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1972 Dinner Program (.pdf) - El Paso Athletic Hall Of Fame

ATHLETES OF THE YEARJAN WELSCHJan Wdsch ir a gradnatc of BuryesHish Sclool md $Lims lo. the El Pas.,\qua l.$e Srvtu Tcarn. 1971 \tas rroubiandins year lof Jan. She becamc$c fr$i TGs sifl ever to blcak 13 rnLn_utes nr Ge 1i00 mctef lrccsiylc and sh.qrililied tor the NarionJl Chamr, "nrhjPin,ix e\e!tr. Shc r(cfi\rd rh. LilllK.iep Av.rd as rhe onttardnrs tenates$imner in rhe sratc ol Terd. and nerv re.ords in rhc 200, 500 and1500 meter lreestylc. Her outsland'ns!€rlo.nan.. oualified lcr nrr the Olln,i,i" r.iut' to-U. held iD shc isole oI only three Tetas ^trsust. Icnale NtnnmeB ro qualifr lo. $es. t.ialsIan has Lrccn .tmed to S$nnDitsWdrld's "To| 25 In ihe W.fld"FRED DTBERNARDIFred DeBernardi is a 6-5, 274pound senior at dre Unite.sitr_ ofTeaas at El Paso and his irnmediateaim is to represent the Uniied Statesin t{o Ol}npic elents the shotpui and the discus."De-Bo" as he is known ro histemrnares, has firo$n thc shot 67feet 3 inches and the discus 201 teetFred, a natlve ol Sausus. CaLifornia is undoubtedly one of thc topweight men in the norld todat'. Atrhe SLinlkt Tnvitational nieel in Losi.ngeles in lanuarr, he beat hislons-time idol, Randy Matson, witha thrc$' of 66 feet 9% inches.Fred has been picked in the Profoorball dralt .ven thoush he didnor phy fooitaLl h"t se!son. Hissize, speed and rqilit} (he runs ihe40 yard dash in 4.6 seconds) taghim as an outstandins pro footballas well as Olympic Track prosPeci

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