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Aquatics Programs - YMCA of Greater Vancouver

YMCA Swim LessonsAt the Y, we believe swimming is a critical life skill for every child andteen. We use a variety of fun methods to help kids overcome fears, buildconfidence in the water and develop skills that last a lifetime. Our qualifiedinstructors are trained in the philosophies and disciplines set by YMCACanada. We’ve been national leaders in swim lessons for more than100 years.YMCA memberships are all-inclusive and include free swim lessons. Thismeans your kids can learn to swim, meet new friends and stay active – allat no additional cost.LEARN TO SWIM AND THEY’LL GROW UP STRONGBased on healthy child development principles, YMCA swim lessonsrecognize that children learn by experimenting, exploring, imitating, playingand having fun. That’s why our qualified instructors do more than teach swimskills. We also help build confidence in children by saying ’yes’ more than‘no’; telling them when we are proud of them and recognizing when they dothings right.A 30 minute weekly lesson goes a long way to promoting your child’sdevelopment and the YMCA continuous registration leads to regularparticipation and learning through progression. Star Leadership lessons are60 minutes in length.THERE’S A CLASS FOR ALL SKILLS LEVELSWhether you’re new to the Y or new to swimming, there’s a class for everyone.SWIM CONVERSION CHART:Age Group YMCA Program Red Cross Program6 – 36 months Parents & TotStarfishaccompanied byDucka parentSea Turtle3 – 5 years Bobbers Sea OtterFloatersGlidersDiversSurfersDipperSalamanderSalamanderSunfishCrocodileWhale6 – 12 years Otter Swim Kids 1Seal Swim Kids 2Dolphin Swim Kids 2/3Swimmer Swim Kids 4/5Swimmer Swim Kids 6Star 1 Swim Kids 7Star 2/3 Swim Kids 8Star 3/4 Swim Kids 9Star 5/6 Swim Kids 10Star 7 Swim Kids 10BEGINNERINTERMEDIATEBEGINNERINTERMEDIATEADVANCEDDISCOVER THE BENEFITS OFCONTINUOUS SWIM LESSONSAt the Y, you no longer need to scramble every season toensure your child gets a convenient swim lesson time. Weoffer swim lessons on a continuous basis and once you’vesigned up and selected your spot, it’s yours to keep.• A convenient, consistent swim time throughout the year• Your choice of day and time, which you may alter atany time• Continuous feedback with the emphasis on participation• When a level is completed, the next level is startedimmediately without re-registration• Structured and strength-based instruction• Register your child at any time• Children will progress at their own pace without thepressure of completing levels within the typical lessonset structure and time frameIMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS• Swim lessons will not be available during scheduledbreak periods (Winter Break, 1st week of September),statutory holidays and pool maintenance closures• All swim lesson participants must have a current YMCAmembership, if your membership is cancelled or placedon hold the swim lesson registration will be cancelled• Inform your YMCA Membership Desk if your child isgoing to miss three classes in a row• If a child is absent for three or more classes withoutnotification, they will be removed from the registeredtimeslot

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