Hiroshima meeting report - International Campaign to Abolish ...

HIROSHIMA, 21 AUGUST 20127IPPNW WORLD CONGRESSThe ICAN Campaign Meeting tookplace immediately before the 20thWorld Congress of the InternationalPhysicians for the Prevention ofNuclear War, which endorsed ICANat its World Congress in Helsinki,Finland, in 2006.Above: ICAN chair Tilman Ruff speaksabout ICAN at the IPPNW World Congress.Right: IPPNW and ICAN campaigners holda vigil by the A-Bomb Dome.Below: ICAN Europe’s campaign director,Arielle Denis, chairs a session on ICAN.NEW EXHIBITION LAUNCHEDSoka Gakkai International, inpartnership with ICAN, developedan exhibition titled “EverythingYou Treasure”, which explores thehumanitarian and environmentaleffects of nuclear weapons. Theexhibition aims to empowerpeople to take action for a nuclearweapon-freeworld. JosefinLind from ICAN Sweden (centre)joined SGI representatives incutting the ribbons at the launchof the exhibition in Hiroshima. Weencourage campaigners to explorethe possibility of showing the newSGI/ICAN exhibition in their country.

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