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CommissionersMarilyn Brown, PresidentPaula BrooksJohn O’GradyProduced by:James Schimmer, DirectorRollin Seward, Assistant Director150 South Front StreetFSL Suite 10Columbus, Ohio 43215Tel. 614-525-3094Fax Development TeamRollin Seward, Assistant DirectorMark PaxsonAmanda KingPatrick HewittCommunity Development DashboardCompleted by Amanda KingGraphic Design by Chelsea WeberPublished November 20112 | Community Development Dashboard

Dashboard ReportCommunity Development: Homeowner ProgramsFranklin County Economic Development and Planning DepartmentQ1: Public ServicesQ2: Homeowner ProgramsQ3: Rental Housing/HomelessnessQ4: Infrastructure/PlanningCDWELCOMECommunity Development: The Franklin County EconomicDevelopment and Planning Department (EDP) administers theFederal entitlement dollars the County receives from the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). TheCounty receives such funding from three programs: the CommunityDevelopment Block Grant (CDBG) program, which primarilybenefits low-income individuals; the HOME partnership (HOME)program, which funds affordable housing opportunities; andthe Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) program, which provideshomelessness assistance.Dashboard Report: This report will highlight the homeownerprograms funded by the County. EDP will update this reportquarterly highlighting other programs funded by the county: rentalhousing and homelessness construction projects, public services, andinfrastructure/planning projects.Partners: Our office funds programs and projects within FranklinCounty’s eligible target areas in participating jurisdictions to provideservices that address the needs of low and moderate income residents.Franklin County provides these services by contracting out to localservice providers and vendors.Community Development Dashboard | 3

JURISDICTIONSWE SERVEBelow is a list of participating jurisdictions by City, Village, and Township.City of BexleyCity of DublinCity of GahannaCity of Grandview HeightsCity of Grove CityCity of HilliardCity of ReynoldsburgCity of Upper ArlingtonCity of WestervilleCity of WhitehallCity of WorthingtonVillage of Canal WinchesterVillage of GroveportVillage of HarrisburgVillage of LockbourneVillage of Marble CliffVillage of Minerva ParkVillage of New AlbanyVillage of ObetzVillage of UrbancrestVillage of ValleyviewBlendon TownshipBrown TownshipClinton TownshipFranklin TownshipHamilton TownshipJackson TownshipJefferson TownshipMadison TownshipMifflin TownshipNorwich TownshipPerry TownshipPlain TownshipPleasant TownshipPrairie TownshipSharon TownshipTruro TownshipWashington TownshipJurisdictions we servePARTNERSWE WORK WITHNon-Profit Partners:• Affordable Housing Trust• Columbus HousingPartnership• Columbus Urban League• Mid-Ohio Regional PlanningCommission• Homes on the Hill• MiraCit• Mid-Ohio Board foran Independent LivingEnvironment• Community HousingNetwork• National Church Residences• Community ResearchPartners• Community Shelter Board• Legal Aid Society• LifeCare Alliance• Economic and CommunityDevelopment Institute• Increase CDC• Dress for Success• Rebuilding Together CentralOhio• Community DevelopmentCollaborative of GreaterColumbus• Furniture Bank of CentralOhio• Franklin Park Conservatory• Habitat for Humanity -Greater Columbus• Community CapitalDevelopment CorporationThe City of ColumbusCounty Partners:• County Treasurer• County Engineer• County Sanitary Engineer• Public Health• Office on Aging• Public FacilitiesManagement• Franklin Soil and WaterConservation District4 | Community Development Dashboard

COMMUNITYSERVICESThe following is a list of services and programs offered by the Community Development sectionof the Economic Development and Planning Department that residents may find useful. In orderto receive these services, recipients must reside in Franklin County but outside the Columbus citylimits and meet certain income eligibility guidelines.• Adaptive Equipment for the Hearing Impaired• Dress for Success• Fair Housing Services• Handicap Accessibility and Minor Home Repair Grants• Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance• Homebuyer Counseling• Single Family Rehabilitation Loans• Sewer Tap-In Assistance• Urgent Repair GrantsThe Economic Development and Planning Department also provides the following economicdevelopment services to income-eligible residents and/or businesses located in the County:• Microenterprise Loan Program• Microenterprise Development Training• Franklin County Biz Launch Fund• Franklin County Green CorpsContact us for more information:Franklin County Economic Development and Planning150 South Front Street, FSL Suite 10Columbus, Ohio 43215-7104Phone: 614-525-3094Website: County Economic Development and Planning is committed to engaging withstakeholders in the local community to share best practices, consolidating communitydevelopment efforts, and delivering the highest quality of services that our communities desire. Aspart of this commitment to community engagement, EDP staff participate on the following boardsand committees in the Central Ohio community:• Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation – Board Member, Business-Employment Relations & AdultDislocated Worker Committee• City/County HOME Projects Discussion Committee – Member• City of Columbus Green Team Growth & Development Working Group – Member• Columbus Area Affordable Housing Task Force – Committee Member• Columbus Chamber – Green Business Council• Community Development Collaborative of Greater Columbus – Board Member/Staff Support• Community Shelter Board – Homelessness Prevention and Rapid-Rehousing Committee, EmergencyShelter Grant Committee• Community Shelter Board Rebuilding Lives Funder Collaborative – Board Member• Continuum of Care – Board Member, Evaluative Committee• Franklin County Community Development Advisory Board – Staff• HUD Regional Issues Task Force – Member• Joint Columbus and Franklin County Housing Advisory Board – Board Member• Ohio Conference of Community Development – Board MemberCommunity Development Dashboard | 5

BUILDINGBETTERHOMESThe AWARE ManualBuilding Better Homes with the AWARE ManualIn 2009, Franklin County and the City of Columbuscreated and adopted the AWARE (Accessibility, WaterConservation, Air Qual ity, Resource Conscious,Energy-Efficient) Manual for Sustainable AccessibleLiving to be the per formance standard for all federallyfunded residential projects in these jurisdictions.The AWARE Manual for Sustain able Accessible Livingwas modeled after the Enterprise Green Communitiescriteria and is a guide to providing housing thatis healthy, accessible, and environ mentally friendly.Homes that meet the AWARE standards, matched withresource-conscious behaviors in the home, can lead tomore efficient energy use and lower utility bills.Green Housing TipFor every degree you lower the thermostatduring the colder months, you save 1-3%on your heating bill. Putting on a light,long-sleeved sweater is the equivalent ofturning up your thermostat about 2 degrees,while wearing a heavy sweater is worthapproximately 4 degrees.Source: The Daily GreenOur office works with developers to ensure that newfederally funded homes meet as many of the AWAREstandards as possible. The manual itself offers manyspecifications for constructing green, accessiblehomes, and our office holds training sessions to teachdevelopers about the standards.6 | Community Development Dashboard

Rental Housing OverviewThe HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) providesformula funding from the U.S Department of Housing andUrban Development (HUD) to local communities to build, buy,or rehabilitate affordable housing for rent or homeownership.Franklin County has been utilizing HOME funds to provideaffordable rental housing since 2002. Recent rental housingdevelopment projects are highlighted here.Franklin County has consistently ranked the highest in the nationfor leveraging HOME funds in affordable rental housing projects.To date, for every dollar of HOME funds invested into producingaffordable rental developments, nearly $16 of additional fundingis leveraged through private investment and contributionsfrom local nonprofit partners. Franklin County is committed tobringing about efficient, quality affordable housing projects thatmeets the needs of its low-income residents.Franklin County continues to rankNo. 1in leveraging HOME funds inthe nation.Community Development Dashboard | 7

REBUILDING LIVESPROGRAMRebuilding Lives OverviewThe Rebuilding Lives initiative began in 1999 as a collaborativepartnership headed by the Community Shelter Board (CSB),with support from the City of Columbus, Franklin County, theUnited Way of Central Ohio, and other local partners, to endhomelessness in Franklin County.The Rebuilding Lives plan was launched to replace a patchworksystem of emergency shelters and services with a coordinated,community-wide approach that integrates short and longtermstrategies to reduce homelessness.Since that time, Columbus and Franklin County havepartnered to provide coordinated financial support throughtheir U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) allocations to CSB for emergency shelter services aswell as for the heart of the Rebuilding Lives plan – providingpermanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless andthose facing homelessness.This initiative focuses on providing a comprehensive system ofplace-based housing development to provide individuals andfamilies the range of services and neighborhood amenities theyneed to rebuild their lives, while addressing neighborhoodblight and positively transforming our local communities.As leaders in the Rebuilding Lives Funder Collaborative(RLFC), the City of Columbus and Franklin County havetaken a large role in directing the mission of RebuildingLives as well as supporting CSB’s strategies through its HUDallocations, including the Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG),HOME Investment Partnership, Community DevelopmentBlock Grant (CDBG), and the Homelessness Prevention andRapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) funds.As a result of this innovative initiative of tackling housingneeds for an underserved population while addressing broadercommunity revitalization, significant gains have been madeon a variety of community and economic development fronts.Through their partnership with the Community Shelter Board,the City of Columbus and Franklin County have invested atotal of $12.8 million in eight Rebuilding Lives projects since2004, leveraging an additional $50.6 million.To date, 1,600 units of affordable housing for extremelylow-income residents have been created in safe, walkable,and desirable neighborhoods through the Rebuilding Livesinitiative. Of these, 965 units are specifically set aside forRebuilding Lives candidates who experienced long-termhomelessness, including many veterans.For the nearly 600 Rebuilding Lives units constructed withfinancial support from Franklin County and the City ofColumbus, approximately 592 full-time construction jobswere created as well as 58 full-time equivalent (FTE) ongoingsocial service and operations jobs. In total, the RebuildingLives permanent supportive housing projects have creatednearly 1,900 full-time construction jobs and 97 FTE ongoingjobs.8 | Community Development Dashboard

RENTAL HOUSINGPROGRAMScurrent projectsNational Church ResidencesNational Church Residences (NCR) is a nonprofit affordablehousing developer and long-time HOME partner of FranklinCounty. NCR utilizes HOME dollars to support permanentsupportive rental housing development, which providesservices to help tenants achieve housing and social stabilityas well as linking residents to external services to helpthem attain self-sufficiency.Since the opening of its first retirement community in 1961,NCR has expanded its mission to include the housing needsof low-income and moderate-income seniors, families andadults, the homeless, persons with disabilities, and a host ofsupportive health care services.NCR pioneered the Good Neighbor Agreement thatis currently a model for placing permanent affordablehousing in desirable neighborhoods that are connected tocommunity amenities, including social services, educationalopportunities, and employment opportunities. The GoodNeighborhood Agreement has lead to NCR’s developmentsto be viewed as neighborhood assets.Commons At LivingstonOpening in 2011, the Commons at Livingston serves lowincome and disabled veterans, many of whom may havestruggled with homelessness, physical disabilities, substanceabuse, and/or mental or emotional illness. The facilityconsists of 50 one-bedroom units of affordable housing, withshared community space and offices for supportive servicesstaff onsite, continuing with NCR’s unique housing model.Supportive services are provided through a partnershipwith NCR and the Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory CareCenter.Franklin County provided the Commons at Livingstondevelopment with $250,000 in FY2010 HOME funds toallow the project to target those individuals with very lowincome or no income. The project leveraged an additional $7million, providing a 29:1 leverage ratio on the project.Commons at ThirdScheduled to open in May 2012, Franklin County awardedNCR $1,250,000 for the construction of the Commonsat Third as part of the County’s allocation in the City ofColumbus NSP2 Consortium.The facility is being built at 1280 Norton Ave., betweenThird and Fifth avenues and within walking distance ofGoodwill Columbus, which will partner with NCR toprovide supportive services for residents. Sixty of the unitswill be designated for formerly homeless individuals andthe remaining 40 units will be set aside for low-incomeindividuals.10 | Community Development Dashboard

RENTAL HOUSINGPROGRAMScurrent projectsAvondale WoodsAvondale Woods of Dublin is a new construction seniormixed-income rental housing development for people 55years of age and older. NCR is working on the developmentin partnership with the Columbus Metropolitan HousingAuthority (CMHA) and the City of Dublin. The proposedmaster plan for Avondale Woods includes 200 residentialunits to be built in two phases, comprised of 100 onebedroomunits and 100 two-bedroom units, with a centralcommunity building and adult day care center.The Avondale Woods development will also benefit from aunique approach to blending housing with services, therebyaffording residents access to in-home services to enable themto “age-in-place” in a more independent manner. Homehealth care services will be provided by InCare, NCR’ssenior home health care agency.National Church Residences is committed to green buildingdesign for all of its developments. NCR has aggressivelymodified its development practices to incorporate greenbuilding design. Avondale Woods of Dublin is designedto meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) standards.Lincoln GardensFranklin County has awarded NCR $250,000 for thesubstantial rehabilitation of Lincoln Gardens, an existinglow-income housing apartment community for seniorslocated on the west side of Columbus.With an eye toward ensuring the site’s long-termmarketability, NCR plans to convert four residential unitsinto additional community space and renovate 42 twobedroomunits into large one-bedroom units. This renovationwill yield a post-rehab unit mix of 60 one-bedroom units and44 two-bedroom units for a total of 104 units.The aesthetic value of the proposed redevelopment willbe one that lends to re-establishing this property withinan existing neighborhood with a clear and new identity.The proposed aesthetics improvements will establisha new benchmark for quality, safety, and security.Franklin County awarded $250,000 to NCR for thefirst phase of this development, which will leverageapproximately $6.7 million in private funds, including lowincomehousing tax credits (LIHTC).Lincoln Gardens RenderingCommunity Development Dashboard | 11

RENTAL HOUSINGPROGRAMScurrent projectsCommunity Housing NetworkCommunity Housing Network (CHN) invests in properties andpeople by providing safe, affordable rental housing for peoplewith disabilities and other special needs related to homelessness.A critical part of CHN’s mission is connecting tenants to servicesthat support their mental health, recovery from addiction, andreturn to employment.CHN’s supportive housingmodel has proven to be asuccessful environmentfor individuals who haveotherwise been unable tomaintain housing.In recent years, FranklinCounty has supported CHNrental developments thatprovide affordable housingand services to disableand homeless individuals, homeless families, and womenexperiencing addiction, poverty, and domestic violence.CHN North Rental RehabSince 2002, FranklinCounty has leveraged$63 millionin private dollars through theHOME Investment PartnershipOf the 1,100 units CHN owns and operates, over 400 need capitalreinvestment and subsidy contract extensions to be preserved.In concert with State and local government agencies, CHN hascreated a Preservation Plan to upgrade the housing, preserve itas affordable and make it desirable in today’s market. CHN willimplement its Plan in phases over the next four years so that thepublic and private funds allocated to the project are effectivelyand efficiently used.Over 2,500 people are currently on CHN’s wait list. The averageperson on CHN’s list waited 630 days to be housed – almost 2years. The people CHN serves areOhio’s most vulnerable citizens:extremely poor and disabledby mental illness. The averageCHN resident has less than$5,500 in income a year. Withoutsubsidized housing, the residentsface homelessness and prolongedpsychiatric hospitalization, as wellas being further disabled by poorcredit, lack of education, long-termunemployment, and abuse.In 2011, Franklin County willsupport the first phase of CHN’sPreservation Plan through the CHN North Rental Rehab project.This first phase will completely rehabilitate 67 scattered-siteproperties throughout northern Franklin County. The Countywill invest $250,000 in HOME funds into the project, which willleverage over $3 million in private funds for this relocation andrehabilitation project.12 | Community Development Dashboard

County HOME funds have created942Unitsof affordable rental housingCHP will provide an on-site Service Coordinator to provideresidents with access to services such as prescription medicationcards, assisted transportation, and local aging services. Thedevelopment will also provide on-site health and communityservices.Franklin County is investing $168,000 in 2011 HOME fundsto finance the development of this project. This investment willleverage $3,000,000 in private funds.Columbus Housing PartnershipColumbus Housing Partnership (CHP) is a private, nonprofitorganization founded in the belief that a decent and affordablehome is the cornerstone of family life and a healthy community.Columbus Housing Partnership takes an innovative approachto addressing the housing needs of Franklin County, throughits Homeport Programs. CHP provides quality, affordablehousing and related services to low and moderate incomehouseholds through four programs: Homeport Rental Living,Homeport Community Life, Homeport Housing AdvisoryCenter and Homeport Home Ownership. CHP is building vibrantcommunities, one neighborhood, one home, one family at a time.Franklin County has a long history of partnering with CHP onsingle-family rehabilitation projects, administering homebuyercounseling and downpayment assistance, and developingaffordable rental housing for low- and very low-income residents,including Bending Brook apartments in the Village of Urbancrest.Elim ManorSlated to open in 2012, Elim Manor Senior Apartments isa partnership between the First Church of God, ColumbusMetropolitan Housing Authority and CHP to develop 98apartments in a campus setting for very low income seniors,located in the Easthaven Neighborhood of Columbus. Thedevelopment will be located on the campus of the First Church ofGod, adjacent to Columbus Housing Partnership’s (CHP) 48-unitElim Estates single-family community.The Elim Manor Senior project will consist of two distinctproperties: a 35-unit Section 202 development featuring atwo-story elevator structure with all one-bedroom units andsubstantial community space; and a 63-unit Section 8 communityof one-bedroom units, including 35 units in a two-story elevatorbuilding and 28 single-story ranch style cottagesSINCE 2002,$16IN PRIVATE FUNDSHAVE BEEN LEVERAGEDFOR EVERY $1 IN HOMEFUNDS INVESTEDBending Brook ApartmentsCommunity Development Dashboard | 13

AffordabilityPopulationsLEED Platinum-certified affordable housing project in Ohio andthe Midwest.Franklin County, OHThe Commons at Buckinghamhe apartment complexTen units are accessible. The objective is to help end the cycleof homelessness by creating permanent supportive housing$2.5 million • $11.1 millionand linking tenants to services, such as social, educational,therapeutic, vocational, and health care support. The Commonsat Buckingham has been distinguished by its provision ofcontinued and varied services on-site. The project has alsoHousing Development Organization Capacitye Commons at Buckingham150 South Front Street, Suite 10Columbus, Ohio 43215614-525-7302ajking@franklincountyohio.gov16Reaching Underserved PopulationsCommons at Buckingham • Franklin County, OHogram Door Knocker AwardsTheRECENTAWARDSThe award-winning Commons at Buckingham project in Downtown ColumbusRental Housing AwardsFranklin County Economic Development and Planning works closely withour partners to fund creative projects that meet the needs of our community.Franklin County recently received four awards in recognition of our rentalhousing efforts.HOME Program Door Knocker AwardsTheDoorknockerAwardThe Doorknocker AwardThe Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awardedFranklin County the Doorknocker Award for reaching underservedpopulations with the Commons at Buckingham project. The Commonsat Buckingham provides affordable housing and social services for at-riskpopulations.( new construction rental –single room occupancy housing )unit, single-room occupancy rental project developed bya 100- is Buckingham at Commons the 2010, in CompletedHUD Region • Field OfficeRegion 5 • Columbus Field OfficeDistrict of downtown Columbus. All units are affordable, withDiscoverythe in located and Residences Church National theHome Units • Total UnitsLives initiative administered by the Community Shelter Board.Rebuildingthe in participating individuals to available units 7523 HOME units • 100 unitsHome Funds • Total FundsHUD Place-Based Approach to Transforming a Community• HOME: $2.5 millionSourcesFunding PrimaryHUD also awarded Franklin County and the City of Columbus for theRebuilding Lives initiative for innovative place-based redevelopment.Rebuilding Lives seeks to develop permanent supportive housing for thehomeless in formerly vacant sites, pairing the need for affordable housing forthe very low-income with neighborhood revitalization.• LIHTC: $6.9 millionthe neighborhood has embraced its services. The communityandoutreach community outstanding by characterized been• Other: $1.7 millionto have access to supportive housing. The building itself is hightenantsprospective qualified for allows gained it that supportPrivate loansdensity, amenity enriched and transit-oriented; and it is the first• National Church ResidencesPartnersNCDA Gabe Zimmerman Award for Community DevelopmentThe Commons at Buckingham project was also awarded the NationalCommunity Development Association’s Gabe Zimmerman Award,exemplifying an outstanding use of Community Development Block Grantand HOME funds to advance community development.(CSB)Shelter BoardCommunity •For More Information ContactAuthorityMetropolitan HousingColumbus •Program CoordinatorKingAmandaFranklin CountyThe Commonsat Buckingham14 | Community Development Dashboard

RECENTEVENTSSUMMIT STN FOURTH ST670The Commons at Livingston was featured in the 2011 project bus tourN HIGH ST670CLEVELAND AVE714N NELSON RDE BROAD STCITY OF WHITEHALLW BROAD STW TOWN STS 3RD STE LONG STE BROAD STS DREXEL AVEE MAIN ST23FC70S HIGH STProject Bus TourE LIVINGSTON AVE1N HAMILTON RDFranklin County Economic Development and Planning71Department held a bus tour on August 26 for the FranklinCounty Commissioners, the Community DevelopmentAdvisory Board and other stakeholders to visit and view theprojects funded by our federal grants.I-71 SFRANK REFUGEE EXPYThis year’s tour showcased projects receiving Countyassistance, featuring houses in Whitehall that wereconstructed and rehabilitated utilizing NeighborhoodStabilization Program funds as well as a new supportivehousing project for homeless and low-income veterans, theCommons at Livingston project.The bus tour also featured select programs such as theEconomic and Community Development Institute’s foodincubator program for emerging local food businesses andYMCA Whitehall’s community garden project.US 331234FC70Commons at LivingstonHabitat for Humanity HousesYMCA Whitehall Community GardenECDI OfficesFranklin County OfficesCommunity Development Dashboard | 15

Franklin County Board of CommissionersCommissioner Marilyn BrownPresidentCommissioner Paula BrooksCommissioner John O’GradyProduced by:Economic Development and Planning Department150 South Front Street, FSL Suite 10Columbus, Ohio 43215-7104Tel. 614-525-3094Fax

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