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STANDARD ENTRYREQUIREMENTSAND TYPICALOFFERSWe accept a wide range ofqualifi cations including A levels,Baccalaureate, BTEC andCACHE diplomas and in somecases prior work experienceand training.• BBC at A level or• International Baccalaureate30 points or• BTEC Diploma in a relevantfi eld of study at DMM or• CACHE Diploma in a relevantfi eld of study at B or• Access to Higher Educationqualifi cations in a relevant fi eldof study or• Other A-level equivalentqualifi cations will beconsideredStandard entry requirementsalso include• 5 subjects at GCSE passedat grade C or aboveFor combined honours our typicaloffer will lie between those for thetwo individual subjects.INTERNATIONAL/EU STUDENTSWe welcome applications frominternational and EU students.Indeed the programmesthrive on the diversity oflearning experiences broughtby students from a varietyof educational backgrounds.We are happy to consider A-levelequivalent qualifi cations fromany country. In addition ourtypical offer includes an EnglishLanguage requirement for nonnative speakers:• IELTS at 6 (including 6 atreading and 6 at writing) orequivalentSee further entry requirementson our international studentspages at FACTSLOCATION:Westminster Instituteof EducationHarcourt Hill CampusOxford Brookes UniversityOX2 9ATSTART DATE:September 2011DURATION:Full-time: three yearsPart-time: up to six yearsHOW TO APPLYAll full-time applications shouldbe made online via the UCASweb site Institute code name is OXFDand the Institute code is 066.All part-time applications shouldbe made directly to the universityusing the university applicationform. For further information onthis mode of study see our webpages: further information pleasecontact general enquiries on+44 (0)1865 488784 oradmissions enquiries on+44 (0) 1865 488554 or Brookes promotesequality of opportunity for allwho study, work and visit here.For more details please or phone+44 (0)1865 485929To obtain a large-print copyof (or sections of) thispublication or to enquire aboutother formats please contact+44(0)1865 484848 or SINGLE HONOURSBA/BSc COMBINED 05/10

EDUCATIONSTUDIESTHE COURSEIn today’s fast changing world,education plays a pivotal role.This degree has been designedto address contemporary issuesin the fi eld of education. It aimsto provide you with a broad andbalanced knowledge andunderstanding of the principalfeatures of education in a widerange of contexts. It alsoencourages you to engagewith fundamental questionsconcerning the aims andvalues of education and itsrelationship to societies.You will engage in currentdebates relevant to educationwhile developing yourknowledge and understandingfurther in areas you fi nd ofparticular interest. You will, forexample, have the opportunityto examine cross-nationalperspectives on education,international developmentprogrammes as well aseducation for sustainabilityand e-pedagogy.Education Studies is offeredas both a single honours anda combined honours degreewhich means you can study iteither on its own or alongsideone other subject. You will fi ndit combines well with aselection of other subjectsincluding Psychology, Sociology,Communication, Media andCulture, or Religion andTheology. For those consideringa career in teaching, we offercombined courses with EarlyChildhood Studies (for primaryteaching), Maths, English,History, Geography, ModernForeign Languages, Biology,Music or Sport, Coachingand PE.BA SINGLE HONOURSBA/BSc COMBINED HONOURSCOURSE CONTENTThis course follows a modularprogramme. In your fi rst year ofstudy you will have core modulesthat give you a solid grounding inthe subject. In your second andthird years you will develop yourown interests and beginresearching particular topics.The modular programme allowsyou to study full-time or part-timeand gives mature students thefl exibility to combine work orfamily commitments.INDICATIVE MODULESYEAR 1• Constructions of childhood• Education in a world of change• Exploring learning• Introduction to ChildDevelopment• Understanding language• Early Years: The UK context• Families, Culture and Context• Understanding mediaYEAR 2• Cross-National Perspectivesin Education• Psychology of Learning• The Social World of Childhood• Inclusion: Special Needs &disabilities• Community Resources forLearning• From Education to Work• Education for Sustainability• Classroom Cultures• Educational Inequalities:Schooling and Youth• Research Methods inChildhood and Education• New Media & Youth Identities• Writing technologies• Literature for Young Children• Outdoor Learning• Children and the Media• Spirituality and ChildrenYEAR 3• Education in InternationalDevelopment• E-Pedagogy for the Future• Learning through Socialinteraction• Critical discourse in Education• Inclusion: Diverse Perspectives• Controversial Issues inEducation• DissertationPLACEMENTSIt is important to be able toexperience different learningcontexts so the course providesseveral opportunities to undertakevisits or short placements.WHY STUDYAT BROOKES?Oxford Brookes is one of thelargest and most successfulproviders of education degreesin the country. Over 70% of ourresearch activity in educationwas judged to be internationallyrecognised in the recentResearch Assessment Exercise,refl ecting the internationalexcellence of staff research. TheEducation Studies course staffhave considerable experience ofteaching in different educationalinstitutions and the course isdesigned to allow you to workon the relationship of theories tosuch experience.CAREERPROSPECTSYou may consider a career ineducational research, taking afurther (Masters) course or aresearch degree such as a PhD;Brookes offers you theseopportunities. This could lead tocareers with research institutions,“think-tanks” or governmentdepartments concerned witheducation and related matters.It could also lead to teachingat university level. If youchoose to enter the teachingprofession, Brookes offers highquality one-year Post-GraduateCertifi cate of Education(PCGE) courses for primary,secondary and furthereducation teaching.If you are not interested infollowing a teaching career,the course offers an excellentpreparation for careersin the public or private sector.Professions within a specialisteducation sector now includeadvertising, marketing, the arts,journalism, law, publishing, themedia together with the charityand leisure industries.Whatever your ambitions, a keyaim of the course is to ensurethat you complete your degreewith the skills demanded bya wide range of employers.Your degree may also providethe basis to progress toprofessional courses in otherareas such as educationalpsychology, social work,librarianship or human resources.I’m really impressedwith the standardof the lecturers here.They genuinely careand want you todo wellLinda ChristodoulouStudent

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