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Winter 2011 - St. Mary's Hospital

✻MIND | BODY | SPIRITConnectingYou to CAREStaying in touch with St. Mary’s Hospital has never been easier with theSt. Mary’s Facebook page. Get the latest news, free event and screeninginformation, photos and much more on Facebook.Love Facebook? “Like” St. Mary’s! Find us on Facebook by visiting ourofficial page at and clicking on the“Like” tab at the top of the page. You can also connect by logging on to ourwebsite: AveOak StBeech StBoulevardPaulison AveLafayette AveSt. Mary’sGrant StHowe Ave Like to surf the webat home or on the go?Visit www.smh-passaic.orgfor news and upcomingevents, as well as visitorand patient information.Linden StbalanceMIND, BODY & SPIRITBalance is published quarterly bySt. Mary’s Hospital; sponsored by the Sisters ofCharity of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, N.J.President and Chief Executive OfficerMichael J. Sniffen, FACHEExecutive Editor and Director of PublicRelations, Marketing & Volunteer ServicesVanessa WarnerPublisherAllan TaylorManaging EditorNoelle OmerDesignerSherri ThorntonIf you have an address change,would like to be removed fromour mailing list, or have acomment or article suggestion,please contact Vanessa Warner is not intended toprovide personal medical advice,which should be obtained directlyfrom a physician.Image Is EverythingPeople in Passaic and Bergen counties requiring advanced cardiacimaging now have access to a new GE ® volume computed tomography(VCT) scanner — one of the first in the state — located in the RadiologyDepartment at St. Mary’s Hospital.“The new scanner not only provides our patients with the lowestradiation dose possible, but it also documents the radiation dose eachpatient receives,” says Charles Herbstman, M.D., Chairman of Radiologyat St. Mary’s. “It is ourgoal to providesafe, state-of-theartimaging withthe highest qualityand fastest speedachievable, andthis new scannerallows us toaccomplish that.” To learn moreabout all of theimaging servicesavailable at St. Mary’s, call 973-365-4607.2 balance winter | 2011

Welcoming You in StyleSt. Mary’s Hospital rolled out a new welcome mat in the form of a new admittingand registration area designed specifically for our patients.“Ahospital’s admitting and registration area isthe face of the facility for many patients,” saysAdrienne Meislohn Dale, Director of PatientFinancial Services at St. Mary’s. “The new space includesfunctional design improvements to open the area by usinggreens and other earth tone colors, as well as live plants.The changes create a positive experience for all visitors.”The renovated admitting and registration area —located on the first floor of the Hospital to the left of themain lobby — is fully accessible for both ambulatory(those who can walk on their own) and wheelchairboundpatients. The space features several aestheticenhancements, including an open atmosphere achievedby the removal of the old area’s glass walls. Other eyecatchingelements include:• artwork by local high school students will adorn thewalls in the patient waiting area• fish tank to promote a soothing environmentduring registration• flower boxes• signs above the greeter’s desk with information inEnglish, Polish and Spanish• television airing health information“The new admitting and registration area facilitates astreamlined process for patients,” says Maureen Fontenot,Manager of Admitting and Registration at St. Mary’s.“It’s truly designed with special services to work for you.” For referral to a St. Mary’s physician, please call888-SMH-DOCS (888-764-3627).Next Stop: St. Mary’s HospitalWhen you need care, convenience and accessibility can make all the difference.Today, NJ TRANSIT provides a direct route to St. Mary’s Hospital.InSeptember 2010, NJ TRANSIT’s No. 707 busroute introduced a direct line to St. Mary’s. Thestops have greatly reduced walking distancesfor patients, visitors and team members of St. Mary’s —one of the largest employers in the Passaic area — whodepend on public transportation.The No. 707 route includes stops at:• the main driveway of St. Mary’s Hospital northboundat Beech Street and Boulevard• across from the main driveway southboundat Beech Street and BoulevardRiders may board the bus at marked locations at OakStreet and Paulison Avenue and Broadway and PaulisonAvenue. Two new stops — Oak Street westbound atPaulison Avenue and Paulison Avenue northbound atOak Street — have also been added to the route. TheNo. 707 bus provides transportation on weekdays from6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information about bus transportation toSt. Mary’s, visit or call 973-275-5555.To find a physician at St. Mary’s, call 888-SMH-DOCS(888-764-3627) winter | 2011 balance 3

✻MIND | BODY | SPIRITY o u r W e l l - B e i n g1Zap These Zappersto Get More ZZZsYou’ve gone to work, picked up the kids, prepareddinner, hit the gym and showered. Now it’s10:30 p.m., and you’re settling down to catch upon your favorite television shows or e-mail, meaningyou won’t get to bed until at least midnight. It’s OKif this scenario describes your day once in a while,but it’s probably not a great idea to skip out on sleepregularly. Sleep is a vital part of a healthy, fulfillinglife, and shaving time off — whether it’s for work orplay — won’t allow you to feel your best.To help you get better sleep, Beverly Kmetz, R.N.,Manager of the St. Mary’s Hospital Sleep Center,identified what she feels are the five most commonreasons people have trouble sleeping and providedsome tips on how to turn them around.Stress. “Refuse to worry,” says Beverly. “Writedown your problems or concerns before bedtimeor make a list of things to do, and then put thosethings out of your mind until the next day.”Beverly also recommends turning clocks away fromyou if you’re having trouble falling asleep. Watching theclock, she says, only adds to the stress of not being ableto sleep.As a nation, we’re always on the go. Asour lives become busier, we often beginreplacing sleep with other activities.Be careful: Experts say we could bedamaging our health.the day, you may have a sleep disorder. Discuss anevaluation with your primary care physician.Poor sleeping environment. Beverlyrecommends a cool, comfortable room withminimal noise and light. If you’re trying todrown out active noise, set the radio to lowstatic or turn on a fan.3Lack of exercise. Without exercise, you’renot burning up all of your energy. Try to getaerobic exercise most days of the week,but avoid vigorous workouts within six hoursof bedtime.4Medical problems. Conditions such asheartburn, arthritis and perimenopause maynegatively impact sleep patterns. Speak withyour primary care physician if pain or otherproblems interfere with your ability to sleep.“Sleep is as important to our health as nutrition,exercise and stress management,” Beverly says. “It’snot something to overlook. Sleep is a necessity forhealth and well-being.”52Sleep disorders. If you get regular sleep andfollow the rules set forth in the other itemson this list but feel excessively tired duringDid You Know?Maggie’s Law, developed aftera young woman was killed by adrowsy driver who hadn’t slept forat least 30 hours, makes it illegal todrive while knowingly drowsy in thestate of New Jersey. To learn more about services at the SMH SleepCenter, visit balance winter | 2011

Spirit ofCommunityWhen Passaic’s oldest resident,Pauline Krakowsky, passed away,she left behind an all-embracingfaith in her community.Before Pauline passed away in July 2009 at age 106,she was still the warm, alert woman her paststudents remembered as their second grade teacher.In fact, she suffered from no major health issues andretained her clear state of mind until the end of her life.Having voted in every presidential election since1924, Pauline was extremely civic minded and plannedher estate with donations to 23 medical, municipal andreligious charities.“She had an extraordinary belief in Passaic,” saysDavid Bunevich, Pauline’s nephew and a Pottersville,N.J., resident. “Through her passing, she wanted toenhance the community she had lived in for so longand that had given so much to her.”Pauline Krakowsky gave to her community even after her passing at age 106, leaving $153,000to St. Mary’s Hospital.Charity for AllAlthough her will included gifts to the town’sthree original hospitals, St. Mary’s Hospital was theonly Passaic hospital at the time of Pauline’s death.Remembering his aunt, David decided the difference offaith — her Judaism and St. Mary’s Catholicism — wasnot a difference at all. Pauline had wished to help thecommunity regardless of religious affiliation. Her giftof $153,000 will be used to improve St. Mary’s cancerrelatedservices. No gift is too small. To learn how to give toThe Foundation, visit’s a World of HopeThe mission of St. Mary’s Hospital, which follows the example of Jesus,is rooted in the traditions of Catholic healthcare. This mission obliges usnot only to celebrate the diversity of cultures that exists in Passaic,but to respond compassionately to the needs of this community —body, mind and spirit.serve this diverse population with the“We highest quality medical expertise andqualified interpreters when necessary,” says Sr. MarionScranton, S.C., Vice President of Mission Services atSt. Mary’s. “Cultural sensitivity training is providedduring orientation, and we periodically offer ‘Spanish forMedical Professional’ classes. The Sisters of Charity werefounded by an Irish immigrant who knew the strugglesof the newcomer and instilled in us a commitment tothe poor and strangers among us.”So Much That We ShareOutreach to the community — a hospital withoutwalls — is a value that is embraced by the Hospital’sstaff. The Community Health Education Departmentprovides wellnessclasses and screeningsthroughout Passaic andthe surrounding citiesfree of charge.“Diversity is a blessingand a grave responsibility,”says Sr. Marion. “We do ourbest to ensure the Hospitalcommunity projects a balanceof cultures we meet in our patient population.All people are made in God’s image, and that impels usto do good for all. We believe that we meet God in thepeople we serve.”6 balance winter | 2011

M AILED FROM ZIP CODE 85726350 BoulevardPassaic, NJ 07055www.smh-passaic.org973-365-4300NonProfit OrganizationUS PostagePaidPermit No.456FASTER THAN ASPEEDING BULLET.MORE POWERFUL THANA LOCOMOTIVE.The doctors and nurses in our newER FastTrackaren’t superheroes, but they’ll help youwith such speed and ability that youmay think they have superpowers.Emergency Medical Carein 60 minutes or less.Pediatricians and other Specialists available973-365-4602

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