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Winter/Spring 2012 - St. Mary's Hospital

alanceWinter/Spring 2012MIND, BODY & SPIRIT7Ways toKeep SnowShoveling SafeSt. Mary’sHospital:Growingfor YouBringing theBESTCardiaccareHOMENJBIZ namedSt. Mary’s Hospital one of the“Best 50 Hospitals in New Jersey”for providing quality andcompassionate medical carefor the community.

East Gets a FaceliftPeople turn to spas for relaxation. Now that spa atmosphere can be found in a very important 5healthcare setting.AFTER SEVERAL weeks of renovations and redesign, the5 East Unit for cardiac patients reopened on September 28,2011. The unit features increased privacy and enhancedambience, helping St. Mary’s Hospital remain the region’sleading choice for cardiac care.As part of the 5 East renovation project, the Hospitalincreased patient privacy by transforming the unit toinclude 15 private rooms, four semiprivate rooms and twoflexible-use rooms.“Patients are happier in the private rooms, and physiciansappreciate the extra privacy, as well,” says Andrea Wikander,R.N., Nurse Manager of 5 East. “We wanted to avoid theinstitutional look most hospitals have, so we created acheery, warm ambience with a spa-like atmosphere.”Building a Better TeamIncreasing efficiency for patient care was also a priority,which is why the unit upgraded to a new call system forpatients. The nurse’s station was expanded to providephysicians and nurses with a more efficient work area,and new patient care boards were added to help streamlinecommunication among the care team, the patient andfamily members.Blueprint for ImprovementThe 5 East renovation marks the beginning phase of whatwill eventually become a facility-wide project. Within thenext few years, other units will also undergo renovations tomake them more aesthetically pleasing and patient-friendly.“Team members who work in the unit had input into thedesign. The frontline team members know that even smallinterior changes can make a patient more comfortable,” saysChristina Fischer, Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President ofNursing at St. Mary’s. “We’re excited to start implementingthese changes throughout the Hospital as part of ourcommitment to patient care.”● For more information about 5 East, visit for the Mind, Body and SpiritPaco Cano, a painter atSt. Mary’s, uses art to promotehealing in the Hospital. His newmosaic covers the wall in thelobby to provide patients andfamily members with a vibrantand uplifting environment. Themosaic features a combination ofbright, welcoming blues, greensand yellows encompassing thelobby elevators.Paco’s talents extend frommosaics to sculpting, painting andart restoration. His work can befound in other areas of SMH and inchurches throughout the area.• Private rooms are associated with a reduced risk of infection and allow family membersto visit more often.• The colors blue, green and violet can produce calm, stress-relieving emotions in patients.• Studies show that heart surgery patients who view paintings of nature scenes have lowerblood pressure, require less pain medication and have shorter hospital stays.smh-nj.orgwinter/spring | 2012 balance 3

✻MIND | BODY | SPIRITTheGoldStandaAcross the country, there are only nine other programs likethe cardiac program at st. mary’s hospital. The next chapter inSMH’s long history of transforming cardiac care in New Jersey is a newrelationship with a New York neighbor.Neil Goyal, M.D., andRavinder Narang, M.D.Beginning this year, St. Mary’s cardiologyexperts at the Eastern Heart Institute willteam up with their colleagues at ColumbiaHeartSource, the Division of Cardiology, Departmentof Medicine, Columbia University College ofPhysicians and Surgeons to offer the Passaic, Bergenand Essex communities another revolutionary level ofheart care.This builds on a foundation of positive relationshipsbetween St. Mary’s Hospital and Columbia UniversityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons. It links theEastern Heart Institute at St. Mary’s with ColumbiaHeartSource, a program of the Division of Cardiology,Department of Medicine at Columbia UniversityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons.Enhancing Access at St. Mary’sIn addition to offering St. Mary’s physicians anopportunity to maintain their expertise in the latestcardiovascular procedures and technologies, therelationship will allow our patients to access cuttingedgetherapies and treatments.St. Mary’s physicians and patients also will be ableto participate in current clinical studies, includingongoing research in the biomedical field.“This arrangement opens the door tomaintaining high-quality cardiac care atSt. Mary’s,” says Neil Goyal, M.D., M.P.H.,cardiologist at St. Mary’s Hospital and ColumbiaUniversity College of Physicians and Surgeons.“Patients will have access to a renowned institutionfor complex care and advanced cardiac trials.”“St. Mary’s has a long tradition of excellenceand innovation in cardiology,” adds AllanSchwartz, M.D., Chief of the Division ofCardiology at Columbia. “And we are proud towork with their physicians on achieving a newlevel of quality.”Daniel Conroy, M.D.Atul Prakash, M.D.Stanley Szwed, M.D.4 balance winter/spring | 2012

d of Heart CareConstant RefinementPhysicians of the Columbia HeartSource programwill work with St. Mary’s cardiologists on internalreview processes. This will help enhance themanagement and quality of care for St. Mary’scardiology patients.“Our gold standard for reviewing patientcases is directed by the American HeartAssociation and the American College ofCardiology guidelines,” explains RavinderNarang, M.D., Director of the CardiacCatheterization Lab and cardiologist atSt. Mary’s. “We are meeting that standard,but we always want to look for ways to bethe best. Our relationship with ColumbiaHeartSource will help us reach that goal.”● To learn more about the EasternHeart Institute and its services, call888-SMH-DOCS (888-764-3627).❝St. Mary’s has along tradition ofexcellence andinnovation incardiology.”Allan Schwartz, M.D.,Chief of the Divisionof Cardiology atColumbia UniversityCardiac Bypass SurgeryIf you or a loved one requires a cardiac bypass for treatmentof cardiovascular disease, turn to St. Mary’s Hospital, a providerof outstanding cardiovascular surgical care.St. Mary’s Hospital continues to be ranked as one of the tophospitals in New Jersey based on its outcomes after cardiacsurgery.To learn more about how St. Mary’sHospital is striving to offer the best cardiaccare to New Jersey residents, Heart disease is oneof the leading causes ofdeath in New Jersey,according to the State of NewJersey Department of Healthand Senior Services. More than one in four deathsin New Jersey is the result ofheart disease, according to the1National Vitalin 4Statistics Report. People who are olderthan 65 are at greater risk forcoronary heart disease65deaths, according to theAmerican Heart winter/spring | 2012 balance 5

✻MIND | BODY | SPIRITFrom Cartto Camarocaptions T/F from clientON MONDAY, September 19, 2011, St. Mary’s HospitalFoundation hosted its annual Golf Classic at the AlpineCountry Club. The event included more than 200 attendeesand 162 golfers, and participants enjoyed a fun-filled day onthe course while raising thousands of dollars in the process.Although many attended the event to play their favoritesport, others purchased tickets in hopes of winning acoveted raffle prize. Offering a vast range of prizes fromsporting event tickets to name-brand golfballs, the Golf Classic awarded aChevrolet Camaro Convertible to theevent’s grand prize winner.The SMH Foundation continuallyhosts a variety of entertainingevents, ultimately funding newhospital services and enhancingquality healthcare.● For more information aboutFoundation events, call 973-365-4615or email ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION PRESENTS:The Big Band GalaStep back into the roaring ’30s, ’40s and ’50s and enjoy an evening of dancing, tuxedoedmusicians and big band music. This Gala remains one of the most anticipated fundraisingevents of the year, so mark your calendar now.WhenSaturday, March 24●WherePleasantdale ChâteauWest Orange, NJ● For additional information, call 973-365-4615 or email balance winter/spring | 2012

Stay Safein the SnowWinter snow and ice make for beautiful scenery,but they also create hazardous conditions that canlead to injuries.Anne Marie Russo,Director ofRehabilitation Services“DURING THE WINTER we seea lot of people injured followingslips and falls,” says Anne MarieRusso, Director of RehabilitationServices at St. Mary’s Hospital.“We also see strained backs,frostbite and heart attacks due tosnow shoveling.”To prevent falls, AnneMarie recommends wearingwinter boots or shoes withanti-slip soles and avoidingicy areas whenever possible. Stay frostbite-freeby fully covering all exposed skin with severallayers of lightweight clothing.Snow shoveling incidents are responsible for morethan 11,000 hospitalizations every year. Many ofthese injuries can be prevented with a few simpleprecautions (see “Snow Shoveling Safety”). Peopleolder than age 45 should consider hiring someone toclear their walkways, especially if they have a heartcondition or are physically inactive.Get on TrackWhether a sprained back, a bad fall on the ice orpossible frostbite, winter injuries should be treated asquickly as possible. For urgent cases, the EmergencyDepartment at St. Mary’s offers the ER Fast Track,a separate unit equipped with private rooms anda dedicated team supervised by board-certifiedphysicians. The ER Fast Track usually treats anddischarges patients in 60 minutes or less.Lauren Kwiatkowski, R.N.“We offer a personal touchthrough our ER Fast Track,”says Lauren Kwiatkowski, R.N.,Emergency Department NurseManager at St. Mary’s. “Patientswho need immediate treatmentcan get care there right away.”● For more information aboutthe ER Fast Track at St. Mary’s,call 973-365-4602.Snow Shoveling SafetyFollow these guidelines to prevent painsand strains while clearing the sidewalk anddriveway this winter:❅ Avoid back injuries by pushing snow out ofthe way rather than throwing it over your shoulderor to the side.❅ Every 15 minutes, rest and drink about eightounces of water.❅ Reduce muscle soreness by stretching before andafter shoveling.❅ Remember to breathe regularly. Holding your breathdeprives your body of oxygen and can increaseblood pressure.❅ Shovel in stages instead of trying to clear yourentire yard at once.❅ Warm up your muscles with a few minutes of lightexercise before shoveling.❅ Squat to lift snow with your legs apart, knees bentand back straight. Don’t lift with your back.smh-nj.orgwinter/spring | 2012 balance 7

M AILED FROM ZIP CODE 24506350 BoulevardPassaic, NJ 07055www.smh-nj.org973-365-4300Nonprofit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDPermit No. 8308.125 x 7.25 12/4/11 8:03 AM Page 1Balance is not intended to provide personal medical advice, which should be obtained directly from a physician.Heart to HeartA D V A N C E D C A R D I O V A S C U L A R S E R V I C E S A TS T . M A R Y ’ S H O S P I T A LSt. Mary’s Hospital is home to the renowned Eastern Heart Institute, which has been apioneer in cardiovascular surgery and cardiology for decades. The same dedication to excellence continuestoday with a team of experts in open-heart surgery, angioplasty and stenting, treatment of cardiac rhythmdisorders, cardiac catheterization, and cardiac imaging.Call 888-SMH-DOCS (888-764-3627) for a consultation with one of our many specialists.OUR HEARTS ARE SET ON SAVING YOURS3 5 0 B o u l e v a r d , P a s s a i c , N e w J e r s e y , w w w . s m h - n j . o r gS p o n s o r e d b y t h e S i s t e r s o f C h a r i t y o f S a i n t E l i z a b e t h , C o n v e n t S t a t i o n , N e w J e r s e y

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