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1955 (.pdf) - El Paso Athletic Hall Of Fame

Pr,se ThlrtY-tour0rlstanding llhleles 0f oollly To !! Homr'd ' ' ' 100 l{omlnalcd-El Pqso Holl of Fqme Stqrredtwd yea! igo. Tle Ealt hai lncoFporated mlhY J€atulet ol ihe Te*5.*4'*l^t"1:i3':,::'i'll":I*T:,F"'.5,"iii'J, ix'#"3t$?f".fsl lJl;:,T:Ij;,':xi:JT."::],l:1"*Earl ol Fah6 whicb thiB Y€ar honoreit3ab. Dtdricl

Baseball Men Praisev'zonFress 0lub DinnnrTo fiid $un BowlHall Of Fame Selectiontt r€l&iid o, .4ldt cobo dr Pa!6 tan! rlaye! oa ih6 20, wlosellri* member ol rou IqU ol lm.:l IjI Paso's filst s25 ler Dlaie Grid"\1 lron linner, thjch wi1l !e leld at1'.,? p- h. !.cb, 22 in th. Counlry:'s Club, vas eslablisled os a co-ven-\\. tnre ol th. Press c1u! ol El Paso\ .nd S, lth\vesiem Athleiics Inc i.fjl'an dl.rt to boost lhe Sur Boql'ttu:ilciallY,A only iooo plates will be sold. Anii lrdnt5 lrotits will q lL be administered :ddinirfered bY bylSout'hs'€sbft Athletjcs Inc., to augmenlguarantees io lisjting SuaE.wl teams, and !o start a luld 1oenldr'ge sealine crpacity o! $e ,bofr.itOfficers ol Sotrihsestef AtnlelicsInc. inchda Thomas Pattef_6on, reiiring lresident ol ih€jSonthvesteh Sun Camjvat A53r.lIlueh r Sieed, lr€sdent oi lhejToucldo$n Clui Johr PhelaoDiesidelt ol the Press Clulr; Tnadste€l€, chairman ot the chamberol Comnefce T*as westem CollegeCommitiee, and Joe Rector Jr.,D,st lr€siddDl o! the Touchdowniho lftt 1lvjli mFber ol El Pso tAthredc Halt ., !'rm. ha. b&ughtwor.!. ot !Els. tlom top b64baumen dl over th. counlry, Chljr P.Iox, sele.iror comittee .htirma!,Cohen will !e lres€nted I Plaqueat the lirsl amual Glidiroh Diln€rai {he Colnby elub TuesdaY hight,sl)olered by the Pre$ club ol ElPaso ahd Southweslem AthleticsInc. Also horored wtlt be ihe lateYormd A. Ferg*on Sr,, laneil [LThe eroup ras organized aJler ilhecame aplateni l)rai in order toattract bie tame schools to the SunD6w! euanntees must be itrcreasettrti:r!i.':L ;:-"1:.^'r,.1 ,l"*:f: ry.or Fano ror crotrded;.ffi :tJ,*:];i:'xri,t.:--:**tru*$"","*T;v r+!i'iJ'::'f,'11""*i'"""'"ll'll 1 tr.lH:ru: ,*ll ":L*,"*"*"r"r*,r,"ao. ,",r,nc. .!pe."* lllFilililllt{"*"xl I fii-:j*"i #l'*j;;: :"i":il !.:::i:'" ',i:H,i:ll"lll""**i*'$*=:#:::ig$$1;m$+qi;i*-,fJ;ffi'-$*trfriryfi**ffia!r!ercentana.dty r!dd€d, aTt€ ItuhaD r,o.ted aMonddy,o! &lect{Lg Andt Cobe! a lh.lon| rtll !. Ldc to rc.€!l th.II€ var . hembd ol th. New Yorhlcohen. ih. lew @dager oa the cian1s qhen I lotned thEt club tnN.w Orledr Pelicans o! the 1928. Besider beilt t filc Pleye!,southen AEsoclaiion, wiu ilt to lis .hara.|er nas be€! 3 credit toEl Paso lrom spling l.ainin, headcoigElulatory!emarks .nCharle A. Ilurih, llesiilelt otihe Soulhert A8sociation, vlot€lColens s€lectiot have been receiredby lox lrd slch stals or"Ardy lichly dese*et ihr nonornot ;!1Y rr;s the standPoint oltesteryear as Carl IIubbeD, great wnat he has dole and fteant toliichet with ihe Nev York Giatris. baseball it El Pa6o, lut also tromEulbell wir€d:'.consfaiulations ih€ bloader \rewpoiri or what l'ehas m€ant to ail baseba| rre tnthe Southes rtere €xtlem€lY lroudto read ol his selecuo!, eni! also!!ord ilat he wilt coEiid€ hi! nneLasebalr career in or legn. xhisGabe Paul, vice-gesid€nt &dFeb, 7, lgss€eneral manaEer ot the Ctnc!!@tipage 25 Basebarl Club ot the Natiola1l€agu€. Mote: "While AndY l. tobe ronEratutateil ol couse, so areyou aad the m€nlers ol You. com';inee who selecte.l such a nneaihrete and lin€ gentlenan. Ile is, credit io EI Paso and a crediito the iame of ba6ebsllBob Ilos$m, eehe.al manaeer olFourth Section*::::.9 g;,;q"il :ln;"ri;'i" ;il"'::";l ll:',#:,"1".'ijTne tir*'"9il i ourd r"1..i"","""..,?u,,.f,,i"nt,*:"1";;;,;be-'-'.p/erF'a'd 'a '"."'"-;1,i.-"-'"""*,"":"":i"1,:#H",T#l*l*i:lJ:::l.yonan of year in Sporrs? I;iy*:,':*:f*rlllHti,:,., r*,",""'T,+"i"l'*"H:i:i{iifjJl'pho€!i**;ll,ilj;",:,":,*::,f; ii:""I::ff f:":^.,^ll o,." n:.-1" sr"lthe Denver Bears dd Cohen't fornetboss, said: "ConEfatura6o!! toYou ald ihe El Paso tlal] ol Fafteior serectins AndJ'cobeE as the-ElPaso atbl.te to Place r rne ha!.l Fame, As You no douDt lmw,Andv Coben wd naEager ol iheDenver Bears Bbseball Clu! lot thelast lour years- Dutirg ihat tihehF lashio!€d the enviable recorcl ol\rinninn tvo lennants and losingfie oth;r two the rast day ol eachseason. Derver's loss ihis vea willbe New Orleans' gainl"The Giidiron D\me!, !i $25 Parptiie. witl tegin at 1 P m Eachiicket entitles lhe bealer-lo them€al, rel.$lments,southwestem Athletic., hc, ro! eyear, 3lL llofits lrm tle dinD6slu Bo tovard €nl.reing th€ 16l_l;tc;laeity at Kidd Fjelrl to 2500oand augmenting elar$tees ro seBowl footbau tems.Ar3o holored wi1l ne Coach MikeBrdbbelow o! Texas Westeh Coll€eeand !4 etrtile @aclirrs siaftMen an.r wo6en of the FressChb Foresentrns El Paso nev!oareis. rdro and tel€vision srations;iu nfesent a hau-hon Fosfam oflrum;f.* skits involvirg local Personaliliesatd pubtic ofiicials.ticl€ts €n be lurchased tromtorchdown club mcmberd, or in thebox oflic.t ot i!€ Ilrltob and Delli j-1i:r#{{!:,F:l}}::ri:,"*t''hT:}ri*ii4:#jrTne ph(;p[t;;$i*t{"tri{i*tt#:ll,#l,"r,m

tPage Eighteel!llr, Tennis' lfn Baseball in llall Hall of FaneTHE LA-E N..A. FENGUSON WAS CALLED -TFE gTANd O]d MEo,';l"p;:;;;;;" A;;t coher 's p-erLv wrrr quarrfted ro b' cdrredSo. rhe 6el"c on coan,tee,ou dn t ha\" raoe oore lobJlar'loicarro;ihe 'irsi menbe ! o be en"o n"o rd E' P*o! nau ot r"me''-i'r'.r E Prso r"n'6 {o! nan-v }ears long rrero-ewo:ri w"'. ".g,""n;;-;";"a r, duli-g rhose bosiLhes wlb tl. Karsa. dncf the wa.ao almo6! up lo Wo.ld wu IIIie _oL o-ly do..'raled El Pr"o Lenlis.bu' bat ol th' v!ol' Sonth_Deren_iar chtmpion or lhe Borda Sta 4 TourbMen'i-"isioe J'" d o! Albuquerque. Ploenii tbil rlcson plavers- i"tih" ""i*"a ;;.' " popu ar man rhP lenlis club las ever hed tle was a*.;l_-a; b kid'rhe jolns.rd ftore matrr. plarels. He tras ca ed a:"".a" r : inr'," * io- !i; s"m., by H"l clr:sL.e who ! ated n alrr natch qjrh q m andsea.-n h.r. "Eape ialiv wi h lheyounssiers, ' said M4 Chrisireovorere ion on Gourts led h DealhDURING TIIE LATER YEARS Oe lJIs LIFE. 14' F'rguson nad as""iir^ r",G? r,r .*.-*""a unPss LL" qeaher cuda'red ir'n" pilr"J g.r sundav ro.ning s)ndav a1'-oor, 16 l"nnised sun'day nisht, !e bowled,Ii was his love o! ten s thai led to bis death. IIe tas at Aad, ihel{* Lrr*ico utist colonv. visititrg Emest llumerschein a Westemi".ne oi."rr nri"""t ri.e ano a le.nis .nthLsiast Thet had rei'utnpdl.or t lishing "r r.:!. Tler. iaQ sPt ot tennie thei rnotFr aDd mavbeslt"udP d'rd llFover"\mim €us'd M" F"'!;sor "",iil"t 1o ""e.1o. have , hed-l ";e. afd.{ He p avFd a l'ltl6 ernis wh e tecuberat-;E tlt he nev€r fuut lecoveredArdy Slarlcd llb Care?r as PiloherAward ReciPient's Son l-{S;tTo Attend Dint*t Hercal"'.. :";,,:"^:j t,#'E;,Y;l'" k,"" ;i ;;","j"r:h:1""i';:ll"r"":'i':i: ;"'J:d'i o:; : ,i '" iq-"" ,J:",:'1":.,".:,.;:.;i;z ,id* c::: ;,1"":.:, ,i: *."' ..:""",; ij. r.i."n. w.rL ryLo fr Pa$ .o r'ic: o !' Pvar.;.;".:,!';iTii:,. c!1c ring a' T.aas rF'r: a-r"D;1,'Jp.:""i"iip"""J l"i'sl, ii"'r'a pr'Lo:"\ v\' Badb'ror a-d h;3" ., r"... , ."1 a.1 oro- gj'nc",' .r : .oacf'r g tP" a Teaa'We't_iiii,l ri;i t" mske lr€ su BoNr "-- ' '',"..1::.,"".;."".j,'",i,,:;::: , ,". 5r o -ra ear,". r r!.lne chances in 59 st.aisht games without an elfor, - | IrAIrIz II-r-lIIe was wtih Minn€aDolisihe American Astn,, lor many yeals. !- _,, I'Was the chi€! assisiant to the crub s manaEel, Donie B$h, who wasl";1.::,;, :i";r"* :":l; t: ::'.: :"";": #"::;""::";;;; ;9:", " .""," , llT,''.'j- !"""1::;,'TA,:;::.,,. y" l!...i^ :*' i: i':,": l,:t,t-^::.:l"il"3)iii"i";,.- ;".;,;;:; .!1-; o"""'';;i;1;;:,";""'"'"'.a, C .,- ) f { IPd"v: D"epLLaln C,o ol Drnr"r t:(}Pl'"il:'T ': '.":':'-{:;';';"15;'i'sii";::l iT:"r':iLo-, ro\'!i alad' I,. ," rd rt "_"' .^,1:: --, croe -o , p"r "r nn Ja" R"(',o-."Y"'.1:, ":,":."".";,,'i,l'"": H;"c"' i aa o s^r' andl^: 'nrmU '{lffikFirst1 Annual Gricliroru Dinner Skits."""J"1i"""1#i#iffi"iJ:in"i",?,"i",,':i"",l;i"J";XSTORIES AND COl,{tMlIS ON ANDY COIIEN !N TIIE gerald-loBt Tuesdav in the C*"t"r,C$b-b.irr'"t-1"6 Eutrr. of RRoD-TV, q'rtrove. rhe yeals have been votutuinous. Ae a retuesher, this colutun !re-l i Conley Brrson, oi ta...i" i.-.ri.r' ,.i,-t rr'" ,i rt iiv'r3 _an io ca n a p acF id EI Ptsoki :pr"v .,1,i_ '_ tors : e p_o_ ner' pP'$r! in i\':r o_Ps'- arorHru or Fa-". Likc 'i Ine are, latF 60\.es. sonc ot th.b youve5'.rllolrhanew.bah'-dlh'nc{s-tes;;-i";;J ;;;;_" ;;; tou doa.r nind s"".ng a;d hesrins asain J "]|o e-ioiron Ebos. a *uF of -lteqroneotEl P:sos be. basLcbd.L payFrs isohe.tll lln 1}eitaE-rFooocil'Fr for yea'!, wrIcreare{r. H" ra{"dhi. ba'pball .ae" ssa orrcner alil'_ dne same bepa of a !-o*ad aitred a' ra *;r oU n:o G_E-de Park rrned 19 ba er{ How itr would ]le have rc ruE.s io exDanil E P.sos surgo;e had he stayed ln ib. litchlng end of the gde?| Bowl loolball gee.n New Yeaf'sEeres anolher queslor: How woud hls bas"bs l stal6 hav' b'enl Dav ploaolPd qr € c{uo s "'.t'ii".i r,,J l. .i*-"t a lerpErm -ntormiighid that thF YaniteFsl $eToJldow. cl-biii""i",ii""tiJ i" r,i.n se itoJg't ir a !rM; plaved on nj bv Et ol / ii N hav' le! {e' a' 10 'uri;; i:r;;; i.*: g:*itr,"#"1',",%1""'i:i:"f "1"i,*J;: ::"il;5" iifi t'":: $"""iH"1",,!',ii"'i:"lf::" #ili;ii.*i;il"a;;6.:"w;i"'^.',iri-iriiii.'-riii:1"* Yolk ciants to! Pheian, or .Kr-sM'.be ma3ter'1uiiis,dii6. l-i-iv ara"--i!* or tru puci'ase p"ic" -'";iorte'emoni* ro' th!-,pmgram thatl,?lrir;:*"*,,:1lu:.1*::*-;.'*",*:;*',""gn."ilri i.?] siSTil5::i;!i;6:"1'l""iii""r.o" on-tr'" c:ints wairone olhet iha;Rocels -H;;Nbv. sjs'home. lrendent at T€xas wesiern collrd"Tri::iiii'!:,i""111iT-'iiff;"Ji"l'i#:":i""t'** :"0- "fr*" "'1x,i\*::;:ii";ig#:Andr Cohen ard Andy Reese,llis Torghesl Break-A lroken LegThursday, Feb. I0, 1955,nd Tess n{ilea coach Mitrer lLllll"*and l'i' starr vill rre''ffiP#ITP'J"YiXi""1'T# i''3"'Tt*fu^fr"'J. il"T.""ill li l.*,:.."*"f*-;: 'f fi:["]:I "*1!b lilst ye* Urere. Mccraw wanted him lacL on the Cithfs as rcdace' i,..q;;.r. a,r*. a;d eitertainmentJoI grghie Criiz. Mccraw hihseU \teEt to.NNalk t-o_ rcouti aii prorLts eotng to lt'e aitr-:"",1""J:i:',,":':::i';1";i:",.,i3iTt-'j-t""'T*,1,"i"ff1'1,{li!!!l1;f:!*;liiii"""."1:.":1":'t$lroke a bo!. ir his leg. Ee war out o' rhe linFuD indPfini'"ly ""d''"^fifl;"",': i: ::'": f'l'": H:J"""q'"::''f"1''' 3r2 cor6ecu,iv. rr"ra- li:-F':':-i^ ;- '""' "'" 1lm",,rih U,:.!i"e . .odce. teams ro

irress LruD utnheiffiffiffimffRaises $9490 for Sun Bowili;tifl{jl1;HlL{*|;1:l;x,r*"""*1'u$i;L*;;i,im,ffi*$ft*i#ffiffi*m*r,,".d,..n ...6,ins,, ", u p*" ir," riii,i ir:i,*,.*J$t**k*:":.,$*l5{iiitrt#*,:lr:i-Fi,urp,nucti-bGriitiroS--tti5:F:*:ii,iitl'i*:***i*:::rf#:''!:,i:*-,1;s-K-,'li""t$]'{'. **'#***tr*radio, l4evision :rnd lubll. rFls- ro *llle're cham.a' zone a-l]f+ ldnral Iu"sdav 1n nPdo F.usl-l,tdha' by'.adino.1!Si.s";'ii";'-'";;,irg 1"i'i:-.' ""*"r dhN r!4dav 1" uP;:i"": ;",1".i ':;-\{:".'""'i::'i; ;::;sli,; t ,"6: I :";:":l':1,::' *';;;;:;r""; ; '"ll::,1*-r i n;;;";;:1": r:"" i"""; I:ll::::i s;; ";::s::;-;"*#ry;,;;i:,tlsi;1";'rF:'i"li.11s#1"li'"li :r;dt"f$:. Eofk mee.ihs **:"-,,**,iil*,#.r*,r1";:*. il p".i ".,,1 ,'..'l'i-i"Y-.] w r"rll:'9:3 sma. .u-";lii1,I:::'T"::i''fi""lii.'1"::-::-'',;i".":::xi'l;1""'T;il1f"'lJ':;:?n.mACfoulLil;;;"',i';;'i"; l:;a"',i';;'i";Prrtcrso! j;;T ji Rcitor and r n m1s sPonso'jns rne aeNr Iiy a "d aL oli ilfl",l' ohs l,'" !P a c' r.-P_-:--r"t*",i""*t'"Iilh,ll *:"";tr """so I ;,1#t-='-:=:r%i6;;ir;;'";'i";ii';litvltuaJorwc athien"" ,.c'iii"si,I"" i"."i"r; Ii:"#,i1":#_h l,;:",,";'*:1 {>tla-r ill; ,;,.:#,.-;' {:;"''";:""1?/>qn tnrV>/ '--_ EL pAso HERALD-posrHERATD-posr .- --annDal sun Bo!1 caql: ,.-.- ,^1 |ilSjr$r**t'"**ffi lrwo H_erald-P_o.st-i,ii"i+'-h,ffi;;rt lTwo Herald-Post Editor'.*"^:1:"EditorsShine in.ElPaso ,ii:i;lruii"1;,tlit'jli': iPress Club's First Annual Gridiron Show ;**-f**:lm] |;#;:1iii#'iilf:i:"'trsH#i:r*:;HF#lead'd b'',oPrnor-'rs:"'"lli."::::.l-"";.",;:::lu:n';,*iT;"I:ll;J;;";"."*_"'re-:'1";:,:,'.:;411.:;"1"1::! r,: ,\';L lj t'1q..i"^'"'jl l *...*=*"',lln*-,u'" i"- "'.h"::.seiil:i::'i:'"T"f5-; '"^""'.{]f"'*.if:#if'1'"i*t l},:g,,n,t:* [l#l*+d+1,,:';*iiltiljilij.tr:-r;ii#is"i:i* ""j";,';"r"lr:';t**qtr*ii"U6l lhlktr{$;*'";ii"rp,#:$qili::.:$i*,i,"it'f **i$unll$l,tf\fi,:-.,'{:;;;q;$ilg*$ gf4,il|lt.v ha' I'd Flor:da \lere hisr'ub'o pafl(oae as an o-car-ll"'^n l::':3ilT"ii: ".T"1 * l'"irii;" "i'3rr" '+"* th'l

+ u/fractOs netr I o Actors,I ar {,rrdtror?,Jrtrlter DtcrlsEl Paso ne{s rvite6 anil nevscasters, al] vith more fha! a tittl.oit ol ham il th€if make-u!. $.itl s{ap thci. pLliessional sianding iorlLhal ol amateur aciors in presenti.g Tx.sdavt gridircn show in tleCo{nt.Y Club.TLec." aif. " tr. a p ro'1of"n e\p . .- ,nt tu--dnJrund-. qlr" co". o p'ri0,.-,o I nial _.5c-\d for'l- a ua -'- B' .DJsad nolcoml. incohins tr..s- assistarce of the, Pfess Club oli. ,| - \a. Wpr.- Coi4€. !l pa.. -o, o"r'":o-, EI paroi' fli""';:."'"1'",?'1T,i"l'"'i:^ **i Bd ^ a"iid ' ir"asJ'Pr,TwC C ac l\''l'" BrL.b'ow ard:-i\'1 1? $21 a!! !ith rost oI;;o;:-1",,1'" 0",'i i"*"5.";,1: il'"lJi* *'" "rt pisot r,ll ot ro-". The Il-ess Ctlb {as tlooded withA cocklail honr at the clnb *irlLoffers of honkeys, chimpanz€es andprec€de:ihe blllel dinner, $ilh alother aninals after a recelt ttorvi.xoec d. A nano- r.l ! of a urnd fo- . -hp.usl-nf, ,t'L- Las be^i o k;y a a ' " 'o* /oo. p odqoislo, h. d fo' '" rl -- 1 p aud enr ar qc lho \ i -idPdlhry lvill malelL sauth*.ener. Alhletjcs, lnc., anlh.nk.ys ol enoush Ffoninent io-ll, r.tso o fo . h .or- .1,'o t"ed no ouisidoll ., oa"o ir- Lhe e\p_l r. h r P help lCoafi Brum[elow0f Tl'lC 0ets0ift of llomeMembers of SicffReceive Cashar rol ixcno,rGilt of r new home to MikeBrumbelow, Texas WestelnCouege athl€tic dtr€ctor, .waslevealed publicly today.Formal pr€s€ntation ot thenome was set durirg th€ Southwest-€m Athletic 4.ss., dd El FasoPr.s-cturt gfi diror dinnii, sltarlingat ? !, m. lodar ar rhe Counhrrctub.lTh. nou* ft rhe gift ot El paEoiEusrdess and proiession.l Lead.rsr.& are athletio suDhften oJTexas lVesiem. T6!ii C, paiiefsor,last lresid;ll ol ihe SoxlhwesterrSqn Carnilal Assn.. anit Joe Eec-1or Jr., headed a dfir. tor tuhdr..4. .ubscrtption camlaie! open d6hor11r after ltre ,Sun Borvl aameln which tn. Mi!€.s d€rerted rtor.lda Sraie Uriversity 4?.20. IPinf Clnit6! BrlckOoach Brumbelow'r n€w hoFeriu be a ihreFbedfoom hotse ollF nk .inde. b.jck It ii bernr bxriti3t 1200 Larchhoat d4v. i, t!. newlPiedtu@r Irflls addiiion. Th. con.lh_actof j3 Ehilio PeiDado ol thelleirado DevetoDm€nl c.Th. hoqe wiu b. @mplered jnMay. M.. Peioado ir buildilg rrat cost, Brumbelotr ! esuty in hislresent hohe at 321t Nlrih Kanrarstreei will be applied o! rheFuchrse ol ,ih€ lew house. Clar-.nc. Harper is haldung r€.1 .staiehaNaction. on lhe two hous.sljthout charEe. Icoach B!!mb€low wr! Nlucrantlt rcc€pt ur. Eitt .i I rew bom.l@lil he vas .ssured oihu dem.ltre.3 .l the Texa!,Westem cosch.ltng rtsif 1\.tlo contibuied io alwinnint 1954 !@XbaU re.@n andl.,^viciofy in,lh€, Su BoeI jam.ht And DaAbout Tl-re Gridiron Dinner.By Slll MYE&S,. _Tuesdar the cddiron Dilne. riil be herd tn ilc El paso counrlvlCLb. Ir -s an evp-L rh'ch h"s Fvo.rd r ar."! a*t or .t"r.*" o rrP a oroje. of co. .id' ,br" h Dor.arce b ""i rn.fl::fl:",1J"..,-.t1.:.:u",".'JspomNd !v he lour.\.es "- Arhl.rics )nc.. ant5e ToL."doL- crub, for lLe DrDose ot rai(j.smFv 14 croa.d the sur Bowll

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