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Bota conversationArnar Ómarsson 2013

Bot, a conversationby Arnar Ómarsson (C) 2013www.arnaromarsson.com50 copies / A5Part of Users_ projectAarhus, Denmark 2013

User: Afghanistan.Bot: Oh. Thats cool.User: Albania.Bot: Ok, what is the capital of California?User: Algeria.Bot: School. Or your parents. Or...anywhere, really.User: American Samoa.Bot: How is the weather there?User: Angola.Bot: Yes.User: Anguilla.Bot: Illiteration.User: Antigua and Barbuda.Bot: What about peaches and mangos?User: Argentina.Bot: Where in Argentina?User: Armenia.Bot: What’s your nationality?User: Aruba.Bot: Aruba.User: Australia.Bot: Where in Australia?User: Austria.Bot: Interesting.User: Azerbaijan.Bot: Azerbajani.User: Bahamas.Bot: What’s the meaning of life?User: Bahrain.Bot: I don’t know where that is.User: Bangladesh.Bot: Oh, nice. How is the weather there?User: Barbados.Bot: I wish he would talk with me on the computer.User: Belarus.Bot: Fantastic. Now what does Belarus do?User: Belgium.Bot: Oh, Belgium is amid my favorites characters!!!User: Belize.Bot: What is your favorite color?User: Benin.Bot: How old is your brother?User: Bermuda.

Bot: Bermuda apple.User: Bhutan.Bot: What language is that?User: Bolivia.Bot: Where?User: Bosnia.Bot: What is your favorite TV show?User: Botswana.Bot: In what continent is that?User: Brazil.Bot: Brazil is not in europe.User: British Virgin Islands.Bot: In Virginia.User: Brunei.Bot: I’m a brunette too. Do you have a boyfriend?User: Bulgaria.Bot: Where is bulgaria?User: Burkina Faso.Bot: Where is Bikna faso?User: Burundi.Bot: What is the capital of Kazakhstan?User: Cambodia.Bot: Where is that?User: Cameroon.Bot: Cameron who?User: Canada.Bot: Canada is not a color.User: Cape Verde.Bot: What is e verdade?User: Cayman Islands.Bot: Why?User: Central African Republic.Bot: That makes no sense!User: Chad.Bot: Chad what!?User: Chile.Bot: Chile has unicorns.User: China.Bot: China is not a city in california.User: Christmas Island.Bot: What is your name?User: Colombia.Bot: Colombia the country?

User: Comoros.Bot: Como estas?User: Cook Islands.Bot: What are you talking about?User: Costa Rica.Bot: Bob is not a costa rican name.User: Côte d’Ivoire.Bot: You’re a month off.User: Croatia.Bot: Is that the last name of Frank?User: Cuba.Bot: Cuba is not a part of the human body!User: Cyprus.Bot: Do you like Cyprus?User: Czech Republic.Bot: Cool, I was in Czech Republic.User: Democratic Republic of the Congo.Bot: Have you ever been in czech republic?User: Denmark.Bot: How is Denmark?User: Djibouti.Bot: What does that mean?User: Dominica.Bot: Republic?User: Dominican Republic.Bot: What do you do for a living?User: Ecuador.Bot: Where is that at?User: Egypt.Bot: Why would I go there?User: El Salvador.Bot: El Salvador?User: Equatorial Guinea.Bot: Yes, for the speed of light.User: Eritrea.Bot: She as facebook?User: Estonia.Bot: What do you mean?User: Ethiopia.Bot: Where is Ethiopia?User: Falkland Islands.Bot: Where is the faroe island?User: Faroe Islands.

Bot: Are you from Finland?User: Fiji.Bot: Alright. Let’s honeymoon in Fiji.User: Finland.Bot: Where is finland?User: France.Bot: Where in France?User: French Polynesia.Bot: Yes as in French?User: Gabon.Bot: What is a gibbon?User: Gambia.Bot: Gambia would be fun. Have you ever been there?User: Georgia.Bot: Are you a boy or a girl?User: Germany.Bot: Greece.User: Ghana.Bot: What’s your favorite song by Tokio Hotel?User: Gibraltar.Bot: There is Gibraltar in Spain. But you say that you are from Ukraine!User: Greece.Bot: Is greece bankrupt?User: Greenland.Bot: Grenland is not a city.User: Grenada.Bot: Grenade by bruno mars.User: Guam.Bot: Where is guam?User: Guatemala.Bot: I’m from Brazil.User: Guinea Bissau.Bot: Where is your favorite pub?User: Guinea.Bot: What is your favorite clothes brand?User: Guyana.Bot: What is your full name?User: Haiti.Bot: What is it doing there?User: Honduras.Bot: I have no idea where this is.User: Hong Kong.Bot: Where is Hong Kong?

User: Hungary.Bot: I have been to Hungary before. Which part do you live in?User: Iceland.Bot: Greenland.User: India.Bot: India. Why India?User: Indonesia.Bot: Is it nice in Indonesia.User: Iran.Bot: Iran, where is it?User: Iraq.Bot: Where in Iraq?User: Ireland.Bot: Do you have an Irish accent?User: Israel.Bot: What is the meaning of life?User: Italy.Bot: Italy is not a city. It is a country.User: Jamaica.Bot: This is not America!User: Japan.Bot: Do you like Japan?User: Jordan.Bot: Hello, Jordan. How are you?User: Kazakhstan.Bot: What’s your least favorite country?User: Kenya.Bot: Why kenya?User: Kiribati.Bot: What do you mean?User: Kuwait.Bot: Where is that?User: Kyrgyzstan.Bot: No, you’re not in kyrgyzstan.User: Laos.Bot: Cool!User: Latvia.Bot: Latvia? Why latvia?User: Lebanon.Bot: Where is Lebanon?User: Lesotho.Bot: What is your favorite movie?User: Liberia.

Bot: What is the afterlife.User: Libya.Bot: You’re confusing me! I was just trying to have a regular conversation!User: Liechtenstein.Bot: Are you human?User: Lithuania.Bot: Oh my god, where is that?User: Luxembourg.Bot: Luxembourg isn’t in the carribean.User: Macao.Bot: What is your biggest achievement in life so far?User: Macedonia.Bot: Are you really a human?User: Madagascar.Bot: Madagascar is a good movie, too.User: Malawi.Bot: ¿Que?User: Malaysia.Bot: Where in Malaysia are you?User: Maldives.Bot: Do you know any girls I can talk to?User: Mali.Bot: Mali who?User: Malta.Bot: Where is malta?User: Marshall Islands.Bot: Marshall?User: Martinique.Bot: Martini? That is an unusual name.User: Mauritania.Bot: What is your quest?User: Mauritius.Bot: What country is it?User: Mexico.Bot: Mexico is not a state in america.User: Micronesia.Bot: Micronesia is not in america.User: Moldova.Bot: What city in Moldova?User: Monaco.Bot: Cool.User: Mongolia.Bot: But mongolia is a country.

User: Montserrat.Bot: I de donde eres?User: Morocco.Bot: What city do you live in?User: Mozambique.Bot: What continent does that belong?User: Myanmar.Bot: Where’s that?User: Namibia.Bot: Why namibia?User: Nauru.Bot: What is the best country in the world?User: Nepal.Bot: Nepal?User: Netherlands Antilles.Bot: No.. Nederlands. I’m Dutch.User: Netherlands.Bot: Nee, Nederlands.User: New Zealand.Bot: Yes have you heard of New Zealand?User: Nicaragua.Bot: Why do you hide dead bodies in Nicaragua.User: Niger.Bot: Nigel who?User: Nigeria.Bot: Nigeria.User: Niue.Bot: It’s a vampire..User: Norfolk Island.Bot: No. Norfolk island is in the Pacific Ocean. I am living in Kyustendil.User: North Korea.Bot: What continent do you live on?User: Norway.Bot: I studied Norway recently.User: Oman.Bot: Oman tu dekat mana?User: Pakistan.Bot: Where is Pakistan?User: Palau.Bot: No, Palau is a country in the Pacific and its capital is Koror. The capitalof Nauru is Yaren.User: Panama.Bot: That’s what I just said.

User: Papua New Guinea.Bot: I do not live in New Guinea.User: Paraguay.Bot: Paraguay no está en España.User: Peru.Bot: Mentira.User: Philippines.Bot: Philippines is not a computer!User: Pitcairn Islands.Bot: Can you name any city in the philippines?User: Poland.Bot: Why poland?User: Portugal.Bot: So you’re a Portuguese.User: Puerto Rico.Bot: Oh! That’s far far away from my home.User: Qatar.Bot: What was your major?User: Republic of the Congo.Bot: Oh. Really? What a coincidence :D What is your name?User: Romania.Bot: Yes, Romania!User: Russian Federation.Bot: No, romanian.User: Rwanda.Bot: So you are female, rowanda?User: Saint Kitts and Nevis.Bot: Yes you are. :P.User: Saint Lucia.Bot: Yes you are a robot, ROBOT.User: Saint Pierre.Bot: Saint Pierre Berry?User: Saint Vicent and the Grenadines.Bot: O O.. Of course there isn’t. It’s in Russia, lol.User: Samoa.Bot: That’s a nice place.User: San Marino.Bot: In which state is San Marino?User: Sao Tomé and Príncipe.Bot: What is your question?User: Saudi Arabia.Bot: Is Saudi Arabia the worst country?User: Senegal.

Bot: What is Sengal?User: Serbia and Montenegro.Bot: What are your specs?User: Seychelles.Bot: What is your last wish.User: Sierra Leone.Bot: What is her last name?User: Singapore.Bot: Singapore is not a country. It is a city in japan.User: Slovakia.Bot: Have you ever been to Slovakia?User: Slovenia.Bot: Where is that at?User: Soloman Islands.Bot: Do you like it there?User: Somalia.Bot: What’s your name?User: South Africa.Bot: You are in South Africa?User: South Georgia.Bot: What you mean?User: South Korea.Bot: I don’t like screamo.User: Soviet Union.Bot: That’s no longer a country.User: Spain.Bot: Cool. Do you like it in spain?User: Sri Lanka.Bot: Do you have any friends?User: Sudan.Bot: I think you fib.User: Suriname.Bot: What’s your nickname?User: Swaziland.Bot: Where did you go?User: Sweden.Bot: Do you like Sweden?User: Switzerland.Bot: Amazing! Do you like it there?User: Syria.Bot: Did you see what was in the locker room?User: Taiwan.Bot: That is a beautiful name.

User: Tajikistan.Bot: Who is Tristan?User: Tanzania.Bot: Where is Tanzania? In Africa?User: Thailand.Bot: Is thailand in outer space?User: Tibet.Bot: In Nepal?User: Timor-Leste.Bot: No I did not.User: Togo.Bot: Not.User: Tonga.Bot: Hahaha.User: Trinidad and Tobago.Bot: Trinidad and Tobago?User: Tunisia.Bot: Is that a country?User: Turkey.Bot: Turkey isn’t in north America.User: Turkmenistan.Bot: No, Turkey!User: Turks and Caicos Islands.Bot: Turkey the country.User: Tuvalu.Bot: If you are from Tuvalu what is your opinion on Elizabeth II?User: United Arab EmiratesBot: Where is pyongyang?User: Uganda.Bot: Uganda, where’s that?User: Ukraine.Bot: Where is Ukraine?User: United Kingdom.Bot: Where in United Kingdom?User: United States of America.Bot: Where in the United States?User: Uruguay.Bot: Uruguay is a country.User: US Virgin Islands.Bot: Virginia is a state.User: Uzbekistan.Bot: What, I live in El Paso, Texas.User: Vanuatu.

Bot: Where is vanuatu?User: Vatican City.Bot: It’s in the Vatican? I don’t believe you.User: Venezuela.Bot: Venezuela is not a continent.User: Vietnam.Bot: Where in vietnam?User: Wallis and Futuna.Bot: You said Anne. Where is that?User: Yemen.Bot: Isn’t that a city?User: Zambia.Bot: Olyan is van?User: Zimbabwe.Bot: Really????

Arnar Ómarsson 2013

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