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Whānau standing in anyworld confidentlySchool community health/wellbeing outcomes achievedthrough HPS include:• Improved presence, engagement,achievement through quality relationshipsand whānau wellbeing• Improved outcomes for the wholeschool community• Improved health/wellbeing knowledge, skills,attitudes and behaviours• Development of supportive school policies,practices and environments• Improved access to health, education andsocial services• Increased partnerships and collaboration• HPS inquiry processes embedded intoschools existing planning, review andreporting cycles.What do schools say about HPS?HPS has allowed us to strengthen ourself-review practices around health andwellbeing and is helping us to build capacityin ensuring that we work towards addressingneeds and improving equity, whanauwellbeing and educational outcomes for allmembers within our school community.Peta Lindstrom—Deputy PrincipalOur Lady Star of the SeaHPS valuesWhanaungatanga – strengthening relationshipsKotahitanga – partnership in learning, reciprocityRangitiratanga – uplifting, growing, leadershipTe Tiriti O Waitangi – partnership, participationand protectionFor further information and examples aboutHealth Promoting Schoolsplease visit our website contact your local facilitator.HealthPromotingSchools

To enhance whānau wellbeing through evidence informed practice with a focuson reducing inequities in health and educational outcomesWhat is a Health PromotingSchool (HPS)?A HPS school works with their schoolcommunity to identify and address health andwellbeing priorities.HPS in Aotearoa:• Builds on what schools already do• Uses an evidence-based best practiceframework• Supports school communities to own anddrive the process• Works in partnership with schools, healthand social services• Has an explicit focus on members ofthe school community experiencing thegreatest inequities• Supports bi-cultural partnership betweenMaori and non-Maori• Demonstrates values driven practice atevery level of HPS delivery.HPS Inquiry Cycle5. TransformationEvaluation, reflection,review, share andcelebrate4. ActionThe school implementssolutions with supportfrom HPS and otherstakeholders1. EngagementHPS is established as akey partner in learning2. InquiryThe school communityidentifies health andwellbeing priorities3. PlanningThe school communityidentifies solutions toaddress health andwellbeing priorities throughcollaborative partnershipsThe HPS Inquiry Cycle in action:• Strengthens schools’ existing planning,delivery, review and reporting processes• Supports school communities to retainsuccessful practices and implement newactions that meet their communities healthand wellbeing priorities• Is facilitated by the HPS workforce whichenables school communities to implementactions that improve health, education andsocial outcomes• Measures impact through improvements inequity, whānau wellbeing and educationaloutcomes in school communities.

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