PRODUCT LISTINGSNu Image’s “The Expendables”Product Listings2929 ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 310-309-5701On Offer:The Burning Plain (USA; drama) Producers:Walter Parkes, Laurie MacDonald; director:Guillermo Arriaga; cast: Charlize Theron, KimBasinger. A trailer explodes in the desert killinglovers inside. And around this single act of violence,backward and forward in time, masterstoryteller Guillermo Arriaga spins lives of passionand longing. (111 mins.; screening; debuting)The Girlfriend Experience (USA;drama) Producers: Greg Jacobs, Steven Soderbergh;director: Steven Soderbergh; cast:Sasha Grey, Chris Santos. Five days in the lifeof an ultra high-end Manhattan call girl whothinks she has her life totally under control.She runs her business her own way, makes$2,000 an hour, and has a devoted boyfriendwho accepts her lifestyle. But when you’re inthe business of meeting people you neverknow who you’re going to meet next. (screening;debuting)What Just Happened (USA; comedy)Producer: Art Linson; director: Barry Levinson;cast: Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis. A sharp comedyabout two nail-biting, back-stabbing,roller-coaster weeks in the world of a middleagedHollywood producer, trying to juggle anactual life with an outrageous series of crisesin his day job. (104 mins.; debuting)6 SALESCannes 2009 Office: Résidences Du GrandHotel — 45 Croisette, Albatros 2nd FloorOffice Phone: 33-0-4-93-68-56-93Phone: 34-91-781-7301On Offer:Cold Skin (Spain; horror) Producers: DeniseO’Dell, Mark Albela. On the edge of theAntarctic Circle, a steamship approaches adesolate island. On board is a young man,poised to take the post of weather observer,and to live in solitude at the end of the Earth.But on shore he finds no trace of the manwhom he has been sent to replace, just aderanged castaway who has witnessed a horrorhe refuses to name. For the next 12 monthshis entire world will consist of a desertedcabin, trees, rocks, silence and the surroundingsea. Then night begins to fall. (preproduction;presales; debuting)ExTerminators (Spain; comedy) Producers:Lokesh Dhar (exec producer), RonnieScrewvala, Jay Michaelson Suzanne Weinert;director: John Inwood; cast: Heather Graham,Jennifer Coolidge. If you put a group of angry,violent women in the same room, somethingbad might happen. A dark comedy centeringon Alex (Graham), a lonely accountant whosesole act of rage results in her being sentencedto court mandated rage therapy. There shemeets Stella (Coolidge), owner of a smallCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 1

PRODUCT LISTINGSFlanders Audiovisual Fund’s“My Queen Karo”extermination business who uses her car as aweapon; and Nikki (Heard) a dental technicianwith the face of an angel and the mind ofa sociopath. Together these unlikely friendswill form their own “revolution.” (92 mins.;screening; debuting)Moses Taite’s War (Spain; action-adventure)Producers: Denise O’Dell, Steve Lanning,Cliff Lanning; cast: Morgan Freeman. MosesTaite’s American beeves are dying. The solution:import Brahmin bulls into Kansas tocrossbreed and strengthen his cattle. Mosesand his two cowhands, also former Civil Warsoldiers, embark on a do-or-die mission toIndia. They fought in the West and must do itagain in the East, on the burning plains of theBritish Raj. A race against time to save Moses’herd and his land: the exotic world they enterbrings adventure, action and even love intotheir lives but also life or death decisions. (preproduction;presales; debuting)9MMOffice Phone: 06-42-03-01-59Phone: 06-22-50-93-41On Offer:Magic Kisa (France; thriller) Producer: FlaccomioJean-Claude; director: Saliva Mathieu;cast: Laubion, Vernalde, Bettenfeld. A psychologicalthriller on the gemellity. Magic Kisa tellsthe meeting again of two twin brothers, afteryears of separation. One leaves prison and theother lined up and started a family. Associatedby long years of swindle and chicaneries, theirdestinies rock in one night. (30 mins.; premiere;debuting)AB SVENSK FILMINDUSTRICannes 2009 Office: The Scandinavian Terrace— 55, La CroisettePhone: 46-8-680-3500On Offer:Detour (Sweden; horror) Producer: BjørnEivind Aarskog; director: Severin Eskeland; cast:Marte Germaine, Christensen Sondre, KrogtoftLarsen, Jens Hultèn, Malin King, Jeppe BeckLaursen, Johan Hedenberg, Inga D. Harrie, KnutWalle, Mikkel Gaup. Driving back to Norway,Lina and Martin reach a roadblock where apoliceman tells them to take a detour deepinto the Swedish forest. But soon one creepyincident after another leaves them stranded inthe dark woods, and everything seems muchtoo bizarre to be accidental. What Lina andMartin don’t know is that they are under constantvideo surveillance and have been cast inthe leading roles of a live Internet snuff moviewith a definitive end. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)In Your Veins (Sweden; drama) Producer:Anna Croneman; director: Beata Gårdeler;cast: Malin Crépin and Joel Kinnaman. Eva andErik, two young people in Stockholm, fallmadly in love. However, Eva resists; a relationshipis too much of a risk. She’s a security officerwho works nights, and he’s a cop. Both arelonely, and while Erik isn’t alone by choice, Evahas something to hide. (92 mins.; screening;debuting)Starring Maja (Sweden; drama) Producer:Sandra Harms; director: Teresa Fabik; cast:Zandra Andersson, Moa Silén, MariaLundqvist, Anastasios Soulis. An 18-year-oldgirl named Maja lives in a hopelessly smalltown in long and narrow Sweden. Her life’sdream is to become an actress. She wants tobe the center of attention, she wants everyoneto see her and the beautiful human being sheis on the inside. The only problem is that it’s alittle hard to see. Heavily overweight, clumsyand socially inept, she struggles on regardless,trying to find the strength and the self-esteemnecessary to really take centerstage — on herown feet and on her own terms. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)ABSURDA: A DAVID LYNCHCOMPANYPhone: 1-949-250-8090On Offer:My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done(USA; thriller) Producers: David Lynch, EricBassett; director: Werner Herzog; cast: MichaelShannon, Chloë Sevigny. A thriller-tinged murderdrama based on the true story of a psychoticyoung man who acts out a Sophoclesplay in his mind, and kills his mother with asword. (postproduction; product reel/trailer;debuting)Repo Chick (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Eric Bassett; director: Alex Cox; cast:Ben Guillory, Jaclyn Jonet. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)ACTIVE ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 805-969-2151On Offer:Jaws of the Mississippi (USA; actionadventure)Producers: Ken Badish, LeighScott; director: Griff Furst. A great white sharkmutates and adapts to freshwater when aU.S. government bioterrorism research facilityspills its radioactive chemicals into the ocean.As the shark reeks havoc on Mississippi Rivertowns, and threatens the freshwater systemof the country, an embattled local fishermanand his hillbilly crew become destined to kill it.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Monsterwolf (USA; action-adventure)Producer: Ken Badish. A massive creature ofancient legend has been brought forth to protectthe land by its ancestors, and killing anyonethat threatens it. This elusive guardianhas been feared and celebrated by the locals,but when a deadly curse affects them all, theymust unite and recapture the Monsterwolf’sspirit or face their ultimate doom. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Stormbringer (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Ken Badish, Leigh Scott; director:Nick Everhart. A young scientist revels in hiscreation of a supercomputer that can stop theCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 2

PRODUCT LISTINGSeffects of climate change and catastrophicweather. When the computer’s artificial intelligenceadvances, it creates deadly storms tostop the military from controlling it or shuttingit down. It’s up to the scientist to outsmart hisown creation, survive the disasters unleashedupon him and save the planet from devastation(preproduction; presales; debuting)ACTIVERS ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 123 VillageInternationalOn Offer:26 Years Diary (Korea; drama) Producer:Junichi Mimura; director: Junji Hanado; cast:Junko Hamguchi, Hideko Hara. TakatoshiKaneko overcomes the barrier of distrust andanimosity. Based on a true story, this film is aportrait of a young Korean man’s ordinary life,but unstoppable good Samaritan spirit andgreat love for people. (130 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)The Friends (Korea; family) Producer: DoochanKim; director: Young-jae Lee; cast:Hyeon-gyeong Oh, Seung-do Baek, Jun-youngJang. A heart touching story about a friendshipbetween three boys who are curious aboutdeath. A match between the absurd imaginationsof these audacious kids, and an unapproachableold man, is about to happen. (103mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)My Love, Yurie (Korea; drama) Producers:Ko Eun-ki, Stani Ryu, Oh Jun-sae; director:Eun-ki Ko; cast: Kang Hee, Da-mee Ko. A sadlovestory about a man who bought his lovefrom the devil, for the cost of his soul for 10years. (113 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)ADYTON INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Village International —Riviera Pavilion, 121 European UnionOffice Phone: 33-4-93-99-86-8Phone: 48-609-981429On Offer:Balladyna (Poland; thriller) Producers: DariuszZawislak, Alina Szpak; director: DariuszZawislak; cast: Faye Dunaway, SoniaBohosiewicz, Mirek Baka. A star New Yorkdetective is investigating the beating of ayoung girl. While following the crime trail, hefinds new victims. As the bodies start to pileup, so does the list of possible suspects. Thiswhodunit starts to look like a who didn’t do it,with a surprising twist when love, romance,envy and rage collide. (90 mins.; productreel/trailer; debuting)Caroline & the Magic Stone (Poland;family) Producers: Dariusz Zawislak, OlivierShiflis; director: Jowita Gondek; cast: FayeDunaway, Majka Jezowska, Pawel Delag. Theincredibly colorful world was created to tellthe breathtaking story about Caroline andPeter and how their lives change when theyfind a magic stone. Whatever they wishchanges into reality. All the children’s dreamsmay now be fullfilled, but the evil witch Filomenawants to steal the stone and use it for herevil purposes. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Generation John Paul II (Poland; documentary)Producers: Dariusz Zawislak, AlinaSzpak; director: Jowita Gondek. Based on thebiography of Karol Wojtyla, the film tells storiesof young people born when the popularPolish priest become a pope for the world.They matured during his pontificate and theirnot always easy lives crossed roads with theteachings and pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II.Heroes are of two sorts: famous personalitiesand the unknown. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)AKTIS FILM INTL.Office Phone: 33-492-590212Phone: 49-341-1496942On Offer:The Officer Factory (Germany; drama)Producer: Mondada Film; director: Wolf Vollmar;cast: Manfred Zapatka,Thomas Holtzmann,Rosel Zech. This anti-war film is basedon the novel by Hans Hellmut Kirst and is setin February 1944 at a German military academywhere a young lieutenant dies during anexercise. The trainers are not only officers fromthe front and others without such experience,but also fanatics loyal to the Nazi party. Gen.Modersohn does not believe the death was anaccident and entrusts Lt. Col. Krafft, who survivedStalingrad with a secret mission: “Findthe murderer!” A dangerous game beginns.(115 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Pink (Germany; romance) Producer: MoanaFilm; director: Rudolf Thome; cast: HannahHerzsprung, Florian Panzner, Guntram Brattia,Cornelius Schwalm. How to find Mr. Right?Pink is a successful young poet who alsoapparently has success with love. Three menhave hopes of marrying her. Pink decideswhom to marry by systematically using hercalculator. However, she chooses quite thewrong man on two occasions. It is only thethird one that makes her happy. Three weddings,three seasons. A modern fairy tale of awoman on a quest to learn about love. (82mins.; premiere; debuting)ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera — Booth D1-d3/e2-e4Office Phone: 33-4-92-99-32-30Phone: 33-1-42-07-05On Offer:Almayer’s Folly (France; drama) Producer:Paulo Branco; director: Chantal AkermanInMalaisia, an occidental merchant, dreams ofriches for his beloved daughter. But everythingcollapses under the weight of his own greedand prejudice. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Cendres et Sang (France; drama) Producer:Paulo Branco; director: Fanny Ardant; cast:Ronit Elkabetz, Abraham Belaga, OlgaTudirache. Judith lives in Marseille with herthree children. After refusing to see her familyfor 10 years, Judith lets herself bend by herchildren’s desire and accepts the invitation ather cousin’s wedding, despite her fears secrets.She takes her children to spend a summerback in the country, to discover their roots andtheir history. But, Judith’s return revives oldhatreds between rival clans. Unrelentingly, thespiral of violence is started, blood callingblood. (102 mins.; premiere; debuting)Lisbon’s Mysteries (France; drama) Producer:Paulo Branco; director: Raoul Ruiz.Adaptation of Camilo Castelo Branco’s work.(preproduction; presales; debuting)ALTADENA FILMSCannes 2009 Office: 63 La Croisette (cornerOf Rue Pasteur), Lerina, 4th FloorOffice Phone:04-93-94-00-09Phone: 44-0-207-424-7280On Offer:City Rats (U.K.; comedy) Producers: WilliamBorthwick, Dean Fisher; director: Steve M.Kelly; cast: Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, SusanLynch. Eight people meet and fall apart. Connectionsare made or missed, and families arebroughttogether for a moment of hope. Officialselection of Slamdance Film Festival. (96mins.; screening; debuting)A Necessary Death (U.K.; drama) Producers:G.J. Echternkamp, Brian Udovich; director:Daniel Stamm; cast: Gilbert John, DanielStamm, Valerie Hurt, Michael Traynor. Followsdocumentary filmmaker Gilbert Toma who isseeking a suicidal individual to follow as theymake their preparations for the final act. (101mins.; screening; debuting)Offspring (U.K.; horror) Producers: AndrewVan Den Houten, Robert Tonino, William M.Miller; director: Andrew Van Den Houten; cast:Art Hindle, Pollyanna Mcintosh, Tommy Nelson.Adapted for the screen by acclaimed horrornovelist Jack Ketchum. A cave-dwellingtribe of savages, thought to have been killedoff, terrorizes the coast of Maine. (80 mins.;screening; debuting)AMERICA VIDEO FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Carlton HotelOffice Phone: 33-4-93-06-40-06Phone: 54-11-4787-9098On Offer:Earth From Above (Argentina; documentary)Directors: Xavier Lefebvre, Pascal Plisson;cast: Presented by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.Hosted by worldwide famous photographerYann Arthus-Bertrand, the film is a documentaryseries dedicated to confronting andexploring the major issues at stake for theplanet.(returning)Haunted (Argentina; action-adventure)Cast: Matthew Fox. After having a near-deathexperience, Frank Taylor can communicatewith ghosts of murdered people and helpsolve their deaths. (returning)Little Ashes (limited territorries)(Argentina; drama) Director: Paul Morrison;cast: Robert Pattinson, Javier Beltrán. Pattinsonplays Dalí, who moves to Madrid andbegins experimenting with the cubist stylethat launches his young career. Set in 1920sSpain, the film focuses on poet Federico GarcíaLorca (Beltrán) and the intense bond heforms with Dalí (Pattinson) while attendingart school in Madrid. Dali swore that Lorca’slust for him never became physical, butscreenwriter Philippa Goslett’s take on therelationship is much steamier. (112 mins.;debuting)AMERICAN CINEMA INTL.Phone: 818-907-8700On Offer:Bigfoot (USA; family) Producers: OsamaBastaki, George Shamieh, Jess Mancilla; director:Kevin Tenney; cast: Richard Tyson, AngieEverhart. A teenage boy discovers andbefriends the forest creature Bigfoot, who islater captured by two high school bullies andheld to the highest bidder. (90 mins.; screening;debuting)Boogie Town (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Chris Stokes, Marques Houston,Jerome Jones, Doug Mchenry, A.J. Pavel,Monique Scott, Cheryl Trimmer, Rodney Taylor;director: Chris Stokes; cast: Marques Houston,Dante Basco, Brenda Song. A futuristic versionof “Westside Story” meets “Romeo & Juliet,”dwith incredible dancing battling scenes. InNew York City 2015, an underground cityknown as Boogie Town is swarmed with tworival dance crews. One of the crews (The Trojans)is lead by Marco (Marques Houston). Therival crew (The Warriors) is lead by (DanteBasco) and our muse is beautiful BrendaSong. (production; presales; debuting)The Search for the Golden Calendarand the Quest for El Dorado (USA;action-adventure) Producer: Osama Bastaki,Frank R. Gardner, George Shamieh, ChevonneO’Shaughnessy; director: Terry Cunningham;cast: Shane West, Natalie Martinez, Luke Goss,Elden Henson. Jack Wilder (Shane West)embarks on an expedition to find the GoldenCalendar, which leads him on a action-packedjourney filled with adventure to find the City ofGold. (postproduction; product reel/trailer;debuting)AMERICAN WORLD PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Riviera N° C6Office Phone: 818-505-4497Phone: 818-380-9100On Offer:The Beacon (USA; thriller) Producers: KathleenHelppie-Shipley, Sally Helppie; director:Michael Stokes; cast: Terri Polo, David ReesSnell. While trying to get their lives back ontrack, after the loss of their 4-year-old son,Bryn and Paul Shaw move to the charming oldBeacon Apartments. Bryn begins seeing aghostly little boy skulking around the buildingand tries to uncover the details of the boy’sdeath with the hopes that freeing the childwill allow him to carry a message to her son.She then realizes a second malevolent ghoststalks the halls of the Beacon, one that doesn’twant the boy to escape. (99 mins.; screening;debuting)Just Peck (USA; comedy) Producers:Alexander Nevsky, Gregory Raskin; director:Michael A. Nickles; cast: Keir Gilchrist, Brie Larson.At 104 pounds dripping wet, baby-facedsophomore Michael Peck (age 15) is not exactlythe coolest guy at American High. But, whenPeck connects with Emily, the hottest senior inschool, things start looking up. Peck’s parentsforce him to join the Science Club, a veritablesocial disease. To get even with his parentsand stun his teachers Peck comes up with anidea for a bold Science Fair project, the TSAT3000 machine. Peck is unprepared for thehavoc caused by the unveiling of his creation.(90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Magic Man (USA; thriller) Producers:Alexander Nevsky, Gregory Raskin; cast: BillyZane, Alexander Nevsky. Tatiana and herbeautiful girlfriends are on holiday in LasVegas. The daughter of a magician’s assistantwho is killed tragically during an illusion gonewrong, Tatiana is drawn to Krell Darius. Darius’charm, wit and magical talent prove difficultfor Tatiana to resist. As Tatiana becomesenraptured by Darius, it becomes clear he mayknow something about her mother’s death,and that it was not an accident. As Tatianadigs deeper events take a sinister turn. (93mins.; screening; debuting)ARCLIGHT FILMSPhone: 310-777-8855On Offer:The Cake Eaters (USA; drama) Producers:Allen Bain, Jesse Scolaro, Peter Masterson;director: Mary Stuart Masterson; cast: KristenStewart, Bruce Dern. In a small rural town, twointerconnected families rediscover love in theface of loss. (95 mins.; screening; debuting)The Courier (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Dan Grodnik, Gary Hamilton, MikeGabrawy; cast: Adrien Brody. A daredevil courier,the one man who has never missed a drop,takes on a delivery to the King of the Underworld,the one man who has never beenfound. (preproduction; presales; debuting)Stolen Lives (USA; thriller) Producers:Anders Anderson, Al Corley, Josh Lucas; director:Anders Anderson; cast: Josh Lucas, JonHamm. A detective deals with the loss of hisown son while uncovering the identity of aboy, whose mummified remains are found in abox that has been buried for 50 years. (100mins.; screening; debuting)ARRI MEDIA WORLDSALESCannes 2009 Office: Int’l Village, GermanPavilion, Stand Of German FilmsPhone: 0049-0-89-38091288On Offer:The Red Spot (Germany; drama) Producers:Martin Blankemeyer, Miyako Sonoki; director:Marie Miyayama; cast: Yuki Inomata, HansKremer. Japanese student Aki Onodera followsin her family’s footsteps, traveling from Tokyoto Germany. In idyllic East Allgaeu, she meetsthe Webers, who take her in as their guest. Butsoon her presence creates turbulence withinthe family. (82 mins.; screening; debuting)Clara (Germany; drama) Producers: AlfredHuermer, Helma Sanders-Brahms; director:Helma Sanders-Brahms; cast: MartinaGedeck, Pascal Greggory, Malik Zidi. ForBrahms and Schumann she was the world, thetrue Queen of Romantic Concert Halls. She is awoman to remember for her life, her love andher passion for music. (109 mins.; screening;debuting)Schlaeft ein Lied in allen DingenCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 3

PRODUCT LISTINGSand her youth, and she begins to change. (110mins.; screening; debuting)BAC FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Le Grand Hôtel 45, LaCroisetteOffice Phone: 336-84-373-703On Offer:He’s My Girl (France; romance) Producers:Nicolas Blanc, Dominique Barneau; director:Jean Jacques Zilbermann; cast: Antoine DeCaunes, Elsa Zylberstein, Mehdi Dehbi. ClarinetistSimon Eskénazy has so much going onin his life that he is unable to finish his record.His mother is sick and wants Simon to take herinto his apartment. His ex-wife Rosalie andtheir son have suddenly reappeared. There ishis current lover Raphaël, with whom hedreams of conducting a great love affair, andthere is the amazing Mohamed, a young Arabwho becomes Rose by night, a waitress at theParadise cabaret. (85 mins.; premiere; debuting)Hidden Diary (France; drama) Producer:Alain Benguigui; director: Julia Lopes Curval;cast: Catherine Deneuve, Marina Hands,Marie-Josée Croze. Audrey is an independentsingle woman who lives in Canada and is pregnant.While visiting her parents for holidays inthe small town in France where she grew up,Audrey discovers the hidden story of hergrandmother, a woman who gave up herhome and family in the 1950s and never cameback. As Audrey tries to learn more about thestory, her own mother is forced to reveal adeeply buried secret. (100 mins.; premiere;debuting)Round da Way (France; animation) Producer:Philippe Gompel And Roch Lener; director:Albert P. Lazaro And Emmanuel Klotz;cast: Vincent Cassel, Diane Kruger, Omar &Fred. It’s summer in the hood. As every year,there are those who stay, those who leave,and those who should have left. Some, like JoePiswater, work “under the table” in the richneighborhoods and fall head over heels for apretty girl. Some, like Tony Pepperoni, playbusinessman and spend the summer fleeing alocal gang leader and a psychopathic girlfriend.Some, like Sammy and Harvey, pretendto have left. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)BACKSEAT CONCEPTIONSPhone: 215-235-5603On Offer:Children of Torture (USA; horror) Producers:Doug Sakmann, Adam Alhbrandt; director:Adam Alhbrandt; cast: J.D. Brown, JoannaAngel. A satanic cult practicing indoctrinationthrough agony and torture seeks new disciples,just as a group of friends heads to aremote cabin in the rural wilderness of Pennsylvaniafor a weekend vacation. The third filmwritten and directed by Adam Alhbrandt(Lionsgate’s “Sight” and the upcoming “TheBurnt House”). (development; presales;debuting)Hush, Little Baby (USA; horror) Producer:Anthony Sparano Jr.; director: Adam Alhbrandt;cast: Sal Mazzotta. Deep in the isolatedwilderness of Bucks County, Pa., the Taftfamily lives secluded away from the pryingeyes of civilization. Patrick Taft, a derangedserial murderer, is carrying on a family tradition.Bred of violence and tragedy, Patrick istorn between his compassion and anger in avolatile psychopathic split. (preproduction;presales; debuting)BAVARIA FILMINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera H 9Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-32-4On Offer:Deliver Us From Evil (Germany; thriller)Producer: Michael Obel; director: Ole Bornedal;cast: Lasse Rimmer, Lene Nystrom Rasted.Violence erupts in a small town when a drunkentruck driver, Lars, runs over a local womanand pins the blame on the town’s Bosnianrefugee. When Lars’ brother Johannes standsup for the man and gives him shelter, Lars andhis friends head for Johannes’ secluded house,armed with a shotgun and boundless, drunkenrage. (100 mins.; presales; debuting)Henry of Navarre (Germany; drama) Producer:Regina Ziegler; director: Jo Baier. In 1563France, Protestants and Catholics are fightingfor land and power. At the head of the Protestantsstands Henry of Navarre, leading his menagainst Paris. Henry survives the St.Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, but on his wayto the throne he will change religion five timesand he’ll lead many wars. (production; productreel/trailer; debuting)Phantom Pain (Germany; drama) Producers:Sebastian Zühr, Henning Ferber, MarcusWelke; director: Matthias Emcke; cast: TilSchweiger, Jana Pallaske. A passionate cyclistand urban slacker who avoids work andresponsibility sees his life change from onemoment to the next when he loses his left leg.He can wallow in self-pity – or tackle thebeast called life with the help of love, willpowerand his own two feet. Matthias Emckedelivers a thought-provoking yet light andupbeat look at a slacker who’s forced to turnhis life around. (92 mins.; premiere; debuting)BIRCH TREEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Carlton Hotel #203Office Phone: 33 4 93 06 40 06On Offer:High Kick Girl (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Fuyuhiko Nishi, Kenji Nakanishi,Masaaki Mizuno; director: Fuyuhiko Nishi; cast:Rina Takeda, Tatsuya Naka. A cute high schoolgirl who learns karate must take on a group offighters with help from her karate master.From the producer of “Shaolin Girl!” (82 mins.;premiere; debuting)The Sanctuary (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Thanapon Maliwan, Russell Wong;director: Thanapon Maliwan; cast: Mike B,Russell Wong. A young Muay Thai warrior isaccused of stealing a holy emerald that hismaster appointed him to protect. On the runfrom the police, he must retrieve the emeraldfrom the mafia in order to prove his innocenceand return the emerald to its holy place. (88mins.; premiere; debuting)BLEIBERG ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera, D5Office Phone: + 33 (0)4 9299 3229On Offer:Adam Resurrected (USA; drama) Producers:Ehud Bleiberg, Werner Wirsing; director:Paul Schrader; cast: Jeff Goldblum, WillemDafoe. A former cabaret performer is the starpatient at a 1960s mental hospital for Holocaustsurvivors. (106 mins.; screening; returning)Kirot (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Ehud Bleiberg, Yoav Ze’evi, Edouard Douek;director: Danny Lerner; cast: Olga Kurylenko.Two women, an assassin and a housewife,band together to break free of their oppressiveenvironments. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Necromentia (USA; horror) Producers:Stephanie Joyce, Nicholas Donnermeyer,Shannon Banal; director: Pearry Teo; cast:Chad Grimes, Layton Matthews. Three seeminglyunrelated men are brought together bytheir connections to a portal to the other side.(83 mins.; screening; debuting)BLUE STAR MOVIESCannes 2009 Office:Office Phone: 39-3358720172On Offer:Evilenko (U.K.; thriller) Producer: MarioCotone – Pacific Pictures; director: DavidGrieco; cast: Malcolm McDowell; MartonCsokas. Based on the true story of A.R. Cikatilo,also known as the monster of Rostov. A.R.Evilenko (Malcolm McDowell) is a serial killerwho killed and ate more than 50 children inold Soviet Republic. V.T. Lesiev (MartonCsokas) is the detective who tracks him downand catches him. (115 mins.; returning)Hermano (U.K.; drama) Producer: PeteMaggi/Gherardo Pagliei; director: GiovanniRobbiano; cast: Rade Serbedzija, Ignazio Oliva,Emir Kusturica, Paolo Villaggio. Antonio Sterniis a lonely young man without any family rootswho does small jobs for mafia boss Don Eugenio.Antonio is on a mission to deliver a car to aRussian mafia boss when he meets an exchampionboxer from Argentina, Carlos Avileda.The two men join forces, one on a mafiamission, the other on a quest to find the manwho destroyed his boxing career. (95 mins.;returning)Luminal (U.K.; sci-fi) Producer: Alex Tate;director: Andrea Vecchiato; cast: Denis Lavant,Jemeela Mustchin, Maria Papas. Set in 2010,Luminal is the story of a friendship betweentwo young girls against the urban backdrop ofParis and London night excesses. It takes awild trip through their psyches as they try tomake sense of their lives. (89 mins.; returning)BOGEYDOM LICENSINGCannes 2009 Office: Canadian Pavilion,Riviera Beach 124Office Phone: 06-25-86-97-64On Offer:Blood (Canada; thriller) Producer: KeikoKusakabe; director: Ten Shimoyama; cast: AyaSugimoto, Jun Kaname. To investigate a murdercase Detective Hoshino visits the murderedmaid’s employer, Miyako. The gorgeous,seductive Miyako indicates the culprit is a manby the name of Ukyo. Ukyo turns out to be theswordsman Okita from the late shogunateperiod, who once shared both blood and bodywith Miyako, beginning his undead life. SoonHoshino is converted, and locked in a battleover the beautiful vampire Miyako. (85 mins.;screening; debuting)Sauna (Canada; horror) Producers: TeroKaukomaa, Jesse Fryckman; director: Aj Annila;cast: Ville Virtanen, Tommi Eronen, ViktorKlimenko. It’s 1595 and the long war is finallyover. Brothers Knut and Erik are officers in acommission marking the border between Finlandand Russia; they commit a terrible sin,leaving a young girl to die a horrible death. Asthe officers cross an uncharted swamp the girlreturns to haunt them. (85 mins.; screening;debuting)Yoroi Samurai Zombie (Canada; horror)Producers: Motoi Hiraiwa, Akihiko Isogai,Shinya Kawai; director: Tak Sakaguchi; cast:Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Issei Ishida. In the mountainsrests a mass grave – a sacred holy land,where two cops discuss destiny. One cop tellsthe other that he knows what his destiny is. Ashe utters his last word, a hand grabs his headand a sword slices through his body. The camerapulls out to reveal the cop’s head on atower adorned with human heads. (91 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)BOLD FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Majestic Hotel,Suite 137On Offer:The Hole (USA; thriller) Producers: MichelLitvak, David Lancaster; exec producers: GaryMichael Walters, Chris Bender, J.C. Spink; director:Joe Dante; cast: Chris Massoglia, HaleyBennett, Nathan Gamble, with Bruce Dern andTeri Polo. After his mother moves the family toa new neighborhood, Dane Payton (Massoglia)stumbles upon a mysterious hole in thebasement of their new house with neighborJulie Campbell (Bennett) and his youngerbrother Lucas (Gamble). The discovery puts allof them face-to-face with their worst nightmaresand darkest fears. (production; returning)Jack (USA; thriller) Producers: Michel Litvak,David Lancaster, Alexandra Milchan, MarcSternberg; exec. producer: Gary Michael Walters;director: Joseph Ruben. A doctor rehabilitatesand ultimately falls for an amnesiastrickenvictim, unaware that he is a serialkiller. (preproduction; returning)BOLL AGPhone: 0049-6131-9713580On Offer:Janjaweed (Germany; drama) Producers:Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke; director: Uwe Boll; cast:Edward Furlong, Kristanna Loken, Billy Zane.American journalists in Sudan are confrontedwith the dilemma of whether to return hometo report on the atrocities or to help the victims.(postproduction; product reel/trailer;debuting)Rampage (Germany; action-adventure)Producers: Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke; director: UweBoll; cast: Michael Paré, Brendan Fletcher. Aman with a thirst for revenge builds a full bodyarmor and goes on a killing spree. (100 mins.;screening; debuting)The Storm (Germany; thriller) Producers:Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Stephen Hegyes,Andreas Olavarria, Shawn Williamson; director:Uwe Boll; cast: Luke Perry, Lauren Holly.Silias flees from a storm and finds refuge on afarm, where he faces danger as he tries to helpthe owners find their son. (85 mins.; screening;debuting)BOOMTOWN MEDIACannes 2009 Office: Leave a message atGerman Pavillion (German Films)Phone: 49-30-814-529-50On Offer:Trip to Asia | The Quest for Harmony(Germany; documentary) Producers: UweDierks, Thomas Grube, Andrea Thilo of BoomtownMedia; director: Thomas Grube; cast: theBerliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle. Amusical excursion into the overlapping spheresof melancholy, enthusiasm, loneliness andyearning, “Trip to Asia” is an adventure toldthrough fascinating cinematic imagery and adynamic musical experience. (108 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)BREAKOUT ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 323-860-7103On Offer:Beer Pong (USA; comedy) Producer: SherriStrain; director: Reza Reazi; cast: Michael Consiglio,Max Amini. Dustin is a 27-year-oldaccounting whiz who lives with his parents.Erik lives in a van outside Dustin’s house .Theyare losers, but they decide to change all thatby pretending to be college students and winningthe national beer pong championship.Things look good till Dustin’s nemesis entersthe tournament, determined to destroy him.(production; premiere; debuting)Safehaven (USA; thriller) Meteors areheaded toward the Earth, and scientists havepredicted that only five places on the planetwill escape being hit.When the information,downloaded onto a hard drive, is stolen, variouspowers try to regain it, each for their ownpurpose. (development; premiere; debuting)The Telling (USA; horror) Producer: SherriStrain; directors: Harry Grigsby, Nicholas Carpenter;cast: Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt.Three girls pledge the most popularsorority on campus, and must tell the scarieststory they know. One features a murderousdoll, one a has-been actress and her run-inwith a film crew of the undead, and the third isa hunt-and-kill frightfest that inspires someoneto at the sorority to commit murders. (84mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)BRIDGE2LIFE, INC.On Offer:Dead Game (short film) (USA; horror)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 5

PRODUCT LISTINGSProducers: Debi D. Hall, Richard Bluth; director:Richard Bluth; cast: Michelle Luchese, JoeOchman. Shelby, an awkward 19-year-old withfantasies of being a hip and slick goth girl, simplycannot measure up to Nina, a sexy trailerblonde. Shelby finds an occult game, unawarethat it is the incarnation of evil. She steals thegame from the depraved Victor, not realizingthat without it he will die. Kahldir, the spectralhost of the game, has plans for these twoplayers and Nina that will take them deep intothe realm of a paranormal reality. (15 mins.;premiere; debuting)CAMELOT ENTERTAINMENTGROUP, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Carlton HotelOffice Phone: 049-306-4006On Offer:Girls Day Out (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Robert P. Atwell, Daniel Reardon;director: Daniel Reardon; cast: TBA. (preproduction;presales; debuting)CAPITOL FILMSPhone: + 1 310 286 7200On Offer:Black Water Transit (USA; thriller) Director:Tony Kaye; cast: Laurence Fishburne, BrittanySnow, Karl Urban. Against the backdropof a post-apocalyptic world descending intochaos, Tony Kaye (“American History X”)brings us a hard-hitting, pulse-poundingthriller about violence, betrayal, love and thedesire to do good when everything conspiresagainst you. (screening; debuting)Five Dollars a Day (USA; comedy) Director:Nigel Cole; cast: Christopher Walken,Sharon Stone, Amanda Peet, AlessandroNivola. Months spent in prison for your father’scrime: 11. Years attempting to rid yourself of hispoor fatherly advice: 10. The time spent on therun with this incorrigible man: priceless.(screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Love Ranch (USA; drama) Director: TaylorHackford; cast: Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci, GinaGershon, Bai Ling, Sergio Peris-Mencheta.Grace (Helen Mirren) is married to Charlie (JoePesci), a violent gangster constantly trying tohit the big time in Reno, Nev. Throughout theirmarriage she has always been the brains to hisbrawn and together they are a force to bereckoned with. But when Charlie dreams upyet another money-making enterprise andbrings Bruza, a world-class boxer, into theirrealm everything will change. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)CAREY FILMS, LTDOn Offer:The Spell (U.K.; drama) Producers: OwenCarey Jones, Neil Harrison, Melinda Humphrey;director: Owen Carey Jones; cast: RebeccaPitkin, Pietro Herrera, Amber Hodgkiss, JuliaCurle, Laura O’Donoughue. A young girl findsherself unwanted by either of her separatedparents and leaves home at the earliestopportunity. However, her live-in boyfriend’sassociations with witchcraft and black magicsoon take her down a path that leads to themost horrific experience of her life. She seekshelp from friends, doctors, psychiatrists andreligious leaders but finds only skepticism anddisbelief. Finally, from within the confines of amental hospital, she finds the help she needs.(85 mins.; screening; debuting)CATALAN FILMS & TVCannes 2009 Office: Audiovisual FromSpain - Catalan Films & TvPhone: 0034935524945On Offer:Short-Cat program (Spain) (debuting)CELESTIAL PICTURES LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Suite 118 at CarltonHotelOffice Phone: 33-4-93-06-4-118On Offer:Let’s Make Laugh Again (Hong Kong;romance) Producers: Gordon Cheung, JohnnyLee; director: Yip Lim Sum; cast: TBA. In asummer camp, a handsome young man fallsin love with a peculiar beauty. After havingmet once a year for seven years, the girldecides to reveal her secret. (preproduction;debuting)One-Armed Swordsman 2020 (HongKong; action-adventure) Producers: Sung-jaiTcha, Sang-oh Yoon; director: Sung-soo Kim;cast: TBA. In a rebellion against the dictatorRed Eye, Dokki loses his right arm and his girlfriendis captured. Now he seeks revenge. (preproduction;debuting)Sell Out! (Hong Kong; comedy)Producer/director: Joon-han Yeo; cast: JerricaLai, Peter Davis, Kee Thuan Chye, Lim TeikLeong. The hilariously unreasonable bosses ofa multinational conglomerate bully their creativeemployees into selling out in this wildlyirreverent comedy. (105 mins.; debuting)CELLULOID DREAMSPhone: 33-1-4970-0370On Offer:Little Indi (France; drama) Producers: MarcRecha, Jérôme Vidal; director: Marc Recha;cast: Eduardo Noriega, Sergi López, EulaliaRamón. Arnau has a passion for songbirds.When his prize bird Little Indi wins the localchampionship he sees a way to try to free hismother from prison. (postproduction; debuting)The Prophet (France; thriller) Producer:Why Not; director: Jacques Audiard; cast:Tahar Rahim, Niels Arestrup, Adel Bencherif,Reda Kateb. (premiere; debuting)Vincere (France; drama) Producer: MarioGianani; director: Marco Bellocchio; cast: GiovannaMezzogiorno, Filippo Timi, Corrado Invernizzi.The true story of Mussolini’s secret wifeand mother of his child, Ida Dalser. When theDuce rises to become a powerful dictator, hedenies Ida’s existence, hiding her away in asylums.But Ida, with her courage and intelligence,will triumph. (premiere; debuting)CELSIUS ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Entrance 7e, Apt 3e2,3rd Floor, Residences Gray D’albion, 20 Bis RueDes SerbesOffice Phone: 44-20-7193-1801On Offer:Freakonomics (U.K.; documentary) Producers:Chad Troutwine, Seth Gordon; directors:Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney, EugeneJarecki, Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady. Take five ofthe most successful documentary directorsworking in Hollywood today, match them tothe most compelling chapters from a worldwidebest-selling piece of nonfiction and youhave “Freakonomics,” the movie. “Freakonomics”is economic detective work, social theoryand investigative journalism all at their mostcompelling, and it is deeply unorthodox in itsapproach. (production; returning)From Within (U.K.; thriller) Producers: AdrianButchart, Chris Gibbin; director: PhedonPapamichael; cast: Elizabeth Rice, ThomasDekker, Adam Goldberg, Kelly Blatz, LauraAllen, Rumer Willis, Jared Harris. All helldescends on the ultra-religious Grovetown asa plague of apparent suicides threatens todecimate the population. As one by one herloved ones fall, Lindsay (Elizabeth Rice) realizesshe must get to the heart of the mysteryor face death herself. But is her only ally, thehandsome, brooding loner Aidan (ThomasDekker), all he claims to be, and does the townharbor an occult secret? (90 mins.; returning)Vivaldi (U.K.; drama) Producers: BorisDamast, Andrea Kikot, Michel Shane; director:Boris Damast; cast: Joseph Fiennes, AlfredMolina, Gerard Depardieu, Carice Van Houten,Neve Campbell, Jacqueline Bisset, Elle Fanning.A biography of Antonio Vivaldi’s early life,when the young priest became the musicteacher at a school for the illegitimate daughtersof Venice’s courtesans. (preproduction;returning)CENTRAL PARTNERSHIPCannes 2009 Office: Lerins S15Phone: 7-495-9818214On Offer:Hipsters (Russia; musical) Producers: VadimGoryainov, Valery Todorovsky, Leonid Yarmolnik,Leonid Lebedev; director: Valery Todorovsky;cast: Oksana Akinshina, Anton Shagin,Evgenia Brik, Maksim Matveev. In the 1950s agroup of young people has to fight for theright to be different from all others, listen todifferent music and dress differently. The productionfeatures popular smash hits, strongchoreography, a dashing plot with manytwists, a compelling love story and luxuriousscenery. (120 mins.; screening; debuting)Taras Bulba (Russia; drama) Producer: TVChannel Russia; director: Vladimir Bortko; cast:Bogdan Stupka, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, IgorPetrenko. Based on a Nikolai Gogol story set inthe 16th century, centered on the Polish invasionof Ukrainian territory. Taras Bulba has twosons who are the pride of the Cossacks, butthe younger brother puts on Polish armor forthe sake of a beautiful Polish girl. The elderbrother is captured by the Poles and is due tobe executed. Taras has sworn to be avenged.(135 mins.; screening; debuting)CENTRE FILMS MEDIA SALESCannes 2009 Office: Media Pavilion (121)International VillageOffice Phone: 04-93-39-70-28On Offer:An Act of Terror (U.K.; drama) Producer:Sarmed Mirza; director: Shahid Nadeem; cast:Asim Bukhari, Jamil Jarral, Ghizala Aran, DerekMcewan, Bryan Larkin. When a young Glaswegianis accused of being a terrorist the mereaccusation causes fear and trepidation amonghis family and the wider Asian community inthe city of Glasgow and beyond. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Bad Day (U.K.; action-adventure) Producer:Gena Helen Ashwell; director: Ian David Diaz;cast: Claire Goose, Donna Air, Anthony Ofoegbu,Sarah Harding, Robbie Gee. Rebecca Ryanis an undercover cop whose bosses suspectshe has become too close to her criminalmarks. When her teenage daughter is killedRyan suspects everyone and seeks revenge.(98 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)S.N.U.B! (U.K.; action-adventure) Producer:John Adams; director: Johnathan Glendening;cast: Gary Mavers, Jonathan Moore, HarrietThorpe, Clare Spence. When a terrorist devicethreatens London a number of important andself-important people gather in the government’sSecret Nuclear Underground Bunker.The device explodes and in the nuclear aftermaththey find that they are not alone. (85mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)CHINA FILM PROMOTIONINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera E16Phone: 86-10-62269144On Offer:The Journey Away (China; family) Wei Yileaves home to search for his real father. Hegoes to Shan Xi by train alone, but his new sisterMee follows him. The film tells the story oftheir experiences along the way, the charactersthey meet and how Wei Yi’s attitude ischanged. (debuting)Mama, Don’t Cry (China; drama) Director:Cao Guiqian. On May 12, 2008, a disastrousearthquake of 8 magnitude changed the historyof China. The film tells the story of aBeichuan Middle School girl named Linlin whogave up her life in order to save a classmate.(97 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Waiting in Beijing (China; drama) Thestory line of the film is about love between ayoung American guy and an Iraqi girl. Georgecomes to Beijing to meet his Iraqi girlfriendNadia but she never shows up. He comesacross a Chinese girl, Judy, who decides to helpGeorge locate Nadia but then finds herself inlove with George — just as Nadia is about toappear. Together, they go through the Iraq warand the SARS epidemic. (debuting)CINAMOUR ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Hall,Stand # B20Office Phone: +1 310 994 9088On Offer:The Christmas Clause (USA; family) Producer:Kirk Shaw; director: George Erschbamer;cast: Lea Thompson, Andrew Airlie. A workingwoman with a family jokingly asks a departmentstore Santa if she can be a single workingwoman again for Christmas. When sheawakens on Christmas morning, she finds herselfalone – living the life of a high-poweredsingle executive. How can she get her old lifeback when she misses her family? (90 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Nightfall (USA; thriller) Producers: JeffreySchenck, John Schouweiler; director: DavidDecoteau; cast: Dominique Swain, BrettNovek. A modern Romeo and Juliet story ofthe ultimate forbidden love affair — betweena vampire and the descendant of vampirehunters. (postproduction; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Silent Venom (USA; thriller) Producers:Jeffrey Schenck, Kimberly A. Ray; director: FredOlen Ray; cast: Luke Perry, Tom Berenger. Adecommissioned submarine crew on a secretmission finds itself trapped between the Chinesemilitary and crate loads of geneticallymutated snakes that have infiltrated everynook and cranny of the sub. (87 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)CINE EXCELENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 20.01Office Phone: 818-679-2994On Offer:Army of Wolves (USA; horror) Producers:Mark Polonia, John Polonia, David Huey; directors:Mark Polonia, John Polonia & JonMcbride; cast: Brian Berry, Bob Dennis & DaveFire. About experiments with werewolves tocreate invincible soldiers. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Legendary (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Mongkon Wiwasuk, David Huey; director:David Huey; cast: Malaipet Sasiprapa,Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Gary Woods. The truestory of the first Muay Thai fighter to competein the Ring and the Octagon. (95 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Werewolf Erotica (USA; horror) Producers:Mark Polonia, John Polonia, David Huey;directors: Mark Polonia, John Polonia; cast:Leslie Culton, Nathan Miller & Rebecca Ferratti.Female werewolves must find suitablemates or their species will be extinct. (90mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)CINEMA LIBREINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera G7/h10Office Phone: 062-867-1434On Offer:The End of Poverty? (USA; documentary)Producers: Clifford Cobb, Beth Portello;director: Philippe Diaz; cast: Martin Sheen.Official selection, Critics’ Week 2008, specialdocumentary screening. Looking beyond thepopular “solutions” for poverty that don’twork, “The End of Poverty?” asks whether thetrue causes of poverty today stem from adeliberate orchestration since colonial times,which has evolved into a modern systemwhereby wealthy nations exploit the poor.(108 mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 6

PRODUCT LISTINGSMancora (USA; drama) Producers: AntonioGijon, Diego Ojeda; director: Ricardo De Montreuil;cast: Elsa Pataky, Jason Day, EnriqueMurciano. The second feature for Peruviandirector Ricardo de Montreuil. His first feature,“La Mujer de Mi Hermano,” holds the record forthe largest theatrical release for a Latin film inU.S. history. (100 mins.; product reel/trailer;returning)Namibia – The Struggle for Liberation(USA; drama) Producers: UvsuvaKaumbi, Edwin Kanguatjivi; director: CharlesBurnett; cast: Danny Glover, Carl Lumbly. Criticallyacclaimed director Charles Burnett’s latestfilm follows the legend of Samuel Nujoma(Carl Lumbly), Namibia’s first president and aprominent leader in the 60-year struggle forindependence from apartheid South Africa.(120 mins.; product reel/trailer; returning)CINEMA MANAGEMENTGROUPCannes 2009 Office: Palais Des Festivals -Lerins S.13Office Phone: 310-402-7110On Offer:American Violet (USA; drama) Producer:Bill Haney; director: Tim Disney; cast: NicoleBehaire, Tim Blake Nelson, Will Matton,Michael O’Keefe, Xzibit, Charles Dutton, AlfreWoodard. A single mother of four is wrongfullyarrested in a drug raid along with 28 others.With her freedom and the custody of her childrenat stake, she chooses to fight the racistbut all-powerful district attorney and theunyielding criminal justice system he represents.(103 mins.; screening; debuting)Blood & Bone (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Nick Simunek, Matthew Binns,Michael Mailer; director: Ben Ramsey; cast:Michael Jai White, Julian Sands, EamonnWalker, Nona Gaye, Bob Sapp. After his releasefrom prison, Isaiah Bone arrives on the innercitystreets of Los Angeles and takes on severalof the meanest and toughest fighters fromthe world of back-alley street fighting, allorganized by a vicious gang leader. But is Bonein it just for the money or does he have anotheragenda? (93 mins.; screening; debuting)Heaven & Earth (USA; drama) Producer:David Pupkewitz; director: Marleen Gorris; cast:Natasha Mcelhone, Timothy Spall, MirandaRaisin. Based on the true story of Britain’s firstfemale surgeon, Dr. James Miranda Barry, whodisguised herself as man while at the SouthAfrican garrison and fell in love with the governor,Lord Charles Somerset. (production; presales;returning)CINEMA POPULAR/WE DISTRIBUTIONCannes 2009 Office: Res Du Grand,5/f Cormoran Ii, 45 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 04-92-59-00-50On Offer:Bodyguards and Assassins (China;action-adventure) Producers: Peter Ho SunChan, Huang Jianxin; director: Teddy Chen;cast: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Wang Xueqi, NicolasTse, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Hu Jun, Eric Tsang,Simon Yam, Fan Bing Bing, Wang Po Chieh,Zhou Yun. Set in 1905 Hong Kong, five ordinarymen and women with extraordinary martialarts skills are transformed into heroes, sacrificingtheir lives to protect the life of the manknown as the father of modern China from theassassins assigned by the Qing regime. (production;product reel/trailer; debuting)CINEMAVAULTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera G5/h8Office Phone: 33-4-92-99-32-15On Offer:Lovely, Still (Canada; drama) Producers:Dana Altman, Lars Knudsen, James Lawler, JayVan Hoy; director: Nicholas Fackler; cast: MartinLandau, Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Banks,Adam Scott. A holiday fable that tells thestory of an elderly man discovering love for thefirst time. (premiere; debuting)Lymelife (Canada; drama) Producers:Steven Martini, Barbara Defina, Jon Cornick,Alec Baldwin, Michele Tayler, Angela Sommerville;director: Derick Martini; cast: AlecBaldwin, Rory Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Jill Hennessy,Timothy Hutton, Cynthia Nixon, EmmaRoberts. From Martin Scorsese, a criticallyacclaimed coming of age film. (screening;returning)Who Do You Love (Canada; drama) Producers:Les Alexander, Jonathan Mitchell,Andrea Baynes; director: Jerry Zaks; cast:Alessandro Nivola, David Oyelowo, Jon Abrahams.The life story of legendary record producerLeonard Chess, founder of ChessRecords, the label that helped popularizeblues music during the 1950s and ’60s. (premiere;debuting)CINEPHILCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C 21Phone: 972-3-5664129On Offer:Defamation (Israel; documentary) Producers:Karoline Leth, Philippa Kowarsky, KnutOgris, Sandra Itkoff; director: Yoav Shamir.What is anti-Semitism today, two generationsafter the Holocaust? In his continuing explorationof modern Israeli life, director YoavShamir travels the world in search of the mostmodern manifestations of the “oldest hatred”and comes up with some startling answers.(93 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)My Neighbor My Killer (Israel; documentary)Producer/director: Anne Aghion. Couldyou ever forgive the people who slaughteredyour family? In 1994, Rwanda’s Hutu populacewas incited to wipe out the country’s Tutsiminority, killing lifelong friends and familymembers. In 1999 the government began theGacaca, open-air hearings with citizen-judgesmeant to try their neighbors and rebuild thenation. Filming over a decade in a tiny ruralhamlet, Emmy Award winner Anne Aghion hascharted the impact of the emotional journeyto coexistence. (80 mins.; premiere; debuting)Our City Dreams (Israel; documentary)Producers: Chiara Clemente, Tanya Selvaratnam,Bettina Sulser; director: Chiara Clemente;cast: Nancy Spero, Marina Abramovic, KikiSmith, Ghada Amer And Swoon. Filmed overthe course of two years, “Our City Dreams” isan invitation to visit the creative spaces of fivewomen artists, each of whom possesses herown energy, drive and passion. These women,who span different decades and representdiverse cultures, have one thing in commonbeyond making art: the city to which theyhave journeyed and now call home — NewYork. (87 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)CINEPRO PICTURESINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Hotel Palais StephanieOffice Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 70 00On Offer:*Tribes of October (USA; action-adventure)Producer/director: Philippe Martinez;cast: TBA. In a battle of biblical proportionsunder an eternally crimson sky in post-apocalypticNew York City, Detective Michael Hillburnmust cross the chaotic city on the mostdangerous night of the year to avenge thedeath of a fellow officer and save May Kelly,the girl he loves, from the clutches of the elusivecrime boss Lord Akuma. (preproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)The Steam Experiment (USA; thriller)Producer/director: Philippe Martinez; cast: ValKilmer, Armand Assante. When the heat rises,chaos ensues. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)CINESAVVYPhone: 1-416-598-2525On Offer:Cell 213 (Canada; horror) Producer: HassainZaidi; director: Stephen Kay; cast: Eric Balfour,Bruce Greenwood. God and the devil havebeen fighting for souls since mankind first setfoot on earth. Their battle continues in Cell 213over cocky young attorney Michael Gray.(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)Frankie & Alice (Canada; drama) Producers:Halle Berry, Vince Cirrincione, HassainZaidi; director: Geoffrey Sax; cast: Halle Berry,Stellan Skarsgård. Based on a true story,Frankie and Alice is a complex and disturbingglimpse into a human psyche with multiplepersonality disorder. Halle Berry stars asFrankie, an exotic dancer harboring a darksecret that she isn’t even aware of. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Phantom Punch (Canada; drama) Producers:Hassain Zaidi, Marek Posival; director:Robert Townsend; cast: Ving Rhames,Nicholas Turturro. From discovery in a jail cellto world heavyweight boxing champ, “PhantomPunch” traces Sonny Liston’s life andloves, ties to the mob and the circumstancessurrounding his mysterious death. (104 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)CINETEL FILMS, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera B2Office Phone: 049-299-3239On Offer:Icarus (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Lisa Hansen, Paul Hertzberg, Kirk Shaw; director:Dolph Lundgren; cast: Dolph Lundgren.Leading a double life as a family man and aprofessional assassin, a career hit man findshimself fighting for his life and struggling toprotect his family. (postproduction; presales;returning)Ice Twisters (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Lisa Hansen, Shannon McA’Nulty, KirkShaw; director: Steven R. Monroe; cast:Camille Sullivan, Kaj Eriksen, Mark Moses. Acloud-seeding experiment, Project Raindance,goes horribly wrong and spawns unstoppabletornadoes that that freeze everything in theirpath and shoot razor sharp shards of ice. Nowit is up to one person, author Charlie Price, tofind a way to stop it before it is too late. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)Smile (USA; thriller) Producers: GherardoPagliei, Francesco Gasperoni, Hamid Basket;director: Francesco Gasperoni; cast: RobertCapelli Jr., Elena Bouryka, Armand Assante. Agroup of students on a school holiday discoversa mysterious camera, but after several ofthem start showing up dead after having theirpicture taken, they start to realize this camerais much more than they bargained for. (postproduction;presales; debuting)CINEVILLE INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C 4Office Phone: 330-492-9932On Offer:Ghost in the Ring (USA; drama) Producer:Jorge Berlanga; cast: Jay Hernandez, CubaGooding Jr., Ana De La Reguera. The epic storyof a man born clinically dead. He is a warriorwho will defy all odds to rise to the top,become a hero to millions and inspire twonations, but along the way he will face hisgreatest challenge — himself. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Last Highway (USA; documentary) Producers:Dub Cornet, Carl Colpaert; cast: BobDylan, Nora Jones, Lucinda Williams. HankWilliams left behind a legacy of music that isstill as moving and evocative today as it wasat his death more than 50 years ago. This concertfilm shot at Nashville’s Ryman Auditoriumfocuses on 22 unfinished compositions, allwith original Hank Williams lyrics but with nomusical score – until now. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Pure Shooter (USA; drama) Producers:Greg Jones, Robert Rangel; cast: Cuba GoodingJr., Michael Rooker. Greg “Basketball” Jones,fought to become the first African-Americanbasketball player to become an All-American.The story is about chasing one’s dreams nomatter how hard the challenges or the consequences,and about whether sports can transcendracism. (preproduction; presales; debuting)CINEXPORTCannes 2009 Office: European MediaPavilion N 122Office Phone: 06-07-54-33-33On Offer:Misbehaviour (France; drama) Producer:Zgarka Films; director: Michel Zgarka; cast:Cindel Chartrand, Andrew Avatis, AlexandraWoodward. Perverted life in a highly securesenior college for girls. A young student willlearn how awful life can be when she loses herillusions. (97 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Number One (France; comedy) Producer:Made In Morocco, Zakia Tahiri; director: ZakiaTahiri; cast: Aziz Saadallah, Nezha Rahil,Khadija Assad. Aziz is the manager of a clothingfactory that employs some 50 women,whom Aziz terrorizes just as he terrorizes hiswife and his daughter. One day his wife discovershe can be a perfect gentleman, and shecasts a spell on him so this moment neverends. Aziz becomes a feminist in spite of himself,and his life becomes a living hell. (86mins.; screening; debuting)South of the Moon (France; family) Producer:Zgarka Films; director: Antonio Diverdis;cast: John Ralston, Jake Mcleod, Moya O’Connell.A small boy is unhappy with his parents,in love with a classmate, fond of his harddrinkinguncle and often dreams of a verybeautiful woman he does not know. (108mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)CJ ENTERTAINMENT, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Reviera C 20Phone: 82-2-2017-1193On Offer:Haeundae (South Korea; action-adventure)Producer: Lee Ji-seung; director: JK Youn;cast: Sul Kyung-gu, Ha Ji-won. While vacationersare enjoying a peaceful summer day atHaeundae beach, a super-tsunami is headedstraight for the popular vacation spot. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Mother (South Korea; drama) Producers:Choi Jae-won, Seo Woo-sik; director: BongJoon-ho; cast: Kim Hye-ja, Won Bin. Widowedfor a long time, a mother lives alone with heronly son. He is a shy and quiet young man. Inthe aftermath of a terrible murder, her helplessson becomes the prime suspect. There isno real evidence against him, but police areeager to close the case and arrest the boy. Hisdefense attorney turns out to be incompetent.Faced with no other choice, his mother getsinvolved, determined to prove her son’s innocence.(postproduction; premiere; debuting)Thirst (South Korea; drama) Producer: AhnSoo-hyun; director: Park Chan-wook; cast:Song Kang-ho, Kim Ok-vin. Beloved anddevoted priest from a small town volunteersfor a medical experiment, which fails andturns him into a vampire. Physical and psychologicalchanges lead to an affair with the wifeof his childhood friend, who is repressed andtired of her mundane life. The former priestfalls deeper into despair and depravity, andstruggles to maintain what’s left of hishumanity. (postproduction; screening; debuting)COACH 14Cannes 2009 Office: 17, Square Merimee2nd Floor 06400 CannesOffice Phone: 33-4-93-68-43-34On Offer:Carré Blanc (Spain; thriller) Producers:CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 7

PRODUCT LISTINGSTarantula, Solair Films, Cjsc Ctc Network; director:Jean Baptiste Leonetti; cast: Sami Bouajila,Julie Gayet, Jean-pierre Andreani,Dominique Paturel, Carlos Leal. In a dark andchilling future, society feeds on its weak. Thosewho cannot afford a living, those whose cannotcompete and those who are mavericks arekilled and turned into meat. (postproduction;debuting)Les Herbes Folles (Spain; romance) Producer:F Comme Film - Studio Canal - France 2Cinéma - Bim Distribuzione; director: AlainResnais; cast: Sabine Azéma, André Dussollier,Emmanuelle Devos, Anne Consigny, MathieuAmalric, Michel Vuillermoz, Edouard Baer. MargueriteMuir did not anticipate that someonewould steal her bag at the exit of a shoe storein Paris, or that the culprit would throw thecontents in a parking lot. As for Georges Palet,if he had known what he was getting into, hewould never have bent down to pick up thewallet. (postproduction; debuting)Je Suis Hereux Que Ma Mère SoitVivante (Spain; drama) Producer: F CommeFilm - Orly Films - Page 114 in co-productionwith France 3 Cinéma With the participationof Canal +; director: Claude & Nathan Miller;cast: Christine Citti, Yves Verhoeven, VincentRottiers, Sophie Cattani. From childhoodthrough his teen years, Thomas looked forJulie, his biological mother. Unknown to hisadoptive parents, he went back to the womanwho abandoned him when he was 4 years oldand started to lead a secret life. (postproduction;debuting)COLIFILMS DIFFUSIONPhone: 33-1-4294-2543On Offer:The Dark Room (France; drama) Producers:Todo Cine, Sophie Dulac Productions;director: Maria Victoria Menis; cast: MirthaBogdasarian, Patrick Del’isola, FernadoArmani. In a colony of Jewish immigrants inEntre Rios Province, Argentina, at the turn ofthe last century, we discover the story ofGertrudis, a woman who in the eyes of herfamily was born an ugly baby, became an uglychild, developed into an ugly teenager andfinally became an ugly woman. (85 mins.;screening; debuting)Tricheuse (France; comedy) Producer: LesProductions Clef En Main; director: Jean-François Davy; cast: Hélène De Fougerolles,Valérie Kaprisky, Patrick Bouchitey. A womanwants to have a family at any price. (95 mins.;screening; debuting)Vivre (France; comedy) Producer: GradivaProds.; director: Yvon Marciano; cast: AymericCormerais, Lydie Waï, Pamela Ravassard. Lifeis beautiful when you are 25 years old and inlove. (103 mins.; screening; debuting)COLLERY COMEDYVENTURESCannes 2009 Office: Hong Kong PavillionPhone: 13109805493On Offer:Klaus Pierre Goes to South Africa(Hong Kong; comedy) Producer: ArnaudCollery; director: confidential; cast: KlausPierre. Klaus Pierre goes to Africa in an improvbasedcomedy shot documentary style.(development; presales; debuting)Klaus Pierre, Diary of an EmotionallyChallenged Action Star (Hong Kong;comedy) Producer/director: Arnaud Collery;cast: Klaus Pierre, Matthias Hues. Improvbasedcomedy shot documentary style aroundthe world. KP (based on a character createdon stage in L.A.) is an the ultimate loser. Hetries to become an action star in L.A. but fallsin love with a girl in the subway in Paris. Tryingto find her, he will meet some 15 different personalities(real people from politics, businessand sports) in France, Japan and India. Then inChina he will learned the language and theculture. (80 mins.; screening; debuting)A Story of Champagne (Hong Kong)Producer: Arnaud Collery; director: JanetNakano; cast: Arnaud Collery, Alain Collery.“Mondovino” the documentary was centeredon the business side, this one is centered onthe culture of Champagne through the uniquestory of “Champagne Collery” a once quitefamous brand that was owned by the Colleryfamily. Nowadays Arnaud Collery is a comedianfilmmaker in Los Angeles and Alain Colleryis a sex therapist. (development; presales;debuting)CONNECTION IIIENTERTAINMENT CORP.Cannes 2009 Office: C9, Riviera HallPhone: 323-937-8700On Offer:Flooding in the Time of Drought(USA; drama) Producer: Paddy Pictures; director:Sherman Ong; cast: Agnes Christina,Nathan Benjamin, Xiao Jing, PacheunMaleipan. This fusion of documentary and fictionnarrative is split into two parts, “Drought”and “Flood,” to reflect the dichotomy thatexists in our relationship with the vital elementwater. (production; debuting)Here (USA; drama) Producers:Gsmprjct°média, Akanga Film Asia, Oak 3Fillms; director: Ho Tzu Nyen; cast: John Low,Beatrice Tan, Andy Hillyard. “Here” follows thejourney of He Zhiyuan, a middle-aged manwho struggles to make sense of his reality followingthe sudden death of his wife. (86mins.; debuting)Love Matters (USA; comedy) Producers:Neo Studios, Mmstudios and Grand Brilliance;directors: Jack Neo, Gilbert Chan; cast: HenryThia, Yeo Yann Yann. A humorous and entertaininglook at love and happiness in astraight-laced Asian society, through the misadventuresof three men as they search forlove and happiness (118 mins.; debuting)CONTENTFILMINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 32 Rue Du CommandantAndré (corner Croisette), 4th FloorOffice Phone: 33 4 93 99 19 50On Offer:Fish Tank (U.K.; drama) Producer: KeesKasander; director: Andrea Arnold; cast:Michael Fassbender, Kierston Wareing. Mia, 15,has her life turned on its head when her Mumbrings home a new boyfriend. (122 mins.;debuting)Last Ride (U.K.; drama) Producers: NicolasCole, Antonia Barnard; director: Glendyn Ivin;cast: Hugo Weaving, Tom Russell. Shot onlocation in the spectacular outback of Australia,“Last Ride” brings to mind Clint Eastwood’s“A Perfect World” in its depiction of adevastating and tender emotional journey,seen through the eyes of an innocent youngboy and his father on the run from the law.(100 mins.; returning)The Technician (U.K.; thriller) Producers:Harry Ufland, Mary Jane Ufland, Chris Ufland;director: Jon Cassar; cast: TBA. From the leaddirector of “24.”, one of the most successful TVseries of all time, comes the explosive actionthriller “The Technician.” Relentless from theopening scene, “The Technician” is a smart,slick action thriller that combines the nonstoptension of “Speed” and “Die Hard With aVengeance” with the explosive action of“Crank” and “Wanted.” (preproduction; presales;debuting)CORRINO ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 31204233002On Offer:Riparian Zone/Uiterwaarden (Netherlands;drama) Producers: Ivo Noorlander, AtillaMeijs, Michael John Fedun; director: HanroSmitsman; cast: Matthijs Van De SandeBakhuyzen, Robert De Hoog. (preproduction;presales; debuting)CORSANWORLDSALESCannes 2009 Office: Lerins R1Phone: 3232342518On Offer:The Devil’s Double (Belgium; thriller)Producers: Paul Breuls, Michael John Fedun,Emjay Rechsteiner; director: Lee Tamahori.Latif Yahia, an Iraqi Army lieutenant stationedon the Iranian border, bears an uncannyresemblance to Uday Hussein. Latif is summonedto Saddam’s inner sanctum, where heis given a choice: Become the body double ofhis son Uday, or die. (preproduction; presales;debuting)The Hessen Affair (Belgium; thriller) Producer/director:Paul Breuls; cast: Billy Zane,Lyne Renee, Michael Bowen. In 1945, Col. JackDurant and the dazzlingly beautiful Lt. KathleenNash uncover the crown jewels of Germany.Nash and Durant manage to get thegems to New York, where they must deal withgangsters to fence the loot. With doublecrossinggangland figures trying to control thegems and the Army closing in on them, willNash and Durant stay true to each other andtheir plan, or will one sell the other out? (108mins.; screening; debuting)Meant to Be (Belgium; romance) Producers:Paul Breuls, John Smallcombe, MichaelJohn Fedun; director: Paul Breuls; cast: KellyReilly, Julian Rhind-tutt. Will and Amanda arean unlikely couple. For starters, Amanda doesn’teven know Will exists. Literally. BecauseWill is Amanda’s guardian angel. Fortunately,with the help of his best friend Archie (KrisMarshall), Will is given the chance to becomehuman for seven days to win Amanda’s heart.But being human isn’t as easy as it looks, andWill soon discovers that gravity is a pain andlove is trouble. (postproduction; debuting)COUNTRY INN, DEAD &BREAKFAST SERIESPhone: 561-482-3213On Offer:Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast (USA;mystery/comedy) Producer: Tina Czarnota;cast: David Soul. On the first day of operationat the Tudor Grove Inn, a guest is murdered.Leery of everyone, Trina and her sassy nieceKim begin searching for clues and speculatethat the intended victim was Trina’s orneryfuture dad-in-law, Tim. Between dodgingTim’s barbs, matching wits with a relentless,sexy reporter who wishes to destroy the inn forher own purposes and playing hostess, Trinaand Kim try to assist the no-nonsense Lt.Klonski in solving the mystery, unaware thatthey are his prime suspects. (development;presales; debuting)Deadly Act (USA; mystery/comedy) Producer:Tina Czarnota. Lottie Chotski, Trina andher sassy niece, Kim, are hustled off by Lottieto The Thrice Strikes Casino for some loungeaction, nightlife and strife. Soon, Trina, Kimand Lottie eyeball the casino carpet as theydodge bullets meant for celebrity crooner J.Tones. While trying to clear Lottie of suspicionof murder, Trina and Kim follow Lottie througha maze of clues and cloak-and-dagger. Isthrice a charm or will one of the family membersbe the third to be struck? (development;presales; debuting)Deadwaiter (USA; mystery/comedy) Producer:Tina Czarnota; cast: David Soul. Katrinadiscovers her inn’s dumbwaiter is really thetomb of someone who died years ago. Soon,she learns of several other mysteries surroundingher — like the lovely Alexandra, who keepswaiting at the inn for her husband; the sexyRhiannon, who meets a strange man late atnight; and the chanteuse who becomes upsetat the sight of Lt. Klonski. Throughout thestory Trina tries to solve all of these puzzles,soon realizing that there’s a greater mystery inthe dumbwaiter than merely an old skeleton.(development; presales; debuting)CROATIAN AUDIOVISUALCENTRECannes 2009 Office: Croatia, Pavilion 112,Village RivieraOffice Phone: 33-0492-590-222On Offer:The Blacks (Croatia; drama) Producer:Ankica Juric-Tilic; directors: Goran Devic, ZvonimirJuric; cast: Ivo Gregurevic, Franjo Dijak. In acity under siege, the truce has been signed andthe squad known as the Blacks, which used todo the dirty jobs, needs to be disbanded. Thesquad commander, who has lost three of hissoldiers, prepares to retrieve their bodies fromthe forest and, despite the ceasefire, blows upthe dam, causing great damage to the enemy.The surviving members of the squad moveinto action, but on the battlefield they findthat the enemy they have been searching foris inside themselves. (75 mins.; debuting)Croatian Short Fiction and AnimatedFilms (Croatia) Directors: Dalibor Matanic,Petar Oreskovic, Ivan Livakovic, NikolinaBaric, Sasa Ban, Nevio Marasovic, Darko Kokic,Nedjeljko Dragic, Borivoj Dovnikovic, DarkoVidaskovic. Short fiction: “Party,” “Refuse,”“Dirty Little Bubbles,” “Masa,” “Int-Apartment-Night.” Short animated films: “Nightmare,”“Run,” “Silence,” “Mobitel Manija,” “Rudi’s Lexicon— Love,” “Rudi’s Lexicon — Glory.” (screening;debuting)Metastases (Croatia; drama) Producer:Stanislav Babic; director: Branko Schmidt;cast: Rene Bitorajac, Franjo Dijak. (85 mins.;screening; debuting)CRYSTAL SKY WORLDWIDEPhone: +1.310.843.0223On Offer:Opposite Day (USA; family) Producers:Steven Paul, Jamee Natella; director: MichaelR Givens; cast: French Stewart, Billy Unger,Ariel Winter, George Wendt, Pauly Shore.(returning)Robosapien (USA; family) Producers:Steven Paul, Avi Arad; director: Sean McNamara;cast: Bobby Coleman, David Eigenberg,Penelope Ann Miller. (postproduction; returning)Tekken (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Steven Paul, Benedict Carver; director: DwightLittle; cast: Jon Foo, Cary Tagawa, Kelly Overton,Ian Anthony Dale. (postproduction;returning)CURB ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera H2Office Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 32 25On Offer:Bare Knuckles (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Eric Etebari, Moe Grunberg, AlisonRichards; director: Eric Etebari; cast: JeanetteRoxborough, Martin Kove, Chris Mulkey, LouisMandylor, Bridgett “Babydoll” Riley, TaylorRoxborough. When Samantha uses her skillsto break up a bar fight between two drunkenwomen, down-and-out fight promoter SonnyCool (“Karate Kid’s” Martin Kove) sees anopportunity to get back into “The Show,” ahigh-class but highly illegal all-female bareknucklefight tournament where brutality andelegance mix with high stakes and deception.To provide for her family, Samantha is forcedinto taking Sonny’s offer. (98 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Greener Mountains (USA; family) Producer:Adam Selkowitz; director: Lee ShallatChemel; cast: Chris Heuisler, Kimberly McCullough,Brad Raider, Kevin Durand. JP Barton isan adopted boy raised on a Vermont familyresort, who has essentially never left the resortgrounds. The arrival of a free-spirited youngartist, Alice Flynn, pits brother against brotherand propels JP on an explosive course vying forher love. Desire collides with betrayal in thispassionate romance. (89 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 8

PRODUCT LISTINGSThe Video Guys (USA; family) Producer:Jeanne Brennan; director: Dan Brennan; cast:Dan Brennan, Russ Camarda, Chris Douros,Tom Doran, Johnny Ferro, Allison Lane, SabrinaBrennan. Your wedding day can be the moststressful day of your life. The Video Guys haveseen it all, from cheating grooms to sexybrides. They know how to be discreet and howto deal with any problems thrown at them.Now they face their greatest challenge: shootingthe wedding of one of their ex-wives. (95mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)DARCLIGHT FILMSPhone: 310-777-8855On Offer:Altitude (USA; thriller) Producer: Ian Birkett;director: Kaare Andrews; cast: Kristin Kreuk.When a rookie pilot and her friends lose controlof their plane as a result of freak mechanicalfailure, they discover themselves plummetingthrough the sky besieged by a mysterious,malevolent force. (production; debuting)Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia (USA; thriller)Producer: Jeff Most; director: Michael Staininger;cast: Wes Bentley, Kaitlin Doubleday. Ayoung professor falls under the spell of a mysteriouswoman who has discovered the secretof immortality. (screening; debuting)Lake Mungo (USA; thriller) Producers: BillColeman, Gilbert George, Robert George; director:Joel Anderson; cast: Rosie Traynor, DavidPledger. The family of a drowned girl experiencesvisitations from her ghost, and uponinvestigating discovers the terrifying truth ofher secret life. (89 mins.; screening; debuting)DEAPLANETACannes 2009 Office: Riviera A5 ( CinemaFrom Spain )Office Phone: 0034638090287On Offer:The Frost (Spain; drama) Producer: RaülPerales; director: Ferran Audí; cast: TrondEspen Seim, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Bibi Andersson.Based on a play by Henrik Ibsen, ahaunting psychological drama that harshlyexposes the workings and meanderings oflove. (107 mins.; screening; returning)Prime Time (Spain; thriller) Producer: KinoPc and the Night of the Cats; director: LuisCalvo Ramos; cast: Leticia Dolera, AlbertoAmarilla. You don’t want to be here, and you’llfight to escape. (93 mins.; premiere; debuting)Road to Santiago (Spain; comedy) Producers:Antena 3 Films, Lazona, Zircozine;director: Roberto Santiago; cast: FernandoTejero, Malena Alterio. Nacho’s a photographer.Pilar, a journalist. They hate each other.But when they’re sent to cover the story ofOlmo, a guru who solves relationship crises ofcouples doing the pilgrimage to Santiago deCompostela, they’re forced to pretend to be acouple. In their 6-day adventure across Galicia,our two antagonists get mixed up in all kindsof ridiculous, hilarious and even romantic situations.Everyone knows that until you reachSantiago, anything can happen. (100 mins.;premiere; debuting)DEBUT PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Palais 01 - 20.04aOffice Phone: +33 0 4 92 99 80 65On Offer:The Five (USA; family) Producers: NancyLarned, Michael Larned; director: Dave Yasuda;cast: Madisen Beaty, Dan Lauria. Five childrenfrom two broken families wake up one morningto find themselves in a mysterious adventureresembling that of a character in theirfavorite mythological book series. They soondiscover that they must all fight an invisibledark force that is powered by their own angerand confusion within. They learn thatalthough they can’t change the unhappyevents of the past, they can determine theirfuture by how they deal with these sad memoriesin the present. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)DISTANT HORIZONCannes 2009 Office: Grand Hotel, Cannes(cannes@distant-horizon.com)On Offer:Don’t Look Up (USA; horror) Producer:Anant Singh Brian Cox Yoko Asakura; director:Fruit Chan; cast: Henry Thomas (i Capture TheCastle) Kevin Corrigan (departed, AmericanGangster) Lothaire Bluteau (black Robe, JesusOf Montreal) Carmen Chaplin (all About TheBenjamins) Reshad Strik (hills Have Eyes 2).Set in and around an abandoned film studiofrom another era, “Don’t Look Up” charts theunravelling sanity of a director and his crewwhen spirits from that era invade the filmstock of the contemporary production and, ina few stark frames, open a horrifying windowon a terrible curse from the past. (98 mins.;product reel/trailer; debuting)More Than Just a Game (USA; documentary)Producer: Anant Singh HelenaSpring; director: Junaid Ahmed; cast: PresleyChweneyagae (tsotsi) Wright Ngubeni TshepoMaseko Az Abrahams Merlin Balie. In the styleof Touching The Void, More Than Just A Game,is told through the stories of five former politicalprisoners. It follows political activists sentin the 1960s to the infamous Robben Islandprison where Mandela was imprisoned andtells the inspiring story of how these prisonersrise above their incarceration by creating afootball league and finding an outlet for theirpassion and commitment to disciplinethrough soccer. (90 mins.; product reel/trailer;debuting)Mr. Bones 2: Back From the Past(USA; comedy) Producer: Anant Singh HelenaSpring; directors: Gray Hofmeyr (mr. Bones,Mama Jack); cast: Leon Schuster LeeandaReddy Tongayi Chirisa Kaseran Pillay MerenReddy. The follow-up to the most successfulSouth African film of all-time, “Mr. Bones 2:Back From the Past” is the story of Hekule, theKing of Kuvukiland who is given a gemstoneby the dying Kunji Balanadin. The stone iscursed and causes Hekule to become possessedby the spirit of the mischievous Kunji. Itis up Mr. Bones, the royal witch doctor to curehis King and get rid of this cursed stone byreturning the gem to its home in an Indianfishing village. (101 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)DISTRIBUTION WORKSHOPCannes 2009 Office: #71 , Grand ResidencesOffice Phone: 33-4-93-68-59-45On Offer:Big Soldier (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producer: Jackie Chan; director: Sheng Ding;cast: Jackie Chan, Lee-hom Wang. A foot soldierand a general from rival states becomethe sole survivors of a war. As they’re pursuedby the general’s brother, who would kill anyonefor the throne, the soldier contemplateswhether he should betray the general for theticket home. (production; presales; debuting)Overheard (Hong Kong; thriller) Producers:Derek Yee, Henry Fong; directors: Alan Mak,Felix Chong; cast: Louis Koo, Lau Ching-wan.Three cops become increasingly thrilled by thesecrets they hear while conducting surveillance.(postproduction; product reel/trailer;returning)Rain Fall (Hong Kong; thriller) Producers:Megumi Fukasawa, Satoru Iseki, TsutomuSakurai; director: Max Mannix; cast: Kippei Shiina,Gary Oldman. The story centers on JohnRain (Kippei Shiina), a half-breed assassinwho is used by William Holtzer (Gary Oldman),the chief officer of the CIA Tokyo Bureau, toorchestrate a conspiracy to manipulate theJapanese government. The film has beenscheduled for a nationwide release in Japan bySony Pictures Entertainment during the GoldenWeek holiday in May 2009. (111 mins.;screening; returning)E1 ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: S9Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-33-08On Offer:Amreeka (Canada; drama) Producers: PaulBarkin, Christina Piovesan; director: CherienDabis; cast: Nisreen Faour, Melkar Muallem,Hiam Abbass. An ever-optimistic Palestiniansingle mom and her teenage son arrive insmall town Illinois, intent on starting a newlife. Do they have what it takes to successfullysurvive the heartland? (96 mins.; screening;debuting)Cold Souls (Canada; drama) Producers:Paul S. Mezey, Andrij Parekh, Jeremy KippWalker; director: Sophie Barthes; cast: PaulGiamatti, Emily Watson, David Strathairn,Katheryn Winnick. In the midst of an existentialcrisis, a New York actor stumbles uponSoul Storage, a private lab offering New Yorkersrelief from the burden of their souls... (100mins.; debuting)Shock Doctrine (Canada; documentary)Producer: Andrew Eaton; directors: Mat Whitecross,Michael Winterbottom; cast: NaomiKlein. Based on the book by Naomi Klein, THESHOCK DOCTRINE seeks to explain the rise of“disaster capitalism”: the exploitation ofmoments of crisis by governments and bigbusiness in order to ransack the economies ofvulnerable countries. (debuting)EALING STUDIOSINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Apt C41/c42 Relais DeLa Reine, 42-43 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 33-93-06-70-03-4On Offer:Dorian Gray (U.K.; thriller) Producer: BarnabyThomopson; director: Oliver Parker; cast:Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, Ben Chaplin. Inconceivablybeautiful Dorian Gray embraces a sinisterlife of debauchery and self-indulgencethat eventually results in murder. His beautyseems eternal but his portrait reveals thetruth. (postproduction; debuting)From Time to Time (U.K.; family) Producers:Julian Fellowes, Liz Trubridge And PaulKingsey; director: Julian Fellowes; cast: MaggieSmith, Timothy Spall, Anne Reid. Tolly is sentto stay with his estranged Grandmother intheir ancestral home, where he solves an ageoldmystery that will safeguard their futureand reunite the family. (postproduction;debuting)St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton’sGold (U.K.; comedy) Producer: BarnabyThompson; director: Barnaby ThompsonAnd Oliver Parker; cast: Rupert Everett ColinFirth Russell Brand. The Goonies meets The DaVinci Code in this St Trinian’s sequel, with theanarchic school girls on the hunt for Fritton’slegendary lost treasure. (preproduction; presales;debuting)EASTERN MORDOR FILMCOMPANY LIMITEDPhone: 852-2385-5939On Offer:Painted Skin (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producers: Ketsarinh Lan, Pang Hong;director: Gordon Chan; cast: Donnie Yen, ZhouXun, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Qi Yuwu, Sun Li.General Wang (Chen Kun) saves a gorgeousgirl, Mei-ling( Zhou Xun), from bandits whileon the way back to his hometown. He decidesto bring her along to his town, but after herarrival a series of murders takes place. Wang’swife, Pei-rong (Zhao Wei) is worried that itcould be Mei-ling and she calls for Er-long(Donnie Yen), along with an exorcist (Sun Li),to help her fight Mei-ling. (118 mins.; debuting)EASTERNLIGHT FILMSPhone: 310-777-8855On Offer:Coweb (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Joe Ma Wai Ho, Chan Shu Chi; director: XiongXin Xin; cast: Jaing Lu Xia, Eddie Siu Fai. A giftedmartial artist becomes embroiled in anunderground gambling operation that pitsfighters against each other to the death.(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)Legendary Assassins (USA; actionadventure)Producer: Paco Wong; directors: LiChung Chi, Jing Wu; cast: Alex Fong, Jung Wu.When a murder victim is discovered on anisland, a local cop teams up with a mysterioustraveler to take on gangsters who come lookingfor the victim’s killer. (production; presales;debuting)Three Kingdoms: Resurrection ofthe Dragon (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Taewon Chung, Susanna Tsang; director:Daniel Lee; cast: Andy Lau, Maggie Q. Asweeping action-adventure that brings to lifethe greatest classical novel of Chinese literaturein all its staggering scale and splendor.(postproduction; presales; debuting)EBS WORLDENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: B18Office Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 33 0On Offer:Balcancan (USA; comedy) Producer: DarkoMitrevski, Gianluca Curti, Carlo Duci, AlessandroVerdecchi; director: Darko Mitrevski; cast:Vlado Jovanovski, Adolfo Margiotta, BrankoDjuric. When Trendafil attempts an escapefrom war-ravaged Macedonia, his mother-nlawdies from heat exhaustion. He calls uponSantino, a lovable lowlife linked to him by theirpast, and the two must take the grandmotherback in an adventure mixed with the dangerand terror of civil war and the absurdity oftransporting a dead woman across countriesin a rolled up carpet. (89 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)A Conspiracy (USA; thriller) Producer:Wayne Wong, Rick Jordan, Richard Cooper;director: Rick Jordan; cast: Rick Jordan, AthenaMaria Bitzis, Rob Pralgo. A young attorney isthe only witness to a murder that places himin the middle of a major conspiracy, sendinghim on the run to prove his innocence. Whathe knows might save him ... what he learnscould get him killed. (95 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)Heist (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Rick Jordan, Wayne Wong; directors: Rick Jordan,Richard Cooper; cast: Rick Jordan, ChristianMendez, Erik David. Some mistakes are notforgiven – especially when they jeopardize aColombian drug cartel. Working against theclock, a crew of unpredictable outlaws gathersto pull off the robbery of an armored truck inan attempt to pay off a debt – and save ayoung man’s life. (92 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)ECHELON STUDIOSCannes 2009 Office: Hotel BrimerOffice Phone: 00.334. Offer:Cycle of Fear (USA; horror) Producers: JohnCrossman Sr., Diane DaSilva-Bowles, ManuelH. Da Silva.; director: Manuel H. Da Silva; cast:Valerie Morrissey, Rachel Ancheril, Sean Kaufmann,Diane DaSilva-Bowles, Tony Porfilio,Emily Andrews. What do you fear? One yearago, 14 teenagers went missing. Tabetha is theonly known survivor of the group. Found bythe side of the road with no memory of whoshe is and the secret she holds, must find outwhat’s in store for her through clues in her ownsketches. (92 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)The Life Coach (USA; comedy) Producers:Jennifer Jostyn, Leila Leigh; director: Josh Stolberg;cast: Greg Baker, Connie Britton, LaurenGraham, Carla Gugino, Ron Livingston, GeorgeWendt, Rainn Wilson. A mockumentary aboutthe rise and fall of Hollywood’s life coach toCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 9

PRODUCT LISTINGSthe stars. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Spooks, Hoods, and the Hidden Elite(USA; documentary) Producers: Anthony Davi,J.W. August; director: Anthony Davi; cast:Chauncy Marvin Holt, Mike Ambrose. CIA Operativeand MOB associate Chauncey Holtreveals his role the JFK assassination. This isthe never-before-seen interview recordedeight days before his death. (120 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)ECHO BRIDGEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Lerins, R19Office Phone: +33 (0)4 9299 3214On Offer:Inhale (USA; thriller) Producer: Michelle ChydzikAnd Nathalie Marciano; director: BaltasarKormakur; cast: Dermot Mulroney, DianeKruger, Sam Shepard, Rosanna Arquette, VincentPerez And Jordi Molla. In a desperateattempt to save his daughter from a rare disease,a father jeopardizes his career, familyand life when he finds himself involved in themiddle of a criminal underworld medical ring.(postproduction; screening; debuting)My Life in Ruins (USA; comedy) Producers:Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Michelle Chydzik,Nathalie Marciano; director: DonaldPetrie; cast: Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss,Rita Wilson. A romantic comedy set amongstthe ruins of ancient Greece, in which a Greek-American tour guide finds unexpected adventureand romance. (98 mins.; screening;returning)Virgin on Bourbon Street (USA; comedy)Producer: Kirsten Smith; director: Clare Kilner;cast: Rob Schneider, Jenna Dewan. At collegeon a sponsorship from a sexualabstinence before marriage group, one “pureas snow” student stands to lose it all afterinnocently consuming alcohol and gettingfilmed performing wild sexual antics! (postproduction;screening; debuting)ELEPHANT EYE FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Carlton Room 202Office Phone: +33 (0)4 93 06 45 77On Offer:Fidel’s Last Dance (USA; documentary)Producers: Cynthia Newport, Curb Gardner;director: Cynthia Newport; cast: Alicia Alonso,Carlos Acosta, Lorna Feijoo. The personal andpolitical stories of dance and culture in Cubathat includes exile and return, loss andredemption and tradition and innovation. (94mins.; screening; debuting)Frat Girl (USA; comedy) Producers: ElephantEye Films, Derrick Tseng; director: NateMeyer; cast: Jess Weixler. A socially awkwarddrama geek decides to do the unexpected andpledge for a sorority at her university. However,when she is mistaken for a boy and offered abid to join a fraternity as well, she decides totake on the ultimate acting assignment andimmerse herself in every aspect of Greek life.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Precious (USA; drama) Producers: LeeDaniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness, Gary Magness;director: Lee Daniels; cast: Mariah Carey,Mo’nique. In 1980s Harlem, an overweight,illiterate teen who is pregnant with her secondchild is invited to enroll in an alternative schoolin the hope that her life can head in a newdirection. (109 mins.; screening; debuting)ELEVEN ARTS, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera G18Office Phone: 1-310-953-3059On Offer:Cobalt Blue (USA; drama) Producers: HidehisaYamada, Akito Yamashita; director:Yosuke Nakagawa; cast: Masami Nagasawa,Kuranosuke Sasaki. Set in Okinawa, the southernisland of Japan, “Cobult Blue” is an epicstory about purity and bitterness of love. (121mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)The Harimaya Bridge (USA; drama) Producers:Ko Mori, Aaron Woolfolk; director:Aaron Woolfolk; cast: Ben Guillory, DannyGlover. An African-American man must travelto rural Japan to resolve some issues involvinghis late son, from whom he was estranged.While there, he discovers some secrets his sonleft behind. (121 mins.; premiere; debuting)Vacation (USA; drama) Producer: KoikeKazuhiro; director: Hajime Kadoi; cast: KaoruKobayashi, Nishijima Hidetoshi. A man whohas idled his days away finds himself facing ahuge obstacle that he must overcome in orderto re-evaluate his life. (115 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)EMPEROR MOTIONPICTURESCannes 2009 Office: C-42, 4th Floor, RelaisDe La Reine, 42/43 La Croisette, 06400Cannes, FranceOffice Phone: 33-04-93-06-70-08On Offer:The Beast Stalker (Hong Kong; actionadventure)Producers: Albert Lee, CheungHong-tat, Candy Leung; director: Dante Lam;cast: Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung. The lives of awanted criminal, a police sergeant, a publicprosecutor and her daughter are broughttogether in a dramatic action-adventureabout friendship, duty, love and hate. (109mins.; screening; debuting)Connected (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producers: Albert Lee, Jiang Tao, Kevin Yung;director: Benny Chan; cast: Louis Koo, BarbieHsu. Debt collector Bob is having a hardenough time keeping his own life from fallingapart when he receives a call from a strangerwho begs him to save her and her family. (110mins.; screening; returning)Shinjuku Incident (Hong Kong; actionadventure)Producers: Willie Chan, Solon So;director: Derek Yee; cast: Jackie Chan, NaotoTakenaka. Illegal immigrant Steelhead isforced to commit crimes against his conscienceto survive in the brutal Japaneseunderworld. (119 mins.; screening; debuting)ENTERTAINMENT 7Cannes 2009 Office: C-11Office Phone: 310-867-3440On Offer:Baby on Board (USA; comedy) Producers:Emilio Ferrari, Russell Scalise; director: BrianHerzlinger; cast: Heather Graham, John Corbett.In the tradition of “Knocked Up” and “40Year Old Virgin” comes a hilarious comedyabout Angela, a beautiful career-orientedwoman, her loving husband, Curtis, and herunexpected pregnancy during the peak ofAngela’s professional path as she works for ademanding boss. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Spy (USA; thriller) Producers: JamesMacPherson, Elana Pianko, Alex Klymko;director: Alex Klymko; cast: Vincent Pastore,Frank Vincent. A surveillance expert hired totrack a woman becomes attracted to his target,only to find out that now he is the targethimself. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Waco (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Emilio Ferrari, Rupert Wainwright, Lee Nelson;director: Rupert Wainwright. Based on theevents surrounding the 1993 government siegeand massacre of David Koresh’s cult in Texas.Two men, one on the inside and one outside,fight to expose both government and religiousinjustice. (preproduction; presales; debuting)ENTERTAINMENT VALUEASSOCIATES GMBHCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Booth G9 / H12Office Phone: 49-0-170-330-1101On Offer:Habermann’s Mill (Germany; drama)Producers: Karel Dirka, Kai-Roger Grueneke;director: Georg Juraj Herz; cast: Karel Roden,Mark Waschke. 1938, a small village in Sudetenland.The Saw Mill owner August Habermannis the biggest employer in his village anda respected and rich man. He is married toJana, a young and beautiful Czech woman,who is half Jewish. Although Habermann isnot interested in politics or ideology, he and hisfamily will be steamrolled by the insanity ofwar... (production; presales; debuting)Quick, Slip Me a Bride (Germany; comedy)Producers: Shabeena Ayub, Paul Munn;director: Raza Mallal; cast: Bipasha Basu,Robert Hardy. Jack is looking forward to gettingmarried. But when he is dumped at thealtar, loses his job and his twin brother Ian disappearsin Peru, Jack’s plans change. He endsup trying a variety of methods to find the rightwoman to be his wife, which he needs to happenby the end of the month. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Sophie: The Story of a BIG Friendship(Germany; family) Producers: Leif Bristow,Michel Houdmont; director: Leif Bristow;cast: John Rhys-Davies, Thure Riefenstein.Growing up on the grounds of her parents’family-operated zoo, Sophie’s life is focusedon two great loves: ballet and animals. Toafford the high tuition fee of a ballet school,Sophie’s parents sell elephant Limba, Sophie’slifelong friend, to a circus without discussingthis issue with their daughter. Abandoning herprevious dance dreams, Sophie sets off toreclaim Limba. (production; presales; debuting)EPIC PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: R11/S12 LerinsOffice Phone: 065-983-5850On Offer:Deadline (USA; thriller) Producer: RogerBetterton; director: Sean McConville; cast: BrittanyMurphy, Thora Birch. A screenwriter (Murphy)who travels to an abandoned house tofinish a script on time, but a series of strangeevents lead her to a psychological breakdown.(89 mins.; screening; returning)Housebroken (USA; comedy) Producers:Richard Heller, Wayne Rice; director: SamHarper; cast: Danny DeVito, Katey Sagal, BrieLawson. In order to enjoy his retirement withhis wife (Sagal), a father (DeVito) takesextreme measures to kick his grown up sonsout of the house. (91 mins.; screening; debuting)Zone of the Dead (USA; horror) Producers:Loris Curci, Milan Konjevic, Vukota Brajevic;directors: Milan Todorovic, Milan Konjevic; cast:Ken Foree, Kristina Klebe. When a biochemicaltoxin infects the industrial town of Pancevo,Interpol agents Mortimer Reyes and Mina Miliushave no choice but to turn to the help of adangerous criminal if they want to survive.(postproduction; screening; debuting)EROS INTERNATIONALPhone: 44-208-963-8700On Offer:Aladin (U.K.; drama) Producer: Eros International;director: Sujoy Ghosh; cast: AmitabhBachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sanjay Dutt,Jackie Fernandes (Miss Srilanka). It’s a modernday adaptation of an age old story. Set in Indiaand about a boy whose name happens to beAladin. And one day to his utmost surprise andhorror he finds that what he thought was onlya story is coming alive. The character whosename he was given by his parents was fastbecoming him. (postproduction; debuting)Kambakkht Ishq (U.K.; romance) Producer:Sajid Nadiadwala; co-producer: Sunil A.Lulla; director: Sabbir Khan; cast: AskhayKumar, Kareena Kapoor, Sylvester Stallone,Denise Richards. Kambakkth Ishq explores therelationship between two individuals so chalkand-cheeselydifferent from each other thatno matter how many times they are pushedtogether, there’s just fireworks, no fire. Fatebinds them in a way that they couldn’t havedreamt of. Their friction takes on a feveredpitch;this battle of sexual aggression bringscrackling passion. If there ever was a marriagebetween the east & the west, a romantic comedyand Action, Hollywood & Bollywood, thiswould be it. (postproduction; debuting)LOVE AAJKAL (U.K.; romance) Producers:Illuminati Film & Co., Eros International; director:Imtiaz Ali; cast: Saif Ali Khan, DeepikaPadukone. It used to be from A to Z. A loverelationship would begin then messageswould be passed, then secret meetings, thenobstacle, then revolution, then marriage, thensex. It is Z to A now. Reverse routes – but thejourney remains the same. Love Aajkal is thestory of modern day couple Meera & Jai andalso of an older generation couple, Harleen &Veer. The film is based on the fact that theprocess of relationship may be different in differenteras, but the experience of love remainsthe same. (postproduction; debuting)ESSENTIAL ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Majestic Hotel, Suite134, 14 La CroisetteOffice Phone: +33 (0)4 97 06 85 01On Offer:Clive Barker’s Dread (USA; horror) Producers:Clive Barker, Matador Pictures, MidnightPicture Show; director: Anthony Diblasi;cast: Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Evans. Threecollege students work on a documentaryabout what others dread in life, with two ofthe students unaware that their partner ishaunted by having seen his parents murderedand wants to learn more about dread in reallife scenarios. Based on the short story by CliveBarker, the best selling author of contemporaryhorror/fantasies (Hellraiser, Candyman).(108 mins.; screening; returning)Love and Other Impossible Pursuits(USA; comedy) Producer: Marc E. Platt; director:Don Roos; cast: Natalie Portman, LisaKudrow. A comedy/drama that tells the storyof a young woman who finds the key to recoveringher marriage in her relationship with herprecocious stepson. Based on the bestsellingnovel by Ayelet Waldman. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)Stan Helsing (USA; comedy) Producer:Scott Steindorff and Stone Village Pictures;director: Bo Zenga; cast: Steve Howey, KenanThompson, Diora Baird. On Halloween nightreluctant hero and video-store clerk StanHelsing must save a town from the six mostfeared monsters in cinematic history. (108mins.; screening; returning)EUROCINECannes 2009 Office: Riviera C 3Phone: 33-1-42-25-64-92On Offer:Devil Hunter (France; action-adventure)Producers: J. Esteban, M.Lesoeur; director: JessFranco; cast: Al Cliver, Ursula Buchfellner, YulSanders, Muriel Montossé, Aline Mess. Vietnam-vet-turned-mercenaryPeter Weston ishired to rescue Laura Crawford, a beautifulyoung actress who’s been kidnapped by gangstersand carried off to the remote island ofPuerto Santo. She escapes under her ownsteam only to fall into the hands of the cannibalisticnatives. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)In the Attic (France; animation) Producer:M Smidmajer; director: Jiri Barta. In the greattradition of the Czech animation, a grand taleof bravery, of friendship more powerful thanthe snares of evil: Courageous toys undertakea dangerous journey through a forsaken atticto rescue their friend a beautiful doll from theruler of the Empire of Evil. (product reel/trailer;debuting)EUROPACORPCannes 2009 Office: 55 La Croisette - 1stFloorOn Offer:CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 10

PRODUCT LISTINGSArthur and the Revenge of Maltazard(France; animation) Producer:Europacorp; director: Luc Besson; cast: FreddieHighmore, Mia Farrow. (production; productreel/trailer; debuting)In the Beginning (A l’Origine) (France;drama) Producer: Europacorp; director: XavierGiannoli; cast: François Cluzet, EmmanuelleDevos. (premiere; debuting)L’Immortel (France; drama) Director:Richard Berry; cast: Jean Reno, Kad Merad,Marina Fois. (production; product reel/trailer;debuting)EUROPEAN FILMPROMOTION (EFP)Cannes 2009 Office:Office Phone: 49-160-440-9595On Offer:Producers on the Move (Germany) Upand-comingEuropean producers will be presentedto the press and industry. EuropeanFilm Promotion (EFP) is promoting Europeancinema worldwide; in Cannes EFP is presentwith the project Producers on the Move for the10th time. 200 producers have taken part inthe project since its inception in 2000. (returning)FABRICATION FILMSCannes 2009 Office: 13 Square Merimee,4th FloorOffice Phone: 33 (0) 49 36 82549On Offer:The Collective (USA; thriller)Producers/directors: Judson Pearce Morgan,Kelly Overton; cast: Kelly Overton, Laura Allen,Shane McRae, Donnie Keshawarz, WynnEverett. Tyler received a cryptic voice-mailfrom her sister Jessica. She was asking for helpbut she didn’t say why. And now that Tyler hascome to New York city to help her, Jessica isnowhere to be found. In order to find out whathas happened, Tyler must delve into a worldof darkness and lies. (returning)The Seamstress (USA; horror) Producer:Andrew Bronstein; director: Jesse James Miller;cast: Lance Henrikson, Kailin See, SarahMutch, Kevin McNulty. The Seamstress wasbrought into being by the desperate curse ofan innocent woman being tortured to deathby a vigilante mob. Voracious for blood, thehideously-mutilated specter hunts a smallgroup of friends who become trapped on theisland where she died (; returning)Waking Madison (USA; drama) Producers:Megan Ellison, Jonah Hirsch, Ted Schipper;director: Katherine Brooks; cast: ElisabethShue, Sarah Roemer, Frances Conroy, TarynManning. A psychiatrist must navigatethrough the dark undercurrents of a youngwoman’s mind. (premiere; debuting)FACTCannes 2009 Office: Le Normandy, 16 RueDu 14 Juillet, CannesOffice Phone: +33 (0)9 70 46 83 26On Offer:In the Name of Love (USA; drama) Anadopted son envied by his new siblings isframed for the murder of his stepfather, andafter spending 11 years in jail he sets out toprove his innocence in a life-transforming journeywhere he discovers that things aren’t whatthey seem to be. (development; debuting)Snow Falling on Red Square (USA;action-adventure) A reluctant assassin hiredto kill a priest finds his life changed foreverwhen his attempt at murder is thwarted byseemingly divine intervention. (development;debuting)Stray Hearts (USA; drama) Do you compromisein life, or do you hold out for what youreally want? On Thanksgiving, a middle-classcouple invites over a few of their quirky, nonconformistfriends who never gave up on theirdreams, as the couple has. A storm closes theroad and cuts off power. They all stayovernight. Romantic entanglements and disentanglementstest the marriage. (development;debuting)FANTASTIC FILMS INT’L, LLCCannes 2009 Office: CarltonIntercontinental Hotel, Suite #134Office Phone: 310-560-9577On Offer:Agent Crush (USA; animation) Producers:Fred Dewysocki, Barrie Robinson; director:Sean Robinson; cast: Ioan Gruffud, NeveCampbell, Sir Roger Moore, Danny Glover.Agent Crush is a second prototype cyborg, andis trying to prove himself as a secret agent.Crush has been furnished with all types ofsuperhero gadgets but he is prone to bumblingaccidents and causes havoc wherever he goes.His latest mission is to stop Goudphater fromexploding a nuclear device in the center of theEarth’s magma core and causing every volcanoto erupt, destroying the Earth. Can Crushprove to the world that he is the man for thejob and save the Earth in time? (92 mins.;screening; returning)A Fox’s Tale (USA; animation) Producer:Bill Chamberlain; director: Gyorgy Gat; cast:Freddie Highmore, Sienna Miller, Bill Nighy.Jack, an adorable young fox, enlists the help ofseveral furry and human friends to free hisfather, who has been captured by the circus.(84 mins.; screening; debuting)Spirit of the Forest (USA; animation)Producer: Manolo Gomez; director: DavidRubin; cast: Anjelica Huston, Giovanni Ribisi,Sean Astin, Ron Perlman. A powerful businessmanintends to build a highway and theevil Mrs. D’Abondo sees her chance to get rid ofthe forest. A gang of determined furry creaturesthen hatch a plan to keep the forest astheir home and devise scheme to bring TheSpirit of the Forest to life. (84 mins.; screening;returning)FARABI CINEMAFOUNDATIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera F11-g10Office Phone: 33-4-92993227On Offer:The Kingdom of Solomon (Iran; drama)Producer: Mojtaba Faravardeh; director:Shahriar Bahrani; cast: Amin Zendegani, MahmoudPak Niyat, Medhi Faghih. Story of lifeand times of King Solomon (120 mins.; screening;debuting)Mizak (Iran; drama) Producers: JahangirKosari, Hossein Ali Lealestani; director: HosseinAli Lealestani; cast: Baran Kosari, MohammadReza Foroutan, Fatemeh Motamed Aria. Atthe time of delivery, Mizak, an unborn child inthe embryo of Titi, becomes hesitant to comeinto the world. (97 mins.; screening; debuting)The Penalty (Iran; drama) Producer:Seyyed Saeed Seyyedzadeh; director: EnsiehShah Husseini; cast: Ghasem Zare, Reza Nouri,Sadegh Hatefi. After the end of the Iran-Iraqwar in a southern Iranian border town severalpoor families live in a desolate oil refinery butthey are forced after a while to evacuate thepremises. Lacking the funds to rent houses,their only chance rests with their soccer playersons who will be competing in a game withthe rich and powerful team of the National OilCompany. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)FIGA FILMSOn Offer:Beyond Ipanema (USA; documentary)Producers: Guto Barra, Béco Dranoff; director:Guto Barra; cast: David Byrne, Caetano Veloso,Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Devendra Banhart,Bebel Gilberto, Seu Jorge, M.I.A., Thievery Corporation,Milton Nascimento, Tom Zé, Diplo,Css, Etc. For many years Brazilian music hasbeen sweeping America, Europe and Asia offtheir feet. Artists and audiences around theworld got struck by it like a lightning and neverrecovered. What is it about Brazilian musicthat translates into such a powerful force?How could Samba take over a public school inHarlem in 2009? “Beyond Ipanema” exploresthese and many other questions about theBrazilian music experience outside of Brazil.(postproduction; presales; debuting)Camila JAM (USA; drama) Producers:Flávio Frederico, Suzana Villas Boas, LionelCombecau; director: Murilo Salles; cast: LeandraLeal, Felipe Rosane Mulholland. “CamilaJAM” tells the story of a young woman strugglingto become a writer. Her life is her narrative.Camila is intense and brave. She wantsher literature to be an act of revelation. Basedon Clarah Averbuck’s book “The PinballMachine”, it is a film about Camila’s passionand her effort to support it. It’s about how hercharacter faces the abyss, and what she getsfrom it is her strength to exist. (120 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Proper Eyes (USA; drama) Producers:Paula Grandio, Cristina Fasulino, Sol Martorell;director: Liliana Paolinelli; cast: Ana Carabajal,Luisa Núñez, Maximiliano Gallo, Mara Santucho.For her college thesis, film student Alicia(Ana Carabajal), along with her classmate Virginia(Mara Santucho), is making a documentaryabout the women in the lives of prisonersat a local jail. The only problem is no one iswilling to be interviewed on camera. Shot onlocation at the Bouwer and San Martín Penitentiaryin Córdoba, Argentina, the picture isfilled with subtle social criticism, fear, fantasy,and reality. (80 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)FILM BRIDGEINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Residences Du GrandHotel - Use Entrance - Cormoran 2Office Phone: 33.4.9339.3775On Offer:Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation (USA;thriller) Producer: Benderspink; director: SethGrossman; cast: Chris Carmack, Rachel Miner.From the producer of “Butterfly Effect I & II,”Benderspink (“Just Friends,” “The Ring,” “A Historyof Violence”).The third installment of theCult Classic. (90 mins.; screening; returning)Dolan’s Cadillac (USA; thriller) Producers:Ellen Wander, Kevin Dewalt; director: JeffBeesley; cast: Christine Slater, Wes Bentley. Arevenge thriller based on a terrifying shortstory by Stephen King. (90 mins.; screening;returning)What’s Wrong With Virginia (USA;drama) Producers: Christine Vachon, Gus VanSant; director: Dustin Lance Black; cast: LiamNeeson, Jennifer Connelly. A teenage boyattempts robbery to help his dying mother.(preproduction; presales; debuting)ƒTHE FILM LIBRARYCannes 2009 Office: Grand HotelOffice Phone: 33-6-75356634On Offer:Blind Mountain (Hong Kong; drama) Producers:Li Yang, Alexandra Sun, Li Hua, Li Shan;director: Li Yang; cast: Huang Lu, Yang Youan,Zhang Yuling. Young student Bai Xuemei ischeated and sold as a “wife” by human traffickersto a remote village. Raped and beaten,she leads the life of a sex slave and child-bearerwith no hope of escape because of the villagers’apathy and selfishness. When helpfinally arrives it is only the beginning of anothertragedy. (102 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)Help (Hong Kong; drama) Producers: Li Ying,Zhang Yunhui, Alexandra Sun; director: Li Ying;cast: TBA. A relief station for homeless anddelinquent kids, a “Mother of Love,” anunwanted boy abandoned at birth. Entangledbetween reality and lies, family and society, isanother kind of love story in the new order ofChinese society. (development; presales;debuting)Yasukuni (Hong Kong; documentary) Producers:Li Ying, Zhang Yunhui, Zhang Huijun;director: Li Ying; cast: Naoji Kariya, RyukenSugawara, Sumei Gaojin. Already the highestgrossingJapanese documentary ever releasedin Japan, “Yasukuni” is probably the most controversialand influential as well. It is a powerfulstudy of the Yasukuni Shrine — Japan’saltar to its war dead and religious centre ofimperial militarism in WWII — and its disturbingcontemporary significance today. Ten yearsin the making, the film looks at layers of history,militarism, legacies of WWII and the emperorwhile confronting human dilemmas of war,death and memory. (123 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)FILMART — HONG KONGTRADE DEVELOPMENTCOUNCILCannes 2009 Office: # 132 At InternationalVillage And # B9, C10 At RivieraOffice Phone: 04-92-59-02-18Phone: 852-1830-668On Offer:Hong Kong International Film & TVMarket (Filmart), March 22-25,2010FILMAX INTERNATIONALPhone: +34933368555On Offer:Circus (Spain; horror) Producer: Julio Fernández;director: Daniel Calparsoro. An Americanfamily driving accross the Nevada desert suffera car accident. They are rescued by a bizarrewelcoming commitee of circus people. Thedesert becomes a death trap for this family,who unexpectedly become the main attractionat the circus. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Exorcismus (Spain; horror) Producer: JulioFernández; director: Luís De La Madrid. Fear istaking over the residents of High Cross. Ominousthings are taking place ... and there arerumors. The Hawkins family is desperate;medical tests have ruled out illness but 15-year-old Suzy is getting worse by the day.Something is consuming her. Father Ellis visitsthe Hawkinses every day to see Suzy. Despitehis discretion he cannot hide that he too isscared. What goes on in his sessions? In orderto find out, Suzy sets up a hidden camera.There are some things better kept secret. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Tranquility Valley (Spain; horror) Producer:Julio Fernández; director: Xavier Giménez.Tranquility Valley is an educational center witha difference. The intern’s reintegration intosociety is guaranteed by the management. It isthe last resort for the difficult children of desperateparents. Fran is fast asleep when he isabruptly awakened. Two men are grabbinghim tightly. He cries for help and strrugglesuntil he sees his father standing in the room.“It’s for your own sake” he says. Fran is draggedout side and into a waiting car. (preproduction;presales; debuting)FILMEXPORT GROUPCannes 2009 Office: Stand Unefa G25 atRivieraPhone: +39 06 52207432On Offer:The Mole 2 (Italy; thriller) Producers: LesFilms De L’astre, Tf1 Films Production, At-production,R.t.b.f.; director: Vincenzo Marano;cast: Ingrid Chauvin, Linda Hardy. When twocorpses are found in a car boot in Paris, forSandra Longo it is clear the homicides havebeen ordered by the boss of the local Chinesemafia. (106 mins.; screening; debuting)The Mole (Italy; thriller) Producers: LesFilms De L’astre, Tf1 Films Production, At-production,R.t.b.f; director: Vincenzo Marano;cast: Ingrid Chauvin, Linda Hardy, Yannis Baraban.A heroin cache vanishes from a customsdepot. Commandant Sandra Longo is dispatchedfrom Paris. There is a mole and sheCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 11

PRODUCT LISTINGShas to find it. (104 mins.; screening; debuting)Quiet Flows the Don (Italy; drama) Producer:Madison Motion Pictures Ltd., London;director: Serghey Bondarchuk; cast: RupertEverett, Murray Abraham, Delphine Forest.Based on the novel “... And Quiet Flows theDon” by Mikhail A. Sholokhov, Nobel Prize forLiterature, this epic story tells about war andrevolution and the progress of Grigory fromyouthful lover to Red Army soldier and finallyto Cossack nationalist. (187 mins.; screening;debuting)LES FILMS DE LA BUTTEPhone: 33-676702265On Offer:Alpha Predator (France; horror) Producers:Christophe Bruncher, Dan Burlac. AParisian talent scout is chasing new models inRomania, when he becomes the prey of a newrace of predators, threatening a remote villagein the Carpathians. (development; presales;debuting)Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble?(France; comedy) Producers: ChristopheBruncher, Philippe Gompel, Peter Rommel;director: Stéphane Robelin; cast: Jeanne Moreau,Geraldine Chaplin, Pierre Richard. Five oldfriends, about 70 years old each, decide tomove in all together, to avoid finishing theirdays in a retirement home. Living as a communityisn’t that easy, but friendship is strongerthan anything and even at their age, life is stillfull of surprises. (preproduction; presales;debuting)LES FILMS DU LOSANGECannes 2009 Office: Riviera F7Office Phone: 336-89-85-96-95Phone: 33-1-44-43-87-28On Offer:Father of My Children (France; drama)Producers: David Thion, Philippe Martin (lesFilms Pelléas), Oliver Damian (27 Films); director:Mia Hansen-Løve; cast: Louis-do De Lencquesaing,Chiara Casselli, Alice De Lencquesaing.Grégoire Canvel has everything. Awoman he loves, three delightful daughters, ajob that he adores and to which he devotes allhis energy. He produces films. The artistic prestigeof his catalogue, along with his uniquecharm blending sensitivity, humour and elegance,make Grégoire Canvel one of the mostadmired French producers of his time. Grégoireis admired but he is heavily in debt. In order toproduce his films, Grégoire keeps taking hugefinancial risks. (110 mins.; premiere; debuting)King of Escape (France; drama) Producer:Sylvie Pialat (les Films Du Worso); director:Alain Guiraudie; cast: Ludovic Berthillot, HafsiaHerzi, Luc Palun. Armand Lacourtade, 43, is anagricultural equipment salesman. Recently,he’s been going through tough times and nolonger puts much effort into his work or hisfriends. He’s even fed up with his lifestyle as agay single man. One night, Armand rescues ayoung woman, Curly, who instantly fall in lovewith him. Armand is not impervious to hercharm too. They finally run away togetherturning this love escapade into a full-blownmanhunt. (97 mins.; premiere; debuting)The White Ribbon (France; drama) Producers:Stefan Arndt (x-filme – Germany),Margaret Menegoz (les Films Du Losange –France), Michael Katz, Dr. Veit Heiduschka(wega Films – Austria), Andrea Occhipinti &Stefano Massenzi (lucky Red – Italy); director:Michael Haneke; cast: Christian Friedel,Burkhart Klaussner, Ulrich Tukur. A village inProtestant northern Germany. 1913-1914. Onthe eve of World War I. The story of the childrenand teenagers of a choir run by the villageschoolteacher, and their families: the baron,the steward, the pastor, the doctor, the midwife,the tenant farmers. Strange accidentsoccur and gradually take on the character of apunishment ritual. Who is behind it all? (142mins.; premiere; debuting)FILMS SANS FRONTIERESCannes 2009 Office: Palais Miramar #415 -65 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 33-6-0949-25-09Phone: 33-1-42-77-21-84On Offer:20 Classics of Italian Neorealism (inHD for Blu-ray) (Paris; drama) Directors:Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, GiuseppeDe Santis, Luchino Visconti (; debuting)The Blue Angel (musical remake)(Paris; musical) Producer: Galeshka Moravioff.A stuffy professor falls blindly in love withcabaret entertainer Lola-Lola , who ruins hislife. (development; debuting)The Dragon With Sad Eyes (Paris; animation)Producers: Films Sans Frontieres,Kecskemetfilm; directors: Katia Even, HoëlCaouissin. Hiccup and Bigshot, on a hunt forbutterflies, met the Flower Queen in tears. Shenames them Knights of the Kingdom of Flowersand off they go on a crusade to find Flowersstolen by the Dragon With the Sad Eyes.(development; debuting)FILMSHARKS INT’LCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand B19Office Phone: 33-4-93-99-85-93Phone/Fax: -33-4-93-99-85-93On Offer:A Boyfriend for My Wife (Argentina;comedy) Producers: Juan Pablo Galli, AlejandroCacetta & Juan Vera; director: Juan Taratuto;cast: Adrian Suar, Valeria Bertuccelli &Gabriel Goity. “El Tenso” doesn’t know how todeal with his wife, “La Tana,” to say that hewants a divorce. She is constantly cranky andprotesting about everything. “El Tenso” gets“The Raven Flores,” an old-fashioned latinoirresistible seducer, to seduce his wife until shefalls in love with him so that she will leave “ElTenso.” (96 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)La Milagrosa (Argentina; drama) Producers:Rafael Lara & Julio Bove; director: RafaelLara; cast: Antonio Merlano; Guillermo Iván;Mónica Gómez; Hernán Méndez; Álvaro GarcíaTrujillo, Germán Quintero; Ana María Kamper;Montserrat Espadalé; Carlos Duplat; SantiagoReyes. Based on true events, much like IngridBetancourt’s horrific tale of abduction. Eduardo,the son of very powerful Colombian businessman, is on a road trip with a friend andhis friend’s bodyguard when they are suddenlykidnapped by a Colombian guerrilla and heldfor ransom. The film deeply narrates the lonelinessand trauma suffered by the victims, thearmed clashes and dangerous ventures fromcamp to camp in the jungle, depicting theguerrilla lifestyle as never shown before . (106mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Tear This Heart Out (Argentina; drama)Producer: Monica Lozano; director: RobertoSneider; cast: Ana Claudia Talancón, DanielGiménez Cacho, José María De Tavira. An EpicDrama by Roberto Sneider . Mexican entry forthe Oscars 2009 and a Latin American boxofficehit. This pearl will take your breath awayand tear your heart out. Based on a perfectbook that turned into a filmed masterpiece.(107 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)FINECUT CO., LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand# E9/f12Office Phone: 33-4-92-99-33-32Phone: 822-569-8777On Offer:A Brand New Life (Korea; drama) Producers:Lee Chang-dong, Laurent Lavole, LeeJoon-dong; director: Ounie Lecomte; cast: KimSaeron, Park Doyeon. An emotional story of a9-year-old girl experiencing two extraordinaryevents: abandonment and adoption. (93mins.; premiere; debuting)Chaw (Korea; action-adventure) Producers:Kim Sun-yong, Son Kwang-ik, Park Kyungduk;director: Shin Jung-won; cast: Eum Taewoong,Jung Yu-mi. In a peaceful village, a terribleaccident happens involving a man-eatingboar, Chaw. People pursue it into the mountains,each with a different purpose. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)Like You Know It All (Korea; drama) Producers:Hong Sangsoo, Kim Kyoung-hee; director:Hong Sangsoo; cast: Kim Tae-woo, KoHyun-jung. Director Ku attends a film festivalas a juror and meets a weird programmer.Sometime later, he is invited to Jeju Island andgets to meet his senior, whose wife was his ex10 years ago. (126 mins.; premiere; returning)FIVE STAR PRODUCTIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C13Phone: 662-246-9025Fax: -662-246-9025On Offer:The Red Eagle (Thailand; action-adventure)Producer: Five Star Production; director:Wisit Sasanatiieng; cast: Ananda Everingham.Thailand, year 2013, introduced two phenomena.The first was the baffling case of politiciansgone mad and causing havoc all over thecity. Eventually they died of unknown causes.The other puzzling event was the appearanceof a mysterious man who is seen and recognizedby his disguise under a dark black suitwho strikes without mercy. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Slice (Thailand; thriller) Producer: Five StarProduction; director: Kongkiat Komesiri; cast:Arak Amornsupasiri. The police are baffled asmale victims turn up sliced and dead, and theyare hard pressed for results as the latest victimhappens to be a son of a politician. Their lastresort is to confront an ex-hitman named Tai,for his expertise in the field of hunting down akiller. The chase is on before a new victim turnsup sliced. (production; presales; debuting)Soul’s Code (Thailand; horror) Producer:Benjaporn Panyaying; director: AdsajunSattagovit; cast: M.l. Nattakorn DevakulaPatiwat Ruangsri. This story is dedicated to allthe lost souls who await the day of justice, fortheir death will not be in vain. The story startsoff with the police in the Prae province ofThailand and the gruesome discovery of abody. The body is identified as a female highschool student who was horrifically dismemberedand stuffed into a box. (111 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)FLANDERS IMAGEPhone: 32-2-226-06-30On Offer:Altiplano (Belgium; drama) Producer: PeterBrosens; director: Brosens & Woodworth; cast:Magaly Solier, Olivier Gourmet. A war photographerloses her soul in Iraq. An Andean bridesacrifices herself in protest against the miningindustry. Their destinies cross on the Altiplano.(109 mins.; screening; debuting)Lost Persons Area (Belgium; drama) Producer:Tomas Leyers; director: CarolineStrubbe; cast: Zotan Miklos Hajdu, KimkeDesart. A story about people lost in their fearof rejection. (110 mins.; screening; debuting)My Queen Karo (Belgium; drama) Producers:Frank Van Passel, Bert Hamelinck, KatoMaes; director: Dorothée Van Den Berghe;cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Déborah François.Ten-year-old Karo grows up with her parentsin an Amsterdam commune in the early Seventies,where she leads carefree existence inthis utopia-for-adults. Caught in the crossfireof the internal conflicts that start to divide thegroup, Karo slowly realises that nothing canstay the same forever... (102 mins.; screening;debuting)FOCUS FEATURESINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Résidence Du GrayD’albion - 12, La Croisette, 2nd FloorOffice Phone: 33-4-93-39-76-46Phone: 00442073071330On Offer:Agora (U.K.; drama) Producer: FernandoBovaira; director: Alejandro Amenábar; cast:Rachel Weisz, Max Minghella, Oscar Isaac.(postproduction; returning)Eagle of the Ninth (U.K.) Producer: DuncanKenworthy; director: Kevin Macdonald(preproduction; debuting)Greenberg (U.K.) Producers: Scott Rudin,Jennifer Jason Leigh; director: Noah Baumbach;cast: Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, RhysIfans. (production; debuting)FORESIGHT UNLTD.Cannes 2009 Office: 3 La Croisette, 3rdFloorOffice Phone: 049-368-8061Phone: +1 310-275-5222On Offer:Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (USA;thriller) Producers: Moshe Diamant, MarkDamon, Ted Hartley; director: Peter Hyams;cast: Jesse Metcalfe, Michael Douglas.“Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” is a remake ofthe RKO classic from 1956, the last Americanfilm directed by the great Fritz Lang. In thissuspenseful and clever thriller a journalistseeks to expose a corrupt District Attorney bysetting himself up as the suspect in a murderhe didn’t commit. His plan backfires when theD.A. discovers the set up and gets rid of all theevidence the journalist has amassed to provehis innocence. (2 mins.; product reel/trailer;returning)Shi (USA; action-adventure) Director: TBA;cast: TBA. Based on the popular comic bookSHI, which has a worldwide fan base. Born to aJapanese father and American missionarymother, Ana Ishikawa witnesses her family’sbrutal murder at the hands of a Yakuza thug,and undergoes righteous martial arts-warriortraining to transform herself into SHI andavenge her family’s death. (development; presales;debuting)Universal Soldier: New Beginning(USA; action-adventure) Producer: MosheDiamant; director: John Hyams; cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren. When ateam of former Soviet radicals seizes Chernobyland threatens to unleash a lethal cloudof radioactive gas one hundred times deadlierthan Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, theUS military brings in a bio-mechanicallyenhanced super soldier, Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), to foil the plot. As Deverauxfights his way into the plant, he faces offwith his now revived former nemesis, AndrewScott (Dolph Lundgren), in a battle of battles,and must save the day. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)FORTISSIMO FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Résidence Du GrandHotel, Entrance Goeland, 7d, 45 La Croisette,06400 CannesPhone: +31 20 627 3215On Offer:Air Doll (The Netherlands; romance) Producers:Toshiro Uratani, Hirokazu Kore-eda;director: Hirokazu Kore-eda; cast: Bae Doo-na,Arata. A romantic fantasy about an inflatablesex doll (Bae) who develops a soul and falls inlove with a video store clerk. (120 mins.; productreel/trailer; debuting)Daniel and Ana (The Netherlands; drama)Producer: Daniel Birman Ripstein; director:Michel Franco; cast: Dario Yazbek Bernal, MarimarVega. The harmony of Daniel and Ana,brother and sister, is instantly shattered whenthey are kidnapped and something shockinghappens which forces them to confront theirdesires and fears. (90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Nymph (The Netherlands; horror) Producers:Saksiri Chantarangsri, Wouter Barendrecht,Michael J. Werner; director: Pen-ekRatanaruang; cast: Wanida Termthanaporn,Nopachai Jayanama. The story follows a pho-CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 12

PRODUCT LISTINGStographer who takes his wife on an assignmentinto the jungle and then disappears.(105 mins.; premiere; debuting)FOUNDATION FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Nicomar, Pontoon400, Vieux Port, CannesOffice Phone: 44-7941-020-531Phone: 44-20-3049-3459On Offer:The Crew (U.K.; thriller) Producers: IanBrady, Stephen Salter; director: Adrian Vitoria;cast: Scot Williams, Kenney Doughty, StephenGraham. A crime/ gangster thriller about arespected crime boss fighting for survival as hefaces betrayal in the build up to a major heist.(117 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)FUTURIKONCannes 2009 Office: B3Phone: 33144619469On Offer:Dragon Hunters (France; animation) Producers:Futurikon Films, Trixter, Luxanimation,France 3 Cinema, Rtl-tvi, Mac Guff Ligne; directors:Guillaume Ivernel, Arthur Qwak; cast: ForestWhitaker. Zoe is a little girl who believes infairy tales. Not because she is naive, butbecause she likes fairy tales. So in order to helpher uncle Lord Arnold get rid of a terrible dragon,Zoe decides she has to find some heroes.And when she meets Gwizdo and Lian-Chu – acouple of two-bit, fly-by-night dragon hunters– well what the heck, she decides that she’sgoing to believe in them anyway! (82 mins.;returning)Minuscule (France; animation) Producer:Futurikon Films; directors: Helene Giraud,Thomas Szabo. In a peaceful little clearing, theremains of a picnic hastily abandoned in asummer storm are going to ignite a warbetween two tribes of ants. At stake is a boxof sugar. A young and bold ladybug finds herselfcaught in the middle of the battle. Shebecomes friends with one of the black antsand helps him to save his anthill from the terriblered ant warriors. (preproduction; presales;debuting)G-MACHINE INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera F 15 C/o NewFilms InternationalPhone: 818-501-2720On Offer:Palo Alto (USA; comedy) Producers: DanielEngelhardt, Rachel Morrison; director: BradLeong; cast: Tom Arnold, Aaron Ashmore,Johnny Lewis, Justin Mentell, Autumn ReeserBen Savage. On their last night of Thanksgivingbreak, four old friends, now all collegefreshmen, realize their small town has moremeaning than they ever imagined. (90 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)PVC-1 (USA; thriller) Producers: Jace Hall,Spiros Stathoulopoulos; director: SpirosStathoulopoulos; cast: Merida Urquia, DanielPaez, Alberto Sornoza. Directors FortnightCannes 2007; Thessaloniki International FilmFestival (Nov 2007) Winner of the SilverAlexander (Special Jury Prize); Director SpirosStathoulopoulos Shot in real time and onecontinuous take, PVC-1 is based on the truestory of a woman who is turned into a humantime bomb in an act of terrorism. (85 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)Witch Hunt (USA; documentary) Producers:Sean Penn (executive Producer) DonHardy, Jr. Dana Nachman; director: Don HardyJr. & Dana Nachman; cast: Sean Penn (narrator),Jackie Cummings, Jack Cummings, BrendaKniffen, Scott Kniffen. Executive ProducerSean Penn presents “Witch Hunt,” a grippingindictment of the American justice system toldthrough the lens of one small town. This storyon a micro level mirrors what the US has experiencedover the last eight years. When poweris allowed to exist without oversight civil rightsare in jeopardy. (91 mins.; screening; returning)GAGA COMMUNICATIONS,INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Palais 21.02 (japanBooth)Office Phone: 04-9299-8066Phone: 81-3-6823-7574On Offer:Be Sure to Share (Japan; drama) Producer:Yasushi Umemura; director: Sion Sono;cast: Akira, Eiji Okuda, Ayumi Ito. The canceraffectedbody does not show the past glory ofShiro’s father any longer. Facing the death ofhis respected but fearful father, the son startsto realize what his old man really meant in hislife for the first time. One day, however, Shirolearns he himself is also a cancer patient,worse than the father. Keeping his secret onhis own, on the contrary, he even starts to wishthe father to die earlier. What would Shirochoose to share with his loved ones in hisremaining time? (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)DumBeast (Japan; comedy) Producers:Sachiko Sone, Naota Sugawara, Iwao Takase;director: Hideaki Hosono; cast: TadanobuAsano, Kazuki Kitamura, Yusuke Santamaria.An editor arrives at a village to find the missingaward-nominated writer Deko (Asano).Awaiting here are Deko’s weird friends: theboss of gigolo club, his yes-man cop friend,boss’ mistress and a bunny girl. There, the editorlearns Deko was back in town a year back;moreover, the friends have been desperatelytrying to kill him because of this award bookDeko wrote... Despite of their countless trialsof murder, Deko’s dumbness keeps him fromeven noticing his friends’ intentions... (106mins.; premiere; debuting)Halfway (Japan; romance) Producers:Shunji Iwai, Takeshi Kobayashi; director: ErikoKitagawa; cast: Kie Kitano, Masaki Okada.From the filmmaker Shunji Iwai (“Love Letter,”“Swallowtail”) comes another beautiful lovestory, introducing the first-time director ErikoKitagawa. It is a bitter-sweet love story of highschool couple who cares for each other butstruggles for their relationship as the graduationcomes closer. (85 mins.; screening; returning)GAUMONTCannes 2009 Office: 2 Rue BivouacNapoleonOffice Phone: 33-4-93-68-90-20Phone: 33-1-46-43-20-00On Offer:High Lane (France; horror) Director: AbelFerry; cast: Fanny Valette, Nicolas Giraud,Johan Libéreau, Raphael Lenglet, Maud Wyler.A group of friends on vacation decide to ventureonto a trail high up in the mountains thathas been closed for repairs. The climb provesmore perilous than planned, especially as theysoon realize that they’re not alone. The adventureturns into a nightmare… (screening;debuting)OSS 117, Lost in Rio (aka OSS 117, Rione Repond Plus) (France; comedy) Director:Michel Hazanavicius; cast: Jean Dujardin,Louise Monot. OSS 117 is still a very French spy.He is now in Rio, dealing with the 70s, hippies,ex nazis and ... chinese girls... (screening;debuting)Splice (France; sci-fi) Director: VincenzoNatali; cast: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley. Cliveand Elsa are young, brilliant and ambitious.The new animal species they engineered havemade them rebel superstars of the scientificworld. In secret, they introduce human DNAinto the experiment. The result is somethingthat is greater than the sum of its parts: afemale animal-human hybrid that may be astep up on the evolutionary ladder. (postproduction;debuting)GENERATION P LLCPhone: 310-933-5708On Offer:Generation “P” (USA; drama) Producers:Victor Ginzburg, Stas Yershov, AlekseyRyazantsev, Djina Ginzburg; director: VictorGinzburg; cast: Vladimir Yepifantsev, MikhailYefremov, Oleg Takhtarov, Andrei Panin, RenataLitvinova, Amaliya Goldanskaya, AndreiVasiliev, Leonid Parfyonov, Andrei Fomin.Imagine Vonnegut meeting Gogol. Imagine awonderful, sardonic, rueful, I’ve-been-therebelly laugh. Now imagine that you take amagical mystery tour through Babylonian,recent Soviet/Russian and Madison Avenuehistories. Put it all in the same movie, spicewith LSD, lots of vodka and hallucinogenicmushrooms and you might come close to filmbased on Victor Pelevin’s internationallyacclaimed novel Generation “P” (published as“Homo Zapiens” (US); Babylon (UK) (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)GHENT INTERNATIONALFILM FESTIVALPhone: 32-9-242-80-60On Offer:For The Record - Angelo Badalamenti(CD) (Belgium; musical) Producer: GhentInternational Film Festival. CD recording ofAngelo Badalamenti concert at 2008 GhentInternational Film Festival (postproduction;presales; debuting)For The Record - Craig Armstrong(CD) (Belgium; musical) Producer: GhentInternational Film Festival. CD recording of2006 Craig Armstrong concert at the GhentInternational Film Festival (returning)For The Record - Michael Danna(CD) (Belgium; musical) Producer: GhentInternational Film Festival. CD recording of2007 Michael Danna concert at the GhentInternational Film Festival (returning)GK FILMSCannes 2009 Office: The Penthouse, RivieraPalace, Square Duboys D’angers, 06400-cannesOffice Phone: 049-368-8551Phone: 310-315-1722On Offer:Edge of Darkness (USA) Producers: GrahamKing, Michael Wearing; director: MartinCampbell; cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone,Danny Huston, Bojana Novakovic, ShawnRoberts. A veteran homicide detective investigateshis daughter’s murder which leads into adangerous looking-glass world of corporatecover-ups, government collusion and murder.(postproduction; returning)London Boulevard (USA) Producers: GrahamKing, William Monahan, Quentin Curtis;director: William Monahan; cast: Colin Farrell,Keira Knightley, Ray Winstone, David Thewlis,Anna Friel. “London Boulevard” is the story ofa South London criminal, newly released fromprison, who becomes involved with a reclusiveyoung actress. (preproduction; debuting)The Rum Diary (USA) Producers: JohnnyDepp, Christi Dembrowski, Anthony Rhulen,Robert Kravis, And Graham King; director:Bruce Robinson; cast: Johnny Depp, AaronEckhart, Amber Heard, Michael Rispoli,Richard Jenkins, And Giovanni Ribisi. “The RumDiary” tells the story of itinerant journalist PaulKemp who travels to Puerto Rico to work for alocal newspaper and soon becomes obsessedwith the wildly attractive fiancée of a shadybusinessman. (production; debuting)GOALPOST FILMCannes 2009 Office: The Grand Hotel,(entrance Flamant, 4th Floor)Office Phone: 44-7771-966-190Phone/Fax: -44-7771-966-190On Offer:Closed for Winter (U.K.; drama) Producers:Ben Grant, Kent Smith; director: JamesBogle; cast: Natalie Imbruglia. How can youunderstand one day without understandingthe day before? At the beach one summer daya little girl goes missing. Twenty years on hersister finds the courage to rearrange the piecesof her broken life ... and invent a new beginning.(85 mins.; screening; debuting)Jean Charles (U.K.; drama) Producers: LukeSchiller, Carlos Nader, Henrique Goldman;director: Henrique Goldman; cast: SeltonMello. The tragic true story of Jean Charles deMenezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead byBritish police in 2005 at the height of the Londonterrorist alerts. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Three Miles North of Molkom (U.K.;documentary) Producers/directors: RobertCannan, Corinna Villari-mcfarlaneThree milesnorth of Molkom, hidden deep in the lakesideforests of Sweden, lies Angsbacka; a 21st Centuryplayground for adults. Once a year, theirgates open to a thousand international participants,placed in ‘Sharing Groups’ at random. ASwedish celebrity, a Californian hippy, aFinnish grandmother and a back-packing Australianrugby coach, who stumbled on thewrong party, are amongst the group that takeus on an unforgettably quirky, two-week emotionalroller-coaster. (102 mins.; screening;debuting)GOLD VIEW CO., LTD.Phone: 81-3-5347-2501On Offer:The Clone Returns Home (Japan; sci-fi)Producers: Kiyoshi Inoue, Rie Yamamoto,Yoshiaki Tago; director: Kanji Nakajima; cast:Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Eri Ishida, Hiromi Nagasaku,Kyusaku Shimada, Toru Shinagawa. KoheiTAKAHARA, an astronaut who dies in the lineof duty, is legally resurrected as a clone; however,contrary to the scientists’ expectations,he reverts to his childhood memories when histwin brother drowned sacrificing his life forKohei. Kohei’s clone discovers the body of hisformer self mistakenly believing that it is hisdeceased twin. Relieving his tragic past, hesets off carrying his corpse on a journey to thebeautiful hometown where he lived twin hisnow dead mother... (110 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)MIyoko (working title) (Japan; drama)Producers: Kazuhiro Shirao, Noboru Miyashita;director: Yoshifumi Tsubota; cast: KenjiMizuhashi, Marie Machida. (86 mins.; returning)The Portrait Series: Saekingdom +Utakata (Japan; documentary) Director:Bun Nakata; cast: Saekingdom [kenzo Saeki]Utakata [usagi Nakamura]. [saekingdom]Kenzo Saeki was born on July 28th, 1958. He isnot just a musician and his work as a lyricist,essayist, and producer have earned himrespect as a major charismatic figure andcommentator on subculture and all aspects ofJapanese culture. This film follows KenzoSaeki before and after the 2006 Pearl Brothers[his Electro-pop band]’ come-back gig.(120 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)GOLDCREST INDEPENDENTCannes 2009 Office: La Bagatelle, 7th Floor,25 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 33-4-93-39-63-48Phone: 44-20-7437-8696On Offer:Amalia - The Movie (U.K.; drama) Producer:Manuel Fonseca; director: Carlos CoelhoDa Silva; cast: Sandra Barata Belo, RicardoPereira, Ana Padrão. The extraordinary tale oflove and glory of Amalia, the greatest PortugueseFado singer, unveiling her secret storiesand the most memorable moments of hercareer. The biography of a diva who foundfame across the world with her phenomenalsinging talent and whose life was wrapped inpassion and grief. (127 mins.; screening; debuting)Cartagena (U.K.; drama) Producers: PierreForrette, Thierry Wong, Christine Gozlan; direc-CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 13

PRODUCT LISTINGStor: Alain Monne; cast: Christopher Lambert,Sophie Marceau. Cartagena, Colombia. Leo, aone-time boxer, works for Muriel, a tetraplegicwoman. Slowly, a passionate romance bringsthem together and leads them toward horizonsthey’ve never dared to explore before.(90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Cass (U.K.; drama) Producer: Stefan Haller;director: Jon S. Baird; cast: Nonso Anozie,Nathalie Press, Leo Gregory, Gavin Brocke.Football hooligan, gang leader, media sensation.Cass charts the provocative true story ofthe leader of England’s most feared footballgang. (108 mins.; screening; debuting)GOLDEN NETWORK ASIALIMITEDCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand E15/17Office Phone: 33-0-4-9299-3330Phone: 852-2751-1886On Offer:First Squad: The Moment of Truth(Hong Kong, China; animation) Producers:Misha Shprits, Aljosha Klimov, Eiko Tanaka;director: Ashino YoshiharuFirst Squad: OnlyThe Dead Can Fight The Dead. Fourteen yearold Nadya must cross the border into theunderworld and summon the souls of herdead friends to battle Nazi forces advancingon Moscow. When Hitler summons the soulsof dead warriors Russia’s only hope for survivallies on one fourteen year old girl and the spiritsof her dead friends. (75 mins.; debuting)McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten (HongKong, China; animation) Producer/director:Brian TseMcDull has been abandoned inWudang for the summer vacations to preparefor the International Kindergarten Martial ArtsCompetition. Meanwhile, archaeologists haveexcavated a very, very slow cuckoo clock.When it falls into the trotters of our clumsypig, it give him extraordinary dexterity on theday of the competition... (postproduction;debuting)Merantau (Hong Kong, China; actionadventure)Producer: Ario Sagantoro; director:Gareth Evans; cast: Iko Uwais, Sisca Jessica,Yusuf Aulia, Mads Koudal, Alex Abbad, YayanRuhian. Introducing to the world Indonesia’smartial art of Pencak Silat, rising action starIko Uwais plays Yuda, a student of silat harimauas he journeys to the bustling city ofJakarta to fullfill the traditional rites-of-passageknown as Merantau. Upon arrival, he isthrust into the world of human trafficking ashe defends an abandoned brother and sisterfrom becoming the latest victims in an adrenalinecharged, jaw-dropping finale. (postproduction;debuting)GOLDEN SCENE COMPANYLIMITEDPhone: 852-2265-9999On Offer:Permanent Residence (Hong Kong;drama) Producer/director: Scud; cast: Sean Li,Osman Hung. A young man pursues an impossiblelove with his straight boyfriend and contemplateson the mortality of his loved ones.(115 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Soundless Wind Chime (Hong Kong;drama) Producers: Jacqueline Liu, Kit Hung;director: Kit Hung; cast: Lu Yulai, BernhardBulling. A Chinese boy embarks on a fairy-talejourney in Switzerland to search for the soul ofhis deceased gay Swiss lover. (100 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)Trivial Matters (Hong Kong; comedy) Producers:Pang Ho-cheung, Chapman To; director:Pang Ho-cheung; cast: Eason Chan, GillianChung, Shawn Yue. Seven absurd and comicalsituations, adapted from Pang Ho-cheung’spublished collection of short stories, starringHong Kong’s top teen idols. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)GOLDEN SUN FILMSDISTRIBUTION LTDPhone: 852-2385-5939On Offer:A Chinese Ghost Story (Hong Kong;action-adventure) (preproduction; debuting)Painted Skin (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producers: Ketsarinh Lan (kathy), PangHong; director: Gordon Chan; cast: Donnie Yen,Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Sun Li, QiYuwu. General Wang (Chen Kun) saved a gorgeousgirl, Mei-ling( Zhou Xun), from a villagebandits while on the way back to his hometown,JiangDu. He decided to bring her alongto his hometown. Yet, after her arrival to thetown, numerous be-hearted murder keeps onhappening. Wang’s wife, Pei-rong (Zhao Wei)is worried that it could be Mei-ling and she hascalled for Er-long (Donnie Yen) along with anExorcist (Sun Li), to help her fight against Meiling.(118 mins.; debuting)GORILLA PICTURESPhone: 818-848-2198On Offer:Charlie Valentine (USA; drama) Producers:Edward Robin, Bill J. Gottlieb, Ray Cavaleri,Ted Warren; director: Jesse V. Johnson; cast:Raymond J. Barry, Michael Weatherly, TomBerenger. A rich and gritty film noir withintense action and drama. The film chroniclesthe exploits of Charlie Valentine, a career criminalintent on going for one last hurrah beforeretiring. When his final “caper” goes bad, Charlieheads to Los Angeles to hide out with hisestranged son, Danny. Charlie and Danny forma bond that surprises them both and leadsthem to a teacher/student relationship. Theypull a job together and what ensues revealsthe true nature of the unsavory characters.(95 mins.; premiere; debuting)The Legend of Sasquatch (USA; children/teen)Producer: Bill J. Gottlieb; director:Thomas Callicoat; cast: William Hurt, JohnRhys-davies, . The Davis Family - John(William Hurt), Khristy (Jewel Restaneo) andMaggie (Blaire Restaneo) - move in to asecluded log cabin in the mountains aboveSeattle. They soon discover a family of Bigfoothiding nearby. When the Bigfoot and RangerSteve (John Rhys-Davies) ask the Davis familyfor help the adventure of a lifetime begins.Summary written by Thomas Callicoat (73mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Shadows in Paradise (USA; actionadventure)Producers: Erken Ialgashev, KenSchwenker; director: Bill Corcoran; cast: MarkDacascos, Armand Assante, Sofya Skya, BruceBoxleitner, Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer. Twoyears after disappearing during a rescue operationin the middle-east, Max Forester’sfiancé and former squad-mate, Sasha, suddenlyreappears moving freely among thecompany of Al-Qaeda members. Max’s ex-Captain informs him the Special Ops are sendingin his former unit Shadow Company tobring her back and charge her with treason orworse. Max sets off to find her before they doand learns there is much more at stake thanhis relationship. Summary written by Ivan-Abate (86 mins.; premiere; debuting)GORKY FILM STUDIOPhone: 74991814103On Offer:The Best of Times (Russia; drama) Producer:Stanislav Ershov; director: SvetlanaProskurina; cast: Viktor Suhorukov, Danna Agisheva.www.bestoftimes-film.com (87 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)Woman’s Chorus (Russia; drama) Producer:Stanislav Ershov; director: Svetlana Proskurina(development; presales; returning)H2O MOTION PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Residence GrandHotel, Entre Goeland Apt. #3aOffice Phone: 44-7509-255-303Phone: 44-207-240-5656On Offer:Charlie & Boots (U.K.; comedy) Producers:David Redman, Dale Murphy, Shana Levine;director: Dale Murphy; cast: Paul Hogan,Shane Jacobson, Morgan Griffin. When Charlie’shis wife of 45 years suddenly dies, theonce feisty old curmudgeon is left alone anddepressed. His estranged son Boots decides tohelp him get back into life, and before Charlierealizes what is happening, Boots has his veryreluctant father in the car on a fishing trip. Butnot just any fishing trip; they are headed toCape York, the northern most point in Australiaand some 3,000 miles away. (94 mins.;premiere; debuting)The Gate 3-D (U.K.; children/teen) Producer:Andras Hamori; director: Alex Winter; cast:TBA. When best friends Glen and Terry stumbleacross a mysterious crystalline rock inGlen’s back yard, they quickly dig up the lawnsearching for more. Instead, they unearth theGate—an underground chamber containingterrifying evil. With supernatural fiends invadingsuburbia, it’s now up to the kids to discoverthe secret that can lock the Gate forever. (preproduction;presales; returning)Running Wild (U.K.; thriller) Producer:Andras Hamori; director: Kevin Kerslake; cast:Samuel L. Jackson, Kristin Scott-thomas.Based on the novella by J.G. Ballard (Crash,Empire of the Sun) Samuel L Jackson is an exforensicpsychiatrist brought back f by the FBIto help them solve one the most baffling andheinous crimes ever uncovered. In the exclusivegated community of Homeland, everyadult has been killed and all the children ofHomeland have vanished without a clue orransom demand. (preproduction; presales;returning)HALCYON INTERNATIONALPhone: 310-388-6087On Offer:Alien Uprising (USA; sci-fi) Producer:Laura Schlachtmeyer; director: Andrew Bellware;cast: Rebecca Kush, Steve Deighan,Amelia Randolph Campbell, Jeffrey Plunkett.In the future. Marines land on the prison planetRove 12 in order to put down a suspectedprisoner uprising. When the Marines arrive,they find most of the prisoners and all of theguards dead. Any survivors are hiding from aruthless, blood thirsty creature. Now the prisonersand the Marines have to band togetherto get off the planet - ALIVE. (90 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)Humanity’s End (USA; sci-fi)Producer/director: Neil Johnson; cast: JayLaisne, Rochelle Vallese, Cynthia Ickes. Theyear is 3313. Mankind is being systematicallymassacred throughout the galaxy by an invadingspecies. All hope is lost until the last strandof pure human DNA is found on a remoteplanet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Now, anepic battle will be waged across time andspace to save and protect the last of thehuman race. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)Starquest: The Odyssey (USA; sci-fi)Producers: Jon Bonnell, Kevin R Phipps; director:Jon Bonnell; cast: Shane Stevens, AdamRini, Katherine Stewart. After being at war forover 100 years, sworn enemies must fighttogether to save the universe from destruction.(90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)HANDMADE FILMSINTERNATIONALPhone: 442075188230On Offer:Eloise in Paris (U.K.; family) Producers:Thomas D. Adelman, Patrick Meehan, CharlesShyer; director: Charles Shyer; cast: Uma Thurman.Energetic, mischevious but loveableEloise and her beloved Nanny travel to Paris.Join them as they encounter a host of delectablecharacters and take the fashion world bystorm. (preproduction; presales; returning)Fifty Dead Men Walking (U.K.; thriller)Producers: Stephen Heyges, Peter La Terriere,Shawn Williamson, Kari Skogland; director:Kari Skogland; cast: Ben Kingsley, JimSturgess, Natalie Press, Kevin Zegers, RoseMcgowan. Fifty Dead Men Walking is a fastpacedaction thriller set in the treacherousworld that was Northern Ireland in the 1980s.Starring Jim Sturgess and Ben Kingsley. (110mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Planet 51 (U.K.; animation) Producer: IgnacioPerez Dolset; director: Jorge Blanco; cast:Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long,Sean William Scott, Gary Oldman, JohnnCleese. Production is nearly complete on thiscomic alien invasion movie. Written by Shrekand Shrek 2 writer, Joe Stillman. ( postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)HANNIBAL PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Lerins Riviera UpperFloor No. S11Office Phone: 33 (0)4 92 99 32 49Phone: 323-848-2945On Offer:Bagman (aka Casino Jack) (USA;thriller) Producers: George Vitetzakis, BillMarks; director: George Hickenlooper; cast:Kevin Spacey, Hayden Christensen. A hot shotWashington DC lobbyist and his protege godown hard as their schemes to peddle influencelead to corruption and murder. Based ona true story. (production; presales; debuting)Giallo (USA; thriller) Producers: RichardRionda Del Castro, Rafael Primorac, AdrienBrody; director: Dario Argento; cast: AdrienBrody, Emmanuelle Seigner, Elsa Pataky. InItaly, a woman fears her sister may have beenkidnapped. Inspector Enzo Avolfi fears it’sworse. They team up to rescue her from asadistic killer known only as Yellow. (92 mins.;screening; returning)Give ’Em Hell Malone (USA; actionadventure)Producers: Richard Rionda DelCastro, Richard Salvatore, Johnny Martin;director: Russell Mulcahy; cast: Thomas Jane,Ving Rhames, Elsa Pataky. A tough private eyetakes a job retrieving a case containing a mysterioussecret. Bullets, fists, and blood fly as hefights through an army of thugs to protect thesecret. (; returning)HANWAY FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Residence Du GrayD’albionOffice Phone: 33-0-493399970Phone: 44-207-290-0750On Offer:Creation (U.K.; drama) Producer: JeremyThomas; director: Jon Amiel; cast: Paul Bettany,Jennifer Connelly. Darwin’s great, stillcontroversial, book The Origin of Speciesdepicts nature as a battleground. In CREATIONthe battleground is a man’s heart. Tornbetween his love for his deeply religious wifeand his own growing belief in a world whereGod has no place, Darwin finds himself caughtin a struggle between faith and reason, loveand truth. (postproduction; product reel/trailer;returning)It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (U.K.; comedy)Producers: Paul Mayeda Berges, GurinderChadha; director: Gurinder Chadha; cast: ShabanaAzmi, Sally Hawkins. Finding the perfectson-in-law can be murder. MY BIG FAT GREEKWEDDING and SHAUN OF THE DEAD meet inthis comedy romp about an Indian mothertaking her obsession with marriage into frighteninglyfunny territory. (production; returning)Nowhere Boy (U.K.; drama) Producers:Robert Bernstein, Douglas Rae, Kevin Loader;director: Sam Taylor-wood; cast: Aaron Johnson,Kristin Scott-thomas. John Lennon grewup in a family full of secrets. Raised by his AuntMimi, he is suddenly reacquainted with hismother, Julia. Their reconciliation catapultshim toward finding out the truth behind thewar that has raged between two very differentCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 14

PRODUCT LISTINGSsisters. Now coming of age, John must bringthis war to an end. A fragile peace breaks out,marred by tragedy. But his mother gives himone great gift - music. A wayward boy finds hisvoice. (production; returning)HEADLINE PICTURES, LTD.Cannes 2009 Office:Office Phone: 447966543772Phone: 44-191-261-8808On Offer:The Invisible Woman (U.K.; drama)(development; debuting)Peter Pan in Scarlet (U.K.; family)(development; debuting)Quartet (U.K.; drama) (development;debuting)HIGH POINT MEDIA GROUPCannes 2009 Office: Residences Du GrandHotel, Cormoran Ii Entrance, 3rd Floor, Apt. 33,47 Croisette, 06400 CannesOffice Phone: 33-493-38-05-87Phone: 0044-2074246870On Offer:Lemo (U.K.; family) Producer: Marc Punt;director: Guy Goossens; cast: Anouk Van Schie,Meike Hurts, Monique De Waal, Fleur Minjon,Jan Decleir. Four girls discover a hidden villagewhere there are no children and all the inhabitantsseem to be under a sleeping spell. (96mins.; screening; debuting)The Race (U.K.; family) Producers: MichaelGarland, Paul Donovan; director: André F.Nebe; cast: Colm Meaney, Susan Lynch, NiamhMcgirr. Growing up in a poor farming family,eleven year old Mary dreams of being a racingdriver, so when the chance arises to enter alocal go-cart race, she can’t resist the chance.(83 mins.; screening; debuting)Winter in Wartime (U.K.; drama) Producers:Els Vandevorst, San Fu Maltha; director:Martin Koolhoven; cast: Martijn Lakemeier,Yorick Van Wageningen, Jamie CampbellBower. In the last winter of World War II, 14year old Michiel helps a wounded British pilothiding out in Nazi occupied Holland. (103mins.; screening; debuting)HOLLAND FILMCannes 2009 Office: Holland Film PavilionNr 106Office Phone: 31-6-5073-7681Phone: 31-20-570-7575On Offer:The Aviatrix of Kazbek (The Netherlands;drama) Producers: Els Vandevorst ForIsabella Films, San Fu Maltha For Fu Works;director: Ineke Smits; cast: Madelief Blanken,Zura Zhghenti. On the island of Texel, Mariedreams of mountains. She loves dancing, butthe village community expects her to behave.She wants to be an independent woman, butis the only girl in a large family. Only when shemeets the Georgian Goga and Irakli can shebreak away from the suffocating reality bylearning to trust her fantasies. (105 mins.;debuting)The Last Days of Emma Blank (TheNetherlands; comedy) Producer: Marc VanWarmerdam For Graniet Film; director: AlexVan Warmerdam; cast: Marlies Heuer, AnnetMalherbe. In a large country home, the sickEmma Blank is cared for by her personnel:Haneveld the head housekeeper, Bella thecook, Gonnie the maid and Meier the man-servant.But despite her desperate need for lovingcare, Emma is a steely, avaricious dictatorwhose demands become ever more absurd.When the staff discovers that they stand toinherit nothing, however, they drop their maskof pretence and plan revenge. (95 mins.;debuting)Winter in Wartime (The Netherlands;action-adventure) Producers: Els VandevorstFor Isabella Films, San Fu Maltha For FuWorks; director: Martin Koolhoven; cast: MartijnLakemeier, Yorick Van Wageningen. WhenMichiel (13) becomes involved in the Resistancein the last winter of the Second WorldWar, he learns that good and evil are closetogether, he grows up and loses his innocence.(103 mins.; debuting)HOLLYWOOD CLASSICSCannes 2009 Office: 63 La Croisette, 4thFloor Le Lerina, Cannes 06400Office Phone: 04-93-94-00-09Phone: 44-0-20-7424-7280On Offer:Aria (1987) (U.K.; drama) Producer: DonBoyd; directors: Ken Russell, Jean-luc Goddard,Robert Altman; cast: Tilda Swinton, ElizabethHurley, John Hurt. Ten short pieces from tendirectors, each interpreting an aria in their ownunique way. (90 mins.; presales; debuting)Butterfly Kiss (1995) (U.K.; thriller) Producer:Julie Baines And Sarah Daniel; director:Michael Winterbottom; cast: Amanda Plummer,Saskia Reeves. Set on the bleak highwaysof Lancashire in England, this is the story of anomadic serial killer and a naive and lonelyyoung girl who falls under her spell. (88 mins.;presales; debuting)Silent Touch (1992) (U.K.; drama) Producer:Mark Forstater; director: KrzysztofZanussi; cast: Max Von Sydow, LothaireBluteau, Sarah Miles. The sexual and creativeurges of a composer and Holocaust survivorare awakened when a young music studentcoaxes him out of retirement. (92 mins.; presales;debuting)HOLLYWOOD WIZARDCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C4Office Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 32 4Phone: 818-734-7261On Offer:Ballistica (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Tony Kandah; director: Gary Jones; cast:Martin Kove, Paul Logan, Robert Davi, AndrewDivoff. DAMIAN has been trained in “BALLISTI-CA;” a deadly form of hand-to-hand combatusing ballistics and firearms. He is one of thefew Americans who has perfected it, whichmakes him the CIA’s best weapon againstInternational Terrorism. (postproduction;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Escape From Darwin (USA; actionadventure)Director: Istvan Criste; cast: RobertSmith, Cecilie Bull, Rich Knight. After a strandedbank robber is murdered for cash on adesert highway, his partner sets out to trackdown the stolen cash and avenge his friend.(90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)War Machine (USA; action-adventure)Director: Rene Perez; cast: Robert Amstler. Aterrorist threat rises from the third world, andits target is the United States of America. Afanatical would-be dictator devises a plan tooverthrow the American government. The U.Simmediately forms an elite strike force toengage the new terrorist regime before it canand on U.S. soil. (87 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)HORIZON MOTION PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: G20 Located On TheGround Level/level 0 Of The RivieraOffice Phone: 06-37-67-21-18Phone: 604-632-1707On Offer:Crude (Canada; documentary) Producer:Michael Bonfiglio; director: Joe BerlingerTheinside story of the infamous “Amazon Chernobyl”case, Crude is a real-life high stakeslegal drama, set against a backdrop of theenvironmental movement, global politics,celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, themedia, multinational corporate power, andrapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures. (101mins.; screening; debuting)Embodiment of Evil (Canada; horror)Producers: Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane,Debora Ivanov; director: Jose Mojica Marins;cast: Jose Mojica Marins, Luis Melo. After servinga 40 year prison term, Coffin Joe is finallyreleased. Back on the streets, the sadisticundertaker is set upon fulfilling the goal whichsent him to jail in the first place: find a womanwho can give him the perfect child. During hissearch throughout the city of Sao Paulo heleaves behind a trail of horror, coming upagainst supernatural laws and folk superstitions.(90 mins.; screening; debuting)Pirate for the Sea (Canada; documentary)Producers: Ron Colby, Patricia Van Ryker;director: Ron Colby; cast: Paul Watson, RobertHunter. A biographical documentary on CaptainPaul Watson, a founding member ofGreenpeace Canada. Greenpeace ejected himfor being an overzealous activist with purportedmilitaristic tactics. Starting his own organization,the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,Watson has sunk illegal whaling ships,stopped Canadian seal hunts for ten years,and permanently halted sealing in the BritishIsles and the killing of dolphins on Iki Island,Japan. (100 mins.; screening; debuting)HUAYI BROTHERS MEDIACORPORATIONCannes 2009 Office: Lerins R9Phone: 86-10-64579338On Offer:The Message (China; thriller) Producers:Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei; directors:Chen Kuo-fu, Gao Qunshu; cast: Zhou Xun, LiBingbing, Huang Xiaoming. In order to determinewho’s behind a failed assassinationattempt, fire intelligence officers are broughtin for interrogation. The only way for them tosurvive is to turn on each other. (postproduction;presales; debuting)Tracing Shadow (China; action-adventure)Producers: Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei;directors: Francis Ng, Marco Mak; cast:Francis Ng, Jaycee Chan. From the producersof ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ and ‘Kung fu Hustle’, comes a brand new martial arts adventures.(postproduction; presales; debuting)HUNGARICOM, LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: R5Office Phone: 33-0-492-993-204Phone: 36-1-365-1750On Offer:Chameleon (Hungary; drama) Producer:Gábor Kálomista; director: Krisztina Goda;cast: Ervin Nagy, Gabriella Hámori, SándorCsányi, János Kulka, Zsolt Trill. Gabor is anoffice cleaner. Nobody suspects that in fact heis a con man who carefully chooses his victims.His targets ar lonely women. In a few monthshe takes all their savings. Gabor is an artist inmanipulation. He gets a job at a psychologist’soffice and meets Hanna, an injured dancerand the daughter of a millionaire. She seemsto be the perfect victim. He pretends to be adoctor offering her what she desperatelyneeds. Everything goes well until Gabor falls inlove with her. (104 mins.; screening; debuting)Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) (Hungary;animation) Producer: Arlene KlaskyGabor Csupo Gabor Kálomista Tamás Rákosi;director: Gabor CsupoMore people immigrateto America than to all other countries in thewhole world combined. Why? Is it becausethey love hot dogs and hamburgers? Orbecause they want to meet Snoop Dogg orhave a close encounter with Pamela Anderson?Maybe. But the real reason is – immigrantsgo to the U.S. to chase the Americandream. (87 mins.; screening; debuting)Made in Hungaria (Hungary; musical)Producer: Ádám Neményi; director: GergelyFonyó; cast: Tamás Szabó Kimmel, Iván Feny?,Tünde Kiss, Titánia Valentin. At a time wheneverybody else would like to escape to theWest an adolescent boy returns home fromAmerica to spread rock’n’roll. (109 mins.;screening; debuting)HYDE PARK INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Carlton 141Office Phone: +33 (0) 818-783-6060On Offer:Blue Valentine (USA; drama) Producers:Lynette Howell, Jamie Patricof And AlexOrlovsky; director: Derek Cianfrance; cast: RyanGosling, Michelle Williams. A heart rending taleof lost love and missed opportunities, BLUEVALENTINE is an intimate portrait of the lastdesperate days of a relationship offset by theanticipation, optimism and overwhelmingaffection of love. (preproduction; returning)The City of Your Final Destination(USA; drama) Producers: Richard Hawley,Pierre Proner, And Ashok Amritraj; director:James Ivory; cast: Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney.28-year-old Kansas University doctoralstudent Omar Razaghi, has won a grant towrite a biography of Latin American writerJules Gund. Omar must get through to threepeople who were close to Gund - his brother,widow, and younger mistress - so he can getauthorization to write the biography. (118mins.; screening; returning)Dead of Night (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Ashok Amritraj, Scott Rosenberg;director: Kevin Munroe; cast: Brandon Routh,Anita Briem. Based on a highly successfulEuropean comic book “DYLAN DOG”, DEAD OFNIGHT is a paranormal whodunit with a hip,modern style – think MEN IN BLACK withwerewolves, vampires, and zombies! (production;returning)ICELANDIC FILM CENTRECannes 2009 Office: Scandinavian TerraceOffice Phone: 33-0-676083719Phone: 003545623580On Offer:Reykjavik Rotterdam (Iceland; thriller)Producers: Agnes Johansen, Baltasar Kormákur;director: Oskar Jonasson; cast: BaltasarKormákur, Ingvar E. Sigurdsson. Christopher(Baltasar Kormákur) is like a fish on dry landafter being fired from a freight liner. He doesn’treally stand a chance of being rehired, havingbeen busted for illegal alcohol trafficking.Because of the high price of alcohol, Christopherand his mates couldn’t resist earning anextra buck by smuggling some vodka eachtime they sailed in. Faced with serious moneyproblems, Christopher manages, with the helpof a friend, to get his job back. (85 mins.;screening; debuting)ICON ENTERTAINMENT INTL.Cannes 2009 Office: Le Lerina, 63 LaCroisetteOffice Phone: 33-4-92-59-43-90Phone: 44-208-492-6300On Offer:Coriolanus (U.k.; thriller) Producers: JuliaTaylor-Stanley, Gabrielle Tana, Ralph Fiennes,John Logan; director: Ralph Fiennes; cast:Ralph Fiennes. A contemporary version ofShakespeare’s dangerous political thriller. Coriolanus,a brave soldier of inflexible self beliefdespises the citizens of Rome who seek to preventhim from taking political office. Bloodyriots engulf the city. Coriolanus vows todestroy Rome but finally yields to his mother’swill and is brutally murdered by his swornenemy Tullus Aufidius. (preproduction; presales;debuting)The Tempest (U.k.; drama) Producers: JuliaTaylor-stanley, Bob Chartoff, Lynn Hendee;director: Julie Taymor; cast: Helen Mirren, TomConti, David Strathairn, Ben Whishaw, RussellBrand, Alfred Molina, Djimon Hounsou, FelicityJones, Reeve Carney, Alan Cumming. In Shakespeare’sfantastical thriller the magician Prosperoorchestrates spirits, monsters, a griefstrickenking, a wise old councillor, twotreacherous brothers and a storm at sea into afantastical conspiracy bringing banishment,sorcery and shipwreck into the lives of twohapless lovers to stir and seal their fate. (post-CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 15

PRODUCT LISTINGSproduction; product reel/trailer; returning)Triangle (U.k.; thriller) Producers: JasonNewmark, Julie Baines, Chris Brown; director:Christopher Smith; cast: Melissa George,Michael Dorman, Rachael Carpani, HenryNixon. When Jess sets sail on a yacht with agroup of friends, she cannot shake the feelingthat there is something wrong. Her suspicionsare realised when the yacht hits a storm andthe group is forced to board a passing oceanliner to get to safety, a ship Jess is convincedshe’s been on before. The ship appears deserted,the clock on board has stopped, but theyare not alone... Someone is intent on huntingthem down, one by one. And Jess unknowinglyholds the key to end the terror. (screening;returning)IDREAM INDEPENDENTPICTURESCannes 2009 Office: 22.02 Palais DesFestivalsPhone: 919820189556On Offer:Bombay Summer (U.K.; drama) Producers:Joseph Mathew Varghese, Sanjay Bhattacharjee;director: Joseph Mathew Varghese;cast: Tannishtha Chatterjee, SamratChakrabarti. Bombay Summer explores thefleeting and delicate friendship between threeyoung people and its eventual disintegrationin the face of betrayal and personal loss. Set incontemporary India, the film subtly mirrors theturmoil within tradition bound Indian societyas it copes with change and rapid modernization.(105 mins.; premiere; debuting)Karma Calling (U.K.; comedy) Producers:Rita Parikh, Sarthak Das, Andy Carmone;director: Sarba Das; cast: Samrat Chakrabarti,Barnali Das, Kavi Ladnier. What happens whena bunch of hapless Hindus from Hoboken getmixed up with an underworld don with connectionsto an Indian call center? And whathappens when a good Jersey girl falls for asmooth operator thousands of miles away?For one thing, the phone keeps ringing. Narratedby award-winning actor Tony Sirico KarmaCalling is a snapshot of our hyper-globalizedworld through the eyes of a Garden state familyjust trying to get by. (90 mins.; premiere;debuting)Thanks Maa (U.K.; drama) Producer: QuantumFilms Ltd.; director: Irfan Kamal; cast:Shams, Salman, Fayyaz. In the vein of DannyBoyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Mira Nair’s‘Salaam Bombay’ Thanks Maa is poignant taleof a 12 year old street kid named Municipality.While on the run from the reformatory, hefinds & saves a two day old abandoned babyfrom becoming the prey to a ferocious streetdog. Failing to find any takers among the peoplewhom he deemed responsible andrespectable, Municipality takes up the onus offinding the mother of that abandoned babyhimself. (110 mins.; premiere; debuting)IFD FILMS AND ARTS LTD.Phone: 852-27300048On Offer:Big Boss Untouchable (Hong Kong;action-adventure) Producers: Joseph Lai,Ricky Wong; director: Kant Leung; cast: DragonShek, Karen Cheung, Ben Ng, Lawrence Wang,Paul See, Yannie Chen, Ford Lek, Willy Kong.Tang is a warlord at Big River, where he operatesgambling dens, prostitution and loansharking. Lionel arrives at Big River and witnessesthe gangs extorting money from thelocal merchants. When the gangs kidnap hisfiancee, he fights back. (90 mins.; debuting)Dragon the Master (Hong Kong; actionadventure)Producers: Joseph Lai, Ricky Wong;director: Ray Woo; cast: Dragon Shek, KarenCheung, Roy Cheung, Edward So, Billy Chow,Lily Chung, Huang Yang. Shally, a newly hiredjunior computer game programmer, has justunveiled her latest computer game “TigerStorm”. Her new project “Jeek Kune Do – theWay of Intercepting Fist” confronts a sharpcompetition with COLEWAY’S “Drunken Fist”and NICK’S “Thai Boxing”. (90 mins.; debuting)Hero the Great (Hong Kong; actionadventure)Producer: Joseph Lai; director:George Lai; cast: Dragon Shek, Carter Hwang,Philip Oh, Karen Cheung. Chao is a powerfulman who controls many martial arts societies.After a long battle that lasts a whole day andnight, the Shaolin abbot Mercy defeats him.Moon comes to Shaolin to invite Mercy to herfather’s 50th birthday ceremony. Moon oftenvisits Shaolin with her father so she knowsDragon and Pride very well. Pride begs to gowith Dragon and Mercy finally agrees but oncondition that Pride must pass the Shaolintest. (90 mins.; debuting)IFDC INC.Phone: 310-788-2803On Offer:Untitled Duane Adler Dance Project(USA; romance) Producers: Jerome Bliah,Linda Chiu, Robert Cort; director: Duane Adler;cast: TBA. A modern-day cross-cultural danceromance set against the contemporary Japaneseclub culture in New York City. (development;presales; debuting)The Wifeguard (USA; comedy) Producers:Kirsten Smith, Seth Jaret, Jerome Bliah, LindaChiu; director: TBA; cast: TBA. A trophy wifeloses everything, but finds true happinesscoaching a diving team of misfit kids. (development;presales; debuting)Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus(USA; comedy) Producer: Duke Fenday; director:Charles Jarrot; cast: Charles Bronson,Richard Thomas, Edward Asner. While newspaperwriter Bronson struggles with the deathof his wife, he receives a “special” assignment.He must answer a little girl’s question aboutwhether Santa Claus really exists. Based on atrue story. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)IFM WORLD RELEASINGCannes 2009 Office: Carlton HotelOffice Phone: 33 04 93 06 42 21Phone: 818 243 4976On Offer:Hobby Farm (USA; thriller) Producers: PaulMurphy, Brad Diebert& Glen Whitely; director:Brad Diebert; cast: Paul Murphy, Travis Mcmahon,Vince Sorrenti & Gerard Kennedy. HOBBYFARM is an action-packed gangster film set inthe outskirts of Sydney in the late 1970s. Outof jail after 5 years, Julian is rewarded by hiscrime bosses for keeping quiet and is put incharge of a gentlemen’s pleasure house (theHobby Farm). But when faced with the horrifictreatment of one of the kidnapped girls newlybrought to the farm, Julian must turn againstthe only life he has ever known, to save thegirls, and himself. (92 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Jack Says (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Simon Phillips, Mark Davey, Aaron Sayers;director: Bob Phillips; cast: Simon Phillips,Aurelie Amblard, Mike Reid, Rula Lenska, SariSheehan, Eric Cantona. Contemporary filmnoir comparable in style to Sin City with elementsof Pulp Fiction, Layer Cake and LockStock. Waking up in London with amnesianext to a dead body, Jack has just enough timeand sense to disappear before the policearrive. In an attempt to lay low, he heads toParis to visit the ex he can’t remember. But aguy like Jack attracts trouble, and anencounter with the mysterious Girl X drawshim and the woman he loves back into a worldhe’s trying hard to avoid … and to remember.(90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Vigilante (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Robert Diaz; director: Aash Aaron; cast:Robert Diaz, Kazuya Wright, Lexie Symon,Margot Robbie. Luke Evans had everything...Ahighly successful business, extravagant carsand the girl of his dreams. But in one tragicnight Luke lost everything. Brutally attacked,Luke wakes from a coma to discover that hisfiancée has been murdered. Fuelled by rage,Luke pledges to use every last financialresource he has in his lust for vengeance.After a heart stopping ride of murder andbetrayal, Luke finds himself face to face withhis attackers in a fight to the death. (95 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)IMAGEWORKSENTERTAINMENT INT’LCannes 2009 Office: B11/c12Office Phone: 33 (0)4 92 99 32 06Phone: 818-349-5777On Offer:Love and Debate (USA; comedy) Producers:Gina Philips, Amy Greenspun; director: JessicaKavana; cast: Gina Philips, AdamRodriguez. Jordan Landa is not your averageLatin girl. She has dreams, big ones. As a risingstar in the debate world, her allusive dreamsseem finally within her grasp. But when the“perfect guy” from her past reappears, so doher desires for a life she thought she didn’twant. With beautiful Miami as a backdrop, acutting edge soundtrack, and a hot sexy youngcast, it is the perfect setting for a girl to choosebetween LOVE AND DEBATE. (96 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)The Poker Club (USA; drama) Producers:Richard Chizmar, Bruce Devan, Jordan Gertner;director: Tim Mccann; cast: JohnathonSchaech Judy Reyes. Four friends discover andaccidentally kill a burglar — who may not bealone — in the kitchen during their weeklypoker night. (88 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)The Shadow Within (USA; horror) Producers:Paolo Lato, Anna Maria Murro, PierLuigi Corvi Mora; director: Silvana Zancolo;cast: Hayley J Williams, Beth Winslet. Propelledby grief over the death of Maurice’s twinbrother Jacques at birth, his mother Marie fallsunder the influence of Madame Armand, whoconvinces Marie to force her son to act as amedium to the next world. As Jacques assertshimself through Maurice, he comes to the realizationthat they both desire the same thing:their parents’ love, only Jacques does not wantto return to the living: he wants his parents tojoin him in the afterlife (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)IMAGINA INTERNATIONALSALESCannes 2009 Office: Riviera A5Office Phone: 34-610230554Phone: 34-91-728-57-42On Offer:25 Karats / 25 Kilates (Spain; thriller)Producers: José Nolla, Quique Camín; director:Patxi Amezcua; cast: Aida Folch, Francesc Garrido.Barcelona is the witness of the dangerouslove story between two petty thieves, Abeland Kay. They’ll have to cope with corruptpolicemen, thugs and swindlers for a bag fullof jewels, their ticket to freedom. (86 mins.;premiere; debuting)Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime(Carlitos y el Campo de losSueños) (Spain; family) Producers: EmilioAragón, Tedy Villalba, Santiago De La Rica;director: Jesús Del Cerro; cast: GustavoSalmerón, Guillermo Campra. Carlitos, 12 yearsold, has 2 dreams in life. As an orphan hewould love to find a welcoming family andbecome a football player. His friends from theorphanage and his teachers will help him inmaking both dreams come true, working aplan against the cruel headmaster of theorphanage. (107 mins.; premiere; debuting)Under the Snow / Nevando Voy(Spain; drama) Producers/directors: CandelaFigueira, Maitena Muruzabal; cast: Laura DePedro, Gabriel Latorre. In the snow chain packingsection of a factory, Angela starts breakingthe rules and little by little, the work becomesa game. Nobody can imagine what is going onbehind that iron gate. It is a secret shared justfor the four of them. A world that survivesthanks to the continuous snow. (98 mins.; premiere;debuting)IMAGINATION WORLDWIDE,LLCPhone: 310.888.3494On Offer:Countdown to Annihilation: Imagination’sSci-Fi Disaster Movies (U.S.;sci-fi) Producers: Pierre David, Tom Berry, TonyGinnane; director: TBA; cast: TBA. Accomplishedproducers Pierre David, Tom Berry, andTony Ginnane are proud to announce the productionof their Sci-Fi Disaster movie trilogy.Brace yourself...the rush is about to begin!(preproduction; debuting)A Neighbor’s Secret (U.S.; thriller) Producer:Pierre David; director: Leslie Hope; cast:Nicholas Brendon, Chandra West, CatherineMary Stewart. Danger lives next door... (preproduction;debuting)Stripped Naked (U.S.; thriller) Producer:Pierre David; director: Lee Demarbre; cast:Sarah Allen, Jon Cor, Mark Slacke. Cassie’sdone stripping...now she’s about to blow youaway! (production; debuting)INCAAPhone: 541143838429On Offer:El Boxeador (Argentina; drama) Producers:Maria Marta Antin, Fuc; director: Juan Pollio;cast: ......... Day after day Hector trains youngboxers as a sparring partner in the neighourhoodgym. He awaits the moment for a revelationto come and deliver him from the burdenof his guilt, from the inescapable routine, fromthe pain he is causing to the person that loveshim most. (9 mins.; premiere; debuting)Los Viajes del Viento (Argentina; drama)Producers: Ciudad Lunar, Cine Ojo, PrimerPlano, Razor Film Y Volya Films; director: CiroGuerra (preproduction; premiere; debuting)INDEPENDENTCannes 2009 Office: Residence La Brise, 24La Croisette, 5th FloorOffice Phone: 33-4-9368-6948Phone: 44-207-257-8734On Offer:Moon (U.K.; sci-fi) Producers: Stuart Fenegan,Trudie Styler; director: Duncan Jones;cast: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, DominiqueMcelligot, Benedict Wong, Matt Berry, KayaScodelario. Astronaut Sam Bell, who works insolitude on a moon base, discovers that hisemployers have plans for replacing him… andthe new recruit is eerily familiar. (97 mins.;screening; debuting)Mr. Nice (U.K.; comedy) Producers: Luc Roeg,Michael Robinson, Andrew Orr, Daniel Shepherd,James Perkins, Tim Smith, Paul Brett,Steve Robbins, Linda James, Norman Merry;director: Bernard Rose; cast: Rhys Ifans, ChloeSevigny, David Thewlis, Omid Djalili, Luis Tosar,Elsa Pataky, Crispin Glover, Jamie Harris, ChristianMckay. Following the sophisticated drugbaron’s rise and fall, this is the frequently hilarious,occasionally sad, and often surreal storyof Howard Mark’s life so far. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)New Town Killers (U.K.; thriller) Producers:Luc Roeg, Richard Jobson; director: RichardJobson; cast: Dougray Scott, Alastair Mackenzie,James Pearson, Charles Mnene, Liz White.Two disenchanted private bankers get theirkicks from playing a 12 hour game of man huntwith people from the margins of society. (99mins.; returning)THE INDIAN FILM COMPANY-STUDIO 18Cannes 2009 Office: Stand 18.02 - Level 01,PalaisCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 16

PRODUCT LISTINGSPhone: 91-22-6629-1818On Offer:Ghajini (India; action-adventure) Producers:Tagore Madhu, Madhu Mantena; director: A.r.Murugadoss; cast: Aamir Khan, Asin Thottumkal.A saga of love, loss and revenge, it’s aconnoisseur’s favorite. About a short-termmemory loss patient and his quest forredemption, the lead actor (superstar AamirKhan) transforms into an 8-pack abs baringhunk. Clocking in a historic $43 million in just 3weeks at the worldwide box office, it is thebiggest industry grosser of all time. (185 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (India; romance)Producer: Aamir Khan Productions; director:Abbas Tyrewala; cast: Imran Khan, GeneliaD’souza. Marking the debut of teen sensation,Imran Khan (nephew of Bollywood heavyweightAamir Khan), the breezy and innocentcampus caper is about young people growingup, growing apart, and then growing in love.Charming the hearts of millions, it became thebiggest sleeper hit of 2008. Its lilting soundtrack,by the Golden Globe and AcademyAward® winner, A.R. Rahman, was a chartbusterof epic proportions. (145 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Sarkar Raj (India; drama) Producers: RamGopal Varma, Praveen Nishol; director: RamGopal Varma; cast: Amitabh Bachchan,Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai-bachchan.It marks the screen debut of the most powerfuland loved film family of India - TheBachchans, featuring the legendary AmitabhBachchan, his superstar son, AbhishekBachchan, and former Miss World, internationalstar and daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan. (124 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)INFERNO INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 4 Boulevard De LaCroisette, 4th FloorOffice Phone: +33 (0)493 39 1645Phone: 310-598-2550On Offer:The Experiment (USA; thriller) Producers:Bill Johnson, Marty Adelstein, Scott Nemes;director: Paul T. ScheuringA remake of the Germanthriller, “Das Experiment”, in which 26men are chosen to participate in the roles ofguards and prisoners in a psychological studythat ultimately spirals out of control. (preproduction;presales; debuting)King of the Fighters (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Bobby Sheng, Tim Kwok,Steve Chicorel; director: Gordon Chan; cast:Sean Faris, Maggie Q, Sean Faris. A stylish,high-octane, live action feature based on thehighly successful video game franchise, inwhich the last surviving descendants of threelegendary clans are continuously transportedto other dimensions to test their martial artsskills against an evil force that seeks to invadeand infect the real world. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)INSTIGATOR FILMSPhone: 353-1-8217934On Offer:8.5 Hours (Ireland; drama) Producers: BrianLally, Liam Moran, Richard Callaghan; director:Brian Lally; cast: Jonathan Byrne, GeraldinePlunkett. “8.5 Hours” is a sexually chargeddrama about one extraordinary working day inthe lives of four office workers during the finalstages of Ireland’s boom years. On one Mondayin Dublin, between the hours of 9 to 5.30,each of the four characters’ lives descends intoturmoil. (110 mins.; screening; debuting)INTANDEM FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Apartments C11 & C12,Relais De La Reine, 42/43 La Croisette, 06400CannesOffice Phone: 33-04-93-06-70-01Phone: 44-0-207-851-3800On Offer:Blown (U.K.; thriller) Producers: George Tiffin,Martha Fiennes; director: Martha Fiennes;cast: Samuel L Jackson, Guy Pearce, FrankaPotente. Tasked with the most crucial missionof his career, a British Secret Service agentmust decide whether his duty is to his countryor the truth. (preproduction; returning)Islands in the Stream (U.K.; actionadventure)Producers: Tommy Lee Jones, EricWilliams; director: Tommy Lee Jones; cast:Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, JohnGoodman. A thrilling, heart-rending storybased on the Ernest Hemingway novel.(development; returning)Who Is Doris Payne? (U.K.; thriller) Producers:Jason Felts, Ann Carli; cast: Halle Berry.17 countries, 22 identities, 50 years on the run...This is the thrilling true story of one of theworld’s most prolific jewellery thieves. (development;presales; debuting)INTERNATIONAL ROME FILMFESTIVALCannes 2009 Office: Italian Pavillon- VillageInt’l RivieraPhone: 39-06-40401900INTRAMOVIES S.R.L.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera, Booth G25Phone: 39-06-8076157On Offer:Bollywood Hero (Italy; drama) Producer:Idtv Film; director: Diederik Van Rooijen; cast:Egbert-jan Weeber, Ishwari Bose-bhattacharya.A young dutch actor sets off to Indiato play a part in a Bollywood film. Confrontedby the misery of the homeless in Bombay andafter an accident he decides to no longer be apassive eyewitness to all the misery aroundhim. This decision will be more far-reachingthan he could imagine... (85 mins.; screening;debuting)The Case of Unfaithful Klara (Italy;drama) Producers: Jean Vigo Italia, MedusaFilm; director: Roberto Faenza; cast: Laura Chiatti,Claudo Santamaria. In contemporaryPrague a young musician is obsessed by jealousyfor his beautiful girlfriend Klara. Heengages a private detective to spy on Klarabut this starts an uncontrollable series of accidents,misunderstandings and traps culminatingin an unusual Venice… (100 mins.; screening;debuting)Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night (Italy;drama) Producers: Lumeière & Co., Raicinema;director: Giuseppe Piccioni; cast: Valeria Golino,Valerio Mastrandrea, . A successful and marriedwriter grappling with feelings of futilityabout his profession, meets in a swimmingpool a fascinating woman, which hides asecret and a mysterious past. (105 mins.;screening; debuting)ITN DISTRIBUTIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C-11Office Phone: 917-690-1539Phone: 917-690-1539On Offer:Frankie D (USA; family) Producers: RosemaryEdelman, James Bridges Jr., ShashawneeHall, Ken Nowling, Brian Gary, Todd Bridges,Ron Lee; director: Rosemary Edelman; cast:Todd Bridges, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Aaron Meeks.Frankie D is the story of an upscale carpenterwho gets ripped off by two street kids, andinstead of throwing them in jail, when he realizeshow horrific their life is, he takes them ashis, because he was these kids. (96 mins.;screening; debuting)Prey (USA; horror) Producers: ElizabethHowatt-jackman, Robert Lewis-galinsky;director: George Miller; cast: Natalie Bassingthwaighte,Jesse Johnson. Dreamtime canbe a nightmare. The story is inspired by thedisappearance in the late 80’s of a NorthAmerican couple who disappeared in the WestAustralian desert on a 4WD holiday. (100mins.; premiere; debuting)Text (USA; horror) Producer: Jennifer Maskrey;director: Brian Mcculley; cast: Hanna Hall, ReggieBannister, Daisy De La Hoya, JonathanTrent. Text follows four teenagers as they trackdown a series of mysterious deaths at theirhigh school connected to text messagesreceived by the victims.They quickly learn thatthe deaths are connected to their school’sValentine’s dance and if they aren’t able tostop it in time, everyone there may die. (85mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)JAM ENTERTAINMENTOffice Phone: 49-172-4441353Phone: 49-89-69393166On Offer:Car Napping (Germany; action-adventure)Producer: Lothar H. Krischer (terra Filmkunst);director: Wigbert Wicker; cast: Adolfo Celi,Eddie Constantine, Ivan Desny, Bernd Stephan,Anny Duperey, Michel Galabru, Adrian Hoven.German cult-classic in the tradition of “Gone In60 Seconds”. Shot on location in Cannes, Parisand Vienna. (85 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)The Girls From Atlantis (Germany;adult/erotic) Producer/director: EckhartSchmidt; cast: Isi Ter Jung, Horst Letten, ArthurBrauss. The Girls From Atlantis have come toearth to shrink as many men as possible tobring the back home. Trashy cult erotic fromacclaimed German director Eckhart Schmidt.(87 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Loft: The New Seed of Violence (Germany;thriller) Producers: Sam Waynberg,Wolfgang Odenthal; director: EckhartSchmidt; cast: Andreas Sportelli, Max Tidof,Sibylle Rauch, Rebecca Winter. Erotic Neo-Noir-Thriller by acclaimed German directorEckhart Schmidt. (82 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)JINGA FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Stand E-7 RivieraPalaosOffice Phone: 06-27-87-46-48Phone: 44-0-207-287-0050On Offer:The Disappeared (U.K.; thriller) Producer:Neil Murphy & Johnny Kevorkian; director:Johnny Kevorkian; cast: Harry Treadaway (cityOf Ember) Tom Felton (harry Potter 1-7 AsDraco Malfoy) Greg Wise (sense And Sensibility)Alex Jennings (bridget Jones) GeorgiaGroome (angus, Thongs And Full FrontalSnogging). In the tradition of The Omen andSixth Sense comes a superbly acted andthrilling supernatural shocker. When Matthewhears chilling voices on the recording of a newsconference about his brother‘s disappearance,he begins to question his sanity. When afriend’s sister is also abducted, the ghostlyvoices guide him to an underground labyrinthand a terrifying confrontation with the killer.(96 mins.; returning)Exodus (U.K.; sci-fi) Producer: Ruth Kenleyletts;director: Penny Woolcock; cast: BernardHill (the Lord Of The Rings) Claire-hopeAshitey (children Of Men) Daniel Percival (synchronicity).In this nightmare vision of thefuture, neo-fascist politician (Bernard Hill)clears the streets of immigrants confiningthem in a ghetto called Dreamland. But whenhis adopted son (Daniel Percival) discoversthat his real parents are imprisoned refugees,his attempts to help them escape result in acatastrophic war in which the brutallyoppressed resort to brutal means to win theirfreedom. (110 mins.; debuting)Salvage (U.K.; horror) Producer: Julie Lau;director: Lawrence Gough; cast: Shaun Dooley(eden Lake) Linzey Cocker (wild Child) DeanAndrew (my Summer Of Love)shahid Ahmed(28 Weeks Later) Neve Mcintosh & Ben Batt(the Edge Of Love). When a container washesashore the residents of a sleepy cul-de-sac areplunged into violence, terror and paranoia.Ring fenced by the military a single mothermust overcome all the odds to save herdaughter. (80 mins.; debuting)JOINT ENTERTAINMENTINTERNATIONAL, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Palais 01 Stand 26.02Office Phone: 886-922-611-535Phone: 886-2-2720-6007On Offer:Attitude (Taiwan; documentary) Producer:Blackie Chen; directors: Leo Liao, Jia-wei Lin.“Attitude” follows the Taiwan Beer BasketballTeam through good times and bad on its wayto trying to win a championship. (80 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)The Days (Taiwan; drama) Producers: BoiKwong, April Tong, Randy Ang; director: BoiKwong; cast: Justin Chan, Ivan Lim. Based on atrue story, “The Days” tells a cautionary taleabout two brothers after a poor decisionthrows them both into a tumultuous and violentworld. (100 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Su Mi Ma Sen, Love (Taiwan; drama) Producers:Roger Huang, James Liu; director: YuhsienLin; cast: Chie Tanaka, Huai-jhong Wu. Ayoung Taiwanese projectionist believes hisencounter with a Japanese actress is pre-destined.But, how can he convince this Japanesegirl that their fates are really crossed? It willtake his wits, humors and most importantlyhis heart to do the magic. (75 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)K5 INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Les Jardins Du GrandHotel (shops)Office Phone: 33-0-6-21-42-44Phone: 49-89-37505590On Offer:A Matter of Size (Germany; comedy) Producers:Chilik Michaeli, Tami Leon, AvrahamPirchi, Daniel Baur, Oliver Simon; directors:Sharon Maymon, Erez Tadmor; cast: ItzikCohen, Togo Igawa, Levana Finkelstein, AlonDahan, Dvir Benedek, Shmulik Cohen. “A MAT-TER OF SIZE” is a comedy about a ‘comingout’ of a different kind - overweight peoplelearning to accept themselves. Four overweightfriends from the Israeli city of Ramleare fed up of dieting and the dieting club theybelong to. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)Separation City (Germany; comedy) Producers:Mark Overett, Angela Littlejohn, TomScott; director: Paul Middleditch; cast: RhonaMitra, Thomas Kretschmann. A painful taleabout marriage, bad sex and requited love (90mins.; debuting)Wonderful World (Germany; drama) Producers:Miranda Bailey, Matthew Leutwyler,Glenn Williamson; director: Joshua Goldin;cast: Matthew Broderick, Sanaa Lathan. Acomic fable about the most negative man inthe world. (95 mins.; screening; debuting)KADOKAWA PICTURES, INC.Phone: 81-0-3-5213-0693On Offer:Drop (Japan; drama) Producers: TaiichiInoue, Seiji Mizugami; director: Hiroshi Shinagawa;cast: Hiroki Narimiya, Hiro Mizushima, .Angst-ridden teen, Hiroshi, aspiring to theexciting life of a teen hood, transfers to a publicschool where he immediately gets in troublewith the school’s tough gang leader, Tatsuya.Though Hiroshi is pummeled, hisnever-say-die attitude earns him entry intothe gang where he sinks into a daily rhythm ofrumbles, truancy and hard-earned friendships.But despite all his rebellious energy andyouthful zeal, Hiroshi finds his manhood mosttested in matters of the heart. (122 mins.;screening; returning)Goodbye, My Secret Friend (Japan;drama) Producer: Taiichi Inoue; director: ToshihikoOooka; cast: Yu Aoi, Arashi Fukazawa.Your life’s experience will bring tears to you atCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 17

PRODUCT LISTINGSthe bittersweet last scene. A story of maturelove now unfolds… We have all at least oncewished to “take a glimpse of the life of one’slove before meeting him/her,” “what one’slove was like as a child,” “watch over the entirelife of one’s love,” or “meet again as adults.”The days of Ike-chan and Yoshio tell a storyabout life, death, family ties and immenselove, better understood as one matures,knowing what childhood was like. (107 mins.;screening; debuting)Instant Swamp (Japan; comedy) Producers:Takeshi Kato, Mikiya Kurihashi; director:Satoshi Miki; cast: Kumiko Aso, Morio Kazama.Frustrated magazine editor, Haname, can’thelp but feel her life gradually sinking in quicksand.So she goes in search of her long-lostfather only to disappointedly find him as “Mr.Light Bulb,” an eccentric junk antique dealerwith a proclivity to pulling pranks and dispensingodd advice. But when Haname complieswith his cryptic suggestion to “turn the waterfaucet on full blast when down,” her life suddenlybegins to take on a new rhythm full ofceaseless wonder and surprise. (120 mins.;screening; debuting)KEYSTONE ENTERTAINMENT,INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera G6Office Phone: 778-829-8424Phone: 604-873-9739On Offer:Furry Bandits (Canada; family)Producer/director: Anna Mcroberts; cast: TBA.When the city park is threatened by developers,a raccoon bandit assembles a team offurry thieves to pull off the biggest heist oftheir little lives. (development; presales;debuting)Murph (Canada; family) Producer/director:Anna Mcroberts; cast: TBA. A young boybefriends an abandoned miniature horse andproves the heart of a champion can be foundin the most unlikely of places when they teamup to take the racing world by storm. (development;presales; returning)KHAN ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTDPhone: 886-2-23660202On Offer:Yang Yang (Taiwan; drama) Producer:Khan Lee; director: Cheng Yu-chieh; cast: SandrinePinna;chang Ruei-jia. “Do you speakFrench?” Eurasian Yang-Yang cannot hearthat question anymore. Having a Frenchfather whom she never met, she is an outsiderin Taiwan. Yang Yang is searching for love,identity and a real family. There is hope sinceher mother remarries. But things get complicatedand Yang Yang decides to leave thefamily and her struggle for love and acceptancecontinues in the superficial world of commercials.But still there is hope… World SalesAgent: M-Appeal (112 mins.; screening; debuting)KIMMEL INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Res Du Grand Hotel, LeDauphin, Apt 11d, 45 Bd La CroisetteOffice Phone: +33 4 97 06 30 62Phone: 212-431-5550On Offer:Hesher (USA; comedy) Producers: MattWeaver, Scott Prisand, Natalie Portman; director:Spencer Susser; cast: Natalie Portman,Joseph Gordon-levitt. HESHER is the story of afamily struggling to deal with a loss and theanarchist head banger who helps them do it.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Sympathy for Delicious (USA; drama)Producers: Andrea Sperling, Scott Prisand,Matt Weaver; director: Mark Ruffalo; cast:Christopher Thornton, Mark Ruffalo. SYMPA-THY FOR DELICIOUS is a wholly original story,filled with humor and pathos as well as a realistic,yet vivid, character study exploring thelasting effects of tragedy, the search formeaning, and the ultimate redemptive powerof compassion. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Trust (USA; thriller) Producer: Greg Shapiro;director: Robert Edwards; cast: Kiefer Sutherland,Billy Crudup. Two FBI counter-intelligenceagents in Los Angeles 1969 find theirpartnership—and their whole world—shakenwhen a fellow American walks in and confessesthat he has been spying for the Soviets, andvolunteers to turn double agent. The slipperynature of truth gets a workout as they crosspaths not only with the KGB, but also Hollywoodexecs, undercover cops, suspiciouswives, and shady private eyes. When deceptionis your business, is it really possible toleave your work at the office? (preproduction;presales; debuting)LATIDO FILMSCannes 2009 Office: A5 Riviera Hall(Spanish Cinema / Icex)Office Phone: 34-635-431-270Phone: 34-915-488-877On Offer:Ander (Spain; drama) Producers: José MaríaGonzalo, Fernando Díez, Pau G. Guillén, RobertoCastón; director: Roberto Castón; cast:Josean Bengoetxea, Christian Esquivel,Mamen Rivera. Ander, a 40 year old Farmer inthe Lush Basque countryside, lives alone withhis mother and sister. When he breakes his legin the fields, they hire José a young PeruvianHelper. Ander who never experienced lovebefore is suddenly moved by feelingsunknown... (123 mins.; screening; debuting)Bejart: The Show Must Go On (Spain;documentary) Producer: José Luis López-Linares (Lopez-Li Films); director: ArantxaAguirre. The death of the brillant MauriceBejart in 2007 is an irreparable loss for the artof dance, but above all, it means a cataclysmfor his own company. Forty dancers from allfive continents are now orphans and they’llhave to work hard for the survival of the company.From the team of “THE CHICKEN, THEFISH AND THE KING CRAB” (80 mins.; screening;debuting)Guts (Spain; thriller) Producer: Pancho Casal(continental Producciones) Antonio Saura(zebra Producciones); directors: SamuelMartín Mateos, Andrés Luque; cast: CarmeloGómez, Hugo Silva. A triller of Narcos in Galicianrias. A land in which nothing is what itseems and where scales are more importantthan guts. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)LATINOFUSIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera A9Phone: 00523336473705On Offer:5 Dias sin Nora / Nora’s Will (México;drama) Producer: Laura Imperiale; director:Mariana Chenillo (90 mins.; screening; debuting)Corazón del Tiempo/ Heart of Time(México; drama) Producer: Ana Solares; director:Alberto Cortés (90 mins.; screening;returning)Crónicas Chilangas / ChilangoChronicles (México; comedy) Producer: LuisDiaz; director: Carlos EnderleThree stories inthe largest city of the world Mexico city. (90mins.; screening; debuting)LAU FILM INTERNATIONALPhone: 49-89-38377798On Offer:Dancing With Strangers (Germany;romance) Producer/director: Ankie Lau; cast:Chow Yun Fat, Ankie Beilke, Bill Campbell.Broadway dancer Justin is looking for his roots.He travels to Europe and China, where helearns valuable life lessons. (preproduction;debuting)LEFTCannes 2009 Office: Media Pavilion 122Office Phone: 44-0-7802-299182Phone: 44-0-2920-444-777On Offer:Colin (U.K.; horror) Producers: Justin Hayles,Marc Price; director: Marc Price; cast: AlastairKirton, Daisy Aitkens, Leanne Pammen, KerryOwen. Colin has been bitten by a zombie. Hedies and returns from the dead, and begins hisjourney into an apocalyptic suburban London.He wanders amongst the other undead,encounters others of his kind, and the reactionsof the desperate surviving humans in thisgory, savage new world. His journey gives cluesto his past life, and the tragic revelation of whyhe was bitten. One of the first films of thisgenre to tell the story from the point of view ofa zombie. (97 mins.; premiere; debuting)Mindflesh (U.K.; horror) Producer/director:Robert Pratten; cast: Christopher Fairbank,Lucy Liemann, Peter Bramhill. Chris is beingused by supernatural evil forces to channeltheir horrors into the real world. They are feedingoff his denial over a traumatic childhoodincident, and unless he can face up to his past,he will be powerless to prevent horrific fatesfor his loved ones. (76 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Thunderchild (U.K.; horror) Producers:Helen Grace, Marc Price, Illtud Dunsford; director:Marc Price; cast: Alastair Kirton. A group ofBritish airmen returning from a WWII bombingmission have to cope with a new enemy whenthey encounter a flesh-eating creature onboardtheir plane. (development; presales;debuting)LIGHTNING ENTERTAINMENT/ MAINLINE RELEASINGCannes 2009 Office: Lerins R7 / S8Phone: 310-255-1200On Offer:The Merry Gentleman (USA; thriller)Producer: Paul J. Duggan; director: MichaelKeaton; cast: Michael Keaton, Kelly Macdonald.A truly original Christmas story, The MerryGentleman is a heady mix of suspense, gentleromance and quiet humor — a riveting,uniquely entertaining tale of forgiveness andredemption that blends a hopeful spirit with asuprisingly dark heart. (98 mins.; screening;debuting)No-Do: The Beckoning (USA; horror)Producer/director: Elio Quiroga; cast: Ana Torrent,Francisco Boira. There is a belief thatwhen something horrible happens in a house,something evil, the souls of the victims remainbehind, unable to move on, reaching out to theliving, seeking justice for the horrors they havesuffered... (95 mins.; screening; debuting)Taking Chances (USA; comedy) Director:Talmage Cooley; cast: Justin Long,Emmanuelle Chriqui, Rob Corddry. When hediscovers that an Indian casino is about to bebuilt over the town’s historic battlefield, ChaseRevere, the self-appointed protector of asmall town’s rather meager place in Americanhistory, joins forces with sexy but dangeroustown siren Lucy Shanks to launch an all-outoffensive against the project - earning thewrath of the entire town, who believe that thecasino will save their decaying local community.(100 mins.; screening; debuting)THE LITTLE FILM COMPANYCannes 2009 Office: Riviera R1 Lerins FloorPhone: 818-762-6999On Offer:Helen (USA; romance) Director: Sandra Nettelbeck;cast: Ashley Judd, Goran Visnjic. Amidthe desperate battle for her life, her love andher sanity, a woman finds herself pulling awayfrom her family and seeking comfort in thecompany of a fierce yet fragile, enigmatic andtroubled young woman – whose extraordinaryspirit and devotion shines a flickering light intoHelen’s darkness. (97 mins.; screening; debuting)It Might Get Loud (USA; documentary)Director: Davis Guggenheim; cast: Jimmy Page(from Led Zeppelin), The Edge (from U2) AndJack White (from The White Stripes). Fromdirector, Davis Guggenheim (An InconvenientTruth) comes this pivotal film on the electricguitar from the point of view of three significantrock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Pageand Jack White. (97 mins.; screening; debuting)The Last Station (USA; romance) Director:Michael Hoffman; cast: Helen Mirren,James Mcavoy. Valentin, (James McAvoy) ishired by Russian author Leo Tolstoy to helphim with his struggle to balance fame andwealth with his commitment to a life devoidof material things. Innocent and in awe of Tolstoy,Valentin finds himself in a world of confusion,love and power. Tempted by lust anddistracted by politics, he is forced to decidewhich kind of life he must chose for himself.(postproduction; debuting)LOLAFILMS INTERNACIONALS.L.Cannes 2009 Office: Cinema From SpainOffice Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-32-4Phone: 34-91-436-74-00On Offer:The Consul Of Sodom (Spain; drama)Producers: Andrés Vicente Gómez, Ximo Pérez,Julia Steinweg; director: Sigfrid Monleón; cast:Jordi Mollá, Bimba Bosé, Alex Brandemühl.Fascinating tour of the life of Jaime Gil deBiedma (1929-1990), one of the most influentialpoets of the second half of the 20th Century.His life is the story of a contradiction: onone hand, he belongs to the upper Catalonianbourgeoisie and is an executive at a majorSpanish multinational company; on the other,he is homosexual and rebels against his familyand historic background. (postproduction;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Genies (Spain; animation) Producer: AndrésVicente Gómez; directors: ‘gonzo’ Suárez, SantiagoSeguraLooking for his missing father,KASIM and his dog AMIGO will end up inGENIELAND, the magical home of the genies,a place where nothing is as it seems andeverything is possible. (development; presales;debuting)Vurdalak (Spain; horror) Producer: AndrésVicente Gómez; director: Jaume Collet-serra;cast: Tbd. Baron Neish and his family fall victimto a cruel massacre by Prince Verjik, wholongs to conquer the Valley. However, his firstborn,SAFET, does not die. The blood in hisveins is transformed by hate, turning him intoa “living dead”, into a VURDALAK. His eternalcurse will be to quench his thirst for vengeanceand blood (development; presales; debuting)LONELY SEAL RELEASINGCannes 2009 Office: 22.01Phone: 323-465-7325On Offer:House of Numbers (USA; documentary)Producers: Bob Frisco, David Law, Brent Leung;director: Brent Leung; cast: Luc Montagnier,Anthony Fauci. In ‘House of Numbers,’ an AIDSfilm like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is beingrewritten. This is the first film to present theuncensored POVs of virtually all the majorplayers; in their own settings, in their ownwords. It rocks the foundation upon which allconventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS isbased. ‘House of Numbers’ could well be theopening volley in a battle to bring sanity andclarity to an epidemic gone awry. (90 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Jam (USA; drama) Producers: Dianne Burnett,Marianne Jean-Baptiste, HarmonKaslow; director: Craig Serling; cast: ChristopherAmitrano, William Forsythe. A traffic accidenton a rural mountain road becomes a lifechanging experience for fifteen diverse travelers.(91 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 18

PRODUCT LISTINGSTaiketsu (USA; sci-fi) Producers: JustusBeckmann, Sven Knuppel, Nico Sentner; director:Sven Knuppel; cast: Fabian Monasterios,Cecile Decker. An action-story set in the ruinsof future Babylon. In this war torn megalopolisa group of people struggles for survival.Inspired by movies like The Fifth Element orAkira, Gula Mons Filmsyndikat in associationwith Generation X Group GmbH, made a classicalscience-fiction thriller with a philosophicaltouch. (100 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)LONGTALE INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: R14 LerinsOffice Phone: +1-323-733-1000Phone: 323-733-1000On Offer:Sensation of Sight (USA; drama) Producer:Buzz Mclaughlin; director: Aaron J.Wiederspahn; cast: David Strathairn, IanSomerhalder, Jane Adams, Ann Cusak, ElisabethWaterston, Joe Mazzello, Scott Wilson. Aman’s search for meaning amid the ache ofdespair, The Sensation of Sight intertwineslives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefullyleading Finn toward an unexpected and sublimeawakening. “An instant American classic”—DurbanInternational Film Festival.“David Strathairn pulls off another Oscar-worthyperformance”—Moving Pictures magazine.“The most compelling Indie in years”—Seattle’sThe Warren Report. Best Cinematography,Durban International FF; Best FeatureFilm, New Hampshire FF. (134 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Seven Servants (USA; drama) Producer:Bahman Maghsoudlou And Stefan Jonas;director: Daryush Shokof; cast: Anthony Quinn,David Warner, Sonja Kirchberger, AlexandraSteward, Audra Mcdonald. Daryush Shokof’sfabled surreal film starring Anthony Quinn (hisfinal performance) and David Warner keptfrom public view for years is at long last available.A wealthy, elderly man (Quinn) attemptsto avert death by hiring four young men of differentraces and backgrounds to reinvigoratehim. They become a nucleus of a single, livingorganism with ten arms and ten legs thatmoves, eats, dances, and laughs togetheruntil…. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Soldiers of Peace (USA; documentary)Producer: Steve Killelea; director: Tim Wise;cast: Narrated By Michael Douglas, UnitedNations Messenger For Peace And HollywoodActor, Featuring Desmond Tutu, Sir RichardBranson (virgin Group), Sir Bob Geldof, HhPrince Hassan Of Jordan, Gareth Evans, AndScilla Elworthy.. Welcome to the new worldorder. Soldiers of Peace is stories from 14 countriesaround the world, The astonishing littleknownfact is that the number of wars aroundthe world is dropping dramatically. We areactually in the grip of an outbreak of peace.Away from the cameras, ordinary peopleeverywhere are taking amazing steps to forcepeace out of trouble and violence (85 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)M!NT ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera B4Office Phone: +33.492. 993.316Phone: +1.310.597.2454On Offer:Blind Ambition (USA; comedy) Producer:Bala Rajasekharuni Executive Producer: YatrikMehta; director: Bala Rajasekharuni; cast:Christopher Atkins, Vanessa Angel, GulshanGrover, Michelle Massey. Blind Ambition is thestory of Sapna, an intelligent, fun-lovingteenager who is all about celebrating lifedespite one major “shortcoming.” She aspiresto run a marathon as a tribute to the memoryof her late mother. Her quirky brother alongwith sidekick Wild Bill (Christopher Atkins -The Blue Lagoon) convince Autumn (VanessaAngel - Baywatch, Weird Science), an exmarathoncoach and reclusive school teacherto train Sapna to run the marathon. By theway, Sapna is blind! (97 mins.; premiere;debuting)The Last Resort (USA; thriller) Producers:Nick Vetere, Brandon Nutt, Chase Hudson, ForestRobin, Nathan Oliver, Ryan Reels; director:Brandon Nutt; cast: America Olivo, PaulieRojas, Marissa Tait, Sita Young, Arianne Zuker,Nick Ballard, Jeremy Glazer, Jamil Mena, SandroDel Casale, Ian Patrick Williams, DereckRizk. A sexy Bachelorette weekend goes awrywhen the girls are robbed, stranded and forcedto take shelter in a deserted Mexican resortthat is haunted by the unspeakable atrocitiesof the past. Featuring a cast of hot up-andcomingstars. (75 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)The Whisperers (USA; thriller) Director:Rajeev Virani; cast: Rahul Bose, Manoj Bajpai,Tara Sharma, Kim Sharma, Reef Karim. Sunny,a poor boy from the slums of India rises to thetop to become the King of Mumbai, but atwhat cost? In a chance accident, Sunny isaided by Sid, a seemingly suspect character,who happens to know all the answers andintimate secrets that gave rise to Sunny’spower and eventual downfall. From deal makingwith the mob and corporate fraud to murder,can Sunny save his marriage, his businessand even his soul OR will Sid reveal his devilinside… (95 mins.; premiere; debuting)M-APPEALCannes 2009 Office: Booth N°9 RivièraCannes MarketOffice Phone: 0033492993283Phone: 00493061507505On Offer:Retribution (Germany; drama)Producer/director: Paulo Pons; cast: BárbaraBorges, Erom Cordeiro, Branca Messina. In asmall country town in the south of Brazil, thedaughter of a wealthy farmer is brutally rapedand left near a river. A mysterious young manarrives in Rio de Janeiro and starts to follow anattractive woman, with whom he stars astrange relationship. Brought together byunexplained circumstances these charactersseem to be heading to the same fate. (102mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)The World Is Big and Salvation LurksAround the Corner (Germany; drama)Producers: Stefan Kitanov Karl Baumgartner,Thanassis Krathanos András Muhi, DanijelHocevar; director: Stephan Komandarev; cast:Miki Manojlovic. After a car crash in which hisparents have died, Alex can’t even rememberhis name. In an attempt to cure him fromamnesia, his grandfather Bai Dan drags Alexout of hospital and they set off on the roadwith tandem bicycle. On this journey back toBulgaria, Alex gets his memory back, and withit, the will to live again. (105 mins.; screening;debuting)Yang Yang (Germany; drama) Producer:Khan Lee; director: Cheng Yu-chieh; cast: SandrinePinna, Chang Ruei-jia, Huang Chien-wei.Eurasian Yang-Yang doesn’t speak any Frenchbecause she has never met her French birthfather. She always quests for love, yet nothingcan ease her loneliness. She later enters showbusiness. Against her wishes, she is often castas French. Trapped in the struggles amongfamily, friendship and love, how will Yang-Yang face her inner traumas? (112 mins.;screening; debuting)M-LINE DISTRIBUTIONCannes 2009 Office: Riviera B13/c14Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-33-14Phone: 822-796-2425On Offer:Handphone (Korea; thriller) Producer:Chung Hae-young; director: Kim Han-min;cast: Park Yong-woo, Uhm Tae-woong. Entertainmentmanager Seung-min sees Jin-a ashis one last hope to turn his life around. Just asJin-a is on the path to stardom, he receives athreat, claiming that her former lover has hersex clip. He receives the clip on his phone, onlyto lose it in the process of tracking down theperpetrator. Lee-gyu, who found the phone,has a list of demands before returning thephone. Seung-min does everything Lee-gyudesires but Lee-gyu’s demands are escalatingto the point of no return. (126 mins.; screening;debuting)My Girlfriend Is an Agent (Korea; comedy)Producer: Kang Min-kyu; director: ShinTae-ra; cast: Kim Ha-neul, Kang Ji-hwan. ARussian crime group is set out to steal a chemicalweapon from Korea and two agents areout to stop them; Soo-ji is a veteran agent andJae-hoon is a rookie who’s never been out onthe field. The two agents don’t know eachother’s secret identity but they were once passionatelovers until he couldn’t take her liesanymore. Nonetheless, the two went on theirseparate ways and by coincidence bump intoeach other years later while out on the job.(108 mins.; screening; debuting)Norwegian Woods (Korea; horror) Producer:Kim Myoung-eun; director: No Zin-soo;cast: Jung Kyung-ho, Park In-soo, Ji Suh-yoon.Joong-rae and Chang-wook come to the forestto bury a body. When they almost finisheddigging a pit, they find out the body vanished.Myung-sook and Kyung-soo are having anaffair. Suddenly she sees something outsidethe car and asks Kyung-soo to find out but henever returns. 3 high school students sniff ongas and glue. The boys become dazed and tryto rape her but she finally escapes. These 8people run after another in the forest untilthey meet a mystery killer and end in a bloodbath. (postproduction; screening; debuting)MAGNET MEDIA GROUPCannes 2009 Office: Magnet Media Group— Clara One Yacht, Justee Albert, Cannes HarborOffice Phone: 064-506-5235Phone: 310-860-5157On Offer:2012-ish: The Day the Earth BentOver (USA; comedy) Producers: JeanetteBuerling, Maggie Monteith, Hadeel Reda;director: Robert Moniot. A brilliant young scientistnamed Tom Mahoney fights to save theplanet from a multitude of catastrophes thatthreaten mankind — in spite of the idiots thatkeep getting in his way. (preproduction; presales;debuting)The Experiment (USA; thriller) Producers:Marty Adelstein, Jim Seibel, Jeanette Buerling;director: Paul ScheuringIn an effort to makequick money, Travis signs up for a seeminglysimple social experiment to be conducted in amock prison. The experiment turns into anightmare of human control that puts thelives of all the subjects at stake. Remake ofthe German film (“Das Experiment”). (preproduction;presales; debuting)Spy Vs. Stu (USA; comedy) Producers:Maggie Monteith, Jeanette Buerling, Bill JohnsonStu,a regular guy with commitment problems,whisks his girlfriend away on an islandvacation, where he plans on popping thequestion. Also on the island is a spy who setshis eye on Stu’s woman, and becomes hertough-to-beat suitor. (preproduction; presales;debuting)MAGNOLIA PICTURESPhone: 212-924-6701On Offer:Humpday (USA; comedy) Producers: LynnShelton, Jennifer Maas, Steven Schardt; director:Lynn Shelton; cast: Mark Duplass, JoshuaLeonard. In a backwards attempt to provetheir non-conventionality, two heterosexualcollege buddies plan to make a gay sex tape.As their lives have diverged since graduation —one is a take-life-as-it-comes Kerouac type,and one has a wife and a white picket fence —this porno plan spurs a re-examination notonly of one another and of themselves, butmore deeply of the idea of conventionalityaltogether. (94 mins.; screening; debuting)Outrage (USA; documentary) Producers:Amy Ziering, Tanner Barklow; director: KirbyDick”Outrage” boldly reveals the hidden livesof some of our nation’s most powerful policymakers,details the harm they’ve inflicted onmillions of Americans, and examines themedia’s complicity in keeping their secrets.Featuring interviews with high ranking politicians,Washington insiders, psychologists &cultural critics, it poses the question: Howhave sexuality and homophobia influencedgovernment agenda and the ethics of leadership?(89 mins.; screening; debuting)The Road (USA; drama) Producers: NickWechsler, Steve Shwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz;director: John Hillcoat; cast: Viggo Mortenson,Charlize Theron. A post-apocalyptic story of afather and son trekking alone through burnedAmerica. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscapesave the ash on the wind. The sky isforeboding and dark. It is cold enough to crackstones, and when the snow falls it is gray.Although they don’t know what- if anythingawaitsthem there, their destination is thecoast. (postproduction; debuting)MANDARIN FILMSDISTRIBUTION CO. LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera C10-02Phone: 852-25791718On Offer:Ip Man (Hong Kong; action-adventure) Producer:Raymond Wong; director: Yip Wai-shun;cast: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam. Based on thetrue story of Ip Man - the celebrated Kung Fumaster of Bruce Lee (107 mins.; screening;debuting)Ip Man 2 (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producer: Raymond Wong; director: Yip Waishun;cast: Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung. Thesqueal of “IP MAN”, continue preserving thespirit of Wing Chun, and narrating Ip Man’snew life in Hong Kong. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Missing (Hong Kong; thriller)Producer/director: Tsui Hark; cast: Sin-je Lee,Isabella. A romantic engagement in an underwatercity leads to a series of mysteriousencounters. (117 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)MANDATE INTERNATIONALPhone: 323-936-8394On Offer:The Baster (USA; comedy) Producers:Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa; director: WillSpeck And Josh Gordon; cast: Jennifer Aniston,Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum.Kassie is looking for the perfect man...toimpregnate her. Her best friend Wally is secretlyin love with her and when Kassie reveals sheis going to get pregnant via artificial insemination,he is crushed that his sperm is not in therunning. When Wally makes a fateful decisionto replace her donor’s sperm with his own, hesets off a chain of hilarious events and heartfeltmoments that could give Wally and Kassiea chance at love. (preproduction; debuting)Five Killers (USA; comedy) Producers:Scott Aversano, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg,Mike Karz; director: Robert Luketic; cast:Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl. AshtonKutcher stars as an untouchable assassin whohas quit the business after marrying the girl ofhis dreams. His trusting wife, Katherine Heigl,has no idea about his past until they discoverthat a hit has been put on him…and that thehired killers may actually be their closestfriends and neighbors. Their seemingly perfectlives flipped upside down and their marriageput to the test, they discover a new level ofexcitement together as they team up to findand fight the killers. (production; returning)Warrior (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Gavin O’connor And Cliff Dorfman; director:CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 19

PRODUCT LISTINGSGavin O’connor; cast: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton,Nikc Nolte, Jennifer Morrison. Set in thesensational world of mixed martial arts, Warrioris a story of two estranged brothers competingfor the love of their father, the respectof their peers and the survival of their families.A decade after a painful decision to go separateways, the brothers are united when theydiscover each is training for “Sparta,” thecrown in ultimate fighting. Buried emotionserupt in a heart-breaking championship battlethat offers one last chance at redemption.(preproduction; returning)MARATHON, A ZODIAKENTERTAINMENT COMPANYPhone: 33153109100On Offer:Millennium: The Men Who HateWomen (France; thriller) Producers: SörenStaermose, Mikael Wallén, Ole Söndberg;director: Niels Arden Oplev; cast: MichaelNyqvist, Noomi Rapace, Peter Haber, LenaEndre, Markia Lagencrantz. Octogenarianindustrialist Henrik Vanger wants to find outwhat happened 40 years ago to his belovedgreat-niece before he dies. He hires disgracedfinancial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, freshlysentenced to jail for libelling a shady businessman,who pairs up with the young multipiercedand tattooed Lisbeth Salander, a feralbut vulnerable world class hacker with a definitivesocial behaviour problem. The duo graduallyuncovers a festering morass of familialcorruption and dark little secrets. (150 mins.;debuting)Totally Spies! The Movie (France; animation)Producers: Vincent Chalvon-demersay,David Michel; director: Pascal Jardin; cast:-. When Sam, Clover and Alex, three cluelessBeverly Hills teens, are recruited to becomeinternational spies for the WOOHP - the WorldOrganization Of Human Protection - they aretotally shocked! After some way serious training,the girls are sent on their first assignmentsby Jerry, their new mentor. Juggling betweentheir regular, high-school-girl lives and theirnew secret identities, with some clever thinkingand girly gadgets, will the girls be able tosave Beverly Hills and the world? (production;debuting)THE MATCH FACTORYCannes 2009 Office: Résidence ‘laBagatelle’, 4th Floor, 25 Boulevard De LaCroisetteOffice Phone: 33-0-4-936-853-90Phone: 492215397090On Offer:Ajami (working title) (Germany; drama)Producers: Mosh Danon, ThanassisKarathanos, Talia Kleinhendler; directors:Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani; cast: Shahir Kabaha,Fouad Habash, Ibrahim Frege, ScandarCopti. The Protagonists in AJAMI live in a violentreality where enemies live as neighbors. Itis a meeting of conflicting views – Jews andArabs, Christians and Moslems, fathers andsons, cops and robbers. As the film jolts fromone point of view to another, shuttling backand forth through time, we witness the eventsthrough the eyes of the different characters,giving us the sense of how different realitiescan be, and how impossible the situationactually is. (120 mins.; presales; debuting)Contact High (Germany; comedy) Producers:Erich Lackner, Claus Boje, MariannaRowinska, Nicholas Steil; director: MichaelGlawogger; cast: Michael Ostrowski, RaimundWallisch, Detlev Buck, Georg Friedrich, PiaHierzegger, Hilde Dahlik. Hans Wurst and MaxDurst dream of getting rich as hot dog standtycoons while the small-time crook Georgiejust wants to sit around watching car racing allday. Mao would be able to do just that if shedidn’t have to babysit her girlfriend’s daughterall the time. And Harry would absolutely diefor a roll in the hay with his blond mechanics.But when Woytila’s bag enters the scene, alltheir dreams and wishful thinking suddenlyturn to dust. “Next stop: Drogomysel!” (95mins.; presales; debuting)Rational Solution (Germany; drama)Producers: Helena Danielson, Karl Baumgartner,Raimond Goebel, Andrea Occhipinti, TeroKaukomaa; director: Jörgen Bergmark; cast:Rolf Lassgard, Stina Ekblad, Pernilla August,Claes Ljungmark. tba (98 mins.; presales;debuting)MAVERICK GLOBALPhone: 954-422-8811On Offer:13 Hours in a Warehouse (USA; horror)Director: D?v Kaufman; cast: Carson Lee, CharsBonin, Danny Salmen, Cody Lyman, PaulCram, Meisha Johnson. After five guys pull offthe perfect heist they end up in an abandonedwarehouse waiting for their buyer to show up.But, it isn’t the 13 hour wait that is upsetting;it’s the strange numbers that keep appearingeverywhere and the feeling like they are beingwatched. When they finally figure out thatthey are not alone, it’s too late to get out alive.(92 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)The Casino Job (USA; action-adventure)Director: Christopher Robin Hood; cast: AmyliaJoiner, Jay Anthony Franke, Irina Voronina,Dean Mauro, Ilsa Mariel, Deanna Minerva, JuliaBeatty. Sexy Vegas strippers thought theycame up all aces after successfully pulling offa plan to rob a casino, but one member of theteam is holding a card no one sees coming. (81mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Going Down Under (USA; comedy) Director:Garnet Mae; cast: Austen Tayshus, JohnnyBoxer, Hyland Kavalee, Paul W. He, Jo Aston,Gabby Millgate. Coming of age is difficult forany young boy, but it is a little harder for JonoSmith. His secret fetish for kitchen applianceshas caused him to lose his manhood in a flightof passion. Fortunately the recent death of aporn star makes a transplant possible andwith the help of his crazy friends Jono justmight get “it” again. (86 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)MAX FILMS INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Quebec Pavilion -Sodec / Stand 130Phone: 1-514-282-8444On Offer:Borderline (Canada; adult/erotic) Producers:Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal; director: LyneCharlebois; cast: Isabelle Blais, Jean-huguesAnglade. An erotic drama about a woman facingher 30th birthday who looks back at herlife growing-up with her grandmother, crazymother and her over-indulgence with men, sexand alcohol. (110 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)Dédé (Dédé, à Travers les Brumes)(Canada; musical) Producers: Roger Frappier,Luc Vandal, Vincent Leduc; director: JeanphilippeDuval; cast: Sébastien Ricard, JosephMesiano. May 2000. André “Dédé” Fortin, leadsinger of the wildly popular Quebec Rock band“Les Colocs”, commits hara-kiri to everyone’sshock. Intertwining the singer’s rise and spirallingdescent, this lively musical biopicdepicts his passions, his loves and the creationof his last album. (140 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)A No-Hit No-Run Summer (Un ÉtéSans Point ni Coup Sûr) (Canada; children/teen)Producer: Barbara Shrier; director:Francis Leclerc; cast: Patrice Robitaille, Pier-lucFunk. Martin is 12 years old and dreams ofmaking the neighbourhood baseball team.When he gets cut, his father steps in andtogether they spend a summer full of hopeand disappointment, line drives and foul balls.(104 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)MAYA ENTERTAINMENTGROUPCannes 2009 Office: R.8 Lerins Hall - ThePalaisOffice Phone: 33 (0)4 92 99 33 01Phone: 213-542-4420On Offer:American Tragic (working title)(USA; drama) Producer: Heather Rae; director:Ryan Piers Williams; cast: America Ferrera,Melissa Leo. A young man returning homefrom war struggles to relate to the small townlife he left in Texas. After setting out on roadtrip with a buddy he comes to realize that thepeace of mind he is searching for are withyoung wife, family and friends. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Fast Lane (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Sevier Crespo, Steven Bauer; director:David Betances; cast: Steven Bauer, OliviaBrown, Melina Lizette. A high-speed accidenton the freeways of Los Angeles reveals a turfwar between two competing car theft rings ofsexy all-girl crews. Brandy Martinez, a youngstreetwise cop is assigned by LieutenantBaynes (Stephen Bauer) to go undercover andinfiltrate one of the crews. When Brandy fallsfor Carlo, an undercover cop also investigatingthe gangs, the two find themselves in the middleof a treacherous game of survival witheverything exploding around them. (screenercassette/DVD; debuting)One More Round (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Jonathan Blake Huer, RobertoEstrella Froment, Gianvito Panico; director:Roberto Estrella Froment; cast: Carlos Valencia,Fernando Soluco Di Pierro. A down and outstreetfighter gets a golden opportunity whenhe rescues a high level sports agent fromstreet thugs. Royce Gracie appears as thecoach who will teach him how to fight his wayout of poverty and into the high stakes circuitof mixed martial arts fighting. (postproduction;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)MEDIA 8 ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: S7, Lerins(2nd Floor of Riviera)Office Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 32 50Phone: 818-826-8000On Offer:Brief Interviews With Hideous Men(USA; drama) Producers: James Suskin, YaelMelamede, Eva Kolodner; director: JohnKrasinski; cast: Julianne Nicholson, TimothyHutton. Based on the best-selling novel byDavid Foster Wallace, when Sara Quinn’sboyfriend leaves her with little explanation,she is left looking for answers. She thinks shecan remedy both her heartache and her academicchallenges with a new research projectand begins conducting a series of interviewswith men. As she records the astonishing anddisquieting experiences of various subjects,Sara discovers much more about men—andherself—than she bargained for. (screening;debuting)Cash (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Stephen Milburn Anderson, Naveen Chathappuram;director: Stephen Milburn Anderson;cast: Sean Bean, Chris Hemsworth. A financiallystruggling couple, Sam (ChrisHemsworth) and Leslie (Victoria Profeta)think their luck has taken a turn for the betterwhen they find a briefcase full of money. Theirgood fortune quickly turns into a deadly gamewhen the strange and sinister criminal PykeKubic (Sean Bean) appears at their doorsteplooking to collect what they found. (screening;debuting)The Horseman (USA; thriller) Producers:Rebecca Dakin, Steven Kastrissios; director:Steven Kastrissios; cast: Peter Marshall, CarolineMarohasy. An action-packed, multi-awardwinning Australian thriller by writer and directorSteve Kastrissios, “The Horseman” featuresa range of powerhouse performances in anunflinching depiction of grief and retribution inthe vein of “Taken” and “Mad Max.” (screening;debuting)MEDIA ASIA GROUPCannes 2009 Office: 15 Square Mérimée,(3rd Floor), 06400 CannesOffice Phone: 33-0-4-93-99-44-01Phone: +852 2314 4288On Offer:Accident (Hong Kong; thriller) Producer:Johnnie To; director: Soi Cheang; cast: LouisKoo And Richie Jen. When a hitman suspectshe is being targeted for termination, he mustfind and kill his predator against all odds.(postproduction; presales; debuting)The Sniper (Hong Kong; action-adventure)Producers: Dante Lam, Candy Leung; director:Dante Lam; cast: Richie Jen, Huang XiaomingAnd Edison Chen. Expelled from the force inthe wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, apolice sniper determines to take revenge bychanging over to the other side of the law. (87mins.; returning)Vengeance (Hong Kong; thriller) Producers:Johnnie To & Wai Ka Fai, Michele & LaurentPetin, Peter Lam & John Chong; director: JohnnieTo; cast: Johnny Hallyday, Simon Yam,Anthony Wong, Sylvie Testud. After his daughterand her family are massacred in HongKong, a retired French gangster travels toHong Kong for revenge. (premiere; debuting)MEDIA DEVELOPMENTAUTHORITY OF SINGAPOREPhone: 65-6377-3800On Offer:Amphibious (Singapore; thriller) Producer:Komodo Films; director: Brian YuznaA ‘creaturefeature’ about the attack of a giant seascorpion, with generous doses of exciting visualeffects and Asian exoticism, AMPHIBIOUSbrings together an unprecedented internationalcombination of creativity and talent,and promises more of the inventivelymacabre, ingeniously malevolent, immenselyentertaining horror-fantasy blend that haswon Yuzna a worldwide legion of ardent fans.(development; debuting)Kallang Roar (Singapore; drama) Producer:Tay Hoo Wee; director: Cheng Ding An; cast:Lim Kay Siu, Randall Tan. This Film’s milieuwas set in the late seventies. The heydayswhen Singapore football was molded to performat its peak. The story line is centered onthe persona of then National Coach, knownaffectionally as Uncle Choo. Battling theonslaught of life threatened by chronic sufferingsof diabetes, Uncle Choo defies the odds,defiantly returns to the Singapore footballscene in 1977 for one last hurrah at restoringNationalistic pride by winning back theMalaysia Cup across the causeway. (88 mins.;debuting)Love Matters (Singapore; comedy) Producers:Neo Studios, Mm Studios, Grand Brilliance;directors: Jack Neo, Gilbert Chan; cast:Henry Thia, Yeo Yann Yann. “Love Matters” is ahumorous and entertaining look at love andhappiness in a straight-laced Asian society,through the misadventures of three men asthey search for love and happiness. Old-fashioned52 year-old Tan Bo Seng blundersthrough attempts to revive sleeping passionsbetween him and his wife, while his youngerCasanova brother Jeremy suddenly comesface to face with commitment. Meanwhile BoSeng’s teenage son Benny struggles with hisfeelings for a classmate’s girlfriend. (118 mins.;debuting)MEDIA LUNAENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Booth# D12Office Phone: 49-172-261-7461Phone: +49 221 801 498 0On Offer:LowLights (Germany) Producers: IevaNorviliené, Dagmar Niehage; director: IgnasMi?kinis; cast: Dainius Gavenonis, Julia MariaKöhler, Jonas Antanélis. Two men and oneCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 20

PRODUCT LISTINGSwoman united for one night by a quaint ritual- night driving through the city streets. Theydiscover new experiences, get close, find hope,love. (92 mins.; screening; debuting)Memory (Germany; drama) Producers:Christian Drewing, Milena Maitz; director:Matthias Luthardt; cast: Franziska Petri,Pasquale Aleardi, Harry Blank. Helene can notbelieve that her husband is drowned. In atightrope walk between reality and illusionshe sees him right in front of her at a concert.(82 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Tandoori Love (Germany; comedy) Producer:Valerie Fischer; director: Oliver Paulus;cast: Lavinia Wilson, Martin Schick, Vijay Raaz.A spicy comedy with romance and a homageto Bollywood and Indian cuisine. (92 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)MEMENTO FILMSINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: E8 RivieraOffice Phone: 04-92-99-33-07Phone: 33-1-53-34-90-20On Offer:Eastern Plays (France; drama) Producers:Waterfront Productions, Chimney; director:Kamen Kalev; cast: Hristo Hristov, OvanesTorosian, Saadet Isil Aksoy. Two brotherswho’ve lost all contact are suddenly broughttogether when they have opposite roles in aracist beating.One starts to question his implicationin the racist gang and the other wondersif the beautiful Turkish girl he saved couldbe his ticket to escape from his dull life inSofia. Only by reuniting will the two brothersbe able to assess what they really want fromlife. (premiere; debuting)North (France; comedy) Producer: Motlys;director: Rune Denstad Langlo; cast: AndersBaasmon Christiansen, Kyrre Helum, MarteAunemo. Following a nervous breakdown, skiathlete Jomar has isolated himself in a lonelyexistence as the guard of a ski park. When helearns that he might be the father of a childway up north, he sets on a strange and poeticjourney through Norway on a snowmobile,with 5 liters of alcohol as sole provisions. (78mins.; screening; debuting)This Is the End (France; drama) Producer:Bruno Pésery; directors: Arnaud Larrieu, JeanmarieLarrieu; cast: Mathieu Amalric, CatherineFrot, Karin Viard. It’s the last days on Earth.A man (Robinson) sets on a journey searchingfor the woman he once madly loved (Laetitia).But as the world is turning upside down,Robinson’s odyssey takes un unexpected turn:most people have decided to simply enjoytheir last days on the planet. Still, Robinson isdetermined to reunite one last time withLaetitia, even if this means heading back tothe high danger zone Paris. (postproduction;premiere; debuting)MINERVA PICTURES GROUPCannes 2009 Office: Riviera G25Phone: 0039 06 85358648On Offer:Beket (Italy; comedy) Director: Davide Manuli;cast: Luciano Curreli, Jerome Duranteau,Fabrizio Gifuni, Roberto Antoni. Freak and Jajàlive in a no-man’s land, outside time anddates. Mankind no longer inhabits the planet.Only a few strange characters, survivors, makerare appearances. The two meet at a bus stopin the middle of nowhere. The bus arrives, butit doesn’t stop. It’s the bus that goes to Godot,the god who makes his presence felt beyondthe mountain in the shape of a musical sound.Having missed the bus, Freak and Jajà decideto look for it on foot. (80 mins.; premiere;debuting)Life Sentence (Fine Pena Mai) (Italy;drama) Producer: Classic Film; directors:Lorenzo Conte, Davide Barletti; cast: ClaudioSantamaria, Valentina Cervi. A gloomy journey,never told before, of a different kind ofMafia: the Sacra Corona Unita (United SacredCrown). A story of a boy who, in the late 80’schasing his dream of living life to the limit, iscaught up in an unstoppable race which willmake a true mafia boss of this young universitystudent. Based on the autobiographicalnovel Vista d’Interni, written by Antonio Perrone.(90 mins.; screening; returning)Red Sunrise (Il Sol Dell’Avvenire)(Italy; documentary) Director: GianfrancoPannoneReggio Emilia,1969. Thirty young militantcommunists leave the Communist Partyand form ‘l’Appartamento’, a commune whererevolutionary dreams are bandied around andwhere the most dangerous terrorists of thefuture Red Brigades will come from. In 2007,five former militants from those Red Brigadesof 1969 meet again in a restaurant:it’s thebeginning of the first exploration of the ideologicaland political roots of the far-left’s terrorism.(78 mins.; screening; debuting)MIROVISION, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera G22Office Phone: 33-0-4-9299-3317Phone: 82-2-3443-2553On Offer:The Boat (South Korea; drama) Producers:Kubota Osamu, Lee Juno; director: Kim Youngnam;cast: Ha Jung-woo, Tsumabuki Satoshi.Hyung-gu, a young Korean, visits Japan byboat to help with middle-aged Bo-gyung’ssmuggling business. It is always Touru, a youngJapanese man, who welcomes him there.Hyung-gu and Touru sacrifice themselves forthe sake of their families, money, and friendship.One day, Bo-gyung ordered them to kidnapa woman named Jisu and take her toJapan, and this changes their future in anunexpected way. (115 mins.; product reel/trailer;debuting)The Executor (working title) (SouthKorea; drama) Producers: Cho Seon-mook, OhSeok-geun; director: Choi Jin-ho; cast: Cho Jaehyun,Yoon Kye-sang. The story about theguards on death row and their agony (production;presales; debuting)The Phone (South Korea; thriller) Producers:Mark Morgan, Jason Chae; director: AnByung-ki; cast: TBA. A US remake of samedirector’s Korean legendary horror film. (preproduction;presales; debuting)MK2Cannes 2009 Office: 84 Ru D’antibesPhone: 33-1-44-67-30-00On Offer:Inferno (France; documentary) Producer:Marianne Lère; director: Serge Bromberg; cast:Henri-georges Clouzot, Romy Schneider. Neverbefore seen images from director Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film INFERNOcombined with behind the scenes footagefrom the notoriously troubled production.(screening; debuting)Nothing Personal (France; drama) Producers:Fabrice Goldstein, Antoine Rein; director:Mathias Gokalp; cast: Jean-pierre Darroussin,Denis Podalydès. In order to launch itstop secret new product, the Muller pharmaceuticalcompany throws an extravagant partywhere directors, managers and employees areall invited. During the course of the evening,the guests are asked to participate in a roleplayinggame which, it turns out, is actually amassive training simulation for the managementteam. Rumors soon circulate that thecompany is up for sale, and the panic haseveryone trying to save their own skin. (90mins.; screening; returning)Rwanda: The Day God Walked Away(France; drama) Producer: Patrick Quinet;director: Phillip Van Leeuw; cast: Ruth KezaNirere, Afazari Dewaele. Set in Rwanda in thespring of 1994, at the outbreak of the genocide.Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman, is amaid in a Belgian family. When she finds herchildren brutally murdered by the Hutus, sheruns away and hides in the woods. There, shemeets a man who has also escaped from theslaughter. Together, they will try to survivewith the fear of being discovered at anymoment. Terror and madness wait for them atevery turn. (97 mins.; screening; returning)MONTECRISTOINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand #a3Office Phone: 1.917.647.7587Phone: 1.917.647.7587On Offer:The Coffin (USA; horror) Producer: MemotionCompany Ltd.; director: Ekachai Uekrongtham;cast: Ananda Everingham, KarenMok. A man and a woman are confronted by aseries of paranormal and terrifying incidentsafter going through the bizarre death-beforedyingritual. (81 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)Sex and the USA (USA; drama) Producers:Esther Goodstein, Alain Siritzky, Pierre Kalfon;director: Jan Wellmann; cast: Shayla Beesley,Jaime Perkins. A scripted drama aboutteenage girls torn between American popularculture, where breast implants are a SweetSixteen gift, and the Evangelical Right prizesvirginity. (91 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)La Ultima y Nos Vamos (USA; drama)Producers: López Sánchez, Alfredo Mier YTerán, Manuel Hernández Esparza; director:Eva López Sánchez; cast: Juan Pablo Campa,Manuel Garcia-rulfo. 20-year-olds, Juan,Rodrigo and Christian live after-hour adventuresof friendship, love, and respect in a citymarked by social differences. (87 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)MONTECRISTO PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand #a3Office Phone: 1.917.647.7587Phone: 1.917.647.7587On Offer:King of the North (USA; thriller) Producers:Lavelle, Jamie Brown, Alan Latham; director:Myles Thomas; cast: Angus Macfadyen.Gangland murder in 1964 Northern England.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Land of Canaan (USA; horror) Producer:Jefferson Richard; director: Reginald Lafrance;cast: Tara Reid, Juliet Landau. Based on themurders at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Montedidio (aka God’s Mountain)(USA; drama) Producers: Francesco Pamphili,David Silber, Michael Taverna; director:Michael Taverna; cast: TBA. A boy comes ofage in 1963 Naples. (development; presales;debuting)MOONSTONEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Lehrins, Stand R21Office Phone: 049-299-3243Phone: 818-985-3003On Offer:2:22 (USA; drama) Producer: Lenny Bitondo;director: Phillip Guzman; cast: Mick Rossi,Robert Miano, Aaron Gallagher, Jorge A.Jimenez, Peter Dobson, Bruce Kirby, Val Kilmer.The perfect heist: the plan was simple … theevents that followed were not. (104 mins.;screening; debuting)From a Buick 8 (USA; sci-fi) Producers:Robert Katz, Etchie Stroh, Mick Garris; director:Tobe Hooper; cast: TBA. When a state trooperis killed on the side of the road, the boy discovershis father’s dark secret in the barracks’back shed. Based on the Stephen King novel.(preproduction; presales; returning)House of Boys (USA; drama) Producers:Bob Bellion, Jimmy De Brabant; director: JeanclaudeSchlim; cast: Layke Anderson, StephenFry, Udo Kier. Set against the exciting world ofsex, dance and music in 1984, “House of Boys”is the colorful coming-of-age story of ateenage boy at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.(postproduction; product reel/trailer;returning)MORGAN CREEKPRODUCTIONSPhone: 310-432-4848On Offer:Dream House (USA; thriller) Producers:James G. Robinson, Daniel Bobker & EhrenKrueger; director: Jim Sheridan; cast: TBA. Asuccessful editor quits his job in New York Cityto relocate his wife and two daughters to abeautiful house in small town Connecticut.However, their idyllic existence is shatteredwhen they learn their home was once themurder scene of a mother and her two youngchildren. The killings were believed to be at thehands of the husband, who survived and maynow be a threat to the new residents. (development;presales; debuting)Passengers (USA; sci-fi) Producers: JamesG. Robinson, Keanu Reeves & Stephen Hamel;director: TBA; cast: Keanu Reeves. In thefuture, a luxurious U.S. spacecraft is transportingcolonists to a distant planet. Because of amalfunction, a single passenger is awakenedfrom suspended animation 90 years beforeanyone else. Faced with the prospect of growingold and dying alone, he awakens a beautifulwoman. They become lovers until she findsout what he did to her… (development; presales;debuting)Scarpa (USA; drama) Producers: James G.Robinson, Irwin Winkler; director: AntoineFuqua; cast: TBA. The true story of GregScarpa Sr, a capo in Brooklyn’s Columbo crimefamily who was also the highest-level mobinformant ever developed by the FBI. The filmtracks the 25-year high-risk relationshipbetween Scarpa and his FBI handler. (development;presales; debuting)MOTION PICTURECORPORATION OF AMERICACannes 2009 Office: Majestic Hotel - Suite109Office Phone: 049-706-8533Phone: 310-319-9500On Offer:Life Is Hot in Cracktown (USA) Producers:Larry Rattner, William Fisch; director:Buddy Giovinazzo; cast: Brandon Routh, ShannynSossamon, Kerry Washington. Four livesintertwine as time runs out to break free froma neighborhood corrupted by violence, drugsand crime. (92 mins.; screening; debuting)MOVIEHOUSEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Grand Hotel Residence,6th Floor (entrance Flamant)Office Phone: 04-93-38-65-93Phone: 44-0-20-7836-5536On Offer:Flat 7 (U.K.; horror) Producer: Janice De LaMare; director: Brad Watson; cast: KellyAdams, Jonathan Rhodes, David Horton, LucyEvans, Calita Rainford. This is Flat 7, nothingstrange could happen here. When two girlsturn up to visit their college tutor at his homethey come embroiled in a dangerous operationinvolving the Bible, the Vatican and the mostsecure mainframes in the world. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Hunter Prey (U.K.; sci-fi) Producers: NickDamon, Daren Hicks, Simon Tams; director:Sandy Collora; cast: Isaac C. Singleton Jr., ClarkBartram, Damion Poitier, Simon Potter. Fromcult director Sandy Collora whose first (short)film, “Batman: Dead End,” became an Internetsensation, comes his first feature. With ordersto catch their alien prisoner alive, the survivingcrew of the Prometheus pursue a dangerousgame of cat-and-mouse with their escapee.But who is the hunter and who is the prey?(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)Souled Out (U.K.; drama) Producers: Chris-CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 21

PRODUCT LISTINGStine Alderson, Natasha Carlish; director: ShimmyMarcus; cast: Martin Compston, Alfie Allen,Pat Short. Middle-England, 1974. Joe McCain,17, is restless and bored with his life, which isgoing nowhere. Enter Jane at the Wigan CasinoDance Hall – the home of “Northern Soul,”moving to the beat of a sound Joe’s neverexperienced. She’s a vision of loveliness andthe object of his desire. Swept along on thistide of emotion, Joe discovers an incredibleand exciting new world. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)MOVING PICTURESFILM AND TELEVISIONCannes 2009 Office: Moving Pictures FilmAnd Television - Riviera D4Office Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 33 0Phone: 602-944-0046On Offer:The Fifth Mind (USA; drama) Producer:Shamir Allibhai; director: Naoko Tajima; cast:Jack Diamond, Julia Duvall. The Fifth Mind is aharrowing portrait of two siblings torn apartby a shared childhood experience. One siblinghas completely blocked abuse, incest andmadness. The other has created 5 minds todeal with the pain. (74 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Intergalactic (USA; sci-fi) Producers: RobbieMoffat, Mairi Fraser Sutherland; director:Robbie Moffat; cast: Suzanne Harbison,Rachael Rath, Paul Cassidy. A four personcrew, sent to bring back a mothballed shipparked at the back of Pluto, find themselveson their way to the edge of the universe.Unable to turn the ship around, they resignthemselves to spending the rest of their livestogether. They soon find themselves at oddswith one another. (screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Noble Things (USA; drama) Producers:Brett Moses, Ruben Neubauer; directors: DanMcmellen, Brett Moses; cast: Brett Moses, LeeAnn Womack, Michael Parks. Jimmy WayneCollins finds himself adrift in Memphis, Tennessee.Forced to return home to the pineywoods of Southeast Texas, Jimmy will face hisimprisoned brother, his dying father and thedemons he left behind. (96 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)MPI MEDIA GROUPOffice Phone: 1 708 373 0391Phone: 1 708 460 0555On Offer:The House of the Devil (USA; horror)Producers: Roger Kass, Josh Braun, Larry Fessenden,Peter Phok, Derek Curl; director: TiWest; cast: Jocelin Donahue, Greta Gerwig,Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Dee Wallace, AjBowen. College student Samantha Hughestakes on a babysitting job in a remote mansion.The pay is good, but Samantha quicklyrealizes that she is trapped. As a lunar eclipsedarkens the night sky, her employers carry outa horrific ritual with Samantha at the center.From the director of The Roost and CabinFever 2. (89 mins.; screening; returning)MULHOLLAND PICTURESPhone: 31-20-6274339On Offer:Discovery of Heaven (Netherlands;drama) Producer: Ate De Jong; director: JeroenKrabbe; cast: Stephen Fry, Greg Wise. Goddoes not like what happens on earth. Hewants his contract back. Someone has to findthe Ten Commandments and return thetablets. It’s not easy, but the detective angelsknow how to manipulate people on earth.(125 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Fogbound (Netherlands; thriller) Producer/director:Ate De Jong; cast: Luke Perry, BenDaniels, Orla Brady. Three friends, two menand a women, get stuck on a mountain ridgein a very dense fog. They can’t drive on anymore.But perhaps it would have been lessdangerous to face the fog. (97 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)Summer Heat (Netherlands; romance)Producer: Ate De Jong; director: Monique VanDe Ven; cast: Sophie Hilbrand, WaldemarTorenstra, Johan Leysen. Bob, a war photographer,seeks comfort in shooting nature pictureson an island and hopes to forget his traumaticexperiences. On the island he meets agreat woman, Kathleen. She’s a photographersdream. They fall in love. But she worksfor ruthless criminals. Bob tries to save her. Butdoes Kathleen want to be saved? Is she reallyin love with him, or just using him (98 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)MULTIVISIONNAIRE MEDIACannes 2009 Office: Palais 20.04aOffice Phone: +33-(0)6-34-49-32-42Phone: 626-737-8357 x102On Offer:Born Of Earth (USA; horror) Producers:Todd Brunswick, Tommy Brunswick; director:Tommy Brunswick; cast: Daniel Baldwin, BradDourif, James Russo. One night, Danny’s wife iskilled as creatures from hell come to snatch hischildren. 5-years later Danny remains hauntedand criminalized by a community that neverbelieved his story. Soon they discover his storyof monsters is true, but now the creatureshave returned to snatch more children. Butthis time, Danny is determined to stop the evilcreatures once and for all! (84 mins.; premiere;debuting)Evilution (USA; sci-fi) Producers: BrianPatrick O’toole, Eric Peter-kaiser; director: ChrisConlee; cast: Eric Peter-kaiser, James Duval.US Army has discovered a microscopic alienform in order to resurrect dead soldiers on thebattlefield. The scientist stole the last specimenfor experiments and the alien life form isset loose and turns the residence into thewalking dead. (92 mins.; premiere; returning)Terror Inside (USA; sci-fi) Producers: RalphClemente, Corey Feldman, Joe G. Lenders;director: Joe G. Lenders; cast: Corey Feldman,Tanya Memme, Susie Sprague (feldman). Aperfect town with beautiful people is transformedinto a masochistic wonderland when avirus is unearthed. Allen (Corey Feldman)comes into town to propose to his long timelove to only discover she too is infected. Hislove for her does not stop him as he discoversa cure before the world is infected. TerrorInside is an infectious thriller like no other. (90mins.; premiere; debuting)MYRIAD PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Villa Royale - 4th Floor- 41 Croisette/29 Rue Commandant AndrePhone: 310-279-4000On Offer:Dino Mom (USA; animation) Producer:David Lovegren Jae Woo Park; director: JohnKafka Yoon S. ChoiThree curious kids trip atime machine into operation and suddenlyfind themselves face to face with a smiling T-Rex. They’re not food, they’re family (production;product reel/trailer; debuting)The Electric Slide (USA; action-adventure)Producer: Christine Vachon Brad Simpson;director: Tristan Patterson; cast: EwanMcgregor Carey Mulligan. In the 1980s, EddieDodson owned a high-end boutique furniturestore on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Helived the Hollywood lifestyle, partying andhanging out with celebrity friends when he fellin love and took the biggest risk of his life toimpress his new girlfriend – he robbed a bank.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Uncertainty (USA; drama) Producer/director:David Siegel Scott Mcgehee; cast: JosephGordon-levitt Lynn Collins. A young couple discovershow a small decision can make a hugeimpact. (105 mins.; screening; debuting)NATIONAL FILMDEVELOPMENT CORP. LTD.Phone: 91-22-66288288On Offer:Maya Bazaar (India; drama) Producer:Mrs.nina Lath Gupta Mr.raja Chhinal; director:Mr.joydeep Ghosh; cast: Roopa Ganguly KrishnaKishor. Maya Bazaar is a combination ofthree films namely SMRITI (Memories), SATVA(Soul), and BHABHISHAT ( Future). All thesefilms are based on logical realities. First filmSMRITI (Memories) tells you the story ofyoung widow’s loneliness and obsessionmemories of her dead husband. The obsessionis so strong that when ever she takes in a lover, the lover slowly converts into the dead husband.As the year goes by the practice goes on.(120 mins.; premiere; debuting)Paltadacho Munis (India; drama) Producers:Nina Lath Gupta, Raja Chhinal; director:Laxmikant Shetgaonkar; cast: VasanthJosalkar, Veena Jomkar. A lonely man finds acompanion in an insane woman in the denseforest in the western ghats of India. The storyrevolves around their beautiful relationshipand the discovery of construction of a templeon the hilltop that threatens their love. (110mins.; premiere; debuting)The White Elephant (India; drama) Producers:Nina Lath Gupta, Raja Chhinal; director:Aijaz Khan; cast: Prroshanth NarayananTannishtha Chatterjee. The story of Shabri’sresolve to safeguard the village’s honor,changing fortunes, the envious eyes, thepower of spells and connive…….. above all astory of strength of faith and the impact ofbelieving – The White Elephant. A poor manhas to pay a high price for finding himself. Ashe goes through a variety of changes, so doesthe world around him - and all this because anelephant walked into his life one day. (110mins.; premiere; debuting)NEOCLASSICS FILMS LTD.Phone: 310-559-9200On Offer:Gypsy Love (USA; romance) Producer: IrwinOlian; director: Amin MatalqaThis lightheartedromantic comedy tells the story of a dyingwoman who has the chance to reconnect withher long lost love after a mysterious spell turnsher back into her twenty-year-old self. (development;debuting)Surviving Crooked Lake (USA; drama)Producers: Nicholas Tabarrok, Matthew Miller,Jaty Tam; directors: Sascha Drews, Ezra Krybus,Matthew Miller; cast: Alysha Aubin, CandiceMausner, Morgan Mccunn, StephannieRichardson, Guy Yarkoni. Surviving CrookedLake tells the story of four girls stranded in thewilderness and forced to make a grueling journeyback to civilization. To celebrate their summerat camp a group of teenage girls take atrip into the Canadian wilderness. An accidentleaves them abandoned in the forest and theymust navigate back to camp on their own.Combining elemental force with the complexpsyches of its young protagonists SurvivingCrooked Lake is an affecting tale of selfpreservation.(89 mins.; debuting)NEW FILMS INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera F# 15Office Phone: 310-498-6934Phone: 818-501-2720On Offer:CAMP HOPE (USA; thriller) Producers:David Newman, George Vanbuskirk; director:George Vanbuskirk; cast: Jesse Eisenberg,Dana Delany, Andrew McCarthy, Spencer TreatClark, Connor Paolo. At the end of every summer,the children of a Christian communityfrom a suburb of New Jersey attend CampHope. Here, the children are taught the waysof the Lord, the perils of the flesh, and the horrorof the Devil. A charismatic priest leadsthem in their training. But, he unknowingly hasbrought something with him, something evil.What was supposed to be a safe place, a spiritualretreat has now turned into nightmarethat not even faith can end. (postproduction;premiere; debuting)CIRCLE (USA; horror) Producers: James AllenBradley, Joe Dain, Luke Daniels, Sharon NixonKelly, Brian Ransom, Brad Tiemann; director:Michael W. Watkins; cast: Gail O’grady, SilasWeir Mitchell, Jason Thompson, MichaelDeluise. Circle is a clue driven race against timethat takes us on a labyrinth ride of knowledgeinto the unraveling motives of a serial killer. Inthis thriller, the FBI teams up with the U.S.Marshals in a hunt for escaped sociopathJames Bennett, after he commits a series ofmeticulously planned murders. Time is runningout, for everyone. (87 mins.; premiere;debuting)DARK MOON RISING (USA; horror) Producers:Richard Cueto, Dana Mennie, JulieSnider Mennie; director: Dana Mennie; cast:Max Ryan, Maria Conchita Alonso, ChrisMulkey, Sid Haig, Ginny Weirick, Chris Divecchio,Billy Drago. Real love and fate collide in asmall-town girl’s life as Amy falls in love withDan a mysterious drifter who brings with him afamily curse and the unimaginable horror thatfollows. Bender, who shares the curse with hisson, brings hell to Amy’s small town. (postproduction;premiere; debuting)NIPPON TELEVISIONNETWORK CORP.Cannes 2009 Office: Palais 01 21.02-23.01Office Phone: 04-92-99-80-66Phone: 81-3-6215-3028On Offer:Gokusen – The Movie (Japan; drama)Producer: Masatoshi Kato; director: Toya Sato;cast: Yukie Nakama. The story of the series isabout a young woman, Kumiko “Yankumi”Yamaguchi (Yukie Nakama) living in the worldof Yakuzas as the 4th generation heir of theOedo Family. She is self-sacrificing to protectthe weak, tough at fighting and firmly believesin the importance of friendship, dreams andfamily as she teaches and advises punks as ahot-blooded high school teacher. (production;product reel/trailer; debuting)MW (Japan; thriller) Producer: Shinzo Matsuhashi;director: Hitoshi Iwamoto; cast:Hiroshi Tamaki, Takayuki Yamada. 16 yearsago, all inhabitants on an island were killed byan accident. The accident was covered upovernight by the authorities. However, twoboys survive by a twist of fate… One boy, Yuki,became an incredibly beautiful and clever personwho plots revenge on the government.The other boy, Garai became a priest who pursuespeace. Yuki finds about “MW”; the horriblechemical-weapon which caused the accident,and finally obtains it. With “MW”, he triesto terminate all mankind with himself… (129mins.; screening; debuting)Summer Wars (Japan; animation) Producers:Nozomu Takahashi, Takashi Watanabe,Yuichiro Saito; director: Mamoru Hosoda; cast:Ryunosuke Kamiki, Nanami Sakuraba. In thenear future, the virtual city Oz has been created,and people do their daily interactionthrough Oz. Kenji spends his summer maintainingOz, but happens to go to his dreamgirl,Natsuki’s hometown with her. There, Kenjireceives a hard question in math by e-mailfrom someone. Kenji, a math whiz, tries tosolve it, and when he finally finds the answer,the world has been totally changed. Kenji isset up as an Oz outlaw, and with Natsuki’sfamily, he tries to fix Oz to save the world!(production; product reel/trailer; debuting)NONSTOP SALESCannes 2009 Office: Scandinavian Stand,55, La CroisetteOffice Phone: 46-707-33-28-55Phone: +46 8 673 99 80On Offer:The Forest (Sweden; thriller) Director:Ashvin Kumar (110 mins.; screening; debuting)Jack in the Box (Sweden; horror) Director:CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 22

PRODUCT LISTINGSFrank KerrJunior’s desperate “guests” struggleswith themselves, and each other, for survival.Seven begin the game, only one will endit. Who will it be? Grab a chair and find out.(88 mins.; screening; debuting)Shooting the Sun (Sweden; drama)Director: Pål Jackman (93 mins.; screening;debuting)NOT A NUMBERCannes 2009 Office: Media PavilionOffice Phone: 044-0-7861376154Phone: 0044-0-161-872-2227On Offer:Blue Bull (U.K.; thriller) Producers: Clive Parsons,Rachel Richardson-jones; director: RickGriffith; cast: Na. On his release from prison, MrBlack has a plan. While his dead friends hiddenfortune is a temptation, the clues to it’swhereabouts are complex. Black’s mind fixeson revenge and leads him on a collision coursewith Lou Crossmoor, the former crime bossturned property tycoon who sold Scotty, Blackand their cohorts down the river. Getting underCrossmoor’s skin and working a blackmail plotis Black’s Big Idea. But will either of them findthe hidden fortune? Think GET CARTER andLAYER CAKE (development; presales; debuting)Cherub House (U.K.; thriller) Producers:Rachel Richadson Jones, Clive Parsons; director:Simeon Halligan; cast: Na. Mary takes ajob at ramshackle mansion, the Cherub House,caring for the bed ridden ex movie star LadyHof, who delights in subtly tormenting her, likeshe did her previous employees. Mary soondiscovers that Hof is the least of her worries aseach night becomes an exercise in terror as theold house awakens with the presence of horrificapparitions. The past is forcing itself intothe present. Can Mary survive the powerfulsupernatural threat? (development; presales;debuting)Splintered (U.K.; horror) Producers: CliveParsons, Rachel Richardson-jones; director:Simeon Halligan; cast: Holly Weston, StephenMartin Walters. Something has been killinglive stock in a remote part of north Wales andnow it’s started attacking humans. SOPHIE, ateenager with a troubled past, puts herselfand her friends in danger, when her obsessionwith the unexplained leads them deep intothe Welsh countryside. Sophie witnesses a visciousattack on her friend and then finds herselfincarcerated in a locked room, her onlyhope is that her friends manage to find herbefore her captor makes them it’s latest victim.(90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)NOTRO FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Riviera A5 CinemaFrom SpainOffice Phone: 33-492-993305Phone: 34-93-238-4030On Offer:El Greco (Spain; drama) Producer: HelenSmaragdis; director: Iannis Smaragdis; cast:Nick Ashdon-juan Diego Botto- LakisLazopoulos Laia Marull - Dimitra Matsouka -Sotiris Moustakas. An epic tale of an uncompromisingartist and fighter for freedom,Domenicos Theotocopoulos, known to theworld as “El Greco.” This story is one of unusualheroism, betrayal, love, and the power of oneman and his creative consciousness to standout and overcome barbarity and ignorance.An inspiration that lives on to this day. (117mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Insignificant Things (Spain; drama) Producer:Tequila Gang; director: Andrea MartínezCrowther; cast: Bárbara Mori, Fernando Luján,Carmelo Gómez, Lucía Jiménez, PaulinaGaitán. Esmeralda is a teenager with anunusual obsession: she collects objects lost,forgotten or discarded by people she doesn’tknow and keeps them in a box beneath herbed. This is the tale of three objects in the boxand the people behind them, all in some wayincapable of relating to the person they lovemost. It is also a tale of the box itself, and ofhow Esmeralda learns to open it, to feel and tohoard the most valuable thing of all: humanrelations. (96 mins.; screening; debuting)Mission in Mocland — A SuperspaceAdventure (Spain; animation) Producer:Enrique F. Guzmán; director: Juanma Suárez;cast: Na. Planet Moc and its inhabitants are indanger. Their vital energy, Limbar, is disappearing.Dreadful General Neflin has stolen itand has now dethroned Queen Pola. Determinedto bring back peace to her Planet, Polawill send an expedition in the search of Aloma,a mineral, according to the Ancient Legend,capable of generating the stolen energy. Lalo,Mina, Gobi and Lilium will be in charge of thegalactic mission. But: Will they succeed? CouldAloma be more than just a Legend? (84 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)NU IMAGE/MILLENNIUMFILMSCannes 2009 Office: Riviera Stand F1Phone: 310-388-6900On Offer:Inventory (USA; action-adventure) Director:Wayne Kramer; cast: Bruce Willis. A detectivehunts down a suspect to obtain enoughevidence to put him away for a vicious murder.(preproduction; presales; debuting)The Mechanic (USA; action-adventure)Director: Simon West; cast: Jason Statham. Areinvention of the 1972 Charles Bronson actionclassic. A hitman, famed for his efficient andunfeeling contract executions, befriends ayoung man and trains him as a professionalassassin. (preproduction; presales; debuting)Stone (USA; thriller) Director: John Curran;cast: Robert Deniro, Edward Norton, SiennaMiller. A ruthless convict engages in a series ofdisturbing mental games with his correctionsofficer in an attempt to gain parole. When theofficer begins an affair with the convict’s wife,it soon becomes clear that both the convictand officer’s motivations are suspect, provokinga dangerous ordeal. (preproduction;debuting)NZ FILMCannes 2009 Office: NZ Film CommissionPhone: 64-4-382-7682On Offer:The Strength of Water (New Zealand;drama) Producers: Fiona Copland, Karl BaumgartnerAnd Raimond Goebel; director: ArmaganBallantyne; cast: Jim Moriarty, NancyBrunning, Hato Paparoa. When a mysteriousstranger arrives in their isolated coastal town,10 year-old twins, Kimi and Melody are forcedapart. Kimi must find the strength to let go ofwhat he loves the most. (screening; returning)Under the Mountain (New Zealand;drama) Producers: Richard Fletcher, JonathanKing, Matthew Grainger; director: JonathanKing; cast: Sam Neill, Oliver Driver. Guided bythe mysterious Mr Jones, teenage twins mustrekindle their unique powers to destroy anancient evil lurking beneath a volcano –before it destroys them. (screening; debuting)The Vintner’s Luck (New Zealand;drama) Producers: Robin Laing, Laurie Parker,Pascal Judelewicz, Niki Caro And Ludi Boeken;director: Niki Caro; cast: Jeremie Renier, GaspardUlliel, Vera Farmiga, Keisha Castle-hughes.A peasant wine-maker in 19th centuryFrance grapples with the sacred, the sensualand the profane, in search of the perfect vintage.(postproduction; debuting)OBERON CINEMATOGRÀFICAPhone: 34-93-451-25-60On Offer:Dictation (Spain; thriller) Producer/director:Antonio Chavarrías; cast: To Be Confirmed. Achildhood friend desperately seeking Mario’shelp tells him that his nine-year-old daughterwants to kill him. Mario doesn’t believe it but,a few days later when his friend dies in mysteriouscircumstances, Mario cannot resist thetemptation of meeting his dead friend’sdaughter and widow. (preproduction; presales;returning)Elisa K (Spain; drama) Producer: AntonioChavarrías; directors: Judith Colell, Jordi Cadena;cast: To Be Confirmed. Elisa will turneleven this summer. She likes her new whitedress with blue ribbons. But soon everythingwill lose its importance. Her father’s friend hasmade her cry and afterwards has told her: “Ifyou stop crying I will give you a silver bracelet”.Nobody realizes what’s happened. Elisabehaves a bit strangely but that’s it. Until shegrows up and, one day, calls her mum and,scared, asks her: “Help me, I’ve just rememberedsomething horrible”. (preproduction;presales; debuting)The Milk of Sorrow (Spain; drama) Producers:Antonio Chavarrías, José MaríaMorales, Claudia Llosa; director: Claudia Llosa;cast: Magaly Solier, Susi Sánchez. Fausta issuffering from “La Teta Asustada,” an illnesstransmitted through the breast milk ofwomen who were raped or mistreated duringthe war of terror in Peru. War has ended butFausta lives on, haunted by it, because the “illnessof fear” has taken away her soul. Now thesudden death of her mother forces her to faceher fears and the secret she’s been hidinginside: she has inserted a potato into her vagina,like a protection shield, so that nobody willdare to touch her. (84 mins.; screening; returning)ODD LOT INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 7th Floor Ibis, ResidenceDu Grand Hotel 45 La Croisette, 06400CannesOffice Phone: 33 (0) 4 93 38 34 63Phone: 323-936-8394On Offer:The Great Ghost Rescue (USA; actionadventure)Producers: Miriam Segal, MartinKatz, Norman Merry, Kornel Sipos; director:Yann SamuellBased on the popular children’sbook by Eva Ibboston, the story featuresHumphrey, a small ghost with a big problem.His family has lost their home, and they’re offto find a new haunting ground but ghosts allover the country are being turned out as castlesare converted to cheerful tourist hotels,condos and track houses. Humphrey knowssomething must be done and when the timecomes he “rises” to the occasion with “frightening”success. (preproduction; returning)The Open Road (USA; drama) Producers:Charlie Mason, Justin Moore-lewy, MichaelMeredith, Jordan Foley, Laurie Foxx, DavidSchiff; director: Michael Meredith; cast: JustinTimberlake, Jeff Bridges, Kate Mara, MarySteenburgen, Harry Dean Stanton, Lyle Lovett.Upon learning of his mother’s heart condition,Carlton is faced with the challenge of fulfillingher wish to bring his estranged father to thehospital before the operation. Carlton and hisfriend set off to find his legendary professionalathlete father, Kyle. After much convincing,chasing and missed flights, they head forHouston in a rented car. As they drive downsouth, both father and son are obliged to reexaminetheir pasts and shed the protective layersof their individual personalities. (screening;returning)Rabbit Hole (USA; drama) Producers:Nicole Kidman, Per Saari, Leslie Urdang, DeanVanech, Gigi Pritzker; director: John CameronMitchell; cast: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart.RABBIT HOLE is a love story between a husbandand wife as their marriage evolves in thewake of an unexpected tragedy. (preproduction;debuting)ODIN’S EYE ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Palais 20.03Phone: 61-403-914-317On Offer:Down for Life (Australia; drama) Producer:Scott William Alvarez; director: Alan Jacobs;cast: Danny Glover, Kate Del Castillo, . Basedon a true story. When 15 year old Rascal, leaderof an all-girl gang steals the car of a rival gang,it sets of a chain of events that will change herlife forever. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; returning)Gnomes & Trolls 2: The Forest Trial(Australia; animation) Producer: Carl JohanMerner; director: Robert Rhodin; cast: PeterStormare, Roger Moore, Elizabeth Daily.“Gnomes & Trolls” is an inspired 3-D animationfranchise following the adventures of Junior, ayoung gnome who wants nothing more thanto invent gizmos and gadgets in his tree-houselaboratory. In this second film in the seriesJunior travels to the Gnome community for atrial, which determines whether he will be incharge of his own forest. However, his candidacyis soon in jeopardy when a competitorappears, the whip-smart Storm. (production;product reel/trailer; returning)Last Cup: Road to the World Seriesof Beer Pong (Australia; comedy) Producers:Josh Otten, Nicholas Kalikow, Andy Greenblatt,; director: Daniel Lindsay; cast: BillyGaines, Scott “iceman” Reck, Jamie “theChamp” Clouser. It’s “Spellbound” meets“Beerfest” in this hilarous and engaging documentary.“Last Cup” follows competitors, allover North America, for whom beer pong ismore than a simple pastime—it’s a way of life.(85 mins.; screening; debuting)ODYSSEY ENTERTAINMENTLTD.Cannes 2009 Office: The Bayview In TheOld Port By The PalaisOffice Phone/Fax: 0033-0-492987172Phone: 207-520-5621On Offer:Is Anybody There? (U.K.; drama) Producers:David Heyman, Peter Saraf Marc Turtletaub;director: John Crowley; cast: MichaelCaine, Bill Milner, David Morrissey, Anne-marieDuff, Elizabeth Spriggs, Leslie Philips, PeterVaughan. The unlikely friendship of a retiredmagician and a 10 year old boy. A surprisingand touching story of this odd couple facinglife together. (product reel/trailer; returning)sex & drugs & rock & roll (U.K.; drama)Producer: Damian Jones; director: Mat Whitecross;cast: Andy Serkis, Naomie Harris RayWinstone. The story of legendary English Rock‘n’ Roll singer and performer, Ian Dury of IanDury and the Blockheads. (production; productreel/trailer; returning)Wickie the Mighty Viking (U.K.; family)Producer: Christian Becker; director: Michael‘bully’ Herbig; cast: Jonas Hämmerle, WaldemarKobus. Join Wickie the Viking and hisfriends on their wild adventures as they battletheir arch-nemesis Scary Sven. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)OPEN SESAME CO., LTD.Phone: 81-3-5159-0871Fax: 81-3-5159-0871On Offer:The Blood of Rebirth (Japan; drama)Producer: Koji Chiba; director: Toshiaki Toyoda;cast: Tatsuya Nakamura, Mayuu Kusakari. Setin the Middle Ages, Oguri, a renownedmasseur, is summoned to the fortress of theruler of the dark world, the Lord. After encouragingTerute, a captive princess to escape,Oguri is poisoned to death by the Lord. At afork in the road between heaven and hell,Oguri is sent back to the land of the living inthe form of a Hungry Ghost, in a state ofapparent death. Meanwhile, Terute managesto flee from the Lord and reunites with Oguri.But the Lord is hot on their heels to punishTerute. (83 mins.; premiere; debuting)Crime or Punishment?!? (Japan; comedy)Producer: Norio Enomoto; director: KeralinoSandorovich; cast: Riko Narumi, KentoCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 23

PRODUCT LISTINGSNagayama. A celebrity, Ayame, happens totake on the PR role of “police chief for a day”. Itis a job of a campaign girl to smile and act as apolice chief. However, the police station stafftreat her as if she were the real police chiefand look her for instructions. In addition, thedetective assigned to her as her subordinateturns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Haruki, whoholds a dreadful secret. Then a major eventtakes place…. (110 mins.; premiere; debuting)The Two in Tracksuits (Japan; drama)Producers: Yasushi Udagawa, Keigo Tanabe;director: Yoshihiro Nakamura; cast: MakotoAyukawa, Masato Sakai. A son (32) quits hisjob and is persuaded by his father (54), tohead off to a cottage in the remote mountains.The son’s wife is involved with anotherman. The father’s third marriage is on therocks... Together, the two of them somehowmanage to get through their days while idlingaway the time in old jerseys left by a deceasedgrandmother. (93 mins.; premiere; debuting)OVC MEDIA LTDPhone: 020-7402-9111On Offer:African Odyssey (U.K.; documentary) Producer:Eliot M Cohen; director: JoanneGoldring-cohenBlazing sunsets, vast landscapes,scorching deserts, great rivers, waterfallsand mountains; lush deltas, huge dunes,palm fringed beaches, and shimmering saltpans. Follow Robin Taylor on his AfricanOdyssey to discover the beauty and variety ofAfrican wildlife while also visiting some ofAfrica’s most exclusive travel lodges. (390mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)History of the World Cup (U.K.; documentary)Producer: Eliot M Cohen; director:Joanne Goldring-cohen; cast: Various FootballersFrom Around The World.. Football hasbeen played for over 2000 years in some formor another. Follow the progression of theworld’s greatest game from the creation of theFA in 1863, FIFA in 1904 by Frenchman JulesRimet, through to the sporting event that it istoday. The programme features Maradonna,Pele, Jurgen Klinsmann, Bobby Robson andmore, and includes highlights from all thegreatest games. (60 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)World Cup Superstars 1 & 2 (U.K.; documentary)Producer: Eliot M Cohen; director:Joanne Goldring-cohenIn this first excitingFootball programme we present action andinterviews from numerous World Cup Superstarsincluding Klinsmann, Lineker, Gascoigne,Gullit, Van Basten, Baggio and Vialli. (105mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)OVC MEDIA LTDPhone: +44 (0) 207 9111On Offer:Healthy Lifestyle Series (U.K.; documentary)Producer: Joanne Goldring Cohen;director: Eliot M Cohen7 part series, eachepisode focusing on a different aspect ofhealthy lifestyle, providing a guide to livinghealthly with help of alternative therapies,Aromatherapy, Yoga, Acupressure, StressRelief, Reflexology, Feng-Shui & Shiatsu (315mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Moscow City Ballet (U.K.; musical) Producer:Joanne Goldring-cohen & Eliot MCohen; director: Yoav PelegTHE SERIESENCOMPASSES CLASSIC WORKS SUCH AS“DON QUIXOTE” AND ALSO MODERN PIECESINCLUDING, “THE CARMEN SUITE” BASEDMERIMEE’S NOVELLA. THE SERIES FEATURESPERFORMANCES BY NADZEDAH PAVLOVA......(180 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Soccer Explosion (UK; documentary) Producer:Joanne Goldring-cohen; director: Eliot MCohenSoccer Explosion is a series of great programmeswhich features many famous Europeanplayers circa 1996. Featured players:Ronaldo, Shearer, Gullit, Vialli, Zola, Gascoigneand many more..... (184 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)OXFORD GROUPPRODUCTIONSCannes 2009 Office: Majestic Barriere HotelCannesOffice Phone: 818-679-0995Phone: 818-679-0995On Offer:H. Breakdown (USA; drama) Producers:Heather Lowe, Doug Stebleton, Randy LevinsonWritten By : Andrew Prine; director:Michael Schroeder; cast: To Be Announced.Two men, on the road, one a man of simplefaith, the other whose guilt is driven by theburden of someone’s death; and their relationshipwhich is barely held together by theprospect of their next sandwich. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Mega Con (USA; comedy) Producers:Heather Lowe, Jason Connery, Doug Stebleton;director: Jason Connery; cast: TBA. The misadventuresof a hapless group of actors invitedto attend an event in a long-forgotten town,where strange things begin to occur. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Standing for What Is Right (USA; documentary)Producers: Heather Lowe, DougStebleton; director: Heather Lowe; cast: TheU.S. Justice Department and activists. A rarelyseen look at what took place behind theclosed doors of the U.S. Justice Departmentduring the Civil Rights era. (production; presales;debuting)LE PACTECannes 2009 Office: Lérins R15Office Phone: 33-4-92-99-32-21Phone: 33-1-44-69-59-55On Offer:La Grande Vie (France; comedy) Producer:Laetitia Gonzalez; director: EmmanuelSalinger; cast: Laurent Capelluto, Michel Boujenah.Grégoire, a humble philosophy teacher,suddenly enters the life of Patrick, a famoustelevision show host. Unless it is actually happeningthe other way around… (debuting)Making Plans for Léna (France; drama)Producer: Pascal Caucheteux; director:Christophe Honoré; cast: Chiara Mastroianni,Jean-marc Barr. Ever since she broke up withNigel, Léna soldiers on through life as best shecan with her two kids. She valiantly overcomesthe obstacles put in her way. But she has yetto confront the worst of them: Her unstoppablefamily of do-gooders who have decidedto make her happy. (debuting)The Queen of Clubs (France; drama) Producers:Laurent Lavolé, Isabelle Pragier; director:Jérôme Bonnell; cast: Laurent Capelluto,Michel Boujenah. Aurélien has always livedwith his sister. A strange cohabitation thatthey both accept. By day, he is a florist; bynight, he receives stolen metal. Caught up inthis system, he will go one step too far…(debuting)PALANCAR CO., LTD.Phone: +33 6 8510 0805On Offer:His Majesty the Queen (USA; comedy)Producers: David A. Lown, Patricia T. LownThisis a story which gives quite another view ofcontemporary American politics. From itsshock beginning, the story goes from one hilariousrevelation to another. There are lots ofsexual twists and turns and not a single shot isfired. The ending is totally unexpected anddelightful. (development; presales; debuting)Jennifer and the Swan Boat (USA;family) Producers: Patricia T. Lown, David A.Lown, Marie-therese Brunet; director: MichaelBeyer; cast: Peter O’toole, Geraldine Chaplin. Ahomeless waif, who has lost the power ofspeech, finds refuge in the deep cellars of theParis Opera House. There, she meets Michael,a broken-down ex-ballet dancer, who teachesher to dance. This is a story of survival, a closeand understanding relationship between achild and an old man, brought together bytheir pain and their mutual love of the dance.It is irresistible in its touching humanity and itsultimate triumph. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Suzanne Valadon (USA; romance) Producers:David A. Lown, Patricia Twohill Lown-Suzanne Valadon was a remarkable woman ofher time. Survival was the name of her game.A true child of the streets of Pigalle and Montmartre,Suzanne worked as a seamstress, atrapeze artist and then as the favorite modelof the great Impressionist painters, fromwhom she learned her craft, becoming thefirst woman admitted to the French Academyof Art. Her story is exciting, sexy, naughty: aninspiration to her son, Maurice Utrillo. (development;presales; debuting)PALM TREE ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 01753-656424On Offer:Deep Lies (U.K.; thriller) Producers: PhilStagg, Ken Ward, Robbie Moffat, Mairi Sutherland;director: Phil Stagg; cast: Helena Martin,Marnie Baxter, Suzanne Kendall. Three friendsgo on a college reunion to a holiday hotel inthe English Lake District. They are to be bridesmaids at their friends wedding at the hotel.The groom turns out to cause the return of theghost of his violent past. (90 mins.; screening;debuting)Photoshoot (U.K.; thriller) Producer: RobbieMoffat Mairi Sutherland; director: MairiSutherland; cast: John Altman, Debbie Arnold,Paul Lavers, Niall Sutherland, Peter Bradleigh.Wayne Wilson is a primo paparazzi who hasgained his reputation by stalking his celebritysubjects. Challenged by his Magazine EditorWayne vows to get the best Photoshoot of theyear from reclusive actress May Hudson. Allgoes wrong when May uncovers Wayne haslied his way into her life. She kidnaps him andchains him to her bed. Sunset Boulevard meetMisery. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)Sisters Grimm (U.K.; comedy) Producer:Robbie Moffat Mairi Sutherland; director:Robbie Moffat; cast: Charlotte Radford,Suzanne Kendall, Tom Fox Davies, NickBartlett, Jon Paul Gates, Joe Rainbow. Two sistersreturn home to Grimm Castle to claimtheir dubious inheritance. Forced to marrywithin a month of their arrival to meet theirnew relative, the sisters discover there are darksecret in the village that they must uncoverfirst! Romantic Comedy. (90 mins.; screening;debuting)PARAMOUNT VANTAGEINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 42 La Croisette,Suite A31Office Phone: +33 (0) 493 68 85 61Phone: 323-956-5000On Offer:13 (USA; thriller) Producers: Rick Schwartz,Aaron Kaufman, Valerio Morabito; director:Gela Babluani; cast: Mickey Rourke, JasonStatham. 13 tells the story of a young manwho steals a mysterious package that promisesto pay out a fortune. He soon finds himselfin the middle of a deadly ring of clandestinegamblers placing huge bets on the outcome ofa multi-player tournament of Russian roulette.It is a story of luck, chance, the loss of innocenceand the relationship between powerand money. (postproduction; debuting)The Crazies (USA; horror) Producers:Michael Aguilar, Dean Georgaris, Rob Cowan;director: Breck Eisner; cast: Timothy Olyphant,Radha Mitchell. A reinvention of the George A.Romero classic tells the story of inhabitants ofa small town beset by insanity from exposureto a mysterious toxin. Quarantined by the government,they soon realize no one is allowed inor out. Has the government swooped in tosave them or are they part of a bigger conspiracythat has sealed their fate? (production;debuting)Ondine (USA; drama) Producers: BenBrowning, James Flynn, Neil Jordan; director:Neil Jordan; cast: Colin Farrell, Alicja Bachleda.“Ondine” tells the story of Syracuse (Colin Farrell),a local fisherman whose everyday life istransformed by a beautiful and mysteriouswoman (Alicja Bachleda) whom he fishesfrom the sea and who his young daughter,Annie (Alison Barry), believes is a mermaid.But like all fairytales, enchantment and darknessgo hand in hand. “Ondine,” written anddirected by Neil Jordan, tells a story abouthope, love, and the value of believing in magic.(postproduction; debuting)PARK ENTERTAINMENT, LTD.Phone: 44-0-20-7434-4176On Offer:The Combination (U.K.; thriller) Producer:John Pirrie; director: David Field; cast: GeorgeBasha, Firass Dirani. John gets out of jail to discoverhis younger brother Charlie is caught upwith drugs, gangs and crime. A feud spills intothe streets in a racial battle that turns bloody.When John, a Lebanese-Australian falls for anAustralian girl he is painfully aware of thechoice he must make - family or love. (90mins.; screening; debuting)Dead Man Running (U.K.; thriller) Producer:Nicholas ‘pikki’ Fearon; director: Alex DeRakoff; cast: Tamar Hassan, Danny Dyer. Aloan shark, Mr Thigo (Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson)decides to make an example of his late payers.Ex-con Nick (Tamar Hassan) is given 24 hoursto come up with £100,000. A frantic dashagainst the clock begins with Nick’s mother(Brenda Blethyn) held hostage at gunpoint.(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)Hell’s Pavement (U.K.; drama) Producers:Sarah Boote, Alan Latham; director: AndyKemp; cast: Pauline Mclynn, Diveen Henry.How is it that so many well-intentioned peoplecan do so much damage? A heart-breakingand topical story of a young girl in the UK’ssocial care system. (97 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)PATCHWORK PRODUCTIONSPhone: 02083781455On Offer:If You See a Crocodile (U.K.; drama) Producers:Christine Hartland, James Bolton;director: Guy PittIF YOU SEE A CROCODILE is achildhood road-movie about an eight year oldgirl trying to get back to her Mum - her trip isonly across London but for her, it is the adventureof a lifetime. (development; presales;debuting)Nitrate (U.K.; thriller) Producer: ChristineHartland; director: Guy Ducker And GavinBoyterA hotshot director uncovers the truthbehind the murder of his filmmaking idolwhen he tries to reconstruct the dead man’slost, unfinished masterpiece. (development;presales; debuting)PATHE INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Residences Du GrandHotel, 45 La Croisette 4th FloorOffice Phone: 33-4-93-99-32-67Phone: 1-207-323-5151On Offer:Bright Star (U.K.; drama) Producers: JanChapman, Caroline Hewitt; director: JaneCampion; cast: Abbie Cornish, ben Whishaw,Paul Schneider. BRIGHT STAR is a tale of passionateyoung love, tracing the intense loveaffair between the great Romantic poet JohnKeats and the beautiful Fanny Brawne in themonths leading up to Keats’ tragic death atthe age of 25. (118 mins.; debuting)Centurion (U.K.; action-adventure) Producers:Christian Colson, Robert Jones; director:Neil Marshall; cast: Michael Fassbender,Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko. In AD 117, aCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 24

PRODUCT LISTINGSfearless Roman Legion heads into the darkdepths of Northern Britain to conquer land forthe Roman Empire. But to do this, they mustdefeat an elusive enemy, the infamously savageand terrifying tribesmen known as thePicts. (production; debuting)Farewell (U.K.; drama) Producers:Christophe Rossignon, Bertrand Faivre, PhilipBoeffard; director: Christian Carion; cast: GuillaumeCanet, Emir Kusturica, Alexandra MariaLara. Moscow, 1981… A KGB colonel, disgustedwith what Soviet policy has become, decidesto break with the system. With the help of aFrench engineer he will play a part in one ofthe key events in world history, the collapse ofthe Soviet bloc. (100 mins.; debuting)PATOU FILMSINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Res. Du Gray D’albionOffice Phone: 33682302984Phone: 33146723065On Offer:L’enfant de Reve (France; action-adventure)Producer/director: Jean Roke Patoudem;cast: France Zobda, Emile Abossolo-mbo.Djila, 10 years old,and his blind mother livealone in an oasis of a huge desert. The sun isdrying away the sources and Djila must go faraway from home to fetch water. On his way, hemeets a wizard. This one, seduced by thecourage of the child initiates him to Life,revealing to him the tests which will allow himto give his mother her eyesight back, if he succeeds.But the evil Moko, will get out of hersilence to make his task complicated. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Safari 7 (France; action-adventure) Producer/director:Jean Roke PatoudemHis name isThomas Mills; Tom, for intimate friends. Afro-American and Ex Marines, Tom’s behavior wasnot always very orthodox during his stay inVietnam. Refugee since then in Marseilles, hespends happy days with his new partner. Oneday, his ex-hierarchy gets hold of him andforces him to leave for a safari mission inAfrica, in the great lakes area, for, the gamewas worth it. (development; presales; debuting)PEACE ARCHENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 6d Goeland, ResidenceDu Grand HotelPhone: 310-776-7200On Offer:Explicit Ills (USA; drama) Producers: JimJarmusch, Elizabeth Destro, Sol Tryon; director:Mark Webber; cast: Rosario Dawson, PaulDano. Young love, drugs and poverty collide inthe city of Philadelphia, creating a beautifultale of hope and humanity. (100 mins.; screening;returning)Oh My God (USA; documentary) Producers:Horacio Altamirano, Metin Anter, AdamKrentzman; director: Peter Rodger; cast: HughJackman, Ringo Starr. OH MY GOD traversesthe globe asking people from all walks of lifeone question: What is God? (98 mins.; premiere;debuting)Winged Creatures (aka Fragments)(USA; drama) Producer: Robert Salerno; director:Rowan Woods; cast: Kate Beckinsale,Dakota Fanning. Linked together by a lifechangingtragedy, the survivors of a multiplemurder are each left to comprehend their mortalityand redefine their place in society. (94mins.; screening; returning)PFG ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: IntercontinentalCarleton, Room #201Phone: 310-393-5788On Offer:Shadowland 3D (USA; thriller) Producers:Donald C. Archbold, Larry Leahy; director: Tbd;cast: Tbd. Shadowland 3D is a fast paced,compelling thriller based on the classic bestselling novel by Peter Straub. A cross between“The Illusionist” and “The Shining”, the story isa timeless, teenage Faustian tale about a seventeenyear old school boy who has to decidewhether or not to join the forces evil to savethe life of his best friend. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Toolbox Murders ... The Return (USA;horror) Producer: Tony Didio (note To Listers:Please Capitalize The Second D In Tony’sName); director: Dean Jones; cast: BrianKrause, Tony Todd. The terrifying sequel to theclassic “The Toolbox Murders” takes place inthe 24 hours immediately following the originalfilm. Two detectives investigate a series ofgruesome murders. Beneath The LusmanArms Apartment complex, they find the twistedlair of The Toolbox Killer. As the partnerssift through the bodies, they make anotherhorrifying discovery: a passage that leads to anetwork of sewers crisscrossing Los Angeles.They must race against time to catch this cunningkiller. (production; product reel/trailer;returning)A Way With Murder (USA; thriller) Producers:Thomas S. Byrnes, Tony Didio (note ToListers: Please Capitalize The Second “d” InTony’s Last Name); director: Dan Neira; cast:Michael Madsen, Kim Morgan Greene. Tenyears ago, movie producer Alison Tripp wasswept up in a real life thriller when armed mentrapped her entire low-budget film crew in awarehouse, killing everyone but her. Ever theopportunist, she turned the nightmare to triumphby becoming one of Hollywood’sbiggest moviemakers. But her success can’tprevent the past from coming back to haunther. It turns out someone is coming afterher…again. And homicide detective Vick Donovanis convinced it’s one of the killers from herpast. (86 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)PONY CANYON, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera F2Phone: 81-3-5521-8016On Offer:Amalfi (Japan; drama) Producer: ChihiroKameyama; director: Hiroshi Nishitani; cast:Yuji Oda Yuki Amami. It is the Christmas seasonin Rome. A young woman from Japan hassuddenly gone missing – the victim of a kidnapping?Or could it be the prelude to a terroristplot? The police have stepped up their cordonon organized crime in the region, but tolittle effect. A young Japanese diplomat bythe name of Kuroda (Yuji Oda) finds himselftraveling to the picturesque town of Amalfi insouthwest Italy in hopes of unraveling themystery to a local incident. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Honokaa Boy (Japan; drama) Producer:Chihiro Kameyama Yoshio Takada Shuji Abe;director: Atsushi Sanada; cast: Masaki OkadaChieko Baisho. Leo’s strange but tranquil daysbegin when he starts working at a small theaterin Honokaa town, on the Hawaii island.Bee, a local resident and master chef, addsmagic, mischief, and a touch of spice to Leo’slife during his stay. Airy breeze, unique encounters,bitter-sweet romance, unforgettablefood…Honokaa leaves a lasting impression onLeo. (111 mins.; premiere; debuting)Villon’s Wife (Japan; drama) Producer:Chihiro Kameyama Michiyo YamadaShigemichi Sugita; director: Kichitaro Negishi;cast: Takako Matsu Tadanobu Asano. She waslike a dandelion. A man who had chosen to bea novelist. His darkness was profound, andwould not go away. But if he looked hard,there was his wife, like a single small flower.Based on the biographical short story by literarylegend, Osamu Dazai, the film adaptationcommemorates the hundredth anniversary ofhis birth. (postproduction; presales; debuting)PORCHLIGHTENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: R8 - Lerins FloorOffice Phone: +33 (0)4 92 99 33 01Phone: 310-477-8400On Offer:Halo (USA; comedy) Producers: Bev Bliss,Colin Neale; director: George Mihalka; cast: NotFinalized As Yet. A rebellious teenage girl discoversthe true nature of miracles (and howthey can backfire) when she manipulates anaccidental stain into a hoax on the town.(development; product reel/trailer; debuting)Last Dragon (USA; action-adventure) Producers:Mario Andreacchio, John Wild, RonSaunders; director: Mario Andreacchio; cast:Sam Neill, Vince Colosimo, Louis Corbett. In atime of distant civilizations, there was a battlewhere a dragon and an Emperor fought sideby side to protect China (development;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Passchendaele (USA; drama) Producers:Paul Gross, Niv Fichman, Frank Siracusa; director:Paul Gross; cast: Paul Gross, CarolineDhavernas. Participation in the Battle Passchendaelewas a pivotal moment in Canadianhistory that defined the nation. It is also astory about love of country and one of lovediscovered amid the strife of war. (114 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)PRESCIENCECannes 2009 Office: Prescience, 18 QuaiSaint Pierre, 06400 CannesOn Offer:Dorian Gray (G.B.) Producer: BarnabyThompson; director: Oliver Parker; cast: BenBarnes, Colin Firth. A corrupt young man keepshis youthful beauty eternally, but a specialpainting gradually reveals his inner ugliness toall. (postproduction; debuting)From Time to Time (G.B.) Producers:Julian Fellowes, Paul Kingsley, Liz Trubridge;director: Julian Fellowes; cast: Dame MaggieSmith, Timothy Spall. While staying at hisgradmother’s (Smith)house, a boy is magicallytransported back in time to appear as aghost to solve an age-old mystery. (postproduction;debuting)Mr. Nice (G.B.) Producer: Luc Roeg; director:Bernard Rose; cast: Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny.The story of elite drug smuggler HowardMark’s (Ifans) prodigious rise—and fall in thisfrequently hilarious, occasionally sad, andoften surreal tale of Howard’s life thus far.(postproduction; debuting)PRESTIGE FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Lehrins, Stand R21Office Phone: 049-299-3243Phone: 818-985-3003On Offer:Cyrus (USA; horror) Producer: Joel Kastleberg;director: Mark Anthony Vadik; cast:Lance Henriksen, Brian Krause, Doug Jones,Rae Dawn Chong, Daniel Harris. Inspired by atrue story of the most prolific serial killer in thehistory of the United States. (96 mins.; screening;debuting)Sinners & Saints (USA; action-adventure)Producer: Mark Clark; director: William Kaufman;cast: Patrick Flanery, Tom Berenger,Costas Mandylor, Kim Coates, JurgenProchnow, Jolene Blalock. A crime thriller seton the mean streets of New Orleans. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Web Cam (USA; thriller) Producers: LorisCurci, Danny Rossner, Antoni Sole’; director:Antoni Sole’; cast: Robert Englund, Bo Derek,Charlotte Sullivan, Rachelle Lefevre. Death, ondemand. Welcome to the ultimate realityshow. (preproduction; presales; debuting)PRISTINE PICTURESPhone: 917-327-1536On Offer:Coup de Grace (USA; drama) Producers:Edward G. Norris, Bianca Giancoli; director:Edward G. Norris; cast: Lucy Rayner, BiancaGiancoli. “Coup de Grace” is about an aspiringopera singer who is trapped in a loveless relationship.The singer finds herself caught in aweb of lust and intrigue when she encountersa femme fatale who unveils her suppressedtendencies. The soprano’s Faustian wish ofgetting into a prestigious European conservatoryis soon realized, but it comes at a severecost. She loses her mind. (85 mins.; productreel/trailer; returning)Go Straight to Hell (USA; horror) Producer/director:Edward G. Norris; cast: Karen Black,Laura Harring. Three recently deceased charactersare led to believe they are in Purgatoryawaiting a sin cleansing so they may enterHeaven. In actuality, they have been gatheredto review and relive the ONE sin (which theydid not repent for while on earth) that is soheinous it could send them straight to Hell.This nihilistic horror film features a “spiritualguide” who is not exactly who she is presentingherself to be. (preproduction; presales;debuting)Hollywood Heroine (USA; drama) Producer/director:Edward G. Norris; cast: TheresaRussell. “Hollywood Heroine” reveals the troubledlife of the 1940’s screen goddess VeronicaLake, one of Paramount Pictures greateststars, who fell from grace after having turnedher back on Hollywood and whose career andlife were subsequently destroyed. (development;presales; debuting)PRODUCTIONS LA FÊTE, INC.Phone: 514-848-0417On Offer:Sogo Kuru ... Grand Frère (Canada; family)Producers: Rock Demers, Chantal Lafleur;director: Roger Cantin; cast: Pierre Lebeau,Julien Adam. Norbert has worked 40 years inAfrica. When he is forced to return to Canadahis country of origin, he only has one goal: togo back to Africa. He plans to stow away on acargo ship. He must get rid of his pet monkeyabandoning it in a park hoping that someonewill pick him up. An annoying kid spoils hisplan by quickly bringing back the monkey.What starts as a confrontation evolves to atrue companionship. The man and the boyserve each other’s bridge over troubled waters.(89 mins.; premiere; debuting)PROTAGONIST PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: 2nd Floor, 23 RueMace, CannesOffice Phone: 33-6-333-48426Phone: 44-207-306-5155On Offer:The Firm (U.K.; drama) Producers: AllanNiblo, James Richardson; director: Nick Love;cast: Paul Anderson, Calum Macnab. THEFIRM is based on the Alan Clarke’s original1989 classic which focused on UK footballhooligan culture, where gangs were known asfirms and members were described as casualsdue to their uniform of designer clothing. Domis an aspiring casual who gets drawn into thecharismatic but dangerous world of the firm’sleader, Bex. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Nativity (U.K.; comedy) Producer: NickJones; director: Debbie Isitt; cast: Martin Freeman,Ashley Jensen. Jaded primary schoolteacher Paul Maddens learns how a small liecan lead to big problems when his plans forthe school Christmas nativity show get out ofhand. Nativity is a hilarious, heartwarmingChristmas comedy from BBC Films (premiere;debuting)The Unloved (U.K.; drama) Producer: KateOgborn; director: Samantha Morton; cast:Molly Windsor, Robert Carlyle. Lucy is elevenyears old. Neglected by her estranged motherand father, she ends up being placed in a children’shome. Through her eyes, we followLucy’s struggle to cope with the system. Hersaving is her self-belief and her certainty thatshe is being watched over and protected bythe holy spirit; hers is a heroic quest for love,CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 25

PRODUCT LISTINGSbeauty and transcendence. (postproduction;presales; debuting)PYRAMIDE INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera F6Office Phone: 04-92-99-32-07Phone: 33-1-42-96-02-20On Offer:Fais Moi Plaisir (Please, Please Me)(France; drama) Producer: Frédéric Niedermayer;director: Emmanuel Mouret; cast:Emmanuel Mouret, Judith Godrèche, DéborahFrançois. (debuting)Hadewijch (France; drama) Producers: JeanBréhat, Rachid Bouchareb; director: BrunoDumont; cast: Julie Sokolowski, Karl Sarafidis,Yassine Salime. (debuting)Partir (Leaving) (France; drama) Producers:Fabienne Vonnier, Michel Seydoux; director:Catherine Corsini; cast: Kristin ScottThomas, Sergi Lopez, Yvan Attal. (debuting)QED INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 67 La Croisette,7th FloorOffice Phone: +33 (0) 4 93 69 82 2Phone: 323-785-7900On Offer:District 9 (USA; sci-fi) Producer: Peter Jackson;director: Neill Blomkamp (postproduction;returning)New York I Love You (USA) Producers:Emmanuel Benbihy, Marina Grasic; directors:Brett Ratner, Joshua Marston, Albert And AllenHughes, Fatih Akin, Natalie Portman, YvanAttal, Shekhar Kapur, Shunji Iwai, Mira Nair,Jiang Wen; cast: Robin Wright Penn, ShiaLabeouf, Natalie Portman, Christina Ricci,Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, EthanHawke, Julie Christie, Drea De Matteo, BradleyCooper, Chris Cooper, Cloris Leachman, MaggieQ, Irrfan Khan, Shu Qi, Olivia Thirlby. Followingthe box office smash feature film ‘Paris, jet’aime’ that opened the 2006 ‘Un CertainRegard’ section of the Cannes Film Festival,we are thrilled to present ‘New York, I LoveYou’. Twelve filmmakers have directed shortfilms illustrating the universal theme ofencountering love within the five boroughs ofNew York City. Internationally acclaimedactors and directors have signed on and createdanother truly enjoyable and inspiring project.(102 mins.; screening; returning)A Perfect Getaway (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Robbie Brener, RyanKavanaugh, Tucker Tooley; director: DavidTwohy; cast: Milla Jovovich, TimothyOlyphant, Steve Zahn, Kiele Sanchez. A beautifuland successful newlywed couple spicesthings up on their honeymoon in Hawaii byembarking on a challenging hike to one of themost exotic beaches in the world. Their excitementturns to fear when they receive news ofa series of gruesome murders that have beentaking place on the islands. They soon becomeconvinced that they are with the killers and asthey plot their escape, the truth is revealedleading to a violent and shocking end. (postproduction;returning)QUANTUM RELEASINGCannes 2009 Office: Palais 22.01Office Phone: 1.310.929.7494Phone: 818-255-9900On Offer:Beneath the Blue (USA; children/teen)Producer: Susan Johnson; director: Michael DSellers; cast: Caitlin Wachs, David Keith, PaulWesley, Ivana Milicevic, George Harris, MichaelIronside. When the US Navy abducts a scientificresearch dolphin, a teenager and herfriends risk everything to set her free. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)Knockouts (USA; comedy) Producers:Robert Latham Brown, Robert ‘rock” Galotti,Robert Brinkmann; director: Leah Sturgis; cast:Cameron Richardson, Adam Gregory, Tia Carrere,Alexis Arquette, Tom Arnold, Chris Kattan,Lochlyn Munro, Sophie Monk, Sticky Fingaz. Acomedy centered on two single girls workingthe dating scene, determined to find sex, inLos Angeles. (90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Who Is KK Downey? (USA; comedy) Producers:Brandi-ann Milbradt, Kieran Crilly, DarrenCurtis, Pat Kiely; directors: Darren Curtis,Pat Kiely; cast: Darreen Curtis, Kristin Adams,Pat Kiely, Dan Haber, Matt Silver, Brent Skagford,Paul Spence. Loosely based on a truestory, two perennial losers, who want morethan anything to be famous, finally gaincelebrity status after creating a fictional persona.(90 mins.; premiere; debuting)REGENT / HERE MEDIAPhone: 310-806-4288On Offer:Eleven Minutes (USA; documentary) Producers/directors:Michael Selditch, Rob Tate;cast: Jay Mccarroll, Nancy Kane, Kelly Cutrone.A documentary following what happened tothe winner of the first season of “Project Runway,”designer Jay McCarroll. (103 mins.; productreel/trailer; debuting)Little Ashes (USA; drama) Producers:Stephen P. Jarchow, Paul Colichman, DebraStasson And Luke Montagu; director: PaulMorrison; cast: Javier Beltran, Robert Pattinson,Matthew Mcnulty. Robert Pattinson asrenowned artist Salvador Dali finds his artisticand sexual freedom during Pre-Civil WarSpain. (112 mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)Weather Girl (USA; romance) Producers:Brandon Barrera, Steak House; director:Blayne Weaver; cast: Tricia O’kelley, Patrick J.Adams, Mark Harmon. Tricia O’Kelley, theWeather Girl, freaks out on-air over Mark Harmon,her cheating news anchor boyfriend.Now 30-something, single and with no job,she must find herself to find her love. (97mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)REZOPhone: 33-1-4246-4630On Offer:The Admiral (France; action-adventure)Producers: Dzhanik Faiziyev, Anatoli Maksimov;director: Andrei Kravchuk; cast: KonstantinKhabenskiy, Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Thestory of Admiral Alexander Koltchak who wasthe commander of Russian Black See Fleetand became a head of White Army against theBolshevik revolutionists. (118 mins.; screening;returning)Jaffa (France; drama) Producers: JérômeBleitrach, Emmanuel Agneray, Marek Rozenbaum;director: Keren Yedaya; cast: Dana Ivgy,Moni Moshonov. The film explores the extraordinarydestinies of two lovers. Their secretdesire to escape and get married will be suddenlyannihilated by an event drawn by hatredand jealousy. (postproduction; premiere;debuting)Mademoiselle Chambon (France;drama) Producers: Gilles Sacuto, Milena Poylo;director: Stéphane Brizé; cast: Vincent Lindon,Sandrine Kiberlain. Antonio leads a prettyordinary life. One day, he stumbles uponMademoiselle Chambon, his son’s teacher.This chance encounter will be a turning pointin his well-organized life. (postproduction; premiere;debuting)RIVE GAUCHE FILMSPhone: (818) 784-9912On Offer:Greenmail (USA; action-adventure) Director:Jonathan Heap; cast: Stephen Baldwin,Kelly Rowan, Tom Skerritt. A U.S. federal agentseeks the assistance of a radical environmentalactivist when the most prominent citizensof Seattle are methodically blown up one byone. The two are led on a cat and mousechase by the bomber who always seems to beone step ahead of the game. (screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Last Run (USA; action-adventure) Director:Anthony Hickox; cast: Armand Assante, JurgenProchnow, Ornella Muti, Aleksandra Vujcic.Former Cold War spy Frank Banner recruitssome of his ex-colleagues to help him smugglea Russian spymaster to the West, with hopesof getting to the KGB’s former ace assassinresponsible for the death of a friend. (screenercassette/DVD; debuting)One Way Out (USA; action-adventure)Director: Allan Goldstein; cast: James Belushi,Angela Featherstone, Jason Bateman. A veteranhomicide police officer that has developeda lifestyle far beyond his means mastermindsthe murder of a gorgeous and wealthysocialite. The cop finds himself in a bind whenhis protégé, assigned to the case, gets closer tosolving the murder, leaving him only one wayout. (screener cassette/DVD; debuting)ROISSY FILMSPhone: Offer:The Sicilian Girl (France; drama) Producers:Simonetta Amenta, Eurofilm Tilde CorsiAnd Gianni Romili, R&c Produzioni RaphaëlBerdugo, Roissy Films; director: Marco Amenta;cast: Veronica D’agostino - Gérard Jugnot -Francesco Casisa. Based on the true story of ayoung Sicilian girl who broke the law of silence,after the murder of her father and brother bythe Mafia. (110 mins.; screening; debuting)Sister Smile (France; drama) Producers:Eric Heumann And Marc Syllam, Paradis FilmsChristine Pireaux, Les Films De La PasserellePeter Bouckaert, Eyeworks; director: Stijn Coninx;cast: Cécile De France - Sandrine Blancke -Chris Lomme. The end of the 1950s, on theoutskirts of Brussels. Like the rest of the younggeneration of the time, Jeannine Deckers(Cécile de France) has a thirst for freedom andadventure. The true story of Sister Smile, alsoknown as the Singing Nun. (120 mins.; screening;debuting)Son of Babylon (France; drama) Producers:Dimitri De Clercq, Crm, 114 Isabelle Stead,Human Film; director: Mohamed Al-daradji;cast: Yasser Talib - Shazada Hussein. A youngboy and his grandmother venture through Iraqon a quest to find his missing father. (90mins.; screening; debuting)SAHAMONGKOLFILMINTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Palais 23.02/25.01Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-80-16Phone: 662-273-0930On Offer:Power Kids (Thailand; action-adventure)Producer: Somsak Techaratanaprasert; director:Krissanapong Rachata; cast: NanthawithBoonrabtrup, Navarat Techaratanaprasert.Four children are forced to forget their differencesand bond together in this action-packeddrama to save a friend. (100 mins.; screening;debuting)Vanquisher (Thailand; action-adventure)Producer: Somsak Techaratanaprasert; director:Manop Udomdej; cast: Pete Tong-jeur,Saranyoo Wongkrachang, Sophita Sribanchean.Ja, a beautiful secret agent for theCIA, has just complete an undercover missionwhen she is confronted by an assassin withorders to “take her out at all costs.” It would bediscovered later that the orders had originatedfrom the CIA itself (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)THE SALT COMPANYCannes 2009 Office: Ground Floor Terrace,Grand Hotel, 45 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 33-671-410-989Phone: 44-207-535-6714On Offer:Big River Man (U.K.; documentary) Producers:Maria Florio, Molly Lynch, JohnMaringouin, Kevin Ragsdale, Roger M.mayer,Molly Hassell; director: John Maringouin; cast:Martin Strel, Borut Strel. Sundance winningdoc follows overweight, wine-swillingendurance swimmer Martin Strel’s insaneattempt to be the first to swim the entirelength of the world’s most dangerous river, themighty Amazon. (100 mins.; returning)White Lightnin’ (U.K.; drama) Producers:Mike Downey, Sam Taylor; director: DominicMurphy; cast: Carrie Fisher, Muse Watson,Edward Hogg. From international cult magazineVICE, and fresh from Sundance and Berlinfestival acclaim, comes the tale of Jesco “thedancing outlaw” White - part angel, part devil,part Elvis. (90 mins.; returning)SC FILMS INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 3rd Fl., La Brise,24 La CroisetteOffice Phone: 33-4-93-39-89-87Phone: 44-207-287-1900On Offer:Awaydays (U.K.; drama) Producer: David A.Hughes; director: Pat Holden; cast: StephenGraham, Nicky Bell. AWAYDAYS is based onthe bestselling novel by Kevin Sampson set inthe post-punk era in Liverpool 1979. A gang ofyoung men called “The Pack” seek to escapethe 9 to 5 drudgery in search of sex, drugs, rockn’ roll, fashion, football and fighting. Awaydayswon BEST FEATURE at the Fringe Awardin Edinburgh, Feb ’09. (105 mins.; premiere;debuting)Choose (U.K.; thriller) Producer: The 7thFloor; director: Robert Legato; cast: KatherynWinnick, Bruce Dern. CHOOSE is an action horrorin the vein of “SAW” meets “SEVEN”. A violentand derranged serial killer stalks seeminglyrandom victims in an American town,forcing each victim to choose the form of theirviolent demise. Are the victims as innocent asthey seem? YOU HAVE 60 SECONDS TODECIDE - CHOOSE! (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Skellig (U.K.; family) Producer: Feel Films;director: Annabel Jankel; cast: Tim Roth, BillMilner. SKELLIG is a life-affirming story, basedon an award-winning book by writer DavidAlmond. When a move to a new house coincideswith his baby sister’s illness, Michael’sworld suddenly seems lonely and uncertain.Then, one afternoon, he stumbles into the oldshed and finds something magical. A strange,wise being – part owl, part angel – Skellig.Meeting Skellig will change Michael’s world forever.(100 mins.; premiere; debuting)SCREEN MEDIA VENTURES,LLCPhone: 212.308.1790On Offer:An American Affair (USA; drama) Producers:William Olsson, Kevin Leydon; director:William Olsson; cast: Gretchen Mol, NoahWyle. Set against the backdrop of the JFKpresidency, when a young boy becomes infatuatedwith the beautiful neighbor that’s havingan affair with the President, he becomes apawn in a deadly game of deceit and betrayal.(93 mins.; screening; debuting)I Sell the Dead (USA; horror) Producer: LarryFessenden; director: Glenn Mcquaid; cast: RonPerlman, Dominic Monaghan. Body SnatchersArthur Blake and Willie Grimes have robbedtheir last grave. With just five hours beforeArthur follows Willie to the chopping block, herecounts his life story to Fr Francis Duffy. It soonbecomes clear that Blake and Grimes were noordinary grave robbers. And through his storiesthe priest learns that not all corpses are equal.(90 mins.; screening; debuting)Nightmares in Red, White and Blue(USA; documentary) Producer: Joseph Maddrey;director: Andrew Monument; cast: JohnCarpenter, George A. Romero. Featuring exclusiveinterviews with legendary directors suchas John Carpenter, George A. Romero, and JoeDante and illustrated with clips from over 150films, Nightmares in Red, White and BlueCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 26

PRODUCT LISTINGSexplores the timeless, universal appeal of horrormovies from Lon Chaney to HannibalLecter and beyond. (96 mins.; screening;debuting)SEVEN ARTSINTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: M.y. Hemilea (motoredYacht - Quai Albert Edouard)Phone: 44-20-3006-8222On Offer:Catwalk (U.K.; thriller) Producer: JuliaVerdin; director: Anthony Hickox; cast: TBA.The world’s most beautiful supermodel discoversdark secrets about who - or what - shereally is. (preproduction; presales; returning)The Dogfather (U.K.; family) Producer:Michael Hamilton-wright; director: RichardBoddington; cast: TBA. A dog, on the run fromthe mob, seeks refuge with his new family.(preproduction; presales; debuting)Night of the Demons (U.K.; horror) Producer:Greg Mckay; director: Adam Gierasch;cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong,Monica Keena, Diora Baird, Michael Copon,John F. Beach, Bobbi Sue Luther. A group ofkids go to a Halloween party, only to have toface down a group of demons. (postproduction;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)SHEMAROOENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera D8Phone: 91-22-40319911On Offer:Karma And Holi (India; drama) Producer:Rapture Productions; director: Manish Gupta;cast: Drena De Niro, Naomi Campbell, SusmitaSen. karma aur holi is a story of human relationships,it is about a truth which turns theworld of the people in it, upside down in amoment. Meera (Sushmita Sen) and Dev(Randeep Hooda) live in New York.After a fewyears of marriage and togetherness, theyseem to have lost the magic in their relationship.,The get-together party leaves behindsome questions seeking replies….. (120 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Oh My God (India; comedy) Producer: ZeeLimelight; director: Saurabh Shrivastava; cast:Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, Saurabh Shukla.Oh, My God is a nice, quirky tale, It revolvesaround the life of an ambitious yet idealistmiddle class man Rajendra Dubey (VinayPathak), who continues to fail in his variousmoney-making schemes, Suman pleads Godto help her husband. To which follows a seriesof hilarious encounters. (120 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Pangaa Gang (India; animation) Producer:Shemaroo Entertainment; director: PankajSharmaThe story follows the adventures offour kids with extraordinary powers as they setout to defend their homeland from unwelcomeintruders. The movie exhibits friendship,action, emotions and is a fun filled ride withtop of the line 3D CGI animation. The treatmentof the movie is done keeping in mind thecurrent trends that kids follow; complete withcatchy dialogues, fast paced action and greathumor. (90 mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)SHOCHIKU CO., LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Res. Du Grand Hotel,Albatros 1cOffice Phone: 33-0-4-93-39-72-38Phone: 81-3-5550-1623On Offer:Horumo — Battle League in Kyoto(Japan; action-adventure) Directors: KatsuhideMotoki (kitoro, Kitaro And The MillenniumCurse, 10 Promises To My Dog); cast:Takayuki Yamada (crows: Episode 0, TrainMan), Chiaki Kuriyama (the Sky Crawlers-Voice, Battle Royale, Kill Bill Vol.1). A big hitfantasy novel by Manabu Makime has finallybeen adapted into a combat action comedyfilm with VFX and animation by GONZO. (creatorsof “Afro Samurai,” “Brave Story”) (113mins.; screening; returning)Kamui (working title) (Japan; actionadventure)Directors: Yoichi Sai (blood AndBones, Quill); cast: Kenichi Matsuyama(deathNote Series, Detroit Metal City), Koyuki (theLast Samurai). KAMUI is a Ninja on the runfrom the world of Ninja in search for true freedom.However, he is burdened with the fate,where it is not allowed to take the secret outsideof the tribe — if you are born as Ninja, youmust die as Ninja. This brings him to constantlyfight for his life against other Ninjas whotries to kill him and hide the secrets within. Hedoes not trust, and he does not love. Showingweakness leads to immediate death.... (postproduction;premiere; debuting)Mai Mai Miracle (Japan; animation) Directors:Sunao Katabuchi (”black Lagoon, ”“princess Arete”, Kiki’s Delivery Service(assistantDirector)Shinko, a third grade elementaryschool student loves to imagine and daydreamabout the world of one thousand yearsago. Her fantasies travel far into the days ofthe Heian Period (year 794-1185)... One day agirl called Kiiko transfers from Tokyo and joinsShinko’s class where they become goodfriends. Before long, the two of them becomeengulfed in a strange incident of one thousandyears ago... (postproduction; screening; returning)SHORELINEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Majestic Suite 135Office Phone: +1.702.524.3114Phone: 1.310.551.2060On Offer:A Fork in the Road (USA; comedy) Producers:James Scura, Paul F. Bernard; director:Jim Kouf; cast: Jaime King, Josh Cooke.Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Will Carsongets a sudden chance for freedom whenthe police car he’s riding in hits a fork in theroad...literally. (105 mins.; screening; debuting)High Life (USA; comedy) Producers: RobinCass, Morris Ruskin; director: Gary Yates; cast:Timothy Olyphant, Joe Anderson. Dick and hispals have been botching jobs and racking upprison time for years, but enough is enough,and Dick’s got the perfect plan for one lastheist. (78 mins.; screening; debuting)The Queen & I (USA; documentary) Producer/director:Nahid Persson Sarvestani; cast:N, A. An Iranian exile who helped overthrowthe Shah’s regime in 1979 confronts her ownassumptions and complex truths about Iranwhen she enters the life of the Shah’s widow.(90 mins.; screening; debuting)SHOWBOX/MEDIAPLEXCannes 2009 Office: Lerins R3/s2Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-33-29Phone: 822-3218-5649On Offer:Breathless (Korea; drama) Producer/director:Yang Ik-june; cast: Yang Ik-june, Kim Kkobbi.After witnessing the deaths of his motherand sister as a child, Sang-hoon grew up withrage and hatred towards his father who wasresponsible for their deaths. The shadow of hispast overrules his present. He meets a highschool girl, Yeon-hee who is also having atough life after her mother’s death. Her violentyounger brother and the former Vietnam veteranfather harass her endlessly. Without realizinghow their lives may be connected, Sanghoonand Yeon-hee share some moments ofrelief. (130 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)A Million (Korea; thriller) Producers: Kim Jiyeon,David Cho; director: Cho Min-ho; cast:Park Hae-il, Park Hee-soon. Eight young peopleare picked to participate in “Real SurvivalShow”, which is taken in an isolated island ofWestern Australia. They’re missioned to competewith each other over the prize and eachgame is recorded to be aired on time. Thousandsof viewers are watching their survivalgame on-line but they are not aware wherethe shot is happening. Losers are brutally eliminatedand survivors have to step forward tosave their own lives and plus winning the million.(production; product reel/trailer; debuting)Ski Jump(working title) (Korea; drama)Producer: Park Moo-seung; director: Kim Yonghwa;cast: Ha Jung-woo, Kim Dong-wook. In1996 a small Korean town is undergoing alarge-scale construction in preparation forWinter Olympics bid. The local committeereceives a report that they do not have sufficientathletes to compete. They conclude toform a ski jump team in order to represent theevent. Former American Junior alpine athleteBob is an adoptee who came to Korea insearch of his mother. With 4 other non-experiencedathletes, he form the first Korean skijump team. There’s no turning back. (postproduction;presales; debuting)SHOWCASEENTERTAINMENT, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: Lerins - Stand S-1Office Phone: 33.(0) 818-715-7005On Offer:Catalina Island (USA) Producer: ScottLegrand; directors: Todd Turner, John Schneider;cast: John Schneider, Jessica Tuck. Twenty-sixmiles to a new life. (postproduction;debuting)George A. Romero Presents DeadtimeStories Volume 1 (USA; horror) Producers:Jeff Monahan, Matt Walsh, MichaelFischa; directors: Matt Walsh, Jeff Monahan,Michael Fischa; cast: John Rimauldi, Sam Redford,Patrick Jordan. From the evil mind ofGeorge A. Romero, who unleasehed “Day ofthe Dead,” “Diary of the Dead,” and, the horrorclassic, “Night of the Living Dead,” comes threebedtime tales that will dare you to fall asleep!(postproduction; returning)The Wannabes (USA) Director: Eric DeanSeatonThe Wannabes is a 26-episode halfhourlive-action comedy series featuringSavvy, a multicultural sing-and-dance troupewho has been played on Radio Disney, as agroup of kids attending an arts prep schooltrying to achieve their pop star dream. (postproduction;debuting)SIDUS FNH CORP.Cannes 2009 Office: Village Int’l #123Phone: 82-2-3393-8607On Offer:The Lovestruck Shaman (Korea; comedy)Producer: Lee Seo-yull; director: Kim Jinyoung(preproduction; debuting)SILVERLINEENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: RivieraPhone: 818-710-8899On Offer:Abundant Sunshine (USA; thriller) Producers:Ken Schwenker, Jeff Kussmann, GerardCollette; director: Gerard Collette; cast: NickPasqual, Alisha Seaton, Sarah Barton. The disturbinghome video footage of a serial killerdocuments his gruesome killings over a tenyear period. (postproduction; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Death Hunter: Werewolves vs. Vampires(USA; horror) Producers: SamMcconkey, Dustin Rikert; director: Dustin Rikert;cast: Sam Mcconkey, Paulino Hemmer,Mike Lawler. A man possessing the power ofthe werewolf must rescue his wife from acoven of vampires. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Expiration Date (USA; family) Producers:John Forsen, Rick Stevenson; director: RickStevenson; cast: Robert Guthrie, SaschaKnopf, Dee Wallace. Charlie is cursed to die bymilk truck on his 25th birthday like his grandfatherand father before him. Just as heaccepts his fate with eight days remaining,Charlie meets a girl who won’t let him die inpeace. (95 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)SNAPPER FILMS OYPhone: 358-9-6969-3560On Offer:Christmas Story (Finland; family) Producer/director:Juha Wuolijoki; cast: Hannu-pekkaBjörkman, Kari Väänänen. The box office hit“Christmas Story” recounts the unique andamazing journey of Santa Claus on his way tobecoming the Santa that the world knowsand loves. The top-grossing Finnish film of2007 has been sold to 100 countries, with theatricalreleases in several countries includingSpain, China, Scandinavia etc. The English versionof “Christmas Story” features the voicesof John Turturro and Noah Emmerich. (80mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)Flight Attendant Academy (Finland;comedy) Producer/director: Juha Wuolijoki;cast: TBA. The airline industry is desperate.Facing a shortage of classy and good-lookingflight attendants, the airlines decide to bandtogether and open Flight Attendant Academy,a training facility for elite flight attendants.FAA is a place where the best-of-the-bestreceive expert training on important issues likesafety procedures, gourmet food service, andthe ideal way to deliver a hot towel. (Englishlanguagecomedy feature) (development;presales; debuting)The Poet (Hella W) (Finland; drama)Producer/director: Juha Wuolijoki; cast: TBA.The drama-thriller recounts the true story ofplaywright Hella Wuolijoki. In the 1920s shehad already made millions, wrote severalpolitically hazardous plays and was underobservation of British Intelligence, the SovietUnion and the Finnish secret service. As theevents of WWII started to unfold, she foundherself facing the same task as the Finnishagent put on her tail: to find out what she ishiding behind the multi-faceted mask of HellaW, the celebrated writer and millionaire. (production;presales; debuting)SND GROUPE M6Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera E3Office Phone: 04-92-99-32-20Phone: 33-1-41-92-68-66On Offer:The Counsel (France; thriller) Producer:Sunrise Films (thomas Klotz); director: CédricAnger; cast: Benoît Magimel, Eric Caravaca.Leo a young, ambitious attorney, isapproached by Vanoni, a dubious businessman.First reluctant and troubled by Vanoni’spast, Leo eventually accepts. Passionate andgifted in his work, he achieves success in workingfor Vanoni. As he becomes more involvedwith Vanoni, Leo must face the facts of hisclient’s affairs: illegal dumpin of toxic waste,murder, missing witnesses. It becomes obviousthat the police have their eye on Leo. The timefor him to choose has arrived. (preproduction;presales; debuting)Just the Three of Us (France; drama)Producer: Babe Films; director: RenaudBertrand; cast: Emmanuelle Béart, StefanoAccorsi, Jacques Gamblin, Audrey Dana.Sébastien, 10 years-old, worships his mother(E. Béart), in his dreams, she is a queen. Hepays little attention to his father (J. Gamblin),a failed inventor who is never around. When anew neighbour, Philippe (S. Accorsi), moves innext door, Sébastien is sure to have discoveredhis mother’s prince charming. He now has amission, unite his mother with her prince. Asthe boy gets closer to Philippe, so does hismother. His dream may not be out of reach,but it will have consequences. (production;product reel/trailer; debuting)Stranded (France; horror) Producer:CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 27

PRODUCT LISTINGSDelante Films & Kare Production; director:Hugues Martin; cast: Thierry Fremont, CyrilRaffaelli, Aurélien Wiik. The North Africandesert of the Sahara - 1960. Soldiers are sentin a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in asand storm, isolated from their commander,theh run into Algerian rebels. As they seekshelter in an uncharted village another, invisiblethreat comes out from the desert - TheDjinns. As their ranks are decimated, they’llface the longest night of their lives. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)SOBINICannes 2009 Office: Hotel Majestic- #107Office Phone: 310-689-6826Phone: 310-581-7305On Offer:Burning Bright (USA; thriller) Producers:Mark Amin, David W. Higgins, Cami Winikoff;director: Carlos Brooks; cast: Briana Evigan,Garret Dillahunt. A young girl struggles to survivewhen she is trapped in her house with herautistic brother and a ravenous tiger during ahurricane. (postproduction; screening; debuting)Gardens of the Night (USA; drama) Producers:R.d. Robb, Damian Harris, Mark Amin;director: Damian Harris; cast: John Malkovich,Tom Arnold. After being kidnapped and raisedin captivity since childhood, two teens struggleto cope with their haunted past after theirrelease. With the help of a sympathetic counselor,they begin to uncover the nature of love.(110 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)SOLA MEDIA GMBHCannes 2009 Office: Riviera C18Phone: 49-711-479-3666On Offer:The Bone Man (Germany; thriller) Producers:Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker; director: WolfgangMuernberger; cast: Josef Hader, SimonSchwart, Josef Bierbichler. A man called Horvathhas vanished. The last leasing instalmentfor his car has not been paid. Reluctantly,Brenner agrees to a request from his old friendBerti and sets off to perform the mundanetask of bringing back Horvath’s vehicle - whichentails him setting off on the long journey intothe depths of the provincial countryside. A forwardingaddress left at the post office leadshim straight to the Löschenkohl, a countryrestaurant with a fine reputation for roastchicken. (121 mins.; screening; returning)Sunshine Barry and the DiscoWorms (Germany; animation) Producers:Nina Crone, Solveig Langeland; director:Thomas Borch-nielsen; cast: Jason Grae, FrankLannart, Heather Carino. It’s not easy to beBarry. An earthworm gets no respect. He livesat the bottom of the foodchain. He has themost boring job at the composting plant. He’sall set for a dull life in the dark. But one day anold disco-record turns his life upside down.Suddenly he realizes his destiny: To be star ofthe world’s greatest discoband: “SunshineBarry & The Disco Worms”! Okay, he’s got noarms, no rythm and no band. But as Barrysays: We’ll do it anyway! (79 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Turtle: The Incredible Journey (Germany;family) Producers: Sam Taylor, MikeDowney, Sarah Cunliff; director: Nick Stinger;cast: Miranda Richardson. “Turtle: The IncredibleJourney” is the story of a little loggerheadturtle, who follows in the path of her ancestorson one of the most extraordinary journeys inthe natural world. Born on a beach in Florida,she rides the Gulf Stream all the way to thefrozen north and ultimately swims around theentire North Atlantic to Africa and back to thebeach where she was born. But the odds arestacked against her; just one in a thousandturtles survive the journey. (80 mins.; screening;returning)SPOTLIGHT PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Riviera A-12Office Phone: + 323-871-2551On Offer:At the Edge of the World (USA; documentary)Producer: Craig Stone; director: DanStoneAt the Edge of the World chronicles thecontroversial Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaignagainst a Japanese whaling fleet. (92mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)Cornered! (USA; horror) Producers: AlanNoel Vega, Daniel Maze, Saskia Boedt; director:Daniel Maze; cast: James Duval, SteveGuttenberg. During their nightly poker game agroup of lowlifes are terrorized in their ownconvenience store by a masked killer. (86mins.; screening; debuting)Sherman’s Way (USA; comedy) Producers:Craig M. Saavedra, Michael Shulman, ThomasR. Nance; director: Craig M. Saavedra; cast:James Legros, Lacey Chabert. Having followedhis girlfriend out to California’s Wine Countryfor the summer, Yale law student Shermanfinds himself dumped, and cut off from hishigh-society mother’s money. A strangerstranded in a strange land, Sherman findshimself hitching a ride with Palmer, a washedup,unapologetically eccentric Olympic athlete.(87 mins.; screener cassette/DVD; debuting)STRATEGIC FILM PARTNERSCannes 2009 Office: Lerins S6Office Phone: +1-310-467-1788Phone: +1-818-487-8800On Offer:Cameron Romero’s Staunton Hill(USA; horror) Producer: Christofer Lombardo;director: G. Cameron Romero; cast: KathyLamkin, Kiko Ellsworth, Cristen Coppen. Agroup of young travelers break down by a familyfarm and quickly find out that something isnot quite right with the inhabitants. (90 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; debuting)No Sit List (USA; family) Producer: JoeLorenzo; director: Douglas Horn; cast: DannyTrejo, Trenton Rogers, Rico Rodriguez, BrittanyFinamore, Dee Wallace. Good kid tries to geton the “No Sit List” so that no babysitter willsit him and his parents will be forced to spendmore time with him. (75 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)Party House (USA; comedy) Producers:Joel Reisig, Scott Voshel; director: AntonijsPrizevoits; cast: Justin Isfeld, Johnny Lechner,Joel Reisig. Two guys scheme for ways to stayin college for another year while wild anticsensue. (82 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 2 La Croisette,Penthouse, 4th FloorOffice Phone: +33 4 97 06 90 23Phone: +1 310 309 8400On Offer:Astro Boy (USA; animation) Producer:Maryann Garger; director: David Bowers; cast:Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell. Coming to thebig screen for the first time, the iconic characterAstro Boy has found global popularity sincehis creation in the early 1950s by the “god ofmanga” and “father of anime”, Osamu Tezuka.Set in the future, Astro Boy is a classic superheroorigin story about a young robot withincredible powers and his adventure-filledjourney in search of his identity and destiny.(postproduction; returning)Baaria (USA; drama) Producer: MedusaFilm; director: Giuseppe Tornatore; cast: MargarethMadè, Francesco Scianna. As historyand love unfold in this saga, Peppino is thecomic and dramatic observer of charmingfamily stories dealing with poverty and thenobility of the soul, while also being witness toimportant national events that determine thefate of the world. (postproduction; returning)Furry Vengeance (USA; family) Producer:Robert Simonds; director: Roger Kumble; cast:Brendan Fraser. In the Oregon wilderness, areal estate developer’s new housing subdivisionfaces a unique group of protesters, localwoodland creatures who don’t want theirhomes disturbed. (preproduction; returning)SUNSTONE ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 24.01 @palaisOffice Phone: 0631819409Phone: 91-9820186614On Offer:Aasma — Sky Is the Limit (India;drama) Producer: Sunstone Entertainment;director: Rohit Nayyar; cast: Hrishita Bhatt,Shubh, Nauheed Cyrusi. A film about friendship,courage and reaching for one’s dreams.(158 mins.; debuting)Memsahab — Lost In Mirage (India;romance) Producer: Sunstone Entertainment;director: Arshad Siddiqui; cast: YuktaaMookhey, Govind Namdev, Vijay Raaz. Thestory of a prostitute who falls in love with oneof her clients. (140 mins.; debuting)SWIPE FILMPhone: 02078518602On Offer:Beyond the Fire (U.K.; drama) Producer:Helen Alexander; director: Maeve Murphy;cast: Scot Alexander & Cara Seymour. Aprovocative love story (82 mins.; screening;debuting)Love Live Long (U.K.; drama) Producer:Patrick Fischer; director: Mike Figgis; cast:Sophie Winkleman & Daniel Lapaine. A twistedlove story set against the infamous GumballCar Rally (82 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; returning)SYNDICATE FILMSINTERNATIONAL, LLCPhone: 310-689-1450On Offer:The Governess (USA; comedy) Producers:Sidney Ganis & Alex Siskin, Simon Fields &Jennifer Lopez, Bob Yari; director: Nigel Cole;cast: Jennifer Lopez. Gloria, one of the bestthieves in the business, faces her toughest jobyet: posing as a nanny to a widower with threeunruly children in order to steal a bank’s securitycode needed to pull off a major bank heist.(preproduction; returning)Hopeless Romantic (USA; comedy) Producers:Bob Yari, Colin Jones; director: Tbd;cast: Tbd. While trying to publish a book onhow true love doesn’t exist, an English academicfinds an unexpected match with theuniversity’s American gardener, turning her lifeand work upside down. (preproduction;returning)One Train Later (USA; documentary) Producers:Norman Golightly, Brett Morgen, BobYari; director: Lauren Lazin; cast: Andy SummersWith Performance By The Police. Documentarybased on the memoir by Andy Summers,including: Andy’s career, the creation ofThe Police, and interviews and footage duringthe 2007/2008 world tour. (postproduction;returning)TAURUS ENTERTAINMENTPhone: 818-935-5157On Offer:Creepshow 4 (USA; horror) Producer:James Dudelson Robert Dudelson (preproduction;debuting)Day of the Dead — 3D (USA; horror) Producer:James Dudelson Robert Dudelson (preproduction;presales; debuting)Go Kart Racer (USA; children/teen) Producer:James Dudelson Robert Dudelson;director: David Stoner; cast: Jerry Wilts, GeorgeRamirez, Valerie Chu, Sammy Levin, JennyBoth. 5 kids must race against time to capturethe one prize they have dreamed about theirentire lives, the Go Kart Racing World Cup! Inthis fun for the whole family adventure thesekids not only learn about racing but want itmeans to be a winner and a good friend. (production;debuting)TOKYO BROADCASTINGSYSTEM TELEVISION, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: E-19Phone: 81-3-5571-3085On Offer:April Bride (Japan; drama) Producer:Takashi Hirano; director: Ryuichi Hiroki; cast:Nana Eikura, Eita. “It is a miracle that tomorrowcomes to everyone. Just knowing that fillseach day with happiness.”: April Bride is thetrue story of Chie and her boyfriend Taro, andthe love between them that sustained Chiethrough her battle with breast cancer. (129mins.; product reel/trailer; debuting)Crows II (Japan; drama) Producer: MataichiroYamamoto; director: Takashi Miike; cast:Shun Oguri, Kyosuke Yabe And Others. Japan’sGreatest Action Film has been bested! Severalmonths have passed since the end of the firstepisode. Genji (Shun Oguri) and his victoriousG.P.S. alliance find themselves facing down anew challenge by the students of Hosen Academy,feared by everyone as “The Army ofKillers.” -It ain’t over till it’s over. (133 mins.;screening; debuting)Rookies (Japan; drama) Producer: KazuyaHamana; director: Yuichiro Hira; cast: RyutaSato, Hayato Ichihara And Others. The Record-Breaking TV Series Comes to the Screen!: AFired-up high-school teacher who teaches hisbaseball team the importance of having adream, and the students he leads, burningwith this dream of a national championship.(137 mins.; presales; debuting)TELEPOOLCannes 2009 Office: Riviera F3 / G2Office Phone: 33-0-4-92-99-32-34Phone: 49-89-55-876-0On Offer:The Door (working title) (Germany;thriller) Producers: Ralph Schwingel, StefanSchubert, Christoph Müller; director: AnnoSaul; cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Jessica Schwarz,Thomas Thieme. The mystery thriller’s actioncenters on the formerly successful painterDavid (played by internationally famous Danishactor Mads Mikkelsen) who has lost controlover his life after being responsible for thedeath of his seven-year-old daughter Leoniethrough a fatal decision. Five years later, hediscovers a door which will give him the opportunityto start all over again, but this turns outto be a veritable horror scenario… (postproduction;screener cassette/DVD; returning)Lippel’s Dream (Germany; family) Producer:Ulrich Limmer; director: Lars Büchel; cast:Karl Alexander Seidel, Anke Engelke, MoritzBleibtreu. When 11-year-old Philipp is left in thecare of evil housekeeper Mrs. Jakob, he dreamshimself into an adventurous oriental dreamworld,where he braves many challenges. “Lippel’sDream” is based on the German best-sellingbook by children’s author Paul Maar and isdirected by Lars Büchel. The book was publishedand sold in the following countries:China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Sweden,Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Macau andHong Kong. (100 mins.; screening; returning)Within the Whirlwind (Germany; drama)Producers: Christine Ruppert, Piotr Mularuk,Hubert Toint; director: Marleen Gorris; cast:Emily Watson, Ulrich Tukur, Ian Hart. The worldof Evgenia Ginzburg, a literature professor,begins to close in around her as colleagues andeven her own husband succumb to the madnessof Stalin’s reign of terror. Because of herrefusal to falsely admit her own guilt, she isaccused of terrorism and sent to 10 years hardlabor in a gulag in Siberia. Halfway through hersentence, having lost everything, and no longerwishing to live, she meets the camp doctor andslowly begins to come back to life. (105 mins.;screener cassette/DVD; returning)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 28

PRODUCT LISTINGSTF1 INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera H3Office Phone: 00-33-4-92-99-32-17Phone: 33-1-41-41-21-68On Offer:Micmacs (France; comedy) Producers:Frédéric Brillion, Gilles Legrand, Jean-pierreJeunet; director: Jean-pierre Jeunet; cast: DanyBoon, André Dussollier. An offbeat, hilariousadventure full of twists and turns, by thedirector of Amelie and his usual crew. A manand his friends come up with an intricate andoriginal plan to destroy two big weaponsmanufacturers. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; debuting)Rabbi’s cat (France; animation) Producer:Autochenille Productions; directors: JoannSfar, Antoine DelesvauxA rabbi and his talkingcat set off on an incredible adventure acrossAfrica. A magnificient and colorful 2D animationfilm based on the bestselling graphic novelsby Joann Sfar published in 17 countries.(production; product reel/trailer; debuting)Trader Games (France; action-adventure)Producers: Pierre Forette, Thierry Wong; director:Fabrice Genestal; cast: Michael Madsen,Vahina Giocante. A hot young Wall Streettrader finds a formula based on climatology toplay the market and win big.. but at what cost? (production; presales; debuting)TIMELESS FILMSPhone: 358341088089On Offer:Day of Reckoning (Finland; horror) Producer:Ilkka Niemi; directors: Tommi Lepola,Tero MolinDay of Reckoning! (development;presales; debuting)EverDark (Finland; horror) Producer: IlkkaNiemi; directors: Tommi Lepola, Tero MolinIn1885 a family´s home is invaded by an evilentity. They have 16 days to banish the darkforces before a little girl is lost forever. (development;presales; returning)Skeleton Crew (Finland; horror) Producer:Ilkka Niemi; directors: Tommi Lepola, TeroMolin; cast: Steve Porter, Rita Suomalainen. Afilmmaker who uncovers a collection of snufffilms containing raw footage of real murdersbecomes inspired to create his own masterpieceof terror. There´s No Sequel for You! (92mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)TOHO CO., LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: A14 RivieraOffice Phone: 04-92-99-32-48Phone: 81-3-3591-3530On Offer:Battle Under Orion (Japan; action-adventure)Producers: Keiji Kameyama, Shohei Kotaki;director: Tetsuo Shinohara; cast: HiroshiTamaki, Keiko Kitagawa, Yoshikuni Dochin. Themusic to a song called Midsummer Orion,hand-copied by a Japanese woman. Why, after64 years, does it suddenly arrive from America?The answer lies in a tale of love, of comradeship,and of the bonds that join men throwingall their skill and stamina into the final battle.(120 mins.; screening; debuting)The Vulture (Japan; drama) Producers: KeiKurube, Manabu Endo; director: Keishi Otomo;cast: Nao Omori, Tetsuji Tamayama, KyoheiShibata. Riding the economic tidal wavefueled by MONEY AND GREED, the two “vultures”face off in the greatest battle of theircareers. (postproduction; presales; debuting)Zero Focus (working title) (Japan;drama) Producer: Yoshishige Shimatani; director:Isshin Inudo; cast: Ryoko Hirosue, MikiNakatani, Tae Kimura. Kenichi and Teiko arebrought together by an arranged marriage. 10days after their honeymoon, Kenichi leaves ona business trip to Kanazawa where he used tolive and never returns back to Tokyo. Teikohardly knows Kenichi and has no idea why hedisappeared or where he might be. Who is thisman she married? (production; presales;debuting)TRICOAST WORLDWIDECannes 2009 Office: Riviera B4Office Phone: 33 (0)4 92 99 33 16Phone/Fax: 33 (0)4 92 99 33 16On Offer:April Showers (United States; drama) Producers:Jenna Edwards, Yoshi Carroll; director:Andrew Robinson; cast: Tom Arnold, Sean Durrie,Rachel Lien. A look inside a tragedy throughthe eyes of a survivor. Based on actual events,April Showers is a suspense thriller about pickingup the pieces in the direct aftermath ofschool violence. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)The Cursed (United States) Producers: BradThornton, Louis Mandylor; director: Joel Bender;cast: Brad Thornton, Costas Mandylor,Louis Mandylor. When a stranger, Denny, comesto town supernatural events begin. The Sheriffand Denny join forces to fight the evil; learningit is manifested from the past slave plantationdays. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)Doc West (United States; family) Producers:Guido De Angelis, Anselmo Parrinello; directors:Giulio Base, Terence Hill; cast: Terence Hill,Paul Sorvino, Ornella Muti. Western about alegendary figure who is part lover, part gunslingerand all hero. (90 mins.; screening;debuting)TRUSTNORDISKPhone: 45-36868788On Offer:Antichrist (Denmark; thriller) Producer:Meta Louise Foldager; director: Lars Von Trier;cast: Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Agrieving couple retreats to ’Eden’, their isolatedcabin in the woods, where they hope to repairtheir broken hearts and troubled marriage. Butnature takes its course and things go from badto worse… (100 mins.; premiere; debuting)Love at First Hiccup (Denmark; comedy)Producers: Bob Engelman, Regner Grasten;director: Barbara Rothenberg; cast: DevonWerkheiser, Scout Taylor-compton. Highschoolfreshman, Victor falls in love with senior, Anya.Anya dates the rich smartass Peter. Can Victorsshy and goofy charm beat out Peters arrogance?(85 mins.; premiere; debuting)UFO INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Riviera D10Office Phone: +33 (0) 92 99 32 41Phone: 818-846-0465On Offer:Lightning Strikes (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Jeffery Beach, Phillip Roth; director:Gary Jones; cast: Kevin Sorbo. A small town inNorth Carolina is surrounded by an electricalstorm and it won’t let anyone leave. Becausethere is something in the lightning. Somethingancient. Something evil. A creature who actuallyexists within the lightning itself and controlsit. One man, who has been obsessed by thisdevil for his entire life, appears to be the onlyone who can save this town and everyone in it,and so he prepares for the final showdown.(postproduction; returning)Naga (USA; thriller) Producers: Jeffery Beach,Phillip RothAs the People’s Army of Vietnamcaptures the fallen city of Saigon, thousandsof South Vietnamese civilians are airlifted tothe Gulf of Thailand. As the last group ofAmerican soldiers attempt to evacuate, theyfind themselves not only shot down behindenemy lines, but relentlessly hunted by theVietcong, embroiled in a Russian conspiracyfor global domination, and at the center of anancient Cambodian legend of prehistoricmulti-headed serpent Gods... the all-powerfulNaga. (production; debuting)Temple of Kali (USA; action-adventure)Producers: Jeffery Beach, Phillip Roth. JakeAndrews travels through the jungles of India insearch of someone who disappeared on anexpedition to discover the Lost City of Kosalaand find the Tears of Kali, three pricelessrubies hidden there. Asha, a beautiful dancer,joins Jake in hopes of finding her father. Theirjourney through the jungle leads them to thecursed Palace of Ahangarh, where they relocatethe lost city and jewels, but unleash theferocious creature that guards the Tears ofKali, a giant three-headed cobra. (production;returning)UGC INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: 4, La Croisette - 1st FlPhone: 33146404642On Offer:Dumas (France; drama) Producers: FilmOblige, Ugc Images; director: Safy Nebbou;cast: Gérard Depardieu, Benoit Poelvoord.Alexandre Dumas, in the prime of his life,sends Auguste Maquet, his literary co-writerten years his junior, to meet young unknownadmirer, Charlotte Desrives. The two men areat the pinnacle of their artistic partnership, asthey have just published Le comte de MonteChristo (The Count of Monte Cristo), La ReineMargot (The Queen Margot) and les TroisMousquetaires (The Three Musketeers).Althought Maquet is the one who wrote mostof the text, the accolades and fam go toDumas... (production; debuting)Lucky Luke (France; comedy) Producer: UgcYm; director: James Huth; cast: Jean Dujardin,Mickael Youn. He “shoots faster than his shadow”.LUCKY LUKE. The fearless gunslinger issent on a mission to Daisy Town. The city livesunder the terror of bandits, men like Pat Pokerand Billy the Kid. Will Luke, who has never killeda man, let hate overtake him. Governor MauriceAustin Cooper, Calamity Jane and Jesse James,the bandit with a penchant for Shakespeare,accompany Luke in duels, laughters and terriblebetrayals. Will the lonesome cowboy onceagain ride off with Jolly Jumper into the sunset?(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)You’ll Miss Me (France; drama) Producer:Thomas Klotz; director: Amanda Sthers; cast:Carole Bouquet, Melanie Doutey. Six destinieswhich are going to, for the space of an instant,in this airport teeming with life and intermingling,jostle each, separate and meet again.And what if these characters were living outthe most importants of their entire lives?Olivier and Lola... Is he going to miss love or isshe going to miss the plane? Julia and Marcel...Is she going to miss her death or is he going tomiss his life? Fanny and Max... is she going tobe lack courage or he is going to lack luck?(screening; debuting)UNIFIED PICTURESPhone: 818-576-1006On Offer:My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done(USA; thriller) Producers: David Lynch, Eric Bassett;director: Werner Herzog; cast: MichaelShannon, Chloë Sevigny. A thriller-tinged murderdrama based on the true story of a psychoticyoung man who acts out a Sophocles play inhis mind and kills his mother with a sword.(postproduction; product reel/trailer; debuting)Repo Chick (USA; action-adventure) Producer:Eric Bassett; director: Alex Cox; cast:Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; debuting)UNITED PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Riviera B13/c14Office Phone: 33-0-6-23-73-66-90Phone: 82-2-3443-4296On Offer:A Flower Man (working title) (Korea;romance) Producer: Lee Eugene; director: ParkJin-pyo; cast: Kim Myung-min, Ha Ji-won. Aftershe has gone through two painful divorces, Jisoois asked to marry Jong-woo who suffersfrom a Lou Gehrig’s disease. They start adream-like marriage without anyone’sapproval. The more they yearn for intimacy, themore they taste the bitterness of reality. However,their healing power of love enables themto choose the possibility of hope over fear insickness. (production; presales; debuting)Jeon Woo Chi (working title) (Korea;action-adventure) Producer: Lee Eugene;director: Choi Dong-hoon; cast: Gang Dongwon,Kim Yoon-suk. In Chosun Dynatsy, theMaster’s rascal student Jeon Woo Chi has beenpushed into a corner by suspected Master’smurder and taking his pipe. Ultimately he getssealed into a painting along with his trust dog,Chorangyi. In 2009, goblins begin to appearand wreak havoc on the world. Jeon Woo Chiand Chorangyi are offered freedom in returnfor catching the goblins. (postproduction; presales;debuting)Yoga (Korea; horror) Producers: Lee Tae Hun,Lee Jin-sook; director: Yoon Jae-yeon; cast:Eugene, Cha Soo-yeon. Once taken her jobbecause of her appearance, an enthusiasticwoman, Hyo-jung visits a mysterious yogainstitute run by an ex-actress where her radicallychanged friend told her to go. At theintensive training course, a young yoga master,Nani explains to Hyo-jung and four other girlsthat only one person who masters the coursemost successfully can get the secret of ultimateand immortal beauty.As the traininggoes on, Hyo-jung starts to sense there issomething scary about this institute... (production;presales; debuting)UNIVERSE FILMSDISTRIBUTION CO., LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Riviera B9-01 (HongKong Pavilion)Office Phone: 852-8170-1448Phone: 852-2416-3008On Offer:The Child’s Eye in 3D (working title)(China; horror) Producers/directors: PangBrothers (the Eye, Recycle); cast: Rainie Yang(spider Lilies), Elanne Kwong(invisible Target).A series of unfortunate events - a political crisis,blockades of international airport androadblock totally interrupt the plan of Rainieand friends in Thailand, they end up staying ina bizarre Thai hotel- where a strange journey isabout to begin .... (preproduction; presales;returning)City on Alert (working title) (China;action-adventure) Producers/directors: BennyChan (connected, New Police Story); cast:Aaron Kwok (divergence, After This Our Exile),Wu Jing(invisible Target, Fatal Contact), ShuQi(if You Are The One, The Transporter). This isa story about “courage”. Shing, an ordinaryclown in a local circus, by chance is turned to amutant with extraordinary power in an accident.He decides to declare a battle for goodwillof the City with a troupe of circus performerswho embark on a crime spree after theyacquire superhuman skill in the same accident.(preproduction; presales; returning)The Storm Warriors (China; actionadventure)Producers/directors: Pang Brothers(re-cycle, The Messengers); cast: Aaron Kwok(the Stormriders, After This Our Exile), EkinCheng (the Stormriders, Running Out Of Time2), Simon Yam (election, Eye In The Sky).Sequel to the fantasy epic based on the mostpopular martial arts comic, martial arts legendsWind and Cloud must stop evil warlordfrom invasion while they discovered anancient secret. The brothers eventually confrontedwith each other as Wind took the evilway to boost his skills. (postproduction; productreel/trailer; returning)VISION FILMSCannes 2009 Office: 21.01 PalaisOffice Phone: +33-6-2484-4836Phone: 818-784-1702On Offer:Bra Boys (USA; documentary) Producers:Jason B. Bergh, Sunny Abberton; director:Sunny Abberton; cast: Russell Crowe, SunnyAbberton, Jai Abberton, Kelly Slater. The firstofficially sanctioned and highest grossing doc-CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 29

PRODUCT LISTINGSumentary feature about a notorious Australiansurf-gang, the Bra Boys. It’s a storyabout brotherhood, survival in the hood, murderand justice. Russell Crowe set to direct thefeature version of this doc in 2009. (84 mins.;screening; debuting)Dead Ahead: Zyzzyx Road to Vegas(USA; thriller) Producer: Leo Grillo; director:John Penney; cast: Katherine Heigl, Tom Sizemore,Leo Grillo. While on a trip to Vegas, anordinary family man has a romantic fling witha beautiful seductress named Marissa(Katherine Heigl). Their tryst is interruptedwhen her angry boyfriend (Tom Sizemore),walks in on them. A fight ensues and in a blindrage of self-defense, Grant kills Joey and isnow entangled in a web of lies and deception.(87 mins.; screening; debuting)The Dukes (USA; comedy) Producers:Christopher Corabi, Jim Cypherd; director:Robert Davi; cast: Chazz Palminteri, RobertDavi, Peter Bogdanovich. The story of TheDukes, a once famous Doo Wop group nowdesperate for work, tries to pull off a gold heistonly to find out that what’s most important inlife is not fame or money, but dignity. A heartfeltcinematic ode to friendship, family ties,determination and resilience. (96 mins.;screening; debuting)VISION MUSIC, INC.Cannes 2009 Office: 21.01 PalaisOffice Phone: +33-6-2484-4836Phone: 818-784-1702On Offer:The Harder They Come (USA; drama)Producers: Perry Henzell, Justine Henzell;director: Perry Henzell; cast: Jimmy Cliff, JanetBartley, Carl Bradshaw. The cult classic thatmade Reggae a worldwide phenomenon. AReggae performer comes to the city for fame(Jimmy Cliff), but is taken advantage of,falling victim to drugs and crime. Newlyremastered to HD in 2008. (90 mins.; screenercassette/DVD; debuting)Sid! (USA; documentary) Producer: OdeonEntertainment; director: Alan Byron; cast: SidVicious, Nancy Spungen. Punk Rock’s mostnotorious icon, sheds light on truths that havebeen clouded by mystery for years. With interviewsfrom Sid’s closest friends and previouslyunseen footage and music from Sid’s 1978 liveshows. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;debuting)What We Do Is Secret (USA; drama) Producer:Stephen Nemeth; directors: RodgerGrossman, Matt Perniciaro, Kevin Mann; cast:Shane West, Bijou Phillips, Rick Gonzoles. Thecaptivating story that captures the explosive& tumultuous life of Darby Crash, the seminalsinger & songwriter of The Germs. Driven bydrugs, music & rebellion, The Germs became avehicle that launched Punk Rock in the UnitedStates. (90 mins.; screener cassette/DVD;returning)VISIT FILMSCannes 2009 Office: 19 Rue Notre Dame 3rdFloor (corner Of Rue Des Serbes And RueNotre Dame),across From The Hotel Du GrayD’albionOffice Phone: +1 718 312 8210Phone: +1 718 312 8210On Offer:Kimjongilia (USA; documentary) Producers:Nc Heikin, Mike Figgis; director: Nc Heikin-For 60 years, North Korea has been one of themost isolated countries in the world, a totalitariannightmare from which almost noimages or stories escape to the Western world.N.C. Heikin’s fascinating, formally inventivefilm chronicles the experiences of a number ofdefectors from the country, who tell harrowingstories of concentration camps, mass famine,and seemingly impossible escapes. (75 mins.;screening; debuting)The Missing Person (USA; drama) Producers:Jesse Scolaro, Allen Bain, Lois Drabkin; director:Noah Buschel; cast: Michael Shannon, AmyRyan, Frank Wood. John Rosow is a privatedetective hired to tail a man, Harold Fullmer, ona train from Chicago to Los Angeles. Rosowgradually uncovers Harold’s identity as a missingperson; one of the thousands presumed deadafter the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the WorldTrade Center. (95 mins.; screening; debuting)Sorry, Thanks (USA; comedy) Producer:Lauren Veloski; director: Dia Sokol; cast: WilleyWiggins. Reeling from a brutal break-up, Kirasleeps with Max, a charming but disheveledwreck already committed to long-term girlfriendSara. Max (no emotional sophisticate)becomes obsessed, mostly with Kira, butvaguely with his curious lack of conscience aswell. (93 mins.; screening; debuting)VOLTAGE PICTURESCannes 2009 Office: Relais De La Reine /Apartment C-32Phone: 323-464-8351On Offer:Call of the Wild 3D (USA; action-adventure)Producer/director: Richard Gabai; cast:Christopher Walken. Based on the Jack Londonclassic, a young girl in Montana attractsthe attention of an evil stranger after she rescuesa hurt wolf. (screening; debuting)The Company You Keep (USA; thriller)Producers: Robert Redford, Greg Shapiro, NicolasChartier; director: Robert Redford; cast:Robert Redford. A taut thriller in the vein ofThree Days of the Condor and Les Miserables.When his real identity is discovered after thirtyyears underground, a former political activistmust escape capture and go on the run to savehis young daughter’s future by reconciling hisown checkered past… (preproduction; presales;returning)GAME OF DEATH (USA; action-adventure)Producer: Billy Dietrich; cast: WesleySnipes. A diplomat’s bodyguard and co areinjured in a botched assassination attempt.They’re all taken to the same hospital, wherethe bodyguard teams up with a nurse to protectthe diplomat from a team of ruthlessassassins. The nurse soon learns that there ismore to this sticky situation than expected.(preproduction; presales; debuting)THE WEINSTEIN COMPANYCannes 2009 Office: Residence Du GrayD’Albion, 4 Rue Des Serbes, Penthouse 7g2Office Phone: +33 (0)4 93 68 13 09Phone: 646-862-3400On Offer:H2 (USA; horror) Producers: Malek Akkad,Andy Gould, Rob Zombie; director: Rob Zombie;cast: Malcolm Mcdonell, Sheri Moon Zombie,Scout Taylor-compton, Brad Dourif. (postproduction;debuting)Nerveracker (USA; sci-fi) Producer/director:Robert Rodriguez (preproduction; debuting)Nine (USA; musical) Producer: Marc E. Platt;director: Rob Marshall; cast: Daniel Day-lewis,Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench,Stacy Ferguson, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman,Sophia Loren. (postproduction; returning)WESTEND FILMSCannes 2009 Office: Residences De GrayD’albion, 28 Bis Rue Des Serbes, Entrance COffice Phone: 33-0-49-36-81-496Phone: 44-207-494-8300On Offer:Chatroom (U.K.; thriller) Producers: LauraHastings Smith, Alison Owen; director: HideoNakata; cast: Matthew Beard, Daniel Kaluuya,Hannah Murray. Five teenagers meet online andencourage each other’s destructive behaviour.But things get out of hand when the charismaticand manipulative William targets the unstableJim. CHATROOM is a high-concept thrillerdrama,combining the mounting tension ofDISTURBIA with the razor-sharp observationsof a generation as seen in TRAINSPOTTING.(preproduction; presales; returning)The Disappearance of Alice Creed (U.K.;thriller) Producers: Adrian Sturges, Marc Samuelson;director: J Blakeson; cast: Gemma Arterton,Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston. Two men, anempty apartment and a millionaire’s daughter:when Alice Creed disappears from a quiet streetit seems like the perfect setup for ransom. Butthings are not as they seem, and as the planheads towards its climax the three are caught upin a tense power-play of greed and deception.(postproduction; presales; debuting)Mother and Child (U.K.; drama) Producers:Julie Lynn, Lisa Falcone, Alejandro GonzalezInarritu; director: Rodrigo Garcia; cast: NaomiWatts, Annette Bening, Samuel L Jackson. Amoving story about the choices we make, thechances we miss, the opportunities we seizeand the unbreakable bond between a motherand her child. Elizabeth never wanted to meetthe mother she never knew until an unplannedpregnancy makes her see things differently.Karen never came to terms with abandoning anewborn child when she was a teenager, andLucy is desperate to become a mother. Thethree women’s lives are linked as their searchfor motherhood brings them together. (postproduction;product reel/trailer; returning)WIDE MANAGEMENTCannes 2009 Office: Palais Des FestivalsStand E6Phone: 33-1-53-95-04-64On Offer:Albakiara (France; adult/erotic) Producers:Mikado Film, Rai Cinema, Pixeldna; director:Stefano Salvati; cast: Raz Degan, Davide Rossi,Laura Gigante. Chiara is seventeen, she has ababy face, appears to be the girl next door andher mother believes she is a good daughter….but she isn’t! “Drug –friendly” and keen practitionerof so-called “gangster nights”, Chiaradoesn’t love school but really loves disco andfree love (better say free sex!). (93 mins.;screening; debuting)Die Liebe der Kinder (France; drama) Producer:2 Pilots; director: Franz Muller; cast:Marie-lou Sellem, Alex Brendemühl, KatharinaDerr, Tim Hoffmann. Two single parents meetin an Internet chat room and soon decide tomove in together. They don’t have a whole lotin common, but the very fact that they are sodifferent gives the relationship its liberated,“adult“ quality. (90 mins.; screening; debuting)Orpailleur (France; drama) Producer:Thomas Jaubert (mat Film); director: MarcBarratRod decides to return to Guiana, hisnative country, accompanied by Gonz, hischildhood friend. In Cayenne, they begin aninvestigation into Rod’s past. A quest that willlead them right into the heart of the virgin forest,into the camps of the illegal gold prospectors…(73 mins.; screening; debuting)WILD BUNCHPhone: 331-53-01-50-20On Offer:Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky(France; drama) Producer: Claudie Ossard &Chris Bolzli (eurowide Film Production); director:Jan Koenen; cast: Anna Mouglalis, MadsMikkelsen. The movie tells the story of thepassionate, intense and sexual love affairbetween Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, twocreative giants (120 mins.; premiere; debuting)Little Nicholas (France; family) Producer:Olivier Delbosc & Marc Missonnier (fideliteFilms); director: Laurent Tirard; cast: KadMerad, Valérie Lemercier. A feature-lengthadaptation of the bestselling book series, “LittleNicholas”, about a mischievous littleschoolboy and his friends, set in an idealworld, an idea of France in the late 50’s. (95mins.; premiere; debuting)Tales From the Golden Age (France;drama) Producer: Oleg Mutu & Cristian Mungiu(mobra Films); director: Cristian Mungiu -Ioana Uricaru - Hanno Höfer - R?zvanM?rculescu – Constantin Popescu. TALESFROM THE GOLDEN AGE is composed of sixshort stories - connected by mood, narrativepattern and the details of the historical period.The last 15 years of the Ceausescu regime werethe worst in Romania’s history. Nonetheless,the propaganda machine of that time referredwithout fail to that period as The Golden Age.(155 mins.; premiere; debuting)WONDERLANDENTERTAINMENTPhone: 805-452-0878On Offer:The Goddess (USA; documentary) Producer:Emmanuel Itier Amanda Estremera; director:Emmanuel Itier; cast: Karen Armstrong, MarilynSchlitz, Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi, Eliana Gilad, Dr.Lita Rawdin. An journey through the wisdomsand visions of the most important and influentialwomen around the World. How Women arehelping shape a new healed planet. (production;presales; debuting)I Come in Peace (USA; documentary) Producer/director:Emmanuel Itier; cast: TBA. Politicsare good! An exploration of the new politicalworld in the 21st century and through thenew relationship with countries such as Iran,China, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia (preproduction;presales; debuting)The Invocation (USA; documentary) Producer:Emmanuel Itier Amanda Estremera;director: Emmanuel Itier; cast: Deepak Chopra,Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Oliver Stone, StewartCopeland, His Holiness The Dalai Lama,Dean Radin, Karen Armstrong. An explorationof the notion of ‘God’ and Peace around theworld and through the wisdom of various leaders.(90 mins.; screening; debuting)THE WORKS INTERNATIONALCannes 2009 Office: Apt 4d, 4th Floor,Entrance ‘flamant’, Residence Du Grand HotelOffice Phone: 04-93-38-42-05Phone: 44-0-20-7612-1080On Offer:Anvil! The Story of Anvil (U.K.; documentary)Producer: Rebecca Yeldham; director:Sacha Gervasi; cast: Steve ‘lips’ KudlowRobb Reiner. Hilarious and heartwarming, thistale of friendship charts the fortunes of tworockers who refused to give up. Poised on thebrink of world stardom in 1982, metal bandAnvil’s career was to fade into obscurity. Nowin their fifties, Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and RobbReiner are back and have one last chance tomake good their pact to rock together forever…(80 mins.; premiere; debuting)The Cove (U.K.; documentary) Producers:Paula Dupré Pesmen, Fisher Stevens; director:Louie Psihoyos; cast: Richard O’barry. THE COVEtells the amazing true story of how an eliteteam of activists, filmmakers and freediversembarked on a covert mission to penetrate ahidden cove in Japan, shining light on a darkand deadly secret. The shocking discoveriesthey uncovered were only the tip of the iceberg.Winner of Audience Award at 2009 SundanceFilm Festival. (90 mins.; premiere; debuting)My Year Without Sex (U.K.; comedy)Producer: Bridget Ikin; director: Sarah Watt;cast: Sacha Horler, Matt Day. My Year WithoutSex is a kind of a love story about all the bigquestions, and even more of the small ones.Over one messy year, Ross and Natalie navigatetheir children, nits, housework, birthdays,Christmas, faith, football, job insecurity, morenits, and whether they will ever have sexagain. (97 mins.; premiere; debuting)WORLDWIDE FILMENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: Lerins S5Office Phone: 1 301 849 1001Phone: 1 310 641 5360On Offer:The Gray Man (USA; thriller) Producer:Aaron Osborne; director: Scott Flynn; cast:Patrick Bauchau, Jack Conley. Notorious serialCANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 30

PRODUCT LISTINGSkiller Albert Fish, a grandfatherly handyman, isprofiled in a stunning and richly realistic depictionof innocent 1920s New York City where hepreys on young victims via their unlockeddoors and trusting hearts to feed his depravity.His obsession envelopes another when acareer detective is assigned the case of themost recent missing child, 12 year old GraceBudd. (96 mins.; screening; debuting)Home Movie (USA; horror) Producers:Andrew Van Den Houten, William M. Miller;director: Christopher Denham; cast: AdrianPasdar, Cady Mcclain. Attempting to live a normalsuburban life in upstate New York, a ministerand his wife videotape their twin 10 yearoldson holidays and birthdays – resulting in amacabre timeline of a growing evil in theirhome. What started as a happy family slowlydeteriorates into a living hell. (88 mins.;screening; debuting)Lonely Street (USA; comedy) Producers:Patrick Newall, Jay Mohr, Chris Brinker; director:Peter Ettinger; cast: Jay Mohr, Joe Mantegna.Bubba Mabry, a hapless and gullible privatedetective, becomes the prime suspect ina tabloid reporter’s murder after being hired tosnoop on him by a mysterious – but longdead? – celebrity. Based on the popular seriesof mystery novels by Steve Brewer. (91 mins.;screening; debuting)THE WRITE STUFFOffice Phone: 32496626843Phone: 3226440230On Offer:Protag (Belgium; thriller) Producer: TheWrite Stuff; director: Patrick Van Hautem”Protag”is a dark coming-of-age thriller for theYouTube generation. When wannabe photographerand part-time DVD pirate Protag stumblesacross some violent webcams on theserver of a friend, he discovers that his ownfather might in some way be involved in cybercrime. But is it really him? And what shouldProtag do? (development; presales; debuting)WTP INTERNATIONAL GMBHCannes 2009 Office: German Pavillon, Int’lVillagePhone: 49-89-64981112On Offer:24/7 The Passion of Life (Germany;adult/erotic) Producers: Patricia Koch, MarinaAnna Eich; director: Roland Reber; cast: MiraGittner, Marina Anna Eich, Christoph Baumann,Reinhard Wendt. “24/7 The Passion of Life” is aprovocative and poetic film about obsessionand loneliness, about secret lust and publicdouble-moral: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The hotelier’s daughter Eve (Marina Anna Eich)coincidently meets the sociologist Magdalena(Mira Gittner) who works as the dominatrix“Lady Maria” in an S&M studio — a journey tothe repressed landscapes of our soul. (115mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)My Dream, or Loneliness NeverWalks Alone (Germany; drama) Producers:Patricia Koch, Marina Anna Eich, RolandReber; director: Roland Reber; cast: WolfgangSeidenberg, Mira Gitnner, Marina Anna Eich,Antonio Exacoustos. A phantasmagoricalexcursion into the depth of the soul. In partlyoppressively real and partly enchantingly surrealpictures, the MAN (Wolfgang Seidenberg)is zapping through his thoughts like through atelevision program – the show of life. (100mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)The Room (Germany; thriller) Producer: UteMeisenheimer; director: Roland Reber; cast: MiraGittner, Marcus Grüsser, Marina Anna Eich. A filmabout the secret chambers, we keep hermeticallyand preciously closed in our subconscious. AJourney to the hidden rooms of our soul. (90mins.; screener cassette/DVD; returning)YORK ENTERTAINMENTCannes 2009 Office: 20.01Phone: 8187884050On Offer:Bay City (USA; action-adventure)Producer/director: Rodney DwiraTwo of the city’stop detectives are caught in a web of betrayaland back stabbing while criminals scramble toget their hands on 100 million dollars of launderedfunds.Watch as these two detectives fightto stabilize and give the city back to its innocents.Withits sexy, vibrant, sultry, energeticscenery, and the heat of the music is sure to getyour pulse racing. (90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Commute (USA; comedy) Producer/director:Marc Wasserman; cast: Tom Sizemore. Thefilm follows the COMMUTER, as he embarkson his daily drive from Orange County toDowntown Los Angeles. During the commute,he fields phone calls from his office, deals withclients and the pains and aggravations of themost horrific traffic on the West Coast. A satiricallook at coping with the ever growing problemof too many cars and not enough road.During his drive, the Commuter finds time toworry, relax, fantasize and contemplate his lifewhile extending various philosophical views.(90 mins.; premiere; debuting)Diagnosis Superstar (USA; drama) Agroup of mental patients in a London mentalhospital put together a space-aged play to tryand save theit hospital (and home) fromdemolition. A heart warming and tragic tale ofthe human spirit to preservere. (90 mins.; premiere;debuting)ZODIAC PICTURES, LTD.Cannes 2009 Office: Swiss Films, PavillonSuisse, No. 124Office Phone: 0033-0-4-92-59-0202Phone: 41-41-211-22-02On Offer:Papa Moll (Switzerland; comedy) Producers:Lukas Hobi, Reto Schaerli; director: ManuelFlurin HendryPapa Moll is a caring yet clumsyfather and husband. He likes to show his kidshow to do things properly but is usually failingterribly doing so. Known all over Switzerlandfrom the famous Papa Moll comics, the characteris about to make his long awaited screendebut. (development; returning)Stationspiraten (Switzerland; drama)Producers: Lukas Hobi, Reto Schaerli; director:Mike SchaererA group of fifteen year oldsshare a very peculiar neighbourhood: the cancerward in a hospital. Through their joy of living,they succeed in making their lives worthliving and their uncertain future bearable toface. (development; returning)CANNES ⁄ MAY 2009 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 31

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