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JRASC October 2004 - The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Across the RASCdu nouveau dans les CentresSociety News/Nouvelles de la sociétéby Kim Hay, National Secretary (kimhay@kingston.net)National Council Meetings & RASCHappeningsSo much has happened since our lastJournal, and by the time you readthis our summer will be over — well,by calendar dates anyway. Oh, I am surethat some of you made it to star parties,where it wasn’t always raining, cloudy, ora mosquito’s haven, but it would be niceto hear from you about your summeractivities. Why not write a short articleto be included in the Journal? Send inyour adventures to editor@rasc.ca.Of course the big event of the summerfor the RASC was the General Assembly2004 held in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Ifyou ever get the chance to go and visitthe East Coast, you must make it toNewfoundland. Its terrain is unlike anyother, with pieces of three continents inone island, making it a geologist’s heaven.Garry Dymond, Chair of the GACommittee, and the following people —Florence McNeily, David Bourgeois, FredSmith, Gary Case, Randy Dodge, MikeCrawford, Robert Babbs, Brian Payton,Figure 1 — Captain Screech, Garry Dymond(Image Credit: Kim Hay).Doug Grouchy, Joe English, and ChrisStevenson — are the ones who workedso hard on the General Assembly to makeit a great event and showed everyone agreat “Screeching” time. Thank you allfor your hospitality and warm welcome.For those who could not attend theGA, visit www.rasc.ca/ga to view thepictures of how much fun we had, andwhat you are missing at a General Assembly.Thank you to those members who let theRASC use their links for photos, Jim Low,Patrice Scattolin, Kevin Kell, Kim Hay,and members of the St. John’s Centre(Robert Babbs) who put a whole CDtogether.Figure 2 — The traditional pyramid. Our newPresident on the right cheering on the group(Image Credit: Kim Hay).There was the traditional human pyramidby members, group photo, and socialevenings; everyone had a great time, andwe hope you will someday be able to cometo a GA. Of course we had our businessmeetings, both National Council Meetingsand the Annual Meeting, but we alsoenjoyed old friends’ and new friends’company.At our Annual Meeting held on July3, 2004, two motions were voted on. Proxieswere used by those members who couldnot attend, and votes were counted frommembers on the floor of the meeting.Motion 1: Motion 04129: That Councilapprove a $6 per member fee increasebringing the fee for a regular member to$50, and that this fee increase proposalbe brought to the National Membershipat the Annual Meeting in St. John’s in June2004.When the $6 increase approved byCouncil in Motion 04129 for ordinarymembers is applied proportionally to allmemberships, it also results in the increasesin fees for youth and life members givenin the motion that will be presented atthe 2004 Annual Meeting. The effect ofthis motion would be to increase theSociety’s fees to $50 per year for ordinarymembers, $31.25 per year for youthmembers, and $1000 for life members (allCanadian funds).This motion passed, and new priceswill be in effect as of September 1, 2004for people whose memberships expire inSeptember and onward. Also, in order toreduce postage costs, there will be anemail renewal coming to those memberswho have provided an email address. Ifyou have not supplied an email address,then your renewal will be mailed to you.Toronto Centre and Centre Francophonedu Montréal members are not includedin this email renewal.Motion 2: Bylaw Number One, Article198JRASC October / octobre 2004

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