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Figure 3 — IC 443Wayne Malkin of the EdmontonCentre captured this photo of IC443 in Gemini, the remnant of a5000-light-year-distant supernovathat occurred 30,000 years ago.The expanding shell of heatedgas resulting from the incredibleexplosion is interacting with alarge nearby molecular cloud(Sh2-249), generating red light ashydrogen in the cloud is ionized bythe shock front of the supernova.A neutron star has also beenidentified at the centre of IC 443,all that remains of the sourcestar.This image was composedfrom 3h 40m of Ha data and RGBexposures of 20 minutes each.The Ha data was processedseparately, mixed in to the redchannel, and then graduallymixed in as luminance as well.Equipment: Pentax 400-mm, andan SBIG STL-11k.Figure 4 — M100 (NGC4321)Taken 2005 April 9 by BobAnderson, MississaugaCentre at Nirvana,Ontario’s Irvine Airstrip,with a 175-mm APO ona Paramount ME, usinga Starlight Xpress SXV-9for five hours exposure.North on this imageis up and to the left. Ithink my polar alignmentwas not on, causingV-like stars, which lookslike a bit of the lenson the refractor wasbeing pinched, thoughI did a 60-sec unguidedimage and the stars areround. The ground wassoft, (spring thaw), andthe almost 250-lbs oftelescope weight didsettle a bit during thenight as the level was offwhen I checked it beforetaking the rig apart in themorning.April / Avril 2008JRASCBuilding for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009)67

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