43rd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics Challenging ... - BME


43rd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics Challenging ... - BME

43 rd Symposium

Purchasing and Logistics

Challenging Markets

Symposium Programme

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10 th – 12 th November 2008

Berlin – InterContinental

■ Procurement Markets under Transformation

■ Global Procurement

■ Supplier and Quality Management

■ Controlling and Risk Management

Purchasing for Projects

■ Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Purchasing and Technology

■ Modern Purchasing Organisation


Symposium 2008

Europe’s largest Symposium for purchasing executives is approaching fast

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Outlook 2008

2008 is a turbulent year offering both opportunities and risks. Today’s markets are as volatile as ever before. Despite the

strong growth of the German business sector, uncertainty is increasing. Prices for basic commodities, raw materials and

logistics services are constantly on the rise. The procurement markets are experiencing temporary shortages. In the light of

this development, companies must always be ready to face new challenges.

Therefore, purchasing and supply management are key factors in a company’s success. In order to successfully cover the

span between cost optimisation, quality assurance and availability, it is necessary to identify innovative solutions.

Under the slogan “Challenging Markets” we will present as well as intensively discuss new tried and tested solutions for

global procurement, partnerships with suppliers and supply chain management.

Face the challenges!

We welcome you to Berlin.

Dr Jürgen Marquard

Head of Strategic Procurement,

Bosch Rexroth AG, President, BME

Dr Holger Hildebrandt

Chief Executive Officer, BME

Programme Overview


Monday, 10 th November 2008

from 8.00 Check-in and handing out of Symposium documents

8.30 Opening of the trade exhibition

10.00 Opening plenary

11.00 Networking at the trade exhibition, coffee break

11.45 Continuation of the opening plenary

12.45 Networking at the trade exhibition, lunch break

Procurement Markets Global Procurement Supplier and Controlling and

under Transformation Quality Management Risk Manageme

FK 1

Green Procurement

and Sustainability

FK 2

Leadership in

Global Procurement

FK 3

Sustainable Supplier


FK 4



14.45 How green is your procurement? Design and implementation Systematic supplier development: Securing cost saving

of a state of the art procurement Success factors and by forging strategic all

organisation strategies

15.30 Can green procurement create Successful sourcing of Strategic supplier and Global transparency in sp

sustainable value for your high technology in Asia risk management in within a complex

company? financial services company landscap

17.15 Sustainability – A parameter for Forming a successful purchasing Successful supplier management of a Rising prices, material sh

purchasing based on an example from organisation to meet the demands of branded company in the Far East – Grasping and globalisation – No obsta

the pharmaceutical industry globalisation of an automotive supplier opportunities and minimising risks optimisation of purchasin

Evening event with presentation of innovation award

Tuesday, 11 th November 2008

8.45 The Russian Bear – Implementation of a Lean Procure- Qualified Suppliers as Cost Saving Potentia

MS 1 Opportunity or Threat? MS 2 ment Organisation in Emerging MS 3 Key Success Factor in MS 4 Effective Spend and

Markets – Dubai Example Opening up New Markets Contract Manageme

FK 9

Cost Optimisation in

Motley Markets

FK 10

Human Resources and


FK 11 Supplier Management FK 12

Controlling and Me

of Success in Purch

10.00 Purchasing Chessboard – The Purchasing transformation Supplier management as value driver – Applicable purchasing con

answer to transformations in at LEGO holistic approaches to ensure value also for medium-sized com

procurement markets contribution to the company

11.30 Purchasing energy at the right People development: Creation of a transparent supplier Measurement and develo

time for an optimal period and Make the challenge the information system by making use of the of value contribution i

with a suitable partner opportunity Newtron module for supplier management purchasing functio

12.15 Modern cost reduction instruments Using metrics for a targeted Challenges of Purchasing controlli

of an automotive supplier as an human resource development supplier management in the in a diversified compa

answer to the increasing cost pressure in procurement procurement of services Measuring results a

in the automotive industry creating transparen

FK 17

Purchasing of Steel and

Industry Metals

FK 18 Global Sourcing FK 19 Quality Management FK 20

Risk and

Compliance Manag

14.30 Challenges of steel procurement Supplier development in an Integration of suppliers Risk minimisation b

from the viewpoint of an international environment for a in the quality process anticipatory contra

international automotive supplier successful development process management

15.15 Procurement strategies Procurement handling via Cost savings with purchased parts: Efficient risk managem

depending on the Shared Service Center in Romania Quality cost analysis in practice in the procurement

market situation raw material

16.45 Excellent raw material supply – World class Quality partnership Risk management

Control of raw material prices procurement organisation with suppliers an instrument of

or controlling

Evening event

strategic purchasin

Wednesday, 12 th November 2008

8.15 Volatile Raw Material Prices –

MS 9

Time to Act! Cairo’s

Commodities: The Commodity

Management Portal

MS 10

Legal Aspects of Sending

Staff to China

MS 11

Beyond IT – Global Sourcing

of Services: KPO

MS 12

Compliance in the

Procurement Proces

9.15 Final plenary

10.30 Networking at the trade exhibition, coffee break

11.00 Continuation of final plenary

12.00 End of the 43 rd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

Purchasing for Projects Supply Chain Purchasing and Modern

t Management (SCM) Technology Purchasing Organisation

The Role of Innovative Solutions Caught in the Crossfire between Purchasing as a High

FK 5 FK 6 FK 7 FK 8

Purchasing in Project Work in the Supply Chain Purchasing and Technology Performance Organisation

s Sustainable cost optimisation Performance measurement: Schumi gets on motorbike – Time Development of strategic purchasing

ances of the value chain in plant Efficient control of to market in record time by creating a competence by introducing a

engineering supply chains perfect purchasing-technology interface Management Cockpit

ending Purchasing in organisations Strategic Co-operation between Achieving full integration of

representing several brands procurement management purchasing and technology/value sourcing and procurement:

e analysis at DORMA A holistic approach

rtages Project procurement, category manage- Airbus Power8 OptiMa: IT based contract

cles for the ment and procurement engineering – logistics Optimising material costs management in purchasing

g costs The pillars of strategic purchasing

ls by Key Performance Indicators E-Procurement Excellence Business Intelligence Structured Implementation of

MS 5 in Travel Management MS 6 in the Public Sector MS 7 in Purchasing is more MS 8 Purchasing Strategies

nt Purchasing than just Reporting Using Professional IT-Tools

asurement Cost Saving Potential Regarding Reduction of Capital Cross-functional Co-operation Transparency and

FK 13

FK 14

FK 15

FK 16

asing the Purchasing of Services Commitment by SCM of Purchasing/Technology Strategy

trolling MSP – The key to Obtaining value enhancement by Success factors in Formula 1 Optimisation of value creation

panies success in purchasing collaborative supplier financing – Case procurement and key learnings in operative purchasing

IT services study of KNORR-Bremse Group for other industries

pment Systematic exploitation of Supply chain as a contributing Introduction of cross-functional E-Procurement in medium-sized

n the success potentials when factor to optimise teams at companies – Is this the right way

n purchasing services – A “recipe” company revenues MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG for process and cost optimisation?

ng Optimal purchasing of Economic optimisation of available Cross-functional Gaining reputation by

ny – services in the event stock by taking into account supplier management introducing cost structure



management sector company-specific risk criteria analyses to purchasing

Outsourcing and the Top Performances

FK 21

FK 22

ement Provision of Packages in the Supply Chain

From Strategy to Structured Development of Intelligent Technical Tapping Location

MS 13

Implementation: Automated

Procurement of IT Services

MS 14

Global Value Creation

Activities Having a

MS 15

Documentation – Benefits of

Spare Parts Management and

MS 16

Potentials by Introducing

Innovative Material

at LBBW Viable Future Maintenance Control Group Management


FK 23

Indirect Purchasing FK 24 Value Contribution by eCl@ss

y Purchasing of IT services Development trends in Transforming a procurement Use of standardised product data in order

ct in times where skilled supply chain management organisation – Technology as a to optimise client and supplier

staff are hard to find strategic component relationships, with an example

from the automotive industry

ent Cost optimisation by introducing New Wave – Increasing the service Global purchasing of Harmonisation of technical

of intelligent procurement logistics degree and decreasing stock by

achieving holistic optimisation

non-production material master data at BASF

– Opening up a new purchasing Supply Chain Collaboration as a success Outsourcing of Efficient value chains

dimension by building risk factor – Management of integrated indirect material in the supply chain

g share partners performance chains in practice

Opening Plenary

10.00 Opening

Dr Jürgen Marquard,

President, BME

Head of Strategic Procurement,

Bosch Rexroth AG

10.30 Industry Location Germany:

Intelligent Production for the Future

Manfred Wittenstein,

President of the VDMA

(German Engineering Federation)

11.00 Networking at the trade exhibition, coffee break

11.45 Logistics of the Future:

Innovations at DB AG

Hartmut Mehdorn,

CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG

(German Rail)

12.15 Supply Management in the Capital Goods Industry:

Strategic Success Factor in Turbulent Procurement Markets

Dr Bertram Ehmann,


Siemens Transformers Business Unit

Presentation of Plenary:

Prof. Dr Robert Fieten,

Symposium Director,

Head of Management Research Team

12.45 Networking at the trade exhibition, lunch break

Monday morning, 10 th November 2008

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Monday afternoon, 10 th November 2008


Symposium 2

Leadership in

Global Procurement


Horst Wiedmann, Vice President, Corporate Purchasing &

Logistics, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen

Design and implementation of a state of the art

procurement organisation

Set-up of a project procurement organisation

Development and deployment of “Golden Rules”

Management of Partners & Alliances

Florian Lissmann, CPO,

EADS Defence & Communication Systems, Unterschleissheim

Ralf Schulz, Partner,

h&z Unternehmensberatung, Munich

Successful sourcing of high technology in Asia

Specific requirements

How do I find and audit appropriate suppliers?

The trade off between risks and benefits

Stephan Biesenbach, CPO,

Vattenfall AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Christian A. Rast, CEO,

BrainNet Supply Management Goup AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

Forming a successful purchasing organisation

to meet the demands of globalisation for an

automotive supplier

Principles for a world class purchasing organisation

Global organisation set-up

Strategy for entry in new markets

Dr.-Ing. Hubertus Tuczek, General Management,

Dräxlmaier Group, Vilsbiburg

Symposium 7

Caught in the Crossfire between

Purchasing and Technology


Prof. Dr Kai-Ingo Voigt, Chair of Industrial Management,

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuernberg

Schumi gets on motorbike – Time to market in

record time by creating a perfect purchasingtechnology


5 weeks from idea to production

Slimming down integrated product development to what is


What kind of contribution can motorsports make to


Oliver Schimpf, CEO/CTO,

Schuberth GmbH, Magdeburg

Dr Thomas Romeiser, General Manager,

Drozak Consulting GmbH, Berlin

Co-operation between purchasing and

technology/value analysis at DORMA

Technology and purchasing as partners in the creation of


Supplier selection by applying technical criteria

Supplier and quality management – Special characteristics of

technical purchasing

Jürgen Obergfell, Head of Strategic Purchasing/Value Analysis

DORMA Holding GmbH + Co. KGaA, Ennepetal

Franz-Josef Hövener, Head of Value Analysis,

DORMA Holding GmbH + Co. KGaA, Ennepetal

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

OptiMa: Optimising material costs

Call for action to reduce production costs

Project development while taking the company's

matrix organisation into account

Co-operation with engineering/outlook

Jürgen Pfeffer, Director Supply Chain,

MAG Industrial Automation Systems, Ludwigsburg


Evening event

Our partners are delighted to invite you to:

Swinging Berlin

Enjoy a show which takes you on a

journey back to the roaring 20s and

30s in Berlin.

Morning Special 1

Winter Dream

The capital city is set to

warm up for winter,

creating a special ambience

and atmosphere.

The Russian Bear – Opportunity or Threat?

Status quo of the Russian market as a sourcing market

Risk factors: Legal and administrative aspects

Key to success: Contact to Russian business partners

Wolfgang F. Grassl, Managing Director,

BrainNet EAC GmbH, Bonn

together with

BEITEN BURKHARDT, International Law Firm, Moscow

Chill Out'N Enjoy


Christine Bauer,

Head of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics,

Authorised Officer, ORANIER Heiz- und Kochtechnik GmbH,


In a class of its own. An aesthetically

crafted and clear-lined lounge offering

excellent opportunities to relax and


Monday evening, 10 th November 2008

Morning Special 7

Sports Bar

Good Food

Good Times

Good Sports

Wine Tasting

A.T. Kearney is more than delighted to invite you to an

exquisite wine event: Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of a

fireplace room where you can swap information with

insiders of the wine business. Join in on a tasting tour of

selected wines and learn about their cultural dimensions.

Tuesday morning, 11 th November 2008

Business Intelligence in Purchasing is

more than just Reporting

Why is the use of BI systems in purchasing often not


How should a comprehensive and integrated selection

process look?

Successful use of BI systems in purchasing: What are

the key topics?

Alexander Trost,

Corporate Materials Management,

ThyssenKrupp AG, Düsseldorf

Andreas Brater, Senior Manager,

BearingPoint GmbH, Frankfurt/M.


Matthias Berg,

Project Manager of Procurement Supplier Unit,

BME e.V., Frankfurt/M.







Tuesday morning, 11 th November 2008


Symposium 10

Human Resources

and Organisations


Jonny Schmidt, CEO & CPO,

Evonik Services GmbH, Essen

Purchasing transformation at LEGO

Establishing new Purchasing Organisations

Strategic insights and outcomes beyond the e-procurement


The subsequent new view on category management

Thomas Vedel Jensen, Manager Category Management,

Lego System A/S, Billund, Denmark

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

People development: Make the challenge the


Key objectives

The options

How to make it happen

Lothar Fischer, Associated Vice President Corporate Purchasing

Industrial Affairs, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH,


Using metrics for a targeted human resource

development in procurement

Measuring efficiency through metrics analysis in procurement

Backing human resource development with metrics

Hands-on examples

Beata Spitz, Head of Quality and Process Management,

Voith Turbo Schneider Propulsion GmbH & Co. KG, Heidenheim

Lunch break; networking at the trade exhibition

Symposium 15

Cross-functional Co-operation

of Purchasing/Technology


Gerhard Lechner, Head of Procurement,

GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft, Bielefeld

Success factors in Formula 1 procurement and

key learnings for other industries

Specific situation in Formula 1, success factors from

Toyota´s point of view

What can corporate procurement learn from Formula 1?

Best practice sharing and transfer to industry

Malcom Boote, Director Supply & Support,

Toyota Motorsport GmbH, Cologne

Dr Silke Mayer, Vice President,

Drozak Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

Introduction of cross-functional teams at

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

Facing future challenges by introducing Cross Functional

Teams (CFTs)

Co-operation forms, objectives and tasks of CFTs

Key success factors of a sustainable and cross-divisional

co-operation between purchasing and technology

Martina Buchhauser, Head of the Central Purchasing Division,

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Munich

Cross-functional supplier management

Co-operative selection of suppliers

Monetary evaluation of technical requirements

Supplier control by value contribution

Prof. Dr Willi Muschinski, Chair of Purchasing & Logistics,

Niederrhein University, Moenchengladbach

Lunch break; networking at the trade exhibition





Symposium 18

Global Sourcing


Prof. Dr Ronald Bogaschewsky,

Chair of Business Administration and Industrial Management,

Julius-Maximilians University, Wuerzburg

Supplier development in an international

environment for a successful development process

Success factors and examples

International characteristics

Tilmann Kloppe, Director Supplier Quality and Development,

MTU Aero Engines GmbH, Munich

Procurement handling via Shared Service Center

in Romania

Preparation and implementation

Task in the Shared Service Center

Human-Research-Management – Experiences

Jörn Stelzner, CPO,

Freudenberg Vliesstoffe – FV Service KG, Weinheim

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

World Class Procurement Organisation

Designing and implementing

Managing a global procurement organisation

Boosting performance

Dr Werner Breuers, Board of Management,

LANXESS AG, Leverkusen

Tuesday afternoon, 11 th November 2008

Symposium 23

Indirect Purchasing


Dr Lars Kleeberg, Head of Materials Management,

K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Kassel

Transforming a procurement organisation –

Technology as a strategic component

The driver behind purchasing: spend visibility

New E-Sourcing strategies: How to deal with inflationary


Mitigation of supplier risks: consistent contract management

Dr Hans Elmsheuser, Head of Global Procurement,

Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Basel, Switzerland

Gerald Ismaier, General Manager Central Europe,

Emptoris Deutschland GmbH, Munich

Global purchasing of non-production material

Definition of non-production material

Requirements for the creation of an effective global


Global and regional material fields and their dependencies

Herbert Buck, Head of Indirect Procurement,

Nokia Siemens Networks, Munich

Coffee break; networking at the trade exhibition

Outsourcing of indirect material

Reasons for the outsourcing of Low Value Activities


Experiences & next steps

Peter Kraft, Senior Sourcing Manager,

Bristol Meyers Squibb GmbH & Co. KGaA, Munich



Tuesday evening, 11 th November 2008

Special Events

On 11 th November 2008, from 7 pm, you are offered a variety of events blending networking and infotainment.

Our partners will be delighted to invite you to:

“Thank you for the

music“ – The ABBA-Story

Travel back to the 1970s and enjoy live

performances from the original Estrel

Show “The ABBA Story”, bringing back

memories of the good times. At the

“Schweizerhof” you are offered a Flying

Buffett accompanied by all-time classic

Abba hits such as “Waterloo“, “Mamma

Mia“, “Money, Money, Money“ and

“Dancing Queen“.

Zoo Aquarium


Exploring the world below the sea is an

exciting adventure characterised by a

unique atmosphere. Accompanied by

chill-out lounge music you can enjoy

aquariums filled with exotic fish, an

impressive shark tank as well as great

Mediterranean dishes.

Marlene Bar

Please note that the number of participants is limited. Therefore it is necessary to register for the special events.

The enclosed registration form enables you to indicate which particular special event you would like to attend.

Wednesday morning, 12 th November 2008


Morning Special 10

Legal Aspects of Sending Staff to China

Labour law: Possible drafts of contracts, rights of the works


Social Security law: Social Security agreements and national


Tax law: Right of taxation according to Double Taxation


Aliens Act: Visa and work permit

Ralf Roesner, Lawyer specialised in labour and social law,

BEITEN BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/M.

Dr Marcus Longino, Lawyer specialised in labour law, BEITEN

BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/M.


Martin Kühl,

BME Chief Representative, Shanghai, China

Morning Special 15

At the InterContinental Hotel, the

Marlene Bar is hosting a get-together

where you can exchange experiences

and information.

Intelligent Technical Documentation –

Benefits of Spare Parts Management and

Maintenance Control

Creation of a process landscape with intelligent


Collection of resource data

Spare parts management and maintenance control

in an ERP system based on resource data

Walter Scharlau, Head of Project IETP-Tools,

Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, Fürstenfeldbruck


Dr Dietmar Kirchner, Senior Advisor,

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt/M.

Plenary Session

09.15 First the Plate than the Tank – How the North is Living

at the Expense of the South

Renate Künast,

Chairwoman of the Green parliamentary party of

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

09.45 Commitment to Excellence – How Daimler and their

Suppliers Jointly Tackle Global Challenges

Dr Heinrich Reidelbach,

Vice President Corporate Procurement Services,

Daimler AG

10.05 Challenging Markets: Strategies and War for Talents

Discussion panel with:

John Paterson,

Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer,

IBM Corporation – Integrated Supply Chain, Procurement, USA

Dr Heinrich Reidelbach,

Vice President Corporate Procurement Services, Daimler AG

Innovation award winners

10.30 Networking at the trade exhibition, coffee break

11.00 China’s Role in the World

Helmut Schmidt,

Former Chancellor

of Germany

Presentation of Plenary Session:

Prof. Dr Robert Fieten,

Symposium Director,

Head of Management Research Team

12.00 End of the 43 rd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

Wednesday morning, 12 th November 2008


11 th –12 th November 2008

China Sourcing

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In times of globalisation, only companies implementing and operating an

efficient quality and cost management can achieve long-term sustainability.

Product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Market maturity must be

attained faster. In order to pursue these aims it is essential that modern

procurement strategies are available and aligned with a global approach to

purchasing and production. In this light, China has a special role to play.

China has become Germany’s largest trade partner in Asia and has long

since developed into one of the most important procurement markets in

the world. However the expansion of the product portfolio as well as the

establishment of local production facilities has exposed the supply chain to

an increasing number of risks. In most cases the first sample product still

complies with the required standard. But what is to be done, if the next

deliveries fail to meet the necessary requirements.

When it comes to leveraging procurement in China, it is vital to carry out

on-the-spot quality inspections as well as introduce a systematic supplier

management. Moreover, many companies still fail to include the not in

substantial logistics costs in the organisation of their procurement

processes. It can easily happen that location advantages are offset by these



1 st Day: Tuesday, 11 th November 2008

Conference Chairman:

Dr Manuel Vermeer, East Asia Institute at the

Ludwigshafen School of Business, Owner of

Dr. Vermeer-Consult, Gaiberg/Heidelberg

09.00 Welcome of conference participants and

opening of the conference

09.15 Procurement market China – Current hot topics

New procurement trends in China

China - no longer a low-cost country?!

Emerging products and industries of interest

Dr Manuel Vermeer

10.00 Networking and morning refreshments

10.30 Challenges in the Supply Chain between Asia and Europe

Intermodal integration of networks between Asia and Europe

IT modules secure a transparent flow of data in contract


Value-added services lead to an optimal supply of

customers in Europe

Bernhard Simon, Chairman of

DACHSER GmbH & Co. KG, Kempten

11.15 Managing customs and tariffs regarding

purchasing and logistics activities in the

People’s Republic of China

Customs tariffs in the EU

Possibilities to optimise EU imports

Special provisions of the customs tariffs in China

Dr Michael Tervooren, Lawyer, Manager,

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Duesseldorf

12.00 Networking Lunch

13.30 Total cost of ownership of a supply chain

including Chinese suppliers

Influencing factors & Parameters

Models and possibilities to calculate TCO

Practical example: Optimisation of supply chain costs

Sebastian Maling, Partner, sourceit GmbH, Munich and

Ralf Schnitzler, Head of Procurement & Quality Management,Wera

Werk, Hermann Werner GmbH & CO. KG,


This conference aims to provide you with fundamental knowledge,

enabling you to make the most of your existing business in China as well

as allowing newcomers to enter the market well prepared. The transfer of

reliable know-how is a key element of success, especially when entering an

often opaque market such as China’s.

Join the conference and take full advantage of this opportunity to establish

valuable contacts as well as share experiences with experts and meet with


We look forward to welcoming you to the BME Special Conference

“China Sourcing: Quality Assurance in Procurement and Production”

on 11 th November 2008 in Berlin.

With best regards,

Martin Kühl

Chief Representative

BME China

14.15 Integrating Chinese suppliers into the global supply

chain management

Chinese suppliers as an integral part of a global

procurement strategy

Requirements and selection criteria – How can a supplier

be identified and integrated?

Risk reduction

Johannes Braun, Head of Global Purchase,

Shanghai Schuler Presses Co. Ltd., China

15.00 Successful local procurement: Making the best of local


Intercultural aspects – successful integration of local staff

Hypothesis of a successful co-operation

Recommendations for actions

Mathias Esgen, Purchasing Engineering Serial, Bosch

Rexroth AG, Lohr

15.45 Networking and afternoon refreshments

16.15 Quality management in China – Expectations and reality

European quality standards compared to Chinese

standards - reasons for quality problems

Costs and benefits of quality management in China

Opportunities and risks for medium-sized companies

Thomas Kaiser, General Manager, TUV Rheinland

(Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China

17.00 Supplier selection using the BME-Qualified-

Supplier-Database (QSD)

Qualified database as a central key factor for success

Avoiding supplier-specific risks of global sourcing’

Spending less time and effort looking for new qualified


Exchange of experiences with other companies

Martin Kühl, BME Chief Representative, China

17.45 End of day one

Parallel conference to the Symposium

19.00 Our partners invite you to the “Marlene Bar”

2 nd Day: Wednesday, 12 th November 2008

Morning Special 10 (see page 10)

Final Plenary (see page 11)

Participation requirements

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43 rd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

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Monday Afternoon � FK 1 � FK 2 � FK 3 � FK 4 � FK 5 � FK 6 � FK 7 � FK 8

Tuesday Morning Special � MS 1 � MS 2 � MS 3 � MS 4 � MS 5 � MS 6 � MS 7 � MS 8

Tuesday Morning � FK 9 � FK 10 � FK 11 � FK 12 � FK 13 � FK 14 � FK 15 � FK 16

Tuesday Afternoon � FK 17 � FK 18 � FK 19 � FK 20 � FK 21 � FK 22 � FK 23 � FK 24

Wednesday Morning Special � MS 9 � MS 10 � MS 11 � MS 12 � MS 13 � MS 14 � MS 15 � MS 16

Evening Event on Monday, 10.11.2008: � yes � no � with accompanying person

Special Events on Tuesday, 11.11.2008: � The ABBA Story � Zoo Aquarium � Marlene Bar

E-mail Event No.: 2510801

BME e.V. Bolongarostr. 82 D-65929 Frankfurt/Main

Phone: +49 (0)69 30838-217 Fax: +49 (0)69 30838-199 www.ammpl.org/symposium

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