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September 2013Volume 4, Issue 12Autumn begins on September 22, 2013Employee of the Month - September - Dewaine DoranDewaine Doran has been selected as the Employee of the Month forSeptember. Dewaine began his career in the Perishable Department,transferred to IT in 2006 and will complete 15 years of service in December.Dewaine is the IT Operator that is assigned to the midnight shift.Dewaine comes highly recommended by his supervisor, Brad Hanvey.Brad tells us that Dewaine is always willing to go the extra step in helpingour retailers and AFI teammembers. Dewaine has a great work ethicand can be relied upon to complete special projects with enthusiasm.Some of you will remember Brad Hanvey as being an Employee of theMonth in September, 2005. Brad then was chosen for Employee of theYear - 2005. Brad is now our IT Computer Operations Supervisor.Randy Arceneaux, President and CEO presents the“Employee of the Month” award to Dewaine Doran. PLEASE SEE EMPLOYEE ON PAGE 71

In the NewsPTG Truck Shop Ground Breaking CeremonyOn August 14, 2013, all of our AFI dignitarieswere on hand for the ground breaking ceremonyfor the new Panhandle Transportation Group(PTG) Truck Service Center.The new location will sit on 15 1/2 acres south ofour current Truck Shop.The Facility will be a total of 42,700 square feetand will include, 2 Automated Wash Bays, 5 FuelBays, 1 Oil Pit Bay, 1 Tire Bay, 10 MechanicalBays, 1 Paint and Body Bay, a total of 20 Bays.(including the new offices with break room, meetingroom, parts room, reception area, locker room,etc..)From L to R: Edward Savage, Special Projects Manager, Randy Arceneaux, President and CEO;Board Members: Dale Carter, Martin Silva, Dennis Stroebel, Bill Fenn, Lonnie Allsup; Terry Sheldon,External Auditor; Roger Lowe, Chairman; Richard Ware, President, Amarillo National Bank,Patrick Ware, Senior Vice President, Amarillo National Bank; Board Members: Denny Porter, JessClaiborne, Butch Bullock, Johnny Velasquez; Johnny Merritt, Corporate Attorney; Board Member:Mike Piña; Tammie Coffee, Vice President and CFO, Billy Stovall, GM of HPL.Plains Dairy AnnouncesTarget completion date is December 31st, 2013.“Growth is often equated with progress and success...AtAFI we are moving forward, our continuedgrowth and our success speak for itself.”AFI Accounting NewsDonnie Hamilton, Maintenance Supervisor receivedhis 15 year award for working at Plains Dairy.L to R: Dub Garlington , President; Donnie Hamilton,Maintenance and Colby Butcher, Chief EngineerL to R: Dub Garlington, President, Belachew Dawid,Roy Mende / Plant Production Manager.Belachew received his 15 year certificate from PlainsDairy. Belachew works in our Box Plant.Courtesy of Mary Reed / Plains Dairy2Congratulations to Brenda Hernandez, AFI Finance and CreditManager and Kyler Steger, Compliance Accountant, they bothgraduated on August 16th, 2013 from West Texas A&M Universityin Canyon, TX. Brenda with an MBA in business managementand Kyler, a Bachelor degree in Accounting.

In the NewsAffiliated Foods Picnic 20131596 - Anthony’s Foods, Meeker, OKHamburgers hotdogs Prizes bingo games Bouncing housering toss Video gaming truck Snow cones tug of warFun for all ages!!!Photos courtesy of Kourtney Evans3

What’s going on??It is football season and a great time tokick off some incremental sales in theDeli and Bakery Departments. Our Customersare looking for fast finger foodsand items that do not take a lot of timeto prepare because everyone wants tospend their time watching footballgames. There is Friday night highschool football, all day Saturday collegefootball, and there is Thursday nightNFL football and of course NFL footballgames all day Sunday.Kick off the season today by having atailgate special, make some flyer’s andget creative. Advertise on the P.A. systemin your store, invite the customer toyour departments and give them someideas. There are many different itemsyou can push such as a large variety ofsandwiches, sub sandwiches, pizzas,chicken wings, sausages, meat balls,fried chicken, chicken tenders, anddon’t forget your deli trays. Let yourcustomer know they can special orderfor the next game and give them ideasas ideas are free.In the Bakery department push yourhot French bread for sub sandwiches,Bolillo and Hoggie rolls for sandwichesand suggest meats, chesses , bratwurst,and smoked sausages to go with thesebreads. Always make sure your customerhas something sweet to finish off thegame or the tail gate party, suggest aTres Leches cake, a Chocolate cake orsome Cup cakes to finish it off.Let’s all cheer for your favorite teamand push for quick and easy End ZoneSales. Get those extra sales numbers upon your Store Score Board and have funand a great season.Touch Down!!!BobbySweet & SavoryAFI Bakery/Deli NewsLabor Day will be on Monday, September2 nd and you need to prepare for those finalpicnics of the summer. Make some displaysof cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and anyother picnic items that you think might beappropriate for the holiday. We also needto be taking advantage of back to schooltime also. You need to make displaysevery weekend to attract those parentslooking for some fast and easy items forfast breakfasts or to send with their kidsback to school; items such as muffins,cookies, donuts, cakes or cupcakes for theteachers and all sorts of goodies. Thisyear in the bakery industry everyone saysit is the year of the cupcakes; so why notmake a HUGE display of cupcakes withdifferent colors or local school colors toget everyone revved up and ready for newschool year events. Whatever your choice,make displays to increase sales. Rememberthat that during these times folks arebusy buying those back to school suppliesand may need a reminder to take some ofthese goodies home. For those bakerieswhere it is difficult to find bakers, you canalways use our large variety of thaw andsell products, just do not leave your bakerytables empty. Sell, Sell, SELL!The food show was last month and I hopethat everyone has placed their pie, holidaygoodies, and Rosca de Reyes orders. Someof you wonder why we ask for these ordersso far in advance. It’s because weneed to give the manufacturers and thebakery buyer a projection to start with. Wedon’t want to short anyone on product andneed to see these numbers well in advanceso that we can be assured that we’re bringingenough into the warehouse. All ofthese items are special orders and we needto have your orders with plenty of time, soplease turn in all of your holiday flyersASAP!! If you have not received yourflyers in your store e-mail, please call4Mark Beard ext. 7803 and let him know sothat he can get them to you ASAP.I found this article in the “instore” Bakeryonline magazine.*Bakery.In-store bakeries enjoy continued upswingin cupcake sales.In-store bakeries continue to see an upswingin cupcake sales, according to NielsenPerishables Group. In the latest year,cupcakes, the second highest selling subcategory,rose 9.6% in dollar sales.Desserts accounted for nearly half of all in-store bakery sales and posted 0.9 percentgrowth during the 52 weeks ending April27, 2013, according to Nielsen PerishablesGroup.In-stores like Dorothy Lane Market continueto innovate in the cupcake businesswith seasonal and unique flavor combinations.Dorothy Lane Market recently introducedMaple Bacon Cupcakes, made withrich yellow cake infused with DLM 100%Pure Maple syrup and then iced with maplebuttercream frosting and topped withbacon.Hy-Vee’s newest store in Overland Park,KS, features over-the-top indulgent cupcakeslike Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakesand Celebration Confetti Cupcakes,priced at $1.99 apiece. PennsylvaniabasedGiant Eagle’s bakery just rolled outItty Bitty Salty Caramel Cupcakes. Saltedcaramel is a popular new flavor for cupcakes,which continue to be in strongdemand.JaimeSalted Caramel Cupcake*Excerpts from Ortega / Sales Manager/ Bakery/Delijortega@afiama.com806-681-9238Bobby Pena / Deli Specialistrpena@afiama.com806-392-6416

In the NewsAFI Fall Food Show - A Great Success - Thanks to All!Deborah MessierWinner of the Grand Prize $5,000#1586 Charlie’s Market, La Veta, COJohnny FreemanWinner of the 2nd Prize $2,500#044 Freeman Brothers, White Deer, TXPhotos courtesy of Dale ThompsonAFI’s Warehouse Incentive ProgramBret Moore, Winner of the 3rd Prize $2,500#1303 Moore’s Food Pride, Stratford, TXAt Affiliated Foods, when we hire a new order selector there is a working standard that must be met in the first 60 days of employment. The Warehouse ManagementSystem calculates time for each store order based on Engineered Labor Standard. This time standard must be met at 100% by the first 60 days. Oncethe selector achieves 100% of standard and keeps that standard or above, they become qualified order selectors. This process helps orders to be pulled in atimely manner.September 2013 Above and Beyond…Grocery Qualified: Chad Trevino, Omar Acosta. Robert Saba, Joshua MaldonadoSTORY:Perishable Qualified: Paul Ponce, Juan Estrada, Jason Flores, Luis Duran Perishable Top Pay: Robert Harper,Lucio Guido, Jose Escamilla ...HBC Qualified: Meleaha Farrow, Crystal Herrera, Ana Bustos, Zenaida Torres, Hilda Mejia5Courtesy of Jimmy Ross / Director ofWarehouse Operations, David Trimble /Assistant Director of Warehouse Operations,Enrique Barreras / Dry GrocerySupervisor, Ralph Telles / PerishableSupervisor and Preston Haberman / HBCSupervisor

In the NewsAFI’s Warehouse News: Perishable OperationsOur Perishable Shipping Dept. ships about 440,000 cases ofproduct a week; anywhere from milk and eggs to meat and vegetables. On average 1.76 million cases are shipped from the PerishableDept. monthly. It takes an average of 60 order selectorsper day to accomplish this task. The order selector’s responsibilitiesare to pull each individual order in an accurate and timelymanner. On average there are 10 fork drivers a day refilling slotsfrom which the order selectors pull orders. Over 1,700 slots arerefilled on a daily basis. It takes about 14 loaders to get thetrucks loaded each day. The loaders have the responsibilities ofloading the trucks accurately and timely. Perishable ships out onan average of 450 loads ofproduct a week.From L to R: Ralph Telles, Perishable Shipping Supervisor;Rodney Kellison, Perishable Receiving Supervisor;Augie Luera, Perishable Manager; AdamMunoz, Perishable Shipping Supervisor; Rafael Avalos/ Freezer Supervisor and Israel Guajardo, PerishableShipping Supervisor.Tristan McBeth / ProduceCody Livengood / DeliCourtesy of Cynthia Mauricio, Administrative Assistant of WarehouseOperations. Photos courtesy of Dale Thompson.James Perez / MeatJuan Mirelez / FrozenJonathan Aguilera / ForkPhotos courtesy of Dale Thompson6

In the NewsEMPLOYEE: August Employee of the Month...cont. from page 1Dewaine is married to Amanda and they share a daughter, Sierra – 18, and a son,Gabriel – 16. At home, Dewaine spends time writing web-scrapers, and tutoring hisson in math. The family enjoys swimming and watching movies. They have 2 dogs,Athena and Succio. Dewaine loves all types of movies; his favorites being Oldboy,District 9, and Rango. Dewaine’s favorite meals are Green Chicken Enchiladas andSteak.The most influential people in Dewaine’s life have been his parents. He is gratefulthat they raised him to work hard and “taught him everything he knows.” Dewaine’sfuture plans are to finish his college degree in Computer Programming.He selected gift certificates from Jorge’s Mexican Grill and Buns Over Texas.Dewaine will also receive an additional 250 Safety bonus points. Congratulations,Dewaine! Keep up the great work.Employee of the Month for September 2013Dewaine DoranThe following employees were also nominated this month. Congratulations to all!Jonathan Aguilar Chop Bol Omar Duran Amy Hood Kim Larson Fernando Mendez Joel Puente…………………..ACAP Mega Job Fair - Fort Hood Army BaseCourtesy of Rita Koontz / Human ResourcesThe pictured AFI Team traveled to Ft. Hood Army Base in Killeen, Texas to attend theArmy Career and Alumni Program, (ACAP) Mega Job Fair. The ACAP Job Fair providedpromotional opportunities for Affiliated Foods to represent not only our greatcompany but to bring the knowledge and attractions of the upper Texas Panhandle areaand what Amarillo can offer to Military personnel and their families that are willing torelocate. The Job Fair brought out over 5000 currently enlisted military personnel lookingat options for employment with companies from all over Texas.The ACAP Mega Job Fair is held bi-annually in different locations throughout Texas.L to R: Edward Savage, Special Projects Manager; Billy Stovall, GM of HPL; DavidTrimble, Assistant Director of Warehouse Operations and Jamallh Clark, RecruiterCourtesy of Edward Savage7

From the Kitchen CounterAssorted Fruit1-package1-7 oz. Jar1-8 oz. BoxFun Fruit DipApples, Strawberries, Cantaloupe,Pineapple, Kiwi, Grapes, Honey DewMelons, Watermelon, Bananas,Peaches, Cherries, etc, etc, etc…Wooden SkewersShurfine Marshmallow CreamShurfine Cream cheese1. Let the cream cheese get to room temperature.2. Cut fruit into chunks, put fruit on skewer, chill.3. Empty jar of marshmallow cream and creamcheese into medium bowl.4. With an electric mixer, blend marshmallow creamand cream cheese until mixed thoroughly.5. Chill and serve with fruit.Courtesy of Val Clawson / DeJarnett and Western FamilyWhy did HumptyDumpty love autumn…….Because he had a“GREAT FALL”Did you know that by clicking onthe doodle you will be redirectedto the story behind the doodle!What is your favorite doodle?Did you know you can see doodlesfrom many countries in theworld...Past and Present!I just love Google doodles!!!A Note of Thanks!How Google Doodles Were BornIn 1998, before Google the company was even incorporated, the concept of the doodle wasborn when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to indicatetheir attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. They placed a stick figuredrawing behind the 2nd "o" in the word, Google, and the revised logo was intended as acomical message to Google users that the founders were "out of office."While the first doodle was relatively simple, the idea of decoratingthe company logo to celebrate notable events was born.Excerpt from and for more information go to Favorite Vincent Van Gogh“THANK YOU” to all who have contributed to the success of the Newsletter”!A special thanks to Dale Thompson and Kevin Fortenberry for their continued support and help!The Affiliated Family NewsCathy Gallivan / afinews@afiama.comIf you have any thing to contribute please e-mail the “AFI Family News” @ www.afinews@afiama.com1401 Farmers AvenueAmarillo, TX 79118806-372-38518

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