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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Bucklands Beach Intermediate School

Reach for the HeightsAUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND

WelcomeBucklands Beach Intermediate School opened in 1976 to provide quality education topreadolescent students in the 11-13 year age group.This is a crucial stage in children’s schooling. It is a time of rapid change. Noticeable physicalchanges occur and emotional and social attitudes are going through a key stage of development.With many students, intellectual interests and abilities begin to broaden in scope. Some developthese to considerable depth.Years 7 and 8 are part of a period in the life of children when they move from the primary‘generalist’ based system to a more specialised one offered by secondary schools. Specialin‐depth education is required to help students through these “middle years”.Our curriculum is designed to assist and prepare students for this transition. We seek to structureprogrammes which cater for the needs of all our students, enabling them to reach their fullestpotential. We aim to develop competent, confident self-directed learners. Our curriculum iswide ranging and covers not only the academic fields, but the physical and cultural areas as well.Children pass through these years but once. Our aim is to provide the best quality educationpossible to ensure each student reaches his/her maximum potential.

Whaia te TikitikiSchool Emblem and MottoThe school emblem, which depictsa pigeon flying to the top of PigeonMountain was designed by a studentsoon after the school opened in 1976. Themotto, “Whaia te Tikitiki” which we translateas meaning “Reach for the Heights” comes fromthe Maori “Whaia”, meaning to follow or pursue,and “Tikitiki”, meaning lofty or heights. We think it is avery appropriate motto for our school and one which weencourage all students to follow.

MissionTo educate, guide and mentor all students to becomesuccessful, internationally minded, lifelong learners.VisionBBI students are self-motivated, with a love for learning. They are excited by the opportunities providedat school, and have the independence of spirit to become life long learners. They are active participantsin their learning, rather than it being seen as something that is “done’ to them.Learners give consideration to their own learning and experience, assessing and understanding theirstrengths and limitations in order to set targets and goals to support their learning and personaldevelopment. They are effective thinkers, with the creative, critical and metacognitive skills required toenable them to learn how to learn.Students will develop self-awareness, courage and confidence in themselves as risk-takers in theirlearning. They are proud of their achievements, recognising their uniqueness. They are confident decisionmakers, and have high expectations of themselves and others.Students have an understanding of the bicultural and multi-cultural nature of our school and New Zealandsociety. They are internationally-minded, future focused citizens, aware of their responsibilities towardsthe environment in which they exist, and to the people they share it with. Students act with integrity andrespect, acknowledging the consequences of their actions.In turn, BBI provides the structures, the environment and the support to enable each student to meetwith success. There is a positive school culture based on mutual respect and understanding, inspiring allto strive for their personal best.For students to be successful, we establish a partnership between students, teachers and parents/caregivers, with all working together in the best interests of the learner. The school actively promotes thispartnership.Student learning is the focus for all that we do.

ValuesCore Values - What we value.I. The learning needs of our students.II. Diversity and difference.III. Education seen as a partnership.IV. All learners are goal setters and reflective.V. Care for others and the environment.In achieving our core values students will:• be active participants in their learning.• be safe and secure.• act with integrity and respect, and take responsibilty for their actions.• make a positive difference to the lives of others and the environment.• set goals to support their learning and personal development.• have high expectations and take pride in being a member of BBI.• respect New Zealand’s bicultural and multicultural heritage.In achieving our core values staff will:• develop innovative programmes which offer all students the opportunity to succeed.• create a welcoming learning environment.• maintain a climate of mutual respect.• strive for excellence.• respect New Zealand’s bicultural and multicultural heritage.• be committed to achieving school’s vision.• consider themselves as learners and set goals for their development.

W“We want students to beproud of who they are”

GoalsThe following strategic goal areas will be the focus of our school. They highlight the areas in which theschool expects to demonstrate performance and achievement in relation to the Government’s nationaleducation priorities.Bucklands Beach Intermediate goal areas reflect three interlinking components believed essential for theoverall development of our school.Student Progress and Achievement.All associated with BBI will work towards enhancing learning by ensuring each student has access toan appropriate curriculum, is actively engaged in the learning process, and develops as a confident,connected, actively involved lifelong learner.Supporting Quality Teaching and Learning.In order to optimise opportunities for students and teachers to achieve highly, it is essential appropriatesupport structures that best support quality teaching and learning are in place.Physical and Financial Resources to Support Learning Outcomes.In order for students and teachers to achieve highly it is essential the physical, financial and structuralresources that best support curriculum goals be supplied.

w“We promote self-directedindependent learners”

Performance“The very positive reporting history of the school continues under the current senior leadership team.”“The school has worked steadily towards preparing students to become 21st century learners. Theybenefit from an impressive variety of high quality specialist and classroom programmes as well as additionalcultural, academic and sporting opportunities. Students capably and confidently use information andcommunication technologies (ICT) to support their learning in all curriculum areas. In addition, studentsare taught useful strategies to manage their own learning and progress. Students confidently discusstheir achievement, reflect on the useful feedback they receive from teachers and their peers and setappropriate goals to target their next steps in learning.”“Teachers model enthusiasm for and commitment to learning. Relaxed and respectful relationshipsamongst students and between students and adults provide an environment of trust which encouragesinnovation and enables students to take on academic challenges. The comprehensive programme ofprofessional development for teachers focuses on current teaching approaches in literacy and numeracyand contributes to the high quality teaching practice evident within the school. Teachers’ professionalismis demonstrated by their commitment to continuous improvement in their teaching practice.”Education Review Office Review, 2009A full report can be read by logging on through our website: www.bbi.school.nz

N“No matter how smallthe task, leave yourmark of excellence”

AttendanceSchool Hours8.40am School commences3.00pm School finishesAttendanceAll students should assemble outside the school hall on the first day of term. It is not necessary for youto be with your child on the first day. Students are required to attend school whenever it is open unlessthey are sick or have good reason to be absent. It is important that teachers and parents know wherestudents are. If the following procedures are followed your child’s interests are protected.1 In the case of sickness or absence it would be appreciated if parents ring the office to inform us of thereason for the absence. This call should also be followed by a note on the student’s return to school.2 In the case of leave from school for doctor, dentist, etc. a note should be given to the class teacheron the day leave is required. Students must sign out at the office prior to leaving the schoolgrounds, and sign in upon return.These procedures are not only a matter of courtesy but are also a safeguard for your child. Please keepthe school informed of changes of address and changes in home or work telephone numbers.The school has no authority to grant students exemption from lessons during school hours to attendmusic lessons, dancing etc. We would ask that appointments, whenever possible, be made outside ofschool hours. This helps avoid unnecessary disruption to class programmes. If for some reason your childis unable to commence school on the first official date you should forward written notification to theschool office prior to the end of this school year. Places will not be held for students who have not givenwritten notification and reason for absence.Information CentreThis school’s Information Centre is open from 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.15am to4pm on Friday. The Information Centre is run by a librarian and it is available to all students.School ContributionsTo enable purchases of extra items of equipment the Board of Trustees requests parents to make acontribution at the beginning of each year. These funds cover the purchase of sports equipment, additionallibrary books, audiovisual equipment plus many other items for the benefit of students. Materials used inspecialist programmes are covered by these fees. It is anticipated that most transport costs for class andsporting visits will be covered from these fees. Parents will be sent a contribution statement early in theyear. These may be paid at the new parents’ evening. Should payment prove difficult parents are invitedto speak with the Principal, in confidence, to make arrangements for a spread of payment.

O“Our learningconnects us tothe wider world”

EnrolmentThese guidelines are issued under section 11G(3) of the Education Act 1989.The Secretary of Education has given written notice that the Secretary is satisfied that there is likely tobe overcrowding at the school unless an enrolment scheme is put in place. The enrolment scheme inforce is as follows:Enrolment SchemeAs of right, all prospective students whose place of current residence is within the area defined below asthe “Home Zone” have a right of attendance at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School:Bucklands Beach Peninsula to Mellons Bay valley including all side roads to the intersection of Gills Rd andBleakhouse Rd round-about, along Gills Road (both sides) excluding the roads on the Highway side of GillsRoad, through to Pigeon Mountain Road (both sides), excluding all roads to the west of Pigeon MountainRoad and ending at the water.Selection of applicants who live outside the home zoneThe order of priority for applicants who live outside the school’s home zone, shouldplaces be available, is as follows:• first priority - this priority category is not applicable at this school because theschool does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary;• second priority must be given to any applicant who is the sibling of acurrent student of the school;• third priority must be given to any student who is the sibling of aformer student of the school;• fourth priority must be given to any applicant who is a child of aformer student of the school;• fifth priority must be given to any applicant who is either a childof an employee of the board of the school or a child ofa member of the board of the school;• sixth priority must be given to all other applicants;

W“We welcomeprospectivestudents”

TeamworkEducation Outside The ClassroomThis school has had a long and very successful involvement in Outdoor Education. Our policy is to involve,if possible, all Year 7 students in a school camp early in their first term with us. In this way, maximumbenefits can be gained from the experience.Year 7 students have been attending the camp at Administration Bay on Motutapu Island for a numberof years. We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for students to ‘bond’ as a class and a team.This camp is situated in a beautiful spot. The students share dormitories. A number of parents, teachersand helpers go along and it is an ideal opportunity to make friends and learn more about New Zealand’soutdoors. The camp groups travel by ferry to the island and then tramp (with a small day pack) tothe site.We will be seeking parent support to accompany classes on these visits. Our experience has shown thatparents who do go find it a very worthwhile experience.Students will have opportunities to participate in field trips associated with class programmes. These areseen as an important aspect of a particular study and it is hoped all students can participate.School RulesWe try to operate with a minimum number of rules in the belief that our school should run as acommunity with the normal rules of society being sufficient. There are a few out-of-bound areas andseveral safety rules.We expect:• courtesy and consideration at all times.• clean, tidy presentation both of work and self.• high standards of self-discipline.• an effort on the part of the students to do their best in all school activities.Offence notices are issued for a breach of any rule. Rules are clearly outlined to all students, as are theconsequences of committing any offence.School CouncilCouncillors are nominated by each class and appointed by the teacher. The councillors meet weeklywith the teacher in charge. They discuss matters of student welfare and student centred activities andreport to the Principal. Councillors are seen as role models for all students and the position of councilloris highly valued.

A“At Bucklands BeachIntermediate we canshare our ideas”

CommunityParent Teacher Association (PTA)The PTA committee is elected annually with elections in February/March. Parents are welcome to be partof this committee which supports the school in a number of ways. For more information please contactthe current Chairperson.LunchesA lunch scheme operates within our school. A variety of healthy lunches including fresh sandwiches,toasted sandwiches, pies, hot dogs etc. is available. Students wishing to purchase a lunch, do so byplacing their order before school at the school café. A price list is available in the classroom.The student café is also open before school and at morning interval where a range of products whichpromote healthy eating can be purchased.After School ClassesAfter School Classes have been run at BBI for a number of years. These classes have been very popular. Theyare run in two semesters of 15 or 16 weeks each. In the past the following classes have been offered:Japanese for beginners, Japanese - advanced, Chinese, ESOL, French, Guitar, Art/Ceramics/Craft, Dancing,Drama and Theatre Sports. These are held in the afternoons between 3.30 and 4.30pm. Information willbe sent home early in the school yearRoad SafetyParents are asked to use the turnaround bay to pick up or set down students whenever possible. Pleasenote that the turnaround bay has traffic flow in one direction only.Any student who crosses Bucklands Beach Road should use the controlled pedestrian crossing outsidethe school gate.BicyclesParking space is allocated to those who live over 1.5 kilometres from school. Other students are consideredto be within walking distance. It is expected that bicycles are in a safe, roadworthy condition. It is essentialthat bicycles are locked to the bike racks during the day. It is a legal requirement for all students to weara safety approved cycle helmet when riding a bike.School BusThe school bus leaves the BBI bus bay at around 3.10pm. If you have any queries, phone Howick & EasternBuses on 273 3660.

W“We understandthat what we docan have a positiveimpact on others”

T“The choices on offerat Bucklands BeachIntermediate are endless”

LearningIt is recognised that for teachers to cater to all students’ learning needs, we must establish achievementlevels and next steps for learning. Baseline information may be gathered in a variety of ways. Once thishas been considered, we can then identify student needs across the school and whether it is necessaryto set up support or extension programmes such as English as a second language, counselling supportand mathematics extension.A learning centre facility has been established for students who are new speakers of English and forstudents who have major learning needs in English. Also, additional rooms have been built for mathematicsextension classes. Many other facilities are outlined in this document.At Bucklands Beach Intermediate we aim to do our very best to cater for all individual students. Weencourage clear communication and an environment where students have opportunities to be involvedin a wide variety of activities.As we have briefly outlined in the prospectus, we promote self-directed, independent learners who havea love of learning.If you wish to find out more information, please check our website at: www.bbi.school.nzThrough acknowledging and aiming to meet the diverse needs of our students - physical, social,intellectual, aesthetic, cultural - BBI ensures that our learning opportunities are engaging, relevant,challenging and significant. Our curriculum, whilst based on the New Zealand Curriculum document,focuses on issues across learning areas, between them and beyond them, for the emergence of new andbroader perspectives and for a deeper understanding of interrelated, complex issues.Themes explored by students at BBI:• have global significance• offer students the opportunity to explore the commonalities of human experience• utilise knowledge, skills and concepts from traditional subject areas in authentic ways in order toenrich learning• are revisited throughout each child’s time at our school in order to ensure broad-ranging, in-depthcurriculum contentOur curriculum supports children to actively construct meaning so that their learning is purposeful. Theeffective use of inquiry allows our students to be actively involved in their own learning and and to takeresponsibility for that learning.

W“We see students asindividual learners”

UniformA school uniform helps students identify with their school and assists with the development of a corporatespirit. It also performs a valuable role in projecting a positive image to the public. We expect studentsto wear the correct uniform at all times.Girls• Blue check pleat skirt in regulation materialand style.• Blue shirt (long or short sleeves) in regulationmaterial and style.• Black leather “school” shoes (low heels)with regulation short white turn-back socks,(not mini sports socks) or in summer Romanor similar type black sandals.• In winter navy blue tights may be worn.• Navy blue V neck jersey with school badge.• Blue, black, gold or white hair tie - plain clips.Hair longer than collar length must be tiedback.• Regulation style sun hat (compulsory fromLabour weekend to Easter).Boys• Dark navy regulation school shorts.• Blue shirt (long or short sleeves) in regulationmaterial and style (worn tucked in).• Black leather lace up “school” shoes with long blacksocks and garters at knee height, or in summerRoman or similar type black sandals.• Navy blue V neck jersey, with school badge.• Regulation style sun hat (compulsory from Labourweekend to Easter).• Hair longer than collar length must be tied back.Badges• Sewn on top left hand side of jersey (availablefrom School Office).PE/Sports• Navy blue sports shorts of regulation style.• Regulation navy blue and gold “polo” typeshirt with school logo.• Sports shoes and white socks.Jackets• The BBI jacket is optional and may bepurchased from the PTA School Uniform shop.Check newsletters for dates.• The BBI jacket may be worn to and fromschool and outside at interval and lunch time.It is not to be worn inside the classroom.Students representing the school in activitiesmay have a school jacket/tracksuit on loan forthat event. This is borrowed from the schooland the student is responsible for returningthis in good condition to the school.Makeup• Students are not permitted to wear makeupof any kind to school. Nail polish, if worn,should be colourless.Jewellery• Only a wristwatch and plain ring (such asa signet ring) may be worn. Students withpierced ears may wear one small, plain studin each ear lobe.Second Hand UniformsSecond hand uniforms and BBI school jackets areavailable from the school uniform shop.

T“Teachers teach us differentways to learn and thinkabout the world”

B“Becoming successful,internationally minded,lifelong learners”

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