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Envisioning is an independent researchfoundation based in Brasil.Our global team of academics, hackers anddesigners study technology to understandaccelerating change.We share our work with our own tools,methodology and design.

of global systems; including industries,sectors and economies.Starting our research on the technology ofmoney is a matter of timing: we believe anindustry-toppling, government -shifting,sector-disrupting revolution is underway.Think Napster, but bigger. Much bigger.

Indeed, hiding in plain sight, money is alike networks and computers, it obeys the sameaccelerating laws ( ).From beads to gold, it has changed shape, andfrom changing hands to routing data, the transferToday, this ancient technology is transformingsociety’s concept of power and how it is held.

While governments are facing coalescingis perpetually covering its ass. Yet,technologies and their communities havethrough their networks.Internet-born currencies, network-onlybanks and HFT algorithms have become freeagents operating at breakneck speeds withchanging.

moving toward more order.In the following pages, we identify individualtechnologies that are shifting power betweenlong-siloed entities of institutions, networks andindividuals.

These power shifts are well underway.Banks and governments know they are losingTechnology shows no sign of slowing down.This leaves us perpetually future-shocked, tryingto grapple with narrower slices of understanding.

FALL OF FIATThe future of money looks nothing like its past. Handling moneytoday feels like faxing when you could be texting: it works, but is amind-boggling, convoluted and antiquated process.Banks create scarcity by centralizing money. This scarcity isA wealth of startups and communities are working around thelimitations of money-as-a-system by developing technology-backedalternative currencies. Reputation systems, attention economies,digital currencies are all inventive solutions to measure value indecentralized economies.With the notable exception of cryptocurrencies, virtually all existingcurrency systems are the result of a shared belief in the currencyutility of silver.Decentralized currency systems have the freedom of being entirelyunpredictable and detached from convention. Bitcoins and theirvalue are derived over time from a computational mathematicalsystem. The future of decentralized currency is fast, unpredictableand ruthless.8

51ATTENTION ECONOMIESWith the internet’s persistence,the attention of an individualis becoming a scarce andincreasingly valuablecommodity. When attentionis paid, spent, given, taken– or transacted – it becomesas capital. Social media hasfor quantifying it – tweets, likes,comments, reblogs, etc.REPUTATION ECONOMIESThe reputation of an individualor an institution can be easilymeasured and assessed online.As the network, in the form ofsocial media, provides moreopportunities for individualreviews and likes, it providescharacter for decision-making.This creates accountability andtransparency and ultimatelydrives individuals andinstitutions to be good.TimebankingTimebanking is a means of exchange usedto organise people and organisations arounda purpose, where time is the principalcurrency. For every hour participants‘deposit’ in a timebank, perhaps by givingpractical help and support to others, theyare able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support intime when they themselves are in need. Ineach case the participant decides what theyhour of my time is equal to one hour of yourtime, irrespective of whatever we chooseto exchange. Because timebanks are justsystems of exchange, they can be used in analmost endless variety of than 25% of GENERATION Y reported high interest in a hypotheticalinfomediary who would manage consumers digital identity and the ability to drive action across the socialweb. Any person can connect their socialnetwork accounts and Klout will generatea score out of 100. Klout also providespeople with opportunities to shape and

BondsyBondsy is a smartphoneapplication for friendsto trade things you can’tput a price on. When youaren’t forced to pay withmoney, things get a lotmore interesting. Youare more comfortabletransacting with friends.It’s important to highlight:everything is privateon Bondsy. Pricetagsare freeform, so youcan ask for anything inreturn. When you wantsomething, tap ‘Grab’ and2PEER-TO-PEER ECONOMIESPeer-to-peer economiesoccur when the production,transaction and consumptionof goods happen betweenindividuals, not companies.Peer-to-peer economies arenot new, but the internet hasallowed more people to connectand trade, leading to anand the platforms throughwhich they are RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMY (1998)Wired founder Kevin Kelly spoke about the future valueof connectivity at a time most pundits still debatedwhether the internet would ever take

3DIGITAL CURRENCIESIn a normal banking system, thevalue of money is chipped away byseveral middlemen before it getsto the end user. Digital currenciesare powered by the network – theyare decentralised and peer-to-peer,making them powerfully frictionless.Cryptocurrencies rely on cryptographyand a proof-of-work scheme (‘mining’by using supercomputers to decipherhashed algorithms). They areto maintain scarcity and value.with an open-source client wherewhole, the movement and growth ofcryptocurrencies are fully transparent,traceable and anonymous.Butterfly Labs received over 20.000pre-orders for their DEDICATED BITCOIN CurrencyVen is a digitalsocial currencyused to share, buy,sell and trade inthe world of HubCulture and beyond.The value of Vencurrencies and theprice is based on abasket of currencies,commodities andcarbon is a peer-topeergeneric name/valuedatastore system basedon Bitcoin technology.It allows you to securelyregister and transferarbitrary names, nopossible censorship, attachtransact namecoins, thedigital currency

RETHINKING MONEY (2013)Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne explore the originsof our current monetary system, built on bank debt andscarcity to paint an alternative picture of how we couldimprove our existing implementations.Bitcoinimplementation of a cryptocurrency.Though more than half of all Bitcoinshave already been mined since itscreation in 2009, it will take until 2140for the last one to be is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, handlinga majority by volume of currency exchanges involving thecryptocurrency Bitcoin. Mt.Gox was established in 2009as a trading card exchange, but rebranded itself in 2010 asa Bitcoin business and quickly became a dominant player13

4DECENTRALIZED CURRENCIESTHE END OF MONEY (2012)cryptocurrencies, virtually allthe result of a shared beliefin the currency system itself.Some systems claim their valuethrough commodity (silver),but they all share a single,future prosperity of the EU, orthe utility of silver.have the freedom of beingentirely unpredictable anddetached from convention.Bitcoin value is derived froma computational mathematicalfunction over time. Ripplemonetary honor system basednetwork users. The future ofunpredictable and ruthless.David Wolman cleverly describes a future wherecash is rapidly disappearing as well as thetechnologies that are prone to take its place.LamassuBitcoin ATM. Insert cash,get Bitcoins. Accepts notesfrom over 200 are so often viewed as anelectronic gold with Litecoins be seen assilver. It was now time to be seen. Fact is,the electronic currencies in recent yearsare coming in strong. The total value ofthe crypto-currency is currently at 38several shortcomings of Bitcoins: Theauthentication time a payment is onlytwo and a half minutes – about a quarterof the average response time of theBitcoin network. The mining algorithmis Scrypt, so users can use standardPC hardware to mining. And the totalvolume of all Litecoin ever available is 84million, which represents a four-fold themaximum volume of

BANKINGAS A LAYERComputers were conceived as mainframes but morphed intolaptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets within a generation.Financial technology is still tethered to its past.Fintech needs to let go if they want to compete with the network.Emerging technologies are handing banking powers to networkedindividuals – they can leverage funds collectively and manage theira secure, selective and predictable manner will enable customersto play a more active role in their managing of money. Digitalmoney will be conceived as a system of deeply interconnected andinterdependent agents, open to anyone or anything.not mainframes. Porous interfaces, not monolithic surfaces.Empowering, not controlling. Small (personal) data, not only big(collective) data.16

22BANKING APISApplication Programming Interfaces specify howsoftware components interact with each other,and in banking, it allows third-party applicationsto connect to the consumer’s account. Combiningproducts and services. These can range fromsupport for the visually impaired, to creatingmanagement packages. Ultimately, this givesconsumers greater engagement and command ofGoCardlessallows smaller merchants to easily set upinterbank transfers for OF SURVEYEDBANK CUSTOMERSsay they preferonline Open Bank ProjectThe Open Bank Projectis an open source APIand App store for banksinstitutions to securelyand rapidly enhance theirecosystem of 3rd partyapplications and

21ONLINE-ONLY BANKSA model conceived in the mid-This enables higher interestrates, lower fees and minimumrequirements. Based online, theycan problem-solve and innovateeasily with technology – depositsare done via smartphone photosand customer service is availableimmediately through onlinechatting. This model will prevailover traditional banking.40% of surveyed customers claim theywould eventually outsource personalfinances to a DIGITAL replaces your bankaccount with a service thatfor group activities. Theaccount and budget is sharedfull transparency. Full bankpayments can be made, bothwide range of information canbe attached to all payments.This means accounting andmoney management happenscompletely automatically.Finally, you can easily collectmoney to support your activity.Simpleis creating a better interface forbanking through the web andmobile apps. In partnershipwhich will hold the actualdeposits, Simple is focusingon improving customerexperience and simplifying thebanking process by unifying allaccounts into one, accessiblethrough a bank

MovenMoven is a mobilemoney service thathelps you spend, save,and live smarter. Youcan load, transfer,spend, and track yourmoney using yourmobile device. Itstools provide you withinstant feedback onyour transactions andspending pulls bank, credit card, mortgage, loan andmoney with no data entry, import or synching required. Itcategorizes all transactions, showing users how much theyspend on gas, groceries, restaurants, and more; their bank,credit card and investment account balances; the amount ofinterest they’re earning/paying, top of your bills & money for you, so you never miss a billor get hit with overdraft & late fees again. Just set it up onceand the app goes work – proactively staying on top of your billsand monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards, all in oneplace. When bills are due or funds are low, the app will let DATA ANALYTICSAs technology enablesmore real-time accessto more data, there ismore opportunity foranalysis and improveddecision-making. A raftof applications haveemerged to evaluatetransaction patterns,anticipate outcomes,progress. Individualswill be able to measurethemselves against largeswaths of the populationand have a clearerunderstanding of theirposition. Soon, personalespecially those relatingto income, spendingand debt, will only beapplications.19

18SERVICE-DRIVEN AUTOMATIONThe rise of online bankingplatforms has opened up a newservices. Technology has putautomation and control into theconsumers’ hands, enabling themto program, monitor, verify andif my income is above X thismonth, transfer Y% of X to mysavings account. It can alsoinclude credit monitoring, fraudBANK 3.0 (2013)Brett King looks at the trendsredefining financial services andpayments, from mobile-only banksto post-scarcity is the easiest way to accept credit and debit card payments online. WithStripe, you can create exactly the payment experience you want in your websiteor mobile app, and we handle everything from security to daily transfers to yourbank account. Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept paymentsonline. They believe that enabling transactions on the web is a problem rooted inStrideStride is a fresh take on sales tracking.Traditional Customer Relationshipclunky and built for full-time salespeople.Stride strips the sales process down to itsessence, making it accessible to the everydayuser. With clean deal tracking and high-levelmetrics, Stride shifts the focus to simplicity.20

19OPEN-SOURCE INVESTMENT ALGORITHMSMost investment algorithms areproprietary and managed by largethere has been a rise in platforms todrive open-source algorithms. Built by acommunity, are constantly adapting andevolving. They provide opportunities fortraders to develop algorithms for theirown needs, and quickly testnew ideas in investments.Quantopianalgorithmic trading platform in yourbrowser. It’s a tools and support givequants what they need to learn, create, (2012)Futurist Peter Diamandis and sciencewriter Steven Kotler present an appealing futurewhere exponentially growing technologiesconspire to better the lives of billions andredefine the nature of

ACCELERATINGTRANSACTIONSWho are you? In order to make a transaction from an account,Vendors and bank tellers once asked personal questions andmoney. Now, with single sign-ons, biometrics and intelligent26

Developments like Square andPayPal readers have added1.2 MILLION NEW BUSINESSESover the past year to the cardfirms’ list of merchantsEconomist IDENTIFICATIONcan be used to identify the userOften, the system uses two-factorscan is followed by typing in a PIN(personal ID number) as usual. Thisprovides unprecedented securityand frees users from carryingPaytangocustomers. They createan account linking theirand PIN. At the POS, theythe reader to authenticate.This takes less than 6seconds.NymiNymi is a bracelet that uses your unique cardiac rhythm toauthenticate your identity. It will provide interaction withother devices as a token of authenticity. Opening doors,unlocking phones, inputting passwords, etc…

106CONTACTLESS PAYMENTSlocation and scanning technologieson smartphones are poweringcontactless in-store transactions.tap their phone on a NFC machine,or check in with a nearby merchantlinked accounts. This streamlinespayment systems, reducesinfrastructure and lowers costs.SINGLE SIGN-ONSingle sign-on allows a user to login once and gain access to multiplesoftware systems at once. Thisreduces the fatigue, time spent andsupport needed from managingcombinations, and could turn into anuniversal protocol that relinquishespasswords or pins.THE GHOSTOF BITCOINPolygon’s CharlieHall sets out on ajourney to uncoverthe elusive (orpseudonymous)Satoshi Nakamotoin an attempt toexplain the past,present andfuture of WalletGoogle Wallet is a virtual wallet that storespayment information securely and makespaying fast both in-store and online. WithGoogle Wallet, users can store credit,loyalty, and gift cards and make paymentsthrough MasterCard

87LOCATION AS A LAYERA smartphone’s location capabilitiessmartphone can be used to verifythe location of a user making atransaction. This can providecustomers – action can be takenimmediately if a purchase occursin England, but your smartphonelocation services can check you intoregistered locations, and transactionscan be made after you give themerchant your name.MOBILE CREDIT CARD READERSA hardware add-on for smartphonesthat uses their internet connectionto enable credit card processing.As an alternative to traditionalinstitutions, big or small, moreindependence and a smaller setupcost for payment systems.SquareSquare is a solution for bothmerchants and consumers topay and charge for productsand services using theirmobile devices. It allowscustomers to set up a tab andpay for their order simply withtheir name using a storedcredit, debit, or gift card.The app supports manuallyentering the card details orswiping the card through theSquare Reader. It also servesas a full point-of-sale systemfor businesses to acceptpayments, manage items,and share menu and

9DIGITAL WALLETSSoftware wallets today already domore than their leather counterparts;they are streamlining transactions,and moving a host of new currenciesand economies. Smartphones canbarcodes, NFC components to makepayments, and location services todevelop relationships with nearbytrack and share the contents of yourwallet across devices, and let you payin a multitude of units from GoogleCredits, Canadian Cryptodollars toFacebook shares.Square’s annualized rate of processedtransactions is now up to $5 BILLION ,up from $4 billion a month agoGigaom – News On Tech & Startups system. Customersdon’t need phone or walletto pay in the store: justis world’s fastest paymentreducing time spent onretail payments frompresent day 30 seconds tonearly 0 turns replies andcomments into cash, enablingbusinesses and consumersto buy, sell, donate, fundraiseand pay in-stream on socialmedia. These are social,device agnostic, frictionless,in-stream, one step payments.By removing all frictionsof a traditional paymentsor e-commerce system,Chirpify transforms socialplatforms from broadcast

The Currency CloudThe Currency Cloudplatform leverages thecloud to provide accessto a multitude of paymentnetworks, exchange rateproviders, comprehensiveadministration, andautomation for a payment’slifecycle – from pricing andthrough execution andreceipt to settlement PaymentsBalanced is thesystem designed formarketplaces from theground up. We providea feature-rich, fullyintegrated API thatallows marketplaces tocharge cards, escrowfunds, deposit nextday via ACH direct,and collect their ownmarketplace OFTHE ADULT KENYANPOPULATIONis using mobilemoneyservices,mainly to transfermoney to familymembers or businesspartners in distantlocations, butincreasinglyfor bill paymentsand small loans.”Globe and

LemonLemon helps youspend smarter. Itturns the smartphonesinto a digital walletthat organizes andstores IDs, creditcards, loyalty cards,receipts, coupons andmore, so can accesswhat you need moreconveniently, and arealways backed up incase your wallet is lostor is on track to process over$1 BILLION FOR 250,000 CONSUMERSand businesses in 2013Emailing moneyGoogle is rolling out a feature in Gmail that lets youallow you to easily send money as a gift or provides a freeweb-based softwareplatform which allowsusers to send, receive,and request funds fromany other user. Dwolla’smaximum transactioncost is 25 cents pertransaction.32

Tap our network of experts,hackers & thinkers to work with youEnvisioning concentrates researchers around several sectors and industries.Find domain experts, technology developers & design thinkers to assist in your

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LEVERAGINGCROWDSStanding on the shoulders of technology, networkedinvisible and unreachable to institutions. These networkscan look like chaotic swarms, but are intrinsicallysystems diagram would have you believe.Platforms provided by the internet have enabled theallowed us to nurture new economies. With sustainability,utility and community in mind, there has been a decisiveshift from consumption and the concept of wealth has38

17COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTIONPowered by network technologiesand peer communities,collaborative consumption isa new economic model gearedtoward developing access, notownership. Through onlineplatforms, consumers are ableto lend, swap, barter, shareand gift products on anunprecedented scale. Massivenetworks for social lending,car sharing and peer-to-peertravel have already establishedforces for sustainability.WIRED ON THE FUTUREOF MONEY (2010)Daniel Roth’s seminalpiece of the flexible,frictionless and (almost)free future of online platform for individuals, generallyprivate parties, to rent unoccupied living spaceand other short-term lodging to guests. Listingsinclude private rooms, entire apartments, castles,boats, private islands and other properties.A carsharing company providingautomobile reservations to itsmembers, billable by the hour or day.Members can reserve Zipcars onlineor by phone at anytime, immediatelyor up to a year in advance. Zipcarmembers have automated access toZipcars using an access card whichworks with the car’s technology tounlock the door, where the keys arealready located

15CROWDSOURCED FINANCIALDECISION MANAGEMENTA pool of individuals can becompany. These individuals areusually related in some way toinvestors, consultants or founders.Forbes estimates the revenueflowing through the share economydirectly into people’s wallets willSURPASS $3.5 BILLION THIS YEAR,with growth exceeding is a social, stockmicro-blogging service.StockTwits is an open,community-powered ideaand information serviceeavesdrop on traders andinvestors, or contribute tothe conversation and buildtheir reputation as savvymarket wizards. The serviceand structures it by stock,user, reputation, is a socialmedia platform for theconnects investorsdirectly to the peopleand companies theywant to

Mike MerrilA 30-year-old part-timeentrepreneur named Mike Merrilldecided to sell himself on the openmarket. He divided himself into100,000 shares and set an initialof his day job as a customerservice rep at a small Portland,Oregon, software their futurepotential. They can raisemoney today in exchangefor a small share of theirincome for either 5 or 10years. Their backers areinvesting in them, nottheir idea or business.Backers can invest inThey share some of yourupside, but payments arecapped regardless of AS INVESTMENTSAs accomplishments can beclearly measured, people,like companies, can positionthemselves as investments.By measuring their potentialthrough data, statistics andalgorithms, individuals cana small share of their futureincome. Instead of focusingventures, which enables a moreholistic approach to innovation.Lending Club, one of the leadingP2P money lending platformsrecently surpassed USD 1 BILLIONIN PERSONAL

13MICROFINANCEbanking services made available tosmall businesses and entrepreneurswho otherwise have no real accessto it due to high associated costs.It can include microcredit, savingsand fund transfers and is seento a powerful tool for economicdevelopment. With peer-to-peeraccess to microcredit, linkingwealthier investors to developingcommunities and making funds morereadily available by bypassing usualbanking intermediaries.FlattrFlattr is a microdonationpay a small amount everyand then click Flattr buttonson sites to share the moneythey paid among thosesites, comparable to an Likebutton with money on UNDER 35 are the most digitally savvy and therefore the mostlikely to have participated in sharing or renting online rather than M-Pesaallows people to lend moneyvia the internet to people indeveloping countries throughinstitutions, social businesses,organizations. Kiva includespersonal stories of each personwho needs a loan because theywant their lenders to connectwith their entrepreneurs on ahuman

Cumplo.clCumplo is a platform that connectspeople and companies that haveother people or companies that THEFUTURE OFBRANDEDCURRENCYPaul Kemp-Robertson walksus through anew generationof currencyand the thenon-bank futureof is a P2P money lending servicethat allows lenders and borrowers to dealdirectly with one another, cutting out thebanks who act as allows you to compareand select a diverse group of moneyexperienced

Zopa expects to lend £100 MILLION THIS YEAR, up from £60 million last year14INTENTION ECONOMYProposed by Doc Searls,the intention economy is arecourse from the familiarmass market economy,where, for most part,sellers set the prices, andare in charge. Rather thanhaving vendors blindlyguess what consumerswant, consumers shoulddirectly signal theirintentions to the market.Vendors who match theindividual’s terms willrelationships and survivewith real customer loyalty.QueremosQueremos is agroundbreakingformat that gets fansdirectly involved inthe process of makinga concert happenusing is an online and mobile marketplace thatallows users to outsource small jobs and tasks toneed done, name the price they are willing to pay, anda network of pre-approved TaskRabbits bid to completethe job. It was founded by Leah Busque in 2008 and44

16CROWDFUNDINGCrowdfunding drawson the power of crowdsand networks to solicitinvestments, usuallyin small amounts, foris a departure from thetraditional model ofinvestment, which relieson a select investor orconcept, the internetand its platforms hasdegree. Beyond providingmore access to resourcescrowdfunding, reducescosts, increasesengagement, shiftspossibilities and empowerssmall endeavors. It haslaunched artists, poweredpolitical campaigns,provided disasterrelief, pushed softwaredevelopment, championedKickstarterA company that provides toolsto raise funds for creativeprojects via crowd fundingthrough its website. Peoplecannot invest in Kickstarterprojects to make money. Theycan only back projects inexchange for a tangible rewardor one-of-a-kind experience,like a personal note of thanks,custom T-shirts, dinner withan author, or initial productionrun of a new a virtual environment that brings entrepreneurs andinvestors, allowing to do online collective investmentbusinesses based in provides the global platform for the sourcing andmanagement of early-stage investments. Gust enablesskilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartestinvestors by virtually supporting all aspects of theinvestment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit.45

ZidishaZidisha is the only peer-to-peer lending serviceto connect individual lenders directly withIt is based on the conviction that small-scaleentrepreneurs in developing countries are capableof interacting responsibly with peer-to-peer lendersvia a self-regulating web platform, without needinglocal intermediaries to communicate and manageloan transactions on their Vander Auwera fromSWIFT’s Innotribe providesan insightful stream ofdaily fintech provides small, short-termThe company uses sophisticated risk anddecisioning technology to make automatedyet responsible lending the conversationand by no means an exhaustive list of thetechnologies and services on the market.We’re eager to involve our readers! Pleaseemail us to

WHATHAPPENS NEXT?The interesting thing about money, is that it is a technology,a system and an abstraction.more than one party. With this, its power lies in its mutability, or theAs today’s individuals become more networked, new systems emerge,the concept of value becomes elastic.Quantopian, etc., – are all results of a rapidly connecting society.creating more wealth, but creating more opportunities for people topower and paradigms.institutions – banks, governments, industries – are now poised fortransformation. By moving from siloed products to interoperableplatforms, static structures to networked systems and thinkingeconomies.48

Your support in downloading and readingour research goes directly towards buildingan ever-improving foundation for the future,and for that we are deeply thankful.This report represents small steps towardsa long conversation between us and thosefuture technology. We will always strivepotential positive impact on the future.If you want to be part of the conversation,please email us: Michell Zappa

WHO WE AREARTHUR SOARESRESEARCH, CODE, DESIGNCINTIA FERREIRAPROJECTS, PHOTOSERIN GELDEDITING, RESEARCHDesign strategist, technologyenthusiast and amateur cyclist.Otaku of all things. Spends toomuch time on reddit.A product designer passionate aboutphotography, music, gastronomy andfeminism. With a great admiration fortechnological trends, graduate offrom the best online agencies and incharge of operations at Envisioning.Erin reads everything -- books,networks, closed captions, cities,long articles, classrooms, faces,beautiful things. She holds abachelor’s in English fromCornell and a masters’ inteaching from Columbia.EVELYN LEINEDESIGN, LAYOUTTHIARA CAVADASRESEARCH, METHODOLOGYTHOMAZ REZENDEDESIGN, INFOGRAPHICSMICHELL ZAPPADESIGN, RESEARCH, METHODOLOGYGraphic Designer, Working witheditorial design and exploring contentfor mobile devices. Music, weird,walk, people, little things, authentic,movement, faith and sunset.Knowledge hunter. From classicalanthropology to cutting-edgemethodologies, passing throughcommunication, semiotic, gastronomyand my latest obsession,technological trends: I just want tounderstand it all.Thomaz is an architect but alwayspreferred to build in the digitalworld. Infographic design, interactivedesign, programming, motiondesign and graphic design are hismain skills.Founder and executive director of Envisioning. Tinkerer,thinker, builder, breaker, designer, hacker and related tothe other Zappa.Born in Stockholm & raised around the world (currentlyshocked & loving it.Perpetually fascinated by tech and how it shapes society.He sees technology sprawling out of control and believesthat given the right framework and tools, technologicalevolution can explained in predictable terms.Believes Envisioning to be vessel for achieving this vision,and that the better we question the fundamental nature oftechnology, the better of an understanding and morecontrol we will have over the future of humanity.


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