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4 - THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009Survey finds tourism supported in North EastAn evening in Parisraises $2,000THE Dorset branch of the Clifford CraigTrust recently hosted a very successfulfunction at the Bridport Hotel, andapproximately $2000.00 was raised formedical research in Tasmania.More than 100 guests attended andenjoyed a night of entertainment. Thedistinctly French inspired dinner wasprovided by the talented team at thehotel.Guests were treated to an appearanceby a troupe of Bridport can-can girls infull costume, a wonderful solo singingact by Sally Partridge, plus severalmemorable renditions by the verypolished local barbershop quartet.Many guests chose to wear Frenchinspired accessories and endeavoured torecall their schoolroom French lessons,while enjoying cheeses and sippingchampagne on arrival.Many businesses and individualskindly donated goods and cash and theirgenerosity is appreciated by the localbranch of the Trust.Anyone wishing to support or assistthis worthwhile committee is welcometo our next meeting to be held at theBridport Community Club onWednesday 26th August at 5.45 pm, orcontact Alec Purves on 63561104 formore information.• Dorset Mayor Peter Partridge accepts a copy of the tourism survey findings from Professors Margaret Deeryand Leo Jago of Victoria Tony ScottRed Cross praises bushfire relief programRED Cross has praisedAustralian andinternationalcommunities for theirsupport of people Victorianaffected by Victoria’sdevastating fires.Red Cross CEO RobertTickner described therelief and recoveryresponse over the pastsix months as anextraordinarydemonstration of thepower of humanity. Hepraised the efforts of thethousands of peopleworkingandvolunteering in affectedabout the impact oftourism on individual andcommunity life.“This was one of fivestudies completed acrossTasmania to allowTourism Tasmania andlocal government a betterA survey of DorsetMunicipality residentshas found good support fortourism and furtherdevelopment of theindustry in the region.The survey wasunderstanding of whatconducted early this yearcommunities think aboutby researchers fromdevelopment of tourism plenty ofVictoria University led byfacilities and its impact. furtherProfessors Leo Jago and“On the whole DorsetMargaret Deery with theresidents seem fairlysupport of Tourismambivalent aboutTasmania.tourism’s impact.Professor Jago said the“That’s in contrast toexercisewassome other places wecommissioned to gain astudied, like Richmondbetter understanding ofand Bruny Island, wherethe public perceptionsrespondents were moreareas, and the generosityof hundreds ofthousands of people whodonated to the Red CrossBushfireAppeal."We see the six-monthmark as an opportunityto reflect on all that hasbeen achieved since lateJanuary and to recognisethe courage of thesurvivors and theresilience of localcommunities, as well asthe hard work,collaboration and theincredible generosity wehave witnessed in thepolarised.“On Bruny, inparticular, there weresome strong negativeviews probably broughtabout by the impact ondelays for the access ferryand other services.”He said the Dorsetresults showed there wassupport fortourismdevelopment and room forthe benefits of increasedtourism to be explained tothe community.Professor Deery saidthe research was based ona random survey of 600ratepayers.“The response rate ofwake of the fires,"Tickner said."It’s also an importanttime to remember thatpeople and communitiesare still really strugglingand that for many, thelong journey back tonormality – both physicaland emotional – is justbeginning," he said."We still have a longway to go."The unprecedented$379 million dollarsraised through the RedCross Victorian BushfireAppeal is beingdistributed by the20 per cent is aboutaverage for such anexercise and gave us anadequate sample toprovide legitimatefindings.“We’d like to see amuch briefer survey,perhaps only three or fourquestions repeated everycouple of years to monitorany changes inperceptions.”The Mayor PeterPartridge thanked theresearchers for the work,saying the data would bevaluable in assessingtourism and developmentpriorities.Department of HumanServices under theoversight of anIndependent AdvisoryPanel chaired by MrJohn Landy. By the endof July, the AdvisoryPanel had endorsed giftsworth $266 million. Afurther $51 million ofgift types have beenidentified by theAdvisory Panel, and it iscurrently workingthrough the final detailsto administer anddistribute these gifts.Reports produced by theAdvisory Panel can beaccessed at theDepartment of HumanServices website"The fires saw thelargest emergencyresponse in the historyof Australian Red Crossand this has certainlybeen the biggestnational appeal in whichwe have ever beeninvolved,’ Tickner said.‘The generositydisplayed by the publicand businesses acrossthe country and aroundthe world has beeninspiring, as has thecommitment and hardwork of all of our staffand the many volunteersand members who havededicated their time tohelping those affected."• Kevin Davis, in French attire, enjoying the evening.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009 THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER - 5Squash Club to takeover gymnasiumFederal Government fundingassists redundant mill workersTHE Scottsdale SquashClub has taken over themanagement of theIndoor Action Health andWellbeing centre.In June, councilmanagement hadrecommended that thegymnasium be relocatedto Scott's Centre but thatsuggestion was deferredto allow consultation withthe centre's user groups.The squash clubindicated it would acceptresponsibility for thecentre's operation, and inJuly council agreed tothat request. All theequipment at the centrewill remain.During discussion ofAn open letter to the Dorset CouncillorsYour decision on whether or not to award a contract for the Bridport Main StreetUpgrade is imminent. Please consider carefully. There should be no repeat ofthe William Street, Scottsdale situation.The people of Bridport have told you what they want. You say you listen, wellnow is the time to respect their wishes and hear their voices.Remember:• November 2008 – Dorset Council Officers and Councillors displayed and consultedwith Bridport residents with conceptual drawings indicating that theexisting angle parking would remain.• December 2008 – Dorset Councillors voted for Option B (parallel parking)without ever consulting or displaying Option B to the residents of Bridport.• January 2009 – over 300 names and addresses of Bridport residents were suppliedto the Dorset Council Officers rejecting your Option B design for parallelparking.• June 2009 – over 330 Bridport residents petitioned to retain angle parking.• August 2009 – over 700 Bridport residents voted for angle parking.The question still remains as to how and why parallel parking (Option B) wasintroduced and passed by Council without the knowledge of Bridport residents.Max Willson, Bridportthe matter at the Julycouncil meeting, Cr BarryJarvis said, "In the future,Council has to learn andmake sure we are moreconsultative."Deputy Mayor YvonneThorne agreed thathanding over theoperation to the squashclub was the bestoutcome."This is the best way togo. It won't deprive theusers of the facility of itsresources," Cr Thornesaid.Ron Harris, presidentof the Scottsdale SquashClub, said he was pleasedthat the club was beinggiven the responsibility ofON Tuesday August 18, VietnamVeterans and their families from Bridport,Scottsdale, Lilydale, George Town andBeaconsfield will this year combine tocommemorate the Long Tan Battle, atBridport.managing the centre.Anyone who joins theclub ($10 adult, $5children) can use thecentre, and Mr Harrissaid the response frompeople wishing to availthemselves of the facilitywas positive."We have started thepopular Tao Bo classes,and there are are anumber of times duringthe week when circuitclasses are happening," hesaid.Further informationabout classes at thecentre are available byphoning 63522996, 0400439 704 or 0417 324 210.Vietnam Veteransto gather at BridportadvertisementThe service will commence at 12.00noon at the Bridport cenotaph followedby a barbecue luncheon at the BridportEx-Services and Community Club.The afternoon will feature music fromthe Vietnam War era, and a crayfish raffle.Does your businessneed a boost?• Tell the North-East aboutyour business by having us createyour advertising promotionin the North Eastern Advertiser.• We can write some editorial,take photographs and talk toyour suppliers about advertising.• We reach more homes in the NorthEast than any other newspaper.Phone us on 6352 2642for further information.• BACK: Carolan Anderson and Jenny Paton from N.IT with Danny Murphy. FRONT: Project participantsSuzanne Hall, Tiffany Dickson and Alison Barrett.FUNDING from theAustralian Governmentfor the Forest IndustriesEmployment andTraining Services(FIETS) has enabled are-training program tobe offered for workerswho lost their jobs whenthe Auspine mill ceasedoperation last year.Last week theNational Institute ofTraining (NIT) held aninformation andregistration session atthe Dorset Educationand Training Centre forredundant millworkers.Danny Murphy, stateco-ordinator of FIETS,said the funding wasaimed at re-skilling theworkers and assistingthem to find alternativeemployment.NIT representativeCarolan Anderson saidcourses including AgedIndoorActionNEW CLASSES ANDACTIVITIES HAVE STARTED• Tae Bo aerobic classes commencingThursday August 20 at 6.15pm• Circuit classes 4 days/week• Squash roster commencing September 24Enquiries:Ph 6352 2996 (bh), 6352 3033 (ah)Care, Hospitality,Children's Services, andhealth related studieswould be offered."We are looking forNorth-East basedemployers in thesefields to offer somework experience to giveour clients some on-sitetraining," Ms Andersonsaid.Mr Murphy saidthere were more than 20former mill workerswho were looking forwork."This trainingprogram is one steptowards them findingwork, and I lookforward to workingwith the community tofind the best outcomefor them," he said.Further informationabout the program isavailable by contactingDanny Murphy on 0437740 602.Put it in your mouth - not your sock!SPORTSPEOPLE are footballer’s protective help to reduce the risk of knocked out, you need to:remindedthat equipment and should be jaw fractures and remain calm, find themouthguards are worn at all times,” he concussion caused by a tooth, handling it by thedesigned to be worn – notto be tucked into socks,said.“No footballer shouldcollision,” Dr only and ensure itis clean. If dirty instructthe Chief Executive go on the field to play or Mouthguards should the patient to gently suckOfficer of Sports practice without a worn during any sport the tooth, rinse it in milkMedicine Australia, Mr mouthguard.”where there is the chance or very briefly in water;Gary Moorhead, said The President of the of a knock to the face – replace it in the sockettoday.Australian Dental football, rugby, martial immediately (toHe was commenting Association Victorian arts, boxing, hockey, maximise the chance ofon Hawthorn footballer Branch, Dr Anne basketball, netball, effective reimplantation)Lance Franklin having atooth knocked out in aHarrison, said Franklinwas lucky because thebaseball, softball, squash,soccer, BMX bike riding,- this should ideally notbe delayed beyond 30marking contest against tooth was quickly found skateboarding, in-line minutes, and hold theSt Kilda’s Zac Dawson and placed back in his skating, trampolining, tooth in place.last Saturday.mouth, leading to the cricket (wicket keeping), Dr Harrison saidMr Moorhead said, possibility of saving it. water skiing and snow immediate dentalBuddy Franklin could He will require further ski racing.treatment should behave avoided the pain andsuffering of having teethknocked out if he hadtreatment.Dr Harrison said teeth– without a mouthguard -When a tooth is sought.remembered to put the are at risk of damagemouthguard in his when playing sport,mouth rather than leading to long andhaving it in his sock. potentially expensive“A well-fitting treatment to restoremouthguard should be an teeth.essential part of a “Mouthguards also• Buddy Franklin

8 - THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009Winnaleahhas a ball!THE Winnaleah Football Club Ball washeld on August 8 and a big crows enjoyedthe festivities.• Jessie Hughes and Lucas Shaw• Sherie Rainbow, Jacob Kerr, and Jessica Coniston• Liam Bessell, MelGrose, Andrew Frame,Natalie Grose, TareeMather, and LukeRainbow.Celebrating our100 PART 1 The North-Eastern Advertiser1909 - 2009 - a brief historyN THE SPRING of 1909,IRobert McColl arrived inScottsdale from Victoria,bringing with him a printer, T.W. Tindale, and plant andmachinery for the establishmentof a printing and newspaperpublishing business.Mrs McColl and their youngson followed some time later.It is believed that Rev W. T.Abbott, Methodist Minister atScottsdale at that time, waslargely responsible for introducingRobert McColl to theNorth-East. They had beenaquainted in the Gippslanddistrict, where country newspapersblossomed at smallcentres every few miles alongthe railway line. The RevAbbott took an enthusiasticinterest in the establishment ofthe Advertiser and assistedMcColl in securing sponsorsand completing other legalrequirements.Premises in King Streetwere rented and the first editionof the North EasternAdvertiser appeared onDecember 17, 1909. It was aweekly and was publishedeach Friday morning.The first edition (four pages)was the result of severalweeks work, and contained agreat number of news itemsand special articles. The printingmachine was an old Eaglepress, from which a staff offive laboriously coaxed severalhundred copies an hour.One man rolled the typewith an ink roller, a secondplaced the paper in positionand a third operated the handleto roll the table under thepress and pull the impressionlever. Folding and wrapping ofthe papers for despatch by thenewsboy completed the operation.All type was set by hand.Machine setting was not intro-duced in the business until tenyears after the first issue of theAdvertiser.Each paper had to go throughthe press twice, first to print thefront and back pages, and thenlater for the centre pages. Thefirst operation often took placeearly on publishing day and comprisedmostly of advertising. Thesecond run included the news ofthe time.In the first edition Mr Tindalecontributed a column entitled,"Nothing in the Paper," and anirate subscriber made somecaustic remarks when hereceived his copy of the newspaperwhich had failed to passth yearthrough the press for the secondtime, leaving the centre pagescompletely blank.The first three issues were sentout for free. Sales of papers, andsubscription fees (2/6d per quarter)commenced in 1910.Robert McColl sold the businessto Mr A.E. Osborne in 1911,returned to Victoria where heengaged in timber milling, anddied a few years later.A.E. Osborne and later hisson, owned and operated thebusiness for almost 40 years andthe Osborne family remains themost significant influence on thenewspaper in its history.(Next week - The Osborne years)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009 THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER - 9Rovers into hockey grand final• Rovers defender Kate Child• (LEFT) Rovers players Laura Davenport and TaylaGlover outnumber Frogs opponent Marie-Louise Cynthia SummersTHE 2009 final seriesstarted in atrociousweather conditions withthe elimination finalbetween Devils andTigers. Both teams cameout firing with bothdefences working hard toprevent any early scores.Tigers' midfieldersLeticia and CelinaJohnston and Linda Clowwere working well buttheir early attempts ongoal were snuffed out bythe Devil defenders. KellieWebb in particular wasplaying well andintercepted many Tigerpasses.Geraldine Loosmorewas also working hardwith her trademark longhits forward but teammates Jodi Rattray andCrystal Young wereunable to capitalise. JodiHopkins, Rachel Summersand Anita Williams wereimpenetrable and turnedthe ball back many timesfor Tigers.As the game gainedmomentum the Tigermidfielders increased thepressure resulting in agoal for Leticia Johnson.After the half time breakDevils resumed withoutJodi Rattray and HollyArtis and Tigers took fulladvantage of this.They had many optionsgoing forward and despitethe best efforts of VirginiaWhelan, Sally Richardson,Jemma Artis andRosemary Calder the floodgates opened.Goals by Kath Hudson,Linda Clow and LeticiaJohnson dampened Devilsspirits. They moved KellieWebb into attack to try toturn the tide but theMotocross finalround onboggy trackTHE final round of the Tasmanian MotocrossChampionship was held at Briant Park, Smithtonon the 2nd and 3rd of August. Wea t h e rconditions were very ordinary and the trackchopped up very quickly and had organisers in aspin, trying to change sections so the event couldcontinue.Brodie Hughes of Bridport had a tough time inthe difficult conditions. He finished around 10th inthe 85cc 12 – U14ys and was unable to completeone race where he fell in a huge mud hole andwas trapped under the bike for a number of laps.To his credit the gutsy Bridport rider kept at it andcompleted the remaining motos and still had asmile on his face at the end of the day.Alex Williams of Scottsdale handled the conditionswell and finished 5th in the first two motosand 4th in the final two races in the 50cc division.He is riding very well and impressing many of theseasoned riders and their crews.Ryan Williams had another great weekend. Assoon as he got to the track and saw the mud andrain he knew he was in for a big one. On the 65cche took it to the number one rider and was able topressure him into mistakes which gave Ryan thevictory on this bike for the weekend.On the 85 cc 9 – U12yrs he was able to runwith the leaders and came 3rd for the weekend.In the last moto he was running third and evenlapped the fourth place rider. He fell just once forthe weekend but that was an over the bars faceplant in the biggest mud hole on the track.Tigers' defence was toostrong. In the end Tigersran away with a 6-0victory and ended theseason for the Devils.In a stark contrast thesecond semi final was anepic battle that went intoextra time.Frogs were withoutJen Barron and ValerieSaville and Rovers werehoping to take advantageof that fact but the youngFroggies had other ideasand applied the pressurefrom the outset.Mikaela Saville ledfrom the front and set upmany forward moves forher young team mates andRovers defenders KateChild and Linda Nettlefoldand goalie Lisa Maharwere kept busy butmanaged to turn back allattempts on goal.Rovers' centre halfLaura Davenport againran all day and providedthe forwards with lots ofopportunities to work theball into the circle. MarieLouise Bird steered theFrogs defence from centrehalf back and Kaila Poolewas damaging at full backensuring Rovers didn’tscore.The second half wasmuch the same with bothdefensive ends workinghard but midway throughthe half a pass fromMikaela Saville intoCourtney Davey resultedin a goal for Frogs.The pressure was nowon Rovers to reply and MelMorice was giving it allshe had in a desperateattempt to score. Roversthrew Linda Nettlefoldinto attack and Kate Childwas also moving forwardto flood the attacking zone.Several short cornersensued late in the secondhalf and a quick thinkingpass across the face ofgoal by Tayla Glover gaveDonna Millwood theopportunity to sneak onepast young Frogs goalieLauren Richards.The scores were evenand the game was set to gointo time on.Both teams were nowdesperate to take the gameand the pressure was on.The young Frogs werefitter but there was life inthe Rovers yet.Play see-sawed fromend to end but thedefences from both teamsstood tall. Frogs' SheenaJarvis, Sheridan Kerr andEmily Cox were desperatein their attempts to stopRovers forward moves asMel Morice, BiancaProbert and Tayla Gloverwere also working hard tomanufacture a result butafter 20 minutes thescores were stilldeadlocked.A further period oftime on was played andboth teams were startingto feel the effects of thelong game. The scores didnot change in the first fiveminutes of the time onperiod and the cheersquads on the sidelineswere at fever pitch.The Rovers applied thepressure and took the ballinto attack. LindaNettlefold responded to ateam mate’s call andpassed the ball to the topof the circle where itdeflected off a Roversstick and set Kate Childup for a strong shotstraight in front of goal toput her team straight intothe grand final.Next week'spreliminary finalbetween Frogs andTigers will start at12.30pm.• Bianca Probert and Emily Cox battle for possession.• Cynthia Summers (Rovers) clears the ball.SCORESTigers 6 d Devils 0Goals: Tigers - L Johnson 3, L Clow 2, KHudson 1.Best: Tigers - J Hopkins, L Clow, AWilliams in a solid team effort.Devils - K Webb, G Loosemore, SRichardsonRovers 2 d Frogs 1Goals: Rovers - D Millwood, K Child; Frogs- C DaveyBest: Rovers - L Davenport, D Millwood, KChild; Frogs - K Poole, E Cox, S Jarvis.

10 - THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009Local winners at MowbrayNORTH-EASTERNtrainers Kent Rattray andGrant Hodges both trainedwinners at Mowbray onSunday while five otherpacers trained in the areagained placings.The Rattray trainedMitchell Sanz won his 12thcareer race after driverErin Holloway took him tothe front and he led all theway.The Hodges trainedand driven Swanmaidensat wide but came homestrongly to win her race.Swanmaiden was a nonwinnerbefore being sentto Hodges and she has nowYoung Magpies losequalifying finalsBOTH the Under 12s and Under 16 ScottsdaleMagpies were defeated in their qualifying finals onSunday.The Under 12s worked hard all game, displayinggood skills and never giving up, but the LauncestonBlues were just as impressive and at the final siren,they were the team with the winning score.Logan Reynolds, Trent Griggs, Lochlan Smith,Hadyn Goss and Danny Martello led from the frontall day. This team has played well all season, earningitself the luxury of the double chance. Next week,they will meet Prospect Sharks at Longford, andcoach, Darren Martello is looking forward to thechallenge. The game will begin at 9.00am, andplayers must be at the ground by 8.20am.The Under 16s dropped too many marks andmissing targets against South Launceston whomoved the ball quickly and with precision to win thegame by 55 points.Bradley Walters was excellent across half back,throwing himself at every contest. Cale Burke stoodtall in a defence that was constantly under pressure.Josh Whelan and Ethan Petterwood worked in andunder. Joby Reynolds showed some dash off halfback and Kieren Mullins was also a solid defenderwhilst Mitch VanDenBerg was a hard working targetup forward.The boys now get a second chance againstLongford at Longford next Sunday but coach CabelHall said that the boys will need to lift their skill levelif they are to be a chance. Their game will begin at2.30pm, and players must be at the ground by1.15pm. There will not be a bus, and any playerrequiring a lift is asked to let Cabel know.SCORESUnder 12s. Launceston 7.5 (47) d Scottsdale 4.4(28)Goals: Hadyn Goss 2, Lochlan Smith 1, Trent Griggs 1Best: Logan Reynolds, Trent Griggs, Lochlan Smith,Hadyn Goss, Danny Martello, Adam KrushkaUnder 16s. South Launceston 12.12 (84) d Scottsdale4.5 (29)Goals: Ethan Petterwood, Mitchell VanDenBerg, DanielGoss, Alex Stevenswon four races.The Musician (WayneC a m p b e l l ) ,Rememberpreece (KenHall), Imaqteeboy (MickAlexander), Rubikhan(Cleone Hill), and SkyTower (Grant Hodges) allfinished in the placings atthe Mowbray meeting.TRAINER OF THE YEAR277 G. Hodges58 M. Hadley54 W. Rattray16 I. Abraham,W. Campbell14 K. Rattray10 D. Krushka8 K. Hall7 D. Dunn6 C. Toulmin,M. Alexander5 C. Hill4 J. Johnson,P. Hay2 T. FawdryHORSE OF THE YEAR29 Karalta Crown28 Yakuza23 Gettysburg Address,Sky Tower18 Brunswick Bruiser,Ess Kay Precious,Spring Hill17 Arras14 Karalta Macloud,Swanmaiden, MitchellSanz13 Kept Alight, MurilloBromac, In Your Time,Twograndahand12 Barooga Jasper,Toponeterry,Panoramic Star,Maggie Kennedy,Karalta Lady11 Strike A Life,Transformer Man,Balencia,10 Atom Bomb Belle,Jonzaak9 Classy Ruler,My Centurion8 Jenna’s Fetish7 Beau Le Mont,Gracie Hart6 Imaqteeboy5 Rubikhan4 Easy on the Pocket,Next Brigade, LucyWoods, Modern Life,Rememberpreece,The Musician“ ...the noisy mechanism which retrieves theballs was almost as loud as the licensee! ”Killers straight into grand finalby Ted WhelanKENDALLS Killers are thefirst eightball team toqualify for the grand final.They defeated the RSLTigers in the second the first semi-final,Ricketts were clearwinners.Killers and Tigers areno strangers to finalsaction, and the Tigers werefirst on the board throughTed Mountney, butMarshall and Knight putthe Killers in front beforeGough, Wiggins and Shawensured the Tigers ahandsome lead at thebreak.Killers' supporters keptthe faith and it wasrewarded in the doubles.Marshall and Knight wonthe first against Mountneyand benchwarmerBlackwell, and Tullochand Hayes upset Wigginsand Gough.Netballin thewet• Ringaroomaand Central Swiftsplayed netball onthe soakedScottsdale courtson Saturday. DinahHall (Ringarooma)passes the ball inthe Div 4 matchFinally Roach andEdgerton clinched thematch defeating Shaw andAlan Mountney in the finaldoubles. Scores: Killers 5 dTigers 4.In the cut-throat final,Ricketts and the Bearcatsplayed on the new table atthe Scottsdale Hotel. Theonly problem I observedwith the table was thenoisy mechanism whichretrieves the balls - almostas loud as the licensee!The Bearcats got awayto a good start throughBull Scott and Pyke, butthen poor discipline set inwith players neglecting toset balls up.The Army sideswitched their playingorder with success. Prehnand Williams were theironly losers but redeemedthemselves by taking thedoubles. Scores: Ricketts 5d RSL(1) 2.The preliminary finalwill be held on theKendalls table and I feelthe Tigers will clawthemselves back intocalculations. But if theArmy get some early ticksby Kevin Wagneron the board, it could be adifferent result.Eightball up the coastThis season we have eight teams, an increase fromfour from last year. Winnaleah has three teams -Magpies, Rebels and Winnaleah and other teams arerepresenting Gladstone, Weldborough, FederalRingarooma and last premiers Branxholm.Magpies travelled to Gladstone to recordcomfortable win 6-3 . Better players were PaddyYaxley and the Gamble brothers, Mick and Steve,who all had comfortable wins. Gladstone's best wereDavid Hall and Kim Flint.New side Rebels played Weldborough atWinnaleah. Rebels won first four games to givethem a easy win 6-3. Best for Rebels were Ron Apted,Tim Mountney and Mark Simpson while VaughanOldham did well for Weldborough.Federal played Winnaleah at home in what wasa close game. Federal led 4-2 at the break.Winnaleah won the first doubles but lost the secondto give Federal a 5-4 victory.Results were not available from the Ringarooomav Branxhom game.Next week: Branxholm v Rebels; Magpies vRingarooma;Weldborough v Federal; Winnaleah v Gladstone.North East Sports ResultsBridport GolfBridport GolfBridport Ladies 5th. AugustStroke , Goblet and finalSilver Spoon.Div. 1 E.Jackson 73, R/up M.Wadley 74.Div. 2 S. Hagendorfer 69,R/up E. Groves 80.Div 3 K. Hill, R/up H.LethborgN/pin: Div 1 A. BarryPutting: A. Barry on c/b E.Jackson, J. Watts, B. Gloverand K. Hill 30Goblet and S/spoon winnerS. Hagendorfer9 holes: J. Purcivall 381/2,R/up R. Youd 451/2; PuttingJ. Purcivall 17Moorina GolfMoorina GolfAssociates: WednesdayAugust 5 - 9 hole woodlessdayN. Wagner 39 1/2, T.Thompson 42 1/2, D. Rattray43, L. Mullins 43 1/2, C.Krushka 45 1/2Putting - C. Krushka 16, L.Mullins 16, D. Rattray 16.Next Week - 5th Brooch.Sunday August 9 - 9 HoleMulliganMembers: L. Rattray 27.5, L.Cadzow 28.5, B. Holbein 33.5,A. Rainbow 33.5, M. Krushka34.5, K. Wagner 36, D. Rattray37Putting: L. Cadzow 11 putts,L. Rattray 12 puttsSunday August 16 - NorthEast Ag Sales Day, Stableford.Bring plate afternoon tea.Sunday August 23 -StablefordRingaroomaGolfRingarooma GolfSunday August 9 - TimBarrett Trophy Day. 18 HoleStrokeD. Hayward 64, A. Johnstone68, K Rowbottom 71, K.Barrett 72, B. Jacobs 72Putting - D. Hayward 28Good Sports sports storeHidden 9 - D. Hayward on c/bT. Barrett 32Sunday August 16 - FridaySquatters Day. 2 personAmbrose - own partners.10.00am 10.30 barbecue tofollow.Scottsdale GolfScottsdale GolfAugust 8: Stableford (CCR 38)Days Winner: S.KrushkaC/B R.Walker 40 ptsA Grade: R.Kerrison C/BS.Cassidy 38 ptsB Grade: P.Stanley C/BT.Mundy 36 ptsC Grade: R.Walker 40 ptsNearest the Pin: 5th & 14thK.Lette, 9th & 18th T.CollinsBall Comp: S.Krushka &T.MundyPresidents Trophy: P.StanleyNext Week - MitsubishiSponsored StablefordBridportWinter BowlsBridport Winter BowlsLaunceston MitsubishitournamentThursday Mixed Fours on 6thAugustBennett’s Lancers 24 dTargett’s Tritons 16;Furlonge’s Express 21 dShaw’s Grandis 12; Glover’sColts 26 d Lethborg’s Pajeros 8;Dixon’s Aspires 12 dwHawksworth’s Outlanders 12.Ladder: Furlonge’s Express 18,Bennett’s Lancers 17, Dixon’sAspires 17, Glover’s Colts 16,Shaw’s Grandis 12, Targett’sTritons 9, Lethborg’s Pajeros 4,Hawksworth’s Outlanders 3.Saturday Open Fours on 8thAugustShaw’s Grandis 20 d Glover’sColts 16; Probert’s Pajeros 29 dHawksworth’s Outlanders12.50; Lethborg’s Lancers 23 dTargett’s Tritons 18; Baker’sMagnas 19 d Dixon’s Aspires16.Ladder: Probert’s Pajeros 16,Baker’s Magnas 14, Shaw’sGrandis 14, Dixon’s Aspires 10,Lethborg’s Lancers 7,Targett’s Tritons 6, Glover’sColts 6, Hawksworth’sOutlanders 3.Inaugural “First Sunday ofthe Month” CarnivalWinners: Jillian and JohnDixonRunners-up: Maxine Monsonand John van NieuwkerkNetballNetballDiv 2Central Swifts 54 dRingarooma 33Best: Swifts - Ellen Simons,Robekah Sykes, MorganChorley.Ringarooma - CourtneyRowbottom, Jane Forsyth,Shaelyn Van Brecht.Derby 33 d Winnaleah 31Best: Derby - Keeley Lester,Jessica Simmons, EmmaWilkinson-RecoWinnaleah - Kelsie Rainbow,Lauren Carter, BonniePeters.Div 3Central Swifts 47 dRingarooma 24Best: Swifts - SamanthaCarlile, Amanda Carlile,Sasha Lette.Ringarooma - LouiseHayward, Rebecca Forsyth,Amy Holmes.Derby 61 d Winnaleah 24Best: Derby - Kail Hayes,Shanay Crichton, JacquiMidsonWinnaleah - Bronte Steel,Madeline Steel, Kiandra Falls.Div 4Central Swifts 41 dRingarooma 10Best: Swifts - Robyn Hall,Michelle Walters VickiForsyth.Ringarooma - JenniferJurgens, Dinah Hall, Jessie-Mae Branch.Derby 52 d Winnaleah 25Best: Derby - SandraAbraham, Alison Thompson,Tracey TaylorWinnaleah - Patricia Radford,Georgie Steel, MelissaFenton.Div 5Ringarooma 51 d CentralSwifts 37Best: Ringarooma - AmyHolmes, Georgie Tuck, JadeHassell.Swifts - Kiarna Crichton,Amy Simmons, AmeliaJetson.Winnaleah 23 d Derby 10Best: Winnaleah - SaraWeynberg, Ashlee Groves,Rhiannon GarsideDerby - Shanay Crichton,Stevie Grose, Mollie Kerr.Indoor BowlsIndoor Bowls30th JulyScottsdale Green 63 dRingarooma 24K Ginn 36 d B Stingel 5; GShipton 27 d L Burr 19An “eight” was scored by GaryShipton, Agnes Burke, BrianMcKillop and Tony GiuntaScottsdale Black 49 dLegerwood 36A Barrett 24 d L Haywood 11; SO’Toole 25 dw C Bennett 25Bridport White 43 d BridportBlue 35D Glover 27 d J Targett 13; BGlover 16 l T Targett 226th AugustScottsdale Green 62 dScottsdale Black 39K Ginn 34 d S O’Toole 23; GShipton 28 d C Willis 16Ringarooma 49 d BridportBlue 23L Burr 23 d T Targett 8; MBinns 26 d J Targett 15Legerwood 47 d BridportWhite 37L Haywood 34 d D Glover 15; RJaffray 13 l B Glover 22Ladder: Legerwood 59,Scottsdale Black 48, ScottsdaleGreen 42, Ringarooma 42,Bridport White 23, Bridportblue 20McLennans ButcheryELLENOR STREET, SCOTTSDALEPhone 6352 2237THIS WEEK’S SPECIALSAVAILABLE UNTIL WEDNESDAY AUGUST 17• Roo PattiesMADE IN STORE - $5.99/KG• Rolled pickled pork - $7.25/KG• Ham steaksWITH THE SPOILS - $7.99/KG• No 15 Frozen Chooks $5.35 ea“ No lollies just the best meat in town!”FREE HomeDeliveriesScottsdale area daily,Bridport - Thursday afternoon“From six to six we’re here to mix”ALWAYS AVAILABLE

@@@@@@@@@@@@e7@5??7@He@@?7@@?3@@@@@@5? ?J@@H??3@@@@@@@@@@@@@6K?g?7@5 ?WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009 THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER - 11BIRTHDAYSKaila PooleHappy 18th BirthdayLove Ben xxxKaila Poole's 18thbirthday at ScottsdaleHotel, friendswelcome for a 7.30party on SaturdayAugust 15.Vicki HarperHappy 50th BirthdayHave a great day"Boony"Love Jodie andAndre, Gus, Zoe,Dale, Donna,Howard andBasil xxxxxMEETINGSBridportGolf ClubANNUAL GENERALMEETINGWill be held at the club rooms9.30am, September 12 2009Agenda:• Confirm minutes ofprevious AnnualGeneral Meeting• President's report• Election of office bearers andcommitteemen• Presentation of FinancialStatements• Setting of subs. and fees.• Appointment of Auditor• General Business as notifiedBerenice GloverPublic Officer/SecretaryScottsdaleTennis Club Inc.ANNUAL GENERALMEETING10.00am, SaturdayAugust 29Scottsdale Tennis CourtsEnquiries: 6352 7342AuctionsRoberts Auctions are conducting a chattel auctionon Friday August 28 in Scottsdale, and areINVITINGOUTSIDE ENTRIESWe will need your list by Monday August 17.Contact Roberts Real Estate Scottsdale Officeon 6352 4055 orKevin Matkovich on 0417 325 936GROUNDPREPARATIONPoppies/SpudsReversible ploughingPower harrowing,deep-ripping discing,catrossing:Dozer and Excavatorhire availableContact A. BurrowsRoberts LtdNO SCOTTSDALESALE FOR AUGUSTNEXT QUOIBA SALE - FRIDAY AUG 21Cattle agistment availableCall Cabel Hall 0418 134 448AGENT DETAILSMalcolm Davey 0418 130 834Phone 63527214 and Fax 63527245Nick Towns 0419 373 602Cabel Hall 0418 134 448VENDORS PLEASE NOTE:ALL CATTLE MUST BE DELIVEREDTO SALE YARDS BY 9.30 AMSHARP ON SALE DAYSPUBLIC NOTICES3rd AnnualBecomingFamousART EXHIBITIONFeaturing the schoolstudents of theNorth East.SCOTTSDALE ARTAND FRAMING6 Victoria Street,ScottsdaleContact 6352 4388to RSVPCommences ThursdayAugust 13 untilSaturday August 22BUSINESSFOR SALEAmorae GiftsScottsdale isfor sale.Shop fittings andstock at valuePhone0428 522 843.FREEINSULATIONTake advantage of thegovernment's $1600Energy Efficient HomesPackage rebateCall Dean 0409 835 460Registered RebateInstallerJoseph'sRestaurantOpen Thursday toSaturday 5.00pmonwardsMeals from 5.30pmThursday night $15Beer and ParmaRecession bustermenu also availableFor bookings phone6356 1789.NENAUMPIRE/SCORERINFORMATION EVENINGMonday August 17,7.00pmBranxholm HallA representative fromeach club must attend.Enquiries to MelPartridge 0409 558 560Wild LifeProblems?Insured shooteravailable in the NEat reasonable ratesFor more informationphone Simonon 0488 097 287.POSITIONS VACANTTrustworthy, reliableCLEANERneeded in theScottsdale area.Must have referencesPhone Dearne on0419 352 046POSITIONS VACANTBridportFootballClubIs seekingexpressions ofinterest forSenior, Reserve &Under 16COACHES FOR2010 SEASON.Applications closeSeptember 12Reply to PO Box 119,Bridport 7262 orPhone 0447 014 759.BridportResortrequires achef/cookfor a casualpositionPhone Sarahon 6356 1789Wanted - part timeExcavator/TruckDriver• Suit semi retiredperson• Reply in ownhandwriting to:‘Positions Vacant’The North EasternAdvertiserPO Box 195Scottsdale TAS 7260Tommy meets the Tigers• When the Tassie Tigers cricket team were in the North-East recently they took the time to visit former starlocal cricketer Tommy Gofton. Tommy (aged 80), a life member of the Scottsdale Cricket Club, enjoyed thevisit especially when he discovered that fast bowler Adam Griffith was a nephew of the late Ken Ranson, whoplayed cricket with Tommy.Pictured with Tommy were (Back) Brendan Drew, Rhett Lockyear and Jonathan Wells. (Front) Adam Griffith.??????????????????????????????O2@@6K?O2@@@@@@@@@@@@6K?O2@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@6K?W2@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@???O&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@???W2@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@???W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(?'@@???J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@0Y?N@@L??7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(M?e?@@1?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(?(Yf?@@@?7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Y?g?3@@??J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?h?N@@?W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1he@@??W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@L??W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@1???W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@??W&@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@??7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@???J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@h?J@@5???'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@hO&@@H???V'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@gW2@@@@?N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@f?W&@@@@@L???3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(?'@@@@@@@L?e?7@@@@@@1???V'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Y?N@@@@@@@1?e?@@@@@@@5??N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@He?@@@@@@@@?f?I4@@@??3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?e?3@@@@@@@?h@@1???N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?e?V'@@@@@@Lh@@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?fN@@@@@@1h3@@L?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?f?@@@@@@@hN@@)X??3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?f?@@@@@@@h?3@@)X?N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?f?3@@@@@@L?g?V'@@)??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??N@@@@@@)XhN@@H??3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@)X?g?@@LW-X?e??N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@)Kg?@@,?W&@1?e?3@@@@@@@@@@@@@he@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(YO&@@@?e?N@@@@@@@@@@@@@he3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Y?O2@@@@5?e??@@@@@@@@@@@@@L?h?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@HO2@@@@@@@@H?e??@@@@@@@@@@@@@,?h7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?O2@@@@0M?@@@@@f??@Y@@@@@@@@@@0Y?h@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?O2@@@@@@@@@@0Me?@@(M?f??@@@@@@(M?hf@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@L ?O2@@@@@@@@@@@@@@0M?gJ@@Hg??@@@@@@?O2@@@@@@@@@0M?h@@f7@5?g?J@@@@@@)X?hf@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1?@@@@@@@@@@XeW2@@@@@?e@@e?J@@H?g??W&@@@@@@@)Khe?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@?fV@@?7@@@@@@Le@@e?7@5h?W&@@@@@@@@@@@6K?g?7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@J@@@@W2@@@@@@?@(M?e@)X?@5e?@@Hh??W&@@@@@@XeI4@@@6X?f?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@7@@@@@@@@@X?@@(Y?@6X@@)X@?eJ@5?h??7@@@@@@@)X?eI4@@)Kf?3@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@)X@(Y??@@@@@@@@1e7@H?h??@@@@@@@@@)Xf?I4@@6K??N@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@5?J@@@@@@@@@?S@0YeJ@@@@@@@@5?J@@he??@@@@@@@@@@)K?f?I4@@@6X@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Y?7@@@@@@@@@@0Mf7@@@@@@@@H?7@@he??@@@@@@@W@@@@6X?f?I4@@@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H?J@@?@@@@@0M?f?J@@(MeW@5?J@@5he?J@@@@@@@@R4@@@)Xg?I'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@7@@?3@@0M?f?@?7@(Y?e7@H?7@@Hhe??W&@@@@@@@@??I4@@)K?gN@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?J@@5?V+M?h?@@Hf@5?J@@5?he??7@@@@@@@@@@6K?I4@@6X?f?3@@@?eI4@@@@@0M??7@@U?fW2@?)Xe?@@?e?J@H?7@@H?he??@@@@@@@@@@@@@6Xe@@)Xf?N@@@?J@@V@6?26?&@5?@)?2@@@?eO&5??@@5hf?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@)K?@@@)X?f@@5?7@@@@@@@@@@(Y?3@@@@@@W2@@@H?J@@Hhf?7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@)Kf@@H?@@@@@@@@@@0YeV@eI'@@@@@5e7@5?hf??J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@6Xe@@W2@@@??J@@@@@@@@fO2@@e?V4@@@0Ye@@H?hf??7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@)K?@@@@@@@??7@(M?@@@@@@@@@@@@=?he@@hg??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@X??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@LJ@@Ye@@@@(Mf?B@@@??@f?J@@hg?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@17@@@@@@@@(Y?g@Mh?7@5hg?7@@@@@@@@@@@@X@@H??@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?J@@@@@@@@0Y ?@@Hhg??J@@@@@@@@@@@(R@@@eJ@@??@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@?7@@ J@@?hg??7@@@@@@@@@@@H?@@@e7@5??@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@5 7@5?hg??@@@@@@@@@@@@??@@5e@@H?J@5?@@@@@@@@@@@5J@@H @@H?hg?J@@@@@@@@@@@5??@@He@@e7@H?@@@@@@@@@@@H7@5??@6KgO26Khe?J@@ ?7@@@@@@@@@@@H?J@@??J@5e@@?J@@?@@@@@@@@??7@@e?V40MI'@@@?@@@@V@@@@@@@?J@@H ??J@@@@@@@@e@5e@@H??@@?e@@?@@5?N@@@@@0Y?J@@5hV4@@@@@@@@@@@@@@H?7@5? ??7@@@@@@@5?J@H?J@5eJ@5??J@5?@@H?J@@@@X?7@@Yf@6X?eI'@(?'@Xe?@@@?J@@H? ??@@@@@@@@H?7@??7@He7(Y??7@H?@@??7@@@@)X@@@@@?e@@)?e?V+Y?N@)X??@@@?7@@ ??@@@@@@@@?J@@??@@?e@He?@@??@@??@@@@@@1?J@@@@@L @@)?f?@@@ ?J@@@@@@@@?7@@?J@5?e@?e?@@?J@5??@@@@@@@W&@@@@@@he?'@?f@KeJ@@5 ?7@@@@@@@@?@@@?7@H??J@?eJ@5?7@H??@@@@@@@L??W&@@@@@@He?@6Kf?V'?f@@@?7@@H ?@@@@@@@@@?@@5?@@e?75?e7@H?@@e?@@@@@@@1?W&@@@@@@@?e?@@@@@@6X?e@@@@@@HJ@@5? ?@@@@@@@@5?@@H?@@e?@H?e@@e@@e?@@@@@@@@?7@@0MW@@5?f?@@@@@)?e?@@@@@?7@@H? ?@@@@@@@@H?@@?J@5e?@e?J@@?J@@eJ@@@@@@@@L@(M?W&@(Y?f?@@@0Mf@@@@@5?@@5 ??J@@@@@@@@?J@5?7@HeJ@e?7@@?7@5e7@@@@@@@@1@@@He7@@H?@@? ?I(Y?@@H ??7@@@@@@@5?7@H?@@?e7@e?@@5?@@H?J@@@@@@@@@@L??J@@@??J@@@??@@? J@5? ??@@@@@@?@H?@5??@5?e@5e?@(Y?@@??7@@@@@@@@@@1?O&@@@=O&@? 7@H? ?J@@@@@@@@??@H?J@H??J@HeJ@H?J@@??@@@@@@@@@@@@??@@@(MI'@@@? @@ ?7@@@@(Y@@?J@e7@e?7@?e7@e7@5??@@@@@@@@@@@@L?@@@H?e@@@? ?J@5 ?@@@@@H?@5?75e@@eJ@5?e@@e@@H?J@@V'@@@@@@@@1J@@5e?7@@5? ?7@H ?@@@@@?J@H?@H?J@5e7@e?J@5e@@e7@@?V@@@@@@@@@L?7@(Ye?@@@U? J@@? ?@@@@@?7@e@L?7@He@@@??7@He@@e@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1?@@H?eJ@@V@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@@@?g7@@? ?@@@@@X@@e@1?@@?e@@H??@5??J@@?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@L?J@@f7@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@@@??O2@e@@5? ?@@@@V@@@?J@@?@@?e@5e?@H??7@5?7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1?7@@f@@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?J@@H? ?@@@@?@@5?7@@X@5??J@HeJ@eJ@@H?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@e?J@@V'@@@@@@@@@@?@@XI4@@@@W5?7@@ ?@@@5?@@H?@@V@@H??7@?e7@e7@5?J@@X?@@@@@@@@@@@@@L??@@5e?7@@?V@@@@@@@@?@?@V)K??@@@@H?@@5 ??J@@@HJ@@?J@5?@@e?@@??J@5?J@@H?7@@)X@@@@@@@@@@@@@1?J@@He?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@@?J@@H ??7@@@?7@@?7@H?@@eJ@5??7@H?7@@e@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??W&@5?eJ@@@@@@@@@@?@@f?I'@?@@@@?7@@? ??@@@@?@@5?@@e@@e7@H?J@@??@@5e@@@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??7@@H?e7@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?N@@@f@@@? ??@@@5?@@HJ@@?J@@e@@e7@@??@@H?J@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@??@@@f@@@@@@@@@@@XI4@X@@H??@@@@@?J@@5? ??@@@H?@@?7@5?7@@e@@e@@5?J@5??7@@@@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@@LO2@@@@e?J@@@@X@@??@@)X?S@@@W2@@@@@@?7@@H? ??@@@?J@@?@@H?@@@?J@5?J@@H?7@H??@@@@@@?@@@@@@@@@@@@@1O2@@@(M?e?7@@?B@@@??@@@)?&@@@@@@@@@@@?@@@ 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12 - THE NORTH EASTERN ADVERTISER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009ADVERTISERSPORTMagpie great reaches 300 gamesTROY Milne, Scottsdale'sbest player in the last 20years, plays his 300th gamefor the Magpies onSaturday at Longford, andcoach Anthony Taylorwants his players to makeit a memorable event forone of the club's livinglegends.The 33 year old Milneplayed his first seniorgame in 1992 and sincethat time has won fourbest and fairest awards,been runner-up fourtimes, played in apremiership in 2001, andcoached the club between2003 and 2006.Milne becomes thesixth Scottsdale player toreach 300 games, behindgames record holder GregLethborg, Ken Lette, SteveNichols, Danny Hall andRod Hill"In the past 20 years noone has been more durableor loyal than Troy,' Taylorsaid."We take milestonegames very seriously, andfor this group of players,there has been none moreimportant than this one."We have to show Troyrespect, and winning isRTDS SPIRITS WINESPECIALS TO AUGUST 23BEERthe best way to do that," hesaid.The Magpies have notgot a good record atLongford, but if they canwin, the Tigers will beknocked out of finalscalculations."Longford is alwaystough at home, and if wecan beat them and keepthem out of the finals,then that's a goodoutcome," Taylor said.After a week off, theMagpie players will be keento impress. A qualifyingfinal beckons in two weeksand there are still somepositions up for grabs.Corey Binns willreturn after injury, butTaylor will give himselfanother week off.The Magpies lost theirfirst round match atLongford after being in awinning position, but didwin by four goals at homein June. The Tigers havebeen regular finalists andwill have plenty to play forand the Magpies shouldnot underestimate themthis week.They have built upplenty of momentum overthe past two months, andTOOHEYS GOLD BITTER BLOCK $26.98VIC BITTER $37.98TOOHEYS EXTRA DRY $39.98BOAGS ST GEORGE $42.98VODKA CRUISERS 4 PK $11.98BACARDI & COLA 6 PK $19.98JACK DANIELS 10 PK $36.98SOUTHERN COMFORT $31.98JIM BEAM BLACK LABEL $36.98DEWARS SCOTCH $30.98COUGAR BOURBON $28.98YELLOW SPARKLING $9.98HALF MILE CREEK VARIETALS $6.98WOLF BLASS RED LABEL VARIETALS $9.98LOOK!!!NEW MENU FORLUNCH & DINNER• Troy Milne leading the team out in his 250th game.Taylor has impressed onhis players the importanceof maintaining the impetuswith just one roster matchTHE NEFU roster finisheson Saturday. The final fourhas been decided for sometime, but there is stillconsiderable interest inthis last round of matches.Winnaleah will beseeking bragging rightswhen it faces Ringarooma.Victory will put theMagpies on top of theladder, a status few wouldhave predicted at thebeginning of the season.In other matches,Branxholm will be hopingto re-discover itspromising mid-seasonform against the Crowswhile St Helens will hostBridport. Lilydale has thebye.Winnaleah has beatenRingarooma in their twoprevious clashes and willstart favourite again thisweek. Mark Kerr, clubcoach and games recordholder, has moulded hisplayers into a consistentunit.They are a very evengroup of players who workhard for each other, andhave shut down mostremaining after this one.When Troy Milneplayed his 250th game in2007, he said he wantedNEFU PREVIEWopposing teams during theseason. The return ofStuart Mason has addedsome class to the midfieldwhile Kerr himself andfellow veteran Jed Roweare still getting kicks.Ringarooma, last year'spremiers, are yet to play atthe same level as lastseason, and coach HeathFox will be anxious for agood performance beforenext week's first semifinal.Too much is beingleft to too few, and thelower profile players forthe Robins need to lift.Branxholm meet theCrows at Scottsdale andthe most interestingaspect about this match iswhether Wanderers' keyforward Lee Nichols cankick his 100th goal for theseason. Nichols needs 14goals to achieve this feat.He has bags of 11 and 12 inthe two previous gamesbetween these clubs, somust be a fair chance toreach his target.The spirited Crows arecoming off the back of arare victory and will beanother premiership beforehe retires. A win onSaturday will bring Milne'swish one step closer.Winnaleah seeksbragging rightskeen to finish adisappointing season on ahigh note. Caleb Turale,Russell Whitmore andSimon Jones will becompetitive for the Crows,but the Wanderers'midfield led by NickSutton and Luke Hugheswill give them enoughopportunities to win.Neither St Helens norBridport will play finals,but the Bay has the betterrecent form. BradGoodyer, Joel Salter andShaun Cannan are playingwell for St Helens whileBridport has fallen awaydespite the best efforts ofruckman Heath Blair,Nelson and Nat Barnettand Jake Smythe.On its home ground StHelens should finish theseason with a victory.LADDER:Lilydale 54Winnaleah 52Ringarooma 38Branxholm 36St Helens 16Bridport 8Crows 8Crows warmup for finalsbySarah ForsythIn the first game on Fridaynight it was the battle ofthe two Scottsdale teams -Crows and Magpies.Crows jumped to an earlylead with Hayley Kerrisonmaking her presence feltin attack while Magpies’Lucy Dennis and Crows'Sophie Bowen had a greattussle in the centre court.Crows went into half timethree goals up.Magpies made somechanges and it seemed towork, as they outscoredthe Crows in the secondquarter. Rachel Summersplaying outstandingnetball again for Magpies,and the margin was onlytwo at the final break anda big last quarter wasbrewing in both camps.Meg Dennis shotaccurately for the Magpiesin the final quarter butAshlee Kerrison stoodfirm in defence for Crowsand helped rebound theball into attack and theyheld on to win by seven ina good warm-up for thefinals.Swifts and Dorsetclashed in the secondmatch and it was a crowdpleaser from the start.Full court pressure fromboth sides saw the firstquarter all tied up at 9-9.Ebony Davies for Swiftswas impressive andworked hard all game tomove the ball in attack.But Dorset’s MikaylaBinns also worked hardthrough the mid court andis showing greatimprovement coming intofinals. The second quarterwas as exciting as the firstwith scores tied again athalf time.Dorset made changeswith Hollie Mather boughtinto defence to try andnullify Swifts’ SimoneBowen who played herbest game of the season.Kresta Davis’s drivethrough the centre courtout of defence wasoutstanding but Dorsetbroke the deadlock andwent into the last breakfour up.Keeley Lester came onin the last quarter andplayed outstanding indefence to see her teamhome by six, but the Swiftsalso showed some goodsigns coming into finals.Next week: 6.30 pm -Dorset v Magpies, Swifts vCrowsSCORESCrows 44 d Magpies 39Best: Crows – AshleeKerrison, Hayley Kerrison& Sophie Bowen; Magpies– Meg Dennis, LucyDennis & RachelSummersBOTTLESHOPBoags Draught$38.99Red Blocks$33.99Jamesons IrishWhiskey 700 ml$37.99Captain MorganRum 700 ml$28.99Brown BrosDolcetto, Moscato,Rosa & Flora 2 for$25.00Berri Casks5 litre 2 for$28.00ScottsdaleLiquor Market37 King St ScottsdalePhone: 6352 2411BRIDPORT•HOTEL•Main Street BridportMainPhone:Street6356Bridport1114Phone: 6356 1114

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