Проектирование топологии: advanced

ABOUTTHIS COURSE• Total number of hours, credits: 144hours, 4 ECTS• Distribution of hours: 18 weeks: 72hours of class study (18 hours oflectures, 18 hours of seminars, and 36hours of labs) and 72 hours of selfstudy• Type: compulsory• Prerequisites: This subject is aimedat students starting their study underMaster Program “Networks andTelecommunications”, it concerns thatstudents might have no specialknowledge or programmingexperience.• Instructors (names, e-mailaddresses):• ///• ///2

MECHANICS OF THE COURSEPURPOSE• Provide understanding of the rolecomputer usage can play in solvingproblems connected with scienceresearch and education• Help students to be confident withusing all present electronic tools forresearch, education and makingscientific reports• Prepare students to use trainingsystems and software to be used in allother subjects in current MasterProgramEVALUATION• Class study & Individual work:• Attendance – 5 %• Labs – 25 %• Presentation and in-classparticipation – 30 %• Write-up and in-class quizzes– 40 %• Proposed program is focused oncontinuous assessment (Project/LabWorks) rather than final examassessment3

MAIN TOPICS1) Methodological problems of IT2) Internet technology3) Knowledge representation4) Optimization techniques. Modeling methods.5) Intellectual property6) Starting individual projects7) Computer in education, educational software and software for e-learning8) Computer applications4

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