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Issue #9 - REV Magazine

ISSUE 09 / JULY 2011The Koup Puts On A Few Inches Lustrous and Pimped Full Monitor Precision GoodnessBLUE,&SMOKINGTEAL &Going Sideways with the S13Be a fan of REVMagazine Singapore onFacebook and stand towin a $100 StamfordTyres vouchermonthly!

EVENTSdown withSticky Valvesand Dirty Sludge!Bardahl showcased their awesome products at the recentFormula Drift Singapore 2011Text Samuel Kang Photos Samuel KangThe F1 Pit Building played host toFormula Drift Singapore 2011 on the11th and 12th of June 2011. This year’sevent saw both veteran drivers androokies from around the region fightit out for the top spot. A new TeamChampionship was included for thisyear’s championship, and the Singaporeleg saw its official inauguration.Being the official lubricant of theFormula Drift Asia 2011, Bardahl suremade their presence known with theireye-catching yellow and black themedbooth. Apart from taking part in theSingapore leg of Formula Drift Asia,Daynom Templeman’s 20B-poweredMazda RX7 was also parked at thefront, allowing shutterbugs photographyopportunities with the car.Painted in signature Bardahl colours, carenthusiasts and kids alike were posingand grinning from ear to ear as they gottheir shots taken with the car. Needless04 JULY 2011to say, the crowd swelled considerablythe moment Bardahl race queens madetheir appearance.Inside the booth, a whole range ofBardahl products were neatly displayedon shelves and knowledgeablepersonnel were on hand to addressany doubts. Bardahl stickers werealso spotted on a go-kart that was ondisplay within the booth, further provingtheir commitment towards supportingmotorsports.REV magazines with an exclusiveBardahl front cover could also be pickedup for free. Chee San and See Toh ofBardahl Asia Pacific, both armed withan issue of REV, gamely posed againstthe Bardahl backdrop for a few shots.The blazing sun made for an extremelyhot and humid day. Thankfully, Bardahlstaff were handing out packets oftissues and Bardahl decals. Sandwichboards with the Bardahl villains, StickyValves and Dirty Sludge were worn andit was a refreshing sight as compared tothe usual race queens.Despite showers which made for awet and slippery qualifying session onSaturday, Sunday saw the sun out infull force. The tandem battles involveddoor-to-door drifting action and hadthe crowd on the edge of their seats.Eventually, Team SPARK Motorsports’Daigo Saito took the top spot on thepodium, with teammate Ken Gushifinishing in third. Saranon Pornpatanarakof Team M150, otherwise simply knownas Non, came in second in his NissanSilvia S15. Team SPARK Motorsportstook the Team Championship trophywith their two podium finishs.Come October, the second round ofFormula Drift Asia 2011 will be held inJarkarta, Indonesia and I’m sure fans ofthe series are all eagerly anticipating it!

WHY WORRY NO ACCESSORIES & WORKSHOPOPEN AT NIGHT?OPEN DAILY EXCEPT PUBLIC HOLIDAYSFROM 3PM - 3AMALL SERVICING PACKAGES COMES WITH FREE CAR WASH$176*$165*$165*$135*$128*$128*$10CASH VOUCHER WITHPURCHASE OF $100ABOVE INCLUDINGPROMO & NON-PROMO ITEMS(CANNOT BECOMBINEDWITH OTHERVOUCHERS)$128*MOTULHKS NA RACINGFreewiperFreewiperHKS TURBO RACINGHKS SUPER RESPONSEX REVFreeengineflush &protectorFreeengineflush orprotectorQ-MAX 5W40SONAX 5W40$128*$128*$118*$108*$88TEAM MOTECFreeengineflush orprotectorFREEUMBRELLABLITZ 5W40FK MASSIMOAGIPPENNZOILENOCENJOY EXPRESSSERVICINGAT MOTEC WITHJUST$88TOP-UP• Battery Water• Brake, Clutch, Power Steering Fluid• Radiator Coolant• Windshield Washer SystemCHANGE• 4 Litres Engine Oil• Oil Filler (original or equivalent)CLEAN• Air FilterLUBRICATE• 4 Battery Terminal• Door HingesCHECK• Air-con Belt & Fan Belt• Handbrake, Horns & Wipers• Indicators & Lighting• Transmission & Axle Oil Level• Tyres & Tyre PressureCAR LED LOGOAUDIOSYSTEMPIONEER4350DVDCUSTOMISE LED$50FOR 4$30FOR 2$70ONWARDS$120ONWARDSHID CONVERSION KITWith 1year warrantywith InstallationWith 1year warrantywith Installationwith installation + 1 yr agent warrantyLeg Room LEDLED Door lightDoor Handle LightsAudi A5 3.2 CoupeLexus IS250LTA COMPLIANT EXHAUSTCOILOVERBODYKITTanabe , HKS, JS Racing, Drift RacingCARBON FIBRE BONNETHKS/ API/ Drift Racing/ TanabeCF WRAPCS3 Bodykit ING Bodykit CS3 Bodykit Swift BodykitBRAKE KITFORGED$780ONWARDSFD JS C/F Bonnet$799CS3 Vortex C/F BonnetSubaru ver.9Varis CF Bonnet$888Carbon FibreSticker WrapFr$120AP RacingBrake KitK SportBrake KitROTORABrake KitFORGED RacingRadiatorCar BatteryBorch & BolidenSpring StiffenerSizes A, B, C, D, E, F, B+(with Installation)SpyAlarm3A Car MatHella Horn$45A PAIRSolar FilmStrut Bars$115ONWARDS$50ONWARDS$248ONWARDS$15EACH$280A CAR$120ONWARDS60mm Pro Sport /Depo RacingSound ProofingLED Day Lightwith SignalOil CapVortex & Varis (R) C/F GT WingANY 3 FOR$439$50ONWARDS$128W/INSTALL +SWITCHRadiatorMOTEC AUTO ACCESSORIESBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 Singapore 628455 Tel: 6265 3558 www.motec.com.sgLED, HID, Sound System, Carbon Fiber, Alarm System, Car Servicing And Maintenance, Performance Part,Exhaust System, Sound Proofing, Customized Floor Mat, Car Batteries, Bodykit and many more.Your Ideal Car Accessories Distributor and Retailer.

COVER CARREVEREDNISSAN’SS-CHASSISThe Ever PopularDrifting PlatformPhotographer Bryan Law / Metamorphosis ProductionWhether you are into drifting, circuitracing or drag racing, Nissan’sS-Chassis will surely be one thatwill be able to meet your needs.Unknown to many, the original Silviawas produced back in 1965 and waspowered by a 96HP 1.6L inline-4engine. Fast forward 46 years, a fewSilvias still roam out streets with theS15 being the last, as well as themost common one.Nissan 180SXOriginally produced in 1989, the180SX was based on the NissanS13 chassis and came with pop-upheadlights and a liftgate. It was thehatchback version of the S13 line-upwhich also consisted of a two-doorcoupe as well as the rare 2-doorconvertible. Though the name was inreference to its earlier 1.8L CA18DETengine, it remained so even afterintroduction of a 2.0L engine option in1991. Depending on the region it wasmarketed in, the Silvia S13 was alsobranded as 200SX and 240SX.The Sileighty originally came aboutwhen street racers in the land of risingsun (Japan) often damaged their frontends. Due to the higher costs of the180SX front panels and lights, theyturned to the Silvia parts which werelighter and cheaper. Such cars weretermed Sileighty as they had a Silviafront end on a 180SX rear. The looksof these cars soon grew on many S13owners and a swapping frenzy alsocreated Silfourty (Silvia front end ona 240SX) or simply known as a JDMSilvia conversion.Significant visual differences of aSileighty include fixed headlightsas opposed to pop-up ones. Frontfenders, hood and bumper had to beswopped out in order to complete theconversion.Felix’s SileightyThe looks of such a hybrid of partsgrew on Felix as well. Being the soledriver of this drift car, the conversionwas never out of the question andwas soon performed on his 180SX.Explaining his choice of workhorse,Felix said, “The Nissan S13 Silviahas proven to be ideal for driftingmainly because of the geometry ofthe vehicle. The car is relatively lightweight with front engine rear wheeldrive. Furthermore, both stock andaftermarket parts for Silvias are inabundance, making it cost-effective.The SR20DET engine also hasextreme potential in power buildingwith just some tweaks and tuning.”The rare sighting of such a car on ourisland constantly drew the crowds’attention during his participationin Formula Drift Asia Singapore(all four of them in fact). Otherregional appearances also includecompetitions in Malaysia, as well as06 JULY 2011

COVER CARFast Facts: Nissan180SX RPS13 (Sileighty)ENGINESR20DET, HKS 2835 Pro RTurbocharger, Splitfire Direct Ignition,HKS Cam Shaft Step 1 264°, GarageR Custom Intercooler, Blitz Radiator,HKS Blowoff Valve, HKS Wastegate,Sard Fuel Regulator, Nismo 740cc FuelInjectors, HKS Direct Air Filter, Garage RCustom Exhaust ManifoldDRIVETRAINNismo Coppermix Clutch/Fly Wheel Kit,Nismo 2-way LSD, PPG Dog BoxAs with any other competitivemotorsport, much tinkering has tobe done to the handling department.For the Sileighty, stiffer and thick barswere introduced to reduce body rolland adjustable links and arms allowfor minute adjustments to camber,toe and caster. Of course, the goodpeople at Stamford Tyres only wantedthe best for Felix hence wrappedaround Gram Lights 57D rims aregrippy Falken RT615K rubbers.To some, the interior might seema tad claustrophobic. The mix of aCusco rollcage and the car’s low roofline may seem unwelcoming but onceyou’re nested comfortably in the Bridebucket seat, you’ll feel right at home.Necessities are to your left and theyinclude HKS gauges, a F-Con V ProECU and an EVC boost controller. Thefifth wheel of choice is one from Italianmanufacturer Nardi and the quality isof course second to none.Making it PossibleDrifting competitively is somethingbeyond the reach of many. Thelack of funds and technical supportthat workshops can provide oftenprove to be ever-present stumblingblock. Fortunately in Felix’s case, thesupport he has gotten from Garage R,Stamford Tyres and Lye Designs hasenabled him to participate actively inthis sport on a competitive level.“Stamford Tyres has been mostgenerous in providing sponsorshipof tyres. Being my main sponsor,they have allowed me to perform andrepresent Stamford Tyres in manyevents. They are a constant supportin all my drifting events and sessions.And I am truly grateful for all theirunwavering faith in me. HKS GarageR’s excellent technical supportand expertise has also made meextremely pleased with how my S13runs and last but not least, the spotweldingand body work done by LyeDesign is flawless and far exceededmy expectations.”UNDERCARRIAGEGP Sports Knuckle Kit, Project U BrakePads, Nissan GTR32 Brakes, CuscoTower Bar Front and Rear, CuscoStabiliser, Cusco Tension Rod, CuscoLink & Arms, Ikeya Formula Tie Rods,HKS Hipermax D Suspension, HKS2-way Castor Camber Kit, Gram Lights57D, Falken RT615KCABINNardi Steering Wheel, HKS RaceMeters, Bride Bucket Seats, Sabelt 5Point Harness, HKS F-Con V Pro, C’sShort Stroke Shifter, HKS EVC BoostController, Cusco Roll CageEXTERIOROrigin Front/Rear Bumper and SideSkirt, C-West GT-Wing, Lye DesignsCustom Front and Rear Flare Body,Falken Tire LiveryEXHAUSTGarage R Custom 3” Exhaust SystemSafety is always a priority08 JULY

BMW F10 5 Series ExhaustBMW 5 Series / M5 ExhaustBMW 6 Series ExhaustAudi S5 4.2 V8 ExhaustAudi A4 / A5 1.8/2.0/3.2T Quattro ExhaustKia Cerato Exhaust Mini R56 1.6 Turbo Volkswagen Golf 5 / 6 / Scirocco ExhaustFiat Bravo Exhaust Lancer CS3 Exhaust Subaru Impreza 1.6 Exhaust Honda Civic FN2RKOUP EXHAUST 1.6 COMING SOON!! LTA COMPLIANT!!Coil Spring From $300! Coilover From $1550 and above!Available forSUBARU 1.5 HB,STREAM RN6Available forCIVIC FD, EVO 10,SUBARU GRB,HONDA FITAvailable forHONDA FIT &HONDA STREAMUnderbraceThe damping force of this shockabsorber is non-adjustable.Spring for this NF Kit is barrelform type as shown in thecatalogue. By Using this spring,we achieved much comfortabledriving quality.Height AdjustableThe shock absorber which itis exclusively designed on thebasis of the height, spring ratedata which is calculated inevery model. It gives a stifferfeeling to the car.Height AdjustableThe damping force ofthis shock absorber isadjustable. You canchoose its strengthamong 12 steps, soft,medium and hard forthe front & rear.CF-S can adjust theride height remains theadoption of certain lengthadjustment system. Alsodesigned for each vehicleto the position of thebracket.Damping Adjustable ByElectronic Control Unit(T Damping Adjustable ByElectronic Control Unit(TEAS)LTA COMPLIANTDress-up From lowers car by35-40mm but still provides acomfortable ridewith its increased spring rate.Retaining good ridecharacteristics identical to stockwhile offering almost 20-30mmlowering capabilitySlightly firmer design forimproved cornering stabilitywhile offering 25-30mmlowered look.Civic FDHondaStreamADVANCE RACING DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTSPACKAGE AFROM $65032 Stage Adjustable Damping Force EnablesVarious Settings Suitable For Your Liking.Shorter Piston for Lowering Spring ToPrevent From Hitting The Bumpstops.Twin Tube From Japan Reacts Quickly AndCorrectly Against Sudden Shock ReactionGas Filled To Keep The Shock PressurizedAnd Helps To Stop Oil Leak In ExtremeUsagePACKAGE BTANABELOWERINGSPRINGPACKAGE CFROM$950+FROM$395ADVANCE SUSPENSION +TANABE LOWERING SPRING+ ALIGNMENTLTA Compliant Exhaust From $650!Advance Suspension is a direct replacement for OEM Monotube Shock.Ideal as an upgrade from OEM Shock Absorber as it is dampingadjustable, therefore making it more responsive and easier to adjust to suitdifferent driving styles. Made from Steel and power coated damper body.Models Available: Honda Civic FD, EG/EK, EU1 05 onwards, Fit GE6 08,Airwave, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vios, Altis, Allion, Camry, Mazda 3 06, 5,Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, EX, Nissan Sunny N16, Latio, Sylphy.Honda Fit GE6Stainless Steel mufflerTITANIUM TipMandrelBendingServiceAvailable!$650AdvanceCoiloverUpsizeRotor Kit4 Pot BigBrake KitAdvance SteelBraided HoseExtractorJEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD (EXHAUST SPECIALIST)Add: Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 Singapore 408701 Tel: 6745 4700 / 6749 4260 Fax: 6743 2059Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-232 Singapore 408704We have revamped our website, please visit: WWW.JEEPCHEE.COM.SG E-MAIL: SALES@JEEPCHEE.COM.SGTAIL PIPES* AMEX/DINERS/OCBC/MAYBANK/UOB/CITIBANK Credit CardInstallment Available

MODS1. Honda Civic FD CF TrunkBesides looking good, getting the carbon fibre trunk for yourHonda Civic FD will also shave some weight off the rear of yourcar. Constructed with high quality weaves, this CFtrunk will replace your stock lid withoutthe unsightly gaps often seen ininferior copies. This CF trunkalso has impressive structuralintegrity despite its light weight.Motec – 6265 35583. Mann Filter 5W40With high viscosity and low volatility, MannFilter MFO 5W40 Fully Synthetic EngineOil offers high performance, extended oilchangeinterval and protection for the engine.Engineered to provide superior performancein automotive engines even under extremeoperating conditions, this fully synthetic engineoil is suitable for a wide range of applicationsincluding force-induction and diesel engines.BH Auto – 6559 89442. VTTR 6-pot Big Brake KitDesigned to be a full competitionspecbrake kit, VTTR’s 6-pot brakekit is as good as it gets when yourequire effective stopping capabilities.Consisting of large lightweight twopiecerotor, finest quality Teflon-linebraided brake hoses and beautifullycrafted calipers, this brake kit promisesmaximum performance and reliability.RTES – 6844 23704. Nashin 6-pot Big Brake KitWith the Nashin 6-pot big brake kit, ultimatebraking performance can now be yours. Thebillet forged structure makes the calipersstronger yet lighter than factory ones anda hard surface coat prevents wear andwithstands against high temperatures.Paired with brake pads that are designed tolower vibration and increase stability, you will beable to brake confidently even at high speeds.Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 6818Modifications 101Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better& Enjoy a Better Performance overall with these Products5. Tanabe 4-point UnderbraceThe importance of chassis reinforcement is often overlooked in highperformance vehicles. With the Tanabe 4-point underbrace, specific pointsof the undercarriage are connected and this reinforces the chassis andprevents flexing of the unibody.The unique internal I-beamconstruction enables it to be highlyrigid yet lightweight at the sametime, reinforcing the car’s chassiswithout much additional weight.Jeep Chee – 6745 47009. EBC Green StuffXquisitew@rks – 6363 35057. D1Spec 6-pot Big Brake KitIncrease your stopping power with this brakesystem from D1Spec. A good set of brakesnot only boost your confidence when doingspirited driving, but also prevent accidentsfrom happening. This 2024 aluminum-forged6 piston caliper system is mated to 2-piecefloating rotors which effectively dissipateheat. Available for a wide range of cars.Fabulous X – 6841 9329The EBC Green Stuff is designed for spirited street driving and suited for hothatch and sports compacts below 200HP. These pads have a high frictioncoefficient, great initial bite from cold right up to 600°C. Another majoradvantage of the Green Stuff compound is its low dust properties.It cuts down between 60-90% of the dust commonlyassociated with most competitive types of semimetallicpad yet not sacrificing on performance.Green Stuff pads are available for a hugerange of cars including SUVs and MPVs.6. Silver’s SuspensionDesigned for drivers who seek improved handlingon the street and at the track, Silver’s suspensionwill allow for better ride at lowered heights andincreased grip through the corners. With extensivetesting going into the production of thesecoilovers, performance is guaranteed toleave you driving harder and going faster.McWell Ventures – 8139 08488. Elig S+ Advance Version Brake Pads10. Whiteline Anti-roll BarConsisting of mostly ceramic fibres, Elig S+brake pads dissipate heat well which inturn keeps performance strong even afterrepeated hard braking. Unlike other highperformance pads, the S+ pads are quieterand also reduce wear and tear of the brakedisc. Due to their unique properties, less dustis produced during braking and such dust isof a light colour and can be washed off easily.As the names suggests, Whiteline anti-roll bar’sobjective is to reduce body roll and stabilize avehicle under lateral (cornering) forces. With theirclose association with motorsports, Whitelineproducts are designed to be at the very front ofhandling development. Upon installation, corneringload is spread evenly across the tyres and thisdelivers additional grip. Tyre wear is also improvedas the tyres stay flatter and more upright.Dynotechnica – 6841 1304Blaze Trading – 6841 372410 JUly 2011

MIRACLE BODY WORKZ50 Bukit Batok Street 23, # 01-22 Midview Building (S) 659578Tel: 6468 3096 Fax: 6743 3282Mon-fri 10.30am to 10.30pm / SAT 10.30am to 7pm(close on sun & ph)BUKIT BATOK CRESCENTPAN-ISLAND ( PIE )BUKIT BATOK street 23MIDVIEWBUILDINGUNITYCENTREWCEGAPLAZAtoh tuck ave 3We Accept:We Specialize in Body works, Accessories, Accident Claims, Panel Beat & Spray PaintE90 BonnetM3 Style CF BonnetM5 FenderBMW E92 M3 ConversionArrivingsoonComingSoonE90/E92 BonnetE90/ E90 LCI / E9M3 Style CF BonnetBMW M5 FenderBMW E92 To M3 Conversion KitBMW F10 H Style AeRo KitNEWBMW x6 H StyleBMW F10 H Style Aero KitBMW E92 - E93BMW F10 H Style Aero KitBMW X6 H StyleBMW E92 Ericsson Style Aero KitBMW Z4Mercedes W204BMW E92 MT Style Aero KitBMW E92 K Style Aero KitArrivingsoonBMW Z4 H Style Aero Kit Mercedes W204 AM Style Aero Kit Mercedes W204 W Style Areo KitBMW E60Promotion$1988 10 SetsonlyPromotion$1988 10 SetsonlyMercedes W212 AMGE60 K Style Body KitPromotion$1988 10 SetsonlyE60 M Style Aero kit (PP Material)E60 RG Style Body KitE60 M5 Body kit (PP Material)E60 AC Style Body KitE60 K Style Front LipBMW E90E90 M Style BodyKitPromotion$2088 10 SetsonlyE90 AC BodykitE90 / E90 LCI M3 Bodykit*Dealers enquires welcome @ 9002 9512E 90 K Style Body KitE90 RG Style Bodykit

TALKThe Act of BalancingStamford Tyres’ Hunter Road Force GSP9700 wheel balancer goes beyond thetraditional functions of a wheel balancerCommitted to bringing you the best handle safely under most conditions. extends the life of your tyres and mosttyres and wheels solutions, Stamford Unchecked and excessive wheel importantly, safer driving conditions.Tyres brought in the latest in wheelbalancing technology from Huntervibration can result in excessive tyrewear, damage to suspension and What kind of machinery wasEngineering Company.steering parts, unsafe steering and used previously to balanceHunter’s award-winning research anddevelopment team of mechanical,handling and the most dangerous oneof all, unsafe driving conditions.wheels and how do they work?Previously we were using traditionalelectronic wheel balancers from Italy.electrical and software engineers is The reasons why these happen Fasep (the brand) determines theresponsible for hundreds of patentedand exclusive features that makeHunter products the most productiveundercar service equipment available.Together with the expertise of StamfordTyres, this cutting-edge piece ofare as follow: When vehicles are inmotion, radial and lateral forces areexerted onto the wheels due to theunbalanced tyres. When the tyresrotate, asymmetries of mass cause thewheels to wobble and this can result inamount and angle of unbalance. Theunbalanced wheels are then correctedby fitting weights to the outer and innerflanges of the wheel.How different is the Huntertechnology will enable you to have a ride disturbances usually in the form of GSP9700 from the previousperfectly balanced wheel and a much vertical and lateral vibrations.one?smoother and vibration-free drive.Fasep wheel balancers are reliable andHi guys! First of all, why is properwheel balancing important andwhat benefits do they bring?The design of automobiles these daysenables them to ride smoothly andDue to the lateral forces, this couldcause a vehicle to steer away evenwhen travelling in a straight line as wellas uneven tyre wear. The benefits areself-explanatory. Proper balancing willgive you a more comfortable ride andquite an accurate machine. However,they are unable to correct unbalancecaused by radial and lateral forces.Whereas the Hunter GSP9700 wheelbalancer can both measure, andcorrect such forces hence solving rideand handling problems such as tyrepull and wheel vibration.The GSP9700 also allows fastertroubleshooting and repairs through thequick calculation of the contributionsof the rim and tyre to radial vibrationproblems and presents the technicianwith easy step-by-step repairinstructions. Through the use of thiswheel balancer, we are able to duplicatewheel vibration measurement and tyre/wheel matching methods previouslyused only by vehicle manufacturers toprovide that “new car ride”.By being able to accurately diagnoseand correct such issues, we are ableto provide higher levels of customersatisfaction. Positive feedback fromour customers shows that this Hunterproduct is the best at what it does andwe are glad that we made the rightdecision to acquire it.

PARTS1. Honda Key ChainAccesorise your keys with Honda key chain. Thered Honda emblem, commonly found on Type Rmodels, has been made into a handykeychain that will complimentyour car keys perfectly. Thepolished surface will catchyour attention the moment youlay your eyes on it.Motec – 6265 35583. Titanium Tail PipeReplace that boring factory tail pipe withthis titanium offering by the exhaustspecialist Jeep Chee. Unlike the plainsilver that most tail pipes come in, thistitanium version comes with a tinge ofblue and will instantly catch the attentionof many. Furthermore, it is a totallyreversible modification and is LTA-compliant.2. H.I.D KitHigh Intensity Discharge lighting,otherwise simply known as HID,generally produces three times as muchlight as standard halogen bulbs whileusing 40% less electrical current. Thelight emitted is also longer and wider inrange, increasing your visibility even inlow-light conditions. Such kits are available in variousbulb types, making it suitable for almost every car model.Chuan Lee Hin – 6862 68184. Glaco Roll-OnJapanese manufacturers Soft99 brings to youtheir unique glass coating product, the GlacoRoll-On. The convenient applicator providesquick and easy application as compared toconventional bottle types. It offers waterbeading over 45km/h which ensuresenhanced visibility even during heavy rain.Jeep Chee – 6745 4700Concorde Auto – 6292 0087Gadgets & GizmosThere's no point in having a powerful carif it doesn't have the right accessories to complement it.5. Pivot XV-VW GaugesThe Pivot XV multi gauge offers convenientmonitoring of engine stats by simply connectingit to your Volkswagen diagnostic monitoringconnector. Keep an eye on your boostpressure and oil and water temperature withjust a flick of a switch and installation is abreeze with the provided coupler connection.You can also display your latest peakreading with the gauge’s peak hold function.McWell Ventures – 8139 08487. SmartwaxA 100% pure carnauba based wax and polish,enhanced by Non-Stick Protection, Smartwax isformulated using Smartwax’s proprietary blendof fluorocarbon polymer resins that gives it thewet looking, long lasting depth of shine andUV protection. Pamper your car and let it lookgood with this leading product from Smartwax.6. Front Grille for BMWSpruce up the exterior of your BMW with this mean-lookingfront grille. Made of ABS material,this front grille will compliment thenew stylish looks of your Beemer.Change the way your car lookswith this cosmetic enhancementproduct. Available for BMW E60,E90, E92, X3, X5 and 1 Series.Fabulous-X – 6841 93298. Powerails Type AHow comfortable your ride will depend onthe type of seats you’re using. For theflexibility of choice, the PowerailsType A is a light-weight andsturdy rail-frame that canaccommodate all types ofreclining chairs to help make yourride a more comfortable, or sport one.9. Carbon Console PanelBesides its light-weight and hightensile strength properties, carbonfibre parts also add a bling factorto your car. Aeimpex has produceda carbon console panel for a widerange of continental makes suchas Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati andBMW. Spruce up your interior with thesehigh quality parts from Aeimpex today!Aeimpex – 9109 7821Auto Maxima – 6552 135110. Boliden BatteryWith Boliden maintenance-free battery, drivewith a peace of mind without having to worryabout the periodic maintenance associatedwith conventional batteries. Exported to a largenumber of countries, Boliden batteries haveconsistently performed well when tested andcompared to its competitors.BH Auto – 6559 8944Miki Marketing – 6749 199618 July 2011

high performancebrake technologyFor Road And Track 100% Asbestos FreeElig Ceramic Brake Pads are made from ceramic fibers, filler material, bonding agents and small amounts of copper fiberswithin them, Because they’re mostly ceramic, these brake pads dissipate heat well, which keeps performance strong, evenafter repeated hard braking. They also don’t break down very much with repeated use, that means they produce less dustcompare to other types of brake pads and the dust that they do produce is lighter in color and doesn’t stick to the wheels.Advance Version( S+ )Sports Version( SP Carbon )• High Temperature Resistance• Dissipate Heat Well• Quieter & LighterInstallationsavailable atour dealers’workshop• Comfort Upon Braking• Reduced Wear & Tear Of The Brake Disc• Environmental Friendly• Complete Non-Asbestos• Less Dust Produce And Doesn’t Stick ToThe Wheelshighperformance OIL• Hyper-U99i Ultra Viscosity Elastic Annex(Additive Exclusive to ASIA), specialadditive that coats all friction surfaces,providing a protection layer whichgreatly reduces wear & tear, enhancingengine performance due to the “hot &humid” climate in Asia• Excellent low temperature starts and coldstart protection• High temperature stability• Superb oil pressure for more power100% SyntheticAPI SM• Low engine noise• Engine Cleaning Additive based on APIrequirements to meet automobilemanufactures standards• Oil film retentionMADE IN JAPAN• Shear resistance & anti-friction propertiesBlaze Trading Services Tel: 6841 3724 Website: www.blaze-trading.com / www.kic-oil.com Email: salesenquiry@blaze-trading.com

• Increase engine power• Increase engine torque• Improve throttle response• Remove low-end lethargy• Remove high-end breathlessness• Remove engine flat-spot• Reduce engine noise• Reduce engine vibration• Reduce turbo lag• Enhanced overtaking powerWe will change the way you drive!The ONLY one of its kind in the worldSpecial Promotion!$230Free Installation,Free Trial and Full MoneyBacked-Guarantee.TestimonialsLoving every minute of the driveSuitable for all petrol, diesel and CNG engines.Had used the E-Power System for my humble 1.4L K12 Nissan March since 2007 and have never looked back!!Initially I was very skeptical that a few small devices could improve performance (even braking power, noise level and ‘feel’)! But once I got Mr. Limto keep adding over a period of time, my little March could fly on the N-S highway to KL loaded with 4 big sized adults. My March used to havedifficulty accelerating from 80 km/h. E-Power System has brought me much Joy and a small “set-back” (cost of the E-Power system Installation). Ilove to have my car roaring when I accelerate. E-Power System has silenced and smoothen that roar from my humble March.The same system was later transferred to my 2007 Forester and subsequently to my current 2009 2.5 Forestor XT. I no longer feel the turbo lag in mycar anymore. Its like driving a powerful normal aspirated car.I am still Loving it every minute of my drive every time I drive my car!!Thank you E-Power System and Thank you, Mr. Lim!Marcus ChanWorking its wonders on CNG enginesI am a newly converted adopter of the E-Power System. I came across the system while picking up a copy of REV magazine. All this while I waslooking out for a power system that could ramp up the speed of my CNG powered Honda Stream. Looking through the testimonials and the promiseof a free trial, I decided to give it a shot. I met up with Mr Lim at my place and he just stuck a few pieces of “rubber” and meshing onto my engine.“Let’s go for a test drive” he says. I was sceptical. What can a few pieces of “rubber” do? Boy was I wrong! The engine seems to breathe new life. Myride was exhilarating! The acceleration was awesome! My foot on the gas pedal was light and I was ahead of the likes of petrol powered cars, goodmakes at that and of course, even the taxis. Now even climbing hill on CNG is a breeze. Best of all, my fuel consumption has also improve on runningon CNG by at least 30km! Truly, the amazing “rubber” does what it claims! Thank you so much Mr Lim. I will be saving to purchase the next set onmy petrol engine! I will gladly recommend your wonderful system to my friends! Keep it coming!K.L Tham / Honda Stream - CNGBringing new life back into your old carI want to thank you personally for bringing new life into my old dame’ Betsy. My old mercedes benz 1989 W124 200E now has a better pick-up. TheE-Power System works wonders. I was in the beginning spectical cause mine was an old car and was wondering whether the product would work. Iam currently in Stage I and am already itching for Stage II. Thank you and God bless!Regards, Sunil KumarContinental goodnessI have been looking into improving the low end torque of my car for several years now since I got my Volvo S40. It is so frustrating when my carlacks the power whenever I try to overtake. I have installed almost every product available in the market that claims to improve the horsepower andtorque of cars. Devices that look sophisticated and “hi-tech” but sadly none of them works, wasting much of my hard-earned money and time. Iwanted to give myself a last try before I give up all hope of trying to improve my car. I met Mr. Lim after reading the many testimonials advertisedon the E-Power System in the Rev magazine. I was skeptical at first but after the first installation, I could feel the instant power and response thatmy car display.The car feels lighter and accelerates much faster. It is simply incredible. I am also surprise that my engine is quieter, smoother, so much moreresponsive and the gear change quicker and smoother. I never expected so many positive changes to my car. Picking up speed and overtaking is abreeze. Its a dream come true. For all new owners of the E-Power System, please be light on your throttle and get used to the power and responsefirst before you start to “wack”. Allow yourself time to adapt to the new behavior of your car, I almost bang into the vehicle in front of me after thetraffic light turns green with my usual pressure applied on the accelerator. The E-Power System has made my drive more enjoyable and the urge toram my car at every opportunity is almost uncontrollable. It’s like a drug addict craving for more drugs. I am not sure if this is the only one of itskind in the world but I can assure you that no other products that I know which is available locally can give you similar results like the E-PowerSystem. You will be amazed.Steven Lee / Channel Sales Executive M1 Limited (Singapore)Close-up of Ultrasonic Airchargerin a Lamborghini GallardoE-Power System as installedin a Lamborghini GallardoScalar Ionic ChargerScalar WrapAero-MeshFor enquiry, appointments and on-site installation at your convenience:E-mail: enquiry@epowersystem.com • Website : http://epowersystem.comTelephone: 65-63001911 • Mobile Phone Number: 65-90011086Ultrasonic Aircharger

i.C.E.in - car entertainment specialThe UnlikelySuspectThis Lancer’s LooksMight Deceive You

AUTODIESEL TURBO FUELSYSTEMS PTE LTD(The Only Authorised Denso Parts & Service Dealer In Singapore)We Specialise In:• Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Repair • Injector Repair• Smoke Inspection (NEA/STA/VICOM)• Vehicle ECU Diagnosis • General Service Of Vehicle• Turbocharger Repair • Starter & Alternator RepairOur FacilitiesWe are proud to be the first company to undertake common-rail supply pump repair facilities beforethe Euro 4 Emission enforcement by Singapore government.Testing FacilitiesProductsInline VE Fuel Pump V3 Fuel Pump V4 Fuel Pump V5P Fuel PumpHP0HP2HP3 HP4 Injector Alternator Starter Motor TurbochargerHeadquarterBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sec A #01-18 S’pore 575678Tel: (65) 6453 6656 Fax: (65) 6453 6085New Outlet101, Woodlands Industrial Park E5 S’pore 757522Email: sales@autodieselturbo.com Web: www.autodieselturbo.com

I.C.E2. Easycar E772-ASWith the Smart Door LF Module Technology withinthe Easycar E772-AS, no longer do you have to carryyour keys in your pocket when you leave your car. Anindustry first, this keyless entry system convenientlyunlocks your car when you approach, and locks it asyou move away. Reliable LF communication ensuresconsistent performance from this car alarm system.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35051. Easycar E771-ASTired of carrying bulky remotes for your vehicle’s alarmsystem? Easycar E771-AS is the solution for yourproblem. The super slim card key transmitter performsfunctions such as arming, disarming, silent arm andcar find and status. Also included is a high quality OEMfinish key knob cover that allows you to leave your keyin the ignition without attracting unwanted attention.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35053. Easycar E702-ASThe Easycar E702-AS alarm system incorporates adigital door entry system for your vehicle, allowingyou to lock, and unlock your car in style. Gain easyaccess into your vehicle even if you’ve accidentallylocked your keys in your car by entering your preselectedpasscode into the high output LED digitalkey pad.4. Alpine SBS-0715A center channel speaker instantly sharpens up the imagingin a multi-channel car audio system. Alpine’s offering, theSBS-0715, comes with a handsome black enclosure thatwill fit nicely on your dash. A separate compact amplifierprovides the juice and is small enough toeasily tuck out of sight.Motec – 6265 35585. JBL GTO504 AmplifierJBL’s GTO504 amplifier has been engineered toensure flawless power delivery into numerousimpedances with low distortion. The 280-watt 4 channel full range amplifier withvariable electronic crossover andbass boost is the perfectchoice if you’re lookingto increase theoutput level of yourcar’s audio system.Motec – 6265 3558Xquisitew@rks – 6363 3505CRANK UP YOUR VOLUMEMake yourself heard with all the latest innovations from around the globe6. JBL 560GTiEliminate distortion with JBL’s 560GTi competition speakersystem. This 2-way component system contains a pair of 5¼” speakers with kevlar cone woofer and dustcap as well ashigh quality 2 ¼” dome tweeters. The cast aluminum basketframe ensure protection of sensitive internal components.Motec –6265 35587. Blitz Audio BZX-7The Blitz Audio BZX-7 amplifier certainly looks as good asits performance. Beneath the clear acrylic protective coverlies a polished chrome chassis which will grab the attentionof those who lay eyes uponit. Front and rear inputsare supported and thegreen light illuminationallows for easyadjustments evenin the dark.Autoform –6294 55009. Oral MW 165With its sleek and stylish design, the Corel MW 165will bring you both visual and listening pleasure. The6” woofer features a mica-polypropylene cone anda 26mm voice coil which accurately reproducesyour favourite tracks as you make your way to yourdestination. Coral’s Italian pedigree is a testimonial tothe quality and performance of this set of woofers.Autoform – 6294 55008. PYLE Marine PLMRA 220A 2-channel 600 watt waterproof marine MOSFETamplifier, the PYLE Marine PLMRA 220 is capableof delivering 300 watts for 2 outputs, or 600watts in bridged mode. Besides a LED protectionindicator and blue level LED display, this amplifieralso has in-built thermal, overload and shortcircuit protection.Autoform – 6294 550010. Blitz Audio BZA-4190Is the lack of power from your car’s amplifiersnot doing your high-end speakers justice?Look no further than the Blitz Audio BZA-41904 channel 1000 watts high power MOSFETamplifier. The gold plated inputs and outputs willdeliver accurate tones to your speakers, givingyou countless hours of listening pleasure.Autoform – 6294 5500JULY 2011 23

I.C.E. Review1. Caidrox CD-3000An all-in-one package, the Caidrox CD-3000 car black box willmeet the needs of even the most demanding drivers out there.Numerous features and a stylish design further makes it thenumber one choice when shopping for car surveillance systems.The high-resolution camera is capable of recording highdefinition 1280 x 768 videos of up to 30 FPS. Gain maximumcoverage and quality recording with its 142.5 degree wideangle lens and 1.3MP CMOS sensor. The auto view lightcontrol technology will aid in reducing glare under brightconditions as well as increase the visibility in low-lightsituations. Two channel support also means you will be able torecord at both the front and rear of your vehicle. Recordings canbe saved onto your SD card (supports up to 32GB) and viewedon the Korean-based software.However, what truly makes it stand out from its competitors isits in-built GPS function which gives you supporting evidencein the form of its location. Do not worry about accuracy asthe CD-3000 software comes bundled with Google Map andGoogle Earth. Launching the user-friendly software brings up 12advanced feature display such as GPS information, recordeddata, vehicle speed information as well as a G-sensor graph.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35052. Celestra FA 2150 XCelestra was born in 1993 from the intuition of a person whoreally believed in the possibility to improve the sound quality of caramplifiers, compared to what the standard reference offered.The FA series was created with a goal to achieve a newmarket share. The lower prices of this series allowpeople to have a chance at owning a Celestra product.Reliability is however still present, and the soundproduced is clean and extremely well-controlled.FA 2150 X is a 2-channel amplifier capable of 2 x 150Wrms nominal output power, and 2 x 370W at 1ohm. Trimodeoperation is possible without the need of any switch ofadapter and it also possesses an intelligent electronic protectiondesign which is capable of putting out high impulsive currents.Battery and speaker connectors are significantly larger to ensureuninterrupted and accurate transmission while a heavy dutyheatsink design with high cooling efficiently cools the amplifiereven when operating at full power. A sleek light gray polishedfinish showcases its superior build quality and matches perfectlywith most interiors.Autoform – 6294 550026 July 2011PUSHINGBOUNDARIESPush the tempo and take your party on the roadwith these aurally powerful systems

FEEL THE DIFFERENCEBEST BUYIN TOWN!!MINI 6 POT BRAKE KIT FITMENT SUITABLE FOR OE 15” WHEELSSTEEL BRAIDED HOSE AT $110 ONLY!MINI 6 POT BRAKE KITROTOR SIZE 386MM/302MM/320MM$1688SURESTOPPINGPOWERBEWARE OFIMITATIONS!BIG 6 POT BRAKE KITROTOR SIZE 330MM/355MMMINI 4 POT BRAKE KITROTOR SIZE 330MM/355MMSUPERIOR BRAKING PERFORMANCE!The all new D1Spec brake kit is a new breed of brake system that meets of exceedsmost aftermarkets brake systems in quality and performance that is in today’s market.Further test result shows 55% more braking power then all OEM specifications.POWER WITHOUT D1SPEC BRAKE KIT IS NOTHING...D1Spec Mini 6 Pistons CaliperMaterialT2024 Aluminum AlloyForming Way4000 Ton Hot Forging In High TemperatureSurface MaterialKiln Dried Nanotech PaintingCorresponding Disc286/302/320mmDimension Of Pistons32/32/28mmBrake DiscMain MaterialFC-28 And Added Various AlloyBrake PadTemperature0-550 o & 50-720 oMain MaterialCompound Pottery, CarbonColorSilverProduct FeaturesNo Abnormal SoundRotorMain MaterialIronPistonMain MaterialAluminum Added AlloyVIPERSTAREUROE8SEATROLLERSEATRAILFROM$688 PERPAIRALL NEW D1SPEC COILOVER!*Twin tube design damper for stability/comfort*Twin tube design damper gets harder as the force increases,reducing body roll and still maintaining smooth ride quality*Cold-bent spring is designed to optimize the balancebetween performance and comfort*28 Levels of dampening adjustability(compression/rebound)*Height adjustment from 30mm-90mm*Separate ride height and spring pre-load adjustments*Aluminum alloy construction for spring seatand locks*Suitable for street and hard driving conditions*Available for most cars makes*One year warranty*Free alignment for all D1spec coilover purchaseFRONT GRILLESPOILERH.I.D100% UNBREAKABLE PU V-LIPMITSUBISHI: LANCER CS/EX,COLTSUBARU: IMPREZA/WRX MY 04-08,LEGACYSUZUKI: SWIFT/SWIFT SPORTHONDA: STREAM, CIVIC ES/FD, FIT/JAZZ, ACCORD CL760MM ADVANCE SYS CR GAUGES= &OIL PRESS TURBO OIL TEMP WATER TEMP VOLTBLUERED....................................................................................................................................................................................................= &For BMW E60, E90, E92, X3, X5and 1 SeriesFor BMWE60, E90 and IS250Better And Clearer VisionDuring The NightINTAKEMANIFOLDPRESSURETURBOOIL TEMP WATER TEMP VOLTWHITETHE ALL NEW D1SPEC GAUGES WITH INTERCHANGEABLE COLOURS!REDTHROTTLE BODY AERO MIRROR E-THROTTLE CONTROLLER EARTHING & VOLTAGESUPER EARTHSTABILIZER$188$168$148MORE PICKUP POWERVSD IVMore horsepower and torquethroughout the rpm range withnoticeably quicker throttle response.70mm Throttle BodyInstant Throttle ResponseLancer CS3/EX, SubaruMY05/06, Suzuki Swift/SwiftSport, Mazda 3, Gen2,Honda EG/EKHelps To Control Acceleration+ Fuel EfficiencyBETTERDISTRIBUTIONOF ELECTRICCURRENTHelps To Increase PowerThrough Reinforce GroundingHelps To Enhance SparkPlug FiringPENNZOIL PLATINUM 5W40GREDDY 10W40CUSCO 5W40All ServicingPackagesInclude OilFilter andFREE 12Point ChecksSERVICINGFROM$88GUNK 3 IN 1Fabulous-X Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-21 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408933HP: 9667 7711 Tel: 65-6841 7697, 65-6841 9329 Fax: 65-6841 20240% interest free installment plans available

REVIEWSRIDE RIGHT WITHStability and comfortin a single packageD1SPEC COILOVERSYou may have heard of them, but didyou know the name coilover is actuallyshort for “coil spring over strut”?Consisting of a shock absorber witha coil spring encircling it, coilovershave become a popular choice ofmany who wish to improve theirrides’ handling. Unlike most factoryabsorbers, coilovers allow the user tomake height and damping adjustmentsto suit his/her requirements. Furthercustomisation can also be done byBefore installationselecting appropriate spring ratesfor both the front and rear. The finetuningof suspension components candrastically affect the handling of thevehicle. If performed incorrectly, youcould experience excessive understeeror understeer and not to mention, anextremely uncomfortable ride.A new addition to D1Spec’s growingline-up of products is its fully adjustablecoilover. Brought in by Fabulous-X,the sole authorised local distributorof D1Spec products, not only doesit pack an impressive list of features,it also comes with a 1-year warrantyagainst manufacturer defects. D1Specproducts are made by a professionalmanufacturer of auto performanceaccessories for the past 10 years inCentral Taiwan. Manufacturing is solelywithin the grounds of their own factory,hence they are able to exercise controlover the cost, quality and lead time. Witha strong R&D team, D1Spec productsconstantly enjoy a good reputation allover the world.After installationInstallation of this set of coilover wouldfirst involve removing the wheels. Youwould be able to spot the previouslyinstalled D1Spec big brake kit as well asthe factory absorbers and springs. Thefactory absorbers are then removed andstored aside for the owner.Original Front SupensionInstallation in progressExposed top mountsTightening things upFactory absorbersLooking goodUpon inspecting the new D1Speccoilover, we found that the quality andfinishing was indeed superb. The staffat Fabulous-X then filled us in with thedetails. Utilising a twin-tube designdamper, it will offer you the best ofboth worlds. It delivers comfort duringregular day-to-day driving, but getsharder as the force increases. Thistwin-tube design reduces body roll anddoesn’t sacrifice ride quality. Comfortand performance is further balancedthrough the use of cold-bent springs.Spring seat and locks are constructedfrom durable aluminum alloy. 28damping adjustment levels are availableand height adjustability ranges from30mm to 90mm.Damping adjustableRear factory absorbersNow for the rearOnce installation was completed, itwas then time for fine-tuning to bedone. Using a vernier caliper, precisemeasurements were taken to ensurethe height adjustments were equal onthe front and the same was also donefor the rear. After some final checks,a complimentary alignment wasperformed to compensate for the dropin ride height.Sitting on the new D1Spec coilover, notonly does the Honda Odyssey looksbetter with the drop in ride height, butalso handles better through corners.Almost in placeHeight adjustableTaking measurementsFor more information, please contactFabulous-X at 6841 7697 / 9667 7711.JULY 2011 29

SHOPFABULOUSLYFABULOUSHigh quality products with top-notch service. Fabulous-Xis the choice for discerning buyers.Weekend shopping for your belovedride may prove daunting for some. Fora start, choosing the right workshopfrom the long list available maysee you going from the west to theeast, before settling on your chosenone in the north. As you sit downwith a cup of coffee and watch yourcar getting pampered, you soonrealise the workmanship is extremelyshoddy and the end results are farfrom satisfactory. Unwilling to partwith your hard-earned money, youtake the issue up with the person inchargebut he brushes you off andwalks away.I’m sure most car owners have gonethrough the above scenario whenvisiting relatively unknown workshops.Despite their initial promises, feware eventually fulfilled and customerservice is almost non-existence. Mostof us end up walking away unsatisfiedand disappointed.As avid auto enthusiasts themselves,the good people at Fabulous-X havebuilt a business dedicated to givingcustomers what they truly deserve:great selection, great prices, greatresources and great service. Standingbehind these beliefs, each and everycustomer gets the full “Fabulous-X”treatment even if they are visiting for30 JULY 2011just a simple engine oil change.Being the sole authorised distributorfor D1-Spec products in Singapore,the product knowledge demonstratedis certainly second to none and theyare also able to provide efficientaftersales support. Other distributionareas include Malaysia, Thailand,Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines.Fast-selling items from D1-Spec widerange of products such as their bigbrake kits and their latest arrival, theD1-Spec coilovers, are often snappedup quickly due to their high quality yetreasonable costs.High quality car accessories fromJapan and Europe can also be foundin their showroom. These include, butare not limited to, sun-roof, sportsseat and carbon fibre body kits. Ifyou’ve an item in mind, do approachthem and they will try their best tosource it out for you.Routine maintenance andperformance tuning services arealso available at Fabulous-X. Nocompromises are made when itcomes to quality and reliability as onlygenuine parts are used. However, donot worry as this does not translateto sky-high prices. By minimizingoverhead and implementing the latesttechnology in their daily operations,prices are constantly kept at areasonable level.When you think of going fast andlooking good, one company standsabove the rest and that’s Fabulous-X- your one stop shop for carperformance and style.Fabulous-X Pte Ltd is located at51 Ubi Ave 1, #01-21, Paya UbiIndustrial Park, Singapore 408933.Call 6841 7697 / 9667 7711 orvisit http://www.fabulousx.com.sgfor more information.

LG-177LG-204LG-209LG-228LG-236LG-250LG-259LG-264LG-279ALG-293LG-295LG-298LG-301LG-316LG-327LG-349LG-350LG-352LG-353LG-354SOLE DISTRIBUTOR:23 DEFU LANE 12, DEFU INDUSTRIAL PARK E SINGAPORE 539130TEL: 6457 7330 Fax: 6457 7220EMAIL: info@jtglobalpl.com

TUNE-UPMAXIMISINGYour ModificationsWith the technology available these days, fine-tuning your car will nolonger run up hefty bills.With your three basic modifications,namely intake, header and exhaustin place, many then ponder, what’snext. To be honest, the road downperformance modifications is endlessand this doesn’t even include handlingupgrades. However, after having yourbasic modifications covered, you canlook towards treating your car to asimple tuning session to maximizethe potential of the modifications.In a nutshell, tuning of the car’s ECUwould involve altering various aspectsof the engine’s operation. By performingsuch a process, one would be able tocontrol variables such as fuel injectorand ignition timing. The extent of suchcontrol would ultimately be determinedby the tuner’s capabilities as well asthe type of ECU involved. Dependingon the extent of modification done,a basic reflash of the factory ECUor an air-fuel controller may suffice.For heavily souped up engines, astand-alone ECU which replaces thefactory unit may be the only way out.For the masses, a basic air-fuelcontroller would serve as a great toolin gaining that few extra horses. Notonly does it not cost an arm and aleg, such gadgets can also be easilypurchased and installed at mostworkshops. A universal harness wouldfurther allow it to be used on mostcars, enabling you to enjoy its benefitseven if you decide to change your ride.A car’s factory ECU is oftenprogrammed to calculate the properratio of fuel to air for an unmodifiedengine. However, when a high-flow filteris introduced, the amount of air in thecombustion chambers would increaseand hence additional fuel is required foroptimal combustion. This is where anair-fuel controller would come in handy.These air-fuel controllers are oftenconsidered multifunctional subcomputersthat allow the tuner totap onto the car’s factory ECU andreceive various sensors’ readings. Withsuch readings in place, one wouldthen be able to accurately diagnoseif there is any lack or excess of fuelpresent and make the appropriatechanges. Such compensationswill increase the drivability of thecar as well as bring out the best inthe accompanying modifications.Most air-fuel controllers also boast auseful external display which showsengine statistics such as RPM andthrottle load. These displays alsoallow your tuner to work their magicon your car but unless blowingcash on a new engine is smallchange to you, we strongly adviseagainst making such adjustmentsby yourself. Leave such stuff to yourcompetent tuner and enjoy the ride.32 JULY 2011

DYNOTECHNICAThe Performance SpecialistABOUT USBeing a creation of passion and knowledge,Dynotechnica specializes in performanceenchancement. This includes dyno services, enginerebuilt, chassis lightening, race preparation andengine management by utilizing top of the lineservice equipment.From changing an air filter to mapping yourengine, we do it all! Be it Subaru, Mitsubishi orother Car Makes, our Dynopack dyno is capableof enchancing your vehicle's performance.Dynotechnica tuned cars reached that obtainednumber one position in many track and street eventsin both Singapore and Malaysia.Here are the ECUs that DYNOTECHNICA tune:• APEXi Power • AEM ECU • Autronics ECU• ECUtek • Dimsport • Unichip & More!OUR SERVICESEngine RebuiltsEngine ManagementsDyno ServicesRace PreparationsChassis LighteningBrands We CarrYDYNOTECHNICA53 UBI AVE 1 #01-37 PAYA UBI INDUSTRIAL PARK S408934TEL: 6841 1304 FAX: 6841 1034 EMAIL: BENNY33@PACIFIC.NET.SG

REVIEW1. Supersprint forKia CeratoSupersprint has been producinghigh quality and real performanceproducts for the past 55 years,and without doubt, its latestaddition for the Kia Cerato is nolet-down as well.Many Cerato owners havebeen asking for a LTA approvedexhaust for their beloved rides,and Jeep Chee heard them.Being the authorised Supersprintdistributor in Singapore, theywrote to them and requestedfor a custom-made exhaustsystem for the Kia Cerato. Onfirst looks, you can tell it apartfrom the stock muffler by itschrome exhaust tip and engravedSupersprint wording. But it’s justnot a cosmetic enhancement.Performance is enhanced in themid and higher rev range yet notcompromising on low end. It hasa slight bassy note at idle andwhen you floor the pedal, thesound from the exhaust will bemusic to the ears of most drivers.Jeep Chee – 6745 47002. SmartONEThe new generation of waterless carwash, wax and sealant in one handybottle has finally arrived. Smartwax’sSmartone is a revolutionaryenvironmentally-friendly product thatallows you to achieve a show-perfectshine effortlessly without water.The steps are simple. Simply shakethe bottle well, spray a light coatonto a cool surface and give it timeto work its magic. Thereafter, wipeoff the excess with a microfibre towelbefore buffing. Smartone will soften,lift and encapsulate dirt particles,allowing it to be safely and easilywiped away. Upon buffing, the lightcarnauba wax haze will leave ashowroom shine that reduces staticcharge thus enabling maximumrepellency of dirt.Auto Maxima – 6552 1351UPCLOSEGet a close up view of these productsthat caught our eye3. Bizol OilAdditiveBased on the latest additivetechnology, Bizol’s Oil Additive willenhance the performance of yourengine oil.The multifunctional highperformance additive will maintainstable viscosity even underextreme operating conditions.The lubricating effectiveness ofthe engine oil is improved, hencereducing friction and extendingthe service life of the engine. Oilviscosity is also stabilised and anypotential loss is corrected. This oiladditive meets the requirements ofmodern engine oils, making it fullycompatible with all commerciallyavailable engine oils. Suitable forboth petrol and diesel engines.Akeno – 6848 42184. BardahlPulsar-LBardahl’s continual success canbe largely attributed to its “polarattraction” formula. In short, thisunique formula allows for lubricantsto be bonded to load-bearingsurfaces to protect them againstfriction and wear, even under themost severe operating conditions.This key to its success can alsobe found in the Bardahl Pulsar-L,a high performance mineral-basedengine oil. Available in SAE 10W-40 and 15W-50, this oil containsadvanced additive systems that willensure optimal performance fromyour vehicle. Outstanding thermaland oxidation stability allows forhard driving without worryingabout the oil failing on you. ThePulsar-L also offers excellentprotection against corrosion aswell as excellent low temperatureperformance. Recommendedfor use in most modern gasolineand diesel engines includingturbocharged units.Bardahl – 6634 060034 JULY 2011

July 2011 35

SPORTSup the home straight of the SepangInternational Circuit. Representativesfrom the Malaysian Book of Recordswere on hand to stamp their approvaland presented JPM with a certificate tocommemorate their achievement.Action on the 5.543km long circuitwas not solely confined to the two GTclasses with support races being heldas well. Single-make races such asthe Toyota Vios Cup and JPM MeganeCup entertained spectators before themain event started. The GT Asia Seriesalso saw entrants in the form of theFerrari F458 GT3, Porsche 911 GT340 July 2011R, Lamborghini LP560 GT3 and FordGT fighting it out for podium positions.The GT500 class saw Weider HondaRacing bounce back from a slow startto capture their first win of the 2011season. Starting the race in pole,drivers Takashi Kogure and Loic Duvalkept their position throughout the racewith consistent driving from the pair anda fuss-free pit stop.Finishing a close 14.198 secondsbehind them was Ronnie Quintarelliand Masataka Yanagi in the S RoadMOLA GT-R. Despite the heavy trafficencountered by the Weider team sawGSR&Studie with TeamUKYO and their BMW Z4 GT3

July 2011 41

SPORTSWeider Honda Racing’s HSV-010 took their first win of the seasonThe Ferrari 458 of Team JIMGAINER finished a close second in the GT300 classGT500 Winners Loic Duvall and Takashi Kogure from Weider Honda Racing and GT300Winners Taku Bamba and Nobuteru Tanaguchi from GSR&Studie with TeamUKYOtheir lead being reduced, the MOLAduo were unable to capitalise on it andeventually finished on the second stepof the podium. Keihin Real Racing andtheir HSV-010 GT gave the Honda car itssecond podium finish despite carrying alarge weight handicap of 28kg.Coming in third, it also saw a race wherethe first three starters maintained theirpositions throughout the race. Slightlymore exciting racing took place in theGT300 group. Starting at the front ofthe grid, top qualifier GSR&Studie withTeamUKYO led in the early parts of therace but second place Team JIMGAINERsaw their Ferrari 458 overtake the BMWZ4 GT3 on several occasions in the lastfew laps. First driver Nobuteru Taniguchimanaged to open up a healthy lead atthe start, but the lead was cut downconsiderably upon switching to seconddriver Taku Bamba.The anime-themed Z4 GT3 eventuallycrossed the line a mere 0.776s aheadof the Ferrari while the older F430 ofLMP MOTORSPORT took third place.Despite the blazing sun, throngs ofvisitors filled the grandstands and weretreated to a mix of nerve-wrecking trackaction as well as bustling festivities inthe vicinity. With JPM being awardednext year’s SUPER GT rights as well,we’re sure looking forward to attendingan even more successful and electrifyingevent come 2012.42 July 2011

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UNCLE AGONYUNCLE AGONYDo you have a car-related question that needs answering?Drop us an email at rev@bigbang.com.sg and we will answer it!ENGINEQ: I read that changing the Oxygen Sensor of my vehicle will give me better fuel economy,is it true? When do we need to change the Oxygen Sensor?its feedback sensor to theECU. Older sensor and/orengine will have a higheramplitude (0.2 – 0.8V)and slower signalA: It is true that a new OxygenSensor will give better fuel economy.There are usually 2 Oxygen Sensorsfor each bank of exhaust. The first(Bank 1 Sensor 1, B1S1) is locatedbefore the Catalytic Converterand the second (Bank 1 Sensor2, B1S2) is after that. For an Inline4 engine, there is only 1 bank ofexhaust therefore only 2 OxygenSensors. The duty of B1S1 is to givefeedback to the ECU on the resultof the combustion of the engine.The ECU will base on the result todecide to lean or richen the nextcycle of fuelling. This is a close loopsystem. The duty of B1S2 is thatof monitoring the efficiency of theCatalytic Converter.O2 Sensor works in a veryhigh temperature and hostileenvironment. It is therefore subjectto very high levels of contamination.A new engine and new sensor willoscillate between 0.4 to 0.6 V as(longer wavelength).This will result in coarsereaction by the ECU and thuslower efficiency which will result inlower fuel economy.As a general rule of the thumb,O2 sensor can be changed every 3years. However, if you wish to checkthe performance of this O2 Sensor,just do a data stream reading usingthe Scanner on the Sensor. If thereading has high amplitude andlong wavelength, you can considerchanging the sensor.GENERALQ: I noticed a whining noisecoming from my sound system.It will follow my engine rpm.How do I get rid of it?A: The whining noise is causedby unregulated electric currentflowing through the conductor inyour car. This is usually the resultof grounding problems of yourelectrical component(s), most likelywithin your ICE. Firstly, identify thelocation of the component groundwire and if possible, connect all theground to a single solid point on thechassis of the car. Secondly, youcan install a ‘Ground Loop Isolator’which is readily available fromelectronic shops at Sim Lim Tower.WHEELSQ: I sent my car to a workshop for a routine servicing. When I collected my car, I foundthat the car is very “bouncy”. When I went back to the technician for a check, he saidthat my shock absorbers are jammed up. Was he responsible for the damage to myshock absorbers? My shock absorbers were perfect before I did my oil change.A: It may be possible that yourshock absorbers were alreadyworn. The valves that restrict themovement of the oil and air shouldbe jammed. When you hoist upthe car, all four wheels will ‘drop’and cause the shock absorbersto fully extend. This will causethe oil to move to one side of thechamber. When you lower the car,the jammed valve will prevent theoil from going back to the otherchamber and thus the piston willremain fully extended. This willcause the “bumpy” feeling you’regetting from your ride.44 JULY 2011

CAN’T FIND THE LATEST ISSUE OF REV? INSTEAD OF RUSHINGOUT TO FIND A COPY, WHY NOT HAVE IT DELIVERED STRAIGHTTO THE COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME?$24FOR 12 ISSUESFREE $20 Stamford Tyres Cash Voucher$48FOR 24 ISSUESFREE $40 Stamford Tyres Cash VoucherYour details (must be completed)Name ...........................................................................................................Date of Birth .................................................. Male FemaleNRIC No ......................................................................................................Address ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................Telephone Number .......................................................................................Email Address ..............................................................................................Please Kindly Indicate The Issue You Will Like To Begin With: #.................PAYMENT BY CHEQUEPlease make your payment via cheque in SGD payable to:BIG BANG MEDIA PTE LTDBank ............................................................................................................Cheque Number ..........................................................................................Mail this form and your cheque to:Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01 Singapore 787600Terms and conditions: This offer is open to residents of Singapore only. For details on overseassubscriptions please call +65 6455 8575 Big Bang Media Pte Ltd, the publishers of REV Magazine.REV ISSUE 09ADK Auto Accessories Centre52 Ubi Ave 3 The Frontier Epark #01-41 S408867AutoBacs Venture Pte Ltd30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6 S65976110 Ubi View S408543AutoDiesel Turbo Fuel Systems Pte LtdBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sec A #01-18 S575678Autoform Enterprise Pte Ltd33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-03 Vertex Building S408868AutoVox Pte Ltd452 Tagore Ind Ave S787823BCC Automotive Pte LtdBlk 1 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector C #01-101/107/109 S5756863SPARK Car Care Centres205 Braddell Road S579701383 Sin Ming Drive S5757179 Loyang Drive S5089697 Sungei Kadut Way S72879145 Pandan Road S609286320 Ubi Road 3 S408649Concorde Auto Accessories (S) Pte Ltd12 Jalan Lembah Kallang #01-01 Concorde Building S339568Fabulous-X Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-21 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Harmony Motor Pte LtdNo 1 Chia Ping Road S619967Horizon Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd65 Upp Paya Lebar Road #01-01 Guang Ming Ind Building S534817Jeep Chee Trading Pte LtdBlk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 S408701LHN TradingBlk 1009 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-90 S159723ManCanDo International Pte LtdBlk 34 Sin Ming Drive #01-118Mcwell Ventures Pte Ltd51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-05/06 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Miracle Bodyworkz50 Bukit Batok St 23 #01-22 Midview Building S659578Motec Auto AccessoriesBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 S628455MotoRex Performance Pte Ltd53 Ubi Ave 1 #03-54 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408934Revol Carz Makeover10 AMK Ind Park 2A #01-12 AMK Autopoint S568047RTES51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-02 Paya Ubi Ind Park S408933Stamford Tyres Megamart19 Lok Yang Way Jurong S62863550 Bukit Batok St 23 #02-19 Midview Building S6595788 Kung Chong Road S159145455 Macpherson Road S36817331 Loyang Way S50872910 Admiralty Street #01-85 Northlink Building S757695Blk 9006, Tampines St 93, #01-196, Tampines Ind Park s52884010 AMK Ind Park 2A #01-14, AMK Autopoint S568047Sung Beng Auto (Pte) Ltd since 1969342 Circuit Road Singapore 37949448 JULY 2011

New opening at 50 Old Toh Tuck Road (1st July 2011)Your trusted BMW Workshop SpecialistAll makes & models welcome as wellBCC (DEUTSCH) AUTOMOTIVE PTE LTD50 Old Toh Tuck Road Singapore 597657(Inside CNG Filling Station)Tel: 6468 5588 Fax: 6762 7760Email: enquiry@bcc.sgWebsite: www.bcc.sg

Falken Tyres are race-bred in the circuit to improve their performanceand reliability. With exceptional strength and agility, Falken Tyres provideenergetic drivers with that edge in performanceAzenis RT615 K- Asymetrical treaddesign.- Improved circuitperformance.- Quick response.- High cornering grip.- Enhancing wet grip.Ziex ZE-522- Faster water drainageon slippery road.- Reduces road noiseand vibration.- Winning design forhigh class look.- Comfort and style.Falken FK-452- Special silica basedcompound.- Innovative tread designfrom motor sports racingtechnology.- Improved resistance toaquaplaning.Ziex ZE-322- Good Traction in thewet.- Noise is kept to aminimum with its noiseabsorbing basecompound.Azenis ST-115- Good handlingstability and quickresponse.- Strong grip and highspeed enduranceperformance.- Silent and sporty.Ziex ZE-912- Hybrid asymmetricpattern design.- Infinite sype sequence.- Rotation wear indicators.- Quad high-volumecircumferential grooves.- High angle variable crossgrooves.SN-828- Long Life and excellent costperformance.- New silica compound for optimizingwet performance and wear resistance.- Easy handling and superior highspeed stability.- Riding comfort and quietness.

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