm – 3am to prevent clashingwith that of other workshops. Thismade Motec the first car modificationcompany to operate at night. Withthe personalized services, specializedoperating hours and marketingcampaign, Motec started to getrecognized in the industry with manycustomers sending in their cars foraesthetic and performance upgrades.However, problems started emergingafter some time. Cash-flow problemssoon surfaced and this caused Pierrea great deal of stress. Thankfully, ladyluck shone on him and he managedto secure a huge deal with a US andSouth African customer. This businessdealing solved his financial woes and hecould concentrate on further expandinghis company.Pierre Ng owes his success to hisfather-in-law who not only helped himto finance his business, but entrustedhis precious daughter to him. With thesupport of his father-in-law, he hasmanaged to shape Motec into thesuccessful outfit it is today.Even after his father-in-law retired, hewould still make an effort to drop by theshop to supervise the staff. Top priorityat Motec has always been the safetyof the workshop staff and he wouldalways enforce it when he is around.This has translated into a disciplinedand competent team which not onlyworks diligently, but safely as well.22 June 2011

WHY WORRY NO ACCESSORIES & WORKSHOPOPEN AT NIGHT?OPEN DAILY EXCEPT PUBLIC HOLIDAYSFROM 6PM - 3AMSERVICING PACKAGES$176*$165*$165*$135*$128*50%OFF FOR ALLCAR PERFUMEWITHSERVICINGPACKAGEMOTULHKS NA RACINGHKS TURBO RACINGHKS SUPER RESPONSEX REVTEAM MOTEC$128*$128*$118*$108*$88FREEUMBRELLABIZOLFK MASSIMOAGIPPENNZOILENOCENJOY EXPRESSSERVICINGAT MOTEC WITHJUST$88TOP-UP• Battery Water• Brake, Clutch, Power Steering Fluid• Radiator Coolant• Windshield Washer SystemCHANGE• 4 Litres Engine Oil• Oil Filler (original or equivalent)CLEAN• Air FilterLUBRICATE• 4 Battery Terminal• Door HingesCHECK• Air-con Belt & Fan Belt• Handbrake, Horns & Wipers• Indicators & Lighting• Transmission & Axle Oil Level• Tyres & Tyre PressureCAR LED LOGOCUSTOMISE LEDHID CONVERSION KITWith 1year warrantywith InstallationWith 1year warrantywith InstallationPIONEER 4350DVDwith installation + 1 yr agent warranty$888$50FOR 4Leg Room LED$30FOR 2LED Door light$70ONWARDS$120ONWARDSDoor Handle LightsAudi A5 3.2 CoupeLexus IS250LTA COMPLIANT EXHAUSTCOILOVERBODYKITTanabe , HKS, JS Racing, Drift RacingHKS/ API/ Drift Racing/ TanabeCS3 BodykitING BodykitCARBON FIBRE BONNETCF WRAPBRAKE KIT$780ONWARDSFD JS C/F Bonnet$799CS3 Vortex C/F Bonnet$888Subaru ver.9Varis CF BonnetCarbon FibreSticker WrapFr$120AP RacingBrake KitK SportBrake KitROTORABrake KitCar BatteryBorch & BolidenSpring StiffenerSizes A, B, C, D, E, F, B+(with Installation)SpyAlarm3A Car MatHella Horn$45A PAIRSolar FilmStrut Bars$115ONWARDS$50ONWARDS$248ONWARDS$15EACH$280A CAR$120ONWARDS60mm Pro Sport /Depo RacingSound ProofingLED Day Lightwith SignalCustomised ICEVortex & Varis (R) C/F GT WingANY 3 FOR$439$50ONWARDS$12 8W/INSTALL +SWITCH$900ONWARDSMOTEC AUTO ACCESSORIESBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 Singapore 628455 Tel: 6265 3558 www.motec.sgLED, HID, Sound System, Carbon Fiber, Alarm System, Car Servicing And Maintenance, Performance Part,Exhaust System, Sound Proofing, Customized Floor Mat, Car Batteries, Bodykit and many more.Your Ideal Car Accessories Distributor and Retailer.

• Increase engine power• Increase engine torque• Improve throttle response• Remove low-end lethargy• Remove high-end breathlessness• Remove engine flat-spot• Reduce engine noise• Reduce engine vibration• Reduce turbo lag• Enhanced overtaking powerWe will change the way you drive!The ONLY one of its kind in the worldSpecial Promotion!$230Free Installation,Free Trial and Full MoneyBacked-Guarantee.TestimonialsWorking its wonders on CNG enginesSuitable for all petrol, diesel and CNG engines.I am a newly converted adopter of the E-Power System. I came across the system while picking up a copy of REV magazine. All this while I was lookingout for a power system that could ramp up the speed of my CNG powered Honda Stream. Looking through the testimonials and the promise of a freetrial, I decided to give it a shot. I met up with Mr Lim at my place and he just stuck a few pieces of “rubber” and meshing onto my engine. “Let’s gofor a test drive” he says. I was sceptical. What can a few pieces of “rubber” do? Boy was I wrong! The engine seems to breathe new life. My ride wasexhilarating! The acceleration was awesome! My foot on the gas pedal was light and I was ahead of the likes of petrol powered cars, good makes at thatand of course, even the taxis. Now even climbing hill on CNG is a breeze. Best of all, my fuel consumption has also improve on running on CNG by atleast 30km! Truly, the amazing “rubber” does what it claims! Thank you so much Mr Lim. I will be saving to purchase the next set on my petrol engine!I will gladly recommend your wonderful system to my friends! Keep it coming!K.L Tham / Honda Stream - CNGBringing new life back into your old carI want to thank you personally for bringing new life into my old dame’ Betsy. My old mercedes benz 1989 W124 200E now has a better pick-up. TheE-Power System works wonders. I was in the beginning spectical cause mine was an old car and was wondering whether the product would work. I amcurrently in Stage I and am already itching for Stage II. Thank you and God bless!Regards, Sunil KumarContinental goodnessI have been looking into improving the low end torque of my car for several years now since I got my Volvo S40. It is so frustrating when my car lacksthe power whenever I try to overtake. I have installed almost every product available in the market that claims to improve the horsepower and torqueof cars. Devices that look sophisticated and “hi-tech” but sadly none of them works, wasting much of my hard-earned money and time. I wanted togive myself a last try before I give up all hope of trying to improve my car. I met Mr. Lim after reading the many testimonials advertised on the E-PowerSystem in the Rev magazine. I was skeptical at first but after the first installation, I could feel the instant power and response that my car display.The car feels lighter and accelerates much faster. It is simply incredible. I am also surprise that my engine is quieter, smoother, so much more responsiveand the gear change quicker and smoother. I never expected so many positive changes to my car. Picking up speed and overtaking is a breeze. Its adream come true. For all new owners of the E-Power System, please be light on your throttle and get used to the power and response first before youstart to “wack”. Allow yourself time to adapt to the new behavior of your car, I almost bang into the vehicle in front of me after the traffic light turnsgreen with my usual pressure applied on the accelerator. The E-Power System has made my drive more enjoyable and the urge to ram my car at everyopportunity is almost uncontrollable. It’s like a drug addict craving for more drugs. I am not sure if this is the only one of its kind in the world but I canassure you that no other products that I know which is available locally can give you similar results like the E-Power System. You will be amazed.Steven Lee / Channel Sales Executive M1 Limited (Singapore)Money well spentI am a newly converted adopter of the E-PowerSystem as advertised in REV magazine. There are so many raving testimonials and there is a free trialongoing now so why not give it a go. This is one of the best decision I have ever made. Met Mr Lim and he installed the Intermediate System to get meinitiated. The instant change is incredible as the car became smoother just with 2 devices installed. I went to the main road and he encouraged me tofloor my throttle. The car is much quicker to accelerate and I am grinning ear to ear. But this is just the beginning. Next, he let me try the stage 1 witharound 10 items installed. He warned me to be light on the throttle and get used to the power. This might sound exaggerated but his advise is verysound. My car seems to have a new life breathed into it. You will feel the same excitement as though you just received a brand new car. At the samestretch of road where I floored my throttle, my car surged on with gusto like a raging bull. Normally, the RPM will hit 3000 and changed gear slowlyas it is programmed to be a comfortable ride. Now it pulled to 4500 and changed gears and swiftly moved to 4500 again. In the end of the test, myadrenaline is rushing and hands trembling. Sounds like I just went through the Battlestar Galactica but even better.Stage 1 price is pretty steep for me and I was hesitating to commit my hard earned dough. Mr Lim is very patient and he gave me 2 more tests withand without 5 items of Stage 1. The sheer increase in excitement and passion in driving my car has mercilessly kicked my logic away and I am a proudowner of E-PowerSystem Stage 1. Many people will be skeptical about this unconventional technology and I was too. But once you try it out, you willnever turn back. And the amazing part is that Mr Lim invented this system and the current 3G generation is one of his finest. What won me over isthat it doesn’t require major changes to your engines and the enhancements are barely noticeable. Best of all, you can transfer them to your next rideeasily so your money is well utilized. Icing on the cake will be when you stop at the next traffic light and accelerate past all the “fierce cars” with yourseemingly innocent family car. (FYI my ride is a 2008 1.6L Toyota Corolla Altis)Wesley Sum / Assistant V.P Barclay BankClose-up of Ultrasonic Airchargerin a Lamborghini GallardoE-Power System as installedin a Lamborghini GallardoScalar Ionic ChargerScalar WrapAero-MeshFor enquiry, appointments and on-site installation at your convenience:E-mail: • Website : http://epowersystem.comTelephone: 65-63001911 • Mobile Phone Number: 65-90011086Ultrasonic Aircharger


SPYDrive Recording SystemIntroducing CD-3000With New 3-Dimension Google Maping Technology & Now in 2 ChannelsUsed inmostKorean TaxisSuperior WideAngle QualityE772ASE702ASin-Car EntertainmentE771ASSpy alarm$730Pioneer AVH 4350LedFrom$110$100For4 DoorsMTX TN 4004 JH 404MTX Audio TR45 MTX CTC 260MTX JH 300 MTX CTX 262$50ONWARDS$199Rainbow LED LED DOOR handle L.E.D DoorL.E.D DoorH.i.dCustomized stickerh.i.dCustomised ledevent setupLTA Approved sunroofOWS - ServicingAt $78 Only! (5W40 + Oil filter + 24 Points check)owsmultilightOWS Dot 4Brake FluidOWSATFOWSsyncroBodykits - From $120 Onwards!owsLeichtlaufOWSSuperturboows LonglifeCoolentOWS168OWS610PerformanceOWS889OWS613OWS3-in-1E92 M3Conversion frontMercedesC ClassSubaruINGSHondaAccordd2CoilOverBroquetEBCBrake PadHurricaneWe Also Provide General Repairs Services184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-04 S757514Operation Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (Monday Off) 9.30am - 7pmWebsite: / www.sgautobazaar.comEmail: jordan@xquisiteworks.com24 Hours TowingHP: 9797 0996UOB 0% Interest FreeInstallment Plans AvailableWe Accept:

I.C.E2. View-iWith a choice of manual recording, or on-impactactivation, you can be assured of high quality videorecording with the View-i. Should you be involved inan accident, the View-i can smoothly document theentire incident and prevent inflated claims or wrongfulaccusation. The 149 degrees wide-angle lens and 1.3MPCMOS sensor ensures all recordings are of high qualityand serve their intended purposes.Autoform – 6294 55001. Audison VoceThis new range from Audison aims to bringsound quality to a new level. Originatingdirectly from the experience of the Thesisline, the Voce components take the incarlistening experience to a new level ofexcellence. The entire Voce line ranges fromAV1.1 tweeters to AV X6.5 Coaxial and evenAV12 Subwoofer.In-Phone – 6382 22623. MTX CTC 260Enjoy your favourite audio tracks with MTX’sCTC 260 component speakers. This speakerset comes with a pair of well-crafted high quality6.5” mid-range speakers and 1” tweeters. Ditchthose underperforming factory speakers for aset of these and you will never want to leaveyour car again.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35054. Mohawk MCAP-12Do your amplifiers require more power than what your carelectrical system is capable of? In order to achieve consistentperformance from your power-hungry audio setup and thejuice required during sudden power bursts, you shouldalways look into installing a capacitor in yourvehicle. With the 12 Farad“storage” capacity ofthe MCAP-12, youwill never run out ofspace to store theextra power required.ADK – 6742 82755. Explorer GPSUtilising the latest SiRF III chipset which promises quick andaccurate GPS lock-on, the Explorer GPS will efficiently leadyou to your destination. It features ERP gantry and parkingrates so you can diligently plan your journey. Searchingusing local postal codes yields instant hits and its 5” sizewill give you maximum visibility while driving. The ExplorerGPS not only comes with local maps, but Malaysia andThailand ones as well.Autoform – 6294 5500CRANK UP YOUR VOLUMEMake yourself heard with all the latest innovations from around the globe6. Hertz HE4For car audio enthusiasts that are looking to upgrade theirsound system, Hertz amplifiers are the best choice. Designedand engineered according to the strictest standards, the HE4is a 4 channel, 800W amplifier that can be bridgedin dual or mono mode. Pre-amplified inputsand hi-level inputs offer the possibilityfor the HE4 to be interfaced withany head unit. The advancedelectronics and theoptimized cooling systemensure the HE4 is ableprovide high power evenunder difficult conditions.Far East Auto – 9626 90927. MTX CTX 262This 2-way speaker coaxial from MTX will bring a smile tothe faces of discerning users. You will not be let down bythe performance of these 6.5” speakers which also comeswith matching tweeters. These two components will workwonderfully together to give you maximum aural pleasure.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35059. Mohawk MG-124This is specially designed head-unit that has beencustomized to fit the Suzuki Vitara. A large 7” touchscreen capable of supporting DVD, MP3 and various othermultimedia media formats, you will have endless hours ofentertainment in your vehicle. With a built in GPS, you willnever lose your way again while calls can be answered viathe head-unit using its Bluetooth receiver. This head-unitalso supports iPod/iPhone, SD card, and USB devices.ADK – 6742 82758. HD DVRServing as an additional “eye” in your vehicle, theHD DVR is capable of capturing high definition videoand images. Installation takes mere minutes withthe mounting hardware which can be attached toeither your windscreen or dashboard. Recordingcommences as soon as the device is powered on viathe cigarette lighter socket and USB 2.0 connectivityis supported.Autoform – 6294 550010. MTX Audio Terminator TN400.4MTX Audio’s 4 channel amplifiers comes in a high sheen,sweet-looking gloss black cover and will no doubt scorepoints in the aesthetics department. The amplifier powersyour speakers with 45 watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms.A intelligent Active Fan Cooling System uses a variablespeedcooling fan which automatically increases its speedwhen the volume is turned up. Having the connectors ona single side ensures an organized and clean installation.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 3505JUNE 2011 27

I.C.E. REVIEW1. Viper 3901T Alarm SystemViper’s CANBUS technology makesupgrading your factory alarm a walk in thepark. The CANBUS allows communicationbetween the alarm system and your vehiclevia a high speed digital data transfer system.This connection requires minimal wiringyet allows it to communicate with most ofthe electronic and convenience systemsthroughout the vehicle.The 3901T is the most advanced andsophisticated CANBUS upgrade alarm onthe market. The fruit of years of researchand development, this alarm allows flawlesscommunication with the vehicle’s electronicsand enables operation of individual features.Despite retaining the factory keyless entrysystem, it provides additional securityfunctions such as door, hood, trunk andignition protection, a built-in shock sensorand the Failsafe® Starter Kill. After buyingyour dream car, it is only right to arm it withthe best alarm system you can get.Far East Auto – 9626 9092PUSHINGBOUNDARIESPush the tempo and take your party on the roadwith these aurally powerful systems2. MTX Audio TR 45The MTX Audio TR 45 takes design andperformance to the next level with itskiller looks and heavy bass notes. Furtherimprovement to their MTX Super and HighPerformance Subwoofers has resulted inthe TR Series which has all the beef andbrawn to make your ride the loudest oneon the block.The TR 45 is certainly show-worthy with theunique raised MTX Audio and tribal designlogo. Not content with merely lookinggood, the thumping low frequencies thissubwoofer is capable of proves that itsperformance is not a let-down. This 12”offering from MTX spots a tough anddurable polypropylene cone and stitchedrubber surround that is seldom seen inother brands. It also has an exclusiveSpider Plateau Venting cooling system forthe voice coil to keep temperatures low.MTX proven technologies found in thissubwoofer will surely set it apart from thecompetition.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 350530 JUNE 2011

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE CAN BE YOURS!Nashin Brake System•LIGHTWEIGHT FORGED MONOBLOCK •HIGH PRECISION 3D CNC MACHINING •HIGH HEAT AND FADE RESISTANCE •SUITABLE FOR STREET AND RACE USECHUAN LEE HIN TYRES TRADING50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building Singapore 659578Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828We Specialize • Air-Con • Servicing and Repair • Car Stereo • Car Accessories • Sport Rims and TyresOperating Hour: Mon-Sat: 8.30am - 6.30pm Close on Sunday & public HolidaysOne StopAuto Services Centre0% Interest Installment Plan Available* Conditions Apply

REVIEWSNASHIN – Ultimate BrakingPerformance High quality brake kits which gives you confidence“Speed has never killed anyone,suddenly becoming stationary... that’swhat gets you.” Fans of the ever-witty,sometimes offensive host of Top GearUK, Jeremy Clarkson, will probably findthis quote familiar. So, what if one day,you find yourself in a situation whereyou have to come to a complete haltwithin… let’s say, 20 metres? Youcan either pray hard that your 3 yearold brake pads do not fail on you, orbrake with confidence knowing thatthe dough spent on your performancebrake kit is truly money well spent.When choosing the right brake systemfor your car, one’s top priority shouldalways be quality of the product andcompetency of the installers. Shoddyinstallation will render your 5-digit brakekit unsafe and such a compromiseshould never be made.Established in 1994, Nashin is a worldclass manufacturer of high performancebrake system. Participation incompetitive motorsports has enabledthem to fine tune and produce brakesystems of top notch standards in termsof quality, safety and performance.Their renowned billet forged caliperseries (G-Series) has received widepraise from users and is suitable for awide range of vehicles.Installation, as previously mentioned,should never be performed by anunskilled technician. First, the rims areremoved from the vehicle, exposingthe stock brakes. Brake fluid has to bedrained carefully as contact with theexterior of the vehicle would result inpaint damage.Next, the factory calipers, rotors,brackets and rubber brake lines aretaken out and placed aside. Due thelarger rotors and calipers of the Nashinbrake system, the factory bracketwould not be suitable. Nashin’s caliperbracket set consists of high strengthsteel brackets and the bolts used arestrongest grade hardened ones forgedfrom chrome-moly steel alloy.The unique groove design of Nashin’sfloating rotor promises betterbraking performance compared to aconventional blank rotor. Its floatinghub design allows thermal expansionand contraction during repeated heavyusage, easing the pressure betweenhub and disc. The new 355mm rotortakes the place of the stock 294mmone and not only performs better, butimproves the looks as well.Time to swap out those brakes!Tiny stock front brakeRemoving the stock brakeNext to go on the car is the NashinG-Series 6-pot caliper which areavailable in wide range of other colours.A 4-layer nanotech coating resists hightemperatures as well as wear and tearand keeps your calipers looking neweven after years of usage. Being the“heart” of every brake kit, the 6-potcaliper is made of aerospace gradeT2024 aluminum alloy and has a twopiecebillet forged structure. Hours ofR&D and strict QC has gone into everyNashin brake system and you can beassured that premature failure will notoccur. High performance brake padscompliment the calipers to providefade-free and responsive braking.Brake-less E230Caliper bracket onNashin 2-piece rotor in placeLastly, Teflon-lined brake lines withdouble layer stainless steel braidedsleeves are installed and a thoroughbleeding of the brakes is done. With thenew Nashin brakes the car now sports,I’m sure the owner will find driving hiscar an entirely new experience.Huge 6-pot Nashin caliper!Quality steel-braided brake lineThere you have it!For more information, please contactChuan Lee Hin Tyres Tradingat 6862 6818.Tiny stock front brakeLooking good!Not-so-good-looking rear brakesMuch better!JUNE 2011 33

REVIEW1. D1Spec60mm AdvanceSYS CR GaugeD1Spec has once again outdonethemselves with their newAdvance SYS CR Gauge. Thesehigh-accuracy gauges ensurethat you will always be able tomonitor the stats of your enginewhich is especially important forhigh performance vehicles. Thesegauges feature numerous usefulfunctions such as peak recall,peak warning setting, warningLED and peak value setting. Suchfunctions will keep you informedshould your vehicle exceed thepreset values and prevent anypotential engine damage.An 8-stage brightness settingallows maximum visibility evenduring the day, and enables youto reduce the glare at night. The60mm gauges come in either awhite (with selectable blue or redLED) or black face (with selectablewhite or red LED). Both feature aself-illuminating ring which glowsat night. Available for variousapplications including water/oiltemperature, oil/fuel pressure andair-fuel ratio.Fabulous X – 6841 93292. IG BoosterIgnite the spark and gain anincrease in performance with the IGBooster. This Ignition Booster willtake the original 12V and increaseit to a staggering 18V. Encased in astylish anodized matte black casing,it is water-resistant so you will notUPCLOSEGet a close up view of these productsthat caught our eyehave to worry about it being installedin your engine bay.The product is a result of thelatest technology which will bringsignificant improvements to yourride. Expect an increase in throttleresponse which would help youovertake and move off from thelights with ease. Despite the betterperformance of your ride, you willnot experience any increase in fuelconsumption. This product willsurely provide you with the best ofboth worlds.ManCanDo – 9001 48843. AkrapovicExhaustSystem forBMW X6M4. Advance 4-potBrake KitThis Advance 4-pot brake kit is aworthy investment should you belooking to upgrade your brakes.Manufactured using the latesttechnology under the strictest qualitycontrol, this set of brakes willreliably bring your car to a halteven under racing conditions.Craving for more HP from the4.4L twin-turbo X6M? Why notinvest in Akrapovic’s Evolutionexhaust system for the E71 X6M.This cat-back is constructed fromAkrapovic’s proprietary titaniumalloy and promises weight savingsof 23kg over the stock exhaustsystem. Consisting of a titaniumlink pipe set with resonators, x-pipeand titanium muffler with integratedexhaust valves, this set introducesnumerous enhancements to theexhaust design not found in thefactory system.Perhaps the most importantchanges is the inclusion of an34 JUNE 2011X-pipe in the Akrapovic design. Itprovides more juice in the low tomid rev range and a significantlylouder V8 growl. A dual-modeexhaust flap system is present inthis aftermarket system as well. Atlow revs, this flap system remainsclosed and decency is retained. Athigher revs or when the “S” modeis selected, the muffler is bypassedand all havoc breaks loose. Thisexhaust system alone will yield11HP and 15Nm of torque froman otherwise stock vehicle, furtherproving Akrapovic’s expertise in thefield of exhaust systems.Works Performance – 6842 4566The set contains a pairof two-piece slotted anddrilled rotors for betterheat dissipation. Whenpaired with a set ofperformance brake pads,the 4 pistons will provideyou with fade-free brakingand an impressive initialbite. As this brake kit weighslighter than most stock units,a reduction in unsprung weightwill also help in improving yourcar’s ride quality.Jeep Chee – 6745 4700

high performancebrake technologyFor Road And Track 100% Asbestos FreeElig Ceramic Brake Pads are made from ceramic fibers, filler material, bonding agents and small amounts of copper fiberswithin them, Because they’re mostly ceramic, these brake pads dissipate heat well, which keeps performance strong, evenafter repeated hard braking. They also don’t break down very much with repeated use, that means they produce less dustcompare to other types of brake pads and the dust that they do produce is lighter in color and doesn’t stick to the wheels.Advance Version( S+ )Sports Version( SP Carbon )• High Temperature Resistance• Dissipate Heat Well• Quieter & LighterInstallationsavailable atour dealers’workshop• Comfort Upon Braking• Reduced Wear & Tear Of The Brake Disc• Environmental Friendly• Complete Non-Asbestos• Less Dust Produce And Doesn’t Stick ToThe Wheelshighperformance OIL• Hyper-U99i Ultra Viscosity Elastic Annex(Additive Exclusive to ASIA), specialadditive that coats all friction surfaces,providing a protection layer whichgreatly reduces wear & tear, enhancingengine performance due to the “hot &humid” climate in Asia• Excellent low temperature starts and coldstart protection• High temperature stability• Superb oil pressure for more power100% SyntheticAPI SM• Low engine noise• Engine Cleaning Additive based on APIrequirements to meet automobilemanufactures standards• Oil film retentionMADE IN JAPAN• Shear resistance & anti-friction propertiesBlaze Trading Services Tel: 6841 3724 Website: / Email:

REVIEWSBardahl: A WorldWithout FrictionFrom engine lubricants to fuel additives, Bardahl products will keep yourengine running smooth.Norwegian immigrant, Ole Bardahl,arrived in the United States in 1922with just $32 in his pocket. His hardwork finally paid off when he bought asmall chemical company in 1939 andthat was the start of Bardahl. Back inthe 1930s, automotive engine oil qualitywas a far cry from the high-performanceones that are available off the shelfthese days and Ole Bardahl soon sawthe potential of his oil additive. Bythe mid 1950s, Bardahl successfullybecame the leading brand of motor oiland additives in the United States.These days, Bardahl sells theirproducts in more than 80 countries witha large presence in South American,Asian, European and African markets.Bardahl currently has more than 400different products for cars and otherspecialized makes. Their wide range ofproducts includes oil and fuel additiveswhich serve to improve the operatingconditions of your engine and improveyour car’s fuel efficiency.Ole Bardahl’s development of the “PolarAttraction” formula changed the waylubricants were formulated. The oil fromthe original formula bonded with loadbearing surfaces and protected themagainst friction and wear even undersevere operation conditions. Bardahlis constantly working to refine andfurther improve the “Polar Attraction”formula. The introduction of “Fullerene”chemistry successfully reduced frictioneven further.One remarkable product which wasrecently introduced is SynPulsar-Racingengine oil. The development of this fullysynthetic engine oil involved proprietaryformulations of synthetic base fluidsand additives. The high demands ofmotor racing causes extreme stress onthe car’s engine which requires an allroundengine oil which will lubricate andprotect the components of the engine.Bardahl’s SynPulsar-Racing oil isspecially balanced for friction reductionand increased power at the sametime delivering outstanding wearprotection and maximum horsepower.Outstanding shear stability prevents oilbreakdown during extreme operatingconditions and delivers protection evenat high temperatures.While regular maintenance of yourvehicle would ensure a smooth andlasting engine, the use of additiveswould also help to clean up theunwanted deposits built up over time.Should you be unsatisfied with thesluggish performance of your vehicle,KIWAMI Fuel System Treatment canhelp to restore the lost power andperformance, as well as improve yourfuel efficiency.It is an established fact that a dirtyfuel system hampers performanceand burns more fuel. This Bardahl fueladditive removes the dirty contaminantsand cleans the fuel system components.Studies have shown that 43% offriction-related power loss occurs inthe piston ring area. The only wayintroduce a friction modifier is throughthe fuel system. Prior to filling up yournext tank of petrol, simply pour a bottleof the KIWAMI Fuel System Treatmentinto the tank and fill it up. The productintroduces anti-wear agents andmolecular friction modifiers to reducewear and friction in these areas.For more information, please contactBardahl Asia Pacific at 6634 0600.“Everything Runs BetterWith Bardahl”36 JUNE 2011

BARDAHL ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD33 Ubi Avenue 3 #07-51, Vertex, Singapore 408868 TEL: 6634 0600 FAX: 6634 0900

TUNE-UPTHE BASICS –Intake, Header and ExhaustWhen there’s an in (intake),there’s always an out.This task falls to the car’sexhaust system.We’ve come to the third and final installment ofour basic modification series. In our previousissues, we’ve covered intake and header, inessence the path which atmospheric air entersthe combustion chamber, and the path whichexhaust gases take upon exiting the cylinder head.In this issue, our exhaust segment will coverwhat happens after the exhaust gases meettogether at the collector of the header. Acollector is where the various runners meet andthis is where the header ends off with a flangewhich is then bolted onto a catalytic converter.Catalytic converters have become a mandatoryrequirement worldwide as it significantly reducesthe amount of harmful gases that the exhaustgases contain. In our sunny island, the catalyticconverter is the only component that hasn’t gota legal, aftermarket replacement. Retaining thecatalytic converter is a must as it turns carbonmonoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbonsinto harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour.You may have heard of the term “cat-back”on forums or from your friends. Cat-backessentially means the remaining components ofthe exhaust system after the catalytic converter.For most cars, it will consist of one, sometimestwo silencers, exhaust piping (also termed midpipe),and ends off with the muffler box and tip.Due to the influx of various brands of aftermarketexhaust systems, drivers being educated on thepossible gains of an aftermarket exhaust system andthe high demand of such systems by enthusiasts, youcan now easily find an LTA-approved exhaust systemavailable for your car. These offerings usually come in3 forms: performance header, cat-back, and muffler.The cat-back would replace all the components afterthe catalytic converter, while the muffler simply justreplaces the factory unit that your car came with.Expect a gain in performance, throttle responseand a deeper, throatier exhaust note with suchaftermarket parts. They work on the samerationale as the performance headers previouslymentioned. Less backpressure would meanless force required by the pistons to push theexhaust gases out of the combustion chambers.Similarly, the price range of such aftermarket catbackand mufflers are largely dependent on theirbrand as well as material. Titanium once again willcommand the highest retail price due to its lighterweight and better heat dissipation properties.Customers can also expect to pay a premiumfor top Japanese brands such as HKS and Toda.However an equally good alternative would beSupersprint which is readily available at Jeep Chee.Should you have any questions about what we’vecovered so far in our REV Tune-Up section, do nothesitate to email us ( and wewill be more than willing to address your doubts.38 JUNE 2011

POWER UNLEASHEDFree Trial!First 10 CustomersWill Be Entitled To APromotional Price of $800Usual Price $950Testimonials:“I just got back from Ipoh last night and the drive was superb. I managed to hit 200km/h effortlesslyand had to control my right foot to prevent myself from going any faster. Overtaking is a breeze andit makes long distance driving less strenuous. For those who have already installed the ECU, do keepan eye on the speedometer or you’ll find yourself going above the speed limit without even realising it”– Taylormade, Mark-X“Before owning a Mercedes, i was driving a japanese make with plenty more torque.The moving off from starting point is sluggish and even some taxis overtakes better.Hage power has given me the pride and performance now whenever i am on theroad. It works better than it claims and i will strongly recommend it to conti drivers.”- Mr. Goh, Mercedes E230“I have been driving my bmw 318 series for more than 5 years and have been introducedto Hage Power by a friend. After i have installed this gadget, i never expect howmuch power and smoothness it has been added into my ride. With COE going up,my little investment gave my car a new life. It re-ignited my passion with the car again.”- Derek, BMW 318AfterBeforeAfterBeforeDynochart Of A Mark-X BeforeAnd After InstallationOf Hage Power ECUGet afreedynorun when youpurchase hagepower ecuPromotion valid till 30th SeptDyno run will be at Power Express Pte Ltd. Strictly by appointment basics only.The ECU is the brain that controls how your car performs before any other enhancement. Most original stock cars are delivered bymanufacturers in standard mode below its true optimal performance. Our job is to help unleashed the power within.Brought to you by professional Engineers and Tuners in Japan, the Hage Power ECU Tunemasterseries offers you the capability to do DUAL AFR and ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) tuning.Experience the significant BHP gain and a lower FC in it, and the rest is in the Head.Hage Distribution Pte LtdBlk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #02-234 (S) 408704 Tel: 8488 6998Website: Email: Dealers:GT Auto Sound Trading Pte Ltd, Blk 1069 Eunos Ave 5 #01-175 S(409748) Tel: 6280 6636Power Express, Autobay@Kaki Bukit, 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-80 S(417833) Tel: 9115 4329

drive a good bargainLooking to buy a car? Look no further than CarBuyer! With the latestnews on the industry, we’ll help you navigate the confusing process ofbuying a car. What’s best in the segment, how do COEs work, what dothe experts say? Read it all in Carbuyer!- 70,000 copies distributed on every 1st and 3rd Saturday monthly- Available at all CALTEX, ESSO, SHELL and SPC service stations,selected MRT stations, country clubs and other outlets

Asia AutoSalonAsia AutoSalon2011 HighlightsWe bring to you the highlights of the much anticipated Asia AutoSalon 2011!As its tagline suggests, AAS2011 isindeed Asia’s premiere auto parts andaccessories show. Great deals await allwho come to the show and if you havealways been eyeing that swanky newcarbon fibre bonnet or performanceenhancing exhaust system to upgradeyour beloved ride then you will have afield day at AAS2011.There will be special exclusivepromotions all through the 3 days ofthe show on items such as suspensionsystems, LED auto lighting, innovativeengine parts, brake kits, exhaustsystems, carbon body parts, automobileframes and even engine fittings etc.The exhibitors include tuningpowerhouses from Singapore andinternationally recognised manufacturersof suspensions, exhaust systems,racing seats and lightweight carbon fibreproducts from Japan. For those that likevariety there will also be exhibitors fromTaiwan and China showcasing theirwares including carbon fibre kits, struttower bars and full brake systems thatinclude high quality brake discs, steelhoses and brake calipers.Participants from Korea will make theirdebut in AAS2011 and along withexhibitors from Thailand, Australiaand our neighbours Malaysia, therewill be a wide range of products frommany international renowned brandson show. Automotive enthusiasts whocome to AAS2011 will have a chanceto source for their dream parts directfrom the manufacturer with no importor middleman charges!And as if having a stellar list of exhibitorsis not enough, the performancesthat have been arranged promises towow audiences with daring driftingexhibitions from Australian driftersJerome James Kennedy and DannyKenneally, the latter a 1st place finisherat the Goulburn, Stadium Drift Nationalsin 2010. Japanese pro drifters who willalso be in town include Kimihiro Obata,Manabu Fukinaka, Takamasa Kuroi,Tsutomo Fujio and Champion ladydrifter Hiromi Kajikuma also known asHiro-rin.Also in town will be Tsutomo Fujio,a vastly experienced and talentedJapanese motorsports racer who hasearned the moniker “The Terminator”from the way he “terminates” thecompetition during races. Tsutomostarted out racing Nissan Skylines intime attacks before shifting his focus todrifting in his current ride, a sleek MazdaEfini FD3S RX7.A certified drift instructor, judge at theDDGT motorsports event in Koreaand test driver for the likes of Koreantire giants Hankook, Tsutomo is wellqualified to show Singapore audienceseverything about the ultra coolmotorsport of drifting.The true stars of the show will of coursebe the cars on display which will includethe hot Mazda Efini FD3S RX-7, Daihat-Su small truck, D1 Toyota AE86 fromJapan and the R134 Skyvia Ute as wellas the Nissan 350Z from Australia.Singapore singing sensation LorraineTan will make a special guest appearanceat Asia AutoSalon 2011. Lorraine iswell known for her 2 self composedEnglish albums – Lorraine in OriginalLove Stories Vol. 1 and 2 released in2006 and 2007, respectively. Her firstcommercial Chinese album, “ 我 的 世界 ” was released in Singapore on 28January 2011.She is well known for liking all things“Kawaii” and her debut album evenclimbed to the top of HMV’s best sellingnon-English album chart, out-selling thelikes of Jay Chou and Fish Leong!Text & Photos MPT Group Pte Ltd42 June 2011

WHEELSUNRIVALLEDCONTROL IN YOUR HANDSBridgestone’s Adrenalin RE002 turns up the heat on the competitionPICK OF THE MONTHCome 1 July, all eyes will be onBridgestone when it finally unveilsits latest addition to the Potenzarange, the Adrenalin RE002. Goingby the positive feedback given byjournalists who got a chance to trythem out during a recent sessionin Thailand, this highly anticipatedtyre will no doubt impress even theharshest critics.This marks the first time the Potenzaseries gets a consecutive modelnumber. Its predecessor, theRE001, was first launched in 2007and has garnered numerous ravingreviews all over the world. Theuphill task of further improving allaspects of the tyre went down wellBridgestone and the RE002 wassoon conceptualized.The concept behind the tyre wassimple. If the RE001 was good,make the RE002 even better! Turninwas made sharper and moreresponsive, and gives the driver abetter and more direct steering feel.Spirited driving will not cause you tobreak out in cold sweat as corneringstability is now exceptional.Dry and wet conditions will not bea challenge to the tyre, making itwell suited for Singapore’s tropicalclimate. Contrary to the myth that alarger contact patch provides bettergrip, it is actually the compound,tread design as well as several otherfactors which truly determine theholding capabilities of the rubber. Tofurther improve on dry performance,Bridgestone employed several newtread designs. These include areduction to the current 3-groovedesign and a new center rib design.The wide offset of the rib also aidsin better handling and turning inperformance. The asymmetrictyre also has a combination blockwhich boosts rigidity, suppressesdeformation and gives a stiffer andmore direct handling feel.Should the skies open up, stayassured that the new Adrenalin tyrewill handle wet conditions equallywell. Thesilica-basedcompoundof the RE002complies withnew Europeanregulationsand enhanceswet-handlingand rollingresistance.Years ofparticipationin motorsporthas allowedBridgestoneto introduce amotorsport-inspired wave designthat improves drainage and antihydroplaningperformance. Ofcourse, prudent driving is still a mustin wet conditions.Did you also know that all tyreslaunched by Bridgestone from2010 are eco-products? Thisenvironmentally friendly initiative bythe Japanese tyre giant involves theuse of environmentally advancedmaterials and also improves therolling resistance. This not onlysaves our planet, but increasesfuel efficiency. By purchasingBridgestone tyres, not only areyou getting a revolutionary, highperformancetyre, but also playing apart in saving our planet Earth.Model: LG-204Size: 17 x 7 - 4/5 x 100/114.3Colour Options:Polished SilverAvailable at JT GlobalModel: LG-298Size: 18 x 7.5 - 5 x 100/120Colour Options:Black SilverAvailable at JT GlobalModel: LG-327Size: 15 x 6.5 - 4/5 x 100/114.3Colour Options:Black SilverAvailable at JT GlobalModel: Enkei RS 05Size: 16 x 7 – 4 x 100Colour Options:Black ChromeAvailable at Chuan Lee HinModel: M278Size: 17 x 7.5 x 114.3Colour Options:Black/PolishedAvailable at Chuan Lee Hin44 JUNE 2011

JUNE 2011 45

50 June 2011

UNCLE AGONYLOG IN AgonyDo you have a car-related question that needs answering?Drop us an email at and we will answer it!EngineQ: Recently my Nissan Sunny engine overheated and was sent to theworkshop for repairs. I gathered 3 quotations from different workshops andfound that the charges vary from $600 to $1500. Why is there such a bigdifference in price?There are many ways of repairing anoverheated engine. The severity of thedamage, age of the engine and thecondition of the engine will determinethe type of repairs needed. All of thesewill affect the repair costs involved.When an engine overheats, it meansthe engine operating temperaturehas exceeded the normal operatingtemperature. This high heat will causethe cylinder head gasket to blow,and the sealing effect of this gasket iscompromised. Therefore a basic repairis to replace this gasket. However, wemust also look in to the source of theproblem (cause of overheating) and thecollateral damage. Since the enginehas already been taken apart, you canalso look into replacing other worn ordamage parts.The most common reason foroverheating is failure of the water coolingsystem. The reason for such a failuremay include a leaking radiator, hoses orwater jackets, jamming of thermostat,Q: Recently, I’ve found it hard to start be car’s engine in the morning. I would need 2 - 3 cranks before theengine will come to life. Thereafter, it will vibrate and shiver for 1 - 2 minutes before stabilizing. Everything is fineduring regular driving except under hard acceleration when I want to over take. The engine will shiver again andthe acceleration is slow. I also notice my fuel consumption is getting higher but there are no signs of any enginecheck light. What could be the problem?A: Based on your description, it is mostlikely you have a misfiring problem. Thismeans one or two of your spark plug iseither not firing or the spark is weak. TheCEL not lighting up does not mean thatthere is no trouble code. Get you enginescanned for a more accurate diagnosis.The parts that may be faulty are sparkplugs, ignition cable, ignition coil or ECU (inorder of probability and most of the time itmay just be a single item, and not all.)If the engine scan shows no fault code,you can do an exhaust gas analysis toWheelsradiator cooling fan motor failure etc.Replacement of the cylinder headgasket involves taking apart the upperportion of the engine (cylinder headand valve train, etc). Parts involved canbe basically the gasket itself or a moreelaborate set of gasket and seals (valveseals, valve cover gasket, etc). The priceranges from $100 to $150.Collateral damages are damages suchas the warping of the cylinder head dueto high heat. The cylinder head needsto be skimmed to flatten the flange sothat there would not be any gaps whencoupled with the engine block. If theengine block is made of alloy, most ofthe time the high pressure created bythe heat will push apart the cylinderhead and the engine block.In such a case, the head studs wouldbe damaged as well. As the studs areusually made of high tensile steel, andthe block of alloy, the internal thread onthe block will be damaged. If it is not toosevere, it can be bored and rethreaded,determine the problem. The reading ofthe gases combination should be:High HC (Hydrocarbon) 2000 ppm whenengine is cold and 1000 ppm when hot.High CO (Carbon Monoxide) > 3%High O2 (Oxygen) > 1%Low CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) < 10%Lambda should be rich (

We Provide These Services ForBoth Euro & Asian Makes:• Performance Enhancements• Engine Works, Port & Polish,Turbo Upgrades• Performance Braking Solutions• Chassis / Suspension Tuning• ECU Reflash / Tuning• General Repair & Maintenance• Performance Servicing & Car Care MenuaFe Stage 2 ColdAir Intake Kits(Made in USA)51-31662BMW M355-11810BMW E90 320i51-11112 VWGolf GTI Mk551-11722Audi A4 B851-11572BMW E60MitsubishiLancer EXHonda Fit GETwintercooler for VW1.4 TSI / 2.0T FSi51-11892 (VWGolf GTI Mk6)BOVs for VW1.4TSi / 2.0 T FSiFMIND14(intake forScirocco 1.4TSI)Forge Motorsport products for VW / Audi51-11912(BMW 335i N55single turbo)Strut bars forBMW, Mini & mostAsian makesChassis Under Brace forSubaru WRX GH8/GRB.Lancer EX. Stream RN6 etcAgency Power (Made in USA)LightweightCrank Pulleyfor VW/Audi2.0 TFSi &Mitsubishi Evo XAlutec LightweightCrank pulleys formost popular Jap/ Korean makes.Aerospace7075-T6 aluminiumwith 1-yr warrantyGo Ahead. Drool.HEL Brake &Clutch Hose kitsfor all modelsHEL Performance 1 piececasted ATF & Oil cooler -13,16,&19 rows. Especiallyrecommended for dualclutch transmission.Made in SwedenS90 Racing Big BoreThrottle Body ForHonda DC5R & AccordCL7RATS Brake System(Japan)Chassis /Suspensione’SPEC Coilovers with30 ways damping &height adjustabilitye’SPECUpsizeRotorECU-Reflashavailable formostpopularEuro makes.Unichiptuningpackagesalsoavailable forAsian makes.Web: Socialize @ Tuning Pte Ltd 53, Ubi Ave 1, #03-54 Paya Ubi Industrial Park S408934 Tel: (65) 6289 4188 Fax: (65) 6746 1422Email: Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am-6pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holiday.52 JUNE 2011

CAR CLUBSUBARU CLUB SGThe Gathering of BoxersLest you think I’m talking about topless, burly men withred gloves, no I’m not. Widely known for their use of theboxer engine, Subaru cars have always been well receivedby drivers of our tiny island. This month, we will be turningthe spotlight on Subaru Club SG.Time has certainly flown by since the club started back in1999. Registered members have swelled to over 11,000and it provides a place for owners of all makes of Subaruto come together and mingle. Regardless if you’re a ladydriving the cute, 658cc R1, or a family man who loves the7-seater Exiga, Subaru Club SG will surely have somethingwhich interests you.Subaru Club SG is the brainchild of Larry, a former GCseriesWRX owner. The lack of a dedicated forum forSubaru owners and fans to socialize led to the creation ofthe club. In its early days, Larry single-handedly managedthe club despite his busy schedule. He has since moved onto other cars but his fevour still lies with Scooby.There are many attention-worthy topics in the forumranging from legal modifications, engine management aswell as a garage sales folder. It allows users and merchantsalike to post up sale threads for their wares. There arealso model-specific sub-forums which are well-receivedby all users. Besides the usual technical threads, you willalso find a Meet-Up and Motorsport section which servesto allow users to organize local and overseas trips. Theregular coffee sessions are prevalent and occasionally therewill also be track-days at both Sepang and Pasir Gudangbeing organized. You will even find dent removal sessionshosted by members themselves.Member Kean Ho has a simple request, please do notstereotype certain Subaru models as being “ah beng” ridesas most owners anything but an “ah beng”. Some ownershold respectable occupations such as sales executive,banker, doctor as well as teacher. Kean has personallyencountered foreigners paying compliments to a well doneup Subaru. The same can’t be said for certain Singaporeansthough. Nevertheless, owners of such Subaru cars payno attention to such remarks and continue driving theirmuscular, fine-looking and powerful rides.FAREAST AUTOACCESSORIES ENTERPRISE255 Changi Road S419745Tel: 6742 2729 Fax: 6742 2717LATEST BMW F10 H STYLE BODYKITWe carry full range ofBMW Accessories.NEW LEXUS RX 350W STYLE BODYKITEstablished Since 1988We specialize in SUV, MPV, Accessoriesand other Makes and ModelsWe carry full range ofLexus Accessories.ESTIMA K STYLE BODYKITWe carry full range ofLexus Accessories.CHEVOLET CRUZEAGE STYLE BODYKITWe carry full range ofChevolet Accessories.KIA FORTE AGE STYLE BODYKITWe carry full range ofKia Forte Accessories.

CAN’T FIND THE LATEST ISSUE OF REV? INSTEAD OF RUSHINGOUT TO FIND A COPY, WHY NOT HAVE IT DELIVERED STRAIGHTTO THE COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME?$24FOR 12 ISSUESFREE $20 Stamford Tyres Cash Voucher$48FOR 24 ISSUESFREE $40 Stamford Tyres Cash VoucherYour details (must be completed)Name ...........................................................................................................Date of Birth .................................................. Male FemaleNRIC No ......................................................................................................Address ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................Telephone Number ......................................................................................Email Address ..............................................................................................PAYMENT BY CHEQUEPlease make your payment via cheque in SGD payable to:BIG BANG MEDIA PTE LTDBank ............................................................................................................Cheque Number ..........................................................................................Mail this form and your cheque to:Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01 Singapore 787600Terms and conditions: This offer is open to residents of Singapore only. For details on overseassubscriptions please call +65 6455 8575 Big Bang Media Pte Ltd, the publishers of REV Magazine.REV ISSUE 08ADK Auto Accessories Centre52 Ubi Ave 3 The Frontier Epark #01-41 S408867AutoBacs Venture Pte Ltd30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6 S65976110 Ubi View S408543AutoDiesel Turbo Fuel Systems Pte LtdBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sec A #01-18 S575678Autoform Enterprise Pte Ltd33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-03 Vertex Building S408868AutoVox Pte Ltd452 Tagore Ind Ave S787823BCC Automotive Pte LtdBlk 1 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector C #01-101/107/109 S5756863SPARK Car Care Centres205 Braddell Road S579701383 Sin Ming Drive S5757179 Loyang Drive S5089697 Sungei Kadut Way S72879145 Pandan Road S609286320 Ubi Road 3 S408649Concorde Auto Accessories (S) Pte Ltd12 Jalan Lembah Kallang #01-01 Concorde Building S339568Fabulous-X Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-21 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Harmony Motor Pte LtdNo 1 Chia Ping Road S619967Horizon Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd65 Upp Paya Lebar Road #01-01 Guang Ming Ind Building S534817Jeep Chee Trading Pte LtdBlk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 S408701LHN TradingBlk 1009 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-90 S159723ManCanDo International Pte LtdBlk 34 Sin Ming Drive #01-118Mcwell Ventures Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-05/06 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Miracle Bodyworkz50 Bukit Batok St 23 #01-22 Midview Building S659578Motec Auto AccessoriesBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 S628455MotoRex Performance Pte Ltd53 Ubi Ave 1 #03-54 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408934Revol Carz Makeover10 AMK Ind Park 2A #01-12 AMK Autopoint S568047RTES51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-02 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Stamford Tyres Megamart19 Lok Yang Way Jurong S62863550 Bukit Batok St 23 #02-19 Midview Building S6595788 Kung Chong Road S159145455 Macpherson Road S36817331 Loyang Way S50872910 Admiralty Street #01-85 Northlink Building S757695Blk 9006, Tampines St 93, #01-196, Tampines Ind Park s52884010 AMK Ind Park 2A #01-14, AMK Autopoint S568047Sung Beng Auto (Pte) Ltd since 1969342 Circuit Road Singapore 37949456 JUNE 201156_Rev08.indd 16/8/11 3:31 PM

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