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Autumn 2003 - LAYC

EYSIPTHE CAMPAIGNCONTINUESCelebrating our youth, promoting their gifts, talents and success's is exactly whatCitizen Y is giving you the opportunity to do. Edinburgh Youth Social InclusionPartnership (EYSIP) as lead organisation behind the campaign is delighted with theoverwhelming support that the campaign has received throughout the UK.HAVE A BLASTYOUNG PERSONS FORUMAs it moves into a second year,"Have A Blast" continues to changeand evolve as young people becomemore involved in the running of theevent. In the last twelve months ithas helped young people from allover Edinburgh to find their voiceon issues that affect them and beginto explore different ways of makingthis voice heard. Thus there havebeen political question-time eventsand many workshops with topics asdiverse as performance poetry,stand-up comedy and young peopleand mental health.Citizen Y started as a local campaign topromote the positive images of youth and toask adults to challenge their perceptions ofyoung people. To-date it has been praised forit's energy and innovativeness by theChildren's Rights Alliance for England andDialogue Youth Stirling have invited us toshare our experiences with them over thecoming months.Local support for the campaign is immense.The variety of supporters is incredible. MSP'ssuch as Susan Deacon and Rosie Kanehave become involved with great zest gotteninvolved, we have celebrities such as GaryMcCormick and Grant Stott volunteeringtheir services to help with promotion and anever ending list of organisations (6VTYouth Café, Lothian and BordersPolice, LGBT Youth Scotland,Streetwork, Crew 2000, ParentlineScotland, HYPE, etc) who have given theircontacts, reputation, expertise and time tomaking this a valuable campaign.Since it's launch in March Citizen Y hasdistributed thousands of postcards, badgesand posters through out Edinburgh. TheCitizen Y Drama group participated withMike Greenlaw in the production andunveiling of St Johns Church Mural in Junewith the support of Rosie Kane MSP.In July the campaign invited parents to comealong and talk about the facts and issuessurrounding being a parent of a teenager andSusan Deacon MSP and Grant Stott lentthemselves to us for the afternoon to helpmake this event memorable for all thoseinvolved.The drama group took the name for theirFringe production from the St Johns Mural -Citizen Y 'Who are you calling a NED?' andsince May were working hard on the script,designing of the set, producing and directingthe drama through to presenting 3performances held at Theatre Workshop inStockbridge (8th, 9th, and 16th of August)performing it to the masses in Edinburgh'sFringe Festival.This particular form of expressing youngpeople's views has drawn a lot of attentionfrom media across the board. The EveningNews has been very supportive of the effortsof the drama groups and has been a keyplayer in promoting the Citizen Y drama tothe Edinburgh public. The drama group havebeen involved in BBC Scotlands GaryRobertson Show and have shared interviewtime with the likes of Esther Rantzen.The drama has received considerableattention from television. BBC Scotland'sNewsNight have filmed rehearsals and thefirst live performance of the show for anevening broadcast in August. BBC NewsRound have also filmed a rehearsal andtaken a couple of the young people aroundEdinburgh to act as their roving reporters.This program was broadcasted onWednesday the 13th of August on BBC 1.After such a successful program we arehopeful that with the guidance and support ofour partner organisations that the Autumnprogram will be exactly what's needed toblow away any remaining negative perceptionof our young people.For further details please contact:Paula Aldin-Scott on Tel: 0131 555 5111e-mail: p.aldin-scott@youthinclusion.orgweb site: www.citizeny.orgAt the end of August the "Have ABlast" stage became a youngpersons' forum, called in order togenerate a response to the ScottishExecutive's proposals for tacklinganti-social behaviour: "Putting ourCommunities First". The forum,atthe City Art Centre, was cofacilitatedby EYSIP and the ScottishCivic Forum and the outcomeswill help generate EYSIP's responseto the Executive's consultationdocument.Currently there are several eventsbeing held to help organizations torespond to "Putting ourCommunities First". EYSIP hopesthat events like the young peoples'forum will ensure that youngpeoples' viewpoints are included aswell. Such viewpoints are ofparticular importance as it is youngpeople who are likely to be mostaffected by the anti-social behaviourproposals contained in thedocument.For more information aboutHave A Blast events contactMike Forrester at EYSIP.e-mail:m.forrester@youthinclusion.orgpage 9

TrainingTraining . . . Training . . . Training . . .page 10Macrobert YoungConsultants13 OctoberMacrobert Arts Centre, StirlingPlanning for Real:using the arts in consultationThis one day workshop, presented byAberdeen Arts development team and themacroberts young consultants group will bea practical hands-on workshopdemonstrating the use of the arts inconsultation with children and young people.The Aberdeen team who have carried outtwelve 'Planning for Real' exercises over thelast two years will: take participants through the process of a'Planning for Real' exercise demonstratinghow it can effect change and informlocality action plans explore ways of involving young people,consulting the wider community and ofmaking this process meaningful andworthwhile for all concernedThe macrobert young consultants willexplore: an Article 31 approach to children'sconsultancy from recruitment through toestablishment young peoples involvement in projectdevelopmentCost : A £70, B £90, C £90, D £115Wolf and Water - The Big Mealin association with wolf and water artscompanyThis three day experiential course is suitablefor anyone working with, or consideringworking with, young people with learningdifficulties using drama, theatre, music andsound their clients to develop selfexpression, creativity and communicationskills. The emphasis is on simple, innovativeand practical techniques to work with youngpeople with all levels of learning difficulties,including those with profound and multipledisabilities, those within the autistic spectrumand those with challenging behaviour.The course will cover areas such as: setting up and starting a group anddeveloping yourself as a facilitator drama for creativity, communication andsocial skills using drama and music with people withprofound disabilities music and sound for creativity andrelaxationN.B. No previous drama or musicexperience is necessary to attend thecourse.John Nicholas and Peter HarrisCost : A £170, B £220, C £220, D £270To register or for more information contactAlison Rowan (222 2405)or Radha Singh (222 2438)or e-mail arowan@childreninscotland.org.ukSOUTH ASIAN YOUTH CULTURETRAINING SUCCESS . . .NKS (Nari Kallyan Shangho) is ahealth and welfare project for southAsian women and children inEdinburgh. There are a number ofgroups for different age's runningthroughout the year.As part of developing youth work in thesouth Asia communities, NKS producedand delivered a training course over 6weeks from May to July 2003. It wasdesigned to be accessible to all; whetherstaff, full time, part time, in the voluntarysector, statutory sector or someonelooking for employment in south Asianyouth work.The training also provided valuable insightsfor those seeking to promote socialinclusion in various settings, ie education(formal), health, housing and inemployment/recruitment.Each session was well attended and in all14 participants completed the training.It is hoped that the training helped to raisethe status and credibility of south Asianyouth work by promoting anunderstanding of the skills required andthe wide impact that the specialised workcan have.NKS will be hosting a recall event for allthose involved in the delivery andparticipation of the training when coursecompletion certificates will be presentedand celebrated.Towards the end of the summer season,NKS will be doing a residential for southAsian women. The dates and venue areyet to be confirmed, but watch out forthis exciting new and challenging piece ofwork.NKS will be creating materials specific andrelevant to young south Asian women. Itis hoped that such materials will be thestart of forming a resource for workers ororganisations involved in delivering youthwork to black and minority ethnic youthpeople.For further information aboutyouth work at NKS please contactAisha Sohail, youth developmentand family support worker on 2211915 or e-mail:nks@nkshealth.co.ukB E Y O N D B A R B I ECommunity based sex and relationships education with girls & youngwomen: a workers' compendiumBy Angie Brown-SimpsonThis exciting new book from fpa will be essential reading for all those who work with girlsand young women around sex and relationships this SummerAutumn. Available inSeptember, Beyond Barbie aims to share workers' skills and knowledge and highlight thebest approaches to working in this area. Central to Beyond Barbie is are the coreprinciples of good practice brought together from the many workers who contributed.In a fun, easy to read illustrated format, Packed with case studies, fascinating examples andtips from workers together with comments and advice from young women themselves,the book will be in an interesting and easy to read format, and will be essential reading foranyone involved in working with girls and young women. Beyond Barbie is packed withcase studies, fascinating examples and tips from workers together with comments andadvice from young women themselves. It looks at the rationale for working with youngwomen in our highly sexualised society, and the current climate in relation to society andthe media as well as policy. It gives a potted history of Girls' Work, lists the resourcesworkers have found most useful and highlights the issues important to young women andwhat they want to know about sex and relationships.A supplement focusing specifically on work with African Caribbean girls and youngwomen is also due out soon.PRICE £19.99 - Available in September from FPA Direct on 01865 719418

SnippetsGood Practice DatabaseSome of you will have received an invitation atthe start of the summer to send details of goodyouth work practice to YouthLink Scotland whoare compiling a database which will eventuallybe able to be accessed by other workersseeking to develop similar projects in their ownareas.The idea is that recording what others havedone in an easy to understand format will havea greater 'spin-off' benefit throughout Scotlandthan other more formal evaluations and reports.Apologies for the very short timescale (LAYCgot the request late and contacted groups within24 hours) and many thanks to the half dozenor so groups who were able to respond insome way). [LAYC hopes in future 'Networks'to provide local groups a chance to get morerecognition for their good work by featuringregular practice articles reflecting all types ofmember groups.]Reform of Charity LawFollowing the recent scandal involving therunning of a Scottish based cancer charity, theScottish Executive have dusted off theMcFadden Report with some speed andembarked on practical steps like consulting as towhat should be included in the new legislation.They have also announced that the new officeof the Scottish Charity Regulator will be based inDundee and employ about 30 staff.Hopefully the proposal to set up a new type ofgroup, the 'Charitable IncorporatedOrganisation' will be part of this. Groupscurrently thinking of becoming CompaniesLimited by Guarantee with Charitable Statusshould bear this in mind.Tax Back !From April 2004 charities can benefit frompeople receiving repayments due to them aftercompleting a Self Assessment tax return (lastyear nearly 3 million tax payers got around £3billion re-paid).So who knows, maybe one of your supportersis about to get a windfall from the InlandRevenue or perhaps a grateful parent will sharein their good fortune - and remember anydonation like this would qualify for Gift Aid andthe Inland Revenue would pay the charity evenmore - equivalent to the basic rate of tax on theamount donated!To participate in the scheme charities need toprovide certain details - the form has to becompleted and returned by 30th September2003, so phone IR Charities Helpline on 08453020203.Green Team Sponsored Walk 2003Saturday September 27thThis year the Green Team will be walking fromLevenhall Links, Musselburgh to Holyrood Parkin the centre of Edinburgh - a mere 15kilometres!They are trying to raise money for their minibusand to buy some new tools and equipment torun their activities.A Great Green Quiz has been organised forwalkers as they go along and there will be tea,coffee and cake at the Holyrood Park EducationCentre at the end of the walk.The Green Team would like as many people aspossible to take part. If you would like toparticipate or publicise this good cause, contactPenny Radway, Green Team Manager, Room 7,New Parliament House, 5-7 Regent Road,Edinburgh EH7 5BG. Tel: 558 9571 or e-mail:info@greenteam.abel.co.ukWeb SitesIn England and Wales the Department forEducation and Skills is drawing upguidance for Local Education Authoritiesand Schools to consider when involvingyoung people and children in decisionmaking.www.dfes.gov.uk/consultations2/18/docs/ParticipationGuidance01.pdfAlan Whitehead, Labour MP forSouthampton, has published researchresulting from surveys and interviews wityoung people on how politicians canbetter engage with young people. Typethe address slowly Mr Boardman!www.alan-whitehead.org.ukIn Case You Missed It !Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 hasvarious strands that Council's are going to beaffected by. The Act :Confirms that 'best value' is 'an appropriatebalance' among quality of performance, costto the authority and any charge for thatservice.Places a duty on Councils to set up,maintain and facilitate a process of'community planning' involving consultation'with such community bodies and otherbodies or persons as is appropriate.' TheCouncil, Health Board, Police and FireAuthority and local enterprise companymust all participate in community planning.A report has to be published on what hasbeen done by way of community planningin an area and what action has been taken.Gives Councils the power to do anything,including spending money which advancesthe well being of the local authority areaand/or people within the area (unless itunreasonably duplicates anything being doneby someone else under any legislativeenactment).While You Were Away!In England and Wales the 'Transforming YouthWork - Developing Youth Work for YoungPeople' report was published earlier this year bythe Department for Education and Employmentwhich says amongst other things that 'youthwork is important' and challenges people to'tackle second and third rate provision'. Itsupports 'the concept of youth development'and says this can provided in a number of waysincluding 'high quality youth work, volunteeringcommunity activities, organised sport and out ofschool and summer activities.'Good youth work ….. 'offers quality support…… enables the voice of young people to beheard …. provides a rich diversity of personaland social development opportunities andchoices to young people ….. promotesintervention and prevention to address theindividual institutional and policy causes ofdisaffection and exclusion.'The report commends the National YouthAgency's 'Youth Service Pledge' as a helpfulframework for local authorities as they considerquality and appropriate levels of funding to meetlocal community need. The report can beaccessed on the internet atwww.connexions.gov.uk/publicationsA critique of the report also appears on theexcellent www.infed.org website (just follow theobvious signs!)Are you planning a CommonwealthYouth Exchange between April2004 and March 2005?The Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council isthe national agency for the promotion and grantaiding of youth exchange visits between 15-25year old Britons and their contemporaries inCommonwealth countries, especially those inAfrica, Asia or the Caribbean.The Commonwealth is a voluntary association ofnations, which now has a membership of 54countries. In 2004/05 CYEC will particularlywelcome applications from exchange projectsusing active and global citizenship themes.If your youth group is planning a Commonwealthyouth exchange visit during the next financial yearand you want to apply for financial assistance fromCYEC, please note the deadline dates forsubmitting your applications are:Wednesday 24th September 2003Wednesday 29th October 2003You can apply for a grant to help subsidise yourgroup's overseas travel from UK or to help withhosting an overseas group in the UK. It isessential to apply on time because CYEC hasnormally committed its entire budget byChristmas.For an application and information pack, pleasesend a SAE with two 1st class stamps to:Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council7 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, London SW4 7NQInnovative Project for YoungDisabled PeopleThe Lothian Centre for Integrated Living (LCIL), auser-led disability organisation, has been awardeda grant from the Camelot FoundationTransforming Lives Fund, resulting in thegroundbreaking It's Your Life Project.It's Your Life is a unique new project offeringsupport and advice to disabled people agedbetween 16 and 25. The journey towardsadulthood and independence requires numerousdecisions: where to live, whether to study or geta job, where relationships fit in and so on. Whilstsuch questions affect all young people, it can beparticularly difficult for young disabled people tomake informed choices, and It's Your Lifeaddresses this problem directly.The project provides a training course, whichincludes an introduction to the Social Model ofDisability. Hazel Farley, the Manager of LCILbelieves this a vital part of the project. "Hopefullyyoung people who take part in this training willthen feel stronger and more able to challengediscrimination".It's Your Life aims to increase awareness of DirectPayments and Independent Living options and toaddress the social isolation experienced by somedisabled people by providing a peer supportgroup. On an individual basis, professional peercounselling will be available.It's Your Life is funded until May 2005, by whichtime LCIL will have produced a guide to goodpractice to be disseminated to interestedorganisations all over the UK.The Camelot funding has enabled LCIL to employa part-time Training Officer to oversee It's YourLife. Abi Gibb can be contacted on 0131 4752350 for more information about this project, orcheck out LCIL's website www.lothiancil.org.ukpage 11

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