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We Believe! - Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary

Volume 5, Edition 1Calgary-wide publicationSpring 2010We Believe!Boys and Girls ClubsKeystone youth run theOlympic torch! (see pg 7)

Boys and Girls Clubs of CalgaryContinuum of Servicesfor at-risk and high-riskchildren, youth, and familiesEducational Support promotes learning andteaching by eliminating barriers to children andyouth’s engagement and success in educationaland vocational settings.• Ready, Set, Go! Preschool and Family program offers play-basedpreschool programs for three- and four-year-olds, as well as supportgroups and educational opportunities for their parents.• FANS provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for children in over 140schools in Calgary, helping to offset hunger’s negative effects onlearning and emotional health.• HERA supports adolescent girls who, are at-risk of being sexuallyexploited, remain committed to their education and move forward in apositive direction.• RADAR supports homeless youth who are between the ages of 13 and 15to reconnect with their families, schools and communities.Family Support programs assist in finding fosterhomes, and provide skill development andsupport and counseling for families in need. Forothers, our programs assist youth in making thesuccessful transition to independent adulthood.• Licensed Care is subsidized afterschool care available at ourcommunity clubs.• Foster Care provides a family environment for children 0-18, who areunable to live at home.• Home-Start is a community project run by experienced volunteerswho offer support, friendship, and practical assistance to families withchildren under the age of five.• Avenue 15 provides temporary shelter and food for homeless andrunaway youth ages 12-17, as well as a comprehensive support system toassist them in reuniting with their families or finding alternative lifestyleand living arrangements.• Safe House is a nine-bed facility that provides residential care to maleand female street-involved youth ages 15-18.• SCRIPT (formerly Side Door) provides youth who are homeless, at riskof homelessness or who have been sexually exploited, with basic needs,life skill enhancement, crisis, and one-to-one support, as well as referralsand advocacy.• Residential programs can provide a temporary residential alternative andassist youth in returning to their family homes.• Eleanor’s House supports sexually exploited youth to stabilize andrebuild their lives and find a more permanent, safe place to live.• Grimmon House is a residential treatment program for girls 13-18 whoare struggling with addiction issues and are at-risk or involved in sexualexploitation through prostitution.• Group Homes provide stable, community residency for at-risk youthwho, given their current circumstances, cannot live at home.• Haven’s Way provides young women, who, given their currentcircumstances, cannot live at home, with a safe place to complete theireducation and to become self-reliant.Message from CherylI am very excited to share with you many ofthe events and accomplishments we have hadover the past months. While we all can reflecton the impact the economy has had in our ownhomes, at the Boys and Girls Clubs, we havewitnessed how this has heavily impacted thefamilies we serve; furthering their hardshipsand widening the gap for our homeless youth tosecure stable housing and employment. Theseadversities have challenged us to operate moreefficiently and work harder to continue to levelthe playing field for our families and increase theopportunities for our youth to gain the tools andconfidence needed to become self-sufficient.In this issue we are pleased to share withyou the success we have had in developinginnovative programs and partnerships. Youwill read about our merger with HERA that hasenabled us to increase our education servicesto girls at-risk of sexual exploitation. TheAlberta government has made it possible forour Community Clubs to offer subsidized afterschoolcare. The Glencoe Club has graciouslyselected the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgaryas their charity partner. Together we will raiseCanada Safeway Foundation Kids and Familiesmuch needed funds for homeless youth at ourAvenue 15 program.We continue to grow our partnerships withcommunity members who are equallycommitted to helping children and youth acrossCalgary. I hope you will enjoy the stories weshare with you, recognize that regardless ofthe state of the economy, the Boys and GirlsClubs of Calgary is continuing to supportfamilies, mobilize communities, and eliminatebarriers to children’s and youth’s engagement ineducational and vocational settings.Sincerely,Cheryl DohertyExecutive DirectorThis is the 5th summer that Canada SafewayFoundation has given camperships to ourmembers, assuring that all our kids can attendCamp Adventure. Safeway is determined that ourkids will eat healthy food, so they fund Junior Chefsso our members learn to plan, shop, and cookhealthy meals; they have committed three years of funding so that we have Junior Chefs in eachof our clubs and in our Aboriginal programs. As a major contributor to our FANS program, theyhelp Calgary’s young students have nutritional snacks and meals, helping students have the bestopportunities to succeed in school.As a supporter of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, please consider shopping at Safeway.• Infinity is a “housing first” program for youth who are homeless orat risk of homelessness. The project works with youth to help createa permanent home in the community of their choice and then wrapssupports around them to help maintain their housing.Community Support programs provide childrenand youth with the opportunity to develop theirunique skills, talents and abilities.• Beltline Youth Centre provides social, recreational and educationalopportunities primarily for immigrant and Aboriginal youth ages 12-24.• Aboriginal Services offer a variety of cultural, social, educationaland recreational programs for urban Aboriginal children, youth andtheir families.• Community based clubs offer a welcoming place for kids to come afterschool, do homework, make friends, and participate in activities thatwill encourage self-esteem, develop social skills and the ability to makepositive lifestyle choices.• Camp Adventure is located on 64 acres in the heart of KananaskisCountry and provides camping and outdoor experiences for children andtheir families.• Great Escapes introduces children and youth to the great outdoors.• Hangar programming provides youth the access to consistentprogramming that is geared for teen activities in the efforts to buildteen memberships and involvement of community members with ouryouth programming.The new Canada Safeway Foundation Buildingat Camp Adventure is in construction, and willbe ready for 2010 campers.Canada Safeway helped send436 children and youth , and26 families to camp in 20092www.boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca

If It Wasn’t for That InterventionMichelle, a Boys and Girls Clubsof Calgary Supported IndependentLiving (SIL) program Alumni, recallsof her experience with the agency:If it wasn’t for thatintervention, I wouldn’t havethe boost in self-esteem,the confidence to deal withpeople, the feeling thatI can achieve anything.I didn’t get these thingsfrom my parents…Michelle’s adolescence wasturbulent; her parents divorcedtwice, moved her across the countrytwice, and finally her mom leftMichelle with her abusive father.Michelle’s mom didn’t communicatewith her, and her father convincedher that everything was Michelle’sfault. All the while, Michellecontinued to slip further and furtherinto a depressive state. Michelleexperienced a lot of trauma asa teenager, and at the time shedidn’t know how to get the help sheneeded. Eventually the people inMichelle’s life started to recognizeshe was in trouble and needed help.Michelle says “before SIL, I reallyneeded somebody”.A social worker was quickly calledto action and Michelle was placed inthe SIL program. SIL set Michelle upwith a roommate and an apartment.All of the SIL kids have supportworkers and Michelle recalls “youcould call them anytime”. Withsupport from the SIL program,Michelle was able to find work andattend Chinook College. Michelledeveloped an abundant amount ofrespect for the SIL staff, she says,“they were all so positive all of thetime, and they inspired me to makesomeone else’s life better; I wantedto be just like them”.Michelle is now 27 years old with an8 year old son. Michelle comparesherself now to herself then andrecalls “I was really lost, and if itwasn’t for the Boys and Girls Clubs ofCalgary teaching me financial and lifeskills and placing me in a safe home, Idon’t know where I would be today”.If you are like Michelle and wouldlike to reconnect with the Boys andGirls Clubs of Calgary please contactBrenda Finch at bfinch@bgcc.ab.caMichelle is very thankful for the agency and its staff; she hasgenerously organized the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary to be abeneficiary of the Gerst Financial Services Stampede barbeque.Michelle states, “because of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Iwas given a lifeline, shoulders to lean on that I didn’t have before.”Our Volunteers Build RelationshipsHere are a few of mythoughts on volunteering.It is extremely gratifyingto be able to helpsomeone who is in need,and the love, hugs andkisses are more than anysalary could provide.I am a mother of two grown children, so Ihave experience with raising children. I ran aday-home for 16 years and I decided to retire.Currently 51 years old, I needed something tohelp fill in the time; what better than to give mytime to someone with children who needs help.I spotted the ad for HomeStart in the monthlyHawkwood flyer and was considering it whenmy girlfriend called telling me she had foundthe perfect job for me! The rest is history. Sincemy first day with HomeStart, I have helped anumber of families, 2 with twins, one with 4children, and am currently with a family of 3year old triplets, and a five year old! I have beenwith them since they were 10 months old, andwe have decided that I will be in there for life!As you can imagine, an extra set of hands isneeded at all times. I go to their house Mondayafternoons to watch the triplets, which allowsthe mom to take the 5 year old to music lessonsfor an hour. I am very flexible with them, andwhile one of the boys needs speech therapy,the other kidlets come and play at my housefor an hour on Wednesday mornings. I haveattended many doctors appointments at theChildren’s Hospital, gone to the zoo with them,helped toilet train them, which was a bit ofa challenge, but we did succeed. They havebecome a part of our family and it is a veryrewarding experience. All I can say, is it is theperfect job for me.-Patricia- Volunteer, HomeStart programExperience the wonders of Kooza TMby Cirque du Soleil ® and make a differencein the lives of Calgary’s children and youth.Boys & Girls Clubsof CalgaryTickets are $125 eachCall 403-717-2680Proceeds go toBoys and Girls Clubs of CalgaryAll ticket purchases areentitled to a $25 tax recieptFriday September 17, 2010Support The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary with your purchase of a Kooza ticket.A good place to be5

Karma Gives BackOn Sunday, March 21, Karma Salonand Spa in Brentwood openedits doors to 14 deserving youngwomen from our Infinity and SafeHaven programs, Grimmon House,Eleanor’s House, and Bownessgroup home. They were treated tomassages, new hair do’s, manicures,and makeovers.Salon owner, David Marsh, said helikes to help in a tangible way, andwith two teenage daughters of hisown, he knows how much the daywas appreciated. David even broughthis dog along to make sure everyonewas smiling, “you can’t have abad day with a golden retriever inthe room.” The salon staff wereincredibly accommodating, hangingcoats and serving lattes, makingsure the girls felt comfortable.Even the neighboring businessesand salon partners wanted to beinvolved. Jameson’s Pub sent over anabundant amount of appetizers andKarma’s New York suppliers sent giftbags filled with product to each ofthe girls.The most rewarding part of theday was the girls’ reactions; theycouldn’t stop smiling, laughing,and posing in front of the mirrors.Anna, 21 yrs, said she was just soexcited. One of the girls started outhaving a bad day and was beamingfrom ear to ear not before long.Some of the girls were celebratingpersonal successes that day andthe salon staff couldn’t have beenmore proud of these young women.Marsh individually greeted eachyoung lady, “you’re going to walkout of here feeling like a princess”.The girls were overwhelmed withcomfort and confidence; Marsh’spersonal touch reached out to theseyoung women, boosting much morethan their day.Thank you to the generous David Marsh and his staff and stylists at Karma Salon.When asked about the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, the girls had onlyinspiring things to share. Nicole, at only 17 years, says, “they actually care, evenif I push the program out of my life, they are always there, when I’m ready”.Radar Youth PaintingMaking SpacesSafe places where children can go during thecritical hours of 3:00-6:00pm, when schoollets out, are required more than ever inCalgary. Beginning February 1, 2010, six Boysand Girls Clubs of Calgary community clubshave increased programming options forfamilies by adding 90 new licensed child carespaces. 15 licensed child care spaces willbe located at each of the Clubs including theBowness Club, Thorncliffe Club, FalconridgeClub, Pineridge Club, Penbrooke Club, andForest Lawn Club.On January 8th, 2010 the Boys and Girls Clubsof Calgary met with local MLA’s to receivefunding from the Making Space for Children:Child Care Space Creation Innovation Fund.Minister of Children and Youth Services,Yvonne Fritz presented the Pineridge Club acheque to create licensed child care spacesat the club. Minister Fritz toured the facilityand graciously expressed her support andenthusiasm for the Club offering child care inthe community of Pineridge.MLA Manmeet Bhullar entertained a groupat Penbrooke, who were having fun on a dayoff from school during the February Teacher’sConvention, and presented a cheque to thekids! Bhullar made quite an impression on theyoung minds as a young politician. One childexclaimed that he thought he might like tohimself be an MLA soon!In total, the Alberta Children and YouthServices Making Space for Children: ChildCare Space Creation Innovation Fund provided6 Club locations with just under $100,000.Licensed Care registration is nowopen at all Club locations to childrenin grades 1 to 6. This program providescare during school professionaldevelopment days, half schooldays, spring break, and teacher’sconvention. Subsidy is availablefor families who qualify! If you orsomeone you know is looking forquality after-school child care, pleasecontact Talia Bell at 403-520-1519.What this piece of art means to me, is thatCalgary is the land of opportunity. You cancome here, having nothing, and in no time youcan have money, a job, a wife and kids if youwant. The bottom stands for the “scrubs” as inyour homeless or don’t have money etc. The topstands for success, money, family, and a job.This idea came to me from being at the Boysand Girls Club (aka) RADAR program because Ihad nothing when I came to RADAR and now Ihave a great family and education, and a job.RADAR youth painting, Age 146www.boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca

We Believe!On Tuesday January 19th 2010, four of ourBoys and Girls Clubs youth had the veryexciting opportunity to be Torch Bearersin the Olympic Torch Run! Chantelle, Zach,Bryce, and Keegan were part of a team of 18youth and 2 adult leaders that helped carrythe 2010 Olympic Torch for a 1 km stretch inChestermere, Alberta.Chantelle, Zach, Bryce and Keegan are part ofa program called SOGO ACTIVE CALGARY. TheSOGO ACTIVE national program is led by Coca-Cola Ltd., ParticipACTION, and an advisorycommittee of youth and organizations. It isdesigned to help young Canadians betweenthe ages of 13 and 19 to become more active;SOGO ACTIVE is about movement, fun,activities, ideas, positivity, leadership andteamwork. SOGO ACTIVE CALGARY is acollaborative initiative between Boys and GirlsClubs of Calgary, Calgary YMCA, the City ofCalgary, Child and Youth Friendly Calgary, andAlberta Recreation and Parks Association.SOGO ACTIVE CALGARY is represented by agroup of inspiring dedicated youth. Since itsinception in October 2008, the group meetsmonthly, joining in a variety of activities. Thegroup plans and participates in basketballand team-building activities, mountain biking,horseback riding, challenge courses andputting together gift boxes and sandwiches forlocal charitable organizations for the holidays.A very inspiring group of young leaders!Ready, Set, Go! Pre-school and Family ProgramWe are very proud of the opportunity for our youth to be a part of the2010 Winter Olympic Games. We believe!Thanks to Foothills Kiwanis, Calgary Children’sFoundation, United Way, Jim PrenticeCharitable Foundation and Worley Parsonsfor supporting the continuity and success ofthe Ready, Set, Go! Pre-school and Family(RSG) program. The Boys and Girls Clubs ofCalgary’s ability to provide a consistent andsafe learning environment ensures a positiveintegration into the public and separate schoolsystems, as a preparation for success inschool. RSG! builds a foundation for life-longlearning by incorporating emotional literacyinto its curriculum.At RSG, learning goes beyond ABC’s and123’s. The teachers work with the childrenand families to develop problem solving skills,to recognize and label emotions, and to teachchildren how to deal with challenges in asocially acceptable way. Children learn toshare, and begin to develop empathy and buildpositive relationships with other children andadults outside of their family. This emotionalawareness enhances their ability to succeed inan academic environment.We are grateful for our community andgovernment contributions to RSG and valuethe partnerships that have been developedwith the common goal of giving pre-schoolersan opportunity to learn in this welcomeenvironment, gaining skills they will use forlife. RSG programming encourages positivebehavior by teaching the family unit, in itsentirety, essential values to the growth of theseyoungsters. For more information on RSG goalsand how to better the lives of these children,contact Diane Reid at dreid@bgcc.ab.caWorley Parsons and Ready, Set, Go! pre-school.A Foster Mother SpeaksAbout Her FamilyI don’t think I have ever felt like a foster parent. Ijust feel like a parent.I was only a foster child for a short timebefore I myself was adopted. I met my tummymommy when I was 29, at the same time Iwas losing my mom, she was dying of lungdisease, so this was a very confusing timefor me... lots of emotions, doors openingand closing in my life. Your heritage isso important, which brings me to my twochildren. I call them my children becausethat is who they are, that is how it feels. I amMetis, growing up not knowing at all whatnationality I was. How unfair is that, to growup not knowing your identity? I used to telleveryone that I was Norwegian.I knew as soon as I met my daughter inEdmonton at a school I was working at thatI would make sure she did not have any ofthese issues. She was 9 years old, so a lot ofdamage was already done, the most importantyears were already set for her... I knew that itwould be a hard road for her; all the while notknowing how hard the road was going to be forme too. I was a bit naive in thinking back then;all I had to do was love her and give her a homeand hugs and trips and help her in school, andbe a regular mom. I wasn’t thinking about allthe other stuff, fetal alcohol, abuse, neglect,and attachment disorders.I chose to foster because I knew that those kidsare usually the ones that people think of last.I always think of what Mother Theresa said“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted,is the most greatest poverty”.I was not a foster parent when I met mydaughter, but I wanted her to live with me. Iwanted to make a difference. I was so tired ofeveryone complaining about the kids they seeon the streets and how “Bad’ they are and howthey start all the trouble; not even knowing theirhistory, not wanting to do something about it.I knew before my daughter came to live with methat she had a lot of troubles and was very angryinside. I knew this was all because she wasn’tloved unconditionally, she had no structure,security, and nurturing in her life. I thought tomyself, I have a 3 bedroom house and no kids, whycan’t she come live with me? I planned a surprisefor her, called her social worker, and asked if shecould come live with me…they said yes.About a year later I got my son, who will beturning 9 next month. I have had him since hewas 14 months old. He was a crack addictedbaby and I took the same approach as with mydaughter, didn’t think much, I just jumped in twofeet first!It’s been 10 years since my daughter came. Inever took in any other children, I just wantedthe two. I wanted to do everything possible tomake this their real home.I don’t know what I would do without them theyare my life and my reason for wanting to be abetter person each day. They have taught me,and my parents taught me, that “Family is Whoyou Make It”Do little things with great love.Joy- Foster ParentA good place to be7

Thank You for Your Support!This list includes cash gifts and gifts-in kind of from individuals of $500 or greater, and corporationsand foundations of $1000 or greater received between December 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010. Everyeffort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you discover any errors or omissions,please call 403-520-1508.In 2009, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary were the recipients of over $ 85,341 thanks to the CalgaryHerald Christmas Fund. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who donated, and tothe Calgary Herald for choosing our agency as a recipient!CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONSAqua Sport Scuba Center Inc.Ashford Memorial FundATCO GasATCO PowerBearspaw Benevolent FoundationBerkhold Family FoundationBMO Employee Charitable FoundationCal Wenzel Family FoundationCalgary Co-operative AssociationCalgary Herald Christmas FundCalgary Real Estate Board Charitable Fdn.Canada Mortgage and Housing CompanyCanada Safeway FoundationCanadian Forest Oil Ltd.Canadian Tire Jumpstart CharitiesCarma DevelopersCenovus Energy Inc.CIBC World MarketsCIBC World Markets Children’s FoundationCMHCCommunity Futures Network Society of AlbertaDaniel A. Pichette Professional CorporationDenca Distributors Ltd.Dover Community AssociationEnCana Cares FoundationEnCana CorporationFoothills Kiwanis Club of CalgaryGeorge Weston Ltd.Gibson Energy Ltd.Greg Martineau Projects Inc.Holy Cross Anglican ChurchJadco Real Estate Ltd.Jeff Parry PromotionsJim Prentice Charitable FoundationKids Up Front FoundationKPMG Charitable FoundationLaBarre Family FundLockwood Family FundMackenzie InvestmentsMarlborough MallMartin Newby Consulting LtdNapaja Enterprises Ltd.Nickle Family FoundationOlympia Trust CompanyOwen Hart FoundationQuatro Resources Inc.R. Howard Webster FoundationRaffle - Bernard Callebaut 2009RBC Capital MarketsRegent Resources Ltd.Reggin Technical Services Ltd.RONA FoundationRoyal Canadian Legion Bowness #238Stikeman Elliott LLPThe Burns Memorial FundThe Calgary FoundationThe Calgary Minerva Fundraising FoundationThe City of CalgaryThe Government of AlbertaThe Government of CanadaTheatre CalgaryThibodeau’s CentreTrico HomesUnited Way of Calgary, Donor Choice ProgramUniversity of Calgary, Faculty of EducationWestwinds Ladies CurlingWilliam Aberhart Senior High SchoolWilliam and Constance Topley FundWorleyParsons Canada Services LtdINDIVIDUALSBlair AlbersDonna & WayneArvidsonHoward AshJeff BelfordJoan BestDavid BissettRyan ChabaFaith ChristianAndreas CordsenShawn CornettMacleanKirby CoxMark DahlmanGreg DavidsonKellie DohertyNancy DuttonDave EngelandMatt EngelhardtPenny FagerheimBrenda GalonskiRobert GilchristGeorge & Terry GouletGlenn GradeenLawrence & SheilaGraystonDavid & DianeGuichonRobert HagermanGlenn HamiltonTom HarperPaul HortonGary HoussinEamon HurleyMindy JoffeeAllan & Fern JohnstonWayde KozakLinda La BarreReina LabossiereRon LaugherRonald & Barbara LawPaul LeeYES, you can count on me tosupport Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.Charlie LindsayDon LindsaySteve LockwoodGary MacLellanLinda MarekRobert MartinMartha MawerGerard McInnisJay MehrJames ModdleNaomi MoorClaire MoroneyMichael MoroneyMary MulliganGary NissenLillian ParentGary PeddleGayle PeddlePhilip PelletierJared PoetkerJennifer PonAndrew PotterBeth RankinDoug RauschJan RogersBrad SeamansFred & Leslie SerjeantBarbara ShaunessyAl SnowCarla StoeverKoon TanJessica TaylorRob & Laura TedhamPeter May Soong &Grace Eng Choo TongDrew TumbachEd VerrierGloria VinciKevin VineyMark WayneAlex & Belinda WongSusan & Roy Wrighto $50 o $100 o $250 o Other:__________________o I would like to designate my donation to:____________________________program.o My cheque is enclosed o Visa o MasterCardCard #_______________________________________________________ Exp. Date_______Signature_____________________________________________________________________Our Opportunities For You!Host a Stampede Party, 50-50 draw, holiday party, hockey pool, golf-tournament, orany other gathering in support of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary! We are alwaysgrateful for your fundraisers and are here to support your kindness. We do offer toursof our facilities and employee volunteer opportunities.Please contact Sterling Henderson at 403-520-1514 or shenderson@bgcc.ab.caCheck out our website www.boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca/donateDONOR INFORMATION:Name: Mr./Ms./Mrs. ___________________________________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________City: _________________________________Province: ______ Postal Code: ____________Contact Phone Number: _______________________________________________________E-mail Address: _______________________________________________________________o I would like more information on estate planning. A charitable gift left in your will canreduce or eliminate estate taxes. This act of kindness and generosity may allow you toleave more of your estate to other beneficiaries. For more information please contactDiane Reid at 403-717-2695 or dreid@bgcc.ab.caBoys and Girls Clubs of Calgary respect the privacy of our clients and stakeholders. We do not sell ortrade personal information.8www.boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca

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