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Blue River Two-Year Schedule - Metropolitan Community College

2MCC-Blue RiverTwo-Year SchedulePlan Your Future TodayMCC blue river • 20301 E. 78 HWYIndependence, mo 64057 • 816.220.6400www.mcckc.edu/brschedule

Plan Your Future TodayMCC-Blue RiverTwo-YearScheduleExampleSEMESTER:FALL 09SEMESTER PLANNERSEMESTER:CLASSES:ENGL 101CLASSES:MATH 40HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE:This sample Associate in Arts degreeschedule is meant to serve as aguideline for planning your individualcourse of study and educationalplanning at MCC – Blue River. Thecourse offerings listed representthose that may help you achieve yourdegree or transfer goal through oncampus,hybrid, and online courses.A two-year schedule of allMCC–Blue River courses and degreeofferings may be found atmcckc.edu/brschedule.Detach the semester planner andPlan Your Future Today…SEMESTER:CLASSES:SEMESTER:CLASSES:HIST 120CSIS 115PSYC 140SEMESTER:CLASSES:SEMESTER:CLASSES:MCC blue river • 20301 E. 78 HWYIndependence, mo 64057 • 816.220.6400www.mcckc.edu/brschedule

NOTES:MCC-Blue River Course OfferingsGeneral Education Requirements FALL SPRING SUMMERDayCourseOnlineCourseHybrid: CombinesClassroom & Online CourseEveningCourseAmerican Institutions: (2 courses--one must be HIST)HIST 120HIST 121POLS 136POLS 137Communications: (ENGL 101, 102 and one SPDR required)ENGL 101ENGL 102TBDTBDSPDR 100Mathematics: (MATH 119: College Mathematics or higher)MATH 119MATH 120MATH 130MATH 180MATH 190Humanities: (3 courses, 3 areas of study, 1 course must be Lit. or Phil.)ART 108SPAN 101SPAN 102HUMN 133HUMN 134HUMN 140LiteratureTBD TBD TBDMSCM 112MUSI 108MCC blue river • 20301 E. 78 HWYIndependence, mo 64057 • 816.220.6400www.mcckc.edu/brscheduleMUSI 116

MCC-Blue River Course OfferingsGeneral Education Requirements FALL SPRING SUMMERHumanities: CONT.DayCourseOnlineCourseHybrid: CombinesClassroom & Online CourseEveningCourseMCC-Blue River Course OfferingsDayCourseOnlineCourseHybrid: CombinesClassroom & Online CourseGeneral Education Requirements FALL SPRING SUMMERNatural Sciences: CONT.EveningCourseMUSI 160PHIL 100PHIL 101PHIL 200PHIL 203PHIL 204SPDR 103SPDR 114SPDR 133Natural Sciences: (2 courses, 1 Biological and 1 Physical)(Both courses must include laboratory)BIOL 101BIOL 102BIOL 104BIOL 106BIOL 108BIOL 109BIOL 110BIOL 208PHYS 106Social Sciences: (2 courses, 2 areas of study)ECON 210ECON 211GEOG 105GEOG 113GEOG 207HIST 130HIST 133HIST 134POLS 136POLS 137PSYC 140PSYC 240PSYC 243SOCI 101SOCI 160SOCI 210CHEM 105CHEM 111CHEM 112GEOG 104GEOL 101GEOL 180PHYS 101Total General Education Courses 42Computer Science: (CSIS 110 or higher CSIS course or credit by examination)CSIS 110CSIS 115Electives: (courses must be numbered 100 or higher) The student may apply up to four hours of credit selected from music performance and up to four hoursof credit from physical education activity courses. A schedule of elective courses can be found online at www.mcckc.eduTotal Credit Hours Required: 62•Courses can only be used once to meet degree requirements.•You must complete a Writing Intensive course AND either a Human Diversity course or Learning Community as part of the General Education Requirements.PHYS 104

Degrees offered at MCC–Blue RiverTransfer Degrees:Associate in ArtsAssociate in Arts TeachingAssociate in Computer ScienceAssociate in ScienceCareer and Technical Degrees:Business-Accounting-Logistics Management-Management-Office ManagementComputer Science & Info. Systems-Networking-Technical SupportCriminal Justice-Police ScienceFire Science TechnologyMCC has developed transfer and articulation agreements with anumber of nearby colleges and universities. This ensures thatcredits earned at MCC will be accepted at these other schools.Please contact an academic advisor for more information.MCC – Blue River will make every effort to offer the courses as listed in thisbrochure. Due to staffing and enrollment in any given semester, details of thisschedule may change. Be sure to check with your advisor if you think that aparticular course offering will be critical to your program or graduation.MCC blue river • 20301 E. 78 HWYIndependence, mo 64057 • 816.220.6400www.mcckc.edu/brschedule

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