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Jun - The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Halifax Centre

The Newsletter of the Holifox Centeof the Royol Astionomical Society of canada6t .,"*ca.Jl'il r-,\wPO 80x 31011. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3K 5T9 www.halifax rasc.ca\ June 24. 20U: Af,et a nnnth of clotdy weatltet and tips awav I fnary got s1ne inaging tune. I dectded t0shool a couple af gzk^ies fot nasonably kng egosurcs usiv ke SIg's buift in autoMet Abot'e vou will fndM63 in canes Venattci. ll was a 15 ninut expasnrc (auto gutded). Ptressing inctuded Matinun EntopvDeconvalutian kllawed by l0g scaling. At hft is MIU in Dnc\. lt was a log scahd n niME exp1sure(auto-guftled). Dave Lane

As heard on hfxrasc@rasc.ca...lf totile a nenbet with enail, wlly not becane pal of lhe Cente s en4il lifl Lhe list St. Ctlix usualy past a n1tice ta say I key'll be out kat niSht Lag an ta 0u websileB a geat rc sauce lat peaph loaking f1t othet ne nbe$ la 1bse rE wlh lff Entndec (wttwhalifat.rasc.ca) t0 get siged up and ,Du toa couh p4tticipale n ltvelv intellectualaf upc1ningshatinginllrnattan lcnhets wha |bse eat discussions, at at least lezd then !^tananicaletents,0rlorEspeciaLly ll you llve in Nova scoua. focal ieigth) tJnitron refractor (28 mmeyepiece). The water vapour oi the cloLrdWe did not see ih€ transit at Evange ine Pat pdentrem@ddasolLrtions.conrdid the filierlng except lor a few brlghiBeach : (seconds during the 06:31 view Dur ngThere were blue sky spots arolnd 6 a.rn ,the latter vl€w I was enjoy ng a few won_Hia l,but alter ihat the ovelcast was solld Thederfu seconds of thai round da.k disksun shone for a few mlnutes easi oT here, We had abolt 20 or so people on Cliadel against ihe cloud liliered Sun when Lon the Ch€verie shore (we co!ld see tfre |1lll, wlth a dozen i€ €scopes and cameras could seethe coud abruptly thinning ands!n ight, but not ihe Sun).s€i !p. We had at least one p€rson, l\4a , the Sun abouto make a sudden bulst inlrom the Calgary Centre, iwo folks from brlliance so I qlickly sllpped rny i lter overThe sun flnaly came inioview ai 8:55lndlana, and a Toronton an or h,vo. Everyoie the objeciive. I goi a I ol abolt 4 or 5ADI brl€ily.kept their serse of humour as tlre sky seconds ol thls liltered vlew when it fizz edI years less two days to ihe nextrans(l ieased !s wiih occasional brighter paichesor grey.At ihis moment, looking up lrom the eye_Roy - rg@ns.sympatico.caTirnbiis couiesy of Hillary N4ay trom piece, I couLd see the solar disk throughParks Canadat 5:15 A.N4. were more the thrn cloud once again. For rnoments IWe I, it's officialLy over and we saw nd a than wecoftred. CTV showed uP wlth a could disilncty see ihe dark doi oi Venusthing on Cltade Hil. Bui we had iLrn. Mlcrowave truck and camera, and I did a naked €ye on the solar disk (a dark dotThere wer€ hvo peopl€ from lndiana, wlro piece for Canada A.lV. and anoiher T0r more distinci than most nak€d'eyewere visiiing to ks ln lvlalne and decideo CTV Newsnet. That plece shoLld rui a l sunspots that I have seen). I actually gotto take the Cat over to see the Translt. day (Groannnl). So, !ke mosi others In io s€e VenLrs naked eye in iransitllThere was a so a guy from the Calgary Aiantic Canada, we observed ihe under_ S€coids later the cLoud obscured tlre viewRASC who came over to Halifax just to beLy ol tlre cloLd deck. Thanks to every_ and I haven'i seen the Sun directly since.Laier, when I conc uded ihat the sky wasactually worsening (mlsty rain even beganli did giv€ us a good chance io check out See you li 20121to fall), I iumed to th€ lnternet llve coveFpeople's equlpment as we normally only'Caigage (some sites in Norway). I kepi a clos€see glimpses of it ln ihe dark, and we hadeye on the sky bli it dld noi lmprove bythe CTV crew with us to r.rake thingstlre ilme oi last contact.exciting. Craig was all wired up and seem€dFrcrn Horton Blltf L got THREE MOMEN Disappointed lndeed thai the sky did naito be dolng flne.TARY VIEWS of the tlansll of Venusll cl€ar {or uninterrupted viewing, butIn fact, ihe only tfanslt shots we saw were Three very nice views, asting ess than a delighi€d (ELATEDI) that I was glven afrom the monitor behind Craig, and irom mlnuteachl The cloud thlnned sufficienily few brief mornents to connect directlyprlntolts that peop€ brcuglrt in from the to grace rny retina witlr Venushowing with Venus on the SunllInternet. A I ln a l, some 20 or so people very nlceLy sllhouetted against tlre Sunshowed up. A few curious joggers and during lntermlttent parts of these mlnLies; Sherman - sherm@gllnx.cor'1dog-walkers siopped by to see what was 06:11,06:21 and 06:31 (al ADT)going on, some of them already familiar From shortly before 6 a.m- the sky 00kedVERY promislng. By 6:50 the p@spects Sorry io hear aboui the cloLrds. As I witethis I sii under clear blue sky bul beioreYoLr know, one has to be phllosophlcayou f ame rne I shouLd te I yoLr ihat itabouthese things. You have to 8et a certainlevel of satisiaction from the quest view) were through mY 60 mm (700The views (except ior a brief naked eye c ear€d otf nicely at 9;05 a.m. :(mmf :Jli1,ifi,'"'"'"^" :ffiT:.l.l',1'J,riillil?i:#ifi:l' if#ffin'Jl#oo?;I0,| |:'l:tr** u"' i*.".r,*,','unn--"*, l:y,.11':-'l:.ry-1ir:::':i.

Nova East.2OO4 Program of EventsFriday, August 20thAftemoon to Early EvenrngRegistatton at thei n fom otia n / reg istn ti o n ten t8:00 p.m.welcome, Annou ncenens &lntroduction of NE ConmitteeB:15 p.m.'Juan Dotk & Stomy NighL..and AthelBedtine Weathet Stoties" Guest Speoket:Petet Bowyet*At the event tent10:15 p.m. to ???Nova Eost obserr'ingobseruing Fieldll r00 p.m.obseNing wotkshap: Dauble sto6 folsnall Telescopes. Host: 6ory webelNear the SwingsSaturday, August 21stIvlany events dufing Saturday's programarc public outreach events. The public isinvited to participate and learn aboutthefun and interesting aspects of astrcnomy.9:00 a.m.Astrcnone6' BredkfastCoffee ond baked goods will beavoilable ta rcgistercd attendeesEvent Tent10:00 a.m.Gtoup Photogtoph obseNing Field10i30 a.m.Viewing our Hone Stor (Public lnvited)An oppottuniry b look thtough prcpe yequipped telescopes to safely see ou ownsun neat dn active paft of the solar qcleobserving Fieldl:30 p.m.Naturc Hike in snileys Patk.Hast: Shetnon WilliansGather at Event Tent2:00 p.m.Wotkshop: Thernol'4anagement ofNewtonion Telescopes Host: 6ary weberEventTent3:00 p.m.Wo tks ho p : Astto ph atog ro p hylechniquesHast: Blair M1cDonald & Darrcn TolbotEvent Tent4:00 p.m.Collinatjon Clinic- bring yout telescopeHost Oaig Levine, Darcn Ialbot& Gary WebelEvent Tent8:30 p.rn.Soturday Night's talk: ARAUS(Public lnvited) Hast: lrlike Pnebstle*Eventlant10i00 p.m.lne Dtow rot Door nzesHost Doryl DewolfeEvent Tentl0:15 p.m.Whots Up in the NightSk!(Public lnvited) Host Croig LevineEvent Tentl0:30 p.m. to ???The Night Sky fhrcugh o TelescopeA vaiery af klescopes ond 4\petiencedonoteur astnnomes will be on hand toptesents views of foscinatjng objects inthe night sky. lnfotnotion Hosts will beavdilable ot the Begistration Arco.observing Fieldl1:00 p.m.Obsetuing workshop: Binoculat skl Tour(Public lnvited bting your binoculaR)Sunday, August 22nd9:30 a.m.Bdnnock and CoffeeHost Coty Webet,Daryl Dewolfe ond otheBCampsite1l:30 a.m.wotkshap: on Looking ThroughA Telescope Host: Roy BishopEventTentl2:30 p.m.Wa *sh op : Potience, Pesisten ceand Broin ChenisttyHost: Pat Ke yuatner at tvenl lent2:00 p.m.Tout of 5t. Ctoix ObsetuatotyHast: Ctaiq Levine6ather at Event TentSpea kersPeter Bowyer is Program Manager andSenior Meteorcloqist with EnvironmentCanada's Canadian Huticane Cenhe inDartmouth, Nova Scotia. With over 20years ofexperience and authof of twobooks on marlne weather, Peter will begiving us a very infomative talk on theone elementthat rnake5 us decide to qoobseving or nol the weatherl. What makes the weather?. Variability ofthe weather in our rcgion.. Detning forecatt accurary;it dependson the client. Remembe ng luan: the warnings, theweather, and the "when& wherc'ofthenextJ!an.Mike Proebstle is the Proqram Director ofthe Wabash Cou nty Astrcnom ica I Society!ARCUS (Astonomical Research Croup UnderStars) Pojec| ARCUS was a sinple ideuthat caughtfire and l\Iike willexplain howsuch a comprehensive project came to beand what the application and future of thefa€iiity wili be.Other Pre5ente6 Other people involveddeliveing the pogam segments for NovaErst are, with the obvious exceptions, aloose gaqgle of ragamuffin amateufastonomer who spend too much moneyon their equipment and too littl€ timeobserving the night sky.

Nova East EtiquetteBringing the stars to the public is a legacy of every NovaEast Star Pady. To that end, Nova East 2004 is offering a wideselection of"sidewaik astrcnomy" evenb which arc open to thegeneral publiq Nova East attendees. and Smiley,s Park users.They include a solar observing session, a What's Up? talk followedby a Night Slq/ Obsetuing Session with lelescopes. andother impromptu events to be announced on site. In addition,Nova East registrants have access to an eveninq Astro-lblk by aTo make Nova Fast an enjoyable and safe experience foreveryone, we would appreciateyour co operatjon in followingthese Star Party rules of etiquettelI. RED LIGHTS AT NIGHTWhite lights ruin our night vision and our ability to see thenight sky. Please cover flashlights and,/or car lights with a redfilter. Please don't operate a naphtha or plopane lantern onthe site after dark.2. CARS AT NIGHTFor Nova East campers, please don't move on site vehicles atnrght. Better yet, move your vehicle to the nearby non,campingparking areahead oftime for an easy departure. Parkjngfor non-camping Nova East attendees is available inside thePark near the observing site. Check at the Nova Eastlnformation Tent for directions.special guest speaker, Solar Prominence Viewing using a H-Alpha filter, Astronome15' Breakfast. Astfonomy Workshop(s),lours of the 5t. Croix 0bcervarory, irvo eventng groupobseruing Sessions, and a chance to win some neat door prizedlaws. Nova East Registrants have on site parking (ifCamping)0radjacentsite parking {if non,Camper). otheMjse, parking isat the Park Entrarce.Smilqyrs Park and Local SeruicesSmiley's Park Facilitiesln the Park over 100 campsites are available to the generalpublic. Hot showers and flush toilets are at the main comfortstation. Water, fire grjlls, picnic tables, a trailer dump station,and facilities forthe disabled are also available. Firewood canalso be purchased.Local ServicesGas stations, Camping Supplies, Confectionary goods, andHardware supplies arc 5min. from Smiley s Park in the villageof Brooklyn. futensive services such as Malls, RestauEnts,Banking, and 24hr seNices are in the town of Windsor,l5min. from the Park The closest motel ibut not the onlyone) is the Downeast l\jlotel, 902-798-8374, also lsmin.drive from the Park.3. PETS and VALUABLESPark rules require pets to be kept on a leash. Please protectyour valuables as Nova East is not responsible for lost orstolen anjcles. However, Park staff, and selected Nova Eastpefsonnel. have been assigned to ensure site secuity.4. ALCOHOLIC BEVERACESNo alcoholic beverages arc allowed to be consumedsjte.5. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL PARK RULESA copy of park rules are available at thepark entrance.

Campsite Reservation I nformationThis is a camping week_end so we encourage eveTyone l0brifg thelr tent or trailer' Orce again, we have camp sitesavaiLble adjacent to the obseruirg site To guarantee one ofthese sites it would be best to pre register' All Nova EastLampers pay ror ald regisler lhei' (anD5l e wi1 r' - do notreq ire ;t rhe Pa l enl drre Spe'lfi( rarp)lle( will beasliqned upon checking ln at the Nova East Information Tentat tie Nova East site ln the Park one vehicle per site Noncampingvehlcles are not permltted in the Nova East campersarea. Nearby vehicle parkifg is availablePromotional ltemsA limited supplv of Nova East T-shirts will be available at thestar party. To a;oid disappointment, it would be best to preordervour Nova East 2OO4 T'shiIt with your prc-registratronYour Tlshlrt will be then be waiting for you rlpon arrival at theNova East Lnformation Tent There wlLl be no orders after theluly l, 2004 pre-registratior deadlineTo contact Nova East 2004Visit our Website:http'./ / halifaxtasc.ca / ne/E-mail us: novaeast@rasc.caPlease return this form to this address by July 23, 2004,cheque payable to RASC, Halifax CentreNova East 2004c/o Dave Parsons 485 Basinview Drive Bedford NS B4A lT3Registration FormName:Street or P0. Box #iCity:Province:Postal Code:FeesAttendance$l5.oo for Weekend(Single or Family attendrng)CamPing$l8.oolnrghtOne veh cie and oire tent,/ trarlerpermrtledtfieAllT-shirts are $ I5.00. Pleaseindicate the number of eachsize You will need.E-mailAddressl

+StC+*Observato++*z\+Part of your membership in the Haljfax RASC includes access toour observatory, located in the community of St. Croix, NS. Thesite has grown over the last few yea6 to include a rolJ-off roofobseruatory with eiectrical outlets, a warm-rourl ano wasnroomfacilities. Enjoy dark pristine skies far away from city tights, andthe company of like minded observers searching out those faintfuzzies in the nieltt.Members' NightEvery weekend closest to the new l\loon there is a l\4embers' Night at St. Croix. The purpose of members' night is to attractmembers from the centre to share an evening of observing with other memberc. lt's also a great night for beginnels to try outdiffeaent scopes and see the sky under dark conditions. For more informationtransportation afiangements, please contactthe Observing Chairman Craig Levine at 852 1245. Dates fot Menbe6, Niehb for the fottowlng few months arc:See you at Nova East in August!Directions from Halifax(frcn Bayerc RaacJ Shoppine Centre)L Td[e hwy 102 'tne Br Fi) ro trn a (Sac.v lle)2. Take Hwy 101 to Exit 4 (St. Crolx)-3. At ihe end of the off mmp, iurn left.4. Drive aboul 1.5 km urti you coss rhe Sr. CroixRiver Eridge. You'll se€ a powef dam on your letr-5. Drive about 0.2 km past the bridge and takethe fi6t leit (Salmon Hole Dam Road).6. Drive about I km unti ihe pavement ends.7. Dave alorhe l hrr on tae drrt road ro the site8. You wlll recognize the site by ihe 3 small whitebuildings on the ett.Become a St. Croix Key HolderFor z modest key fu€, m€mbe6 jn good standing for more man ayear who have b€€n b efed on observatory can gain acc€ss to theSi.Croix facility. For morc infomaUon on becoming a k€y hotdeiconiact the Observing Chairman Craig Levine at 852-1245.RULES FOR THE 17.5'' SCOPE(0R ANr R4SC SCoPf AT SC0)On Members' Nights the 17.5" scope must be shared by atlmembe6. The 17.5' scope can be used by anyone, but all viewshave to be shared with anyone interestedtaking a look.0n non Nrembe|s' Nights the scope can be used by individuatswishing to work on personal observing projects. lvlembersshould try to limjt their use to under 45 minutes when othermembers are waiting to use it. Preference will be given tomembers who send an email to the hfurasc list, or call theobserving chair on the nighthey want to go out- lf no oneelse wants to use the scope then feel free to use it all night,but at would be considerate every so often to ask membeGthere if anyone has been quietly waiting to use it.Piease contacthe Observing Chai.man Craig Levine formore informationto book the scope at 852,1245.

Th€ Earth cert€ted Univelse Pro (DCU) has been the canadian choicc ot-. or o e_doe.'l, Thr"Drr'u ooL fo_as'ronofr""--,.".r.."..-,enrhr:'a"r. know- for I . pa. o us' FasondblP pa._ n' r LFa'-?-vr' arolienrn-ns :- .pppo hrs be_r Lpg-ao, o vF b;ajn Sec o r wco rr' to':;;;,.;' ., of rFdru,e- dno ro rd:d.r!"n -Be of rh"' ^" oemo versionJust o few of the feoturesrlncludes rhe Sun, Moon, Plders, dd over 2OO,OOO asteroids md comets' E6 va.*ii"a."kAsfronomicsMrettrc A1{NouNcEMENTsthere are no meetings during the Summer months of July / August'Halifax RASC Executive 2004 Meeting Location0L Roy BLshopPai d tntfemonlPauLtvarsMchaelGaito465 4092798-3329497-11534918668x 4808473-414645354867983329Ne arc eunently seektnq a libznan)Cra g Levine 852 l2A5Sha,rnaMltchel 865'7026Garylvebef 4548264Meetings are held every thid Friday af ue month except for the nanths of Julv andAugus; Meetings take place in raon 176, Layota Building (#3 on na at Saint Mary's2. Sobey Butlding6. Science BuildtnE7. Buke Building8. Baakstate1A. Ihe Tawel

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