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WELCOME TO CARSAWelcome to the Centre for Athletics,Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA).CARSA is a new, state-of-the-art recreationand athletics facility that conveniently bringsUVic athletics and recreation services tothe heart of the campus, right across fromMcKinnon Gym.UVIC VIKESRECREATIONWith more than 190,000 square feet of space for activehealthy living, there’s so much waiting for you to discover.• ong>Getong> fit and stay active all year long in our fully equipped two-storey fitness and weight-training space.• Visit the Peninsula Co-op Climbing Centre where you can test your limits on the towering 16-metreclimbing wall or learn the basics of bouldering.• Drop in and experience our enormous indoor field house with space for a variety of drop-in sportsincluding basketball, floor hockey, volleyball and more.• Visit our dance studio where you can try one of our many excellent dance programs.• Experience our new ‘Mind and Body’ and ‘Movement’ studios where classes are designed tokeep you balanced.• Be the first to book one of our brand new squash and racquetball courts.• Check in with our sports therapy clinic where we offer physiotherapy, massage and more.Come and work out, learn a new skill and enjoy all the facilities and services we have to offer.Vikes Recreation offers memberships for students, staff and faculty, Alumni and>Getong> ong>INong> on the action!Vikes Recreation makes it easy for you to find anddiscover new activities. The Vikes Recreation guide isyour overall source for facility information, membershipoptions, and general program overviews and policies.REGISTRATIONfor Recreation Programs and Intramurals opens:Members: August 31, 2015Non-Members/Ice Hockey: September 9, 2015Register at or at the CARSA Membership Services desk@vikesrecPhotography: apshutter.com02 Membership & Fees05 Sports Clubs06 Drop-in Recreation08 Health & Fitness20 Intramurals22 Recreation Classes24 Climbing Centre26 Aquatics

MembershipAll prices include GSTVIKES ALL ong>INong> PASSSTUDENTS & ALUMNIStudents(Ath & Rec fee paid with tuition)Students(Ath & Rec fee not paid with tuition)4MonthMEMBERSHIP PURCHASE & PRIVILEGESMembership includes use of all recreation facilitiesduring scheduled hours, participation in instructional,intramural, or club programs at reduced rates, rentalof equipment from the Outdoor Recreation ResourceCentre and eligibility to purchase Fitness/WeightCentre membership, as well as free admission toregular season home varsity games.REFUND POLICIESThere are no refunds for any course/program/leagueunless canceled by Vikes Recreation. Considerationwill be given to those providing a medical certificateor academic certificate indicating timetable changes.All refunds are subject to a $10 administration fee.All refund requests must be received within 30 daysof date of purchase. Credits on account are good forone year from date issued. A $25 fee will be chargedfor NSF cheques.8Month12***MonthWORKS OUT TO**$175 $300 $320.15 $26.68$255.50 $461 $481.15 $40.10Alumni Association Members $375 $750 $770.15 $64.18STAFF & FACULTYRegular Continuing $210 $420 $440.15 $36.68Non Continuing $375 $750 $770.15 $64.18UVic Retirees $210 $420 $440.15 $36.68COMMUNITYAdult $420 $840 $860.15 $71.68Youth (14-18) $280 $560 $580.15 $48.35Child (6-13) (Does not include FWC) $280 $560 $580.15 $48.35VIKES FIT PASS*STUDENTS & ALUMNIStudents(Ath & Rec fee paid with tuition)Students(Ath & Rec fee not paid with tuition)4Month8Month12 ***MonthWORKS OUT TO**$100 $200 $220.15 $18.35$180.50 $361 $381.15 $31.76Alumni Association Members $225 $450 $470.15 $39.18STAFF & FACULTYRegular Continuing $60 $120 $140.15 $11.68Non continuing $225 $450 $470.15 $39.18UVic Retirees $100 $200 $220.15 $18.35COMMUNITYAdult $270 $540 $560.15 $46.68Youth (14-18) $140 $280 $300.15 $25.01Child (6-13) (Does not include FWC) $140 $280 $300.15 $25.01MEMBERSHIP DEFong>INong>ITIONSIn most cases, your Athletics & Recreation feeswere included in your tuition fee payment.Please check your fee statement.Recreation membership is required for studentsto access the Athletics and Recreation facilities.Your validated student card is your membership.If recreation fees were not charged with your tuitionfees, you may purchase your membership directlyfrom Vikes Recreation.LEISURE ASSISTANT PASSAthletics and Recreation works cooperatively withRecreation Integration Victoria to facilitate activelifestyles for people with disabilities. The LeisureAssistant Pass provides free access to a personaccompanying a student with disabilities as a oneon-oneassistant. Please call Recreation IntegrationVictoria at (250) 477–6314 to arrange for a pass.OTHER CARSA FEES COSTOne Month Pass Fitness Weight Centre $85.00One Month Pass Climbing Centre $85.00Member Day Pass for Fitness Weight Centre $10.00Member Day Pass for Climbing Centre $10.00CARSA 10 punch card incl Fitness Weight Centre $135.00Guest Pass: Adult incl Fitness Weight Centre $15.00Guest Pass: Child (6-13) $7.00Guest Pass: Child (5 and Under) FreeGuest Pass Family: Up to 2 adults and 4 children $30.00Guest Pass: Climbing Centre (non member) $15.00Guest Pass: Group Fitness (non member) $15.00Leisure Assistant Passong>INong>Fong>INong>ITY GROUP FITNESS ADD-ON COSTUnlimited Group Fitness Classes (4 month term)*Must have valid Vikes ALL-ong>INong> or FIT passMCKong>INong>NONMEMBERSHIP PASS4MONTHFree$75.00Vikes Recreation also offers bundled memberships to McKinnon Gym.These memberships provide access to the legacy recreation spaces anddrop-in opportunities when available.8 MONTHAdult $154.00 $308.00Child (6-13) $60.00 $120.00MCKong>INong>NON 10 PUNCH PASS COSTAdult $58.00Child (6-13) $29.00* Peninsula Co-op Climbing Centre not included.** The Vikes All In and Vikes Fit Pass cannot be purchased on amonthly basis. The full fee is due upon purchase.*** 12 Month membership must be purchased by Dec 31, 2015Please Note:In an effort to prevent unnecessary wear and tear onequipment and machines, all participants are askedto wear clean, athletic clothing while working out orparticipating in activities. Shirts must be worn in allactivity areas.CENTRE FOR ATHLETICS, RECREATIONAND SPECIAL ABILITIES (CARSA)Corner of McKenzie Ave. and Gabriola Rd.Customer Service: (250) 472-4000Equipment and ORRC: (250) 472-4044Building HoursMon–Sun6:30am–11:00pmHolidays & Reading Break 7:00am–9:00pm* Facility schedule subject to changePlease refer to for December holiday hoursPhysiotherapy ServicesUniversity of Victoria Orthopedic& Sports Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy services are available to UVicstudents, staff and members of the community.Appointments: (250) 472-4057MCKong>INong>NON BUILDong>INong>G (McK)Corner of McKenzie Ave. and Gabriola Rd.Equipment Desk: (250) 721-8484Building HoursMon–Fri6:30am–11:00pmSat/Sun9:00am–9:00pmHolidaysCLOSEDReading Break 7:00am–9:00pmEmploymentIAN STEWART COMPLEX (ISC)3964 Gordon Head Rd.Equipment Desk: (250) 472-5604Building Hours: As determined by schedule.See Drop-in schedule for public times.VIKES ATHLETICS & RECREATION OFFICEOffice Hours Mon–Fri | 8:30am–4:30pmAthletics and Recreation: (250) 721-8409Campus Recreation: (250) 721-7282 | vikesrec@uvic.caFacility Rental: (250) 472-4652Currently, hundreds of students are involved with the organization andadministration of our programs as lifeguards, facility supervisors, activitysupervisors, referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers and first-aid staff. Whether youwant to gain valuable leadership experience, add to your resume, earn extramoney or just be involved in an exciting area of university life, check out thelatest opportunities online at vikesrec.caUVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE3

OUTDOOR RECREATIONThe Outdoor Recreation Resource Centre (ORRC)is a Vikes Recreation service that providescamping and outdoor recreation equipmentrentals to Vikes Recreation members.WHERECARSA equipment desk(Camping equipment is only available to members.)RENTAL PROCESSTo rent equipment from ORRC, you can either call and reserveequipment or visit us at the CARSA equipment desk. A rentalcontract will be filled out by you and the staff member. A creditcard number will be required in case of loss or damage to theequipment.Please visit for the most up to date schedule orcontact (250) 472-4044 for more information.SPORTS CLUBSSport Clubs are led by students, for students in an active and social environment. A wide range of recreationalor competitive opportunities exist. To find out more information, contact the specific>Getong>ting involved with a Vikes Recreation Sports Club is easy. Contact Vikes Recreation Clubs or visit us in-personat CARSA or McKinnon Gym to find out more information and to register. More info clubs@uvic.ca䌀 伀 䴀 䔀 匀 圀 䤀 䴀 圀 䤀 吀 䠀 唀 匀 ℀倀 愀 挀 椀 昀 椀 挀 䌀 漀 愀 猀 琀 匀 眀 椀 洀 洀 椀 渀 最 椀 猀 愀 渀 愀 琀 栀 氀 攀 琀 攀 ⴀ 昀 漀 挀 甀 猀 攀 搀 Ⰰ 瀀 爀 漀 昀 攀 猀 猀 椀 漀 渀 愀 氀 氀 礀 ⴀ 氀 攀 搀 愀 渀 搀 瀀 愀 爀 攀 渀 琀 ⴀ 猀 甀 瀀 瀀 漀 爀 琀 攀 搀 猀 眀 椀 洀 挀 氀 甀 戀 Ⰰ 挀 漀 洀 洀 椀 琀 琀 攀 搀琀 漀 栀 愀 瘀 椀 渀 最 猀 眀 椀 洀 洀 攀 爀 猀 愀 琀 愀 氀 氀 氀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 猀 愀 挀 栀 椀 攀 瘀 攀 琀 栀 攀 椀 爀 昀 甀 氀 氀 愀 琀 栀 氀 攀 琀 椀 挀 瀀 漀 琀 攀 渀 琀 椀 愀 氀 ℀ArcheryBadmintonBallroom DanceCavingCheerCricketCurlingDance CompanyEquestrianarchery@uvic.casmashing@uvic.caballroom@uvic.cacaving@uvic.cacheer@uvic.cawicket@uvic.cacurling@uvic.cadanceco@uvic.cariding@uvic.caFencingFigure SkatingIce HockeyJugglingKayakLacrosseOutdoorsSailingScubafencing@uvic.caskateuvic@uvic.cahockey@uvic.cajuggling@uvic.cavickayak@uvic.cafieldlax@uvic.caoutdoors@uvic.casailing@uvic.cascuba@uvic.caSnowSquashSurfingSynchro SwimTennisTriathlonUltimateVolleyballWaterpolouvicsnow@uvic.casquash@uvic.casurf@uvic.casynchro@uvic.catennisu@uvic.cauvictri@uvic.caultimate@uvic.caVball@uvic.cah2opolo@uvic.ca䰀 攀 愀 爀 渀 琀 漀 猀 眀 椀 洀 䘀 䄀 匀 吀 䔀 刀 ℀ 䰀 攀 愀 爀 渀 琀 栀 攀 琀 攀 挀 栀 渀 椀 焀 甀 攀 猀漀 昀 挀 漀 洀 瀀 攀 琀 椀 琀 椀 瘀 攀 猀 眀 椀 洀 洀 椀 渀 最 爀 椀 最 栀 琀 昀 爀 漀 洀 琀 栀 攀 攀 愀 爀 氀 椀 攀 猀 琀 氀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 猀 ⸀䤀 渀 愀 搀 搀 椀 琀 椀 漀 渀 琀 漀 猀 眀 椀 洀 洀 椀 渀 最 猀 欀 椀 氀 氀 猀 Ⰰ 瀀 愀 爀 琀 椀 挀 椀 瀀 愀 渀 琀 猀 愀 爀 攀 椀 渀 琀 爀 漀 搀 甀 挀 攀 搀琀 漀 挀 漀 洀 瀀 攀 琀 椀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 愀 渀 搀 琀 栀 攀 漀 瀀 瀀 漀 爀 琀 甀 渀 椀 琀 礀 琀 漀 愀 搀 瘀 愀 渀 挀 攀 琀 漀 琀 栀 攀䌀 漀 洀 瀀 攀 琀 椀 琀 椀 瘀 攀 漀 爀 匀 琀 爀 漀 欀 攀 愀 渀 搀 䘀 椀 琀 渀 攀 猀 猀 猀 琀 爀 攀 愀 洀 猀 ⸀Connect with us at Clubs & Course Union Days!September 16 and 17 | 10:00 am-4:00 pmSUB Upper Lounge㈀ 㐀 ☀ ㈀ 㔀 倀 刀 伀 嘀 䤀 一 䌀 䤀 䄀 䰀 䌀 䠀 䄀 䴀 倀 䤀 伀 一 匀5

Drop-in RecreationMCKong>INong>NON ong>INong>DOOR POOL | Sep 8-Dec 21MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYCome Play! Vikes Recreation offers a variety of opportunities for drop-in play.Whether you shoot hoops in the gym, play ultimate Frisbee on the fields, takepart in AquaFit or need space to move freely, we have options.Visit us online at for drop-in schedule changes.COURT BOOKong>INong>GSSquash, Racquetball and Indoor Tennis courts are available at the Centre forAthletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA).Court bookings privileges are available starting the day before booking time.Availability is on a first come first serve basis. Call (250) 472-4000.EQUIPMENT LENDong>INong>G, RENTALS AND SALESTable tennis paddles, basketballs, volleyballs, futsal balls, soccer balls and pickballitems available for members at the equipment desk for zero charge. Members canalso borrow balls from the McKinnon Equipment Desk.Squash balls, tennis balls, badminton birdies and ping pong balls available for saleto members and non-members at the CARSA Equipment Desk.Tennis, badminton, squash and racquetball racquets are available for rental tomembers and non-members at the CARSA Equipment Desk.Sport nets and poles provided. See Equipment Desk for set-up.Lengths6:30-7:30amShared7:00-8:30amLengths10:00-5:00pmShared3:00-5:00pmEveryone Welcome8:30-9:30pmLengths7:30-8:30amLengths10:00-5:00pmShared3:00-5:00pmEveryone Welcome8:30-9:30pmLengths6:30-7:30amShared6:30-8:00 amLengths10:00-5:00pmShared3:00-5:00pmEveryone Welcome8:30-9:30pmLengths7:30-8:30amLengths10:00-5:00pmShared3:00-5:00pmEveryone Welcome8:30-9:30pmLengths6:30-7:30amShared7:00-8:30amLengths10:00-5:00pmShared1:45-5:00pmNov 9 Lengths 7:30-8:30 am. Nov 9-10 evening Everyone Welcome 7:30-9:00pm. Dec 7-21 evening Everyone Welcome 7:30-9:30pm.*See the Facility Calendars at for schedule changes.Everyone Welcome12:00-3:00pmEveryone Welcome12:00-3:00pmCARSA FIELDHOUSE | Sep 8-Dec 21AQUAFIT SCHEDULE | Sep 14-Dec 4MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtZone 1 A/BOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtZone 1 A/BOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtZone 1 A/BBall Hockey3:00-4:30 pmZone 2 A/BOpen play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtZone 1 A/BBall Hockey3:00-4:30 pmZone 2 A/BOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtZone 1 A/BWheelchair Basketball10:00-11:30Hardwood CourtOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtOpen Play11:30-1:30pmHardwood CourtMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYDeep Water12:10-12:55pmEnds Dec 14Deep Water7:15-8:00amEnds Dec 15Deep Water12:10-12:55pmDeep Water7:00-8:00pmDeep Water12:10-12:55pmEnds Dec 16*See the Facility Calendars at for schedule changes.Deep Water7:15-8:00amDeep Water12:10-12:55pmDeep Water7:00-8:00pmDeep Water12:10-12:55pmOpen Play4:00-6:00pmHardwood Court4:00-5:30pmZone 1 A/BOpen Play4:00-6:00pmHardwood Court4:00-6:00Zone 1 B4 :00-5 :45Zone 1 ASocial Tennis4 :30-5 :30pmZone 2 A/BOpen Play4:00-6:00pmHardwood Court4:00-6:00Zone 1 B4 :00-5 :45Zone 1 AOpen Play4:00-6:00pmHardwood Court4:00-6:00Zone 1 B4 :00-4 :45Zone 1 ABasketball3:30-7:00pmHarwood CourtOpen Play4:00-6:00Zone 1 B4:00-5:45Zone 1 AOpen Play5:00-7:30pmZone 1 A/BOpen Play5:00-7:30pmHarwood CourtZone 1 A/BFIELDS | Sep 8-Dec 21MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYSoccer12:30-2:30pmField 2 A/BSoccer12:30-2:30pmField 2 A/BOpen Play12:00-3:00pmField 3*See the Facility Calendars at for schedule changes.Open Play11:00-2:00pmField 3Soccer12:30-2:30pmField 2 A/BOpen Play11:00-1:00pmField 3Open Play2:00-5:00pmField 3Wheelchair Tennis8:00-9:00pmZone 2 A/BSoccer6:00-8:00pmZone 2 A/BIAN STEWART ARENA | Sep 8-Dec 21MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYFieldhouse: Located in the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities(CARSA). During Open Play the space is available for general use or sport specificoptions; when time is labeled with a specific activity, that activity has priority.Hardwood Court: Sport specific options: basketball, badminton, volleyball. Playis first come first serve with priority going to basketball during Open Play whenbadminton available in Zone 1.Zone 1 A/B : Sport specific options: basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis.Play is first come first serve with priority going to racquet sports during Open Playwhen basketball is available on the Hardwood Court.Zone 2 A/B: Sport specific options: Tennis and indoor soccer. Ball hockey isavailable when the arena is set up.Sprint Lanes: Available for general use outside of bookings.Wheelchair Sports: These times are in partnership with Victoria Wheelchair SportsClub (VWCS) and open to people of all abilities. Sport chairs are available fordrop-in users. Coaches will be on site for both tennis and basketball.*See the Facility Calendars at for additional times and schedule changes. Tennis courtsavailable for booking outside of drop-in times, programs and rentals - see Court Bookings.Skating11:00-12:15pmDrop-in Hockey12:15-1:30pmBeginner’s Drop-inHockey11:00-12:15pmDrop-in Hockey12:15-1:30pmSkating11:00-12:15pmDrop-in Hockey12:15-1:30pmDrop-in Hockey12:15-1:30pmSkating9:30-10:30pmSkating11:00-12:15pmDrop-in Hockey12:15-1:30pmSkating12:15-1:30pmSkating4:05-5:05pm*See the Facility Calendars at for schedule changes.Drop-in Hockey Guidelines: participants can call to reserve a spot starting at 6:30 am on the day of the available time-slot. Body contact is not allowed at any level.Helmet (CSA approved), stick and gloves are mandatory. Minimum age: 16 years. Open to all genders.MCKong>INong>NON GYMNASIUM | Sep 8-Dec 21MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYOpen Play11:30-1:00pmOpen Play11:30-1:30pmOpen Play11:30-1:00pm*See the Facility Calendars at for additional times and schedule changes.Open Play11:30-1:30pmCENTENNIAL STADIUM TRACKSee the Facility Calendars at for times.IAN STEWART OUTDOOR TENNIS COURTS & SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTSOpen from dawn to dusk. See the Facility Calendars at for schedule changes.UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE7

Health & FitnessFITNESSWe deliver multi-leveled, innovative,and dynamic workouts that will makeyou feel alive. Our classes are designedto get you moving and shaking andburning in every way imaginable.BALLET BARRE BLASTThis is a truly challenging class that bringstogether two of the top results-driven piecesof equipment out there: the barre and freeweights. Designed to give you lean, tonedmuscles, this class focuses on interval training,endurance, balance, and strength. Come join us fora fantastic class that is sure to make you sweat andkeep you interested while delivering a caloric burnthat is sure to help you burn fat. All fitness levelswelcome!Sep 14-Oct 05 Mon, 6:00-6:55pm $28/$34Monica Elliott Movement Studio 41219Oct 19-Nov 30 Mon, 6:00-6:55pm $43/$51Monica Elliott Movement Studio 41220BALLET BARRE:BOOTY KICKong>INong>’ BARRE NEW!Drawing its inspiration from ballet, this class willhelp you to get a ballet inspired body. ong>Getong> yourheart pumping with a combination of dance,pilates, yoga and cardio moves at the ballet barre.This workout is a kick for the midline, glutes, andlegs. Shake your booty, and tone your entire bodywhile listening to your favourite tunes.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 7:00-7:55pm $71/$85Monica Elliott Movement Studio 41246PILATES CORE FITNESSThis class starts with 20 minutes of cardio trainingincluding steps and athletic drill-type moves. Thentransitioning to the floor with a 5 minute stretch,this class ends with 30 minutes of Pilates cateredto the beginner or intermediate participant. Alllevels welcome.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 7:00-7:55pm $71/$85Monica Elliott Movement Studio 41231METABOLIC PLAYGROUNDAre you ready for an adrenaline rush? Changeyour body by challenging it to the next level. Thisis a strength and cardio conditioning workoutcombined to challenge your body from headto toe. Be prepared for a sweat dripping, bodytransforming, strength and stamina buildingworkout. Modifications will be offered to fit yourfitness level while encouraging you to progress.All levels are welcomed.Sep 16-Oct 7 Wed, 12:00-12:45pm $28/$34Charlotte Kreeft Movement Studio 41234Oct 14-Nov 25 Wed, 12:00-12:45pm $42/$51Charlotte Kreeft Movement Studio 41235OUTDOOR BOOTCAMPBootcamp is a great way to challenge your bodyand reach your goals in a fun, refreshing outdoorsetting. You will receive that extra push as yougo through a variety of different outdoor terrains,mixing body weight exercises with interval trainingand strength training. Meet your instructor in themain lobby of CARSA. This program runs RAong>INong> ORSHong>INong>E.Sep 14-Oct 26 Mon, 7:00-7:55am $42/$51Drew Commandeur TRX Studio/Outside 41212TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATIONAchieve overall fitness through our Total BodyTransformation program! This small-group baseddesign ensures the individual attention youneed to meet your health and fitness goals. Ourprogram will help you incorporate fitness intoyour daily life and gain optimal health benefits.We cater to all levels of exercise to increase yourenergy, lose inches off your body, tone your body,and improve dietary habits. You will walk awayarmed with tools to keep it up on your own. Yourtrainer will include healthy recipes, goal settingand measurements. You will be transformed fromhead-to-toe!Tue, Thur, FriSep 15-Nov 27$274/$3286:45-7:40amMonica Elliott Movement Studio 41221TRIPLE THREAT NEW!This class is a high intensity interval training classthat pushes you to the max. From tabata to sprinttraining, this workout features a variety of H.I.T.Ttechniques focusing on your upper body, lowerbody, and core. Grueling, all out work efforts arealternated with brief recovery periods to provide atotal body workout with maximum results.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 6:00-6:55pm $71/$85Monica Elliott Movement Studio 41671TRX AND BOSU NEW!Ready to challenge your workouts with highintensity, powerful movements at faster tempos? Thisclass is focused on full body muscular endurance andbuilding that rock-solid core, by utilizing your ownbody weight. Transition over to the Movement studioto work on the BOSU by adding new dimensionsof balance and concentration. This is a workout youwon’t want to skip.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 6:00-6:55pm $77/$92Monica Elliott TRX/Movement Studios 41556TRX FOR BEGong>INong>NERS NEW!Never tried TRX Suspension Training before? That'sokay, this class is designed with the beginnerin mind! Using the TRX you will get a full bodyworkout like you've never experienced before.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 6:00-6:45pm $64/$77Kurt Nielsen TRX Studio 41232TRX BODY BLASTThis express workout is designed to get youout the door in no time, while delivering all thebenefits of this effective training by targeting allmuscle groups. TRX has many benefits includingbuilding lean muscle, boosting your metabolism,tightening your core and increasing yourendurance. All fitness levels welcome.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 12:15-12:45pm $51/$61Michelle Maynard TRX Studio 41304TRX BOOTCAMPNeed a nudge? How about a push? This BootCamp style program will run you through avariety of TRX strength exercises fused with cardiointervals - leaving you feeling accomplished andstrong. This class will help you reach your fitnessgoals. Suitable for all levels of fitness.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 7:00-7:55am $77/$92Charlotte Kreeft TRX Studio 41233TRX CARDIO NEW!What better way to spend the evening than inthis 45-minute, total body TRX Cardio class. Thisclass is designed to start your week off right with akiller cardio and strength workout. We'll keep youmoving the entire time so you can get your cardioon while building strength and core stabilization.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 5:00-5:45pm $64/$77Monica Elliott TRX Studio 41657TRX CORE AND STRETCH NEW!Join us for a fast and effective workout on the TRXsuspension trainer that emphasizes movementfrom the core and builds strength throughout yourwhole body. Challenge your upper body, lower bodyand core in this quick 45 minute class, and enjoy arelaxing stretch to finish. Open to all fitness levels.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 12:15-1:00pm $64/$77Nicole Lakas TRX Studio 41668Sep 18-Nov 27 Fri, 1:15-2:00pm $64/$77Nicole Lakas TRX Studio 41666TRX HARD “CORE” NEW!Put your core to the test in this 45 minute TRXclass. You will feel leaner and stronger when youwalk out of this dynamic total body suspensiontraining class, leaving you wanting more. This classis sure to assist you in getting that Hard Core youhave always wanted. Don't be shy; TRX is for allfitness levels.Sep 18-Nov 27 Fri, 12:15-1:00pm $64/$77Renee Walrafen TRX Studio 41665TRX PILATESWant the best of both worlds? TRX Pilatescombines the body weight resistance of TRXSuspension Training with the core strengtheningprinciples of Pilates. Come and learn the benefitsof incorporating Pilates principles onto the TRXthrough fun plyometrics, challenging TRX exercisesand Pilates moves on and off the TRX. Join usfor a strength and core workout like no other.Appropriate footwear required.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 6:30-7:25pm $77/$92Nicole Lakas TRX Studio 41654TRX RIP BOOTCAMPAre you ready to get into the best shape ofyour life? RIP may stand for Rest in Peace butwe promise you won't die in this class. Thisbootcamp class will strengthen and lengthen yourwhole body by using the TRX RIP Trainer and TRXSuspension Trainer. This class will improve youroverall strength and core stability. All fitnesslevels welcome.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 12:00-12:55pm $77/$92Michelle Maynard TRX/Movement Studios 41223TRX SUSPENSION TRAong>INong>ong>INong>GTRX Suspension Training is a new category ofexercise for athletes and beginners of all abilitiesthat leverages one’s own bodyweight and gravityto develop strength, balance, flexibility, and jointstability simultaneously. No matter if you’re a highlevel athlete or a weekend warrior, suspensiontraining will help improve your game and qualityof life. The workout is designed for all fitness levels- no one will be left behind.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 5:00-5:55pm $77/$92Renee Walrafen TRX Studio 41228Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 6:30-7:25pm $77/$92Michelle Maynard TRX Studio 41227If minimum number of registration isnot met, we may cancel or combineclasses. Decisions to run or cancelprograms are generally made 1-2 daysprior to the first class. Please registerearly to avoid disappointment.TRX XXX NEW!3x the strength, 3x the challenge, 3x the intensity!Utilizing the TRX suspension trainer, this class willpush you to your extreme, focusing on your lowerbody, upper body, and core. This is a total bodyworkout you won’t want to miss. All fitness levelswelcome.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 12:00-12:45pm $64/$77Vanessa Futcher TRX Studio 41670TRX YOGA NEW!Make a huge contribution to your stability,durability and all-around movement with theTRX Yoga workout. You’ll get a super-efficient, fullbody 30-minute routine that will give your dailymovement’s new flow. Then transition onto youryoga mat to sculpt a leaner, stronger body whilereleasing stress and fatigue. Open to all fitness levels.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 8:30-9:25am $77/$92Nicole Lakas TRX Studio 41653ZUMBA NEW!Zumba is a fitness class inspired by latin music anddance moves. Let the music move you in a partylike atmosphere. Easy to follow dance steps willhave you grooving and shaking away so you don’tfeel how hard you are working. Join the partytoday and ditch the workout!Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 12:00-12:55pm $71/$85Jeannie Ward Movement Studio 41660UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE9

FITNESS SCHEDULERegistered ProgramsMORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONEVENong>INong>GMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYOutdoor BootcampOutside/TRX StudioSep 14-Oct 267:00-7:55amTRX YogaTRX StudioSep 14-Nov 308:30-9:25amTRX Body BlastTRX StudioSep 14-Nov 3012:15-12:45pmTRX CardioTRX StudioSep 14-Nov 305:00-5:45pmBallet Barre BlastMovement StudioSep 14-Nov 306:00-6:55pmTotal BodyTransformationMovement StudioSep 15-Nov246:45-7:40amRIP BootcampTRX/Movement StudiosSep 15-Nov 2412:00-12:55pmTRXTRX StudioSep 15-Nov 245:00-5:55pmTRX PilatesTRX StudioSep 15-Nov 246:30-7:25pmCore Fitness PilatesMovement StudioSep 15-Nov 247:00-7:55pmTRX BootcampTRX StudioSep 16-Nov 257:00-7:55amMetabolic PlaygroundMovement StudioSep16-Nov 2512:00-12:45pmTRX Core and StretchTRX StudioSep 16-Nov 2512:15-1:00pmTriple ThreatMovement StudioSep 16-Nov 256:00-6:55pmTRX for BeginnersTRX StudioSep 16-Nov 256:00-6:45pmTotal BodyTransformationMovement StudioSep 17-Nov 266:45-7:40amTRX XXXTRX StudioSep 17-Nov 2612:00-12:45pmZumbaMovement StudioSep 17 - Nov 2612:00-12:55pmTRX BOSUTRX/Movement StudiosSep 17-Nov 266:00-6:55pmTRXTRX StudioSep 17-Nov 266:30-7:25pmBooty Kickin’ BarreMovement StudioSep 17 - Nov 267:00-7:55pm*Classes subject to change at any timeNo classes Oct 12 | Reading Break November 9-13: No registered programs (except both Total Body Transformation and Staff Yoga)Total BodyTransformationMovement StudioSep 18-Nov 276:45-7:40amTRX HardCoreTRX StudioSep 18-Nov 2712:15-1:00pmTRX Core and StretchTRX StudioSep 18-Nov 271:15-2:00pmFITNESS WEIGHT CENTREOur CARSA Fitness Weight Centre is designed as ashowcase to welcome all abilities. This 18,000 squarefoot space is spread over two floors, with elevatoraccess available. The FWC offers a variety of equipmentfor all fitness levels and abilities, including new cardiopieces with advanced technology, free weights,Olympic benches, squat racks, a krankcycle , additionalstrength pieces with pull-away seats for wheelchairaccessibility, and so much more.PERSONAL TRAong>INong>ong>INong>GPersonal training is the fastest and safest way to reach your goals. Our trainers areready to help tailor a fitness program to your needs, a program that is effective,focused and most importantly, fun. Visit our CARSA front desk to purchasesessions and fill out a client information package. Once we’ve received your clientinformation and confirmation of payment, a personal trainer will contact youwithin approximately 72 hours.GROUPPERSONAL TRAong>INong>ong>INong>GMEMBERNON-MEMBER2 Clients (1hr) $33.25 $38.753 Clients (1hr) $28 $33.254 Clients (1hr) $22.25 $28* It is the responsibility of the group to ensure all group members are able tomake the arranged workouts.ONE-TO-ONEPERSONAL TRAong>INong>ong>INong>GMEMBERNON-MEMBERFitness Consultation $47.75 $59“ong>Getong>ting Started”Program Package (4hrs)“Achieving Success”Program Package (6hrs)“Transform your Lifestyle”Program Package (10hrs)$179.75 $225.75$256.25 $320.75$405.00 $505.00FITNESS CONSULTATIONThis one hour session is suited for those looking for suggestions for changes totheir existing fitness program or for more information on how to get started.“GETTong>INong>G STARTED” PROGRAM PACKAGE (4 HOURS)This program is suited for those learning or reviewing the skills and techniques inany fitness program. Your personal trainer will work with you to outline a fitnessprogram suited to your individual needs and will put this plan into action. Youwill learn safe and effective techniques over a few sessions to help promote thelearning process.FWC YOUTH ORIENTATION - $20This orientation has been developed for youth ages 14-15wishing to access the Fitness Weight Centre.This orientation is designed to teach you how to use theequipment safely and effectively, along with providing youthe Fitness Weight Centre guidelines and proper etiquette.You will be given a tour of the facility, and an overview of theequipment and services available. We will ensure that youhave the knowledge and skills required to use the FitnessWeight Centre. Upon completion of this 2-hour orientation,participants ages 14-15 will be permitted access to theFitness Weight Centre without parental supervision.(Without completion of this orientation, participants ages14-15 will not gain access to the FWC.)September 17 Thur, 6:00-8:00pm 41550October 1 Thur, 6:00-8:00pm 41551October 22 Thur, 6:00-8:00pm 41553November 19 Thur, 6:00-8:00pm 41552December 10 Thur, 6:00-8:00pm 41554* Meet your Strength Trainer at the CARSA front desk 5 mins prioryour the orientation start time.“ACHIEVong>INong>G SUCCESS” PROGRAM PACKAGE (6 HOURS)It has been suggested that approximately 60% of people starting a new exerciseregime will drop out after six months. Don’t let this happen to you! This packageis suited for those who are challenged by making fitness a life long habit. Youwill not only receive a detailed program suited for your needs, you will learnstrategies that may help you create a permanent lifestyle change.“TRANSFORM YOUR LIFESTYLE” PROGRAM PACKAGE (10 HOURS)If you are committed to achieving your long term fitness goals, this 10 hourpackage will give you the time to see progression and form lifestyle changinghabits. Your personal trainer will work with you to develop a fitness program tomeet your needs and goals, and support you through the process oftransforming your lifestyle.HEALTH & NUTRITION SERVICESDanielle Van Schaick, BASc, Registered DietitianDanielle is a private practice dietitian with a strong background in health,nutrition and fitness. She holds an Applied Human Nutrition Degree from theUniversity of Guelph and successfully completed a Dietetic Internship withVancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). Registered as a Dietitian (RD), Daniellehas studied the human body and is considered one of Canada’s leading expertsin food and nutrition. She offers one-on-one nutrition counseling to individuals,families, and groups. Danielle is a Certified Fitness Trainer through theinternationally recognized American Council on Exercise (ACE), and an activemember of Dietitians of Canada and the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.SERVICESIn this one-hour nutrition counseling session, we will review your current dietand give specific recommendations on how to meet your health goals. Wespecialize in weight loss, sports nutrition, specific diets (vegetarian, food allergies,gluten-free, etc) and various medical conditions.Member 1 hour for $51 | Non-Member 1 hour for $62Please visit the CARSA Membership Services desk to pay for this service. Oncepayment is received, Danielle will contact the client directly to set upappointment time.UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE11

Mong>INong>D BODY55+ YOGA NEW!In this 55 minute class, participants will relax,stretch and strengthen while learning deep corefoot-to-pelvis principles, along with various othertherapeutic techniques for balancing, groundingand breathing life force into the body. Participantscan expect to leave feeling oxygenated,rejuvenated and restored with the clarity thatcomes from practicing yoga.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 10:00-10:55am $71/$85Jillian Lang Mind Body Studio 41555ASHTANGA YOGAAshtanga yoga is an athletic and physicallydemanding form of yoga. It is an energetic styleof yoga that co-ordinates breath with movementthat cleanses, detoxifies, and strengthens the bodywhile calming the mind.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 2:30-3:45pm $88/$105Michael Taylor Mind Body Studio 41237CORE ESSENTIALSA class dedicated entirely to core stability. Thismat based class utilizes props and body weightexercises to cultivate deep core strength. Thisclass is an ideal addition to your fitness regime.It also provides an excellent cross trainingopportunity for all athletes, including runners,weight lifters, dancers and gymnasts.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 1:30-2:15pm $53/$63Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41226BROGA AND BREWSNEW!Can’t touch your toes? No worries, we got yourback man. Join us for yoga sequences paired withfunctional fitness exercises, that’ll give you thatpumped-up feeling you get from working outand a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from‘working in.’ This is a straightforward approach to awhole-body yoga fitness class. This class is not justfor the bros. Women are welcomed too. Once yourstretch session is complete, head over to Felicitasto quench your thirst.Sep 18-Nov 27 Fri, 4:30-5:25pm $71/$85Ashley McLaren Mind Body Studio 41656FAT BURNong>INong>G PILATESCalorie burning cardio and pilates based toningcombine to maximize your fat burning potential.Hop onto the fast track for the most intense Pilatesexercises. Connect with your abs, butt, hips and legsto create strength and length with results faster thanbeing in the HOV lane. Appropriate footwear required.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 7:35-8:30pm $71/$85Michelle Maynard Mind Body Studio 41247‘GET BENT’ - YOGA FOR BEGong>INong>NERSNew to Yoga? No problem! This program isdesigned for the beginner with NO prior Yogaexperience. Learn the foundational postures tocreate more flexibility and comfort in the body.Postures will be broken down to show properalignment, breath and core control.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 3:30-4:25pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Movement Studio 41236HAPPY HOUR HATHAEnjoy a cocktail of breath and movement as yousip in sweet air and sweat out the stress from theday. Creative flow sequences move you from oneenergizing asana to another while linking eachmovement with your breath. Your body will beenlivened and energized, ready to take on anything.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 11:30am-12:25pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41242HATHA FLOWTake time to enjoy a stretch, reduce stress andrenew your energy. Novice participants will beintroduced to relaxation through basic practiceof Hatha Yoga postures. Continuing students willbenefit from the opportunity to go deeper intotheir practice. No yoga experience required.Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 5:00-6:15pm $88/$105Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41245LUNCH BOX POWER YOGABreak up your day with this cheerful, vibrant yoga hour.A tasty combo of delicious poses created to nourishyour body and fill up your spirit. Open to all levels.Sep 17-Oct 08 Thu, 12:30-1:25pm $28/$34Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41243Oct 15-Nov 26 Thu, 12:30-1:25pm $43/$51Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41244POWER Vong>INong>YASA YOGAA powerful and athletic yoga practice whereflowing asana sequences are woven throughsun salutations and blended with held postures.This class focuses on integrating breath andmovement.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 5:00-6:15pm $88/$105Michael Taylor Mind Body Studio 41217POWERFLOW YOGA NEW!Ignite your internal fire and sweat out stress!This fun, flowing yoga class will energize the bodyand focus the mind. Utilizing balance, strength andfocus, learn to flow from posture to posture withease. Explore invigorating standing sequences,fun arm balances for strength, back bending forflexibility, and dynamic core strengthening andstabilizing as you flow with your breath.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 9:30-10:25am $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41655STAFF YOGA - FLOWTake time to enjoy a stretch, reduce stress andrenew your energy. Novice participants will beintroduced to relaxation through basic practiceof Hatha Yoga postures. Continuing students willbenefit from advanced forms of basic postures. Allexperienced levels welcome.Sep 14-Oct 05 Mon, 12:00-12:55pm $28Renee Walrafen Mind Body Studio 41215Oct 19-Nov 30 Mon, 12:00-12:55pm $43Renee Walrafen Mind Body Studio 41216SWEAT AND RESTOREThis vigorous flow will balance heat with releaseand stretching with stabilization. For the firsthalf of class, students are guided through a flowyoga practice, followed by a series of restorativeposes aimed to completely relax the body. Allexperienced levels welcome.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 6:15-7:25pm $88/$105Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41241TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION:Mong>INong>D BODY EDITION NEW!Rejuvenate your body and center your mind inthis total body transformation mind body editionprogram. Let us help you transform your wholebody from the inside out. This small-group baseddesign ensures the individual attention you needto meet your health and fitness goals. Our 2-day aweek program will help you incorporate yoga intoyour daily life and gain optimal health benefits. Thistransformation will include healthy recipes, goalsetting, and tools to help elevate your style of life.Sep 14-Nov 25 Mon, Wed, 7:00-7:55am $166/$199Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41661YOGACOREA fluid style approach to yoga, learn asanas thatstrengthen Core muscle groups and improveoverall alignment in the body. In this class wediscover our Core as Center by using breath andmovement to develop focus and relaxation fromwithin. All levels welcome.Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 5:00-6:10pm $88/$105Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41239YOGA CHILL OUT NEW!Come decompress from a long week of work andstudy! The focus of this class will be on stretchingand recharging for the weekend. Sequences andpostures will be geared towards hips, hamstrings,neck and shoulders. A Friday afternoon must!Sep 18-Nov 27 Fri, 11:30-12:15pm $53/$63Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41664YOGA HARD CORE NEW!This is a progession from our Yoga Core class, afast paced class geared towards an experiencedyogi. Come learn new arm balances, challengingsequences and cultivate strength inside and out.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 5:15-6:10pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41663YOGA POWER HOURLike Yoga? Want a good work out? Want to doboth but don't have time? The Power Hour is a 55minute power flow yoga class designed to allowyou to practice yoga and strengthen and toneyour body. ong>Getong> your sweat on, flow through sunsalutations, and work and to strengthen your core!We will work progressively toward challengingposes and every class will include deep stretchingand relaxation. You will leave feeling invigorated,alive, and maybe even a bit sore the next day (in agood way!).Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 4:15-5:10pm $71/$85Crista Shillington Mind Body Studio 41230YOGA SAMPLER NEW!Each week we will play with different styles ofyoga, from a restful restorative class, therapueticyin to a powerful flow. This is a great course forpeople that like a variety of styles or are unsure ofwhat practice suits them best.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 1:00-1:55pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41659Sep 16-Nov 25 Wed, 11:00-11:55am $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41667YOGA FOR STIFF PEOPLE NEW!Feeling stiff and stressed from a long day at theoffice? This class helps ease the tension in yourbody and mind. Stretch tight areas such asshoulders, hips, hamstrings, and the low back aswe let go of the demands of the day and rest in thepresent moment. Increase flexibility and prioritizeyour health. You will leave feeling refreshed andrenewed! All levels welcome.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 3:30-4:25pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41658YOLATESThis combination of pilates, yoga and muscularconditioning focuses on developing strength andstamina for both mind and body. All experiencedlevels welcome.Sep 15-Nov 24 Tue, 12:30-1:25pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41224Sep 17-Nov 26 Thu, 2:45-3:40pm $71/$85Nicole Lakas Mind Body Studio 41225FIT WEEK | OCTOBER 5-9Would you like to boost your self-esteem, get rid of stress, meet new people andestablish good lifelong habits? Sounds amazing, right? Well you can, with our FitWeek being held October 5-9! Join us for FREE group fitness classes that arejammed packed with great music, people and most importantly, FUN WORKOUTS!Once you try a class, you will be inspired to come back for more. Dump the café orlibrary for an hour – your brain and body will love it!*Open to UVic Students and Staff onlyMONDAY, IT’S “ABS”OLUTELY A CORE DAY:Core strength is the foundation of everything. A strong core gives us a strong spine, we cankeep our balance, move with increased agility through the crowds at Mystic Market and driveevery movement with power straight from our center.TREADong>INong>G TUESDAYS:Wither treading through water or pedaling up hill on your spin bike you are sure to receive agreat low-impact workout this Tuesday! Join us for these energy boosting classes to fuel yournext study session.WEDNESDAY, HUMP DAY CARDIO:Increasing your endurance can be both challenging and fun, save your coffee money andrecharge from the first half of the week with these fun, cardio classes! Not only does a goodcardio workout increase your lung capacity, but it also improves your brain function helpingyou get through your studies for midterms.THURSDAY “FUN”CTIONAL FITNESS:Strength training has many benefits including increasing your metabolic rate, reducing stressand anxiety and increasing your bone density, leading you to a healthier, stronger life. Withyour metabolism running on high you are guaranteed a guilt free celebratory meal for theend of another successful week!BALANCE AND BLISS FRIDAY:We all live such busy lives, it can be very challenging to find that balance. Balancing betweenwork, school, exercise, family and friends can seem at times impossible. Come join us on ourfinal day of fit week by breathing through your morning and floating away your afternoon.MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYCore and MoreMovement Studio1:15-2:00pmSpin 45Spin Studio10:45-11:30amUltimate CardioCrunchMovement Studio10:00-10:45amCrossfireMovement Studio9:30-10:15amStretch 45Mind Body Studio9:00-9:45amH.I.T.T CoreMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmAquafitMcKinnon Pool7:00-8:00pm#requestrideSpin Studio12:15-1:00pmSpin 45Spin Studio1:00-1:45pmAquafitMcKinnon Pool12:10-12:55pmUVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE13

Mong>INong>D BODY SCHEDULERegistered ProgramsMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYWORKSHOPSong>INong>TRODUCTION TO POWER FLOW (Vong>INong>YASA) YOGAWITH CRISTA SHILLong>INong>GTON (2 HOURS)55+ ong>INong>TRO TO STRENGTH TRAong>INong>ong>INong>G WORKSHOPMORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONEVENong>INong>GTotal BodyTransformation:Mind Body EditionMind Body StudioSep14 -Nov307:00-7:55amStaff YogaMind Body StudioSep14-Oct 5Oct 19-Nov 3012:00-12:55pmYoga SamplerMind Body Studio1:00-1:55pmSep 14-Nov 30Yoga for Stiff PeopleMind Body StudioSep14-Nov 303:30-4:25pmPower VinyasaMind Body StudioSep 14-Nov 305:00-6:15pm55+ YogaMind Body StudioSep 15-Nov 2410:00-10:55amYolatesMind Body StudioSep 15-Nov 2412:30-1:25pmYoga Core EssentialsMind Body StudioSep 15-Nov 241:30-2:15pmPower Hour YogaMind Body StudioSep 15-Nov 244:15-5:10pmYoga Hard CoreMind Body StudioSep15-Nov 245:15-6:10pmTotal BodyTransformation:Mind Body EditionMind Body StudioSep 16-Nov 257:00-7:55amPower FlowMind Body Studio9:30-10:25amSep 16-Nov 25Yoga SamplerMind Body StudioSep 16-Nov 2511:00-11:55amAshtanga YogaMind Body StudioSep 16-Nov 252:30-3:45pm“ong>Getong> Bent” Yogafor BeginnersMovement StudioSep 16-Nov 253:30-4:25pmYoga CoreMind Body StudioSep 16-Nov 255:00-6:10pmSweat and RestoreMind Body StudioSep 16-Nov 256:15-7:25pmHappy Hour HathaMind Body StudioSep 17-Nov 2611:30am-12:25pmLunch Box Power YogaMind Body StudioSep 17-Oct 8Oct 15-Nov 2612:30-1:25pmYolatesMind Body StudioSep 17-Nov 262:45-3:40pmHatha FlowMind Body StudioSep 17-Nov 265:00-6:15pmFat Burning PilatesMind Body StudioSep 17-Nov 267:35-8:30pmYoga Chill OutMind Body StudioSep18-Nov 2711:30am-12:15pmBroga and BrewsMind Body Studio4:30-5:25pmSep 18-Nov 27September 26 | Sat,11:30am-1:30pm | $30Crista Shillington | Movement Studio | 41704Do you or someone you know want to learn the fundamentals of VinyasaPower Flow Yoga, so you can enter any yoga class with confidence andease? Crista will break down the core principles of Vinyasa yoga, includingSun Salutations (how to flow with breath, and basic alignment), UjayiBreathing, the Bhandas, and how to integrate core work in your practice.There will be philosophy as well as asana-based practice. Come preparedto learn and have fun!FALL DETOX WITH NICKI LAKAS (2 HOURS)October 17 | Sat, 12:00-2:00pm | $30Nicole Lakas | Movement Studio | 41669Still feeling that Thanksgiving Turkey Coma? Too many leftovers thisweek? This 2 hour all levels yoga detox workshop will help to get youback on track. We will explore the use of breath, and postures to activelystimulate the vital organs, like the liver and kidneys. This intentionalpractice will increase blood and lymphatic flow, and eliminate toxicbuild up in the digestive tract. Through breath work, deep twists, andcompression we will work to create space in the body, the breath and themind. Be prepared to sweat!October 3 | Sat, 10:00am-12:00pm | $30Deborah Kline | Fitness Weight Centre | 41703Join us for a 2 hour Beginners’ Orientation to weight training in CARSA’snew Fitness Weight Centre. In this workshop, we will help to familiarizeyou with the facility, help you discover the benefits of weight trainingusing both free weights and machines, and learn proper form andtechnique to prevent training injuries in order to help you get started onyour training>INong>VERSIONS: DEVELOPong>INong>G THE FOUNDATIONS OF HEADSTANDAND SHOULDERSTAND (2 HOURS)November 21 | Sat, 11:30-1:30pm | $30Crista Shillington | Movement Studio | 41705Does going upside-down seem like something for other people todo, not you? Come and learn the basics of how to safely work towardsheadstand and shoulderstand. Crista will lead a practice specificallydesigned to open and strengthen the areas of the body needed for theseinversions in order to build skills and confidence. Crista will also addresshow to sequence for these inversions if you are a teacher or if you want todevelop a home practice.*Classes subject to change at any timeNo classes Oct 12 | Reading Break November 9-13: No registered programs (except both Total Body Transformation and Staff Yoga)UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE 1517

GROUP FITNESSFALLSep 8 – Dec 18, 2015All Spin Classes are accessible!MEMBERSHIP ong>INong>CLUDED CLASSESFALLSep 8 – Dec 18, 2015MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAYMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYMORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONNaked WorkoutMovement Studio6:45-7:40amPower RideSpin Studio7:00-7:45amSpin 45*Spin Studio11:00-11:45amLunch CrunchSpin Studio12:15-1:00pmCore and More*Movement Studio1:15-2:00pmRide and Shine*Spin Studio6:45-7:45amSpin 45*Spin Studio10:45-11:30amLunch CrunchSpin Studio12:00-12:45pmCore 45Movement Studio1:00-1:45pmSpin ExpressSpin Studio2:00-2:45pmRhythm RideSpin Studio7:00-7:45amUltimate CardioCrunchMovement Studio10:00-10:45am#Request Ride*Spin Studio12:15-1:00pmRide and ShineSpin Studio6:45-7:45amCrossfireMovement Studio9:30-10:15amCore 45*Movement Studio10:30-11:15amSpin ExpressSpin Studio11:00-11:45amLunch CrunchSpin Studio12:00-12:45pmSpin 45*Spin Studio1:00-1:45pmJoy RideSpin Studio7:00-7:45amStretch 45Mind Body Studio9:00-9:45amCore and MoreMovement Studio10:00-10:45amSpin ExpressSpin Studio11:00-11:45amCountry RideSpin Studio12:15-1:00pmF’Ab RideSpin/TRX Studios9:00-10:15amStretch 45*Mind BodyStudio12:00-12:45pmMORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONEVENong>INong>GSpin 45Spin Studio11:00-11:45amCore and MoreMovement Studio1:15-2:00 pmRide and ShineSpin Studio6:45-7:45amSpin 45Spin Studio10:45-11:30amHeavy Metal SpinSpin Studio7:00-7:45pm#Request RideSpin Studio12:15-1:00pmCardio KickboxingMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmSunset SpinSpin Studio7:00-7:45pmCore 45Movement Studio10:30-11:15amSpin 45Spin Studio1:00-1:45pmPower RideSpin Studio4:30-5:15pmStretch 45Mind Body Studio12:00-12:45pmEVENong>INong>GJoy RideSpin Studio4:45-5:45pmH.I.T.T CoreMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmCycle FitSpin Studio6:00-6:45pmSunset SpinSpin Studio7:00-7:45pmPower RideSpin Studio4:45-5:30pmBLTMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmHit the RoadSpin Studio5:45-6:45pmNaked WorkoutMovement Studio6:00-6:55pmHeavy MetalSpin*Spin Studio7:00-7:45pmHappy Hour RideSpin Studio4:45-5:30pmCardioKickboxing*Movement Studio4:45-5:45pmCycle FitSpin Studio5:45-6:45pmSunset Spin*Spin Studio7:00-7:45pmHit the RoadSpin Studio4:45-5:45pmShrink SessionMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmJoy RideSpin Studio6:00-6:45pmPower Ride*Spin Studio4:30-5:15pmR.I.P.P.E.DMovement Studio4:45-5:45pm*Asterisks indicates classes included with your Vikes All-In and Vikes Fit Membership | Classes subject to change at any timePlease refer to reduced Reading Break schedule for November 9-13Reserve your spot by obtaining your studio chip at our CARSAmembership desk 30 minutes prior to class start time. GroupFitness Classes are on a first come, first serve basis.Candlelight SpinSpin Studio7:00-8:00pmClasses subject to change at any time | Please refer to reduced Reading Break schedule for November 9-13READong>INong>G WEEK SCHEDULEFALLNov 9 –13, 2015MORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYSpin 45*Spin Studio11:00-11:45amCore and More*Movement Studio1:15-2:00pmRide and Shine*Spin Studio6:45-7:45amSpin 45*Spin Studio10:45-11:30amCore 45*Movement Studio10:30-11:15amSpin 45*Spin Studio1:00-1:45pmSpin ExpressSpin Studio11:00-11:45amStretch 45*Mind Body Studio12:00-12:45pmEVENong>INong>GH.I.T.T CoreMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmHeavy Metal Spin*Spin Studio7:00-7:45pmShrink SessionMovement Studio4:45-5:45pmPower Ride*Spin Studio4:30-5:15pm*Asterisks indicates classes included with your Vikes All-In and Vikes Fit Membership | Classes subject to change at any timeSEE PAGE 18 FOR CLASS DESCRIPTIONSUVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE17

GROUP FITNESS CLASSESSPong>INong> STUDIONEW! CANDLELIGHT SPong>INong>Give your mind and spirit a complete refresher withthis restorative spin class taught by candlelight.As you get your heart pumping and your musclesworking, you will be guided along a new path everyclass! Don’t be fooled however, this class is sure tomake you sweat. We’re just dimming the lights a little.NEW! COUNTRY RIDEShania, Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift, and so much more!Saddle up each week to a brand new playlist and letyour inner cowboy or cowgirl come out. Tone yourglutes, thighs and ride your way into the weekend. Beready to sweat!NEW! CYCLE FITWhether you’re a serious cyclist or just love the calorieburn of Spinning, this is the class for you. Thereis something for everyone! Intervals, rolling hills,sprints, climbs, and jumps all to music hand-pickedto motivate and inspire! This is a great workout if youwant to burn calories and increase endurance. Comeon in for the ride!NEW! SPong>INong> EXPRESSThis 45-minute class is designed to give you anintense, time-efficient ride. Let your instructor giveyou the motivation you need to challenge yourself tonew levels through a variety of techniques. You willstill reap the benefits of a spin class – you just get toyour destination sooner.NEW! SUNSET SPong>INong>Ride from the shoreline to the hills in this journey thatis designed to provide you with the optimum in fatburning and strength building. This ride will simulatevaried terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints andother drills to give you a great interval workout. Comefind the inspiration you’ve been looking for to helpyou achieve your personal goals!NEW! HEAVY METAL SPong>INong>Pedal to the Metal with this adrenaline pumping,heart pounding, sprint-focused class. Heavy metaland sweat, that’s what it’s about. Come test yourmettle while thrashing to the likes of Slayer, IronMaiden, and Sabaton.F’AB RIDERide your way to F’Abulous abs with a 45 minute spinclass that will strengthen and tone your body as youget your heart rate up. Continue on in the TRX studiowith 20 minutes of intense abdominal work off thebike. It’s your perfect combo. Happy Saturday!HAPPY HOUR RIDENeed a boost to get you through the rest of theweek? This class is sure to help you forget about yourbusy schedule. Re-energize with thetheme-of-theweek’ music that will certainly put you in a goodmood! Themes may include country, 90s night, rockand-roll,Disney, one hit wonders, and so much more.HIT THE ROADHigh intensity interval training (HIIT) and the top musichits! Using interval training techniques, this ride blowsby as you groove and move to the music. Ride througha musical journey as you burn calories and build up asweat-performing intense interval workout!JOY RIDEIn this non-stop, high intensity workout, the partystarts the minute you get on the bike. This uniquerhythmic journey will have you moving and groovingto the hottest tracks through a variety of cyclingconditions, including hill climbs, fast flats, andexhilarating finishes. Feel the beat and move yourfeet. This class is sure to push you the extra mile!LUNCH CRUNCHThat morning lethargy often lingers into theafternoon, and we’re too often worn down towork out after going to school or work. This class isdesigned to help propel you through your day. Joinus to help boost your energy and feel great withoutinterrupting your busy schedule!POWER RIDEThis is a class for the cycling enthusiast. A powerfuland strong interval training routine that never stopsbuilding as you go! Experience a wide range ofterrain, as you ride in and out of the saddle, whilefocusing on speed, power, intensity, and technique.Come prepared for this exhilarating workout!#REQUESTRIDEWant to be a part of selecting the playlist? Commenton our @VikesRec Instagram Request Ride photoevery Wednesday to request the music that you wantto ride to, and you just might be sweating it out toyour favourite song in the next class. #RequestRideRHYTHM RIDECome on out for a class full of pumpin’ beats anda total body workout. This class is all about usingthe rhythm and beat of the music to dictate yourpace and motivate you as you challenge yourcardiovascular endurance. Come and join the fun!RIDE AND SHong>INong>EThis morning class is sure to wake you up. Followyour instructor through a variety of drills such asintervals, speed, and hill climbing. ong>Getong> your morningendorphins flowing!SPong>INong> 45A classic and dynamic 45 minute ride that includesintervals of out of the saddle riding, jumps and sprintsthat will burn calories and condition the heart. Short,sweet and sweaty, let’s ride!MOVEMENT STUDIONEW! BLT (BUTT, LEGS, TUMMY)This class is aimed at targeting those tough-to-toneareas. Focus on that core, while increasing yourstrength, endurance and mobility with BLT. Putyourself to the test.NEW! CORE 45This class is designed with your abs in mind.Bodyweight, free weights, stability balls, and more. Letthe instructor motivate you to work hard and targetyour core like never before.NEW! CROSSFIREong>Getong> ignited and embark on a metabolic workoutlike no other. This intense program features dynamiccardio and strength drills set to intense intervals thattorch fat and crush calories. Turn up the heat on yourworkout and feel the BURN. All fitness levels welcome.NEW! H.I.T.T COREJoin us for a total body, heart pumping, aerobic andstrength conditioning workout. This interval-basedclass combines full-body strength training with highintensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body,improve your endurance and challenge you to thenext level.NEW! SHRong>INong>K SESSIONShrink your midsection and expand your mind inthis high-intensity class, featuring a combination ofcardio, strength, core and stretch. Serious doses ofong>INong>SPIRATION and MOTIVATION are provided as youtone and tighten every muscle with this full body,sweat inducing workout. All fitness levels welcome.NEW! ULTIMATE CARDIO CRUNCHMaximize your workout with this killer cardio class!This class is designed to get your heart rate up, whiletargeting your entire body to help you attain andmaintain your physique. Improve your cardiovascularfitness as you challenge your body and get moving!NEW! NAKED WORKOUTong>Getong> a complete, full body workout sans equipment!All you’ll need is you in this stregth and cardioclass that uses your own body weight and gravityprinciples to get you in tip-top shape. All levelswelcome.CARDIO KICKBOXong>INong>GEasy to follow, drill based kickboxing exercises thatget your heart pumpin’ to the beat of the music. Thisclass is designed to elevate your heart rate as well aschallenge both your muscles and your mind.CORE AND MOREJoin in this six-pack party to get an abdominalhangover that hurts so good. This class will lengthenand tone your abs, legs, back, and glutes. Believe us,your body will thank you!R.I.P.P.E.D.A total body workout that combines Resistance,Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, and Endurance, to helpyou attain and maintain your physique. Along withmotivating music that will rock your muscles andyour endurance, you will push through R.I.P.P.E.D withstrength, determination and a smile on your face.Mong>INong>D BODY STUDIOSTRETCH 45Join us for a 45 minute flow that cultivates selfawarenessby awakening the breath, promotingcirculation, creating strength, and achieving balance.This class focuses on melting away layers of stress,releasing tension from the body, clearing the mind andlifting the spirit, all in time to send you on your way.CHRISTMAS FITNESS PASS | NOV 30 - DEC 11 | $29TITLEChristmas cocktails, turkey, ham, stuffing, and that extra serving of pie will add up. ‘Tis the season to forgoyour fitness goals so let us help you stay motivated! ong>Getong> this UNLIMITED Christmas Fitness Pass for a variety ofclasses such as Lunch Box Power Yoga, TRX, Ballet Barre, and TRX Rip Bootcamp, to name a few! Pass is validNovember 30 - December 11 for the low price of $>Getong> your pass today! It’s a great way to stay motivated to get started on your 2016 New Year’s goals!MORNong>INong>GAFTERNOONEVENong>INong>GMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYTotal BodyTransformation:Mind Body EditionMind Body Studio7:00-7:55amStaff YogaMind Body Studio12:00-12:55pmTRX Body BlastTRX Studio12:15-12:45pmBallet Barre BlastMovement Studio6:00-6:55pmRIP BootcampTRX/Movement Studios12:00-12:55pmPower Hour YogaMind Body Studio4:15-5:10pmTRX BootcampTRX Studio7:00-7:55amTRX Core and StretchTRX Studio12:15-12:45pm*FOR CLASS DESCRIPTIONS, PLEASE VISIT OUR Mong>INong>D BODY AND FITNESS SECTIONSTotal BodyTransformationMovement Studio6:45-7:40amTRX XXXTRX Studio12:00-12:45pmLunch Box Power YogaMind Body Studio12:30-1:25pmTRX HardCoreTRX Studio12:15-1:00pmong>INong>Fong>INong>ITY GROUP FITNESS ADD-ON // $75 - 4 MONTHSUpgrade your Vikes FIT or All ong>INong> Pass for UNLIMITED Group Fitness classesfor four months (Sep-Dec). * Must have valid Vikes FIT or ALL ong>INong> Pass.UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE19

IntramuralsLEAGUES DATE TIME LOCATION COST(mem/non-mem)BALL HOCKEYRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 5:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $40/$50 41454Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 5:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $200/$250 41455Competitive Open - Individual Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 5:00-10:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $40/$50 41453Competitive Open - Team Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 5:00-10:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $200/$250 41456BASKETBALLRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 8:00-11:00pm CARSA Performance Gym $40/$50 41457Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 8:00-11:00pm CARSA Performance Gym $200/$250 41460Competitive Open - Individual Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 6:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Hardwood $40/$50 41458Competitive Open - Team Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 6:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Hardwood $200/$250 41461Competitive Co-ed - Individual Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 6:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Hardwood $40/$50 41459Competitive Co-ed - Team Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 6:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Hardwood $200/$250 414623 on 3 Men’s - Team Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 8:30-11:00pm CARSA Performance Gym $80/$110 41465DODGEBALLRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 7:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $40/$50 41468Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 24-Dec 4 Thu, 7:00-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse - Zone #2 $200/$250 41470FIELD HOCKEYRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 6:30-8:30pm #1 Water Based Turf Field $40/$50 41474Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 6:30-8:30pm #1 Water Based Turf Field $200/$250 41475FLAG FOOTBALLRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 5:30-11:00pm #3 Artificial Turf $40/$50 41478Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 5:30-11:00pm #3 Artificial Turf $200/$250 41480Competitive Open - Individual Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 5:30-11:00pm #3 Artificial Turf $40/$50 41477Competitive Open - Team Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 5:30-11:00pm #3 Artificial Turf $200/$250 41479FUTSALCo-ed - Individual Sep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 6:30-11:00pm CARSA Fieldhouse $55 41481CODEICE HOCKEYRecreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 23-Dec 4Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 23-Dec 4Wed, 8:30pm-1:00amFri, 2:00-5:00pmWed, 8:30pm-1:00amFri, 2:00-5:00pmREGISTRATIONRegister for intramurals in person at the CARSA Membership Services Desk oronline at Payment of entry fee is required in full when registering.Participants have the opportunity to create their own team of friends, classmates,etc. If you do not have enough players to create a team, register as an individualand we will place you on a team. Register early as most leagues fill before thedeadline date! Intramurals is open to both students and community members.SKILL LEVELS AND TIERong>INong>G SYSTEMCompetition is divided into divisions: true seed, open, coed, men and women.The Intramural Activities Program offers two skill levels of competition: competitiveand recreational. Each player or team is encouraged to consider the level that bestsuits their ability.ISC Ice Rink $120/$135 41483ISC Ice Rink $1050/$1180 41485Competitive Open - Individual Sep 20-Dec 6 Sun, 5:15pm-1:00am ISC Ice Rink $120/$135 41484Competitive Open - Team Sep 20-Dec 6 Sun, 5:15pm-1:00am ISC Ice Rink $1050/$1180 41486SOCCER (ong>INong>DOOR)Recreational Co-ed - Individual Sep 22 - Dec 1 Tue, 5:30-11:00pm McK Gym $40/$50 41500Recreational Co-ed - Team Sep 22 - Dec 1 Tue, 5:30-11:00pm McK Gym $200/$250 41502SOCCER (OUTDOOR)Res Soccer - 7 Aside(*for those living in Res only)Recreational Co-ed - IndvidualRecreational Co-ed - TeamSep 26-Dec 5 Sat, 11:00am-5:00pm #2 Artificial Turf $100 41495Sep 20-Nov 29Sep 22-Dec 1Sep 20-Dec 6Sep 22-Dec 1Sun, 11:00am-7:00pmTue, 5:00-11:00pmSun, 11:00am-7:00pmTue, 5:00-11:00pm#2 Artificial Turf#2A - Artificial Turf#2 Artificial Turf#2A - Artificial Turf$40/$50$40/$50$225/$280$225/$280Competitive Open - Individual Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 5:00-11:00pm #2A - Artificial Turf $40/$50 41510Competitive Open - Team Sep 24-Dec 3 Thu, 5:00-11:00pm #2A - Artificial Turf $225/$280 41516Competitive Co-ed - IndividualCompetitive Co-ed - TeamSOFTBALLRecreational Co-ed - IndividualRecreational Co-ed - TeamULTIMATETrue Seed Co-ed - IndividualTrue Seed Co-ed - TeamVOLLEYBALLTrue Seed Co-edTrue Seed 6’s Co-edTOURNAMENTSSep 20-Nov 29Sep 21-Nov 30Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 20-Dec 6Sep 21-Nov 30Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 24- Dec 3Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 24-Dec 3Sep 22-Dec 1Sep 24-Dec 3Sep 22-Dec 1Sep 24-Dec 3Sep 21-Nov 30Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 24-Dec 3Sep 21-Nov 30Sep 23-Dec 2Sep 24-Dec 3Sun, 11:00am-7:00pmMon, 5:00-11:00pmWed, 5:00-11:00pmSun, 11:00am-7:00pmMon, 5:00-11:00pmWed, 5:00-11:00pmWed, 4:30-11:00pmThu, 4:30-11:00pmWed, 4:30-11:00pmThu, 4:30-11:00pmTue, 7:30-11:00pmThu, 5:00-11:00pmTue, 7:30-11:00pmThu, 5:00-11:00pmMon, 7:00-11:00pmWed, 7:00-11:00pmThu, 7:00-11:00pmMon, 7:00-11:00pmWed, 7:00-11:00pmThu, 7:00-11:00pm#2 Artificial Turf#2A - Artificial Turf#2 Artificial Turf#2 Artificial Turf#2A - Artificial Turf#2 Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#2B - Artificial Turf#3 Artificial Turf#2B - Artificial TurfMcK GymMcK GymMcK GymMcK GymMcK GymMcK GymDodge in the Dark Oct 15 More information to come. Visit for updates.$40/$50$40/$50$40/$50$225/$280$225/$280$225/$280$40/$50$40/$50$225/$280$225/$280$40/$50$40/$50$225/$280$225/$280$40/$50$40/$50$40/$50$200/$250$200/$250$200/$250Volleyball - Team Oct 31 Sat, 8:30am-7:30pm McK Gym $200 41546415084150941514415174150741505415064151541512415134151841519415204152141526415274153041531415344153541536415394154041541PARTICIPATION FEES AND REFUNDSA playing fee is required to register for all intramural activities and must be paid atthe time the registration is made. There are no refunds for any course/program/league unless cancelled by Vikes Recreation. Consideration will be given to thoseproviding a medical certificate or academic certificate indicating timetablechanges. All refunds are subject to a $10 administration fee. All refund requestsmust be received within 30 days of date of purchase. Credits on account are goodfor one year from date issued. A $25 fee will be charged for NSF cheques. Failure tofield a team, show up, failure of opponents to show up; or otherwise dropping outof the league are not acceptable reasons for a refund.UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE21

Recreation ClassesHip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Aikido, Tennis andmuch more. Our special interest classesare geared towards participants whowant to try something new, explore aspecific activity, and learn and developskills while having a blast!DANCEBALLETExpress the emotion of music through lines thatare traditional and based in technique.Level ISep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 8:00-8:55pm $44/$55Alee Garrett Mind Body Studio 42253Level II - with point workSep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 6:30- 7:55pm $63/$79Alee Garrett Mind Body Studio 42254BELLYDANCEExplore the allure of Middle Eastern dance.Begin with the basics of technique then gainan understanding of Middle Eastern rhythm’sapproach to improvisation, as well as folkloric andregional dance traditions. Intermediate dancerscan perfect moves and learn advanced techniques.Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 8:35-9:30pm $69/$83Lara Brunschot Mind Body Studio 42245CONTEMPORARYExpress your inner weirdness! Communicate originalchoreography using structured techniques drawnfrom classical modern and lyrical dance disciplines. Ifyou’re a beginner or still working on your groove, joinLevel I. Level II is for experienced dancers.Level ISep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 8:10-9:05pm $48/$60TBA Movement Studio 42246Level IISep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 8:40-9:35pm $48/$60Alee Garrett Mind Body Studio 42247DANCE FOR THE AGELESSDiscover your inherent dance/movementpotential through breathing, postural integrationand alignment (in the warm up phase). Eachweek progresses to include combinations,phrases, improvisation and floor work to enhancecreative expression and to experience the joy ofmovement. For the connected and/or maturedancer. Former dance experience not required.Come dance your moves!Sep 24-Nov 26 Thu, 1:00-1:55pm $48/$60Katrina Pavlovsky Movement Studio 42255HIP HOPExplore the world of Hip Hop music through acombination of street style dance with a touch ofstomp, funk and pop.EssentialsSep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 6:35-7:30pm $48/$60Kevin Pescod &Laura NeithercutJAZZ'If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.'-- Louis Armstrong.Step into the dance studio and show us what themovement of Jazz is to you.Level ISep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 7:10-8:05pm $48/$60TBA Movement Studio 42250Level IISep 23-Dec 2 Wed, 7:40-8:35pm $48/$60Alee Garrett Mind Body Studio 42251MTV FLASHBACKLet’s take it back a decade or two to relive iconicdance chorography.Sep 22-Dec 1 Tue, 7:35-8:30pm $48/$60Kevin Pescod &Laura NeithercutPUSSY CAT DOLLSMind Body Studio 42248MixSep 21-Nov 30 Mon, 7:10-8:05pm $44/$55TBA Movement Studio 42249Mind Body Studio 42252Want to dance like the dolls? This class is a mixtureof Hip Hop and Street Jazz with provocative, fun &girlie choreography.Level ISep 24-Nov 26 Thu, 7:00-7:55pm $48/$60Robyn White McK Dance Studio 41265Level IISep 24-Nov 26 Thu, 8:00-8:55pm $48/$60Robyn White McK Dance Studio 41266UVIC DANCE COMPANY FUSIONIn conjunction with the UVic Dance Company, thisclass will combine elements of contemporary jazz,street jazz, hip hop, house, bootcamp and yogathrough an intense warm-up, across-the-floor, andfun choreography. This is an upper-level class, allparticipants should have a minimum of two yearsof dance experience.Sep 21-Nov 16 Mon, 8:10-9:35pm $63/$79Bailey Fennellow Movement Studio 42256RACQUET SPORTSSQUASH - BEGong>INong>NERLearn the fundamentals of squash. These sessionsintroduce the rules, forehand/backhand drive,service and return, volley and basic strategies.Squash glasses, racquets and balls supplied.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 6:15-7:00pm $70/$85Ian Sefton Squash Court 1 41637SQUASH - ong>INong>TERMEDIATESharpen your squash skills and dominate withthis program designed to improve your drops,drives, court awareness and game strategy. Squashequipment supplied if necessary.Sep 14-Nov 30 Mon, 7:00-7:45pm $70/$85Ian Sefton Squash Court 1 41636TENNIS - LEVEL 1.0-1.5This course is designed for players just starting toplay tennis, or who have been introduced to thegame but have difficulty playing due to a lack ofconsistency in rallying and serving.Sep 15-Dec 1 Tue, 5:30-6:30pm $100/$120Dale Willard Fieldhouse Zone 1 41630TENNIS - LEVEL 2.0-2.5This course is designed for players who canconsistently rally 10 balls in a row, tend to positionthemselves on court to protect against theirweaknesses, are often reluctant to come to the netand struggle with consistency in their toss.Sep 15-Dec 1 Tue, 6:30-7:30pm $100/$120Dale Willard Fieldhouse Zone 1 41631LEARN & PLAY45 minutes of instruction followed by 45 minutesof supervised game play. Players will continue todevelop consistency in their ground strokes, volleyand serve. Focus on refining stroke mechanics andincreasing comfort in game situations.Sep 19-Oct 24 Sat, 9:00-10:30am $90/$105TBA Fieldhouse Zone 1 41632Oct 31-Dec 05 Sat, 9:00-10:30am $90/$105TBA Fieldhouse Zone 1 41634TENNIS - LEVEL 3.0 & UPLEARN & PLAYThis course is designed for players who are ableto move their opponents around the court, cancontrol ball direction, are consistent in their groundstrokes and net play and consistently hit 50% oftheir first serves in with power.45 minutes of instruction followed by 45 minutesof supervised game play. Players will work ongame situations, drills and tactics to fine tunestroke mechanics and introduce new wrinkles toconfound opponents.Sep 19-Oct 24 Sat, 10:30am-12:00pm $90/$105TBA Fieldhouse Zone 1 41633Oct 31-Dec 5 Sat, 10:30am-12:00pm $90/$105TBA Fieldhouse Zone 1 41635MARTIAL ARTSAIKIDO - ong>INong>TRODUCTIONThis Japanese martial art focuses on neutralizingrather than ‘winning’ the conflict. Evolvingfrom traditions of the samurai arts it focuses onperfecting the spirit.This class is for beginners withno Aikido experience required.Sep 14-Nov 4 Mon, Wed, 6:00-7:45pm $40/$49Hilary Dawson McK Dance Studio 41205AIKIDOThis Japanese martial art focuses on neutralizingrather than ‘winning’ the conflict. Evolvingfrom traditions of the samurai arts it focuses onperfecting the spirit.Sep 9-Dec 7 Mon, Wed, 6:00-7:45pm $79/$99Hilary Dawson McK Dance Studio 41203CAPOEIRACapoeira is a dynamic art form created by theAfrican Slaves and influenced by the indigenouspeoples of Brazil combining aspects of martialarts, music, acrobatics and dance. You will lovethe athleticism and motion of this discipline.Axe Capoeira opened Canada’s first academy ofCapoeira, and today the Group continues to rise asone of the leading Capoeira organizations in theworld with enrolment of well over 20,000 students.Your instructors have decades of martial artsexperience and are very knowledgeable. Comeexperience Brazilian culture at its very best and tryCapoeira with us. This class is for participants of alllevels and abilities.Sep 15-Dec 1 Tue, 3:30-4:25pm $60/$74Kevin Brett McK Dance Studio 41638CHEN TAIJI NEW!ong>Getong> rid of aches and pains! Chen Style Taiji is theperfect solution to too much sitting and too muchintellectual activity that leaves your body starvedfor exercise. Learn to focus and become moreefficient while working at this robust and weightbearing art that never damages your body, onlyheals it. Athletes and other martial artists oftenuse Taiji as a means of learning more physicalefficiency. A great cross training alternative thatincreases strength, flexibility and integrity ofmovementSep 17-Dec 3 Thu, 4:30-5:25pm $60/$74Gordon Muir McK Dance Studio 41403JIU JITSUA grappling art and system of self-defense; thiscornerstone of mixed martial arts training wasoriginally designed to allow a smaller personto defend against a larger, stronger attacker ina realistic manner. Experience an exhilaratingworkout in a completely recreational and highlysocial setting.Sep 15-Dec 1 Tue, 1:00-2:30pm $68/$85Ari Knazan McK Dance Studio 41206KENDO - ong>INong>TRODUCTIONTranslated this martial art means ‘Way of theSword’. Using shinai (bamboo swords) developyour awareness, centeredness, wholeheartedness,endurance, concentration, respect for others, andself-confidence!! This class is for beginners.Sep 15-Nov 6 Tue, Fri, 7:00-8:30pm $40/$49Daisuke Hayashi Fieldhouse Zone 1A 41210KENDOTranslated this martial art means ‘Way of theSword’. Using shinai (bamboo swords) developyour awareness, centeredness, wholeheartedness,endurance, concentration, respect for others,and self-confidence!! Must have previous kendoexperience or have taken Intro to Kendo toparticipate in this course.Sep 1-Dec 29KENDO FOR KIDSA great way for your child to learn about focus andrespect, all while staying active and having fun!Designed for children aged 6 to 16.Sep 1-Dec 29KARATE FOR KIDSTue, Fri, 6:00-7:00pmSun, 3:00-5:00pm$99Daisuke Hayashi Fieldhouse Zone 1A 41211Karate is fun for kids! And it is a great way todevelop motor skills, physical activity, disciplineand respect. Ages 5 to 11.Sep 12-Oct 31 Sat, 10:00-11:00am $25Jessica Moore McK Dance Studio 41207Nov 7-Dec 19 Sat, 10:00-11:00am $25Jessica Moore McK Dance Studio 41208SHOTOKAN KARATEShotokan karate-do is a traditional form ofunarmed combat that was popularized in Japanin the early 1900’s, and is one of the most widelypracticed styles of traditional karate in the worldtoday. This class follows traditional karate trainingmethods, incorporating kihon (basics), kata (forms),and kumite (sparring). Training is conducted in asafe and positive environment, and participantsare encouraged to improve their own physicalfitness and mental character. This class is forintermediate to advanced karate enthusiasts, butyou will participate alongside other levels or karateparticipants.Sep 8-Dec 22Tue, Fri, 7:00-8:30pmSun, 3:00-5:00pmTue, Thur, 5:30-7:00pmSat, 11:00am-1:00pm$96/$118Daisuke Hayashi Fieldhouse Zone 1A 41209$126/$158Jessica Moore McK Dance Studio 41250SHOTOKAN KARATE - ong>INong>TRODUCTIONThis class is for beginners so come out to thiswelcoming environment. You will participatealongside other levels or karate participants. (SeeShotokan Karate for full description)Sep 15-Nov 5 Tue, Thu, 5:30-7:00pm $40/$49Jessica Moore McK Dance Studio 41251TAEKWONDOStudents will be introduced to the Olympic sportof Taekwondo; a Korean martial art. Particularemphasis will be placed on self-defense, kicks andforms, which are pre-set patterns of movementsdesigned to simulate the use of offensive anddefensive techniques. This program will teachdiscipline, self-defense, respect and build fitness ina fun and welcoming environment. All levels arewelcome.Sep 15-Dec 1 Tue, 7:00-8:00pm $60/$74Paul Kim McK Dance Studio 41252Wong>INong>G CHUN NEW!Wing Chun is a 300 year old Chinese Martial artand is currently the most popular Kung Fu art inthe world; due in part to the late Bruce Lee and Ipman movies. It is a street survival art that is simple,quick, effective and economical. The completeart can be learned in less than six months. WingChun Kung Fu does not rely on brute strength.Low kicks, straight punches and immediatecounterattacks are the trademark of Wing Chun. Aform of 108 movements contains almost the entireart. This course is open to all levels from completebeginners to advanced practitioners.Sep 14-Dec 7 Mon, 8:00-9:30pm $68/$85Ray Van Raamsdonk McK Dance Studio 41303WOMEN’S FITNESS KICKBOXong>INong>GEnjoy the fitness benefits of kickboxing withoutthe sparring, or competition. Improve yourstrength, endurance, and coordination in thisdynamic class!Sep 14-Dec 7 Mon, 2:30-3:30pm $60/$74HannahBroekhoven-FieneMcK Dance Studio 41253Sep 18-Dec 4 Fri, 4:00-5:00pm $60/$74HannahBroekhoven-FieneMcK Dance Studio 41254UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE23

Peninsula Co-op Climbing CentreNot your average gym.The Peninsula Co-op Climbing Centre is Canada’s tallest collegiate climbing wall and a great alternative from the traditionalsports. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a rock star climber, our climbing terrain has something for everyone.What is the Peninsula Co-opClimbing Center all about?It’s about learning and practicingskills in a safe, and fun environment.We have two main types of climbingavailable here, namely boulderingand route climbing.How does it work?To use the bouldering walls here,simply drop by anytime duringoperating hours and our staff will getyou started. You’ll be given a shortorientation of the facility,safety regulations, and rules duringyour first visit.To access the tower, where routeclimbing occurs, you will need apartner, and some belay skills. We runweekly courses to get new climbers offthe ground, and experienced climberscan simply pass a belay test on theirfirst visit to the gym.More information:>INong>TRO TO ROPED CLIMBong>INong>GWant to learn to climb on the tower? This 2 hourcourse will provide you with the fundamentalsfor top rope climbing. You’ll learn to use theequipment, tie the knots, and provide a belayduring this two hour session. All equipment isprovided. Price includes facility admission.Sep 6-Dec 3 Weekdays, 12:00-2:00pm $32/$40Claire Wagstaff Climbing CentreBookOnlineCLIMBong>INong>G TECHNIQUEWant to take your climbing skills to the next level?These sessions will provide you with instruction onmore technical climbing. You’ll learn how to moveyour body more strategically and how to positionyourself to climb harder problems. Price includesfacility admission.Sep 16-Oct 7 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $38/$46TBA Climbing Centre 42237Sep 17-Oct 8 Thu, 7:30-8:30pm $38/$46TBA Climbing Centre 42238Oct 14-Nov 4 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $38/$46TBA Climbing Centre 42239Oct 15-Nov 5 Thu, 7:30-8:30pm $38/$46TBA Climbing Centre 42240LEAD CLIMBong>INong>GEver wondered how ropes get set up for climbing?This 2.5 hour course teaches the skills to take yourclimbing to the next level - lead climbing. We’llshow you the dos and don’ts of clipping, falling,and belaying lead climbers. Prerequisite: You mustbe able to climb all the “easy” routes in the gym,and must have passed a top-rope belay test. Priceincludes facility admission.Visit our CARSA front desk and fill out a bookingrequest for a lead climbing lesson. Once we’vereceived your client information and confirmationof payment, a climbing instructor will contact youwithin approximately 72 hours.— Climbing Centre $42/$50RISE AND CLIMBStart your day at new heights! Learn to warm upproperly, improve your mental game, and increaseyour strength. Open to beginning and continuingclimbers alike. Price includes facility admission.Sep 15 - Oct 6 Tue, 7:00 - 8:00am $38/$46Kim Hawker Climbing Centre 42241Sep 15 - Oct 6 Thu, 7:00 - 8:00am $38/$46Kim Hawker Climbing Centre 42242Oct 13 - Nov 3 Tue, 7:00 - 8:00am $38/$46Kim Hawker Climbing Centre 42243Oct 13 - Nov 3 Thu, 7:00 - 8:00am $38/$46Kim Hawker Climbing Centre 42244BIRTHDAY PARTIES!Celebrate your birthday with theVikes! We now offer party packagesin CARSA.PACKAGE 1Climbing Wall Birthday Party(ages 8 and up, up to 16 children)PACKAGE 2Fieldhouse Birthday Party(ages 5 and up, up to 20 children).Available in multi-sport or specificsport themes.For more information and to book,contact the Vikes Recreation Officeat 250-721-7282.Visit vikescamps.comfor the latest informationon Pro-D Day and WinterBreak camps.GROUP EVENTSWant to host an event at the Peninsula Co-opClimbing Center? We can help facilitate learningand growth through various team-building andclimbing activities.Group rates start at $125 for up-to 8 people.Complete our booking request form for moreinformation: CLIMBong>INong>GCOMPETITIONNovember 6Celebrate bureaucracy in our first everclimbing competition. Very few rules & lotsof great prizes! FEST!Come hone your movement skills at the Peninsula Co-op Climbing Centre. Every two weeks therewill be a select climbing move showcased on the bouldering walls.*Regular Climbing Centre admission appliesSep 14-Sep 26Sep 28-Oct 10Oct 12-Oct 24Oct 26-Nov 7Nov 9-Nov 21Nov 23–Dec 4Tricky Traversingong>Getong> from point A to point B with just a little bit of challenge.Fancy FootworkRemember to stretch first.Crimp CrazinessYour fingers might be burning after this.The Land before DynosAim high when trying these far reaching moves.Campus on CampusYou’re strong enough now; you don’t need those feet.12 Days of ClimbingA climbing advent calendar! Every day prior to the end of term a new challenge willbe set up – complete every challenge for the chance to receive a holiday prize.CAMPS FOR KIDSUVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE25

ADULT PROGRAMSCLASS DATE TIME COST LOCATION CODEADULT BEGong>INong>NERIt’s never too late to learn to swim. Start at thebeginning with submersion, breath control, floats,glides and basic propulsion. This class will workat your pace.ADULT ong>INong>TERMEDIATEDevelop the basics of front crawl and back crawl -including breathing techniques for front crawl.Gain comfort with deep water skills like diving.ADULT ADVANCEDLearn how to become more efficient in the water.Work on front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke. Youwill be introduced to elementary back stroke, sidestroke and butterfly. An endurance swim of 300m ispracticed. Pre-requisite: Must be able to swim 25m ofcontinuous front crawl.SWIM FIT (MASTERS)ong>Getong> your workout through swimming! Refine strokes,increase endurance and increase speed throughworkouts designed to accommodate those that swim500 m to those who swim 2000+ m. Pick the levelthat challenges you. Emphasis is on free style. Mustbe able to swim 500 m continuously to join. Registerand swim the full session or drop-in for a single sessionfor $7.00.AquaticsVikes Recreation offers a variety of open recreation activities, fitness programs, swimminglessons and certification courses for children to adults. Our programs cater to the generalpublic as well as university students, alumni, faculty and staff. Pick up the latest Aquaticsschedule located in the Recreation information displays or visit us online at vikesrec.caSep 14-Oct 19 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42158Oct 26-Nov 30 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42161Sep 23-Nov 21 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42159Oct 28-Dec 2 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42162Sep 13-Oct 18 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42160Oct 25-Nov 29 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42163Sep 14-Oct 19 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42164Oct 26-Nov 30 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42167Sept 23-Nov 21 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42165Oct 28-Dec 2 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42168Sept 13-Oct 18 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42166Oct 25-Nov 29 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42169Sep 14-Oct 19 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42170Oct 26-Nov 30 Mon, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42173Sep 23-Nov 21 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42171Oct 28-Dec 2 Wed, 7:30-8:30pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42174Sep 13-Oct 18 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42172Oct 25-Nov 29 Sun, 4:00-5:00pm $41/$51 McK Pool 42175Trial - Sep 15 Tue, 7:30-8:30pm FREE McK Pool Drop-inTrial - Sep 17 Thu, 7:30-8:30pm FREE McK Pool Drop-inSep 22-Dec 1Nov 3-Dec 15Sep 24-Dec 3Nov 5-Dec 17Sep 20-Oct 25Nov 1-Dec 20Tue, 7:30-8:30pmTue, 7:30-8:30pmThu, 7:30-8:30pmThu, 7:30-8:30pmSun, 11:00-12:00pm$24.48/$30.90$28.56/$36.05$24.48/$30.90$28.56/$36.05$20.40/$25.75$32.64/$41.20McK PoolMcK PoolMcK PoolMcK PoolMcK PoolMcK Pool421544215542156425534215742554CHILDREN’S PROGRAMSRed Cross Swim Kids Program is available to children ages 4 and up. New swimmers begin at level 1,continuing swimmers should register at the level recommended by their last instructor.SUNDAYS: We’re warming McKinnon Pool! Enjoy Lessons at a leisure pool temperature.No charge for parking on campus. (Sundays only)DATE TIME COST LOCATION CODERED CROSS SWIM KIDS 1Provides orientation to water and the pool area and work on floats, glides and kicking. Swimmers buildtheir endurance by working on the 5m swim.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:00-3:30pm $35/$44 McK Pool 42224RED CROSS SWIM KIDS 2Provides propulsion skills to move through the water and to remain at the surface. Swimmers work onthe front swim (5m) and learn about deep-water activities and proper use of a Personal Flotation Device(PFD). Fitness activities include the 10m flutter kick and a 10m distance swim.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:30-4:00pm $35/$44 McK Pool 42226RED CROSS SWIM KIDS 3 & 4Level 3: Introduces diving, and teaches swimmers how to make wise choices about where and whento swim. Endurance is achieved by building strength in the flutter kick and a 15-metre swim.Level 4: Introduces the front crawl (10m) and back swim with shoulder roll (15m). Swimmers work onkneeling dives, surface support (45 seconds, deep water) and developing a greater sense of self-safetyby understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25m swim.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:15-4:00pm $45/$57 McK Pool 42228RED CROSS SWIM KIDS 5 & 6Level 5: Introduces the back crawl (15m), sculling skills, whip kick on the back, stride dives and treadingwater. Front crawl increases to 15m. An introduction to safe boating skills is also included. Endurance isdeveloped through a 50m swim.Level 6: Refines front crawl with a focus on hand entry and breathing (25m), back crawl with a focuson arm positions and body roll (25m), and introduces elementary backstroke (15m), safety on ice, andrescue of others with throwing assists. Swimmers demonstrate the front dive and their ability to treadwater in deep water for 1½ minutes. Endurance is built through dolphin kicks and a 75m swim.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:15-4:00pm $45/$57 McK Pool 42230RED CROSS SWIM KIDS 7 & 8Level 7: Builds skills and endurance for the front crawl (50m), back crawl (50m) and elementary backstroke (25m) and introduces whip kick on the front. Swimmers learn about airway and breathingobstructions, reach assists and stride entry. Swimming endurance is increased to a 150m swim.Level 8: Introduces breast stroke (15m) and feet-first surface dives. Swimmers learn about the dangersof open water, hypothermia, the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults, and standingshallow dives. Swimmers participate in timed treading water activities using the eggbeater skill for 3minutes to improve their ability to remain at the surface in the event of an unexpected fall into water.Endurance is built on a 300m swim. Front crawl and back crawl distances are increased to 75m each.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:15-4:00pm $45/$57 McK Pool 42232RED CROSS SWIM KIDS 9 & 10Level 9: Refines front crawl (100m), back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breaststroke (25m), and encourages swimmers to combine different kicks for fitness (3 mins). They also workon head-first surface dives and learn about wise choices, peer influences and self-rescue from ice.Endurance is built through a 400m swim.Level 10: A final assessment of the strokes for technique and distance (front crawl 100m, back crawl100m, elementary back stroke 50m, breast stroke 50m and sidestroke 25m). Swimmers learn about sunsafety, rescue of others from ice, and head-first and feet-first surface dives. Endurance is built using thedolphin kick (vertical) and a 500m swim.Sep 27-Nov 29 3:15-4:00pm $45/$57 McK Pool 42234PRIVATE LESSONSPRE-SET PRIVATE LESSONSA convenient way to have one-to-one instruction.The instructor, times and dates are pre-booked.All you need to do is register. To add a secondstudent call 250-721-8413.$82 - 1 student | $98 - 2 studentsAll lessons at McKinnon PoolSep 13-Oct 18 Sun, 4:00-4:30pm 42207Sep 13-Oct 18 Sun, 4:00 -4:30pm 42223Sep 14-Oct 19 Mon, 7:30-8:00pm 42209Sep 14-Oct 19 Mon, 8:00-8:30pm 42211Sep 19-Oct 24 Sat, 1:45-2:15pm 42203Sep 19-Oct 24 Sat, 2:15-2:45pm 42204Sep 23-Oct 21 Wed, 7:30-8:00pm 42213Sep 23-Nov 21 Wed, 8:00-8:30pm 42215Oct 25-Nov 29 Sun, 4:30-5:00pm 42208Oct 25-Nov 29 Sun, 4:30-5:00pm 42222Oct 26-Nov 30 Mon, 7:30-8:00pm 42210Oct 26-Nov 30 Mon, 8:00-8:30pm 42212Oct 28-Dec 2 Wed, 7:30-8:00pm 42214Oct 28-Dec 2 Wed, 8:00 -8:30pm 42216Oct 31-Dec 5 Sat, 1:45-2:15pm 42206Oct 31-Dec 5 Sat, 2:15 – 2:45pm 42205CUSTOM PRIVATE LESSONSRequest a specific time and/or instructor. Tobook lessons, please contact Vikes Recreation or (250) 721-8413.PRIVATE LESSON FEEOne lesson (30 min) $22Five lessons (30 min each) $95Ten lessons (30 min each) $180SEMI-PRIVATE FEE FEEOne lesson (30 min) $27Five lessons (30 min each) $111Ten lessons (30 min each) $217UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE27

CERTIFICATIONSSTAND UPPADDLEBOARDong>INong>GSCUBACPR CWould you know what to do if someone waschoking? Learn the skills needed to recognizeand respond to choking and cardiovascularemergencies for adults, children and babies.Includes the use of automated externaldefibrillator (AED). Suitable for those looking fortraining for the workplace or for their own interest.Sep 26 Sat, 10:00am-4:30pm $47— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42311Oct 24 Sat, 10:00am-4:30pm $47— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42312Nov 21 Sat, 10:00am-4:30pm $47— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42313EMERGENCY FIRST AIDBasic course offering an overview of first aid andcardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for theworkplace or home. Course covers skills neededto recognize, prevent and respond to circulationemergencies for adults, children and babies. Othertopics include airway and breathing emergencies,as well as the prevention of disease transmission.Sep 26 Sat, 10:00am-6:30pm $71— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42315Oct 24 Sat, 10:00am-6:30pm $71CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42316Nov 21 Sat, 10:00am-6:30pm $71— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42317CPR C RECERTIFICATIONReview and renewal of the CPR-C certificate.Bring proof of current CPR-C. Certificates arecurrent for three years from date of previouscourse. If you are past the expiry please registerfor an original course.Sep 27 Sun, 10:00am-2:30pm $32— CARSA Movement Studio 42303Oct 25 Sun, 10:00am-2:30pm $32CARSA Movement Studio 42305Nov 22 Sun, 10:00am-2:30pm $32— CARSA Movement Studio 42306STANDARD FIRST AID RECERTIFICATIONReview and renewal of the Standard First Aidcertificate, includes CPR-C. Bring proof of currentStandard First Aid. Certificates are current for threeyears from date of previous course. If you are pastthe expiry please register for an original course.Sep 27 Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $53— CARSA Movement Studio 42307Oct 25 Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $53CARSA Movement Studio 42309Nov 22 Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $53— CARSA Movement Studio 42310NATIONAL LIFEGUARD SERVICE (NLS)RECERTIFICATIONSUP FITNESSBurpees are tough; now try it on a floatingplatform. This interval style class intensifies thebest of challenges of a regular workout througha liquid medium. Register by noon on the Fridaybefore the class. Drop-in available on the day offor $35, when minimum registration numbersare met. Wear swim suit or workout clothes in asimilar fabric (light colour, non-cotton is best).Sep 24- Oct 22 Thu, 9:00-10:00am $85— McK Pool 42324Oct 29-Nov 26 Thu, 9:00-10:00am $85— McK Pool 42338OPEN WATER DIVER COURSEBeginner certification focused on earningthe credentials to dive to 60’/18m. Lifetimecertification through PADI, which is recognizedworldwide. The course involves: five sessions onsafe diving practices, five pool sessions to practicediving and build dive skill confidence, four openwater dives at local sites.Sep 21,23, 28, 30Oct 3, 4—Oct 5, 7,12, 14,17, 18—Nov 5, 7,8, 10, 14—Nov 16,18, 23, 25,28, 29—Mon, Wed 5:30-9:30pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm $499/$549McK Rm 150/Pool/Ocean42339Mon, Wed 5:30-9:30pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm $499/$549McK Rm 150/Pool/OceanThu, 5:30-9:30pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-4:00pmTue, Sat, 9:00am-5:00pmMcK Rm 150/Pool/Ocean42340$499/$54942341Mon,Wed 5:30-9:30Sat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm $499/$549McK Rm 150/Pool/Ocean42342ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER COURSEContinue your enjoyment of diving! The PADIAdvanced Designed to move certified divers beyondthe basics. Complete five varying open water dives atlocal sites. Types including deep diving, underwaternavigation and three choices of the following - drift,dry-suit, wreck, search and recover, peak buoyancy,night, photography and more. Lifetime certificationthrough PADI, which is recognized worldwide.Prerequisite: PADI Open Water.Sep 24,26, 27,29Thu, 5:30-7:00pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pmTue, 6:00-10:00pmDRY SUIT ORIENTATION$329/$349— McK Rm 150/Ocean 42343Oct 22,24, 25,27Thu, 5:30-7:00pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pmTue, 6:00-10:00pm$329/$349— McK Rm 150/Ocean 42344Not a certification course, but is required touse a drysuit. Drysuits allow you to stay warmunderwater in cold water. Divers participate ina brief review of common drysuit practices andsafety concerns.Sep 17 Thur, 6:30-9:30pm $119/$139— McK Rm 155/Pool 42347Sep 24 Thur, 6:30-9:30pm $119/$139— McK Rm 150/Pool 42348Oct 22 Thur, 6:30-9:30pm $119/$139— McK Rm 150/Pool 42349ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE+ DRYSUIT ORIENTATIONCombined course - Advanced Open Water andDrysuit OrientationSep 24,26, 27,29Thu, 5:30-9:30pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pmTue, 6:00-10:00pm$399/$469— McK Room 073/Ocean 42353Oct 22,24, 25,27Thu, 5:30-9:30pmSat, Sun, 9:00am-5:00pmTue, 6:00-10:00pm$399/$469— McK Room 073/Ocean 42344RESCUE DIVER COURSEBe prepared for emergencies. Enhance yourunderstanding of dive emergencies through fiveknowledge sessions. Master ten of the emergencyskills in the pool before testing them through twoscenarios in open water. Fun practice on a serioustopic. Lifetime certification through PADI, whichis recognized worldwide. Prerequisite: PADI OpenWater Diver and First Aid with CPR issued within 24months. Bring proof of certification.Oct 19,21, 24Mon, Wed, 5:30-9:30pmSat, 9:00am-5:00pm$329/$349— McK Rm 150/Pool/Ocean 42352STANDARD FIRST AIDComprehensive course offering first aid andCPR skills for work or personal interest. Coursecovers a variety of topics, from circulation andbreathing emergencies and prevention ofdisease transmission to skills for sudden medicalemergencies and injuries to muscles/tissues andbones. This course includes CPR.Sep 26/27 Sat, Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $113A combined precert/recert clinic providing NLScandidates an opportunity to review NLS skills andknowledge as well as learn new information onlifeguarding. Prerequisite: any NLS option issuedwithin 7 years and CPR-C issued within 1 year.Bring proof of certifications.Fri, 5:30-9:30pmOct 23/24$80Sat, 12:00-4:00pm— McK Rm 150/Pool 42345— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42319Oct 24/25 Sat, Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $113WATER SAFETY ong>INong>STRUCTORRECERTIFICATION— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42320Nov 21/22 Sat, Sun, 10:00am-6:30pm $113— CARSA Multi-purpose Room 42321This workshop is designed to ensure the qualityand standards of the Red Cross program aremaintained. It’s an opportunity for Instructorsto share ideas, review skills and address areas ofchallenge. Certification may not be expired formore than three years. Bring proof of certification.100% attendance is required.Oct 23 Fri, 6:00-10:00pm $98— McK Rm 150/Pool 42355UVIC CAMPUS RECREATION GUIDE29

ong>INong>CLUSIVE / ACTIVE / COMMUNITYVikes Nation is an inclusive communitythat is committed to and passionateabout the University of Victoria, its Vikesteams, and active healthy living.Vikes fan? Yoga enthusiast? Intramuralall-star? Vikes Nation has something foreveryone. Are you in? Learn more:ARE YOU ong>INong>?

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