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CONTENTSNothing butthe truthIn every industry, myth-making is apowerful business: it’s all about sellingthe hype and building it into a tideof tsunami proportions, regardless ofthe facts to back it up. As long as therest of the herd believes in it, you canexpect success to arrive shortly in abig way. So really, the key is in gettingit through to the right audience.Modification of cars should be anenjoyable pastime. And the so-calledveterans who have had years ofexperimenting should be educating‘newbies’ rather than pushing anyagenda. Only with education cannewcomers to the age old art ofmodification appreciate the modsfor what they are, rather than onlypurchasing them based solely onwhat other claim is good withoutactually knowing what it does.C L O S E U P0608 EventsTokyo Auto Salon141820 TalkQ&A with HOS2327Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01 Singapore 787600Tel: 6455 8575 Fax: 6554 4875Email: rev@bigbang.com.sgPublisher Alan TanEditor Ferouz JeremiahContributors Cheryl Tay, James WongAccount ManagersAndrew Ting 9101 8406, Ivan Ong 8188 1825CreativeSenior Designer Emily NgDesigner Cai LishanPhotographyClement TanCirculation & ProductionP.PanirSales & Admin CoordinatorSaniah AJSpecial Thanks tothe CarBuyer TeamREV Magazine is published in Association with CarBuyerMagazine. REV is available every 1st Saturday of the monthwith 20,000 copies circulated free around the island.Printed by Times Printers Pte LtdDistributed by Mediacorp Pte LtdAll rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproducedin any form without the written consent of the publisher. Opinionsexpressed in REV by contributors and advertisers are notnecessarily those of editors and publisher. Publication of an article oradvertisement does not imply that the service or product is endorsedby REV magazine, unless specifically stated. While all efforts are madeto ensure that the publication’s content are correct, Big Bang MediaPte Ltd cannot be held responsible for any error or omissions.03 FEB 2011And with a paradigm shift occurring,modification has moved into a wholenew age. Modding is no longerjust seen as something that makesyou go faster, or even look flashy.It’s a lifestyle. We should not be tooconcerned about what the modssay about your lifestyle, but ratherwhat is in your car. Ultimately, aswe trudge forward on the path ofowning a perfect car that is done upexactly the way we like, we shouldalways remember that modding is forour personal enjoyment, and not acompetition.CheersFerouz Jermiah16 REV Feature>The Right FormulaNEWSUpdates & New happeningsModsGo Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn BetterPartsNew Gadgets & GizmosI.C.E SpecialCool Sounds On the MoveI.C.EPump Up The Volume32 REV Feature>Pint-Sized Powerhouse33343638424648WheelsA Tyre Shop With a DifferenceAcross The CausewayOne Of A KindSportsDriven By PassionShopMc Well / Sung BengReviewMods Up CloseClubHonda ES ClubLifeCool Gadgets & Gizmos28 I.C.E Cover Car>The Full ICE ExperienceDress / Island ShopAccessories / Island Shop[50]REV Babe>UpcloseMiranda

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EVENTSLove is AllAroundHeld at Stamford Tyres showroom alongLeng Kee Road, the media, partnersand invited guests were treated to asumptuous buffet spread as we satdown for a media preview of local auteurWee Li Lin’s latest film, Forever.With a screening of the trailer and aQ & A session with Li Lin herself, thegathered guests and media wereable to gain a first hand insight onthe underlying themes as well as thteinspiration for her movie.Do be sure to check it out in all GoldenVillages March 3rd 2011.An Exclusive Q & A with Wee Li Lin:Hey Lilin, thank you for taking the timeto speak to us.Would you tell us how you gotyour start in this industry andhow long you’ve been at it for?I’ve been working in the industry foralmost fifteen years, I started out asan assistant director at Mediacorp forsitcoms such as Three Rooms, TheDonny Lee Show and PCK (season 2).It was very hard work but great fun andsince I had no formal training in school,I did some modules but my major wasskewed towards visual arts, it was anexcellent training ground in productionand working with actors.After Mediacorp I freelanced andworked for different producers anddirectors and began directing myself.In fact every year since I started workI would always take some time off tomake my own short film, it was myway of keeping the fire going and mycreativity growing. But having said thatmost of the projects I did as a freelancerwere rewarding and educational and Imet many talented and interestingpeople in the process.When you started making films,were you trying to go for a specificthing? Why movies?I made my first short film when I was20 in school and it clicked in me assomething I could really do and do well,it encompassed all of my interests -writing, art, photography and acting. Ialso love movies (mostly feature length),in fact I think I was partially raisedby movies! American movies to bespecific.I would trawl the video library onweekends or go the cinemas, even bymyself. I’ve always loved cinema andthe experience of being in a cinema. Iactually don’t watch much TV, especiallythese days, though Television is at itsvery best time now. I enjoy makingmovies because I want to create myown little world and create my ownlittle characters that mean somethingto me and speak to me and hopefullyeveryone else.And it’s very hard work trying to createyour own little world on screen (be it ashort or long film) and it requires muchtenacity and passion that luckily iveinherited from my dad and mum, KokWah and Dawn who run StamfordTyres.What brought you to the idea ofthe subject in your movie?I actually met a real woman who was aclient on a project I was directing andwriting and she was working towardsbuilding marriage and romance inSingapore but was in fact anti romanceand a stalker! I wasquite shocked bythe contradiction hercharacter presentedand felt it would makefor an interesting moviecharacter.that kind of character again (how doesone top Fatal Attraction!) so I thought touse such an interesting character in aromantic comedy setting and humanizeher eccentricities.So in FOREVER, Joey is not antiromance but in fact, too pro romanceand that’s why her stalker tendenciesflare up. I hope I managed to createsomething different and enjoyable.What are your feelings about ascreening, what your piece bringsout in people. What are yourthoughts?Aside from the performances, musicand visuals which I think are of thehighest quality, I hope people willleave the theatre thinking they’veseen an eccentric, lovable but alsotragic character in Joey whom theycan continue to think about long afterthe film, and this goes for the otherscharacters like Gin, Cecilia and the restof the supporting cast.I tried to make them as interesting andfun as possible. I believe a film shouldalso continue to live once the audiencesleave the cinema and keep them inthought and discussion, I hope my filmcan do that.However, the realperson was more likeGlenn Close in FATALATTRACTION and Ididn’t want to makethat kind of film or show10 FEB 2011

COVER CARA WINNINGCOMBOModifications don’t always have to be complicated. And McWell’s A3 Quattrois the best example of how you can achieve the maximumresults with simple upgrades.Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.com12 FEB 2011Top / Rebecca TaylorSkirt/ Studio TangsAccessories / Island Shop

The beginning of a well-planned journeyGoing the distance with the BBS rims and APIt’s really easy to see why so manypeople have fallen in love with Audi.Each model belonging to the Audifamily all possess the same genes –great looking, powerful and oozinglots of class. And that’s exactly whyMcWell settled on the A3 to be theirspecial project car. “Yes. We werebeing suckers for the brand,” laughsDon Chua. “We could have gone witha Volkswagen, as both vehicles sharethe same 2.0TFSi engine from theVolkswagen Group, but we decided toopt for something a bit more premium.”it is already a work of art, capable ofpower beyond what it was designedwith. With just a drop-in K&N air filter,we were able to achieve an additional40hp at stage 1. With a sports mufflerand intake kit at stage 2, we broughtit to 50hp. The most significant wouldbe our stage 3 turbo upgrade, whichallowed us to pump out a max of 327hpand torque of 450Nm, compared to the200hp stock. And don’t forget, this isjust through the use of bolt-on kits!”enthuses Don.Need more boost? Greddy tells you if you do!Everything you need to know in a glance Integrated seamlessly onto the dashboardAnd the Audi A3 has not disappointed.Enjoying the A3’s DSG gearbox andpaddle shifts the most, Don hasdiscovered that it is nothing at alllike the typical WRXs and EVOs thatMcWell usually handles. “Well, I’ve gotto be honest. It wasn’t just purely thebrand of course. Fact of the matteris that we were looking for a 2.0 TFSiengine to tinker with and since the A3has everything we wanted, we settledon that. But we did not jump straightinto modding it of course. We drove thecar around for about three months toget a good idea on how it felt before westarted on modding,” explains Don.As for the A3’s modifications, bearingin mind that McWell Venture’s has analmost unbeatable reputation in theuse of bolt-on parts, Don decided thatall the modifications would have to betastefully done and featured only boltonparts. And with a thorough researchon the parts that were to be used, Donmanaged to ensure that modificationswere not overboard and was verymuch in-line with how a continentalcar should look. “While most of ourclients belong to Japanese car owners,we’ve noticed that with the popularity ofcontinental cars hitting unprecedentedlevels in Singapore, more customersare actually visiting us to upgrade theirVolkswagens and Audis. And it’s allbecause the 2.0TFSi is one of the most‘tunable’ engines at the moment. Andit’s through our research and testingthat we discovered that power canbe easily extracted from this engine,”explains Don.From the crisp turning to the sportscomfort suspension, to the effectivebraking (thanks to AP Racing),everything added to the A3 gels togetherperfectly, giving Don a much better ridethan before. “Remember what I saidabout the A3 being a nice ride. Well,its now exhilarating! The power you getat 3,000rpm is quite something. Andfrankly, we didn’t expect the power andtorque to surpass our expectations bythat much. It just goes to show that it’snot difficult to extract good gains fromsuch a minor upgrade.”With the success of the A3, we’rewondering if there are going to be anymore modifications done to this alreadyamazing ride. “I believe we could haveadded more power and torque witha front mount intercooler and water/methanol injection. But any morepower to this might have made it go alittle off-limits. Instead we’re going tofocus on our target of “simple upgradewith maximum effect”. And for our nextproject, we’ll strengthen the engineinternals and upgrade the cams to pushthe car to 400hp,” finishes Don.Fast Facts: Audi A3 QuattroENGINEATP Turbo Kit, ATP Intake, K&N TyphoonKit 69-9504, Greddy BOV Type RZ,OWS Engine OilCHASSISAP Racing 6-Pot Brake Kit (Front),EXZESS Enlarge Disc 2 330m (Rear),EXZESS Steel Braided Hoses, SILVER’sFull Height & Damping SuspensionAn elegant, clutter-free interior for the best driving experienceThe tuner’s fave, the 2.0 TFSi engineWith the understanding that most carenthusiasts would want more powerwithout going through an extensive‘operation’ to the engine, McWell madesure that they would be able to achievethe aim of a simple upgrade that wouldyield the maximum power. “It’s reallyhard for us to say which is our favouritemod that we added. From the enginehead to the pistons and crankshaft,CABINDimsport Flash Tune, PIVOT ThrottleController, PIVOT XV 3-in-1 Gauge,Greddy Boost ControllerEXTERIORXTEC 6000K H.I.D Bulb, XTEC L.E.DLightsEXHAUSTATP Downpipe Assembly, Miltek MufflerThe Dyno read-out never liesThe hidden source oif power, the ATP Turbo The ‘spring’s behind the A3’s bounceFEB 2011 13

MODS1. SparkplugsDesigned to operate underthe most severe environment,you can expect the mostout of the OWS Uber PowerPlasma Iridium Sparkplugs.Tested in Germany to ensurethat it is tough enough to lastfor 400,000km without theneed for any replacement.Compared to ordinary singleiridium spark plugs whichhave a lifespan of 50,000km,the OWS Uber Power Iridiumlasts an astounding eighttimes more, giving you morevalue for money and quality.OWS - 6452 32092. Elig SP CarbonThe SP Carbon is a highperformance sports versionbrake pad that is designedfor both road and track use.Made mostly of ceramic,these brake pads are able todissipate heat well, ensuringthat performance is keptstrong even after repeatedbraking. Also, thanks to itsrigid construction, the EligSP Carbon lasts longer anddoesn’t produce as muchdust , nor does it stick toyour wheels when comparedto other similar brake pads.Blaze Trading – 6841 37243. Silvers’ CoiloverDesigned to be a sportscomfort suspension, theNeomax is Silver’s thirdgeneration suspensionsystem that promises thehighest level of sportinessand comfort. With 24 levelsof dampening adjustabilityto enable drivers to get thebest settings, the Neomax ismade from only the highestquality materials like highstrength SAE9252 steel for itscold-bent springs, urethanebushing and a carbonseamless steel mono-tube.McWell – 6844 46404. 6-Pot Brake KitDesigned to be a fullcompetition-spec brake kit,VTTR’s 6-Pot Brake Kit isas good as it gets when yourequire effective stoppingcapabilities. Consisting oflarge lightweight two-piecerotors that use an anodized,duralumin bell housingto prevent rusting andscratching. Able to withstandtemperatures up to 900ºC,the VTTR 6-Pot featuresthe finest quality Teflon linedbraided brake hoses formaximum performance andreliability. RTES – 6844 46445. S90Designed specifically forthe Lancer CS3 model, thisS90 throttle body kit givesyou the ability to supplyas much air as your intakemanifold demands. Be it aset of aftermarket cams,supercharger, nitrous orturbo, the S90 will delivereven more horsepower. Madefrom high quality AL6061aluminium, the S90 featuresa special billet throttle bladeand shaft that will increasethrottle response as well asyour acceleration.Fabulous-X – 6841 9329MODIFICATIONS 101Go faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better & Enjoy a Better performance overall with these products6. Nu-PowerGive your engine a treatmentit’ll never forget withGunk’s Nu-Power withPTFE. Designed to reducefriction and engine wear,the Nu-Power also helps toreduce engine temperature,improves your fuel economyand increases your torque,all at the same time! Witha smoother engine, you’llreduce your operating costsand save more on regularmaintanence. After all, a goodengine is one that works at itbest and remains happy.Will Auto – 6298 18107. ExhaustGive your ride the sound itdeserves with this MugenExhaust that features a uniquetwin loop design. What thisdoes is it allows you anincreased torque and overallpower that comes out with aunique sound to boot. Madefrom SUS304 stainless steelconstruction, this exhaustis durable, long-lasting andavailable for the followingmodels – Honda Accord,CL7, Civic FD, FN2R, Edix,CRV, Fit/Jazz, Integra DC5,Odyssey, Stream and S2000.KingCrimson – 6299 92398. SupersprintCheck out the latest LTAcompliantSupersprint exhaustdesigned specially for theHonda Civic FN2R. Builtspecifically around theCivic FN2R’s unique enginecharacteristics and poweroutput, this Supersprintexhaust has been specificallytuned so that you canenjoy the best possibleperformance out of it, and tomake it even better, you’ll getto enjoy an incredibly pleasingaural boost whenever you putthe pedal to the metal.Jeep Chee – 6745 47009. Mini 4-Pot BrakeBelonging to Nashin’sN-Series, this 4-pot brake kitis designed to meet all thedemands of daily driving and isenhanced with more control,feel and braking power. Forbest results, choose fromNashin’s range of brake padsthat come in Street, Sport,Racing and Competition tocomplement it. Treated witha four-layer high temperatureresistant coating, these4-Pot monobloc calipersfit 330m/345mm rotors forgreater effectiveness.Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 681810. Violence VSD IVNo more lagging behind attraffic lights. Get rid of thesluggishness in your carwith the VSD IV. Designedto increase the voltage upto 18V and to ensure aneven distribution of powerto related portions of yourcar, the VSD IV comeswith a LED Voltage Displaydevice that allows you to seethe conditons at a glance.Besides a better distribution,you get to enjoy a slightimprovement in torque andresponse as well fuel savings.Sung Beng – 9272 487914 FEB 2011

POWER UNLEASHEDThey say that the Power is in the hands. We think the power is in the Head. The ECU is the brain that controlshow your car performs before any other enhancement. Most original stock cars are delivered by manufacturersin standard mode below its true optimal performance. Our job is to help unleashed the power within.Brought to you by professional Engineers and Tuners in Japan, the Hage Power ECU Tunemasterseries offers you the capability to do DUAL AFR and ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) tuning.Experience the significant BHP gain and a lower FC in it, and the rest is in the Head.Hage Distribution Pte LtdBlk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #02-234 (S) 408704 Tel: 8488 6998 Email: info@hage.com.sgAuthorised Dealers:Audioedge Pro Shop Pte Ltd, 170 Yio Chu Kang Road S(545623) Tel: 6763 944248 Toh Guan Road East #01-111 Enterprise Hub S(608586) Tel: 6686 0968GT Auto Sound Trading Pte Ltd, Blk 1069 Eunos Ave 5 #01-175 S(409748) Tel: 6280 6636

Feature CarThe Right FormulaHow do you take something as classy as a Beemer and make it even better? Simple.All you need is a good workshop and great vision.A sleek and elegant interior that speaks volumes. No messy wires here! Muted colours enhances the sporty vibe How low can you go?If you take a quick look on the roads,chances are, you’ll find a nice BMWzipping around. Or make that two. No,make that more. In fact, Singapore’sobsession with continental cars iswell-documented, and it just happensthat BMW have a special spot in mostof our hearts. .It’s not really hard to see why. BMWsare well-built, have great performanceand handling, and are generallyassociated with the posh crowd. Soit’s kind of rare to find a BMW that hasgone through as much work as EricPang’s E60 520. “It’s all about reliabilityreally. The 5-series is probably one ofthe most reliable cars you can find outthere that is classy and comes withsufficient power to boot,” explainsEric. “But there’s really nothing wrongwith having more power and lookingbetter, is there?”And with that approach in mind, Ericset out to create a 5-series to call hisown. It’s pretty obvious that Eric is aguy who knows what he wants, withhim deciding on what modificationshe wanted even before the car wasdelivered. “Actually, all the partswere already waiting in the workshopbefore I even collected my car. That’show I prepared I was,” Eric enlightensus. And for the modifications, Eric hadjust two prerequisites – Outlook andPerformance.This is probably why you’ll find thatthis tastefully done up E60 520sports a full Kerscher bodykit, withlarge Breyton 20-inch rims, originalM5 side-mirrors and boot lip, an ACSchnitzer roof spoiler, as well as aRemus quad-exhaust system, thatgives Eric’s Beemer a much moreaggressive and sporty look. “For me,looks were the most important thing. Iwanted the car to look amazing. Andonly when I was satisfied with how itlooked, did I start to look closely atthe performance aspect.”With an ECU reflash thrown in forgood measure, Eric found that hiscar was now capable of performingever better. That and a host of otherperformance parts added in tothis E60, help make driving all themore fun. “With the tyres, the ‘low’appearance of my BMW, you can tellfrom a glance that this isn’t just anyother 520 on the roads. In fact, I oweit all to the good people at Sin WeeChuan and Espace, and my friendsfor helping me and guiding me alongthe way,” beams Eric. “Everything isperforming up to my expectationsand somehow or another, I don’tknow if it’s just my mind playing tricks,but somehow or rather, it seems thatdriving my 520 now just seems to besimply divine!”Pleased with the way his 520 hasturned out, Eric is already lookingforward on how to tame this beastof his. “You know, with all the powerat my disposal, perhaps its time Istarted looking at big brake kits. Thestock brakes do a fine job, but theydon’t look as nice,” Eric laughinglyexplained.Check out the Breytons!Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comThe 520 in its natural environment16 FEB 2011Fast Facts: BMW E60 520SpecsKerscher Full Bodykit, M5 Boot Lip, M5Side Mirror, AC Schnitzer Roof SpoilerBreyton 20-inch Rims, Advan Sportstyre 275/30/20, Internal Silver TrimmingsRemus Quad Exhaust System, De-Cat,BMC Air Filter, BC Coilover, SprintBooster, ECU Reflash, Lighten CrankPulley, Port & Polished Throttle Body,Philips HID

K&N Cotton Filter is the best way to filter dust particlesThin layer of oil helps totrap dust particlesClean filtered air entersCombustion ChamberMAFSensorUnfiltered AirClean AirDust Particles trapped byK&N Filter

PARTS5. M3 Fender1. Floor Mat Plate 2. H.O.D Bulb3. Voltage Stabilizer 4. Driving Lamp18 Feb 2011If you’re looking to enhance H.O.D actually stands for High Featuring one of the largest Add some awesome stylingthe interior of your vehicle to Definition Olive Lamp, a new capacitors in the market, effects to your ride with thea sporty yet classy look, your generation of auto lighting D1 Spec’s Voltage Stabilizer Hella Black Magic Drivingbest bet would be with these lamps that are much bigger is one product that will Lamp. Featuring Hella’sfloor mat plates. Made from than the cylindrical shape of guarantee a noticeable exclusive Black Opticslightweight aluminium, these Halogen lamps and possess change in terms of driving Technology, it creates afloor plates are Immune to a penetration ability that experience with increases striking all-black look when thedirt, durable and stunning provides a better lighting no in both horsepower and fuel lamp is off. Flip on the switchin any weather, especially if matter the weather conditions. economy. Not only does it on to enjoy a super brightyou’ve installed neon lighting With better convergence improve your performance, and enhanced-focus beamunder the dashboard, these effect, wide illumination range but it also helps with the of light that will enable youmats will definitely leave all (above 80m), the H.O.D bulb aesthetic details like the to navigate your way throughyour passengers amazed. is one addition that makes headlight brightness and the the night in style, regardlessAlso, cleaning is a cinch. driving safer.sound of your car.of your surroundings .McWell – 6844 4640Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 6818 Fabulous-X – 6841 9329 Concorde – 6292 00876. Airbrush7. Speedmaster MTX 2 8. Trane Battery 9. GPS TrackerThough you might be Look the part of a racer even Based on the Swedish battery Designed to blend in with anytempted to try and add in the comforts of your own AB technology, the Trane interior, the MVT100 GPSsome designs onto your car home or office. Designed battery features a totally new tracker is a waterproof qualitywith store-bought stencils, specially to please racing plate grid design and thicker tracking device that cangeneral consensus is that enthusiasts, nothing can plate frames that protect it enable you to track the realtimeyou’ll be biting off more than possibly beat the feeling of from excessive vibration.movement of your vehicleyou can chew, so why spend relaxing in a crafted bucket Designed to be maintenancefree,or even a fleet of vehicles. Withunnecessary money on fixing seat covered in black leatherelectrolyte loss is reduced features like Indoor trackingit. So why not head over to with racy white strips that by 90% and charge retention via AGPS, SOS Alert, EngineBrushwerkz, the airbrush accentuate its sporting is boosted by 300%. Thanks Cut all capable of runningspecialists that will definitely heritage. Not to mention, to its ergonomic, user-friendly through GPS, GSM or GPRSturn your car into a work of art it functions perfectly well, designs, Trane batteries communications, you’ll neverthat’s definitely eye-catching making it an awesome gift as makes for an excellent choice have to worry about whereand stylish.well to a fellow petrol head. to power your ride.your car is at.Brushwerkz – 9100 8582 Miki Marketing – 6749 1996 ADK – 6742 8275Far East – 9626 9092Give your Beemer a sportyand much more aggressivestyling with this aluminiumM3 Fender. Designed withonly the most aggressiveand beautiful aerodynamicsin mind, this is one fenderthat will not only make yourcar look good, but performbetter on whole. Best of all,M3 Fender is a durable pieceof addition that will definitelymake for a worthwhileinvestment in the long run.Miracle – 6468 3096Gadgets & GizmosThere's no point in having a powerful car if it doesn't have the right accessories to complement it.10. LED BulbsDesigned to fit most vehicles,the T10 LED and reverselight bulb all work together togive you the best view whenyou need to park in the dark.Producing a more intenselight that increases visibilitywhile consuming lesserpower than conventionalbulbs, these LED bulbs notonly last longer, but gives youall the benefits of LED lightingthat you can hardly expect toachieve from regular bulbs.Motec – 6265 3558

• Increase engine power• Increase engine torque• Improve throttle response• Remove low-end lethargy• Remove high-end breathlessness• Remove engine flat-spot• Reduce engine noise• Reduce engine vibration• Reduce turbo lag• Enhanced overtaking powerWe will change the way you drive!The ONLY one of its kind in the worldSpecial Promotion!$230Free Installation,Free Trial and Full MoneyBacked-Guarantee.TestimonialsSuitable for all petrol, diesel and CNG engines.In early 2008, before I knew about E-Power System, for many months I’ve been looking for petrol saving devices for my old Kia Rio1.4L MT. It is well known that this Kia model is reputed to have high consumption of petrol. I’m glad that I came across E-PowerSystem advertisement. I called Mr. Lim for an appointment and from that day on when Mr. Lim fixed the devices I’ve never lookedback! I like the response and power of my car. My most excited experience is that I’m able to beat all the Hyundai Sonata taxi infriendly drag at the traffic lights and that the taxis are always way behind me.Driving my Kia Rio 1.4L MT at stage II is just like driving a 2L car. Smooth, responsive, powerful, reduction in engine noise and ofcourse lots of improvement in my fuel consumption and drastic savings in petrol.Being a E-Power System user for 3 years, I’m stillcalling Mr. Lim to fix devices on my new car Honda Fit 1.3L AT and with his new 3G devices I must say ‘WOW!’ Together with the 2Gdevices these new ones are even more powerful hence petrol consumption on my Fit is so much improved on my already economicalFit. The other thing I like about the E-Power System is that it allows me to upgrade the System when my budget permits. So what areyou waiting for? The trial is free! Give Mr. Lim a call and like me, I’m still smiling, you won’t regret it for sure! Thank You Mr.Lim forshowing me the E-Power System!Mr. Burhan Bin Saleh - Auxiliary Police Officer / Email: ubi_dude@yahoo.com.sgA very happy customer I am...... since Sept 2010..How selfish we human are by keeping the good stuffs to ourselves..... Not me. Please beinformed that I am a happy customer wish to share the information about my new joy ride everyday..... This happens when I browsed the netand saw E-Power... what? Driving a 7.5 seconds 0-100km/hr MRS 2007, I called and had an appointment that last several minutes to installthe first step and.... wow wow 6.5 seconds shock!! Decided to add on some magic stage II discovery by this man called Mr Lim, my car is flyingsmoothly... kinda exaggerating, but that’s how I feel... taking long route home because this system does safe your petrol too.Mash Sarpowan Director of Precision Golf Academy.Being a car owner, you must actually take care of your performance car parts. And taking good care of your car parts will surely save you fromspending on unnecessary expenses. I’m a very satisfied customer now on E-Power Systems. Got to know this E-Power System from one of themonth’s issue on automotive magazine. Searching the website and to know better, and i decided to make a call to Mr Lim for an appointment. I justafford to have the basic installation, fix in and that’s the test drive begin. And that’s giving me a different feelings. In just three and a half months,i’ve installed to stage III, it is nothing much i can describe but to thanks Mr Lim for his passion and experience. It’s really great to know the E-PowerSystems x Looking forward to upgrade till Stage 6...That’s my dreams!Andy Chok Banquet Manager Fairmount Singapore Subaru TsAmazing pickup and fabulous power! Yet fuel saving. - Ms. YH TanMy car runs like it is on steroids. The E-Power System is really a fantastic piece of innovation. So far I am getting 60 km more per full tank of fuel.Cannot believe it at first, but now I am convinced. - Mr. Danny Ismail, PR Manager of Kelisa Club Singapore. The ONLY legal “plug and play”device to help you use a lower octane fuel, save petrol and boost your power with the step of the accelerator! - Mr. Derrick Lee. Instant powerwhen you need it, its a whole new driving experience. Try it to believe!Mr. Kelvin, President of Kelisa Club SingaporeKia Rio 1.6L Manual - Mr. Aki Chief mechanic, Ricardo Auto Centre“Being an automotive mechanic for 17 years, I’ve never came across a product that not only gives performance, but also fuel economy, betterthrottle response, quieter engine and smoother gear shift! With so much surprises in improvement, nothing come close to the E-Power System!”Mr. Aki (Chief mechanic, Ricardo Auto Centre) - Installed E-Power System on October 2007Close-up of Ultrasonic Airchargerin a Lamborghini GallardoE-Power System as installedin a Lamborghini GallardoScalar Ionic ChargerScalar WrapAero-MeshUltrasonic AirchargerFor enquiry, appointments and on-site installation at your convenience:E-mail: enquiry@epowersystem.com • Website : http://epowersystem.comTelephone: 65-63001911 • Mobile Phone Number: 65-90011086

TALKSimplyThe BestWorld renowned auto-work maestro Perry Yem gives us a little insight onhow he has set a gold standard with his works of art!What were you doing before What is your work process like? it’s too much or too little. I go fromyou started out in the body kit It's spontaneous really. For me, when I anywhere actually.business?see the car, I know exactly what I wantWell, I first started out illustrating comics in my head. Unlike other designers who As for my designs, I guess you couldfor about three to four years before I prefer to use CAD and other special say I’m pretty much inspired by insectsgot asked by a Hong Kong-based toy computer equipment, I sculpt my like wasps for example, and jet-fighters.company to join them. I was there for designs from scratch. That’s not to say There’s just something about thea good six years before I started to I don’t use CAD or other programs to domination factor a jet-fighter like theget tired of them. And coincidentally, help me. It’s just that I dive right into the F-16 possesses that appeals to me. Imy wife happened to get me a Honda car. It’s almost akin to how Renaissance tend to combine both my inspirationS2000 for my birthday. It took me two artists used to work. That’s what I’m together and make it work.weeks of driving the S2000 aroundbefore the idea struck me, “Hey, I’vetold. [Laughs]What are the problems facedbeen doing toys all this while, why not What do you look out for when when you’re working?jump into something bigger?”designing?Just like any designer out there, thereLike I mentioned, the number one thing are times I find myself sketching thingsThe next thing I knew, I began cutting up I strive for when it comes to designing that look nice on paper, but don’t reallythe car and working on it. I posted the a kit is that I want people to go “Hey, is translate to the actual model. It’s not afinished results on a forum and it was that a new model?” when they come major issue really as I can work aroundthere people took notice of me. I still across it. I don’t like body kits to be it.remember, at that point of time, I didn’t ticky-tacky. No, to put it clearly, I don’teven know much about composites. want my body kit to just be a body kit. If I happen to face any blocks, IThinking about it in retrospect, I never I want it to be like the concept cars you don’t force myself to think. Whenthought about going to work with toys see at shows the world over, the only that happens, I’ll disappear from thethough the book was about cars. I’m difference being that you can actually workshop and take my bike out for amore intrigued by mechanical stuff, own it, and not just stare at it lustfully! quick ride to the beach. It’s like howlike engines and stuff. And it’s been 15you can’t function well if you stay in ayears now. Wow.Where do you get your inspiration place for too long. I’m usually able tofrom?pick up once I’m back.What would you say makes the For me, customer satisfaction isbody kits you design special? paramount. I always ask the customer What defines a Perry Yem kit?To me, it’s basically like an art form. precisely to find out what he or Wow. That’s kind of hard actually. IThe kits I design are what I like to call she wants. Some like it a tad more guess, if I had to summarise it in onea complete kit. All the kits I design are gentlemanly while others like it wild. word, I guess it would be exotic. Exoticmeant to blend with the car and not I don’t particular enjoy it when I’m done enough that you can derive art from it.look like something that’s been added. with a kit and then the customer says Doesn’t my work speak for itself.Is there a preferred make of carthat you enjoy working on?I wouldn’t say preferred, but I find myselfworking mainly on European cars.The higher-end stuff actually. Not thatI don’t do Japanese cars anymore. Itjust happens that owners of continentalcars are approaching me more. I’mgame for any make actually.What’s the one thing about yourS2000 that you like the most?Well, the fact that it doesn’t just lookgood I supposed. When I designed thekit for my S2000, I built it to perform aswell. I don’t think there are a lot of bodykits out there that are actually designedto help with appearance are there?Having been in Singapore for amonth now, what do you thinkabout the local car scene?You guys have a ton of rules, that’s forsure! Back in the States, you can go aswide as you want. No doubt it affectswhat I do, as peravvsonally, I go withthe philosophy - the wider the better.But I guess I’ll take it as a challenge.As for tastes, apart from the rules, I’dsay the mix is about the same. What issimilar is the fact that people all wantto look different. It seems to me thatthe owners of BMWs and MercedesBenzs’ know what they want while forJapanese car owners, Honda ownersin particular, anything goes for them.

Advance Version( S+ )HIGH PERFORMANCEBRAKE TECHNOLOGYFor Road And Track 100% Asbestos FreeINSTALLATIONSAVAILABLE ATOUR DEALERS’WORKSHOPSports Version( SP Carbon )• High Temperature Resistance• Dissipate Heat Well• Quieter & Lighter• Comfort Upon Braking• Reduced Wear & Tear Of The Brake Disc• Environmental Friendly• Complete Non-Asbestos• Less Dust Produce And Doesn’t Stick ToThe WheelsElig Ceramic Brake Pads are made from ceramic fibers, filler material, bonding agents and small amounts of copper fiberswithin them, Because they’re mostly ceramic, these brake pads dissipate heat well, which keeps performance strong, evenafter repeated hard braking. They also don’t break down very much with repeated use, that means they produce less dustcompare to other types of brake pads and the dust that they do produce is lighter in color and doesn’t stick to the wheels.HIGHPERFORMANCE OILKIC Ltd (Japan), Project µ worldwide distribution partner, now brings you, the enthusiast a high performanceengine oil which is track tested yet surprisingly affordable. Specially blended to KiC specs & requirements,KiC High Performance Oil is manufactured by Japan’s premier performance oil manufacturer.100% SyntheticAPI SMMADE IN JAPAN• Hyper-U99i Ultra Viscosity Elastic Annex(Additive Exclusive to ASIA), special additivethat coats all friction surfaces, providing aprotection layer which greatly reduces wear& tear, enhancing engine performance due tothe “hot & humid” climate in Asia• Excellent low temperature starts and coldstart protection• High temperature stability• Superb oil pressure for more power• Low engine noise• Engine Cleaning Additive based on APIrequirements to meet automobilemanufactures standards• Oil film retention• Shear resistance & anti-friction properties• The very same oil was used in the Project µrace cars in the ATCS, Macau GP GUIA raceseries and KiC/Flamez S13 Drift CarBLAZE TRADING SERVICES TEL: 6841 3724 EMAIL: SALESENQUIRY@BLAZE-TRADING.COM

AUTODIESEL TURBO FUELSYSTEMS PTE LTD(The Only Authorised Denso Parts & Service Dealer In Singapore)We Specialise In:• Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Repair • Injector Repair• Smoke Inspection (NEA/STA/VICOM)• Vehicle ECU Diagnosis • General Service Of Vehicle• Turbocharger Repair • Starter & Alternator RepairOur FacilitiesWe are proud to be the first company to undertake common-rail supply pump repair facilities beforethe Euro 4 Emission enforcement by Singapore government.Epoxy FlooringClean RoomHepa Filter Clean Room Facilities - Common-rail supply pump repair with a filtration standard of 2 micron.Testing FacilitiesProductsInline VE Fuel Pump V3 Fuel Pump V4 Fuel Pump HP3V5PHP0HP2HP4InjectorAlternator Starter Motor TurbochargerHeadquarterBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sec A #01-18 S’pore 575678Tel: (65) 6453 6656 Fax: (65) 6453 6085New Outlet101, Woodland Industrial Park E5 S757522Email: sales@autodieselturbo.com Web: www.autodieselturbo.com

i.C.E.in - car entertainment specialFit for aKINGCompact yet composed, astunning piece of art that isfit for royalty

ICE NEWSAward WinningAlpine was awarded the “InnovationsDesign and Engineering Award” forthe In-Vehicle Audio/Video categoryat the recent Consumer ElectronicsShow (CES) 2011, held in Texas, for itslatest X-Power Digital Amp, the MRX-V60, and in the In-Vehicle Control/OEMIntegration category, the PXA-H800IMPRINT Digital Sound Processor.The pride of Alpine's most excitingline-up yet, these prestigious awardsare given only to the most innovativeconsumer electric products withsuperior technological advances anddesign that are selected by a panel ofdesigners, engineers and members ofthe trade press continually since 1976.Be amazed.RockOutWith more than 50 new productslaunched at the recent CES for its2011 line-up, it’s Rockford Fosgate’samplifiers that may just be the mostexciting products this time round.With two new AD amplifier modelsadded to its Power series, bestknown for its commanding sound in asmall chassis design, the brand newT600 and T1000 models deliver thesame quality as the other models inthe Power series, but are available ina more affordable package, provingonce and for all that great design andbold engineering do not have to bemutually exclusive and exist together.Kicking ItUPA NotchKenwood has recently unveiled abroad range of models that rangefrom traditional single-din units aswell as double-din navigation devicesthat are ready to take the world bystorm for its 2011 line-up.Deciding to take a similar route toboth Sony and Pioneer, Kenwoodhas created the DNX9980HD flagshipnavigation unit that features bothiPhone integration as well as otherkey features like a 6.95-inch WVGAmotorized screen, voice regonition,HD radio and a 5.1 channel surroundsound processor with DTA control.EnhancingTheAutomotiveEnvironmentThe latest products launched by Pioneerare designed to deliver exceptionalaudio and video quality, portable deviceconnectivity and enhanced convenienceto the automotive environment. Consistingof the Pioneer AVH-P5350DVD, theAVHP4350DVD, the AVH-2350DVD andthe AVH-P3350BT, all four models comewith an innovative user interface thatmakes direction simple, convenient andeffective. It's time to embrace a muchmore inspiried drive.The AVH-P4350DVD is already availablefor sale with the rest of models availablein the coming weeks.25 FEb 2011

ICE CarModifying your car can be somewhatof a whirlwind adventure for some.Just ask Edmund, the proud ownerof this elegant Honda Fit. What beganfirst as a quest to achieve more powerturned into a brand new adventurefor Edmund, who realized that justimproving the power wasn’t enough.Though the Honda Fit doesn’t have asmuch space as say a sedan or SUV,Edmund was nonetheless attractedto the Fit’s excellent fuel consumptionand the amount of boot and leg spaceeven with a full load. “After I receivedmy car, I went to boost my Fit’sperformance, but after some time, Irealised I was lacking something and Iwasn’t really satisfied. I knew I neededsomething that would prove to bevisually spectacular,” says Edmund.the confidence of the installer led meto commission them to work on mycar. And that’s the end result,” beamsEdmund happily.And the Fit is truly a sight to behold.Featuring customized lighting, a rewrappedupholstery, a boot ice setup, rear centre console, a fully redoneengine bay and sporting tons ofGarson products, and that’s only theinterior. The outward appearance ofthis fit is further enhanced by a DamdInc. bodykit that accentuates thelarge 18” dad dolci rims. Also, plentyof HID. “I especially like the lightingand the centre rear console. In fact,one of the highlights is the quality ofcentre console that just makes a bigdifference to the interior. The ambienceis special,” Edmund explains.The highlight and rightfully so.Check out the bling!So what he did next was to actuallybrowse through a couple of Japanesemotoring magazines for someinspiration on how he could achievehis dream. “The stuff you find onJapanese magazines are reallyamazing. I was so inspired by it that Istarted to paste crystals on my car. Ieven bought a few items from Garsonand Junction products.But even that wasn’t enough toquench Edmund’s voracious appetite.To achieve his dreams, Edmund had tosource around for a reputable installerthat could match his vision with highquality workmanship for it to succeed.“The search wasn’t easy I can tellyou. I searched high and low, and goteither quotations that were way toohigh, or workshops that lacked theconfidence to fulfil my expectations.It all seemed pointless, until I paid avisit to ADK. A reasonable price andAnd lest we forget, Edmund is alsoquick to remind us that with all thecosmetic ‘surgery’ done, he also hadto increase the power to deal with allthe additional weight that came with it.Gone are the throttle body, air intakeand the stock brake pads, makingway for a host of after market parts.After everthing’s been said, Edmundfinds a huge sense of satisfactionknow that going on a ride is anythingbut normal. And this definitely isn’t theend of the line for his beloved Fit.“I’ll probably be trying to do up thestance of my car, maybe add an airsuspension, or even respray the carto pearl pink with pink and whiteupholstery. But most of all, I’d like tohave a fish tank in there someday.It would be perfect for the watersystems I already have in place,"finishes Edmund. Fish. Who’d haveever thought it would be fish.It’s all about details.That’s what you call entertainment!Passengers get all the fun!Fast Facts: HONDA FITPERFORMANCEStainless Steel Air Filter, Stainless Steel,Brake Hose, Performance Brake PadBored throttle body, Pivot stabilizer withgrounding wires, Brake booster, DriftRacing Coilover, Upgraded Brake RotorsEXTERIORFull Damd Inc. Bodykit with customizedfog lamps, Dad Dolci 18” rims, ChromeHandles & Door trimmings, Weldedexhaust tip, Imported rear taillights, DadDloci front & back number plate framesH.I.D 8k headlights, Pink H.I.D FogLamps, Original Dad emblems,Customized side signal lam with Dademblem, Door Handle lights,Undercarriage pink L.E.D lights with 48patterns, Flashing strobe white L.E.DlightsENGINE BAYRecustomised engine bay with hiddenbattery and sprayed white white pinkL.E.D lights.Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.comThe FUll ICEEXPERIENCECompact yet composed, this Honda Fit is proof that all it takes is planning and the creativity to turna normal hatchback into a stunning piece of art that is fit for royalty.26 FEB 2011

I.C.E1. IVA-W520EA versatile AV head unit that provides completemedia centre capabilities through an effortlesstouch-screen control, the Alpine IVA-W520E is afull featured 2-DIN solution to all your entertainmentneeds. With a colourful selective display, full USBsupport for your iPod, iPhone and other storagedevices, all your favourite music and videos is buta 7-inch WVGA monitor away at your convenience.Darren Auto – 6567 27264. Audison AV X5Featuring an exclusive TripleWave surround profile andmade with specially selectedmaterials that provide fulllinearity as well as a reliableperformance, the X5 speakerfrom Audison represents thelatest in sound technology.With a radial venting systemthat ensures high thermalcapability, and an extremelylightweight CCAW voice coil,you can expect good vibes andmusic all the time.In-Phone – 6382 22625. Vision Head-Unit2. Vision Head-UnitUnlike certain cars that come with an easilyreplaceable factory-fitted head-unit, the ones foundin Hyundai’s Tucson I35 (2010) don’t offer you thatflexibility. But that’s not to say you can’t swap outthe original for a better and more powerful one. WithVision’s head-unit that comes customized specially27 FEB 2011for the Tucson, you get to enjoy DVD, VCD, MP3,MPEG4, WMA and JPEG playback as well as USB/SD support. Autoform – 6294 5500This specially designed headunitthat has been customisedto fit the Kia Cerato Forte.Built with a large 7” DVDtouchscreen that can support3. Ultimate IridiumDVD, VCD,MP3, MPEG4/Purpose-built for sound quality, the Iridium 6.3 isWMA formats and more, it isa three-way component system that is composedalso capable of playing musicof a 1.1-inch tweeter, a 3-inch dome and a 6.5-and watching videos whileinch woofer. Designed to win competitions singlehandedly,the Iridium is a serious choice of systemGPS. Not only is this head-you’re navigating with thefor audiophiles that features an amazing tonalunit an addition to your ride itquality, has impressive imaging and staging, and iswill help to make driving a joyhighly flexible, perfect for the mid-range.once again.MasterQ – 8376 3432Autoform – 6294 5500CRANK UP YOUR VOLUMEMake yourself heard with all the latest innovations from around the globe6. Audison AV K58. Monitor PrecisionWith a specially designedMonitor Precision’s M3 features a 6.5” woofer with acrossover that shapes the3” mid-range, 28mm tweeter and a 3-way crossoveracoustic response of thecomponent. Undeniably powerful and robust,K5, you’ll be able to achievethe M3 has managed to skilfully combine quality,a consistent, harmoniousperformance, reliability and not to mention, an artfulsound in your ride with thedesign into one ingenious package. And thanks toK5 by Audison. Togetherthe flexibility it possesses, the M3 is one nifty gadgetwith a Tetolon dome for lowthat will fulfil your aural needs wonderfully.mass and resonance-freeAmici – 6560 1296tweeter and a woofer with an“open-air” design, what youhave is a unique system that 9. Centre Speakerswill provide you with superior Offering much more than its glossy good looks, thisaural performance every time. centre speaker by Borchmann is fitted with a softIn-Phone – 6382 2262dome tweer and twin woofers that keep the soundquality smooth, detailed and crisp. Built with aninfinite baffle cabinet construction, you can expect a7. DEX-P99RStight and precise bass response. After all, the key toProbably one of the nicest, if not the most elegant looking having an enjoyable drive, especially long commuteshead units ever placed on the market by Pioneer, the DEX- to work, is having only the best speakers out there.P99RS is a 31-band digital equalizer that is adjustable for Far East – 9626 9092multiple set ups, that also has an auto time alignment countthat allows for perfect synchronization. Built for maximumconnectivity and flexibility, this is one head unit that looks10. Clarion VX709Agood, and sounds awesome to boot.A 2-DIN DVD Multimedia station that representswww.pioneer.com.sgthe latest in digital media, Clarion’s VX709Ahas one of the best systems out in the marketthat will maximise the potential in your car. WithUSB direct connection, enjoy all your favouritemovies and music on a large 7-inch touchscreen, with a 2-Zone entertainment system,you’ll never have to worry about interferencewith your passengers. www.clarion.com.sg

REVIEWS1. Sony DSX-S100Say goodbye to messy wires that hinder movementand make your car look cluttered with the DSX-S100digital media receiver. A digital receiver unlike others,the DSX-S100 features an integrated Tune Tray thatis intelligently designed to securely store your iPodor Walkman MP3 or any other media player neatlywithin the receiver; removing any loose wires. Iteven comes with a built-in reminder alert to ensureyou never leave your device behind,And we haven’t even started on what it can do.Capable of delivering 52 watts of peak powerto all four speakers and DSO and EQ3 stage,the DSX-S100 allows you to adjust the mix for adynamic sound experience.Being satellite radio/HD Radio ready allows it tointegrate seamlessly so that you can receive thebest of both worlds. A 2-line fluorescent LCDdisplay feature displays meta-data like song title,artist and track number on the front, making it easyto read song information.portable audio device to your car’s sound system,giving you endless options should you require.What’s more, with a built-in ZAPPIN functionthat allows you to play 6, 9 or 30-secondclips of your music, you can nowfind the song you want with ease.With all the space saving andnifty functions it possess,the DSX-S100 is onecool media receiverthat does exactlyeverything itsays it can,better. Bestof all, you’llnow havethe spaceto save thecup holderfor your drink.www.sony.com.sgAlso, the front auxiliary with the USB 1-wire inputgives you the flexibility to connect almost anyPUSHINGBOUNDARIESPush the tempo and take your party on the roadwith these aurally powerful systems2. Audison SR SeriesLong considered one of the best names available onthe market, Audison has once again delighted caraudiophiles with its brand new SR series. Built forthe enthusiast who is focused all about quality, theSR series features five products that are all designedand built to the highest standards possible.Possessing a perfect balance of size, versatility,power and sound quality in each of the five models.Firstly, we have the SR1D, a compact mono digitalamplifier that is designed with a fully configurableby-pass crossover and PRE OUT coming from thehi-level speaker inputs, making it the perfect pieceto drive a subwoofer in an OEM factory upgradedsystem.amplifier that’s perfect to drive front speakers,it is well suited to function together with monosubwoofers or Mid-Hi front in multi channel speakersystems.Now we come to the SR4, a four-channel DYNABamplifier, that offers Front/Rear, Front/Sub or as partof a multi-channel system with fully configurable,by-passable crossover sections.And finally the SR5, a DYNAB five-channel singleamplifier system solution where having high powerand versatility counts. Thanks to its extended rangeof the crossover section, this makes the SR5 highlyviable across endless system designs.As for the SR1Dk, you get another powerful monoDigital amplifier that represents the maximumexpandability in terms of power and configurationcapability.In-Phone – 6382 2262What differs is that the SR1Dk comes with an abilityto operate in “cascade” mode that can link manydifferent amplifiers together, making its extremeversatility a premium product worth having.The SR2 comes across as the most powerfulamongst the SR series. Built with a DYNAB stereo28 FEB 2011


ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE CAN BE YOURS!Nashin Brake System• Mono Block Design High Strength And Lighter• Hard Coating On Surface To Prevent WearAnd Withstand High Temperature• 1 Year Warranty Of Calipers Against Manufacturing Defects.• Special Pistons To Provide Highly SensitiveBraking And Liner Braking Performance• Brake Pads Design To Lower Vibration AndIncrease Stability In High Speed Braking• High Precision 3D CNC MachiningAVAILABLE FOR MOST MODELS!COLORS AVAILABLE:ATTRACTIVE RIM PACKAGES FROM 15” TO 20” TO CHOOSE!!BE SPOILT FOR CHOICES!!15” $68816” $88817” $108818” $138819” Special $$20” Special $$Project USuper Lock NutsAt $130, (up $170)With Every Set OfRim PurchasedAll Prices Include GST & Before Trade-In. With Any Set Purchase FREE:• Lifetime Purchase Repair • Chrome Tubeless Sleeve Valve • Off Wheel Balancing• Gunk Wheel Cleaner • Tyre Rotation & Balancing for Every 10,000kmCOILOVER & LOWERING SPRINGS AVAILABLE FOR ALL CAR MODELS!!SERVICING PACKAGES - FREE Checking Of Your Precious Vehicle When You Service Your Car With Us!$178MUGEN REV-RMOTUL$188CUSCO$108FROM$1, 200 FROM$350FREE ALIGNMENT FOR PURCHASE OF COILOVER OR LOWERING SPRING$108SHELL HELIX ULTRAX-REV$128OWS NA RACING$138 $138MOBIL 1 GOLDPresent this Coupon and get$50 OFF from our servicing packages.$50OFF• Includes Oil Filter• FREE 12 Points Check* Terms & Conditions ApplyNot Exchangeable For CashOne Coupon Per PurchaseValid Till 28th Feb 2011Coolant FlushCoolant Flush willenhanced coolantflow and preventsoverheating andcorrode of themetal parts.ATF FlushATF flushing eplacesold worn-out automatictransmission fluid (ATF)with fresh new fluid toprolong the life of thetransmission.ThrottlebodyWashing ServiceRemoves contamination thatbuilds up over long periodsof use. Expect smooth airflow,increased power and torqueafter a good throttle body wash!Air Con Servicing & RepairsProper servicing of Air Conditionsystems to ensure the cooling systemis working in good conditions.• General Repairs • Top Up Refrigerant •Washing of Air Con Systems • Changingof Coolant Hose • Detect Leakage •Replacement of Air Con PartsDenso Iridim Plug Oil Filter Brake Pad Mintex Brake Pad Fuel Filter Air FIlter Air Con Filter Sonax Flush Motor Flush CoolantCHUAN LEE HIN TYRES TRADING50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building Singapore 659578Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828We Specialize • Air-Con • Servicing and Repair • Car Stereo • Car Accessories • Sport Rims and TyresOperating Hour: Mon-Sat: 8.30am - 6.30pm Close on Sunday & public HolidaysOne StopAuto Services Centre0% Interest Installment Plan Avaliable* Conditions Appky

WHEELSSpoilt For ChoiceNo matter what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone here atChuan Lee Hin Tyres Trading.Pick of the MonthModel: KR206Size: 17 x 7 & 18 x 8 – 5 x 100/114.3Colour options:Matt Black with red trimmingAvailable at JT GlobalModel: KR626Size: 17 x 7 & 18 x 8 – 5 x 100/114.3Colour options:Hyper SilverAvailableat JT GlobalDon’t be mistaken. Chuan Lee HinTyres Trading doesn’t just do tyres.In fact, they’re involved in everythingand anything that is car-related. WhileChuan Lee Hin began life as a businessthat dealt solely in the import andexporting of tyres, a maturing industryand the desire to offer much more to itscustomers is what led them to evolveover the years and become the giantsthey are today.Knowing that today’s customers aremore well-informed and demanding,Chuan Lee Hin has set out to remainviable in this highly competitive marketby moving and improving with thetimes.By providing a one-stop “one-thespot”auto service for a completeline of quality tires, auto services andperformance parts that cater to a widevariety of vehicles that range fromfamily hatchbacks to super cars likePorsches and Ferraris, Chuan LeeHin has managed to retain its pool offaithful customers who swear by theirservice.Being a tyre specialist first andforemost, you can expect a wideselection tyres and wheels that canbe viewed adorned on aspecially designed “wheelwall” that includes big nameslike OZ Racing, Advanti,Rays Engineering, Michelin,Bridgestone, Yokohama,Pirelli, Dunlop and more.And to keep customershappy and to expand theiroperations, Chuan LeeHin’s one-stop centre atBukit Batok underwent anextensive makeover so asto accommodate their evergrowingcustomer baseand to offer even more services andproducts.If tyres are not what you’re lookingfor, you will be delighted to find awide range of competitively pricedpackages such as a 12-point generalcar maintenance package that allowsyou to choose the engine oil you preferfrom a selection. Machine-flushing aswell as replenishment of transmissionfluids and coolants are another featureof Chuan Lee Hin.They even have a speciallyimported foam that helps toflush and clean the coolingcoil of your car, which helps torid all musky smells and evenrestores the cooling efficiencyof your air-conditioner unit.Or if you’re after highperformance suspension,handling and dress-upcomponents, the showroom isalso stocked with top brandslike Tein, Pivot, Defi, Apexi andHKS. Over in the workshop,you’ll find a state-of-the-art, fullycomputerised alignment machine tohelp you diagnose any problems andfaults you might have.And should you have any questions toask, a dedicated team of techniciansare on hand to advise to ensure thatyou can make only the best andmost informed choices before it’sprofessionally installed on your car.Chuan Lee Hin Tyres Trading is locatedat 50 Bukit Batok St 23, MidviewBuilding, #02-01, Singapore 659578.Call 6896 8986 for more information.Model: Enkei RP 05Size: 17 x 8 – 5 x 100/114.3Colour options:SilverAvailable at Chuan Lee HinModel: Enkei RS 05Size: 16 x 7 – 4 x 100Colour options:Black ChromeAvailable at Chuan Lee HinModel: SSW 154Size: 16 x 7 – 4 x 100Colour options:Black ChromeAvailable at Chuan Lee HinFEB 2011 31

Feature CarPint-Sized PowerhouseIt took two years to be ready, but it was well worth the wait. Check out the “Rolls Royce” of the 1-litrecar category that routinely eats up cars bigger than it for a snack, the Nissan March Turbo.Fast Facts: 1996 NissanMarch k11(1.3 Turbo)Engine1.3 Litre DOHC engine (complete),K&N air filter, Fuel regulator, Oil catchtank, Double row Nissan radiator, HKSturbo heat shield, TD04 Turbo, CustomTurbo Kit, SR20 fuel rails and injectors,Custom ignition coils, Nismo Enginemountings, Billion radiator hoseEVO fuel pumpECUVipec , Dyno TunedGearbox1.3 gearbox, Customs double springsclutch cover, 3 point racing clutch,Nismo LSDA nippy little ride that will leave you slack-jawed.Winning and glory were the only thingsJohnny Wong, a Team Yokohamadriver, had in mind as he pulled out allthe big guns and spared no resourcesfor this pint-sized dynamo. While theNissan March might come across asa more sedate, family car than a trackpowerhouse, it was the right fit for thevarious autotests and auto-gymkhanacompetitions Johnny took part in.A relatively uncluttered interior“Making tight turns is pretty crucial,and this Nissan March Turbo has asmall turning radius that is best suitedfor it. Also, even before modification,this baby is agile enough and canperform stunts like reverse flicks andhandbrake turns easily!” explainsJohnny.Get The right mix.brought his little dynamo to the goodfolks at UM2 Performance for theECU tuning (a stand alone VIPECECU), while Jeep Chee took care ofthe mandrel bent exhaust system aswell as other mechanical parts.And it’s at this stage where we’retalking about the mods that Johnnygets all excited. “It actually took mesome time to decide how I wantedthe front bumper and bonnet to lookand work. After much consideration,I decided to add an aftermarket ARCWRX air scoop on the bonnet to venthot air from the engine. We addedtwo small pockets and a mesh grilleto allow for more air for the intercooleras well,” enthuses Johnny.A quick glance in the engine bayreinforces the work that has beendone there. With the engine bayand undercarriage epoxy weldedto strengthen the chassis, a biggerengine was added and secured withNismo mountings. A customised turbokit with an S20 fuel rail and injector, anEvo 8 fuel pump, as well as speciallytuned sparkplugs, were all added tosupport combustion and give it thenecessary power it required.And that’s not all. Besides goingthrough two different LSDs beforeJohnny settled on a Nismo LSD, healso approached GTR to customiseMaking full use of safe.the clutch to increase the grip andsourced a 4-Pot Big Brake Kit aswell. All this, in addition with otheraccessories like the Defi Meters, boostcontrollers, etc all helped to make thisNissan March Turbo into the winningcar it is today. It’s no wonder it tookall of two years before it was deemedready enough for competitions.InteriorRX-R bucket seats, rear seats andupholstery, Nismo speedometer, HondaType R glove boot, Nismo gearknobMomo steering wheel, Cusco fly offbutton on handbrake, S15 handbrakelevel, K&N airfuel monitor, Customedcentre strut bar below rear passengerseat, Rear window strut bar, Roof strutbar, Defi gaugesBrakes4 Pot bbkExteriorNismo roof Spoiler, Nismo rear bumpervalence, ARC bonnet scoop, New JDMheadlight, Honda Fit side skirts, BumperAir vents, Clear Dome signal light, JDMRear number plate coverChassisSuperplastic steel weld engine bay andunder carriage, UnderbraceSuspensionAdvance coil overExhaust systemMandrel bend exhaust system, JDMsports mufflerNow that’s what you called modded.With the ideal car selected, Johnnyspared no expense and went tothe best people in the business toget everything done. Wanting theoutlook of his Nissan March Turbo tobe tastefully done, with power andhandling the main priority, JohnnyAP Racing to the stopping power!And competitions is what Johnnythrives for. The proud winner of “Thefastest 2-wheel drive’ Turbo category,Johnny goes on to explain that theonly way to experience the mods is tobe in the car yourself. It’s lightweight,has the power to beat bigger cars,and the handling is top notch, whatwith all the suspension changes andbraces we added,” says Johnny.If you’re wondering what Johnny isBucket seats to keep you in place.going to be doing next, you’ll be infor a pleasant surprise. “This Nissanmarch really has it all. I’m actuallyputting it for sale and am eager to seewho the next lucky owner will be,”adds Johnny with a wink.32 FEB 2011

SHOPA Passion ForPerformanceFrom working out of their ‘mobile’ office when they first started, to thespacious showroom they now enjoy, McWell Ventures has always been aboutdelivering the best products to keep customers satisfied.You might find it hard to believe thata giant like McWell Ventures oncestarted out as little more than a minordistributor of performance parts,peddling their wares out of the back oftheir 9-year old van in car park spacesalong Paya Lebar back in 2000. Butwhat drove McWell to succeed, wheremost might have just given up, is thehard work, desire and passion to makewhat they believe in work for them.And success has certainly arrived ina big way for McWell, in the form ofan 11,000sq ft facility which housestheir own state of the art alignmentand roller dynamometer machinelocated in Paya Ubi. Since theyfirst moved into Paya Ubi in 2001,McWell has continuously strove tocarry only the newest and mostinnovative products that are usuallyan industry first amongst their aisles.McWell’s strength has always been38 FEB 2011in the department of accessories,lightings, body kits, servicing andmaintenance, and most importantly,bolt-on performance. With such awide range of products sharing walland shelf space, McWell imports 90%of the goods directly from the factoriesand have become the stockistsfor most of the products sold.Apart from the plethora of goodsavailable, perhaps McWell’s most wellknown strength has been its boltonstreet performance. With yearsof studying the market and a widenetwork for sourcing, customersenjoy an impressive product rangethat includes high quality urethanebody kits, lightings that are all costeffective. Backed up with a dedicatedteam of sales and service staff thatare trained to help and advice,you’ll certainly be in safe hands.While others might be content with thealready amazing achievements McWellhas garnered over the years, McWellaren’t just ready to sit back and takeit easy. Instead, they’re planning tomaintain their market leader status byincreasing their burgeoning showroom,to include parts for continental carslike Volkswagen, Audi, BMW andMercedes. Also, with the track dueto be ready, McWell has started tokeep a close eye on the progress,which means that we can expecteven bigger things to come in time.McWell Ventures Pte Ltd is locatedat 51 Ubi Ave 1, #01-05/06,Paya Ubi Industrial Park,Singapore 408933.Call 6844 4640 or 9838 7743 formore information or visithttp://www.mcwellventures.comOperation hours:10.30am – 7.30pm (Mon – Sat)11am – 6pm (Sun)

Continental Car Performance & Tuning PackageAudi BMW VWDimsport ECU Upgrade Pivot 3 Drive Throttle Controller K&N Replacement FilterDIMSPORTPIVOT3 DRIVEECUTHROTTLEUPGRADECONTROLLER(ITALY)(JAPAN)PERFORMANCE & TUNINGK&NSPORTSFILTER(USA)+ + =20%up toPowerGain$1600 (price subject to GST)ATP Turbo KitAutobahnIntercooler KitDimsport CustomFlash TuningPivot 3 DriveFlat ThrottleControllerPivot XV-VW Gauge(Blue or White LED)•Water Temp • Oil Temp • BoostK&N Typhoon KitK&N 57SK&N FilterSUSPENSIONBIG BRAKE KITKW Lowering SpringBODYKIT CARBON FIBRE HEAD/TAIL LAMP WITH DRLGolf A StyleFront GrilleKW SuspensionGolf 5 A StyleGolf 6 V StyleGolf 5/6 GTi / JettaCarbon Front LipGolf 5Carbon BonnetSilver’sSuspensionMcwell Ventures Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1#01-05/06 Paya Ubi Industrial Park S408933Tel: (65) 6844 4640 / 9838 7743 Fax: (65) 6844 4641AP Racing 4 Pot330mmGolf / SciroccoCarbon Fibre SpoilerGolf 6Carbon BonnetAP Racing 6 Pot345/356/362mmOperation hours: 10.30am-7.30pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-6pm (Sun)Website: www.mcwellventures.com Email:international@mcwellventures.comVolkswagenGolf 5 / JettaVolkswagenGolf 6VolkswagenScirocco0% INTERESTFREEInstallation PlanOver 6 Months Or 12 Months**Terms & Conditions ApplyEXZESS 4 Pot330/345mmHeadlampJDM BlackClearJDM BlackRear Upgrade Kit330mmTaillampJDM BlackRedRed

SHOPunder One RoofDedicated to give customers only their undivided attention, it’s not surprising thatSung Beng Auto Pte Ltd has enjoyed tremendous growth over the years.With more than 40 years of experiencein the automobile industry, SungBeng Auto Pte Ltd has grown into anestablished and recognisedbrand that is renowned for itsservices and quality all locatedunder one roof.Set up in 1969, Sung BengAuto Pte Ltd, or Sung BengAuto Trading Co as it wasknown then, was located atSims Avenue, specialising inthe automobile servicing trade.And since then, Sung Benghas undergone a processof revitalising and upgradingof the various products andservices it offers.With the opening of aworkshop back in 2009,located at Circuit Road, Sung BengAuto Pte Ltd has grown into a morecomplete outfit, a welcoming sign tothe ever growing list of customers.With over 8,000 square feet of spacein two units and ample parking to befound nearby, customers can visitSung Beng to truly enjoy a one-stopshop of automobile services.And just what are these services40 FEB 2011you say. Well, apart from the usualcar accessories, tyres and rims,servicing, amongst others, SungBeng has long been known for itsperformance upgrades & ECU tuning,aesthetics enhancements and in-carentertainmentinstallations too. Butthat’s not all. You can even expectmiscellaneous services like 24hrstowing, accident claims, engine/gearbox, overhaul/repair, computerdiagnostic scan, spray painting, airconservices, grooming and even carsales & rentals all at Sung Beng!But perhaps the most heartening bitis that Sung Beng’s successor, MrFrankie Tan, is continuing to lead anddrive the family businessSung Beng Auto Pte Ltdwith the same desireand dedication that hisfather, Mr Tan San Beng,once did. Inspired by hisfather’s aspirations, MrFrankie Tan has beenawarded 2011 SuccessfulEntrepreneur this yearand striving to maintainthat only the highestquality products and thequality of services beingrendered are top-notch,so that customers willenjoy a truly unforgettableexperience at Sung Beng.Sung Beng Auto Pte Ltd hasconsolidated previous branchesinto 1 complete stop AutomotiveServices Centre with a dedicatedteam of qualified & experiencedmechanics & administration whichis now conveniently located besideMacPherson MRT, exit PIE PayaLebar, No: 342 Circuit Road, SweeHong Building, Singapore 379494.Call 9272 4879 for more information.

AlignmentTyres/Sports RimNitrogen RefillBalancingFlushingAir-Con ServiceTop-Up GasRepair/ChecksAccident24hrs Towing8189 0680BreakdownCar RentalMaintenanceInsurance ClaimDiagnostic ScanLTA InspectionPolish/GroomingSpray PaintingPanel BeatingBody KitsIntake FiltersComputerised ECUPerformanceTunning/ExhaustSound Proofing+ -Battery/ AlternatorDecarbonizeEngine ServicingOverhaul/RepairSAVE YOUR TIME IN OUR 1 STOP SERVICING CENTRE. FREE AMPLE PARKING!New/UsedTrade-In Welcome ATTRACTIVE RIMS & TYRES PACKAGES 15” TO 20”Alarm / HID / LEDAudioAccessories2011CNY PROMOTION*FREE NitrogenRefill, LifetimePuncture Repair,Rotation,Tyre ShineTransmissionFASTER PICK-UP & ACCELERATION! FUEL EFFICIENCY!VISIT OUR LIVE DEMOTESTED! PROVEN!12VAIR CONSERVICING/ REPAIR/ FLUSH/ RECOVERYSERVICESVIOLENCE VSD IVTransferable15.8V 18.8VLTA APPROVED EXHAUST18 VOLTS SPARKSADJUSTABLE CONTROLLERFOR ALL ENGINESATF / CVTCHANGE/ FLUSHINGAvailable for: Alfa, Audi,BMW, Chevrolet, Chery,Honda, Suzuki, Toyota,Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi,Mazda, Mercedes, Lexus,Subaru, Nissan, Proton,Peugeot, VWAUDIO / SOUND PROOFINGPICK UP POWER UP SLOPE & OVERTAKING,QUIETER,SMOOTHER,CLEANER ENGINEINSTALL NOW & FEEL THE INSTANT DIFFERENCE! GUARANTEE EFFECT!INTRODUCING NEW VIOLENCEV DRIVE IIThrottle ControllerNormal (nor)COOLANTFLUSHUNICHIP VERSION QEconomy (Ec1~5) Sport (SP1~7) Voltage• Our products will not void warranty & does not interfere any original ECU settings or aftermarket additional ECU upgrades e.g. Unichip, ECU refresh enhances softwares (transferable)OBD ENGINEDIAGNOSTIC SCANWIDE RANGE BODYKITSSlimCompact SleekCDI - CAPACITOR DISCHARGE IGNITIONSPARK EXTENSIONCOMBUSTION CHAMBERDECARBONIZERGAUGESNon-Electronic& ElectronicThrottleAvailable• Safety Acceleration Control(Electronic Throttle)• Sport (SP1-7)• Economy (EC1-5)• Normal (NOR)• Mode Switching Memory• Volt1 YEAR WARRANTYWITH SECURITY CODESEAL PROTECTIONNEWVERSION• Ultimate Combustion• Power Up / Fuel Efficiency• Higher Speed, Lower RPM• Smooth Quiet Cleaner EngineIMPROVE FUEL EFFICIENCY & RESTORE ENGINE POWER LIKE NEW! THE BEST ENGINE DECARBONIZER SERVICING PACKAGES IN TOWN!ENGINE OIL / FLUSHING - FREE AGENT POINTS CHECK / PRE-LTA INSPECTIONCALL US FOR MODELSRACING BRAKE KITThe New Breed ofPERFORMANCE COILOVERXYZ Brake KitsCoilover Seriesand Coil Overs Systemmeets or exceeds most• Super Sportaftermarket in term of• Racing Specquality and performancein today’s OEM• Drift SpecSpecifications.• Gravel Rally Best for Street, Race, Track, Drift Use• Tarmac Rally Highly recommended with ProfessionalInstallation Available for most jap & conti model.COVER ALMOST ALL MODELSNEW 3 BUTTONS!THROTTLE BODY / INLETMANIFOLD SERVICINGFILTERSUNG BENG AUTO (PTE) LTD since 1969 www.sungbeng.com342 Circuit Road. Singapore 379494(Exit PIE Paya Lebar, Swee Hong Building, MacPherson MRT)* 6/12/24 month • 0% Installment PlanMost banks*Terms &Conditions AppliesOpen Daily / Sun / P.H / Extended Night Operating Hour - Call For Appointment Hotline 9272 4879Specialised in Continental, Japan, Korean & other makes of cars • Car Air-Con SpecialistMacphersonMRTWe AreHere!Macpherson ITEPIEAZ BldgNPCCaltex

REVIEWS1. Aero MeshUp Close2. Xenarc 6000KRenowned for their outstandingprecision, reliability in operationsand impressive ruggedness, theOsram Xenarc 6000K Xenon H7conversion kit is one product thatdefinitely lives up to its top billing.What makes the Xenarc differentfrom conventional halogen lampsis the technology behind it. Xenarcuses a light arc between twoAnxen – 6795 2737electrodes in a microenvironmentof xenon gas and metal halidesalts hermetically sealed in a tinyquartz capsule. And the result isyou achieve 100% more light thanhalogen lamps and a 300% increasein greater luminous efficiacy. Witha brighter output, drivers can stayfocused longer and react quickerto any obstacles or dangers.Designed to fit into most modernday air-filter boxes, the Aero Meshcomes in two sizes and sportsa soft and flexible construction,allowing it to be easily extendedto suit most vehicles. The mostinteresting thing about the AeroMesh is what it actually does.For those who aren’t familiarwith Scalar energy, this energy isabundant in the once thought tobe empty spaces of your engine.What the Aero Mesh does is that itcaptures and transports this ScalarEnergy via the air intake manifoldto the combustion chamber. Whathappens then is that this freeenergy source will then changethe behaviour or your engine bymaking it run smoother, quieterand become more responsive.LHN Trading – 9001 10863. Spring StiffenerLike in life, when you begin to losethat spring in your step, you knowsomething is wrong. And if you’relooking to give your beloved rideback the ‘spring’ it seems to belacking, then you might want tocheck outo these stiffeners. Whatit does is relatively simple. Thespring stiffeners help to restorespring tension and add on tothe lifespan of your sagging coilsprings. It also helps to protectMotec – 6265 3558your shock absorbers, makingyour ride a more comfortable oneby reducing the amount of noiseand vibration from your suspensioncomponents. With the ‘spring’back in your vehicle, you can nowenjoy the enhanced drivability aswell as improved stopping powerit brings. What’s more, its easy toinstall and suitable for all differentmakes of vehicles.4. Titanium ExhaustWhen it comes to choosing anexhaust to complement the poweryour ride has, you’ll never go wrongwith REMUS. Backed by over 20years of R&D development, theREMUS Titanium 2 is one piece oftechnology that is built to send allother exhausts screaming in fear.Shot-blasted to create surfacecompaction for an exclusiveChuan Lee Hin – 6862 6818appearance and an increasedperformance, the REMUS Titanium2 is not only lightweight, it alsoapplies the newest technologiesto offer race exhaust systems foryour car. And lest we forget, thesound that comes blaring out ofthe exhaust is one that speaksvolumes about the quality of theWolf head logo it sports.42 FEB 2011

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CAR CLUBThe 7 th GenerationWith weekly meetings happening consistently for the past 6 years,2011 proves to be a significant milestone for all members of theHonda Civic ES Group.Text & Pictures Courtesy of Honda Civic ES GroupThings never remain the same forlong, especially in a car club. Memberscome and go as they made friends,changed their rides, and moved onto other car groups. Regardless, ourmeetings will always continue. Newblood replaced those who moved on.The ‘alumni’ would occasionally join into chat, or bump as their new groupshappen to meet at the same venue asthe ES group.We usually meet in small groups,rarely more than 10 cars at a time,which allows for intensel engagingdiscussions and sharing sessions.The Honda 7th Generation incarnationof the Civic, more fondly referred toas the ES, endured the test of timeand performance disadvantage overits vastly more powerful brothers. Themembers come from all walks of life,from businessmen to professionals tomanagers, technicians, government,and military sectors, with only the lovefor of cars linking everyone up.And so the misconception that Hondais a ‘beng’ mobile is quite untrue thesedays. With a very active cyber forumat SHC-forum.com where membersand guests share views, ideas, gooddeals, jokes, information, and justabout anything else related to Hondacars. The forum has even attractedforeign participation from literally theother side of the planet – in Trinidad,Tobago where one member’s ES wasexported to!Besides meet ups to chat aboutthe performance and handlingimprovements, sharing stories on theroad, you’ll even find a sub-group inthe ES owners’ group who rely on thehumble ES to take on the race track.Lots more experience sharing and realhandling and performance experiencethus fuelled the meetups.Regular photo shoots and road tripsup North to join with the MalaysianES owner groups ensued. Theexchange resulted in an expanded‘brotherhood’ of ES owners who findit fun, entertaining, and engaging tobe chatting with each other with acommon love for a particular modelHonda. Many members made it‘bachelor’s night out’ during meetupsbecause conversation centred onthe car, its maintenance, aestheticsand performance enhancements.Members also shared experienceswith various workshops and partssuppliers.The ES Groups in Malaysia andSingapore organises joint Annualmega meetups annually during theJune holiday period. Families andfriends who have participated arealways left amazed that the ES hassuch a large following, especially upNorth, where people do not changecars every 3 years on average.46 FEB 2011

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BABEArt Direction Emily Ng • Photographer Clement Tan / www.clemtan.com • Stylist Shan F.E • Make Up & Hair Angel Gwee Qian Hui • Cover Girl Mirander Wang50 FEB 2011All aboutArts & CraftIf our February babe looks familiar to you,chances are you’ve seen her on the telly orat a local theatre production. REV brings youcloser to rising starlet, Miranda Wang, whohas her heart set on perfecting her craft andjoining the ranks of celebrity stardom.Skirt / Pauline.Ning • Grey Chiffon Top / Studio Tangs• Accessories / Island ShopHey Miranda, thank you for yourtime, its our pleasure to have youhere today. How has life been foryou so far?Thanks! It’s my pleasure too. Well, mylife has been pretty good so far. I’mreally enjoying what I do right now,meeting new people and working onexciting new projects. It’s actually adream come true to do what I love andenjoy all the time!Tell us more about your latestwork and how you developed yourpassion in acting.My most recent role was guest role in“Secrets For Sale”, a Channel U megadrama that is set to premiere on 14March at 10pm. In it, I play the role ofa model named ‘Cat’ and I played itagainst Christopher Lee! Christopher,by the way, plays the role of a frivolousphotographer. So be sure to catch it!I discovered my love for music andperforming at a very young age actually.I used to sing in a choir and playedmany musical instruments like thepiano, guitar and drums. But somehow,I just knew that my passion reallylay in acting. The idea of becoming adifferent person every time I get a scriptis fantastic for me. Acting allows me toportray that feeling, and make that verycharacter come alive and become real!What’s the difference betweenacting in a television productionand on stage?Well, its more of a connection withthe audience when you’re performingin a live play. You slowly build up thatconnection as you go through the fullarc of the play. As for television, I enjoythe technical aspects and the variouscamera angles and shots that make itwork. With that said, you should neverlimit yourself to just one medium.You have had plenty of experience inthe theatre. Are you enthralled by thelive, raw, emotions on stage?It’s the thrill really. You can’t get thatacting in front of a camera. Its all aboutbeing able to interact with the audience.It’s definitely more stressful, but I mustsay it’s a nice kind of stress. Like gettingan adrenalin rush.Can you share with us what yourplans are for the near future?Right now, I’m really enjoying thechance to get to do what I love. I’llcontinue to do my best and hopefully,get the chance to be involved in muchmore television productions, plays andwho know, even film one day!Last but not least, could you sharewith us a few words of advice thathave proved invaluable to you overthe years?It’ll be my pleasure. ‘Life’s a journey,not a destination. Doing your best atthis very moment puts you in the bestplace for the next moment.’ It’s workedfor me so far, so I wish all the readersthe best too!

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