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THEACEOFCLUBScept worldwide.In 1929, Florence A. Cowlesdescribed the history of the clubsandwich in her cook book‘Seven Hundred Sandwiches’,but she gives us no real proof asto its origins. She does, however,advise us that ‘the sandwichshould be eaten with knife andfork’. Quite right, too.Truly, there are no real ruleswhen it comes to making a clubsandwich, although some havetried to make them, advisingthat the sandwich should consistof one to five layers, with a firmfoundation of toast. The filling,it seems, is optional, so unlikethe early clubs, which consistedof turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoand mayonnaise, today’sclubs can involve just aboutanything you please, includinglobster.5

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