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Chimes Annual Report 2011

EnergyThe Capacity to Do WorkThe Power to Change Lives2011 ANNUAL REPORT

Dear Friends,It has been said that human energy is a priceless commodity. AtChimes, we respect the importance of managing and utilizing theenergy from people and other resources to its fullest effect. Whenyou think about it, the transfer, management and conservation ofenergy is the essence of what Chimes does every day.We transfer the collective energy of our 3,000 staff to the people weserve. In turn, this allows the people we serve to direct their energytowards activities that help them develop skills and fulfill their potential– from participating in activities in the community to holdingdown a job that affords them meaningful work and fair wages.Martin S. LampnerPresidentIn addition to managing human energy to its best effect, for the past decade, Chimes hasmade a commitment to better manage the energy we use to power the office buildings,work centers and residential facilities out of which we operate. In the past year, wehave taken our most ambitious step yet by constructing and activating a 3,000-panel,670-kilowatt solar installation at our headquarters in Baltimore City. Energy experts,elected officials and members of the business community alike have offered praise forthis groundbreaking renewable energy initiative.We are proud to say the past year has been tremendouslysuccessful. Chimes continues to experience strong growth inan era of reduced government funding and a challengingeconomic climate. The people we serve, our staff, dedicatedvolunteers and generous supporters have played a large rolein our continued success and we’ll look to them for furtherenergy and input as we take on several new forward-thinkingventures in the very near future.Vice President ofWashington GasEnergy Services,Sanjiv Mahan;President & CEOof Chimes,Marty Lampner;President & CEOof BITHENERGY,Robert WallaceWe are directing new energy into expanding the services weprovide throughout the mid-Atlantic and Israel. In the past,Chimes has found that investing energy generates additionalenergy and growth. We invite you to invest your energy andsupport with us as we challenge our donors to fully fund thenew Irvin and Phyllis Levin Center through an ambitious $1.65 million capital campaign.We are confident you are up to the challenge! Learn more about this project on pages 8and 9 of this report!While Chimes is excited about the continued growth of our agency, our top priority is toensure this growth is enacted in a fiscally responsible manner, to make certain itis sustainable and to set the stage for future growth.On behalf of everyone at Chimes, I thank you for your interest in and support of the workwe do for children, adults and senior citizens with disabilities.Sincerely,Martin S. LampnerPresident & CEO

Chimes MarylandNew Autism Program Aims toBridge Gap for Young AdultsChimes Maryland is expanding its commitment to serving theneeds of young adults with autism by developing an evidencebasedapproach to providing much needed services.Chimes has long recognized that as children with autismtransition out of education-based programs in their late teensand early 20’s, they and their families face the daunting realitythat there are a limited number of adult programs targetingtheir unique needs.The lack of services focused on young adults with autism is alooming crisis for people on the spectrum and their families,especially in light of the increased rate of diagnosis of autism,which has swelled to one out of every 90 children.In response to this need, Chimes Maryland is exploringopportunities to form strategic alliances that will allowthem to bridge this critical gap and institute research-drivenbest practices when delivering service to young adults withautism. While the new program is still in the planning stages,Chimes Maryland hopes to expand their offerings to youngadults with autism by late fall of 2012.Elected Officials Praise Chimes Energy Saving InitiativesCongressman Elijah Cummings and Baltimore Mayor StephanieRawlings Blake lauded Chimes Maryland’s efforts to weatherizefacilities throughout the state at a National Weatherization Dayevent at a Chimes home in Mt. Washington.The weatherization initiatives have several direct and positiveimpacts on the individuals Chimes serves. Our residentialand day facilities are more comfortable when properlyweatherized – cooler in the summer and warmer in thewinter. Other obvious benefits include lower utility billsand less wasted energy.Residential Offerings Continue to Grow and EvolveChimes Maryland is cognizant of an increased need forresidential services for older adults who require morecomplex care. To meet this demand, Chimes Maryland ispoised to enhance its residential offerings by establishingfour new homes for older adults in the coming year.Chimes School Students Energized by Basketball StarDozens of students from Chimes School received a specialvisit and 1-on-1 instruction from basketball great TamirGoodman. Dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” by SportsIllustrated, Goodman played hoops professionally in Europeand Israel for most of the past decade.Tamir shared his contagious energy andenthusiasm for life during a special programat Chimes School in February.The joy the students experienced was evidentand their faces lit up as they ran up anddown the court dribbling, passing andshooting. The clinic concluded with a scrimmagegame, but there were no winners andlosers on this day, just smiles all around.4

Chimes DCIt is interesting to note thatChimes DC was the firstChimes subsidiary to trulyembrace the green initiativesthat have now becomethe hallmark of Chimesbusiness practices. Theseed Chimes DC plantedwhen they converted toeco-friendly cleaning productshas blossomed into anagency-wide commitment tothe environment.The momentum behind Chimes DC continues to accelerate with the additionof several new work contracts in the past year despite continued governmentcutbacks. The number of people employed through Chimes DC hasincreased to more than 1,600 and the total amount of revenue generatedhas increased to $70 million.Chimes DC has benefitted from the growth of military installations inMaryland and Delaware as a result of the federal government’s BRAC (BaseRealignment and Closure) initiative. According to a report by the MarylandDepartment of Economic Development on BRAC, Maryland will gain 60,000direct and indirect jobs with many of them coming to Fort Meade, AberdeenProving Ground, Andrews Air Force Base and Fort Detrick. Chimes DC ispoised to leverage the expansion of these bases into even more new jobopportunities for Chimes workers in the next few years.New work at Chimes DCadded 171 jobs in 2011,including:— New employment programopportunity at U.S. Army WarCollege – Carlisle Barracks,creating 25 new jobs.— Expansions of the Ft. Braggcontract including two newschools and a new commandcenter, adding 61 new jobs.— Expansion of Aberdeen ProvingGround contract including twoadditional facilities creating 85new jobs, with the possibility ofmore growth in the future.5

Chimes Virginia & Potomac RegionEmpowering Young Adults with New Day ProgramChimes Virginia continues to expand and adapt the services they offer in responseto the evolving needs of the people they serve throughout the Commonwealth.In the past year, Chimes Virginia expanded its resources committed to supportingadults with a variety of barriers to independent living. A new clubhouse-style programhas been established targeting the needs of younger peoplemaking the challenging transition out of education and schoolbasedprograms to become active members of the community.In addition, Chimes Virginia has expanded its successful partnershipwith the Knights of Columbus creating more residentialoptions for the people they serve. Working with the Knights,a second home was opened in the past year, allowing peoplewith disabilities to transition from institutional settings to acommunity-based setting that better facilitates personal growthand self-fulfillment.The Chimes Virginia Board of Directors has grown in the pastyear and the active group is actively recruiting additionalmembers. Chimes counts on the energy and commitment ofour boards to spur new services.Chimes IsraelAshkelon-Baltimore Connection Drives GrowthChimes Israel has been energized in the past year by the growth of their facilitiesthat will allow the agency to serve more people from all three major communities inIsrael at an even higher level.The Mayor of Ashkelon, Benny Vaknin, committed to working with Chimes Israel toestablish a permanent home from which to provide services to people with disabilitiesin this coastal city.Mayor Vaknin visited Chimes existing program in Ashkelon and observed the need formore space. In addition to offering to work with Chimes to find a location for a permanenthome in Ashkelon, the city has provided a temporary second location to ease theburden on the existing temporary site until the permanent site is completed and open.Mayor Vaknin also experienced first-hand the energy and support ChimesInternational offers Chimes Israel when he came to Baltimore this past summer fora visit in conjunction with the Baltimore/Ashkelon Sister City Partnership. Chimesheadquarters hosted the only event where Mayor Vaknin and Baltimore’s Mayor,Stephanie Rawlings Blake, appeared jointly to recognize the cities’ ongoing partnershipand the incredible work done by Chimes Israel. Chimes International President& CEO Marty Lampner and Chimes Israel Executive Director Jorge Zimmermannwelcomed the mayors to Chimes and offered brief remarks.Taybeh Work Services Center to Double in Size6In the Arab village of Taybeh, Israel, work began earlier this year on an expansionand remodeling of Chimes existing facility that will double in size. The constructionshould be completed in early 2012. The growth of this program and facility isemblematic of the fact that Chimes Israel’s programs are open to all.

Holcomb Behavioral Health SystemsNew Contracts, Grants and FundraiserElectrify Holcomb2011 was a year of exciting growth for Holcomb. The KennettSquare facility was awarded a major contract to handle all drugand alcohol counseling services for southern Chester County.This will allow Holcomb to drastically expand their preventionand education programs, serving 190 people and creating tennew jobs.Holcomb's Open Door was awarded a Delaware StrategicPrevention Framework Grant to fund substance abuse preventionprograms in southern New Castle County, Delaware.Holcomb continues to leverage the energy and knowledge ofyoung professionals via a pre-doctoral psychology internshipprogram that draws participants from universities throughout theUnited States. Each intern carries an outpatient caseload andparticipates in clinical rotations in the areas of children/adolescents,substance abuse/dependency, special populations (forensic andgeriatrics) and crisis management.As part of a joint effort between the Pennsylvania Office of MentalHealth and Substance Abuse and the Office of DevelopmentalPrograms, Holcomb developed a new residential program inLancaster County that will transition people with mild intellectualdisabilities and psychiatric diagnosis out of institutional care andinto a residential setting.Additionally, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime andDelinquency tapped Holcomb to implement the SPORT, ayouth drug and alcohol abuse intervention program thatserves 300 teens in Delaware and Chester Counties.Several key facilities also benefitted from major upgradesthanks to a grant from the Pennsylvania Department ofHealth. More than 5,000 square feet of space was addedto the Exton corporate office to accommodate new therapyrooms and a training center. The IT infrastructure at both theUpper Darby and Kennett Square locations was upgradedas a result of the grant and the HVAC system at KennettSquare was upgraded to a more energy-efficient unit.Expanding on an ongoing partnership with ImmaculataUniversity, Holcomb sponsored a regional conference for150 psychologists, addiction counselors and social workerson the topic of "Trauma Informed Interventions."The supporters of Holcomb were energized by a fundraisinggolf event this summer at Wyncote Golf Club in southeasternPennsylvania. 152 golfers teed it up and over $62,000was raised from entrance fees and support from dozens ofsponsors. The dollars raised will enhance services to thepeople Holcomb serves.7

Chimes DelawareChimes Challenges Donors with New Capital Campaignto Fund Construction of the Irvin and Phyllis LevinCenter in Millsboro, DelawareCapitalizing on the energy of parents and board members, Chimes has embarked onan ambitious new capital campaign to raise $1.65 million to fund a new state-of-the-artfacility to enhance services to people with disabilities in lower Delaware and beyond.Once completed, the Levin Center will be an 8,000square foot, barrier-free, ADA compliant home forChimes in lower Delaware. The new facility representsa long-term commitment by Chimes to this partof the state. The organization felt it was a prudentstep to invest in a permanent facility as opposed tocontinuing to lease the space they have operated outof for nearly a decade, but are quickly outgrowing.The southern two counties in Delaware, Kent andSussex, are the fastest growing counties in thestate. There is an influx of relatively young retireesmoving to the communities, in many cases with theiradult children. There continues to be an increasedneed for Chimes services in this area.When construction is complete, Chimes Delawarewill be able to double the number of people it servesand expand employment opportunities over time inlower Delaware with a strong potential for futuregrowth.While some elements of the existing structure arebeing incorporated into the new facility, for allintents and purposes, the Levin Center will be abrand new building perfectly suited for Chimesneeds.The center will house the support center forChimes services in lower Delaware, includingresidential program directors, nurses and medicalstaff, administrative headquarters and supportedemployment staff. Construction on the new center isscheduled to be completed by the middle of 2012.PLEDGES FOR CHIMES DELAWARE MILLSBORO BUILDINGOrganization/Name(s)Amount PledgedPhyllis & Irvin Levin $100,000.00BCG (Jeff Ramsey) & FCE (Gary Beckman and Steve Porter) $100,000.00AmSan $50,000.00Philip Saulnier – America’s Pride $25,000.00Offit Kurman $15,000.00Ellen Yankellow – Correct RX $10,000.00Al and Lee Bussone $5,000.00Terry Collard $5,000.00Pete and Ann Dakunchak $5,000.00Delaware PR Committee $5,000.00Marty & Elly Lampner $5,000.00Rehoboth Boardwalk Association $5,000.00Art Ward – Art Ward Services $5,000.00Imoh and Sue Matthews(includes $2,000.00 match from America’s Pride)$4,000.00Nick and Colleen Eppinger $3,500.00Jean Thomas $3,000.00Doug & Cathy Turnbaugh $2,500.00Lois Mezaros $1,000.00Georgetown Millsboro Rotary Club $750.00Richele Lawson $500.00John Mahon $500.00Anonymous $250.00$351,500.008

Chimes DelawareDonor Baseis Energized,But More Supportis NeededThe goal of the $1.65 million capital campaign is to ensure thatthe cost associated with opening the Levin Center, includingacquisition of the property and complete renovation of theexisting building, will be funded entirely through privatephilanthropy.Chimes Delaware has received two challenge grants in theamount of $100,000 each for the campaign. Family membersPhyllis and Irv Levin (Irv is also a board member) have pledgeda challenge grant of $100,000. FCE Benefit Administrators(Gary Beckman/ Steve Porter) and Benefits Consulting Group(Jeff Ramsey) combined to make an additional challenge grantof $100,000. At the date of publication of this report, $358,500has been raised in response to these two generous challengegrants that will go towards funding Phase I of the campaign –renovation and construction costs (totaling $650,000). Chimesis eager to quickly max out these matching pledges in the verynear future, leaving $250,000 to be raised to complete Phase I.Phase II of the capital campaign is focused on funding the$1 million cost of acquisition of the property and existing buildingat the site of the Levin Center. $100,000 has been raised bythe Chimes Charity Chuckle earlier this year, energizing PhaseII of this campaign. While Chimes International has securedlong-term financing for the building, it is important to note thatevery dollar raised towards the purchase and renovation ofthe new facility reduces the amount that must be financed.The dollars saved will be invested in enhancing programs forpeople Chimes serves throughout lower Delaware.PHASE 1Renovationsand Construction$650,000UNFUNDED$358,500DParents and VolunteersEmpower Campaign$1 Million$100,000A cadre of dedicated parents and board membershas infused energy and an appropriatesense of urgency into the campaign. In additionto Phyllis and Irvin Levin’s contributions andsupport, Debbie Bunting, Bill Drake, JoyceBowlsbey and Nick Eppinger have taken a leadrole in educating and engaging other parentsand community leaders in southern Delaware tohelp make the new Chimes facility a reality.PHASE IIPropertyAcquisitionEBT9

Chimes DelawareStride for AwarenessGains MomentumChimes Delaware and its supporters generated a lotof “foot power” this spring with another successful Stridefor Awareness Walk at the Riverfront in Wilmington. Theenergy of the walkers was palpable as New Castle CountyExecutive Paul Clark and Miss Delaware Kayla Martelljoined hundreds of Chimes supporters, volunteers,employees, parents and persons served to take part inthe 3K fun walk aimed at raising awareness and funds forChimes programs and services.New Homes Opened for Chimes ResidentsChimes Delaware continues to upgrade residential options available for thepeople it serves. Renovations to two new single-family homes were completedin 2011 and opened to people served by Chimes. These new barrier-freehomes are in addition to the eight homes that were opened in 2010.10

2011 EXPENSES$161,481,673Administrative: 12.6%Mental HealthServices: 12.6%EmploymentContractualServices: 38.6%DevelopmentalDisabilitiesServices: 35.9%Administrative Expenses: $20,392,457Fund Raising Expenses: $246,021Grants: 0.1%Fund Raising: 0.2%2011 INCOME$164,822,329Fund Raising /Investment Income: 1.3%Mental HealthServices: 14.3%EmploymentContractualServices: 42.2%ManagementFees 0.2%DevelopmentalDisabilitiesServices: 42.0%2011 INCOMEBY SOURCEChimes International: 0.2%Chimes Virginia: 3%Chimes Metro: 14%Chimes D.C.GovernmentServices: 41.9%Holcomb: 14%Chimes Foundation: 1%Chimes Maryland: 25.9%NET ASSETS: $24,595,45511

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE($5,000 - $24,999)AAA Insurance, HFSAmerica’s Pride, HFSAnonymous, HFSArt Ward ServicesB.W.W.S., HFSBay City Pest Management Co., HFSBoardwalk Buddy WalkMr. and Mrs. Albert Bussone, HFSCatalyst IT Services, HFSMs. Mary T. Collard, HFSCorrect Rx Pharmacy Services, HFSAlon ElbazDr. Kathryn and Mr. Arthur C. George, HFSMrs. Renée and Dr. Barry Gordon, HFSGorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A., HFSMr. and Mrs. Eliott Krems, HFSMr. and Mrs. Martin Lampner, HFSMr. and Mrs. Irvin LevinMcCormick & Company, Inc., HFSMr. and Mrs. Francis J. MeagherMillicare by EBC, HFSMichael and Judy Orkin FoundationMr. and Mrs. Alan H. PasarewMr. and Mrs. Terry Allen Perl, HFSPermanent Solution Industries, Inc., HFSMr. and Mrs. John Pettinelli, HFSRCM&D/The RCM&D Foundation/ThePhiladelphia Insurance Companies, HFSResort Health ServicesRifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC, HFSCarlyn M. Salabes TrustMrs. Susan and Arthur D. Smith, Ph.D., HFSSuperior Refreshment Service, HFSSusquehanna BankSVM Facilities, HFSSysco Food Services of Baltimore, HFSTBC Software, Inc., HFSThree’s Company Carpet & UpholsteryCleaner, Inc., HFSMr. and Mrs. Doug Turnbaugh, HFSVeolia Transportation, Inc., HFSVerizon Foundation, HFSMr. Martin Waldbaum, HFSWells Fargo Bank, N.A., HFSEXECUTIVE COUNCIL($1,500 - $4,999)Advance Business SystemsMr. and Mrs. Patrick BagleyBessemer Trust CompanyMr. Jason L. BowserMs. Bridget BoyleMs. Suzanne ChristieMrs. Jane CohenConvergent Wealth AdvisorsMr. Peter D. DakunchakMs. Patricia A. DavisMr. William DiFabioMr. and Mrs. Robert L. DupweEMCOR Government ServicesExpress ScriptsMr. William J. FanningMs. Rita FeherFischbach FoundationMs. Cecil S. FoxMs. Sheila F. FriedmanMrs. Nancy and Dr. Ramon GarciaMs. Deena GersonMr. and Mrs. Keith E. GoldbergMrs. Karen GonsmanMr. Richard K. GonsmanMr. John GoodmanMs. Shawna GottliebEdward Hartman, Ed.D.Mrs. Barbara HilbMr. and Mrs. Jack HillmanMr. Gordan HogardMs. Karen HolcombMrs. Doris T. KlappMr. and Mrs. Nicholas KollmanMr. and Mrs. Stephen KramerHoward Kurman, Esq.Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. LatimerMrs. Pamela LedsomeMr. Elliot N. LewisDr. and Mrs. Alan A. ManheimMr. Julius B. MargolisMr. Imoh MatthewsAlexis M. Melin, LCSWLois M. Meszaros, Ph.D.Mr. Norbert MichaudMrs. Sandra Mock MyersMr. Dennis P. MoodyMs. Dianne MrukNevins & AssociatesOber, Kaler, Grimes & ShriverPhiladelphia Insurance GroupMs. Elizabeth S. PhillipsJohn J. Phillips, Esq.The Progressive Insurance FoundationRiggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes, Inc.Mr. George H. RineerCynthia & Peter Rosenwald Fund of theBaltimore Community FoundationMr. Curtis SalterMrs. Mary B. SchaeferThe Hon. William Donald SchaeferMr. Douglas Schmidt andMs. Allegra HammanMr. Herbert SheppardSHI International Corp.SprintSanford V. Teplitzky, Esq.The April and Jerry Weiner FamilyFoundation, Inc.Towne Pride Interiors, Inc.Ms. Christine TripsonRamie A. Tritt Family FoundationMr. John WhiteMr. Frederick WrightBENEFACTOR ($500 - $1,499)Frances Bacon, founder of Chimes in 1947,dedicated her life to the education anddevelopment of children with intellectualdisabilities. Her spirit continues on throughthe generosity of the individuals, corporations,organizations, and foundations that supportChimes and its Family of Services.The Alliance, Inc.AnonymousMs. Karen AngelMr. Thomas A. PowerPhoenix Excess Risk Underwriters, LLCAqua PlumbingMr. and Mrs. Ronald AttmanMr. Allen M. Barrett, Jr.The Blonder Family Foundation, Inc.BlueCross BlueShield of DelawareBoyd’s Body ShopAnn W. Breihan, Ph.D.Ms. LaVerne A. BrooksMr. and Mrs. F. W. CardallMr. and Mrs. David C. CarneyMr. James W. Cohen andMs. Sarah J. TalalayCorbyn Investment ManagementCoventry Health Care of Delawareand MarylandMr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Crone IIIMr. and Mrs. Richard DavisonMr. and Mrs. Carl C. Dederer, Jr.Delaware Group HomesDelta-T GroupMr. Stan DivorskiMr. William DrakeMrs. Jane DrummE Whitlock, Inc.Edwin & Louise Rothberg FamilyPhilanthropic FundEnterprise Fleet ServicesMs. Dorothy FayFrank Family FoundationMr. Antonio GarzaMr. and Mrs. Richard GaverDr. and Mrs. Irvin M. GersonAaron Goldberg, M.D.Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. GrossmanMs. Marlene HallMs. Carol L. HartMr. and Mrs. Richard E. HugIndigo Ink Digital PrintingMs. Andrea JonesMr. Matthew KaplowitzNancy Kapp & CompanyDr. and Mrs. Felix Kaufman13

14Mr. Isaac KaufmanKelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.Kenny Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Louis H. KnoedlerMr. and Mrs. Marvin KolodkinMr. and Mrs. Bernard KomanLa Dolce VitaMr. Michael H. LeadermanLegg Mason Charitable FoundationMrs. Jay H. LessansMr. and Mrs. Allan LevineJoel M. Levy, D.S.W.Philip H. Levy, Ph.D.Ms. Margaret LumleyMr. Donald MacMurrayMr. and Mrs. Joel MargolisMrs. Mary Anna MarleyMs. Judith I. MartinakMichael P. May, Esq.Mr. and Mrs. Pete McGrawMeadowWood Behavioral Health SystemMs. Barbara A. MeineckeMrs. Edie Querido and Mr. Norbert MichaudMilford AutomotiveMiriam Lodge, K.S.B., Inc.MMR Cleaning ServicesMoores Lake PharmacyMr. Timothy NewbergerNISH NationalMs. Joanne OrmrodDr. and Mrs. Edward L. PerlPersia CarpetsMs. Valerie Petty-RuffThe Phillips GroupMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. PollPrecision Performance, Inc.Mr. Levi RabinowitzMr. Eric M. RoederMrs. Dianne L. SalamaSchluderberg Foundation, Inc.Mr. Henry V. SciortinoBettina Scott, Ph.D.The Honorable Rochelle “Rikki” SpectorSpirit Production Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Norman TasgalMs. Amy ThompsonTim's Automotive ServicesMr. Gino TorresValley Dental AssociatesMr. John J. VillaniMr. and Mrs. Tom WarneMr. and Mrs. Martin WaxmanMs. Lolitta M. WeaverWhite-Travis Family Foundation, Inc.Ms. Margaret Wisnom andMr. Robert ClearyPARTNERS ($250-$499)Partners are unique in that their givingindicates that they believe in Chimes and itsFamily of Services missions and demonstratetheir support through their charitable giving.American Legion Post #194Associated Italian American Charitiesof MD, Inc.Autism DelawareBaltimore MagazineDr. Michael BaumMs. Vanessa BellMs. Eloise K. BensbergMs. Julie BlaseMr. and Mrs. Brian BruhGeorge H. Burns, Inc.Cardinal DistributingMr. and Mrs. Tim CollardCummins Appliance CompanyMr. Clinton R. DalyMr. and Mrs. John C. DesmondDewey Beach Lions ClubEastern Savings BankMr. Nicholas J. EppingerMrs. Renee GordonHarford Refrigeration Co., Inc.Alvin D. Katz, CPAMr. and Mrs. Daniel KemperMr. Jim KristofMr. Joseph LaroseMr. and Mrs. Phil LyonsMrs. Ruth R. MarderMelwoodIsaac M. Neuberger, Esq.Dilip Paliath, Esq.Mr. Carmen John PalumboPalumbo’s Car Care Center, Inc.Ms. Frances M. PoolePrincipal Trust CompanyProgressive Horizons, Inc.Mr. Sean QuinnMr. and Mrs. Albert RenehanMs. Carmel RoquesMr. Ed Sannini and Ms. Coni FrezzoSchool Bell ApartmentsSmith & Downey, P.A.Staz Food Services, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. James TannerThe Jewish Community Center ofGreater Baltimore, Inc.Ms. Jean ThomasTraining Solutions, Inc.Weso’s SunocoMs. Helen W. WillMr. Richard WitteSPONSORS ($100 - $249)Many new supporters to Chimes and its Family ofServices enter at the sponsor giving level. Theseindividuals help Chimes continue to be able toprovide quality education, services, supports andemployment for people with disabilities.Ms. Lorna D. AdairANCORAquarius Water, LLCMrs. Mary AzraelMr. William BarkerMs. Louise B. BartonDr. S. Charles BeanMr. Samuel E. BettsackMr. and Mrs. John BevilacquaDr. Stephen Blumberg andDr. Gabriele BlumbergMr. and Mrs. John BowlsbeyMr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. BursteinMr. and Mrs. Howard L. CaplanMr. and Mrs. A. Temple CarterMr. Paul B. Carter, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Inocencio ClaudScott Cochran, R.N.Mr. and Mrs. Atwood Collins IIICommunity Counseling ServiceElizabeth Cooney AgencyMs. Maggie CorriganMs. Carol A. DonahueMr. and Mrs. Donald DrazinMr. and Mrs. Donald ErlandsonMr. and Mrs. Samuel H. EstersonMr. Edward FeeteMs. Susan A. FilipiakMr. and Mrs. Leon FishMr. and Mrs. Ronald M. FishkindMrs. Jo FleischakerMs. Sharon FloreyMr. and Mrs. Leonard J. FoxMr. and Mrs. Marc FoxMr. and Mrs. Arthur W. FreemanMr. and Mrs. Elliott A. FribushMr. and Mrs. Howard FriedelMrs. Helen M. GoldbergMr. and Mrs. Alan C. GranathHoward Gun, CFPMs. Carol G. HeadMs. Patricia HeatherMr. and Mrs. James HoehnMr. and Mrs. Bohdan J. HrycushkoMs. Jill R. HueyMr. Jerrold R. HumphreyMr. and Mrs. Laymon T. HunterMr. Richard Hynson, Jr.Independent Resources, Inc.Stanley M. Irzinski, Ed.D.Ms. Margaret M. JoslinJP Morgan Chase FoundationMr. and Mrs. Alvin D. KatzMr. and Mrs. Sydney S. KemperMr. Jon KleinbergMs. Fern L. KnightDr. and Mrs. Robert KodeckWalter B. Koppel, M.D.Ms. Elsa KreiderMr. and Mrs. Ernest KropffMrs. Beatrice KuffMr. N. Frank LaNocha

Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc.Mrs. Betty G. LovemanMs. Lisa M. LucidoMs. Virginia MailmanMs. Anne J. McCloskeyMs. Pat McCloskeyMr. and Mrs. James MellbyeMr. and Mrs. Richard A. MeyerMr. Martin MeyersMs. Jane C. G. MillspaughMr. Patrick Murphy, IIIMs. Jane G. O'DonnellMr. and Mrs. Harry OlszweskiMr. and Mrs. David J. OrangeDr. Roger OsmunMr. and Mrs. James N. PhillipsMr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth PrettymanRide Away Handicap Equipment Corp.Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy A. RogersMr. and Mrs. Alan RosenMr. and Mrs. Sidney RosenbergMr. and Mrs. Michael ScherrMr. and Mrs. Carl J. SchindelarMrs. Alice SchmeiserMr. and Mrs. Melvin R. SchmeiserMr. and Mrs. Michael F. SchmidtSchneider Trailer & Container Rental, Inc.Ms. Lori SchwarzMr. and Mrs. Alan E. Schweizer, Jr.Scott and ScottMr. and Mrs. Eugene SeidelMs. Barbara ShawMr. and Mrs. Sam ShowellMr. and Mrs. Sam ShrenselMr. and Mrs. John J. Slank, Jr.Mrs. Mildred G. SmeallieMr. Gary SmithHenry A. Smith III, Esq.Social ToasterMr. and Mrs. Guntis SradersMrs. Dianne StewartMrs. Dorothy StronskySupport Network, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. William S. SuttonMs. Sally Thorner and Dr. Brian RosenfeldMs. Leona TollMs. Mary E. TullyWard & Talyor, LLCMr. C. David WardMs. Diane WeilMr. and Mrs. Stevan WeinbergDr. and Mrs. Michael WeinribMr. and Mrs. Milton J. WeitzmanMr. and Mrs. Ben H. WellbornMr. Brian WertheimMr. and Mrs. David WilliamsWilmington GlassMrs. Christine M. WinmillMs. Lois WitteMr. and Mrs. Steven YermanMs. Lisa N. ZebrowskiDONORS ($1 - $99)Every contribution to Chimes is equallyimportant and aids in supporting our mission.Donors are individuals, corporations,organizations and foundations supportingChimes and its Family of Services annuallywith contributions less than $100.Abelson Legal GroupMs. Patricia AcocellaMs. Lucille AdlerMs. Charlotte AlbertMr. and Mrs. Edward AlbertDr. and Mrs. Allen H. AlexanderMs. Judith ApisdorfMr. and Mrs. Robert G. ApplebeeMr. and Mrs. William AtkinsAVF Consulting, Inc.Mr. Linwood L. BarteeMs. Diana BaumannMs. Joan BeaudryMr. and Mrs. J. Paul BellMr. and Mrs. W. Donald BellDr. and Mrs. Frank E. BerkowitzMrs. Batzion BermanMs. Mary Ann T. BerryMs. Sylvia R. BeserMr. Stanley BetheaAlbert L. Blumberg, M.D.Mr. Timothy BoiaDr. and Mrs. Bruce BoltenMr. Stanley I. BowersMr. and Mrs. Matthew BowlsbeyMs. Barbara BrodowayMs. Verna A. BromleyFrona Brown, Ph.D.Mr. Michael R. BrusheMs. Gisela A. BryantMr. and Mrs. John J. Bue, Jr.Ms. Louise M. BueMs. Margaret C. BueMr. Scott BushMs. Debra CagleMs. Amy CahillMs. Ellen F. CaplanMr. and Mrs. Jorge CarbonellMs. Leanne CarsonMs. Hannah C. CastroMaster Corey ChapmanMs. Rebecca ChapmanMs. Adele CherryMrs. Babette F. ChesslerMr. and Mrs. Anthony ChieffoMrs. Martha B. ChieffoMr. Robert CifelliMs. Noriko ClementMs. Linda CliftonMr. Charles CohnMs. Peggy CohnMs. Susan ColvinMr. William F. CookMr. and Mrs. Finton P. CordellMs. Geraldine A. CorderyMrs. Roberta C. CrockettMs. Barbara CrosbyMrs. Gloria CrucianoMrs. Patricia R. DadeMs. Lillian DavisMr. Wesley DavisMr. and Mrs. William E. DickersonMs. Debra DobryMr. Lucas DomnincaMr. and Mrs. Chris DonahueMs. Megan DonahueMr. Thomas DonahueMr. and Mrs. Joseph A. DorrillMr. Jason DoughteryMr. Eddie DrakeMr. Michael DubeMr. Bobby G. EdmondsonMs. Alberta R. EidmanMs. Cecelia M. EisenbergMr. Mark E. ElliottMr. and Mrs. Randy EmersonMr. Robbie FergusonFirst Data FoundationMrs. Mary FishMs. Maureen FisherFive Star Home Foods, Inc.Ms. Carla FosterMr. and Mrs. Fred H. FribushMr. and Mrs. Stuart L. FribushMs. Marsha FriedlanderMrs. Wendy GalinnMrs. Hazel A. GarlandMs. Joann M. GeisbertMs. Ellett GeorgeMr. and Mrs. Marc C. GertzMs. Phyllis S. GoldMs. Audrey P. GoldbergDr. Stanley GoldbergMs. Jaime T. GoodmanMs. Janice GoreckiMiss Pelle GraceMs. Kathy GraybealMr. Bruce D. GreenblattMr. and Mrs. Gerald Greth, Sr.Ms. Dulcy GroscupMr. and Mrs. Paul A. GuntzelMr. Emil HahnMr. and Mrs. Rae HamiltonMr. Robert K. HamiltonMs. Rosalie HandwergerMs. Linda HardyMs. Linda HarkMs. Mary HarperMr. Craig HarrellMr. Merwin J. HarringtonMr. and Mrs. David M. HarrisMr. and Mrs. Frederick S. HarrisMr. Benjamin HaryMs. Selma HaymanMr. and Mrs. Leon HaynesMs. Judith HolderMr. Tyrell HolthauseHope Evangelical Lutheran ChurchMr. and Mrs. W. Carl Hossfeld, Jr.15

16Ms. Robyn HurwitzMr. and Mrs. Paul JacobsMr. Michael JaffeMrs. Adrienne JoffeMs. Nekia D. JonesMs. Joan KandlerMr. Albert Kecken, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. KesslerMs. Thelma B. KlineMr. and Mrs. Edward R. KrugMr. and Mrs. Robert LagasMr. Richard M. LansburghMs. Gloria LapinMr. Stewart C. LeeMrs. Mary T. LehmannMr. and Mrs. Bernard LeibtagMr. Derrick LennonMr. Benjamin LevieMr. and Mrs. Maurice F. LevieMs. Phyllis R. LevineMr. Stanley T. LevinsonMr. Kenneth L. LevyMs. Christina E. LewisMr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LinkerMs. Dorothy LinthicumMr. Mark LippertMs. Nancy LittleMr. Harlan LuxenbergMr. Eddie MageeMr. and Mrs. Howard S. MalesonMr. and Mrs. Jack MarkowitzMs. Patricia MatherlyMr. and Mrs. Edward S. MatsuiMs. Rochelle MatthewsMs. R A. McBrideMr. and Mrs. John McClellandMs. Debbie McGuireMr. and Mrs. Frederick McMillanMr. Gerard McNesbyMs. Jean T. Messner, M.D.Mr. and Mrs. James J. MeyerMr. Barry MillerMr. and Mrs. Louis W. MillerMs. Nancy MillerMr. Vince MirabellaMr. Jason MooreMr. Aharon MorgensternMr. Bill MorleyMr. and Mrs. Bill MorleyMs. Leona S. MorrisMs. Freida MortonMr. PastaMr. Sammy MuriithiMr. Michael MurphyMr. Thomas V. Murphy, Jr.Mr. Leo MurveitMr. William NewbergerMs. Mary D. NewcottMs. Dorie NewmanMs. Elizabeth R. NieceMr. Lewin NymanMr. and Mrs. Robert C. O’SullivanMs. Dana OliveMr. and Mrs. Erich OppenheimMs. Elizabeth OybkhanMs. Hannah OybkhanP & J Apartment RentalsMr. and Mrs. John E. ParksMiss Sarah PelleMr. Vincent PelleMs. Joni PeltaMr. H. Jay PennyMr. and Mrs. Anthony PerlmanMr. Dennis PhillipsMs. Iris H. PhillipsMs. Ruth C. PhillipsMs. Sandra K. PinknerMr. and Mrs. Michael D. PintzukMs. Mary PlaineMr. and Mrs. David PlattMs. Harriet PollingerMs. Ruth P. PrettymanMs. Constance K. PutzelMr. Tom G. RashMr. Robert ReznikoffMs. Cassandra RobinsonMs. Nancy L. RockMr. and Mrs. Morton H. RodbellDr. Marcella L. RoenneburgMr. and Mrs. Cary RosenthalMs. Shelly RosenthalMrs. Rosalie RosenzwogMr. Arthur RothmanMs. Carol RubensteinMs. Madeline RubyMr. Lee N. SachsMr. and Mrs. Joseph SalisMr. and Mrs. Neil S. SandlerMs. Isabel SariolMs. Linda A. SatlofMs. Eileen C. SchaefferMs. Lauren SchiavoMs. Carol J. SchmidtMr. Robert D. SchnickMs. Elaine M. ScholzMr. Arturo SchubertMs. Sarah A. SchuckMr. and Mrs. Jack SchulherrMr. William SchultzMrs. Faye SchwabMs. Ilene C. SchwartzMs. Karen A. SchwartzmanMrs. Gloria SeidelMs. Judith A. SerkinMr. and Mrs. Arthur H. SewellMs. Lorraine SheldonMs. Patricia A. ShrefflerMs. Rida SilbertMr. Marc SilverMs. Shirley F. SilverMs. Marjorie SimonMr. and Mrs. Marc SingerMr. and Mrs. Michael SmithMs. Jane R. SpathMs. Myrna SteinbergMr. and Mrs. Walter StrausMr. and Mrs. Nathan A. StraussMr. and Mrs. Charles SussmanMr. and Mrs. Harry R. SykesT. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.Ms. Carol J. TamburoTere Schubert Photography, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. William ThodeMr. and Mrs. Ray ThorpMr. John ToulanMr. and Mrs. John TracyMr. and Mrs. George F. Vaeth, Jr.Ms. Virginia L. ValentineMs. Lilian M. VassalloMr. and Mrs. Herman VenickMs. Dorothy H. WaningerMs. Kay WebsterMr. Robert WeisbergMs. Lesley Weissman-CookSherry L. Wenger, Ph.D.Mr. Martin L. WertheimMr. Jerren U. WetterauMs. Sheri WhelpleyMr. and Mrs. Randolph WhittingtonMrs. Jacqueline WilenMs. Jane WilkieMr. and Mrs. Lou WilletMs. Chlorice WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Keith WisherMr. and Mrs. Gary L. YostMr. and Mrs. Harry ZeitzoffMs. Harriet J. ZollerGIFTS IN-KINDMr. and Mrs. Patrick BagleyMs. Jacqueline CahillMrs. Lavera CahillChimes Development and CorporateCommunications DepartmentMs. Terry CollardThe Daily RecordMrs. Jane Drumm & FamilyMs. Cecil FoxMr. John GoodmanMrs. Shawna GottliebMrs. Barbara HilbInPro CorporationMs. Monica JacksonLux Flooring SpecialistMcCormick & Company and Mr. A.C. GeorgeMrs. Martha Loveman PerlMr. Terry Allen PerlMs. Marianne R. PetitMs. Lindsay Townsend-GriggsMr. and Mrs. Doug TurnbaughArt Ward ServicesCHARITABLE CAMPAIGNSChimes acknowledges the following campaignsfor supporting the Chimes Family of Serviceswith gifts through their workplace campaigns.Combined Charity for Baltimore CityEmployees and RetireesLocal Independent Charities of AmericaMaryland Charity Campaign for Retireesand EmployeesUnited Way of Central MarylandUnited Way of Delaware

VOLUNTEER HOURSChimes gratefully acknowledges contributions ofprecious time from the following individuals whohave volunteered from the period of July 1, 2010through June 30, 2011. Volunteer hours arecumulative since becoming a Chimes Marylandvolunteer. Other Agency volunteers are listed bytheir names only. In addition to the individualsfor whom hours of service are recorded, thereare many individuals or organizations thatvolunteer services in other ways. They maycorrespond with our program participants asPen Pals, work on special projects, serve ascommittee members or work at special events,or participate as a member of one of our governingboards. Their contributions of time, talentand expertise are very much appreciated.OVER 2,000 HOURSMary Anna MarleyMartin MeyersOVER 1,500 HOURSChristine EdisonElliott Lehem101 – 1,499 HOURSPenny GloverAdrienne JoffeElly Lampner1 – 100 HOURSHelena AllenRosa BaileyRenita BessetteKim BoydStefon CraigKia DyerMarsha GarnerJack GollickEllen GootzitDaniel HudginsMarvia KeyserJill MolosfskyJacqueline RansomLaura RubensteinChristian VancePEN PALSCain AlvaradoMadison Ames-GilbertStephen BabcockRichelle BartosevichAlonte BeederSusan BinickPatricia BoeckmanJoyce CarterGabrielle ChristyDoris KlappScott CochranSandra CollinsSylvia CooperHelen DavidsonRose DoughertyChristine EdisonKarla FuentesKate GloriosoEric GoldmanRoland GreenRhonda GwynnWilliam & Regina HarrisMarie HemptonMohammed IslamLa'Tanya JeffersonMary JohnsonAnn KlingamanDebra KomanJoan LathamMichael LeadermanSade B. LucasMichele MarseillesDareen McGloinAntonio MilesCatherine MillerNancy MyersDawn NemecDoris O’MearaDeairra ParkerMelissa ParkerJohn PhillipsJoan PickensFlorence RaimondiAhriyah RichardsonTreshawn SamuelsEdith SchwartzDevyn ScottGloria SeidelIra SeidelLandon SeidelLouis SeidelJordan SeidelDebbie ShifflettTreina Siegel-TingleySameria SmithMontice StephensApril ThompsonRuth Ann TuckerNaiya TylerJoel VilattaRoedel VillaverJean WehrLeeann WilliamsEvery effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the above recognized donors andvolunteers. We regret any errors or omissions that may inadvertently occur.CHIMES 2010 HALL OF FAMECO-CHAIRPERSONSArthur C. George, ChairpersonPatrick J. Bagley, ChairpersonHONORARY CHAIRPERSONSStephen S. Kramer, Esq.Allan LevineJoel Margolis, Esq.STEERING COMMITTEEAnn W. Breihan, Ph.D.Bobby G. EdmondsonGreta L. EngleBarbara E. HilbRichard E. HugMonica T. JacksonMatthew KaplowitzJoel M. Levy, DSWJulius B. MargolisKaren D. McGrawLois Meszaros, Ph.D.Dilip Paliath, Esq.Sean P. QuinnDouglas M. SchmidtThe Hon. Rochelle “Rikki” SpectorAlan Udoff, Ph.D.Stephanie M. WashingtonLinda Reynolds WiseCHIMES ISRAEL VOLUNTEERSMicha AdarAyelet HavkinDalia CohenShimon CohenHen ManzurPnina Ben NunRaya PingermanRotem ShalitMaoz ChimcerRana HodaAnat HendlerEfrat MordehyBatye HeverYoav AgrokShiri TernerLedor TamirDaniel LenkBecha GoldmanEster HazhzMarva MargalitHana AvenuEaty GaluMoshe DhariShoshy SametNer MezarhyDovrat RaybyEysa AbdalahRoyee NegryeYaeir Netzani17

Chimes Family of ServicesDIRECTORS AND OFFICERSJuly 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012CHIMES INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDPatrick J. BagleyChairpersonStephen S. Kramer, Esq.Vice Chairperson / Audit CommitteeBobby G. EdmondsonVice Chairperson / Governance CommitteeKaren D. McGrawVice Chairperson / Compensation CommitteeArthur C. GeorgeVice Chairperson / Nominating CommitteeMartin S. Lampner*President and CEOMichael P. May, Esq.Secretary / TreasurerAlbert Bussone*Assistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerMatthew KaplowitzJulius B. MargolisDouglas M. SchmidtArthur D. Smith, PhDAlan Udoff, PhDGeorge Zumbano, Esq.* Officer Only, Not Board MemberCHIMES FOUNDATION,INCORPORATEDArthur C. GeorgeChairpersonMichael P. May, Esq.1st Vice ChairpersonDianne L. SalamaVice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident and CEOJudith I. MartinakSecretary / TreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyJane D. DrummBobby G. EdmondsonSuzanne Fischer-HuettnerRenee A. GordonDilip Paliath, Esq.David R. PaulsonSean P. QuinnHonorable Rochelle “Rikki” SpectorAlan Udoff, PhD* Officer Only, Not Board MemberCHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC.Douglas M. SchmidtChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident / CEOAlbert BussoneSecretary / TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyBobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeMichael P. May, Esq.Alan Udoff, Ph.D.THE CHIMES, INC.(Chimes Maryland)Bobby G. EdmondsonChairpersonMichael P. May, Esq.Vice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident / CEOCecil S. FoxSecretaryJulius B. MargolisTreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryMary T. CollardAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyEdward FeeteArthur C. GeorgeStephen S. Kramer, Esq.Joel Margolis, Esq. ∞Alan Udoff, Ph.D.C. David Ward* Officer Only, Not Board Member∞ Life MemberCHIMES METRO, INC.(Chimes Delaware)Irvin LevinChairpersonNicholas J. EppingerVice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident / CEOJoyce BowlsbeySecretaryWilliam E. DrakeTreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyS. Charles Bean, M.D.Bobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeMichael May, Esq.Barbara RashAlan Udoff, PhDCHIMES VIRGINIA, INC.Robert L. DupweChairpersonDonald GilmartinVice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident and CEOHenry B. LatimerSecretary / TreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant Treasurer18

Patrick J. BagleyBobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeMichael P. May, Esq.Alan Udoff, PhDJohn J. Villani* Officer Only, Not Board MemberHOLCOMB ASSOCIATES, INC.(Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems)Henry V. SciortinoChairpersonSusanna C. Jessup, CPAVice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerPresident and CEOAlbert BussoneVice President / Assistant SecretaryKaren HolcombSecretaryStewart C. LeeTreasurerShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerGeorge Zumbano, Esq.Immediate Past ChairpersonPatrick J. BagleyBobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeMichael P. May, Esq.Mary Therese Nixon, Esq.Alan Udoff, PhDChristine M. Winmill* Officer Only, Not Board MemberFAMILY SERVICES ASSOCIATIONChristine M. WinmillChairpersonJoyce BowlsbeyVice ChairpersonMartin S. LampnerChief Executive OfficerWilliam DiFabioPresidentSusan Berryman, Esq.SecretaryStewart C. LeeTreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyMary Lynn DevlinBobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeMichael P. May, Esq.Doris Scott, Esq.Alan Udoff, PhDWendy Wait* Officer Only, Not Board MemberOPEN DOOR, INC.Shirley PoseyChairpersonMartin S. LampnerChief Executive OfficerWilliam DiFabioPresidentRoger Osmun, PhDSecretarySusanna Jessup, CPATreasurerAlbert BussoneAssistant SecretaryShawna M. Gottlieb*Assistant TreasurerPatrick J. BagleyBobby G. EdmondsonArthur C. GeorgeJoseph J. JeromeMichael P. May, Esq.Alan Udoff, PhDWendy WaitCHIMES ISRAELShulamit GildnerChairpersonChair of Finance CommitteeAvi Ramot, PhDChair, Personnel CommitteeGilada Avissar, PhDChair, Programs & Services CommitteeNimrod Cinnamon*Chair, Internal Audit CommitteeMary T. Collard *Asher Elhayany, MDCecil S. Fox*Shawna M. Gottlieb *Meir Hovav, PhDMartin S. Lampner, CPAAlan A. Manheim, PhDJoel Margolis, Esq.*Yechiel NarkisTerry Allen Perl*Yehuda WeilerRonen Zadok* General Assembly Member OnlyEXECUTIVE STAFFMartin S. LampnerPresident and CEOCHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITEDAlbert BussoneExecutive Vice President,Chief Operating OfficerMary T. CollardExecutive Vice President,Chief Operating Officer / Core ServicesShawna M. GottliebChief Financial OfficerGary W. BarlowDirector, Central ServicesAnn W. Breihan, PhDChief Learning OfficerSuzanne ChristieDirector, Human Resource ManagementPatricia A. DavisDirector, Information Systems TrainingCecil S. FoxSpecial Assistant to the President/CEORichard GonsmanDirector, Information SystemsAlexis M. Melin, MSW, LCSWSpecial Assistant to the President/CEOLeona TollControllerDouglas TurnbaughDirector, FacilitiesCHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC.Curtis SalterChief Operating OfficerImoh MatthewsAssistant Chief Operating OfficerLee Anne BussoneDirector, Human Resources, Trainingand ComplianceJane GallaherDirector, FinanceFernando MedinaDirector of Special OperationsPatrick T. McAleerDirector of Operations / Quality ControlBridgette BoyleContracts AdministratorSharon FloreyAccountant / Costing ManagerAnthony GarzaContracts Administrator19

Orrick JonesContracts AdministratorSharon PardoContracts AdministratorGeorge RineerContracts AdministratorTammy SimpsonContracts AdministratorTHE CHIMES, INC.(CHIMES MARYLAND)Dennis MoodyChief Operating OfficerMichael R. Baum, PhDDirector, Clinical ServicesCyndi BelshawAssistant Residential Director, PotomacScott D. Cochran, R.N.Director, Nursing & Health Care ServicesAfreka DickersonDeputy Director, Community Support& Behavior SupportMarlene HallActing Director, Curtis Hall SeniorAssisted Living ServicesApril JensenDirector, Residential ServicesAndrea JonesDirector, Quality AssurancePamela LedsomeDirector, Vocational ServicesSandra Mock MyersDirector, Human Resource ManagementValerie PettyDirector, Individualized Family ServicesMary B. SchaeferPrincipal, Chimes SchoolCHIMES METRO, INC.(CHIMES DELAWARE)Pete DakunchakChief Operating OfficerJennifer AlbanoDirector, Human Resources and TrainingIvy BoardleyDirector, Residential ServicesSheila F. FriedmanSpecial Assistant to the COORichele Lawson, R.N.Director, Health ServicesJohn MahonDirector, Vocational ServicesLois Meszaros, PhDDirector, Behavioral and Autism ServicesKirk SmithDirector, Case Management & Family Servicesand Interim Director of Quality EnhancementCHIMES VIRGINIA, INC.Edward M. Hartman, EdDChief Operating OfficerHolly RhodenhizerAssistant Residential DirectorFlorence TalleyDay Program CoordinatorHOLCOMB ASSOCIATES, INC.(HOLCOMB BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SYSTEMS)William DiFabioChief Operating OfficerWendy WaitChief Financial OfficerRoger Osmun, PhDChief Clinical OfficerSusan Berryman, Esq.Chief Compliance OfficerNicole Brown, L.P.CRegional Director, Berks and Chester CountiesGerry ClarkRegional Director, Delaware &Philadelphia CountiesKelly ColferDirector, Lehigh and Northampton CountiesKaren DiFabioDirector, Facilities and PurchasingHoward IsenbergDirector, Open Door & Family ServicesAssociationLeslie LipsonDirector, Crisis ServicesBeth MingeyDirector, Prevention & Education ServicesPatricia M. PoppertDirector, Developmental Disabilities ServicesRobert R. RuthVice President of FinanceLibby StipcevichDirector, Human ResourcesBetsy WarnerDirector, Clinical Support ServicesCHIMES ISRAELJorge ZimmermannExecutive DirectorMichael SalemDirector, AdministrationVered CarsentiDirector of ProgramsHavatzelet AmramiDirector, Vocational ServicesEsther SharonDirector, Resource DevelopmentRavit AshkenaziDirector, Shiluv Vocational ProgramLimor Ben IshaiDirector, Extended School Day Clubs ofChimes IsraelInbar KaldersDirector, Tel Aviv Enoch Extended SchoolDay ClubsRaz CohenDirector, Tel Aviv Hatzori ExtendedSchool Day ClubsOdelle LevinDirector, Tel Aviv Kalisher Extended SchoolDay ClubsCarmit MalkiDirector, Holon Oz Extended School Day ClubsBetty DotanDirector, Holon Amal Extended SchoolDay ClubsLilach NaharyDirector, The Holland Center forBabies and InfantsPaula MalkiDirector, Shaked Center, Ashkelon for Babiesand InfantsRuth ShimoniDirector, Modi’in Center for Babies and InfantsAlexandra HorensteinSocial Worker, Community Support Servicesfor Tel Aviv and Petah TikvaGila KrohnDirector, The Aliza Begin DayHabilitation CenterChava WeingartenDirector, Sharon Region Day HabilitationLiora Gerasi AramaDirector, Achikam Day Habilitation andVocational Center, Tel AvivDavid ShavlevDirector, Rosh Ha’ayin Work Activity Centerand ZerOZer Flower ProjectLina NasirathDirector, Taibeh Day Habilitation andVocational CenterSophie PassokDirector, Ariel Vocational CenterShelly AngelDirector, Kfar Saba Work Activity CenterNadia ImbinadrovDirector, Rishon Lezion Work Activity Center20

FACILITIES AND LOCATIONSCHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITED &CHIMES FOUNDATION, INC.CORPORATE OFFICESThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus4815 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.64001.800.CHIMES1Fax 410.358.8546www.chimes.orgCHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC.Corporate Office / MarylandThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus4815 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.88431.800.CHIMES1Fax 410.358.0031District of ColumbiaAriel Rios Federal BuildingChimes B-351 (North Court)1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20407202.408.0821Fax 202.408.0761PennsylvaniaNaval Support Activity700 Robbins AvenuePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 19111215.722.6325Fax 215.722.6086CHIMES MARYLANDResidential & Support ServicesThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus4814 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.66771.800.CHIMES.1Fax 410.358.1747Chimes School4810 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.8270Fax 410.358.8271Human Resource Management4814 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.6677Fax 410.358.6165Vocational ServicesWork Services, Liberty Club – West,Supported EmploymentThe Terry Allen Perl Center3630 Milford Mill RoadBaltimore, Maryland 21244410.521.1555Fax 410.521.1505Liberty Club - East8515 Kelso DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21221410.358.8932Fax 410.686.6435IntervalsThe Cecil S. Fox CenterThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus4814 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215410.358.6675Fax 410.358.1803Clinical ServicesThe Terry Allen Perl Center3630 Milford Mill RoadBaltimore, Maryland 21244410.521.1555Fax 410.521.1505Curtis Hall Senior AssistedLiving Center1803 Thornbury RoadBaltimore, Maryland 21209410.466.4407Fax 410.466.4406CHIMES DELAWAREAdministrative Offices514 Interchange BoulevardNewark, Delaware 19711302.452.34001.800.9CHIMESFax 302.452.3407Dover165 Commerce WayDover, Delaware 19904302.730.0747Fax 302.730.4345Millsboro26582 John J. Williams HighwayMillsboro, Delaware 19966302.945.6844Fax 302.945.6845CHIMES VIRGINIA3951 Pender Drive, Suite 120Fairfax, Virginia 22030703.267.65581.888.CHIMES4Fax 703.267.9684HOLCOMB BEHAVIORALHEALTH SYSTEMSAdministrative Offices andChester County835 Springdale Drive, Suite 100Exton, Pennsylvania 19341610.363.14881.800.657.5989Fax 610.363.8273Valley Creek Crisis Center469 Creamery WayExton, Pennsylvania 19341610.918.21001.877.918.2100Fax 610.594.1664Berks CountyRockland Professional Building1940 North 13th Street, Suite 248Reading, Pennsylvania 19604610.939.9999Fax 610.939.9996Cornerstone Clubhouse224 Hall StreetPhoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460610.935.2290Fax 610.935.2393Delaware County225 South 69th StreetUpper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082610.352.8943Fax 610.352.8880 or 610.352.5452Prevention / I.D.D. Services126 E. Baltimore PikeGayley SquareMedia, Pennsylvania 19063484.444.0412Fax 484.444.0421Kennett Square - Clinical Home920 E. Baltimore Pike, Suite 200Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348610.388.7400Fax 610.388.740721

Lehigh County1405 North Cedar Crest Boulevard, Suite 105Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104610.435.4151Fax 610.435.3044Developmental Disabilities Services835 Springdale Drive, Suite 100Exton, Pennsylvania 19341610.363.1488Fax 610.363.8273Northampton County929 Northampton StreetEaston, Pennsylvania 18042610.330.9862Fax 610.330.2853SHIP Program540 Collings Avenue, Apt. A-119Collingswood, New Jersey 08107856.858.2616Fax 856.858.1289FAMILY SERVICES ASSOCIATION718 Bridge StreetElkton, Maryland 21921410.398.4060Fax 410.398.8893OPEN DOORClaymont3301 Green StreetClaymont, Delaware 19703302.798.9555Fax 302.798.9550Dover884B Walker RoadDover, Delaware 19904302.678.4911Fax 302.678.4948Newark254 E. Main StreetNewark, Delaware 19711302.731.1504Fax 302.731.2720Seaford107 Pennsylvania Ave.Seaford, DE 19973302.629.7900Fax 302.629.7954Wilmington2400 W. 4th StreetWilmington, Delaware 19805302.654.1816Fax 302.654.4130CHIMES ISRAELExecutive OfficesYehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.3.644.2427Fax 011.972.3.647.4047Resource Development Department13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.50.6610.7140Fax 011.972.3.647.4047Shiluv Vocational Program13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.3.644.2427Fax 011.972.3.647.4047Enoch Extended School Day Clubs9 Hamaaracha Street, Yad EliyahuTel Aviv, Israel011.972.50.697.0891Fax 011.972.3.730.3284Hatzori Extended School Day Clubs1 Soshana Persich StreetJaffa, Israel 48103011.972.50.666.2303Kalisher Extended School Day Clubs27 Repidim StreetTel Aviv, Israel011.972.50.690.2031Oz Extended School Day Clubs2 Shivat Zion StreetHolon, Israel011.972.3.652.1360Amal Extended School Day Clubs16 Habanim StreetHolon, Israel011.972.3.503.5777The Holland Center forBabies and Infants16 Aristo StreetTel Aviv, Israel 68069011.972.3.657.1374Fax 011.972.3.657.1375The Shaked Center forBabies and Infants-Ashkelon21 Plugot Street, Neve YamAshkelon, Israel 78669011. 972.8.699.4744Fax 011.972.8.671.8939Or Modi’in Center for Babies and Infants49 Nachal ZoharModi’in, Israel011.972.8.975.1522Fax 011.972.8.926.4098Community Support Servicesin Tel Aviv & Petach Tikva13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.50.221.6640The Aliza Begin Day Habilitation Center13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.3.647.3988Fax 011.972.3.647.9597Sharon Region Day Habilitation1 Bar Ilan RehovHerzliya. Israel011.972.9.950.0934Achikam Day Habilitation andVocational Center, Tel Aviv13 Ha’arad StreetTel Aviv, Israel 69710011.972.3.644.5227/8Fax 011.972.3.644.5229Rosh Ha'ayin Work Activity Centerand ZerOZer Flower Project9 Hamelacha StreetRosh Ha’ayin, Israel 48091011.972.77.200.6527/8Fax 011.972.77.200.6529Taybeh Day Habilitation andVocational CenterP.O. Box 5469Taybeh, Israel 40400011.972.9.799.6295Fax 011.972.9.799.6293Ariel Vocational Center7 Efron StreetAriel, Israel 40700011. 972.3.641.0643Fax 011.972.3.906.0624Kfar Saba Work Services Center7 Homovil StreetKfar Saba, Israel 44424011.972.9.765.6500Fax 011.972.9.765.5997Rishon Letzion Work Services Center33 Itzchak Ben ZviRitzon Letzion, Israel011.972.3.961.0449Fax 011.972.3.952.399422Chimes Family of Services utilizes state relay services for communication with individuals with hearing impairments. Please dial 711.

Mission StatementChimes Family of Services is a model of excellence with innovative,flexible, and responsive solutions that are customer focusedand results oriented. Chimes, its affiliates, and related organizationsare acknowledged as international leaders in providingservices, supports and employment for people with disabilities.Basic to Chimes system of service is the active involvement ofthe people served, their families and advocates. Equally criticalis a well-trained, dedicated staff and responsive Boards ofDirectors who are committed to excellence in providing Chimesservices. Fundamental to all of Chimes activities is the maintenanceof the highest quality and integrity.Chimes Family of Services organizations are as follows:The Chimes, Inc., dba Chimes MarylandChimes International LimitedChimes Metro, Inc., dba Chimes DelawareChimes Virginia, Inc.Chimes District of Columbia, Inc.Holcomb Associates, Inc., dba HolcombBehavioral Health Systems— Open Door, Inc.— Family Services Association, Inc.Chimes Foundation, IncorporatedChimes IsraelChimes International, LimitedChimes International Limited will lead, coordinate and support theefforts of each affiliate, individually and collectively, to adapt to constantlychanging customer needs while maintaining high quality,cost effective services and supports in order to access all availableprofessional, public and private resources and funding streams.Chimes Foundation, IncorporatedChimes Foundation will provide ongoing financial support forprograms and services which enhance the quality of life forpeople with disabilities. In addition, the efforts of the ChimesFoundation will enhance the image of Chimes Family of Servicesby strategically positioning these organizations among theirvarious publics for the purpose of securing ongoing support.Chimes District of Columbia, Inc.Chimes DC creates and provides employment opportunities forpersons with severe disabilities and other barriers to independentliving throughout the mid-Atlantic region. In addition, Chimes DCserves as the supporting organization for The Chimes, Inc.(Chimes Maryland) by providing economic and other forms ofsupport to this related corporation.Philosophy and Guiding PrinciplesThe philosophy which guides Chimes is based on the beliefthat every person has the right to develop to his or her fullestpotential. Chimes provides the skills and support to assisteach person with disabilities toward achievement of his or heraspirations and goals. The Agency recognizes the uniquenessof each person and promotes feelings of human dignity, a senseof self-worth and the right to make informed choices. Programsand services are developed and provided for each person withspecial needs utilizing an interdisciplinary approach.Individualized supports and services are implemented in amanner, which is culturally normative, age appropriate, andwhich focuses on individual strengths, needs, abilities, interestsand desires. To facilitate implementation, services are providedto each person in the most integrated setting that is availablewhich is appropriate to his or her needs.Chimes further believes that four concepts are guideposts tomaximize the potential of each person receiving services toattain his or her fullest potential and enhance his or her qualityof life.These four concepts are:• Self-worth and human dignity• Normalization and informed choice• Empowerment and autonomy• Integration and inclusionVisionPeople with disabilities will have the opportunities andresources, regardless of disability, to pursue their choices,desires, and dreams. As respected and valued members ofsociety, each individual is supported in realizing his or herpersonal goals, becoming an active participant in his or hercommunity, and having a social network that extends beyondthe organization providing services.Chimes will be the employer of choice in our industry. Thestaff is the single most important factor in achieving models ofexcellence for people with disabilities. Staff are provided thenecessary resources – financial, educational, and emotional –to encourage their personal development as future leaders inthe field.Technology will be incorporated to maximize efficiency,effectiveness, and operational performance in all aspects ofour organization.Chimes, its subsidiaries and affiliates, does not discriminate in the provision of services to persons served and is an equal opportunityemployer as stated in the Chimes Policy on Nondiscrimination. In accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.23

Corporate OfficesThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus4815 Seton DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21215Nonprofit Org.US PostageP A I DBaltimore MDPermit #6398TIME SENSITIVEDO NOT DELAY410.358.6400 • 1.800.CHIMES1 • Fax: 410.358.8546 • TTY users please call®Past recipient of U.S. Senate Productivity AwardMaryland’s Most Prestigious Award forOrganizational Performance ExcellenceChimes International, Ltd.Meets Extensive Standards of America’sMost Experienced Charity Evaluator12/2011

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