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Be Festive, Be FrighteningBeware this spooky time of year, when the comfort of homeis replaced with tricks, treats and chills of Halloween delight.Bewitch their senses with a bone-rattling brew of menacingmoonlight, creepy crawlies, ghastly graveyards and beadyblack eyes — only our fragrances remain unfrightening.NEW Pumpkin Graveyard GGhoulish and glowing with green moonlight,Pumpkin Graveyard casts haunting shadowsfor chilling ambiance.$40 5.8” tall, 25wItsy Bitsy $303.9” tallNEW Vlad the BatWhen you escape even thedarkest night with thisgreen-winged bat, you’llbe glad you found Vlad.$30, includes one Scent Pak

NEWAudrey the ArachnidThis spooky spider is oh-sosquishable! And she has eight furrylegs — the better to hug you with.$30, includes one Scent PakNEW Bewitched HAn enchanted jack o’ lantern dressed in his Halloween best.Listen closely — you can almost hear a witch’s cackle.Scarecrow $357” tall, 25w$35 6.7” tallNEW House on Haunted Hill GBeware the blood moon anda house black as night —the reddest glow doesn’treveal what’s hiddenin shadow.$40 5.8” tall, 25wBEWARE!

NEW Nevermore GAdd intrigue and elegance to a midnight dreary byplacing this beguiling bird beside your chamber door.Quoth the raven, Nevermore (pictured with TravertineCore Warmer).$40 warmer + wrap, $ 12 wrap only, 9” tall, 25wOn the coverNEW Haunted House HThe grim centerpiece of yourHalloween décor, Haunted Housetowers ominously over an eerietombstone garden.$55 7.9” tallbarcodeCall your Consultantto explore Scentsy’s Fall/Winter 2015 Catalogor visit their website to discover the perfectfragrances to pair with your holiday décor.G = Glows when lit.H = Hand painted. Final finish may vary.R = Reactive glaze. Final finish may vary.All Harvest Collection Warmers and Buddies available while supplies last.Warmer Stands sold separately.Scentsy and its logos are TMs of Scentsy, Inc. © 2015.

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