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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI wish to thank my advisors Dr. Yannis Viniotis and Dr. Mladen Vouk for their supportand encouragement. I consider it a privilege to have been able to work with them. Theirincredible knowledge is matched only by their incredible patience. I thank them from thebottom of my heart for having given me this opportunity. I wish to thank Dr. DouglasReeves for being kind enough to have accepted to be in my committee in spite of theshort notice. I wish to thank Bell South, since this work was supported in part by a grantfrom Bell South.I would like to express my thanks to Zyad Ahmad Dwekat for helping me complete theimplementation of the diffserv router. His amazing perseverance and dedication havealways been a source of inspiration for me. I would like to thank Zyad Dwekat, AmitKulkarni and Mrugendra Singhai for helping me test the diffserv router. I would like tothank Marhn Fullmer for guiding me through this project. He has been my Linux guruand I owe a lot to him for his help. I would like to thank Bob Aldridge, Andy Noser andLee Graham for their help and for keeping me sane. I would like to thank DeepakSuryanarayanan for allowing me to bounce my ideas off him. I would also like to thankall my friends for their help and support and for tolerating me. I wish to thank KavitaNarayanamurthy for her constant encouragement and for proof-reading this document.Mere words are insufficient to express my gratitude to my parents, for their love andincredible support, without which this would not have been possible.iii

Table of ContentsLIST OF FIGURESVIII1 INTRODUCTION 11.1 NEED FOR QUALITY OF SERVICE 11.2 WHAT IS QOS? 21.3 TERMINOLOGY 22 DIFFSERV ARCHITECTURE 62.1 WHAT IS DIFFSERV 62.2 ADVANTAGES OF DIFFSERV 72.2.1 Scalability 72.2.2 Administratable 82.2.3 Measurable Service 92.3 DIFFSERV ARCHITECTURE 92.3.1 Traffic Profiles 122.3.2 Traffic Classification and Conditioning 122.3.3 Markers 142.3.4 Shapers 152.3.5 Droppers 152.3.6 Per-Hop Behaviors 153 DIFFSERV ROUTER COMPONENTS 173.1 CLASSIFIERS 173.1.1 Behavioral Aggregate Classifier 183.1.2 Multi Field Classifier 183.2 MONITORING/METERING 18iv

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