Ooooo.. Very Scary! Ooooo.. Very Scary!
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Ooooo... Very Scary! - The Beachwood Voice

BEACHWOOD VOICE Fall, 2004 ■ Volume 7, Number 3 Page 5Several sightings of Marilyn Monroe’s imagein this mirror have been reported.When guests come tovisit this Halloween season,treat them to a tour ofhaunted Hollywood, startingwith our own BeachwoodCanyon neighborhood.1200 Block of NorthBeachwood DriveAs reported in HansHolzer’s book “HauntedHollywood,” apartment #4in one of the buildings onthis block is haunted by thespirit of a previous resident,an elderly woman whocommitted suicide. Herlabored footsteps can beheard climbing the stairsleading up to the apartmenteach night between 8 and 9p.m.Apartment onCheremoya AvenueHolzer’s book alsodescribes a one-bedroomapartment that used to behaunted by the spirit of a 19-year-old athlete whocommitted suicide afterlearning that he would needto have one of his legsamputated. Fortunately, alater resident who wassympathetic to his painguided him to peace, so thethump and dragging of hisbody across the floor is nolonger heard (but his brownblood stain remained undera carpet).Holly Mont HousesIn “Hollywood Haunted”by Laurie Jacobson and MarcWanamaker, a pair of houseson Holly Mont Drive,between the top of ArgyleAvenue and Vista Del Mar,are two of the most hauntedhomes in the HollywoodHills. When investigated byparapsychologist Barry Taff,poltergeist activity includedflying objects, a disconnecteddoorbell ringing relentlessly,chandeliers swingingviolently, and organmusic coming fromwalls.These two houses in the 6200 block of west Holly MontDr. are considered the Hollywood Hills most haunted.Hollywood TowerApartmentsLocated onFranklin Avenue atVista Del Mar, theHollywood TowerApartments, thoughnot officially haunted,are the model uponwhich the Twilight ZoneTower of Terror ride inCalifornia Adventure(Disneyland Resort) is based.Your out-of-town guests willdelight in photographing itand comparing it withphotographs of the ride.Pantages TheatreDown at the corner ofArgyle and HollywoodBoulevard, the second-flooroffices of the splendidPantages Theatre are said tobe haunted by either of itstwo early owners—Alexander Pantages orHoward Hughes. Accordingto “Hollywood Haunted,”there is a coldness in theconference room that used tobe Hughes’ office, andworkers can hear bumping,banging, and the clicking ofbrass handles on deskdrawers. In the theatre itself,the friendly spirit of awoman who died in themezzanine during a show in1932 can be heard singingwhen the auditorium is darkand quiet. Recently, her voiceallegedly was “picked up ona microphone and carriedover the monitor during alive performance.”Graumann’s ChineseTheatreGuide your guests severalblocks west on HollywoodBoulevard to the ChineseTheatre and tellthem the talesof Annabell,the little girlghost whoroamsbackstagetugging on thecurtains, andVictor Kilian,an actor killedin hisapartment ablock from thetheatre in 1982.The Roosevelt Hotel is home to several spirits.Kilian’s spirit is said to walkthe route between the theatreand his apartment, searchingfor his murderer.Roosevelt HotelAcross the street from theChinese Theatre is thehistoric Roosevelt Hotel,which is home to severalspirits. Downstairs in theBlossom Room, the site ofthe first Academy Awardsceremony in 1929, there is acold spot that psychicinvestigators believe is thepresence of a man in blackclothing. Up on themezzanine level, across fromthe hotel’s gift shop, hangsthe full-length mirror inwhich Marilyn Monroe’simage has appeared. Thefamous actress enjoyedstaying at the hotel in the1950s, particularly thesecond floor Cabana Room(246) overlooking the pool.Up on the ninth floor, it hasbeen reported thatMontgomery Cliff’sspirit can be heardplaying a bugle,which he rehearsed inthe hallway outside ofthe room he stayed in(928) while filming“From Here toEternity.”Hollywood ForeverCemeteryYou can wind upyour tour with a tripto the HollywoodForever Cemetery(formerly knownas HollywoodMemorial Park)at 6000 SantaMonicaBoulevard, nearParamountStudios. Manycelebrities areburied here, andyou can find theirplots listed in a book titled“Hollywood Remains to BeSeen” by Mark J. Masek.Montgomery Cliff’s spirit still plays the buglein this hallway.Legend has it that RudolphValentino’s tomb in the EastMausoleum, near the Hall ofProphets (#1205), is adornedwith fresh roses by a ghostknown as the Lady in Black.This cemetery is also thescene of an annual Day ofthe Dead festival thatincludes traditional Mexicanaltars to loved ones, candles,dancers, theatre, music, andfood. The event is open toThe Hollywood Forever Cemetery.the public and this year willtake place on October 30th,2004 from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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