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Sightlines LLC FY2012 Facilities MB&A Presentation University of ...

Grounds staffing levels and inspection scoresGrounds department able to achieve high grounds scores with less supervisionMaintenanceCustodialGroundsMaintenance: Michigan PeersStaffing (GSF/FTE): 79,926 100,727Supervision (FTE/Supervisor): 10.0 9.9General Repair (1-5): 4.4 3.8Mechanical Spaces (1-5): 4.2 3.7Custodial: Michigan PeersStaffing (GSF/FTE): 35,478 38,725Supervision (FTE/Supervisor): 19.8 17.5Cleanliness (1-5): 4.3 4.1Grounds: Michigan PeersStaffing (Acres/FTE): 11.8 22.5Supervision (FTE/Supervisor): 28.0 11.2Grounds (1-5): 4.0 4.0Database Average: 31 Acres/FTE39

Michigan’s campus shows better than peersPeer Average = 79% University of Michigan = 86%University of Michigan*Institutions ordered on the basis of density factor40

Optimal use of the work order systemService process at U-Michigan represents a best practiceUniversity of MichiganInstall afunctioning systemMake sure thesystem providesmore than dataStreamline yourwork-order processClearly define whodoes whatTrack and reportfrequently forreliable data*Institutions ordered on the basis of density factor41

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