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2011INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS.An innovative range of instant heating & coolingsystems with infrared short-wave technology.INFRARED-SHORT-WAVETECHNOLOGYTHE ORIGINALSINCE 1990www.burdawtg.com

BURDAWTG. The intelligent Way.INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONSAs the pioneer in the field of infrared short-wave technology our unique expertise and experience enables us to move thetechnology forward. The innovative products we offer are the best evidence for intelligent solutions. Producing efficient, energysaving instant heating or cooling products is our passion. Customized solutions, perfectly attuned to people and the environmentguarantees an almost unlimited range of uses.INTELLIGENT ANSWERSWe listen, identify and understand relevant customer needs to find the right answers together. It goes without saying we arepassionate, flexible, customer focused and reliable.INTELLIGENT REALIZEDHighest standards in the production process and the use of sophisticated materials represent BURDAWTG’s claim of alwaysoffering its customers only the very best in terms of high quality, design, functionality and high performance. This is the onlyway possible to set standards worldwide.INFRARED-SHORT-WAVETECHNOLOGYTHE ORIGINALSINCE 1990www.burdawtg.comINTELLIGENT ADVANTAGESINTELLIGENT AREAS OF USE· Original since 1990· Unique quality standard· High quality processing and manufacturing depth· High quality substance and components· Increased durability and burning duration· Efficiency straight to the point· Emission-free and clean· Broad power spectrum up to 18 kW· Wide choice of colours and models· High quality elegant design· Long-lasting, weatherproof aluminum· Hotel and gastronomy business· Balcony/terrace/conservatories· Camping· Garages/factories· Halls (production, warehouse, trade fair, etc.)· Hangars· Sport (swimming pool, golf house, etc.)· Churches· and many other usesWWW.BURDAWTG.COM


HeatingWe are committed to the highest standards in theproduction process and the use of sophisticated materialsto reach the highest performance efficiencyand functionality for our customers. Hence we createfirst-class infrared-heaters with a broad range of use.In addition, the wide choice of models and colours isfurther evidence of our high standard.04 | Heating

The New Waterproof Generation.TERM 2000 IP67NEWModel (Power):RCA100 (1.000 W)RCA165 (1.650 W)RCA200V (2.000 W)WxHxD: 60,5 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.500 gColour: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP67waterproofwaterproofwaterproofTERM 2000 with new protection class IP67!The innovation: the new, full waterproof TERM 2000 IP67 is designed and exclusively equipped with a specialgold-tube. Due to its open design, (without protectionglass) the TERM 2000 IP67 achieves a very highdurability of up to 5000 hours. Elegant, compact andsimple to use, this heater was created for simpleheating of outdoor areas. It is also ideally suited forintegration in tent and parasol systems. Depending onthe power needed, the TERM IP67 is also available asa multiple heater with two or three units.TERM TOWER PALMSModel (Power):RTT400V (4.000 W)RTT600V (6.000 W)RTT800V (8.000 W)waterproofRTT600Vwaterproofø x H: 110 x 250-270 cmWeight: 45 kgColour: Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP67RTT800VRTT400VwaterproofHeating | 05

The one-of-a-kind TERM heater series.TERM 2000 IP24Model (Power):RCA01024 (1.000 W)RCA01524 (1.500 W)RCA02024 (2.000 W)WxHxD: 51 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.300 gColours: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP24TERM 2000 IP24The TERM 2000 sets design and quality benchmarks with its superiorengineering, optimum finishing and elegant case made fromsolid aluminium. The highly effective “Bi-Focus” reflectors ensure ahomogeneously and pleasantly heated area. Both in professionaland home use, it is the ideal source of warmth for all indoor andoutdoor areas. With its broad selection of models – also availablewith “Vertical Burn” tubes for vertical mounting as an option – theTERM 2000 offers an almost unlimited range of uses with extremelycompact dimensions.TERM 1300 IP20Model (Power):RCA013 (1.300 W)WxHxD: 40 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 1.800 gColours: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP20TERM 1300 IP20The heater TERM 1300 is the noble, small and lightweight varaintof the TERM series. Thanks to it's compact dimensions this modelparticularly fits in small objects, rooms and surfaces and also asintegration in umbrella and tent systems.TERM 2000 CVHModel (Power):RCAC010VH (1.000 W)RCAC015VH (1.500 W)RCAC020VH (2.000 W)WxHxD: 42,5 x 15 x 21 cmWeight 1.500 gColours: Red, BlackTERM 2000 CVHThe portable version of the TERM 2000 has been especially developedfor easy and effective drying of paint and other materials.Weighing in at only 1.5 kg, it is easy to transport and can be usedboth horizontally and vertically. Different colours are available.06 | Heating

TERM 2500 VOLCANOModel (Power):RCV025 (2.500 W)adjustable in 1.250 W and 2.500 WWxHxD: 41 x 52 x 31 cmWeight: 5.450 gColour: BlackTERM 2500 VOLCANOThe compact, fold-away stand and the two-stage powerrange (up to a maximum of 2,500 W) make the VOL-CANO a universal all-rounder. It is easy to transportand is characterised by broad flexibility in its range ofuses, both at home and in commercial settings.NEWTERM TOWER PALMSTable/AshtrayModel (Power):RTT400V (4.000 W)RTT600V (6.000 W)RTT800V (8.000 W)ø x H: 110 x 250-270 cmWeight: ca. 45 kgColour: Silver (Aluminium)TERM TOWER PALMS Table/AshtrayThe TERM TOWER PALM with integrated table and ashtrayis the clever solution for all smoking areas. Ideal suitedfor the use in the gastronomy and hotel business.Heating | 07

The versatile SMART heater series.(UL2021)NEW: The outdoor-version SMART IP24 now available in black.SMART IP24Model (Power):BHS1524 (1.500 W)BHS2024 (2.000 W)BHS1524120 (1.500 W, 120 V)WxHxD: 48 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 2.500 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium), BlackProtection class: IP24SMART IP24First class heating performance, convincing in formand function. It’s advantages at the first glance: firstclass, efficient heating performance in a compact andshapely design. This powerful, compact unit is idealfor every outdoor area, terrace or balcony.SMART 2000Model (Power):BHS1520 (1.500 W)BHS2020 (2.000 W)BHS1520120 (1.500 W, 120 V)WxHxD: 40,5 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 2.200 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium), BlackProtection class: IP20(UL2021)NEW: SMART 2000 now available in black.SMART 2000The compact and uncomplicated SMART 2000 is notonly suitable for garages and balconies, it also does abrilliant job in industry, e.g. in heating single workstations and warming/drying of any material. The bigreflector always guarantees an optimum performance.08 | Heating

SMART TOWERModel (Power):BHST30 (3.000 W, 2 x 1.500 W)adjustable in 25, 50, 75, 100%WxHxD: 29 x 126 x 32 cmWeight: 7.300 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium), Black, RedProtection class: IP20SMART TOWER with integrated controllerFirst class portable heat is provided by the SMARTTOWER for versatile applications in private, commercialand industrial areas. Combined with the comfort of anintegrated dimmer, the SMART TOWER sets the benchmarkswith it‘s vertical space-saving configuration.Heating | 09

The versatile SMART heater series.SMART 1300Model (Power):BHS08 (800 W)BHS13 (1.300 W)BHS12 (1.200 W, 120 V)WxHxD: 31 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 1.900 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP20SMART 1300Be smart at heating with the models SMART 800 and SMART 1300in spotless white or silver. The compact dimensions are perfect forsmall objects and rooms and the integration in awning and canopysystems.(UL2021)SMART FRAME IP20Model (Power):BHSF15 (1.500 W)BHSF20 (2.000 W)WxHxD: 65 x 32,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 4.900 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP20SMART FRAMEThe SMART mounting frame has been designed specifically to permitthe simple installation of SMART radiant heaters into ceilingsand walls.10 | Heating

SMART 3000 IP24Model (Power):BHS3024 (3.000 W)BHS4024 (4.000 W)WxHxD: 89,5 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 4.000 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP24SMART MULTI STRAHLERFor the professional heating of trade and industrialbuildings, indoor and outdoor areas, the SMART MULTIseries comprises highly efficient models with 3 to 6kW total power.(UL2021)SMART 6000 IP24Model (Power):BHS6024 (6.000 W)WxHxD: 129 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 6.000 gColours: White, Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP24(UL2021)Heating | 11

Heating & CoolingWe understand our customer needs and respondaccordingly to them. This enables us to provide constantinnovative solutions to move the infrared shortwavetechnology forward and demonstrate intelligentsolutions again and again. With the global innovationPERFECTCLIME we united our innovative power andcustomer understanding to create the cutting-edgeheating & cooling concept with infrared short-wavetechnology. The international patent is pending.12 | Heating & Cooling

The First Heating & Cooling Sensation!PERFECTCLIMENEWINTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDINGModel (Power):PCRCA165 (1.650 W) with 1 nozzlePCRCA200V (2.000 W) with 1 nozzleWxHxD: 65 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.600 gPCRCA165-2 (1.650 W) with 2 nozzlesPCRCA200V-2 (2.000 W) with 2 nozzlesWxHxD: 70 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.850 gColour: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP67Discover the intelligent solution PERFECTCLIMEThe first heating & cooling concept combines infraredshort-wave technology in one unit. Instant comfortableheat or refreshing cool air – resulting with the perfecttemperature any time and anywhere.Based on the successful TERM 2000 IP67, instantheating is guaranteed and due to the integrated nozzlea fine haze leads to a comfortable atmosphere fornearly unlimited professional and private usage.The advantages at first glance:· space-saving· energy-saving· emission-free· sound- and odourless· high-quality design· weather-proof aluminum· pump and filter easy to attach tocommon water-connectionswith 2 nozzleswaterproofwaterproofHeating & Cooling | 13

The First Heating & Cooling Sensation!PERFECTCLIME MULTIModel (Power):PCRCJ330 (3.300 W) with 2 nozzlesPCRCJ400 (4.000 W) with 2 nozzlesWxHxD: 132 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 4.500 gColour: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP67Possibilities of effect-lighting:50 W each spotPERFECTCLIME L&H (91CM)The unique combination of the perfect temperature andlighting effects, guarantees the perfect atmosphere atall times and offers flexible capabilities.PERFECTCLIME L&HModel (Power):PCRLH1165 (1.100 W) with 2 nozzlesPCRLH1765 (1.600 W) with 2 nozzlesPCRLH2165 (2.100 W) with 2 nozzlesWxHxD: 91 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 4.050 gColour: Silver (Aluminium), GoldProtection class: IP65waterproof2 meters longPERFECTCLIME TOWERAll TOWER modelsavailable withtable/ashtrayPCRTT800VwaterproofPCRTT600VwaterproofPCRTT400VwaterproofModel (Power):PCRTT400V (4.000 W) with 2 nozzlesPCRTT600V (6.000 W) with 3 nozzlesPCRTT800V (8.000 W) with 4 nozzlesø x H: 110 x 250-270 cmWeight: ca. 45 kgColour: Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP67PERFECTCLIME TOWERThe PERFECTCLIME TOWER offers the perfect heatingand cooling performance well suited for the hotel andgastronomy business. Perfect for all outdoor areas – easyand quick to set up.14 | Heating & Cooling

PERFECTCLIME ADVERTPERFECTCLIME ADVERTHeating & cooling & information, the unbeatable combinationof individual information (advertising or branding)and the perfect temperature. It offers new possibilities forevery outdoor caterer.Model (Power):PCBHSI3024 (3.000 W) with 2 nozzlesWxHxD: 183 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 8.500 gColours: White, SilverProtection class: IP24Safe, compact andeasy to install.A complete system of radiant heater plus nozzle, pumpand custom-fit equipment, simple connectors and pipes(stainless steel or polyamide), the set-up is quick andeasy.The integrated anti-drop system warranted:· 50 % water saving· 50 % energy saving· 90 % less limescale build-up of the nozzlesPERFECTCLIME CONTROL CENTERThe space-saving PERFECTCLIME CONTROL CENTERoffers fine cooling haze in variable performance levelsto regulate the perfect temperature flexibly andeasily. Whether as free-standing PERFECTCLIME TERMTOWER PALM or directly integrated in tent or canopysystems, as single or double heater, the ideal coolingdown effect is always guaranteed. Thanks to theintegrated digital timer with 24h programming thecontrol of the fine cooling haze is uncomplicated andexact to the minute.PERFECTCLIMECONTROL CENTERModel (Power):PCE1 (200 W) 1 L /Min.60 Bar, 230 V–50 HZWxHxD: 60 x 30 x 40 cmColours: White, SilverPCE3 (750 W) 3 L/Min.60 Bar, 230 V–50 HZWxHxD: 60 x 30 x 40 cmColours: White, SilverIntegrated digital timerRadiant heater plusnozzle – perfecttemperature on demand!Heating & Cooling | 15

Heating & LightWe create a comfortable atmosphere, second to none!Only BURDAWTG, holds the patent for its design andutility model with 180° adjustable halogen bulb inEurope. This is the best evidence for our unique qualitystandard, which accepts no compromises regardingprocessing and design.16 | Heating & Light

The unique TERM 2000 L&H.TERM 2000 L&H (82,5 cm), patent-registeredPATENTED IN EUROPETERM 2000 L&HThe high-quality TERM 2000 L&H is now available withspecial effect lighting. Six different colours make itpossible to create an individual atmosphere, perfect foroutdoor catering or creating a colourful mood at home.The minimal floor space and the individual adjustableeffect lighting combine to ensure a cozy atmosphereand a highly colourful mood.Possibilities of effect-lighting:TERM 2000 L&HModel (Power):RLH1165 (1.100 W)RLH1765 (1.600 W)RLH2165 (2.100 W)WxHxD: 82,5 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmColour: Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP6550 W each spotTERM 2000 L&H (69 cm)Model (Power):RLH1100 (1.100 W)RLH1600 (1.600 W)RLH2100 (2.100 W)WxHxD: 69 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 3.350 gColour: Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP20TERM 2000 L&H (200 cm)Model (Power):RLH2200 (2.200 W)RLH3200 (3.200 W)RLH4200 (4.200 W)WxHxD: 200 x 9,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 7.100 gColour: Silver (Aluminium)Protection class: IP20Heating & Light | 17

Heating & CombinationWe offer flexible radiant heating combinations to enableour customers a versatile range of applications.Whether in the catering business, in the industry or inprivate areas our high class design leaves no wishesopen. Our ultimate aim to create the perfect atmosphere.18 | Heating & Combination

The ideal atmosphere for nearly unlimited use.SMART INFO IP24Model (Power):BHSI3024 (3.000 W)WxHxD: 167 x 14,5 x 9,5 cmWeight: 8.000 gColours: White, SilverProtection class: IP24SMART INFO-COMBINATIONFor the informative combination of radiant heaters and advertising,the SMART INFO series comprises two radiant heaters with anilluminated info panel in the center. Whether a logo or a name, theinfo panel can be printed with an individual design.Light, Heat und Sound in combinationFlexible range of use thanks to intelligent combinations.Instant heating plus light, plus sound or instant heatingplus information, we offer the convincing combination.TERM TOWERLIGHT & HEATModel (Power):RTT030 (3.000 W)RTT033LH (3.300 W)RTT045 (4.500 W)RTT048LH (4.800 W)RTT060 (6.000 W)ø x H: 110 x 270 cm (250 cm)Weight: ca. 45 kgColour: Silver (Aluminium)COMBI SUN LHSModel (Power):CSLHS33 (3.300 W)3 x 1.000 W Heatpower6 x 50 W Lightpower1 x 100 W SoundWxHxD: 47 x 18 x 47 cmWeight: 5.300 gColour: Silver (Aluminium)COMBI SUN LHSOur versatile satellite COMBI SUN LHS is the perfectcombination of heat, illumination and acoustics.Equipped with light and heat sources as well as aloudspeaker, the „satellite“ was developed for largerrooms. Ideal for churches and halls. The installationcan be made either hanging from a ceiling or mountedon a tripod. It can also easily be integrated in existingtent & parasol systems.TERM TOWER LIGHT AND HEATThe TERM TOWER which is well suited for the hotel andcatering industry offers the optimal heating performancefor all indoor and outdoor areas. With thecombination of heat and light the perfect atmosphereis guaranteed.Heating & Combination | 19

WellnessIntelligent answers to the needs of our customershelps us create new applications and product solutions.BURDA IR SPA is the perfect proof for that.Based on the infrared-technology the range of saunaheatersoffers space-saving, quick and easy saunatreatment almost everywhere.20 | Wellness

The new IR SPA Generation.Wellness at home with the infrared sauna without a cabin. IR SPAsauna heater just needs minimum floor space and is easy to install.Small bathrooms are converted into a wellness oasis quickly.Just an ordinary socket outlet and a small space is necessaryto generate a deep warmth which strengthens the body defences.The infrared sauna heater produces long and shortwave infraredwaves and creates a temperature around 45-50 degrees Celsius.A comfortable deep warmth to stimulate the blood circulation andmetabolism.IR SPANEWModel (Power):IR SPA 750 (750 W)WxHxD: 9,5 x 87,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.500 gColours: Silver, GoldProtection class: IP21Model (Power):IR SPA 500 (500 W)WxHxD: 9,5 x 87,5 x 12,5 cmWeight: 2.500 gColours: Silver, GoldProtection class: IP21Wellness | 21

Add-OnThe broad range of tailor-made equipment offers intelligentsolutions for application and fitting of ourwide infrared heater assortment. Dimmer, Timer andremote control are easy and effective for the optimaladjustability of individual heat requirement.22 | Add-On

The ideal equipment.Wireless softstartdimmerBRFE20Model (Power):BRFE20 (2.000 W)adjustable 50, 75, 100%Frequence: 868,3 MHzHirschmann STAS3, STAK3Colour: BlackProtection class: IP54BRFE40Model (Power):BRFE40 (4.000 W)adjustable 50, 75, 100%Frequence: 868,3 MHzWxHxD: 12,5 x 12 x 16,8 cmColour: SilverSchutzart: IP56BRD_SOLOBRD_V&MModel (Power):BRD_SFrequence: 868,3 MHzWxHxD: 7,4 x 4,4 x 1,5 cmWxHxD: 8,5 x 8,5 x 1,8 cmColours: White, Silver, BlackProtection class: IP20Model (Power):BRD_V&MFrequence: 868,3 MHzWxHxD: 12,1 x 4,3 x 2,3 cmColour: WhiteProtection class: IP20BRD Solo1 channelBRD Mono1 channelBRD Vario5+1 channelsAdd-On | 23

Everything under control.BHC 4001-ERModel (Power):BHC4001-ER (4 KW)adjustable from 0 - 4.000 WWxHxD: 28 x 17 x 8,7 cmWeight: 2.150 gColour: WhiteProtection class: IP65BHCR1REMOTE CONTROLTIMER TS2-CWITH SOFTSTARTModel (Power):TIMER TS2-C (2 KW)WxHxD: 9,5 x 13 x 5,5 cmWeight: 475 gColour: WhiteProtection class: IP65Model (Power):REMOTE CONTROL BHCR1Signal: InfraredWxHxD: 4,5 x 16 x 2 cmColour: WhiteProtection class: IP20BHC 3600EBHC 3601EModel (Power):BHC3600E (3.600 W)adjustable in 50, 75, 100%WxHxD: 11 x 11,7 x 17 cmWeight: 1.600 gColours: White, SilverProtection class: IP20Model (Power):BHC3601E (3.600 W)adjustable in 50, 75, 100%WxHxd: 11 x 11,7 x 17 cmWeight: 1.250 gColours: White, SilverProtection class: IP2024 | Add-On

Fix it.KLS1rib-fixing with knobColours: White, SilverKLS1Krib & pole fixing with velcroColours: White, SilverKLM4pole fixing 1-4Colour: SilverBHSStripod max. 210 cmColours: White, SilverKLWwindshield fixingColours: White, SilverKLWPupright fixingColours: White, SilverAdd-On | 25

Good to know.Success with the intelligent technology: infrared short-wave technologyInfrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light, however, is invisible to the humaneye; it only serves to radiate heat. Basically: the shorter the wavelength, the easier it is to penetrate the air. Short-waveinfrared generates heat by heating the object it meets with, without heating the air around it. Even effective and instant heatwithout pre-heating. A good example for this mode of action is the effect that occurs when a person walks out of the shadeinto the sunlight. Although the ambient temperature remains the same, they feel the temperature as considerably warmer underdirect solar radiation.Economically, environmentally convincing and cost-saving for more advantages and return at any use.TERM 2000 HEAT FOOTPRINTWITH 45° INSTALLATION ANGLE2,5 m3,0 m3,2 m14,1 m 25,8 mGAS DEVICEShort operation timeTraditional gas patio heaters use 11 kg gas bottles,which have to be changed after 8-11 hours11 kg bottle propan gas:= 15,- €Consumption 1 kg /h:Cost per hour= 1,36 €/hBURDAWTG RADIANT HEATERLong operation timeInfrared short-wave radiant heaters only need a newheating bulb after some 5.000 working hours2 kW electr. supply at actual price= 2 x 0,18 €:2.000 W radiant heater:Cost per hour= 0,36 €/hSaving per hour= 1,00 € or more than 70%With same operating cost:= 4–5 BURDAWTG radiant heaters= 1 Gas pation heaterInstant heat for 10 –12 m 2 with 1.500 – 2.000 W for 30–40 cent per hour26 | Good to know

Intelligent decisions!Our clients value the outstanding quality and the broadrange of application of our products. Whether in thehotel or catering industry or in private areas theBURDAWTG infrared short-wave technology heater andcooler product range convinces the world leadingbrands and industries (MS Europa, the best cruiseliner in the world). Choose the intelligent solutions toyour needs.SELECTION OF REFERENCESSuperior grandhotel at seaMS EuropaWorldwide first class hotelsAdlon, Hilton, The Century, Sheraton, Steigenberger, Vier Jahreszeiten ...International and national restaurants and cafesBlockhouse Steakhouse, Burger King, Cafetiero, Hard Rock Cafe,Häagen-Dazs, Le Crobag, McDonald's, Nordsee, Starbucks ...Museum and eventsLouvre Paris – FranceBerlinale Berlin – GermanyTrade and industryFord, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Thyssen Krupp, ...Airline and hangarsRoyal Air Force, US Army, ...TV-StudioBig Brother, EndemolIntelligent decisions | 27

Your dealer· Home· Commercial· Industrial· Public buildingsBurda WorldwideTechnologies GmbHRudolf-Diesel-Straße 18D - 65760 EschbornTel. +49 6173. 324 24 0Fax +49 6173. 324 24 24E-Mail info@burdawtg.comwww.burdawtg.com

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