Twickenham Stadium
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Case StudyTwickenham StadiumThe Challenge:To provide a high performancebespoke channel system thatperfectly matches the oval curveof the structure to reflect its designand architectural qualities.The Approach:The ACO curved linear drainage wasdesigned and manufactured to the project’sexacting requirements from Grade 304corrosion resistant stainless steel.The Product:Bespoke channel system AS301 withlaser cut stainless steel 304 Heelsafeand Mesh gratings.

Case StudyTwickenham StadiumACO Building Drainage, the UK’s leading specialist in drainagesystems and corrosion resistant building products, has suppliedthe external drainage components that serve the pedestrianwalkways for the South Stand redevelopment at TwickenhamStadium, the home of English Rugby.The grated channel system runs around the circumference of the south piazza of the stadium,perfectly matching the oval curve of the structure to reflect its design and architectural qualities.Twickenham Stadium is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world, seating animpressive 82,000 spectators. The historic venue began life as a humble cabbage patch and waspurchased by the Rugby Football Union (RFU) for just over £5,500 in 1907, hosting its first gameof rugby in 1909. Today, as well as being the destination of choice for rugby fans from around theglobe, hosting national and international matches, the stadium is used for major concerts, withbands such as U2, REM and The Rolling Stones having all performed there in recent years.Twickenham is also home to the World Rugby Museum, which was opened in 1996, providingvisitors a walk through the history of the sport from its origins to what it is today.In Brief:•Twickenham Stadium is the largestdedicated rugby union venue in theworld, seating an impressive 82,000spectators. The historic venue beganlife as a humble cabbage patch andwas purchased by the RugbyFootball Union (RFU) for just over£5.500 in 1907, hosting its firstgame of rugby in 1909.•Approaching ACO was the obviouschoice for the project as we knewthat they could offer us a bespokesolution that could provide a provenhigh performance drainage systemand create the perfect curve thatwe needed.John Gill, Associate Director of WMA Architects who were architects for the developmentexplained, “The venue receives a huge number of visitors every year and the key is to keepingthem safe, while also ensuring maximum customer comfort and experience. As much of theaccess in and around Twickenham is exposed to the elements it was of paramount importancethat a highly effective surface water drainage system was provided to ensure that the pedestrianareas remain as dry and safe as possible. A further challenge lay in finding a solution that wasaesthetically pleasing to complement the architectural qualities of the stadium and follow thecurve of the south façade.”John Gill continued, “Approaching ACO was the obvious choice for the project as we knew thatthey could offer us a bespoke solution that could provide a proven high performance drainagesystem and create the perfect curve that we needed.”The ACO curved linear gratings were designed and manufactured to the project’s exactingrequirements from Grade 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel, to ensure a long service life.They also have a uniform depth to remove any trip hazard and also incorporate a heel safefeature, which eliminates the risk of heels getting caught in the system.John Gill continued, “Having collaborated with ACO on previous projects we knew that their teamwould always be on hand to offer support to help overcome any difficulties and ensure that thedrainage system would meet all the design and performance requirements. The knowledge andexpertise from ACO throughout the project significantly contributed to the completion andsuccess of the architectural and safety aspects of Twickenham Stadium”.For more information on our bespokedesign and fabrication services,contact ACO Building Drainage on01462 816666 or full overview of ACO Building Drainageproducts and resources is available

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