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May 2013 - NCCA Home Page

2013 Board of DirectorsPresidentGeorge Robinson650.291.4601president@nccacorvettes.orgEventsRob Andersen650.878.9835vpevents@nccacorvettes.orgMotor SportsChuck Gerughty &650.799.1975Bob Ashbaker510.521.9471vpmotorsports@nccacorvettes.orgSecretaryShirley Smith510.481.2739secretary@nccacorvettes.orgMembershipCarol & Greg Brott925.648.9750membership@nccacorvettes.orgSocialJoAnn &Al Zwicky510.314.1938social@nccacorvettes.orgTreasurerCarole Robinson650.218.8965treasurer@nccacorvettes.orgPublicationsStayc Feil925.829.1881publications@nccacorvettes.orgAdvertising DirectorOpenHistorianDave Meccariello209.814.2984historian@nccacorvettes.orgBMALKen Rabello925.484.9838bmal@nccacorvettes.orgWSCC RepresentativeSteve Bisset925.455.6431wsccrep@nccacorvettes.orgCharitable FoundationLloyd Peoples510.278.7763charitable@nccacorvettes.orgWeb DirectorJim Wells925.443.2707web@nccacorvettes.orgGolf Event - Carole RobinsonWhat fun!We did not play golf but we had a fun afternoon. TheCharitable foundation golf event had a really good turnout,and there were five of us “ladies” who did not golf.Instead we did what we do. We had really nice own timeeating and socializing. We all agree that often whenwe go out on a run with the club we do not getenough time to talk to each other and the golf eventis one of those events when can do just that. PennyBisset, Dolores Peoples, JoAnn Zwicky, a dear friendof mine Karen Gaudio and I spent the day having funPage 4KALEIDOSCOPE

America’s Oldest Corvette ClubIn July of 1956, two Corvette ownerswaved & stopped to talk. Corvetteswere few in numbers then & severalweeks could pass before encounteringanother. These drivers discussedthe starting of a Corvette Club.By July 15, 1956, an informal meetingof Corvette owners had decidedto establish the Northern CaliforniaCorvette Association. These earlyCorvette owners met frequently ateach other’s homes with theirnumbers increasing each month.On March 28, 1957, an initial groupof 35 met at Daily Chevrolet inOakland to establish the by-laws. Bythen Josh Hogue, San FranciscoExaminer’s sports car eventcolumnist suggested that this groupcombine with the one meeting at LesVogel’s Chevrolet.On May 9, 1957 NCCA wasincorporated & 40 members electedRoy Storey, a TV & radio sportscaster& Corvette participant in SCCA‘sregional races, President.Sandy Greenblat was elected VicePresident, Patty Gellenbeck Secretary& John Zeh Treasurer. The chartermembership for NCCA was closed atthe end of May 1957 listing 47 members.President Roy Storey suggested aseries of autocross’ named afterGrand Prix races. NCCA presentedNorthern California’s 3 rd autocross.150 cars drove the course at theMilpitas Ford Plant. This series set thestandard for autocrossing inNorthern California. Though RoyStorey was soon transferred toHollywood by CBS, he helped NCCAto properly start as a competing club.NCCA is still participating in autocrossing,drag races, track racing &car shows. The club is the oldestmember of the Western StatesCorvette Council (WSCC), joining in1966. We have evolved into more ofa social club over the years with thefocus on day & weekend trips. Inrecent years interest has increased inracing, with members taking trophiesin drag racing, autocross &entering more & more track days atThunderhill, Laguna Seca, Infineon& Buttonwillow race tracks.NCCA celebrated it’s 50 thanniversary in 2007 by inviting pastpresidents to a dinner dance wherewe shared memorabilia. Ourcalendar is filled each January withevents for the coming year thatinclude trips to an assortment oflocations, car shows, our annual fallbanquet & Christmas party.Vette Magic, an all Corvette DragRace & Car Show, is sponsored byNCCA each summer. Each year thisevent draws a large numberCorvette racers and spectators fromNorthern California & thesurrounding States.NCCA is a valuable member of ourcommunity, as we contribute toseveral charitable organizationseach year through our charitablefoundation.Social Activities News - Al & Jo Ann ZwickyMay and June are our busiestmonths of the year with Legendsand Vette Magic. Those eventshighlight the months and generatelots of interest for the club. Inaddition we have several otherevents and functions to keep usbusy and exercise our Corvettes.NCCA Events include the NorthCoast Overnight Run on May 18-19 th . Next is the annual Peanut Runthrough the East Bay hills ending atthe “Peanut Room” at Quinn’s Lighthousein Oakland on Memorial Day,May 27 th . This is always a lot of funand we do our own fitting tributeto our club Veterans, as well as allVeterans and Military personnelaround the world.We travel to Sacramento on June8 th for preparations for Vette Magic38 over the next 2 days. Lots ofwork, but a great time, and achance to meet Corvette peoplefrom all over the state.The next NCCA event is the annualPark and Munch at the Dublin IHOPon June 18 th . Yes, that is a Tuesday,but the time is 6-9 PM. This is veryinformal and chance to meet, eat,and of course socialize.On Sunday, June 23 rd , all memberswho worked at either NCCALegends or Vette Magic, are invitedto attend the VM38 DownloadMeeting/Party. The purpose isdiscussion and feedback from VetteMagic. Good points and opportunitiesfor improvements aredocumented as planning tools fornext year’s event. The place is TimSullivan’s HOA Clubhouse inDanville. Time is noon to 3:00 pmand of course lunch is served.As if this isn’t enough, there are alsoseveral non-NCCA events of interestto members on open weekends.These include Glass Pack CorvettesSpring Run to the Pacific PinballMuseum and Lunch in Alameda onSunday, May 18 th , and their run toCopperoplis on Sunday, June 30 th .Diablo Valley Corvettes has theirVette-O-Rama Car Show on June15 th in Concord. Further informationon all these events can befound right here in the K as well asthe Event Calendar on our website, mark your calendar and warmup your Corvette. Here we go.VOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 5

General Business Meeting Minutes - Shirley SmithMay 7, 20137:00 pm @Castro ValleyWomen’s ClubMeeting called toorder: 7:02 pmRoll Call of Members - 35 in attendanceGeorge Robinson - PresidentWelcome all members and E-Board.Do we have approval of the minutes from lastmonth’s meeting? Minutes approved.I have a signup sheet to pass around for positionsthat need to be filled by volunteers for VetteMagic.Next month our general business meeting will beat a new location the San Lorenzo HomeownersAssociation. Directions will be posted on our websiteand in the K.A big thank you to Steve Bissett and Bob Reynoldsfor going to Gilroy and purchasing the Trailer.We will need to print up new invitation cards withthe new information of our new meeting place.Greg Brott volunteered to draft this card. We canhave it printed by the printer that does the K alongwith the new tri-fold flyer.Officers ReportsMembership – Greg & Carol BrottWe have Terry & Linda Thompson from San Joseas guests this evening. They are filling out thepaperwork to become members.Our Facebook page has had 102 likes this week.Treasurer – Carole RobinsonWe purchased a trailer for the club.We have been making deposits to the SacramentoRaceway for the use of the drags track.All proceeds from Legends were deposited yesterday.Registrations were good and also the rafflesdid good at Legends. All funds from Legends goto our Charitable Foundation with the exceptionof t-shirt sales.Social – Jo Ann & Al ZwickyWe have a stack of Events for May and June. Wehave set up a table with all of the signup sheets upfront.Cars and Coffee is the 1 st Sunday of the month atthe Blackhawk Auto Museum. This car show is forall types of cars. Starts at 8 am. If you enter yourCorvette you will get free coffee and 2 free admissionstickets to the museum.May 9 th -11 th American Lemans in Monterey-LagunaSeca. Buzz Marston has told us that the Corvette Corralsold out last week. The track gave them a few moreplaces call 800-327-7322 if you would like to attend.Friday May 10 th Corvette racing banquet, need to signup on line.Saturday May 11 th Arroyo High Car Show, San Lorenzo.Signup sheet up front also we sent out on an Emailblast and you can go to the website for further information.May 18 th Mendocino Run — Harvey & Pat Grasso hostingcurrently 14 cars signed up, flyer and run plan willbe sent out to the members who have signed up withall information needed.Glass Packs Corvette’s Jim Neyland has a Pacific PinballMuseum in Alameda Run on May 19 th , $15.00 entryfee you can play pin ball machines as you much as youwant and then we will meet at the Mexican restaurantfor lunch, a flyer is upfront this evening.Peanut Run for Monday May 27 th Memorial weekendto Quinn’s Lighthouse is going to be lead by JohnMcWilliams and Wendy Matthews.Vette Magic June 8 th & 9 th signup sheets are upfront.Vette Magic Download party will be at Tim Sullivan’sclubhouse on Sunday June 23 rd -Tentative date to beconfirmed. This event is for any club member thatworks at Legends or Vette Magic.Vette O Rama on June 9 th hosted by Diablo ValleyCorvettes.June 18 th IHOP park n munch.June 29 th Viper Club Run tentative date to be confirmed.June 30 th Glass Packs Hosting Copperopolis Run.July 18 th Danville Downtown Hot Summer Nights carshow. All corvettes can park on Main Street if youenter your car in the show.Pacific Grove auto rally Friday August 16 th we havereceived the entry form and we will post on our website.August 17 th Friends and Family Corvettes is hosting anevent more information to follow.Saturday July 13 th Redwood Chapel Car show all NCCAmembers will have no registration fee and get a freelunch for entering the car show (thanks to RobWigand) form will be put up on our website fill outform remember to put NCCA corvette member on theform and mail in advance.Public Relations – Ken RabelloNothing to Report.Page 6KALEIDOSCOPE

General Business Meeting Minutes - ContinuedPublications – Stayc FeilAny articles you have that you would like to go intothis month’s “K” please get to me by Friday, May10 th .Charitable Foundation – Lloyd PeoplesReported by Rob Andersen regarding the Golftournament we all enjoyed the event and the foodwas great.WSCC – Steve BissetWSCC will not be holding a convention this year asthey couldn’t get a club to host. They are planninga Fun Run BBQ Steam Train Ride Black Oak Casino,flyers will be posted for this event.Comp Code Changes for 2014 were sent out to allmembers by email. We need to go over and voteon them this evening. Club voted and results willbe sent to WSCC.Historian – Dave MeccarielloIf you have any photos of the past club eventsplease send them to me.VP Motorsports – Chuck Gerughty & Tim SullivanReported by Carole Robinson – Gate staff takencare of, registration table for Saturday eveningTech and on Sunday a few positions are open.Lori Brandt is putting together the pre-registrationpackets. Wendy Matthews and Steven Lamb willalso work track registration.Bonnie and Lavina will handle the sale of t-shirts,Steve Bissett is working on the track to do thetower.We will ask the track about an announcer (whichthe club will have to pay for) Ken Rabello will makeup sponsor cards for the announcer.Steve Bissett will take the trailer to Vetter Magic. NoNCCA track prep will be necessary per Chuck viaphone to George Robinson. Track is doing a muchbetter job and there are no big events just prior toVM so we will save $1,200 on track prep. We willhigher professional announcer at $100 for theevent this year.provided a band and a stack of 25 free meals. Myselfand others that I spoke with liked having the carshow on Saturday. Thanks again for a good firstexperience for myself as Event coordinator.Vette Magic signup sheet for judges, runners, scorersand other positions if you want to help out pleasesign up.Dublin Chevrolet had a great time and we want tothank them for bringing the big engine display. LikewiseTim Boone representing Boardwalk Chevroletalso made the event with a Boardwalk Corvette ondisplay along with his signature green hair for thatday.Vette Magic drags – question asked about helmets? –We will be enforcing the 2005 or newer helmet rule.Webmaster – Jim WellsReported by George Robinson The final draft of theNew Club trifold leaflet has been approved and willbe sent out to the printer. The car dealers will get adigital version that they can print with their ownname on them to place in the Corvettes that they areselling. This will save the club from having to printseparate leaflets for each dealer.Old BusinessAs reported earlier we have purchased the trailer,significantly better than what we originally were lookingat. Steve Bisset suggests we consider what wewould like to do to the trailer, i.e., shelves, tie downs,etc. after Vette Magic is done and we have taken theremaining items out of Hayward Pipe.New BusinessNoneT-Shirt Chairperson – Doug KnudsonT-Shirts are here tonight and will be sold at VetteMagic.Next MeetingsE-board - Next meeting May 28, 2013GBM - June 4, 2013 at 7:00 pmMeeting adjourned at 8:26 pmVP Events – Rob AndersenThanks to everyone who helped at Legends. Everythingwent well. Property management at theLivery was thrilled and very happy with the event.They made a car show banner for us and weattached our banner to it. The owner of Luna LocaVOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 7

News from the WSCC - Steve BissetIf you haven't heard, there will be no WSCC Convention in 2013. There were variouscircumstances that led to not having convention - the most notable was that no club steppedforward with a proposal to host Convention. In lieu of Convention, WSCC is working on agathering in the gold country on Saturday July 13 th , which will include a BBQ and a steamtrain ride, and a stay at the Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne. Details are still developing. Pleasehold that day open if possible, as we will have a blast. A flyer will be in the mail before longand you can keep an eye on the WSCC website.The Comp Code Ballot from each club is due the end of this month. We (NCCA) voted on the items at this monthsGBM and I have filled out the ballot and sent it in to WSCC.Don Herzer is the 2014 Northern California Caravan Captain to the Corvette MuseumCannonball to Corvette Syndicate’s Rainbow Run - Greg BrottCarol & Greg Brott organized aCannonball run for NCCA Clubmembers and their Corvettes onSaturday, April 13th to participate inCorvette Syndicate’s 6 th annualRainbow Run.Two meeting points were chosen …McDonald’s in San Ramon and theChevron Station at the MarineWorld exit in Vallejo where the clubmembers then caravanned toPetaluma and met up with CorvetteClubs from all over NorthernCalifornia with some as far away asNevada and Oregon.There were 147 Corvettes of allcolors and all years which participatedon a beautiful NorCal day.The run was 95 miles/~two hoursof back roads and twisties whichculminated at Portuguese Beachjust north of Bodega Bay.Once the run was over ourmembers club caravanned to KC’sDowntown Grille in Windsor for awonderful late lunch.Bottom line, what is better than abeautiful day spend with Corvettepeople enjoying America’s SportCar on back roads and twisties!Page 8KALEIDOSCOPE

VOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 9

Grgich Hills Winemaker Dinner - PicturesPage 10KALEIDOSCOPE

Golf Tournament - PicturesVOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 11

Legends on Display - Rob AndersenIt was a beautiful day for Legendson Display #33 at The Livery inDanville May 4 th , 2013. The pollenhad dropped the week earlier andthe winds were calm, so theallergies were under control. Wehad 64 cars entered for the showand many beautiful custom carsarrived. Luna Loca Restaurantprovided the band and gave us adozen free 2-for-1 meal tickets for usto raffle off. The Livery propertymanagement provided a car showbanner and balloons at theentrance of the parking lot, andmade sure the restrooms wereopen early for us. I want to thankeveryone who was a judge, scorer,runner and a tabulator you madethis show a success. I want to thankShirley Smith for taking on the jobof registration and judging coordinator,without your dedication todetail the show would have been aflop. Our sponsors BoardwalkChevy and Dublin Chevy helpedout with judging, and the 572engine was a crowd pleaser. Thankyou to everyone else who helpedwith the raffle, t-shirt sales and toour President George Robinsonwho ran around and made sureeverything ran smooth. Big thankyou to Steve Bisset for picking upour new trailer, it made it so easy tobreakdown and clean-up. I hadmany people who judged for thefirst time tell me that they enjoyedand learned a lot, and offered to doit again. I spoke to many peopleand they really enjoyed the showand complimented on how smoothit ran. We finished up with theawards ceremony and was done by3:30, nice and early. Overall thisbeing my first event I was verypleased how smooth everythingran and the help from our clubmembers made this show a success.The property management also wasvery happy and we are invited backnext year. Now we need your helpfor Vette Magic #38. I will becontacting you again and I knowyou will come thru to make thatshow a success too! See you nextmonth in Sacramento….Page 12KALEIDOSCOPE

Legends on Display - PicturesVOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 13

The “Peanut Run” 2013Join us for a leisurely,scenic drive through theEast Bay Hills...thenlunch in the “PeanutRoom” at Quinn’sLighthouse Restaurantand Pub in Oakland!Afterwards we’ll proceedto Doug & Michelle’shouse for an afternoonof lounging and swimming!Date: May 27- MemorialDayWhere: Meet atStarbucks in CastroValley VillageWhen: 10:30 amAfter LunchCaravan to San Ramon to:2474 Ascension DriveRSVP toJohn McWilliamsWendy Mathewsat 510-314-0574 orjlmcwilliams2000@yahoo.comSan Ramon, 94583What to BringTowelSwimsuitSunscreenPage 14 CONTINUED ON PAGE 16

2014 Corvette Stingray to Pace 97 th Indianapolis 500The all-new, 7 th generation 2014 Corvette Stingray willserve as the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, leading thefield to green at the start of the 97th running of “TheGreatest Spectacle in Racing,” on Sunday, May 26 th , atIndianapolis Motor Speedway.It marks a record 12 th time the Corvette has served asthe Pace Car, starting in 1978.“It is an honor to help inaugurate the all-new CorvetteStingray at the hallowed Brickyard and further thelegacy between Chevrolet and the Indianapolis 500,”said Jim Campbell, GM vice president of PerformanceVehicles and Motorsports. “The 2014 CorvetteStingray’s performance was influenced by racing,making this prestigious assignment even more fitting.”Along with Chevrolet’s return in 2012 as an enginesupplier, the Corvette Stingray Pace Car extends alegacy at the Brickyard that dates to the racetrack’searly days.“Chevrolet is a great partner of the Speedway,” saidJeff Belskus, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporationpresident and chief executive officer. “That connectionis heightened this year with the next-generationCorvette in front of a very talented field of racers.”Decked out in Laguna Blue Tintcoat with officialIndianapolis 500 graphics on the doors, the CorvetteStingray Pace Car differs from production models withonly track-mandated safety features and strobe lights.No powertrain upgrades are required to run in front ofthe IndyCar pack, thanks to its all-new 6.2L LT1 engine,which features advanced technologies including directfuel injection, continuously variable valve timing andActive Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation). Theyhelp produce an estimated 450 horsepower moreefficiently.The 2014 Corvette Stingray coupe goes on sale thisfall, with a convertible model – featuring a fullyelectronic top that can be operated remotely with thekey fob – coming a few months later. Vehicle highlightsinclude:An interior that offers genuine carbon fiber andaluminum trim, hand-wrapped leather materials,dual eight-inch configurable driver/infotainmentscreens, and two new seat choices – eachfeaturing a lightweight magnesium frame forexceptional supportAdvanced driver technologies, including a fivepositionDrive Mode Selector that tailors 12 vehicleattributes to fit the driver’s environment and a newseven-speed manual transmission with Active RevMatching that anticipates gear selections andmatches engine speed for perfect shifts every timeLightweight materials, including a carbon fiber hoodand removable carbon fiber roof panel on coupes;composite fenders, doors and rear quarter panels;carbon-nano composite underbody panels and a newaluminum frame help shift weight rearward for anoptimal 50/50 weight balance that supports a worldclasspower-to-weight ratioA sculpted exterior featuring advanced high-intensitydischarge and light-emitting diode lighting and racingprovenaerodynamics that balance low drag forefficiency and performance elements for improvedstability and track capabilityTrack-oriented Z51 Performance Package, including anelectronic limited-slip differential; dry-sump oilingsystem; integral brake, differential and transmissioncooling; as well as a unique aero package that furtherimproves high-speed stability.TheCorvettePace Carfeaturesthe trackcapableZ51package.Chevroletand the Indianapolis 500Chevrolet has a long shared history with the IndianapolisMotor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500 and the IZODIndyCar Series. Chevrolet was founded in 1911, the year ofthe inaugural 500-mile race, and the Chevrolet brothers –company co-founder Louis, Arthur and Gaston – allcompeted in early Indy 500 races. Arthur Chevroletcompeted in the 1911 race and Gaston Chevrolet won it in1920.Chevrolet competed in Indy-style competition as an enginemanufacturer in 1986-93 and 2002-05 with V-8 engines,and returned in 2012 with the Chevrolet IndyCar twinturboV-6 engine with direct injection. In that time, Chevroletwon 118 IndyCar races, powered seven driver serieschampions and scored seven Indianapolis 500 victories.2013 marks the 24 th time a Chevrolet has served as theofficial Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500, more than anyother brand, dating to 1948 with a Chevrolet Fleetmaster.Camaro has served in the role seven times and, with thisyear’s running, Corvette has led the way a record 12 times.VOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 19


May & June BirthdaysMayLeta Reynolds 1Diane Ashbaker 2Carl Carlson 5John Eelsing 6R.J. Misata 6Lloyd Peoples 8Gary Brannon 12Tim Boone 13Neal Golding 18Jennie See 20Al Zwicky 21Sandie Davis 28JuneAlt Lupeika 2Milt Piver 4Jim Neylan 8Sharon Evans 9Cindy Grounds 9Bill Akers 11Ron Gray 12Steve Grodin 12Bence Gerber 13Cynthia Kesinger 13Bruce Bourne 15Kent Tonkin 15Michelle Maupin 20Steve Bisset 24Mike Emerson 24Cliff Maupin 25Melvin Lim 26We’re Moving…..Starting in June, 2013 the GeneralBusiness Meetings will be held at7:00 pm at the San Lorenzo HomesAssociation (377 Paseo Grande, SanLorenzo)Charitable Foundation - Lloyd PeoplesI want to thank everyone thatworked and participated in the golftournament special thanks go outto the Sleeman’s for their donationsthat day. Everyone said they had agreat time and are looking forwardto next year’s Day of Golf, Awards,and Fun. A special thank you to theSleeman’s for their generous cashdonation.I want to take this time to alsothank all who have donated theirtime and items for the Legend’sraffle.Thank You for your supportVOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 21

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival & Sonoma Raceway WineCruise - May 17 thWe will meet at SonomaRaceway @ 8:30 am forRegistration, Coffee & Pastries.You will enter at Gate 1,continue on to guard shackwhere you will sign a waiver.You will then proceed up thehill to where we are staging atthe top of “C” Paddock.(Driveway on the Flat Area (TVCompound) on your right.We will leave the raceway at9:30 am and cruise to KellerEstate Winery in via acruise through West Marin,over to Petaluma, then downLakeville Hwy to the Winery(maps will be provided at Registration)We will arrive at the Wineryand enjoy a Tour of theGrounds, Winery and as anadded bonus a few Pristine Carsfrom the Keller Car Collection,enjoy a delicious BBQ Lunch(Tri Tip or Chicken) with all thefixings along with Wine TastingWe will plan on leaving theWinery at 2:00 pm and headback to the track – just a shortdrive on Lakeville Highway, toHighway 121 and back into thetrack.We will arrive at the raceway,park where we started at thetop of “C” Paddock, view someVintage Car Racing,and at 4:15 pm we will meet atthe Turn 7 run-off area (maps tobe provided at Registration)and at 5:00 pm drive a few lapsaround the famed 2.52 mileSonoma Raceway (Note: makesure you are smiling J whenyou are heading up to Turn 2 –as you and your ride will bephotographed!!$50.00 per personContact: Jeff*All times approximate*Page 22KALEIDOSCOPE

Sonoma Historic Motorsports FestivalSaturday, May 18 th & Sunday, May 19 thSonoma RacewayAll Corvette Clubs & Corvette Owners Invited:Corvette Corral co-hosted by North Bay Corvette Association (NBCA) passes and Admission are sold separately, see page below, contact: NBCA President John Iacoviello VOLUME 56, ISSUE 5 Page 23


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Auto X Autocross - Rob AndersenIt was a rainy Saturday at the Auto X Autocross for beginnersat the Solano Community College, put on byVaca Valley Vettes and North Bay Corvettes April 6 th .I had set up a run with any club member that wanted tocome, but the weather kept everyone away. Al did meetme at the Greenhouse meeting spot, but I told him I willgo to track and watch the racing. There were about 30cars that showed up with new drivers and passengersto take them around the track and get a feel for autocross.I spoke to some drivers and they told me many ofthe new people were hooked and will come back thenext day for the opening day of the season.Sunday April 7 th April Shower’s Auto X, the first day ofthe autocross season under a cloudy but dry sky. Myson Loren Andersen met me and we both drove as ourfather son team Andersen Corvette Racing. There wasthe largest turn out with over 100 cars and the clubswere very happy. The rules are you race and then youwork, help on the track. The day went great with fasttimes and my son produced a video on his GoPro andwe posted on NCCA Facebook page to enjoy. I willpromote the autocross racing each month to ourmembers, and it’s posted on the NCCA calendar. Pleasecome join me for a great time and feel how youCorvette was designed to run. See you at the track.Page 26KALEIDOSCOPE

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General MembershipMeeting ScheduleFIRST Tuesday of Every MonthCastro Valley Women’s ClubBoard of DirectorsMeeting ScheduleLAST Tuesday of Every MonthRicky’s Sports Theater & Grill14 Tuesday18-19Saturday-Sunday19 Saturday27 MondayMay, 2013Hooked on Driving - Sonoma Speedway925.552.8112 or www.hookedondriving.comNorth Coast Overnight Run - Sonoma, Mendocino & Marin countiesHarvey & Pat Grasso, harvey1228@yahoo.comPacific Pinball Museum / Alameda - Glass Pack CorvettesJim Neylan 925.676.1422 or (See Page 9 for flyer)Peanut Run - Quinn’s Lighthouse / OaklandJohn McWilliams 510.314.0574 or (See Page 14 for flyer)28 Tuesday E-Board Meeting @ Ricky’s 7:00 pm30 Thursday2 Sunday4 Tuesday7 Friday8-98-9Saturday/SundaySaturday/Sunday15 Saturday15-16Saturday/Sunday18 Tuesday20 Thursday22 Saturday23 SaturdayHooked on Driving - Laguna Seca (90 db)925.552.8112 or www.hookedondriving.comJune, 2013Cars & Coffee 8:00 amBlackhawk Automobile MuseumGeneral Business Meeting @ San Lorenzo Homes Association 7:00 pm(See Page 21 for map & address)Northern California Racing Club - Thunderhillwww.ncracing.orgVette Magic 38 Show & Drags / SacramentoRob Andersen vpevents@nccacorvettes.orgHooked on Driving - Thunderhill925.552.8112 www.hookedondriving.comVette-O-Rama Car Show - DVC/ConcordDave Spellman 925.678.4588Northern California Racing Club - Buttonwillowwww.ncracing.orgiHop Park N Munch / Dublin6:00 - 9:00 pm (See Page 27 for flyer)Hooked on Driving - Laguna Seca925.552.8112 www.hookedondriving.comRun to Copperoplis - Glass Pack CorvettesJim Neylan 925.676.1422 or corvettejames@att.netLegends & Vette Magic Download MeetingTim Sullivan’s HOA Clubhouse / Danville 12:00-3:00 pm29 Saturday Run with the Vipers - Details to be Announced29-30Saturday/SundayNorthern California Racing Club - Buttonwillowwww.ncracing.orgPage 30KALEIDOSCOPE


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