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4 Business Matters Winter 2010A Warm WelcomeFrom Our ChiefExecutiveAt the time of writing this really is theWinter Edition of Business Matters.I hope the winter weather is notadversely impacting your businesstoo much, given how dangerousdriving and walking around can be. Tokeep meetings going ahead perhapsuse this to make yourself familiarwith the free technologies that areavailable such as Skype, gotomypcetc... allowing business to continuewhatever the weather.2010 has been a good year forRenfrewshire Chamber, please visit ourReview of the Year article to see justwhat we have achieved. Our main event“The ROCCO’s” was a fantastic success- congratulations to all the winners andthanks again to all our sponsors andsupporters. ROCCOs are the main featurein the centre spread.Keep in touch with us via all the mainsocial media platforms and our iPhoneapp - links are on our website at www.renfrewshirechamber.comPlease note: the Chamber will be closedfrom lunch time on the 24th Decemberand open again on the 5th January 2011.Finally, I would like to take thisopportunity to wish all our membersa Merry Christmas and a healthy andprosperous 2011.Bob Davidson,Chief Exec’

Business Matters Winter 2010 5National RenewableTraining Launches atReid Kerr CollegeReid Kerr College is the first college in the UK to offerthe new BPEC Course in Installing and CommissioningPhoto-Voltaic Systems.The 3 day coursewhich has beendeveloped anddesigned by ReidKerr, in partnership with BPEC, specificallyfor Renewable Energy Installers, is ideallysuited to installers of PV Systems andcontractors who are interested in enteringthe renewables market.The course, developed for companieswhose staff are working towards theMCS Accreditation (Micro GenerationCertification Schemes), includes PVSystem Design, practical installation,commissioning and certification toBS7671:2008Funding for training is available throughILA’s (Individual Learning Accounts)and SDS (Skills Development Scotland)initiatives - Flexible Training Opportunitiesand the Low Carbon Skills Fund to supportcompanies in what is emerging as a growthsector and with the growing interest inFeed in Tariff (FIT) by Renewable EnergyInstallers, a high demand from installersand consumers is anticipated to takeadvantage of this government initiativewhich supports micro-generation.Paul Cullen Business DevelopmentManager with BPEC stated, “We are verypleased that Reid Kerr College havebecome the first BPEC approved centre todeliver the Solar PV course in the UK. Weare confident that this new BPEC coursewill prove very popular in the comingmonths and years and we are particularlygrateful to the team at Reid Kerr for theirsupport and help with the development ofthis programme.”Additionally the College offers, as partof a portfolio of new courses, the BPECRenewable Energy Awareness Course opento householders, housing associations,teachers, local building control officers,housing developers and installers.This 2 day awareness coursedelivers the fundamental knowledgeand understanding of renewabletechnologies, providing the candidateswith a comprehensive introduction to thisgrowing market.Candidates can expect to cover a widerange of elements within this programme,including training on climate change,energy efficiency, solar thermal waterheating, heat pumps, wind power andphoto-voltaic systems.This course is certificated by The BritishPlumbing Employers Council (BPEC).For further information on all BPECcourses and available funding pleasecontact Audrey McCrone on 0141 581 2350or email, as Chamber membersyou receive a 10% reduction in thecourse cost. (Please indicate yourmembership when booking)The College also provides excellentstaff training and development froman unparalleled resource base,approved by relevant professionalbodies, to develop your company’sfull potential. Courses can becustomised to meet your businessand commercial needs, at a time andplace to suit you.Give your company the competitiveedge in the market sector from ourrange of quality courses:• Health & Safety• Business & Management• Marketing• Computing & IT• Plumbing/Electrical/Gas• Disability Awareness &Employment Skills• S/NVQs and ModernApprenticeships (funding maybe available)• and many more.INVEST IN YOUR COMPANY’SFUTURE – DEVELOP YOUR STAFFFor further information on any of theabove contact:Sara RaeHead of Corporate DevelopmentT: 0141 581 2346E:

Business Matters Winter 2010 7Show Me The Money!European Parliament ApprovesNew Late Payments RegimeTheEuropeanParliamentrecentlyapproveda proposalfor a newDirectiveregulatinglatepayment ofcommercialdebts.The Directive, which will replace theexisting Late Payments Directive of2000, calls for a “decisive shift to aculture of prompt payment” within theEU. It aims to give further protectionand confidence to creditors providinggoods and services - in particularSMEs, who are generally moreaffected by the liquidity problemscaused by late payment.The new Directive aims to reverse thetrend of late payment by making it lessattractive to debtors, and introducesspecific provisions on payment periods,fixed penalties and interest rates. Wherepayment hasn’t been received within therelevant payment period, the Directivewill ensure that the creditor is entitledto receive interest for late payment fromthe debtor, without the need of issuinga reminder. Late-paying debtors will alsobe required to pay fixed fees to cover thecreditor’s costs of recovery. While this willbe set at £40 minimum, it may ultimatelybe more, to cover all reasonable recoverycosts the creditor incurs.Contracting commercial undertakingswill be subject to maximum paymentperiods of 30 calendar days, unlessexpressly agreed in the contract - inwhich case, the maximum paymentperiod will be 60 days. The Directive doesprovide limited scope for variation. Boththe interest rate and the relevant paymentperiods may be extended. However,only where this is expressly agreed inthe contract, and isn’t grossly unfair tothe creditor - which will be determinedwith reference to, for example, whetherthe contractual term represents a grossdeviation from good commercial practice,contrary to good faith and fair dealing.Certain terms, such as the exclusion ofinterest, or compensation for recoverycosts, will be presumed to be grosslyunfair to the creditor.The Directive notesthat public authoritiesgenerally occupy astronger positionin commercialcontracts. Therefore,in transactions wherea public body is thedebtor, the paymentperiod can’t exceed30 days, unlessexpressly agreed inwriting and objectivelyjustified in light of thetransaction - in whichcase, the period canbe extended to amaximum of 60 days. Member States willalso have the option to provide a 60 daytimeframe as standard for public entitiesproviding healthcare, and public bodieswhich carry out economic activities of acommercial nature.The Directive will likely be adoptedover the coming weeks, with theCommission noting that Member Stateshave until early 2013 to implementits provisions. The Directive and theEuropean Parliament’s Amendments canbe accessed at: can advise on allcompliance and regulatory matters withinthe commercial sphere. For further info,please contact David Flint, Partner, atdavid.flint@macroberts.comAdams HouseAdams House is a residential service run by the Church ofScotland social care council.Adams House offers a specialized service to people living inthe area who have been diagnosed with dementia.The 26 single and 2 double rooms all have en suite facilitiesand they can all be furnished with personalized items. There areseveral lounges where residents can relax. The building also hasinternal and external landscaped gardens.Adams house’s aim is to help the residents take charge oftheir lives, as far as possible. This is done by person centeredcare planning, family and community involvement. There isalso a varied activity programme on offer. And all residents areallocated a key worker. Adams House also offer 2 respite carebeds, for short term care.Specialist DementiaCare ServiceFor further information on this service contactMr John McDaidAdams House136 Auchenlodment RoadElderslie PA5 9NXTel: 01505 337

8 Business Matters Winter 2010Ukrainians GiveScots Vodka A ShotBusiness Gateway Renfrewshire help company win leading contractA company thatproduces the world’sonly single maltScottish vodka iscelebrating winninga coveted contract inUkraine.Valt Vodka hasbeen distributing itsunique blend of thedrink for just over three years and in thattime has secured major deals with pubs,hotels and restaurants across the country.Proving popular in places such asSingapore, Thailand, Germany and Spain,Valt has now pulled off a massive coupby getting its vodka into the EasternEuropean market.And the company hope that the drink,which is made with Scottish barley andwater from the River Spey, is a big hit withtraditional vodka lovers in the formerSoviet nation.With the help of Business GatewayRenfrewshire, Valt Vodka not only clinchedthe important recent deal but are nowaiming to begin selling in America in thenew year.Valt was founded after Ricky Christie,a director at Speyside Distillery Co Ltd,was in a New York bar talking to friendsabout the feasibility of creating a newScottish vodka. He came up with the ideaof developing a single malt using onlyScottish ingredients.Although the process of manufacturinga single malt vodka is an expensive one,Ricky felt that if the results were positivethen they could have a real qualityproduct to sell.Operations and Sales manager OliverStorrie, from Paisley joined the companysoon after and has since become aDirector.Oliver said: “No one has ever createda single malt Scottish vodka beforebecause it’s expensive to do. The wholeidea behind Valt is that while this is thecase, it’s worth it because the result is atruly premium drink. The vodka is verycreamy with a vanilla taste and ideallyshould be drank neat. Everywhere wego people are astonished by how good ittastes.“The response from Western Europeand countries in South East Asia hasbeen amazing. They not only enjoythe actual vodka but love the Scottishconnection. In the last year we havemade moves to try to make the wholeprocess a bit cheaper and much moreefficient. We have succeeded in doing thisby investing in new equipment for ourKingussie distillery.”Since bottling the first batch in 2007,Valt has been available in some of themost prestigious bars and restaurants inthe United Kingdom including the fivestar Claridges Hotel in London.And now everyone at the companyis delighted that they have cracked thetough market in Ukraine selling to peoplewho are traditionally seen, like theirRussian neighbours, as vodka experts.Oliver added: “It’s a real breakthroughto get into Ukraine. It’s like telling aScotsman about whisky. The Ukrainianswere slightly sceptical at first but oncethey tasted the vodka their opinioncompletely changed. They drink vodkastraight so Valt is perfect for them.Being able to say that you are a Scottishcompany and your product is 100%Scottish is also very appealing to othercountries. We have gained a lot ofattention because of it, but ultimately wecan put our success down to the fact thatwe have a wonderful unique product tosell.”Valt Vodka was set up in 2007 but earlierthis year they decided to go along to theirlocal Business Gateway office for someoutside assistance.Oliver said: “Even though the companyhas been running for a couple of yearswe felt it would be to our advantageto approach Business Gateway and todiscover if they could assist us in anyway.We were delighted when they told usthey could offer us support that came invarious forms, from one-to-one advice toworkshops to help in accessing funding. Ifit wasn’t for Business Gateway we wouldhave struggled to go over to the Ukraineand clinch the contract.”Bob Donaldson, Business adviser,Business Gateway said: “Valt Vodka cameto us as an existing business and despitethe fact that the company directors havea wealth of experience, they felt that oursupport could benefit the development ofthe company. We have been working withthem throughout the year and since thenhave helped them access funding thathas enabled them to travel to Ukraineto finalise a groundbreaking deal. Weare very proud of what Valt Vodka haveachieved and look forward to workingwith them in the future.”Business Gateway provides practicalhelp, advice and support for new andgrowing businesses in Scotland.To find out more about how it can helpyou set up and develop your own businessvisit or call 0845 6096611. Alternatively call Business Gateway,Paisley Office directly on 0141 435 7570.

Business Matters Winter 2010 9Chamber Members pull togetherto help Paisley “Strut its Stuff!”A number ofRenfrewshireChambermemberscame togetherrecently tocreate afundraising fashion event at the heartof Paisley, aimed at showcasing thegreat trends available right in the towncentre.The Piazza Shopping Centre, KennethEdward Hairdressing, The Watermill Hoteland Rainbow Turtle worked togetherwith brand, design and marketing agencyBranding Boutique to pull together theevent itself, which also raised valuablefunds for St Vincent’s Hospice.In addition, a Makeover Competitiontook place in association with The GazetteSeries in the run up to the event, withthe prizes sponsored by Piazza retailers,Kenneth Edwards Salons and theWatermill Hotel.The event was also promoted underthe Paisley Vision Board approved title of“Paisley Is Strutting Its Stuff!”The Piazza Shopping Centrehosted the event on behalf oftheir retailers and featured thisseason’s trends available not onlyin Piazza stores, but Fairtradeaccessories from Rainbow Turtle’sGauze Street Store, too.Kenneth Edwards, who havethree salons in Paisley, Renfrewand Johnstone, were on handto offer their hair and make upexpertise not only backstage atthe event, but to shoppers in theMall on the day itself, offering hairstyling, manicures and make upto shoppers throughout the dayin exchange for a donation to StVincent’s Hospice.Kenneth said: “We weredelighted to be part of the Fashion Show,and to showcase our skills to the peopleof Paisley. It’s also good to see Paisleybusinesses working together to promotethe fantastic things the town has to offer.”Maureen Hill, Piazza Shopping CentreManager, commented: “It was great tosee so many people coming out to seewhat Paisley had to offer, and of course tosupport St Vincent’s Hospice, too. I thinkit is fair to say that Paisley really wasstrutting its stuff on the day!”

10 Business Matters Winter 2010 +44 (0)141 886 4112enquiries@questiopendoltd.comwww.questiopendoltd.comWhat the Customers have to say:Never Heard of Us?, Never Worked with Us?Take Advantage of our FREE 1 day Lean BusinessAssessment!What have you got to lose?“Colin joined our Lean Deployment team in Shell In April 2008. He personally coached me on my first Kaizen. He is a lean guru andhe lives and breaths the philosophies of lean. The great thing about Colin is the way that he can connect at all levels in any organisationfrom the shop floor to the board room. He delivered some fantastic results himself but what was most impressive was how the others inthe team sought his coaching/mentorship. He is an excellent coach and if you want to build internal lean capability in you organisationI can't think of anyone better than Colin in doing this.October 8, 2010Craig Wiggins, Plant Manager, St. Fergus Gas Plant, Shell UK“Colin was employed as Production Director specifically to assist with the introduction of Lean manufacturing and improvementculture change with over 200 manufacturing personnel in a technically complex process and batch manufacturing environment.He is an able manager and inspirational leader of Lean management techniques and in the 2 years he was employed made a significantimpact on the company with cellular manufacturing techniques and taught myself and others how to Lead & introduce LeanImprovements. As a result all improvement team leaders have taken over as Senior executive managers.Colin, from his background, is able to relate easily to the shop floor and we trained all men how to "see waste".THE BENEFITS ARE MEASURABLE AND TANGIBLEHe is an amiable person and able to switch effectively from consulting to employment roles. I would describe him as a PRACTICALACADEMIC.We still keep in regular touch after 3 years.”August 16, 2010Sandy Barr, Managing Director,RHI Refractories (UK)“Colin has carried out several Kaizen Events within Bunzl Retail Supplies. He is excellent at connecting with people at all levels in abusiness, and inspiring teams to exceed their own expectations. His obvious expertise in Lean, coupled with extensive businessexperience allows him to understand the issues facing organisations and to lead the development of sustainable solutions to thoseproblems. Although teams warm to his easy-going manner and sense of humour he will make the tough decisions, and tell sponsorsand managers what they need to hear, even if this is uncomfortable. An amiable, forthright and professional individual, I have nohesitation in making this recommendation”August 18, 2010Jason Greenway, Managing Director, Bunzl Retail Supplies

Business Matters Winter 2010 13NewMembersOn behalf of the Board of Directors and the Chamber staff wewould like to welcome onboard the following new members.Abbey Mill Business CentreProperty RentalMarcus Dean0141 889 McKayBuilding Support ServicesGraham Walker0141 559 6500www.arthur-mckay.comEasyski Systems LimitedMobile Ski FacilityEdward Brown07802 IndependentFinance LtdFinanceWilliam McGuire01560 Leslie GroupLogisticsKenny Scott0141 883 Start RenfrewshireCharity – family supportDerek Smith07722 Centre GlasgowCar Sales/ServiceJason Blane0141 886 LtdAbsorbent media / waterpurificationJerry Elvin07713 G Russell(Transport) LtdLogisticsElizabeth Ann Chalmers0141 810 InternationalPromotional Merchandise /corporate giftsJulie Clark0141 427 7272www.orbkms.comOrchard Energy LtdEnergy BrokerKeith Barlow0844 Tile CentreSupplier of TilesBrian Aitken0141 889 7870www.paisleytilecentre.comProject Management &Construction LtdConstruction CompanyHugh Jamieson0141 810 Solutions(Scotland) LtdSpace Planning & ArchitectsAndy Dobinson0141 352 8690www.spacesolutions.infoSSUKSupplier of Audio & VisualProductsAlex Adleigh0141 810 Stones ForFamiliesCharity – family supportGarry Donegan0141 849 Sales PartnershipSales & MarketingCharles Briggs07788 923054www.thesalespartnership.bizVSK EngineeringTechnologies LtdEngineeringBobby Kerr01475 Framing SolutionsConstructionPaul Smith0141 882

14 Business Matters Winter 2010the Difference.Grow your businessBusiness Mentoring Scotlandwith a freeCould you or your business benefit from an objective,impartial view, insight, support or encouragementof an experiencedBusinessbusinessExperienceperson.Mentor tWho can apply?Well, if you are an ambitious business or socialenterprise, our mentors can help you to addresskey issues and explore opportunities.Join BusinessMentoring ScotlandThe Business Mentoring Programme is an extremelysuccessful and worthwhile initiative. Companies in all sectorsface similar challenges, the most pressin g today being theeffects of the recession and climate change. It is importantthat businesses be prepared to support and share knowledgewith one another Sir Moir Lockhead, Chief Executive of FirstGroupFrom the Mentees point of view, what they tend to say tome is that the main benefit that they get is more confidencein their decisions and they’ve got an opportunity to talkthough some of the issues that the y’re having to deal with,with someone who’s run their own business before.Clare Moore, Businesss Jigsaw (Mentor)I find it really easy to deal with my mentor, if there was evera problem he was happy for me to just phone him up and askfor his thoughts on what I was facing. We would meet up everycouple of months for a chat and I would share with him myvision for where I was trying to go with the business.Fraser Docherty, Superjam (Mentee)Conact Linday PerryBusiness Mentoring Exec’ on0141 847 5458 / 07525 323500lperry@renfrewshirechamber.comBusiness Mentoring Scotland. Call now on0141 847 54500845 609 info@renfrewshirechamber.comJoin Business Mentoring Scotland…We Did!SomethingBrilliantBusiness Mentoring Scotland is a partnership between Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Chambers of Commerce and is supported by European Funding.9177_BM A3 dps Advert for SC Directory_July 2010_Renfrewshire.indd 2 02/08/2010 15:13

F I N E S C O T T I S H L E AT H E RBusiness Matters Winter 2010 15LCLAdvert18thNov_Layout 1 23/11/2010 13:01 Page 1Makingleatherwithout costingtheearthwww.lowcarbonleather.comScottish Leather GroupAndrew ceremoniesmultimediavideowebcasting

16 Business Matters Winter 2010ROCCO 2010 “ThWhat a night!! A sell out 470 guests, 11winners, £14K raised for local charities(double last year), 50% of which is splitbetween our two named Charities ofthe Year, Erskine and Loud’n’Proud.Feedback immediately after and sincethe event has been fantastic. Thanks toAnd the winners are...all the sponsors and organisations thathelped make what many are saying isthe best ROCCO yet and indeed thebest awards dinner they have everattended. Special thanks to PrincipalSponsor Phoenix Car and MD JohnMcGuire, our host Fred MacAulay,Loud’n’Proud, Sound and Vision, TheNormandy, Diageo for drinks receptionand all that donated to the raffle /auction. Next year is already bookedfor the 11th November 2011 with Fredas our host - so get it in that diary!ROCCO Award for Excellence in Customer ServicesSponsored bySpectrum Service SolutionsA leading provider of contract cleaning and facilitiesmanagement services in the UK, prides itself on the ability todeliver outstanding cleaning and support services to clients.In addition to event cleaning and specialist cleaning,Spectrum also provide waste management and recyclingservices, and assisting clients with their own environmentalpolicies and impact. Spectrum’s Business has been builton their ability to deliver outstanding cleaning and supportservices, and consistently ensuring that their servicesmaintain the best first impression for all their clients. SaraSpeirs, Managing Director, said: “At Spectrum we takegreat pride in our ability to work closely with our clients -spending a great deal of time and attention ensuring thatwe understand all of their business needs and requirementsfrom the very beginning of our relationship. As a businesswe aim to enhance the reputation of all of our clients byWinner: Spectrum Service SolutionsRunners up: Brookfield AlarmsJ&M Murdoch & Sonensuring that their visitors are provided with an excellent firstimpression, every time, and our service delivery is monitoredto ensure that all of our partnerships are built on deliveringa first class service. We’re also committed to the supportand development of our staff, and our teams are trainedto the very highest standards. Our focus on continuousimprovement in all areas ensures that as a business we neverstand still in terms of quality of service, and it’s fantastic to berecognised for this commitment.”ROCCO Award for Social Enterprise of the YearSponsored byRenfrewshire Wide Credit UnionThe Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union provides Credit UnionFinancial Services, products and Education for everyonewho lives or works in Renfrewshire. Renfrewshire WideCredit Union Ltd was born from local people with a desireto help others in their local community, to becoming a socialenterprise with six full time staff members and three part timestaff, over 40 volunteers, a one million pound turnover andinfluence and leadership that extends across Scotland andthe UK. Alison Dowling – Communications and DevelopmentManager said; “The School Credit Union Project aims tosuccessfully establish school credit unions across everynursery and school in Renfrewshire, taking young peopleaged three to 18, taking an early intervention approach topreventing transitions into high-interest debt. We’ve takena pioneering approach to develop and deliver a majoreducational initiative within schools which makes a direct linkto the Curriculum for Excellence, building on a “skills for lifeand employment” approach.Winner:Renfrewshire Wide Credit UnionStepping Stone for FamiliesKibble Education & Care CentreKaren Graham – Operations Manager said: “We are incrediblyproud to have won this prestigious award. “At a time wheneveryone is feeling the pinch the RWCU has really gone thatextra mile to help build community empowerment to aidin alleviating financial hardship by offering low cost, ethicalfinancial services and products. “Receiving such high profilerecognition is a phenomenal boost of confidence to the entirestaff and volunteers, some of whom have give 30 years unpaidservice.”

Business Matters Winter 2010 17e Best Yet”ROCCO Award for Innovation & TechnologySponsored byNSDesignNSDesign started in 1999 with the aim of helping organisationswith all their online needs. The company have grown to a teamof seven who are continuing to provide first class assistance totheir clients which includes web design, domain registrationand hosting products. Managing director Gary Ennis explains alot of their business at the moment is focusing on social media.He said; “More and more of what we are doing is helpingclients with their social media strategy - very much a buzzword. “We are showing businesses how to use it and how it canWinner: NSDesignRunners up: Bridgeall, mVentureimpact and have a positive influence in business.” He added:“Having seen the recognition and the exposure that we got acouple of years ago it greatly helps business and the PR andpress we received was really strong.”ROCCO Award for Excellence in ManufacturingSponsored byDiageoThe company is the world’s leading premium drinks businessand has a huge collection of popular international brandsacross spirits, wine, and beer. Several brands have been aroundfor years and the company trades in almost 180 markets andemploys a worldwide workforce of 20,000. The organisation,on Renfrew Road, are keen to promote responsible drinkingand say they take their role as a producer of alcohol veryseriously. They are confident that their excellent skill inmanufacturing ensures they can stand by their motto of‘celebrating life everyday, everywhere.’ Les Aitken, OperationsManager, Diageo Shieldhall said “This is fantastic recognitionof the efforts of our employees to embrace and embed newWinner: DiageoRunners up: Rolls Royce, VSKEngineering Technologiesways of working that drive performance improvement in everyaspect of our business… also recognises the cultural changein relation to continuous improvement, the focus on customerservice, and employee engagement. “The site takes great pridein the fact that the quality of our brands is second to none andthis is reflected in every bottle we package and deliver to over180 markets across the world.”ROCCO Award for Best Environmental PerformanceSponsored byThe Scottish Leather GroupThe group recently reduced their carbon footprint for the fifthsuccessive year in a row, further improving their sustainability.The four subsidiaries - Andrew Muirhead and Son Ltd, Bridgeof Weir Leather Company Ltd, W J and W Lang Ltd, andNCT Leather Ltd - are well established, with over 470 yearscombined experience in tanning and finishing leather. Theirspecialist leathers are produced for many industries acrossthe globe, including automotive, furniture, marine, aviation,show and leathergoods. Successful, and with a worldwidereputation, export sales represent over70 per cent of turnover and the organisation are lookingtoward their environmental future as a way to cement theirexcellent reputation even further. Scottish Leather Group’sgroup managing director, Iain McFadyen, commented: “Weare delighted to have won. “The Group has been working,Scottish Leather GroupWinner: The Scottish Leather GroupRunners up: Diageo, Kinnarpssince 2003, on a zero waste strategy which is designedaround our Thermal Energy Plant which was launched byHer Royal Highness The Princess Royal in July this year. “Wehave harnessed the skills of experts in environment andsustainability and phase 1 (the design, build and executionof the thermal plant) is complete. A local company keen tocontinue their success, their philosophy is to try and establishthe highest possible industry standards for quality, innovation,value, service and care for the environment.

18 Business Matters Winter 2010ROCCO Award for Workforce Plus Employer of the YearSponsored byBowlplex BraeheadOvercoming barriers is all in a day’s work for Bowlplex’s staff. The Xscape-basedfamily entertainment centre’s commitment to inclusive employment has beenrecognised by winning the Workforce Plus Employer of the Year category at theROCCO Awards.The company has been working in partnership with various organisations – EnableScotland, Open Futures, Paisley Partnership, Inspiring Scotland and RenfrewshireWorkforce Plus for a couple of years to provide jobs for people, some withdisabilities, who have difficulty finding and maintaining work. Currently employingfour people, out of a workforce of 33, who fit this category manager David Rowansaid “these employees have overcome barriers. We made adjustments to worktasks to make sure they were happy and supported so they could continue in theirjobs.” In their positions for between two and a half years and six months, Rowanthinks Bowlplex’s staff prove that its worth ‘going the extra mile’ for employees.Winner: Bowlplex Runners upKDS Group, Rainbow Turtle“Everyone is a part of the team and we couldn’t run without any of them.Everyone does a great job here. All our employees are treated exactlythe same. Rowan and the whole team were delighted when they found outBowlplex had won. I’m very happy our joint working has led to our winning thisROCCO. We were urged by our partners at Open Futures to put ourselves forward.We do this for the employees, it’s fantastic to be recognised with a Rocco award.”ROCCO Award for Most Promising New Business 2010Sponsored byProject Management & ConstructionAt Project Management and Construction the team work with the client and theirdesign team as early as possible not only to ascertain the client’s project needsbut also to gain an understanding of each client’s business goals. This approachhelps them ensure each project is properly planned, gets off to a good start, iscompleted on time and to the client’s satisfaction on quality and cost, meetingand exceeding expectations. That is why their clients keep going back. Their keyapproach to project delivery is collaboration and flexibility. They look to engendera spirit of partnership and integration in the entire team. The team work hard onproblem avoidance rather than problem solving after the damage is done. Theylike to forecast rather than report, which helps them stay proactive.Winner: Project Management &ConstructionRunners up: The JR Group,Fission CreativeThe same goes for their supply chain. They may be a new company but their vastexperience in the construction industry means they have built up a core of triedand tested specialist contractors in who they encourage innovation and productdevelopment to help streamline project completion or add value for the client.Award for Outstanding Performing Business 25 EmployeesSponsored byDIAGEOThis, their 2nd ROCCO for 2010 is a testament to their commitment todemonstrating excellence and gaining recognition for their achievements.Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business with a collection ofpopular international brands across wine, spirits and beer. They impressively selleight of the world’s top 20 premium spirits brands by volume. And trading inapproximately 180 markets, they employ over 20,000 people around the world.With offices in 80 countries, they also have manufacturing facilities across theglobe including Great Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Africa,Latin America, Australia, India and the Caribbean. Diageo is still a relatively youngcompany – having only existed in their current form since 1997- but their brandsand business have a rich heritage. Colin Neill, Site Director, Diageo ShieldhallWinner: DiageoRunners up: Howden GroupWilliam Traceysaid “We are delighted to have won ‘outstanding performing business over 25employees’, this is testament to our employees and reflects their achievements in2010 and ongoing commitment in our journey to manufacturing excellence. “I amvery proud of everyone’s contribution.”

Business Matters Winter 2010 19Employee of the YearEmployee of theYear WinnerKellyanne Conway -The JR GroupOther nominations were:Paul Elliot -NSDesignJim Shedden -The Malcolm GroupJune Elder -DiageoShieldhallJohn McGuire,Phoenix Car CompanyJohn McGuire is the Managing Director of theaward-winning Phoenix Car Company, comprisingPhoenix Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, Kia,Motown, BMW, MINI, and Hyundai.Originating as Phoenix Honda, the companycommenced trading in 1993 at Phoenix Retail Park.Prior to establishing Phoenix, John McGuiregained extensive experience in the industryincluding sales and managerial positions withArnold Clark and the Ian Skelly Group. Furtherexperience was gained at Nissan UK, where heheld the position of Regional Director, withresponsibility for 13 sites.Phoenix Honda quickly became the UK’s numberone volume retailer after only 2 years in operation,and after a further 2 years, became the biggestvolume retailer in Europe.Phoenix now employs more than 400 staffacross 20 dealerships. Every dealership andmanufacturer, which we represent within Phoenix,has contributed to this significant growth. It’sbeen hard work, but that’s what we do best. We’vealso had the support of a continually expandingnumber of customers who continue to choosePhoenix because of the ever-increasing highstandards of customer service and care we deliveracross the group.Phoenix has expanded over the last 12 months,moving further east into Edinburgh, with theopening of Mitsubishi Edinburgh and HyundaiEdinburgh.The new Edinburgh site in addition to sites inPaisley, Glasgow, Stirling, Grangemouth andKirkcaldy means Phoenix has established itself as akey player in Central Scotland.Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce encouraged allmembers to nominate an individual who has demonstratedcommitment and loyalty to their company by going that extramile to help the business achieve a particular goal/target. Allemployees nominated were given a bottle of champagne andreceived a certificate with the winner receiving a special awardas well as a fantastic trip to Gleneagles. The Employee of theYear category, sponsored by Phoenix, is designed to celebratethe quality of Renfrewshire’s workforce.

20 Business Matters Winter 2010Business Leader of the YearOther nominations were:BusinessLeader ofthe YearWinnerJohn McGuire -MD Phoenix Car CompanyAmanda McMillan -MD BAA GlasgowAirportDiageo for ROCCO 2010 are proud to besponsoring a new award, The RenfrewshireBusiness Leader of the Year.The Board of Directors of Renfrewshire Chamber,on which Diageo sits, created a shortlist detailingindividuals that have the leadership qualities and skillsrequired to drive their organisation forward and bean example to others. They must also recognise theimportance of the local community and Renfrewshireas a place to do business. Each member of theChamber Board of Directors was asked to cast 1 votefor the leader they thought has contributed the mostto Renfrewshire in the last 12 months by investment,publicity and business growth.Colin Neill,Site DirectorAndrew Malcolm -MD The MalcolmGroupBob Cleland -CEO Howden GroupJohn Innes -CEO Amor GroupSeamus McDaid -Principal and ViceChancellor at UWSDiageo is the world’s leadingpremium drinks business. With itsglobal vision and local marketingfocus, Diageo brings to consumersan outstanding collection ofbeverage alcohol brands across thespirits, wine and beer categoriesincluding Smirnoff, Guinness,Johnnie Walker, Baileys, J&B, JoseCuervo, Captain Morgan, Tanquerayand Beaulieu Vineyard and SterlingVineyard wines.Diageo Shieldhall is the largestScotch Whisky packaging plantin the world. It operates 8 highspeedlines and brands such asJohnnie Walker, J&B and Bell’s.One of our lines has an outputof 10 bottles a second making itthe fastest spirit line in the world.More than 250 million bottles ofwhisky leave Shieldhall each yearfor 180 markets all over the world.This represents 73% of all whiskyproduced in Scotland for Diageoand 30% of the total Scotch Whiskyindustry worldwide. Employingapproximately 500 people, DiageoShieldhall has a strong commitmentto people development and aims togive all employees the opportunityto develop throughout their careerwith us.

Business Matters Winter 2010 21Charities of the Year 2011Jenna Milroy, age 14Jay Fitzpatrick age 11Emily Middlemas age 11Tommy McGrory - Founder & ManagerLoud ‘n’ Proud is a youth charity whichhas, for over 7 years now, establisheditself at the forefront of the developmentof young musicians in Scotland.It is a place for talented hard workingyoung musicians and performers tothrive. We work with more bands than anyother similar organisation and we havean incredible mix of young people, whichextends from those who attend privateschools to several who are in residential care.Some are without doubt the best youngtalent in the country and are destined for afuture in music and there are those who aresimply happy being part of something theyenjoy.Also as a community based music initiativewe consistently show that our approach tosocial inclusion produces impressive resultsin improving young people’s confidence,learning, employment and future prospectsand has delivered huge wider benefits to thelocal community.Loud’n’Proud did a fantastic triple set forthe ROCCOs 2010 - and for many guestswere the highlight of the night. Well done toTommy and all the kids.Founded in 1916, Erskine has providednursing and medical care for formermembers of our Armed Forcesthrough two world wars and the morerecent conflicts and peace keepinginitiatives of the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries. Re-building shatteredlives, restoring dignity and providingfirst class care to ex-Service men andwomen both young and old have beenthe cornerstones on which Erskine hasbuilt an unrivalled reputation.However, as an organisation, we cannever stand still. Sadly war isn’t a thingof the past and we are already lookingafter young men and women who havecome to Erskine from current conflictsin Iraq and Afghanistan. Their needs areconstantly changing and the extensionrecently opened at our Edinburgh homewill provide additional places for localveterans and much-needed facilities forour residents.Paul Findlay andAlex Herron (seated)

Business Matters Winter 2010 232010 ReviewCategory 2009 2010Membership 390 420Events 50 93Event attendees 1,800 2,200ROCCO guests 410 470ROCCO charity£ raised 6,500 14,000ROCCO entrants 44 60ROCCO awards 10 11No. of companiesmentored 100 150Premier Partners 2 15Export docs processed 6,823 10,726Business centrebookings 161 220Business Matters issued 3 4Team - FTEs 6 7Renfrewshire Chamber conducted its AGM on the 25thNovember 2010.The members were pleased to see theChamber return to profit with membership on track toreach 500 by the end of March 2011. The Premier Partnersprogramme has been a huge success, with 15 signed up,showing confidence in the Chamber and Renfrewshire as aplace to do business.After the AGM we had our regularmonthly lunch, continuing our abilityto attract high calibre speakers withSir Tom Farmer who opted to keepon speaking rather than eating, tothe delight of the members, for wellover an hour. After the lunch TomJohnston of Colliers Internationalwas unanimously voted back inScottish Parliament VisitOct 2010as President of the Chamber for afurther term. The table shows thesignificant progress the Chamberhas made in the last year - which weplan to continue in 2011 and beyond.Included in the page are a selectionof photos of events since the Autumnedition of Business Matters.Speed Networking Nov 2010St Mirren lunch Oct 2010Jim McColl OBE lunchSep 2010Belgian Embassy Visit Oct 2010Sir Tom Farmer lunch Nov 2010Mark Beaumont Lectureat Reid Kerr Oct 2010

24 Business Matters Winter 2010Up and Coming EventsSee our events section on our website www.renfrewshirechamber.com19/1 3-5pm Linn Products - Free (MembersOnly) MAEF - Manufacturing &Engineering Forum - “Linn“(you must be a member directly involved in eithermanufacturing or engineering to attend)27/1 12-2.30pm Mar Hall £25Burns Lunch with Alloway BurnsClubs speaker & piperThere’s an app for that! withmVenture - Learn how to buildyour own iPhone appThe Normandy 3-5pm 20/1 - free3/2 – STV Tour, details to follow(see behind the scenes / meetnewsreaders & reporters)engaging in niche markets25/1 fatBuzz II @ Phoenix8-10am – £15 New MediaBreakfast - “blogging”15/2 – Advanced Forming Research Centre -Free (Members Only) Manufacturing & EngineeringForum at the AFRC (you must be a memberand directly involved in either manufacturing orengineering)ROCCOCharity FundThe ROCCO Charity fund in addition to supportingour main charities supports many other charities,organisations and good causes that are either inRenfrewshire or benefit it’s people. Examples are:ChamberFree AppDownload Europe’s firstChamber iPhone App for freefrom iTunes and keep up to datewith news / events / services andaccess the members directoryon the move. Downloaded over200 times since launch.Accord Hospice(Charity of the Year 2010)ErskineSt Vincents HospiceCruse Bereavement CareUWS Digital Futures eventPaisley.orgCreate (Youth with aMission)The RecruitYoung Enterprise -RenfrewshirePPRC - CV AwardsProvost Community AwardsRace of Life - CancerResearchYorkhill ChildrensFoundationGirls BrigadeCalums CabinHabitat for Humanity /Rainbow TurtleOur total charitable donations in the lastyear were over £10,000.

Business Matters Winter 2010 25Partnership,Quality,Communication:The SpectrumApproachTwo time winner ofthe ROCCO Award forExcellence in CustomerService, SpectrumService Solutions isa leading provider ofcontract cleaning andfacilities managementservices in the UK,tailoring all of theirservices to the specificneeds of their clientsand ensuring a highquality of service froma skilled and dedicatedworkforce.Sara Speirs, ManagingDirector, explains how the“Spectrum Approach” hasbeen a crucial element totheir success:“At Spectrum, ourapproach to delivering asuccessful service meansthat we work closely withour clients to ensurethat we understand allof their business needsand requirements fromthe very beginning ofour relationship. Bycontinually trainingand developing ourteam, monitoringand supporting needsand requirements,and communicatingeffectively with ourclients, we are wellpositioned to deliver afirst class service.“With the reputationof our clients alwaysat the forefront of ourminds, we encourageall of our team to buildrelationships with otherservice providers to createworking partnershipswith our clients’ othersuppliers: a move whichhas paid dividends withour active participationin hazard spotting, energyconservation, securityand maintenance issues.“Our qualitymanagement systemcontinues to show itseffectiveness in achievingand sustaining continualimprovement, and weare able to ensure thatwe continue to alwaysdeliver excellent resultsto maintain the best firstimpression for all of ourclients.“I believe that excellentcustomer service will beeven more vital for allbusinesses as we moveinto 2011 and it is anarea well worth investingin.”To find out moreabout how the SpectrumApproach can helpyour business, contactSara Speirs today bycalling 0141 887 5000or emailing enquiries@spectrumservicesolutions.comNeed ameeting room?Glasgow Airport Business Centre has4 rooms directly opposite arrivals exitBute Court, St Andrew’s Drive,Glasgow Airport, PA3 2SW0141 847

26 Business Matters Winter 2010Paisley is Tiles BetterA Paisley businessman who recentlyopened the Paisley Tile Centreon Greenhill Road has pledgedhis support to the “Paisley is…”promotional campaign.Brian Aitken, who runs the Paisley TileCentre, has chosen the cheeky strap lineof Paisley is tiles better. Glasgow’s milesbetter worked a treat in the 1980’s so andBrian figured that it might bring a fewwelcome smiles for Paisley.The “Paisley is…”marketing initiativeuses the letters “i” and “s” in the wordPaisley to help promote different positivemessages about the town.The campaign was launched by thePaisley Vision Board to promote Paisleyand attract new businesses back into thetown. Brian, who was born and broughtup in Foxbar and went to Camphill HighSchool, is getting right behind the ideaand will use the logo on his signage,website and literature.“ I’ve had a very successful careerworking for large firms all over the UK andabroad but when I decided to go out onmy own the obvious choice was Paisley.”“I’m proud to say that I come fromPaisley and I think its high time peoplegave the town a chance instead ofknocking it. Paisley has a lot going for it.If we all stopped for a moment to do orsay something positive then we’d soonhave the town back on its feet. The futureof Paisley is in all our hands and, if weall work for the same common cause ofpromoting and building up the town, thenPaisley really will be tiles better.”Brian’s showroom has a vast array oftiles to choose from including ceramic,porcelain and natural stone from all theleading suppliers including Waxman’s,Johnson’s, Gemini, Keope and Pocelanosato name but a few. It also stocks all theassociated adhesives, grouts, trims,underfloor heating, wet room solutionsand all the tools required to complete thejob.For the more bespoke requirementsBrian can also supply tailor made glasssplashbacks, worktops and mirrors.Needing more than just tiles? Don’tworry, Brian is also your local distributorfor Haven and Roman showers andEastbrook Bathrooms so no matter howbig or small your project is you can beassured of a quality personal service.If you aren’t into DIY then Brian canarrange the entire fitting for you courtesyof his extensive list of quality localtradesmen.For more information and our latestdeals call 0141 889 7870 or call in to theirbright new 4000 square feet showroom on19 Greenhill Rd, Paisley, PA3 1RN.

Business Matters Winter 2010 27Web Analytics:Ensuring Efficiencyand AccountabilityWe are in tough times, no doubt. Withcuts appearing left, right and centre,there is definitely a need for companiesto focus on efficiency and bang-forbuck.Company Internet activities should notfall outside such an efficiency drive, yeton our travels over the years we’ve seen(and still see!) plenty of examples wherewebsites and online marketing channelsare viewed as ‘Other’ activity with little, ifany, accountability put on them.We’re not referring to accountability interms of reports such as ‘visit numbers’being generated online or ‘average timeon site’ increases. What we’re referringto are actionable metrics that showreal levels of performance, deliver aproper sense of accountability and allowcompanies to start altering their Internetstrategy with improved efficiency in mind.In an effort to encourage moreaccountability, we thought we’d share 3reports that you could start looking attoday to dig deeper into your data. What’smore, these are all reports that can becreated within Google Analytics, whichmany companies already have installed ontheir websites (and it’s free). Of course,how you react to the data is as importantas collecting it, but collecting is the firststage.Goal Reports‘Goals’ are the completion of specifictasks by visitors and, where possible,should be created inline with theobjectives of your online activity.While many people will look simply atsales as their online objective, otherconversions should also be consideredfor measurement, such as newslettersignups, feedback form completions,lead generation forms, member logins oreven site search usage. Not all items thatdirectly generate revenue, but each ofwhich could indirectly result in sales.Funnel ReportsClosely related to Goals, Funnel Reportsallow you to see the performance of eachstage leading up to your Goal. A shoppingcart or registration process, for example,may include a number of steps that avisitor must complete. Once setup, FunnelReports would allow you to analyse eachof those steps, letting you see wherepeople drop out and where they go,in turn allowing you to optimise thosesteps to reduce drop out – and hopefullyincrease conversions.SegmentationReportsAverages are good. Specifics are better.Segmentation allows you to drill down into your data to get clearer answers andcan let you see the highs and lows of thepreviously used averages. For example, youmight currently say Google drives morevisits that Bing (which is probably true),but what sorts of keywords from Googleare driving those visit? Which aren’t? and,more importantly, which are resultingin the Goals you’re now measuring (seeabove!)? Are you comparing search phraseswith 1, 2, 3 or 4+ words in them? Are youcomparing the conversion rate of termsusing geographic words to terms that don’tuse them? Are you comparing keywordsrelating to brand against non-brand? Whatabout comparing keywords that generatemore than 3 pageviews versus all otherkeywords? Segmentation is powerful. Useit.These are just 3 of the powerful reportsyou could use within a tool such as GoogleAnalytics to really drill down intro youronline data to find out what’s going on.Other functionality and reports to considerinclude Campaign Tracking, CustomVariables, In-Page Analytics, Site SearchTracking, Event Tracking and a host ofothers.Most importantly, using such reports toanalyse data will make it easier to createstrong KPIs for your online activity, in turn,giving your online strategy the same levelsof accountability as offline and, ultimatelyleading to a more efficient

28 Business Matters Winter 2010Celebrating life, every day,everywhere, responsiblyIn many parts of the world and for many centuries, alcohol has been animportant ingredient in occasions of enjoyment and celebration. Every day,everywhere, people enjoy our brands. Consumed responsibly, they can helpus celebrate life’s great occasions, and make smaller ones special. So weare genuinely concerned when we see people put themselves at riskby misusing alcohol.We believe that this potential for harm is preventable which is why responsibledrinking is the right thing to do and is at the heart of our business.

Business Matters Winter 2010 29Diageo Shieldhall is the largest dedicated Scotch Whiskypackaging plant in the world, producing around 25 millioncases a year. More than 300 million bottles of whisky leavethe 44 acre site each year for 180 markets worldwide,which equates to 27% of the total Scotch Whisky industryworldwide.Almost 500 people are currently employed at Shieldhall, withthe Site operating five different shifts on almost a 24-hour basis.The plant’s main brands include: Johnnie Walker Red andBlack Label, J&B, Bell’s Original, Buchanan’s, VAT69 and Black &White.At the ROCCO Business Awards held on Friday 12November in Renfrew, Diageo Shieldhall did it again. Ata fantastic evening they won the following awards:EXCELLENCE IN MANUFACTURINGOUTSTANDING PERFORMING BUSINESS INRENFREWSHIREThey were judged against Rolls Royce and VSK EngineeringTechnologies in Manufacturing Excellence.Colin Neill, Site Director, commented“This external recognition supportsthe great performance that the site hasdelivered in the last twelve months.”Michael Lee acceptingThe Excellence in Manufacturing AwardAnn Marie Boyle and Caroline Joss acceptingThe Outstanding Performance Business Award

30 Business Matters Winter 2010Paisley Company Tee’s OffInternational ExpansionA Paisley basedChauffeur companyis expanding on theback of Europeancontract wins.United InternationalChauffeurs & EventsLtd has sealed alucrative contract witha sponsor of golf’s PGA EuropeanTour. This will see the companyprovide hire services at tournamentssuch as Madrid’s Spanish Open,the BMW Open in Munich, the BMWChampionships at Wentworth and theBritish Open in Kent. The businesshas also been booked for corporateevents in Berlin, Paris, Madrid andRome and as a result expects turnoverto grow by more than 100 per cent toaround £260,000 by April.Graham Ogg, a former Mortonfootballer, started in business in 1993 asa driving school. Since launching theexecutive hire business in January 2007 hisclient list as grown to include MercedesBenz, Scottish Widows, Standard Life andmany more.In Scotland the companycontinues to expand underthe brand “West of ScotlandChauffeur Drive Ltd” andnow has a growing fleet ofnew Mercedes-Benz, Bentleyand Beauford cars. Theyare supplying their vehiclesto over 80 weddings a yearin Renfrewshire and thewest and employ over 15chauffeurs and office staff. In2011 Graham plans to launchUnited International CoachHire with an initial £30,000 investmentwhich will create further driver andsupport jobs and includes plans to moveto larger premises in the area.Graham said “It’s sometimes hard tobelieve how far we have come in sucha short space of time. I guess the secretis genuinely caring about deliveringan exceptional service and listeningto what your client wants. We recentlyspent £2,000.00 on a mobile GPS trackingsystem for our cars on the continent sothat our clients at our internationalevents know exactly when the guests wehave collected are arriving at the eventso that they are at the door to meet them.All because on a couple of occasionsour chauffeurs call to the client wentunanswered and their guests weren’tmet at the event entrance. To me this isone of the main reasons why we havecome so far. It’s the attention to detailand listening to what the client wantsand then making sure you deliver it, nomatter what.”

Business Matters Winter 2010 31bridgeall areOutstanding!Investment Banking. We will bring this tomarket during 2011.Says who? Says the ROCCOawards panel!At the recent ROCCO 2010 awardsevening the Bridgeall team were delightedto be winners of the OutstandingPerforming Business < 25FTE. The awardis testament to the efforts of a fantasticteam and a culture of positivity, can-doand persistence demonstrated over thepast 8 years. Bridgeall devise and developinnovative software solutions to complexproblems across a range of industriesand we bring intellectual rigour, dynamicthinking and sheer hard work to ensuresuccessful outcomes.Custom SolutionsBridgeall work within formal projectgovernance frameworks whilst ensuringthat innovation flourishes. We deliverfirst-class software solutions and havedelivered projects of varying scale up to2,500+ man-days effort.Utilities BusinessIn 2003 we developed a groundbreakingown-brand solution, Gas Gateway, for theGas sector and secured ScottishPower in a5 year deal.In 2007 we moved into the Watersector to design and develop the CentralSystems underpinning the competitivemarket in Scotland. This market-criticalsolution records all supplier activitiesand calculates wholesale charging for the£300M+ value market and we continue tobe the Developer of the solution.Global SuccessOur entrepreneurial outlook led usin 2006 to explore an emerging idea forimproving stock performance in publiclibraries. We subsequently developed thedigital solution, smartsm, ( which is delivered over the Web andis now used by 120+ UK and US publicauthorities including Queens, New York,Toronto and Los Angeles County. Within3 years of launch in the UK we havesecured 50% of the market and in theUS we have secured 8 of the 12 largestlibrary authorities within 6 months. Itis this solution that has propelled thebusiness onto the global stage and we areexpanding rapidly to deal with demand.New VenturesBeing in total agreement with themaxim that life is too short to rest onyour laurels Bridgeall embarked during2010 on the development of an innovativesolution in the Risk Management area ofAwardsNever having put ourselves forwardfor award competitions we made timethis year to enter 3 competitions andwon an award in each. We won theExport category at the herald.comDigital Business Awards, the OutstandingPerforming Business < 25FTE at theROCCOS and the Most InnovativeTechnology at the Hillington InnovationCentre 10 Year Awards event.Innovation from BridgeallAs an example of our innovationsmartsm is a unique and groundbreakingsolution and the market affirms that. Ithas achieved phenomenal success in ashort space of time, has global potentialand we are currently exploiting that fromour Renfrewshire base.Very importantly for us, we have givenour Scottish-based team an opportunityto shine on a range of projects. Wehave never off-shored any development– the skills and intelligence are herein Scotland. We have demonstratedour entrepreneurial outlook anddetermination and although we are agrowing business we have financed thiswith no external investment.We have much work and manychallenges ahead of us but as we reflect atthe end of 2010 we have a great deal to beproud of.For those interested in furtherinformation or how we could help yourbusiness please see

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