Researching Gamification
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Question• How would we motivate someone to take thestairs instead of the escalator?

One possible answer

They have also had a history ofbeing used for serious purposes

Recent trend in software applications

Including game design elements

What should we call this?

Persuasive, pervasive gaming!

Persuasive, pervasive gaming!



GamificationGamification “the use of game design elementsin non-game contexts” (Deterding et al., 2011)• Where game design elements can include:– Game interface design patterns, game design patternsand mechanics, principles and heuristics, models, anddesign methods.• Gartner, 2011: “More Than 50 Percent ofOrganizations That Manage InnovationProcesses Will Gamify Those Processes”

Case Study 1: QUT Orientation

Case Study 1: QUT Orientation• How do we engage and motivate students atuniversity orientation using a mobile game?– Attendance and Participation– Social Networking– Exploring the campus

QUT Orientation Events

iPhone App PrototypeiPhone App Prototype

iPhone App Prototype

Research• Focus group and interviews with orientation staff• Design and development of a prototype app• Pilot study – 26 students• Integration with the QUT iPhone application anda deployment study – survey and usage data• Results indicated the game elements werereceived well, but the design of the elementsneeded further consideration

Case Study 2: Learning to Drive

Case Study 2: Learning to Drive• How do we engage and motivate Learner Driversto undertake more diverse, supervised drivingpractice?– Spreading it out over the entire learning period– Driving in different environments– Driving beyond the mandatory 100 hours

Case Study 2: Learning to Drive

Research• Investigation into the design of gamification– Gamification Design Methodology and Framework• Interviews with experts and survey for LearnerDrivers• Development of a prototype app• Usability studies with Learners Drivers• Field study with Learner Drivers

Takeaways• Gamification research is important• Initial research has shown value in theapplication of game elements to non-gamecontexts• More research is needed to understand itsdesign, effect and benefits

Thanks• Mr. Zachary Fitz-Walter––• Supervisor: Aspro. Dian Tjondronegoro––• Supervisor: Dr. Peta Wyeth–

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