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THEALDERSGATE RENEWAL MINISTRIESALDERSGATERENEWAL.ORGUPDATESPRING 2015Equipping the local churchto minister to the world inthe power of the Holy SpiritTHEAMAZING RACEVSSURVIVORWHICH ONE DOES YOUR CHURCH LOOK LIKE?Is Your Church on “Survivor” or “Amazing Race”?There are two long-running realitycompetition shows on CBS. “Survivor”chronicles the journey of castaways whocompete to outwit, outplay, and ultimatelyoutlast everyone else to become the solesurvivor. “Amazing Race” chroniclesteams facing obstacles and challenges inpursuit of a final destination. Throughoutthe season, participantsare gradually eliminated.In one show, they arevoted off by their peersand in the other they areeliminated because theywere the “last ones toarrive.”Having been active in the local churchmy entire life, I couldn’t help but see apainful parallel now and then betweenthese shows and local congregations. Notall the time, but sometimes life in the localchurch can become a very horizontal“Survivor” experience of wounded peopleoperating with an orphan spirit seeking tooutwit, outplay, and outlast the pastor. Therelational carnage is deep as disillusionedcastaways are wounded through brokenalliances and are ultimately “voted off”the proverbial island.In Hebrews 12, the author uses theimagery of a competition to illustrate ourfaith journey. He challenges us to run therace that is set before us and to nevergive up. The important difference from“. . .Wounded peopleoperating with anorphan spirit seekingto outwit, outplay, andoutlast the pastor”those reality TV programs is that we donot journey alone to survive. We are inthe race together, “surrounded by a greatcloud of people whose lives tell us whatfaith means” (verse 1 NCV).The Acts 2 model of a church is one ofunity. “They spent their time learningthe apostles’ teaching, sharing, breakingbread, and prayingtogether. The apostleswere doing manymiracles and signs,and everyone felt greatrespect for God. All thebelievers were togetherand shared everything”(verse 42-44 NCV). How did that happen?By the grace of the Holy Spirit.The early church experienced life in theSpirit. They prayed in the Spirit. Theyworshiped in the Spirit. They fellowshippedand shared in the Spirit. They ministeredsupernaturally in the Spirit. Evangelismwas not a program, but a lifestyle ofsubmission to the Holy Spirit. The witnessof the church, living, loving, and serving,carrying on the ministry of Jesus wasan irresistible winsome invitation to theworld to run the amazing race.Does your church look more like anepisode of “Survivor”? AldersgateRenewal Ministries is here to serveyou. With a Biblical curriculum thatunapologetically acknowledges ourINSIDE THIS ISSUE• When Your Soul is a Valley of Dry Bones.......................................................................................2• Are We Asking the Right Question? ..........3• Welcome ARM’s New Board President:Rev. Jason Everson .............................................4• The Courage in ARM’s DNA .........................4• FAQ about Aldersgate RenewalMinistries ................................................................5• ARM Mission Trip t0 Barbados ................. 6• Finding Grace in the Mirror ..........................7• The Biggest Gift You’ll Ever Make ............. 8On The Go? Check Out ARM’seVersion Newsletter Today!AldersgateRenewal.org/updatedesperate need of the empowermentof the Holy Spirit, ARM can providedynamic learning experiences that equipyour church to carry on the ministry ofJesus. We offer specific Scriptural teachingon the person of the Holy Spirit, and onSpirit-empowered prayer, worship, andfaith sharing. Visit AldersgateRenewal.orgto discover more about our local churchrenewal events and how we can partnerto equip your church to proclaim anddemonstrate the Gospel in the characterand in the power of Jesus Christ.

When Your Soul is a Valleyof Dry BonesJONATHAN DOW2RedoMINISTERS’RETREAT 2016March 29-31, 2016Powerful event offeringclergy and ministry leadersan opportunity for aspiritual redo. Join us forthree days set aside toworship, to pray, and toconnect with God andwith others.AldersgateRenewal.org/reMINISTERAND SPOUSERETREAT 2017April 18-21, 2017This four day experiencewill refresh and renewmarried couples whoare involved in ministry.Participants are encouragedand strengthened as theyexperience worship, prayer,and sharing from seasonedleaders.AldersgateRenewal.org/msrWhile ministry can be life-giving, it canalso be life-draining. You’ve seen theresearch and heard the statistics aboutpastoral ministry. Not a pretty picture.A 2012 study done by Duke Universityreminded readers that clergy’s practice ofputting others first can be detrimental totheir own health. While pastors have beenfound to have higher-than-average ratesof chronic disease and depression, theyoften do not seek carebecause they typicallydefault to caring forothers first.The reality is that ifyou serve for extendedseasons where the lifedrainingexceeds thelife-giving, you can endup as Ezekiel did in chapter 37 of this OldTestament book.Ezekiel said, “The Lord took hold of me,and I was carried away by the Spirit ofthe Lord to a valley filled with bones.He led me all around among the bonesthat covered the valley floor. They werescattered everywhere across the groundand were completely dried out” (37:1-2NCV). Sometimes the valley floor of oursoul can feel that way.Unfortunately, a life in ministry issometimes so amped up that we becomeoblivious to the dryness of our ownsoul. When we are careening down thehighway, there is no time to addressthe flashing oil light on our dashboard.“. . .We becomeoblivious to thedryness of ourown soul.”Ignoring warning lights and getting usedto a pattern of narrow miss after narrowmiss can numb a soul in no time.That is why I believe it was significantthat the Holy Spirit took the time to leadEzekiel “all around among the bonesthat covered the valley floor.” Then Hedrove the point home with that poignantquestion, “Son of man, can these bonesbecome living people again?” Surveyingyour own soul, can you relate?Hear the good news; the answer is“Yes!” God can resurrect a dead soul!He can clear a cluttered soul. He canheal a damaged soul. He can soften ahardened soul. While God can do thatin an instant, sometimes it takes time. Itrequires intentionally setting aside timeand allowing God permission to accessyour soul.One of the ways toallow God to restoreyour soul is to engagein ARM’s Ministers’Retreat and our Ministerand Spouse Retreat.These experiences aredesigned to allow youto reconnect with God and to allow Hislife-giving breath to fill your lungs. If youare married, there is also strategic time setaside to reconnect with your spouse.What makes these events unique isthat every effort is made to createan emotionally and spiritually safeenvironment. Our desire is to provideparticipants a place to rest, relax, andreceive. The pace of the schedule is suchthat you will have ample time to worship,learn, reflect, and connect with God andwith those who are on similar journeys.Meals are catered and housing is providedin a local hotel.Visit AldersgateRenewal.org to discover allthat Aldersgate Renewal Ministries offersto ministers.

Are We Asking the RightQuestion?“What’s in it for me?”That is often the firstquestion we ask whenwe are deciding to goto an event. Frankly,that question alsoinfluences how theevent is promotedand marketed. And, ifI was being gut-honest, unchecked, thatquestion can also shape the planningprocess and even become the drivingforce behind a “Spirit-led” conference.Our desire is that the Aldersgateconference would be a non-negotiable inyour life. “Inked-in” rather than “penciledin”on your calendar. Why? Let’s take astep back to the Great Commission. InMatthew 28, Jesus said to the disciples,“All authority in heaven and on earth hasbeen given to me. Go therefore and makedisciples of all nations, baptizing them inthe name of the Fatherand of the Son and of theHoly Spirit, and teachingthem everything thatI have commandedyou.” Matthew 10:6-8paraphrases Jesus’ saying,“Go to the lost, confusedpeople right here in theneighborhood. Tell themthat the kingdom is here. Bring healthto the sick. Raise the dead. Touch theuntouchables. Kick out the demons.”Jesus also specified that they were to waitfor the promise of the Father, indicatingin Acts 1:8 that they would “receive powerwhen the Holy Spirit has come uponyou; and you will be my witnesses inJerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, andto the ends of the earth.” Peter says laterin Acts 2 that this promise is “for you,for your children, and for all who are faraway, everyone whom the Lord our Godcalls to him.”“We cannot live,love, and serve likeJesus apart from theempowerment of theHoly Spirit!”JONATHAN DOWThat is the importance ofthe Aldersgate conference.The empowerment ofthe Holy Spirit isessential to carry onthe ministry of Jesus.We can’t fulfill theGreat Commissionwithout the powerof the Holy Spirit! We cannot proclaimand demonstrate the Gospel in thecharacter and in the power of Jesus Christwithout the Holy Spirit. We cannot live,love, and serve like Jesus apart from theempowerment of the Holy Spirit!The Aldersgate conference is a Holy Spiritboot camp designed to equip participantsto effectively live and minister in thepower of the Holy Spirit. All that is offeredat the conference is designed for those towhom God will send you! We want youto be whole, refreshed, renewed, andfreshly set ablaze by theHoly Spirit because ofthose whom God hasdivinely orchestrated tobe around you at home,at work, at school, at thegas station, in the checkoutline, and even atthe toll booth! Throughyou, the Gospel will beproclaimed and demonstrated, and theHoly Spirit enables you to do that in thecharacter and in the power of Jesus Christ!So maybe the question isn’t “What’s in itfor me?” but rather, “What’s in it for myheart-broken neighbor?” “What’s in formy wounded co-worker?” “What’s in itfor my discouraged pastor?” Come withthe expectation that God will provide youwith everything you need to be His handsand feet right where He has placed you!Check out more about this year’s Aldersgateconference at Aldersgate2015.org.ALDERSGATE 2015KEYNOTE SPEAKERSTHURSDAYNIGHT“A Love That Pursues Us”Rev. JacquieLeveronFRIDAYMORNING“A Love That Reconciles Us”Kathy HershmanFRIDAYNIGHT“A Love That Heals Us”Dr. Harvey BrownSATURDAYMORNING“A Love That Stretches Us”Rev. Dr. JosephineWhitely-FieldsSATURDAYNIGHT“A Love That Compels Us”Bishop RicardoPereiraFor keynote biography visit:Aldersgate2015.org/speakersGET YOUR FREEALDERSGATE 2015PROMO PACKTODAY!Online form for promo packs atAldersgate2015.org/share3

WelcomeARM’sNew BoardPresident: Rev.Jason EversonGrace and Peace toyou in the name ofour Risen SaviorJesus Christ. Myname is JasonEverson, ARM’snewly elected President of theBoard of Directors. Allow me afew brief moments to introducemyself. I am married to Jocelyn,who oversees the Gate Kidsministry at the AldersgateConference, and we have twobeautiful daughters, Liya (9)and Mary Elizabeth (5). I am anordained elder appointed to GoodSamaritan United MethodistChurch in Lake Wylie, SouthCarolina. Over the past six years Ihave led Good Samaritan througha restart process, and it has beenamazing to see what God has donein the life of this church.As I look toward the futureof ARM, I believe these areincredibly exciting days that are infront of us. I believe the ministryis on a great precipice and God isaudibly calling His children to anew level of faith. I believe thatthe plans that God has in store forthis ministry are unlike anythingwe could even begin to imagine.My ongoing prayer for ARM isfrom Ephesians 3:20 and that ourLord would begin to reveal theamazing things He has in storefor this ministry. I am humbledby this opportunity to serve inthis capacity, and I would ask foryour prayers for both wisdom andcourage as we seek to advance theKingdom of God and renew thechurch.Grace and Peace,4JasonThe Courage in ARM’s DNAOver the 15 years I have served asa staff member, I have learned thatthe Spirit-fueled courage exercisedin employing me at ARM was not anaberration. Courage is in ARM’s DNA.In July of 1977, it took courage to listento the voice of the Holy Spirit stirringin the hearts of United Methodists at theConference on Charismatic Renewal inthe Christian Churches.It took courage to notabort the vision. Inthe fall of 1977, ARM’sfounders testified thatit was formed by a“sovereign act of Godand not by the will ofpersons.”It took courage todiscern God’s strategy. BeginningJanuary 1, 1978, ARM’s 1st ExecutiveDirector (ED), Rev. Ross Whetstoneinvested 11 years answering thequestion, “How do we utilize the powerpossessed by these renewed peopleand mainstream it into The UnitedMethodist Church as a whole?” Formore than 20 years ARM’s 2nd ED, Rev.Gary Moore, continued asking, “Howdo we bring the life of the Spirit into thelife of the church?” For 5 years, ARM’s3rd ED, Jonathan Dow, has been asking,“How do we equip local churches tominister to the world in the power of theHoly Spirit?Over these 37 years, it has takencourage to create a strategy of“ARM has embracedthe courage to listen,to test, to receive,and to impart movesof God that arenew to us”JONATHAN DOWrenewal events and resources thatequip churches to live, witness, pray,worship, and minister in the Spirit.Hundreds of courageous people havesacrificially volunteered to carry themessage of Spirit-filled living across thecountry and around the world. It hastaken courage to choose to stay, pray,and work within the structure of theUMC to be a non-political and nonadversarialagent of thegrace of God.Lastly, it has takencourage to remainopen. ARM’s founderswarned that it wouldbe easy to becomeimpatient and discouragedand exhorted us tostay open to “whateverthe further new thingGod is doing.” ARM has embraced thecourage to listen, to test, to receive, andto impart moves of God that are newto us.The opportunity is before us to onceagain walk in courage as ARM elects its4th ED, to draw from the Spirit-giftedcourage in our DNA. As God spoke toa journeying people in the midst ofsenior leadership transition, I believeHe speaks to us today, “As I was withMoses, so I will be with you; I will not failyou or forsake you. I hereby commandyou: Be strong and courageous; do notbe frightened or dismayed, for the Lordyour God is with you wherever you go.”

F.A.Q. ABOUT ALDERSGATERENEWAL MINISTRIESHave you ever run into someone at anevent and they asked you questionsabout Aldersgate Renewal Ministries?Here is a quick guide of answers tofrequently asked questions!WHO ARE YOU?We are a non-political and non-adversarialnetwork of people working together to seethe church fulfill the Great Commission,proclaiming and demonstrating theGospel in the power and in the characterof Jesus Christ.ARE YOU METHODIST?We are a ministry birthed in The UnitedMethodist Church and incorporated asThe United Methodist Renewal ServicesFellowship, Inc. Our founding fathersand leadership are predominantlyUnited Methodist. Our primary vineyardof ministry is The United MethodistChurch. In all that we do, we celebrate therichness of our Wesleyan heritage andhistory, recognizing that John Wesley’stheology of grace is in fact a theology ofthe Holy Spirit.WILL YOU FORCE ME TO‘SPEAK IN TONGUES’ OR ‘BESLAIN IN THE SPIRIT?’Absolutely not. While we willunashamedly teach what the Scripturessay about the Person, work, gifts, fruitand manifestations of the Holy Spirit, wewill not ‘force anything upon’ or ‘makeanything happen’ to you. The nature ofJesus is gentleness in love. It is in thatgrace that we offer ministry.HOW ARE YOU GOVERNED?We are governed by a Board of Directorsand receive guidance and directionthrough an Advisory Council.DO YOU HAVE AN AGENDA?Believing that the Holy Spiritempowers and equips us to fulfill theGreat Commission, we minister withan “agenda of invitation.” We inviteindividuals and churches, to live a life ofservice to others in the power of the HolySpirit.WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THATYOU DO?We provide dynamic learningexperiences to local churches that educateand equip participants to minister to theworld in the power of the Holy Spirit. Achurch that is renewed by the power ofthe Holy Spirit will carry on the ministryof Jesus literally to the ends of the earth,fulfilling the Great Commission.HOW DO YOU RELATE TOTHE UNITED METHODISTCHURCH?We serve in a working ministryrelationship with the DiscipleshipMinistries of The United MethodistChurch.DO I HAVE TO BE METHODISTTO ATTEND AN EVENT?Absolutely not! While our primary focusis The United Methodist Church, ARMseeks to help all people to develop adeeper relationship with God throughJesus Christ by the power of the HolySpirit.HOW ARE YOU FUNDED?We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporationsustained solely by the financialgenerosity of individuals and churches.We receive no funds from The UnitedMethodist Church.HOW ARE YOU HELDFINANCIALLY ACCOUNTABLE?We adhere to the policies and standardsof Biblical stewardship as a member ofthe Evangelical Council for FinancialAccountability.We hope this tool will equip you withvocabulary so you can confidently shareabout Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.Visit AldersgateRenewal.org to learnmore about us!ALDERSGATE 2015NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPIRIT FILLED LIVINGJULY 9-12, 2015Lexington Convention CenterLexington, KYALDERSGATE2015.ORG5

ARM Mission Trip to BarbadosREV. FRANK BILLMAN6The Methodist Church ofBarbados invited ARM’sDirector of EquippingMinistries, Rev. Dr. FrankBillman, to come thereto speak about differentaspects of our supernaturalMethodist heritage. Thereare 20 Methodist churchesin the island nation; theMethodist Church inBarbados is part of thelarger, Methodist Church in theCaribbean and the Americas [MCCA],including several Caribbean islands,as well as some countries in CentralAmerica. Frank has also been invitedby a Methodist District Superintendentin Trinidad (also part of the MCCA) tocome there in September.Frank and his wife, Peggi, went toBarbados in May and spoke to over1,000 people in a number of venuesacross the nation. Many peopleexperienced healing; there was anoverall sense of excitement among thechurches. The Methodist Church ofBarbados hopes to have a Life in theSpirit Seminar team come to Barbadosto help further deepen their spiritualexperience. They are looking forwardto a closer relationship with ARM in thefuture.Below is an article written by HarryMayers, a local Methodist pastor inBarbados, after the completion of thismission trip:A word in season for Fresh Fire! Thatsums up the response ofMethodists in Barbadosto the four speakingengagements Rev. Dr.Frank Billman fulfilledon the Caribbean islandbetween May 2 and 7.At the invitation of theChurch in Barbados, Dr.Billman delivered the9th Annual lecture inhonour of National Heroine Sarah AnnGill, whose fearless fight against theinjustices of slavery kept alive the thenflickering flame of Methodism andreligious freedom on the island.“It was an eye opener.I realized that we havemissed so much about our[Holy Spirit] heritage asMethodists. Our people areready. Our people are hungry.”The lecture, entitled SupernaturalPower for National Renewal, wasenthusiastically received as were threeother presentations, ‘’Why are signs,Wonders and Miracles Important”,“Holy Communion: A Source of Healingand Revival”, and “Healing”.Rev. Alison Carter, chairperson of thecommittee that organized the lecturewhich coincided with the observanceof May as Heritage Month, describedDr. Billman’s talks as “Most inspiring.Exciting. Enlightening.”“Tremendous,” was the way Bro. RobertQuintyne, one of the island’s mostexperienced local preachers, describedDr. Billman’s presentations. “They werelong overdue.”Local preacher Shirley Harper said:“It was an eye opener. I realized thatwe have missed so much about our[Holy Spirit] heritage as Methodists.Our people are ready. Our people arehungry.”Roger Marshall, a CongregationalSteward, remarked: “There was a lotI had never heard about. Researchedreports about people’s spiritualexperiences were very uplifting.”“He opened my eyes,” said VivianSimpson, a long standing Methodist whowas once a Congregational Steward.“There is so much we don‘t know aboutour Methodist heritage.”Another Local preacher, ReynoldMcClean, who owns a travel company,said that when he saw the distancespeople had to travel to get to certainMethodist churches in England, heconcluded that “something great wouldhave been happening there.”He added, “In researching our spiritualheritage, back to John Wesley, Dr.Billman has opened a door for us. It isnow left for us to leave lifeless formalityand go through that door.”

Finding Grace in the MirrorWhat do you see when you look inthe mirror? What do you see in yourreflection? If you arelike me, I find myselfbecoming more criticalabout what I see asthe years pass by. It isnot only the physicalimperfections, but alsohow I feel as I gaze atmy reflection that affectshow I see myself.Do you see yourself asa defeated Christian? It is not the Lord’swill for you to walk around feeling likeyou are under a heavy burden. It is notHis will for you to feel ineffective, unable,and weak! If you see yourself in this waythen you are looking in the wrong mirror!I would encourage you to look in themirror that shows what you really looklike and who you really are. The mirrorthat shows your true identity is God’sMirror - the Bible!“Trusting Godenough to rejoice inthe Lord even whenevery circumstancein our lives wouldscream otherwise isa choice the prophetunderstood.”TINA ROACHAs you gaze into God’s Mirror you seeyourself as He sees you. He looks uponyou with grace and favor. He approves ofyou and sees you as His beloved. You arebeautiful and special. He even gave Hislife for you! He loves you so much that Hesent the Holy Spirit to dwell within youto empower you to be who He has calledyou to be!! You don’t have to do it on yourown!We reflect what wefocus on! What arewe focusing on thesedays? Are we focusingon the circumstancesthat we feel we haveno control over…or are we focusingon the One who canbring us throughthose circumstances tovictory?As we look into God’s Mirror, we begin tolook more and more like our Father. He isreflected through us. We become the sonsand daughters that He has destined us tobe: strong, faithful, gifted, empowered,mature men and women of God! ReceiveHis grace today and walk in His favor,precious sons and daughters of the MostHigh King!!FALL DAY APARTWOMEN’S CONFERENCEOctober 2-3, 2015Aldersgate Renewal CenterGoodlettsville, TNAs we gather with otherwomen in a safe, nurturingenvironment, we’ll bechallenged in our walk withthe Lord. We’ll experienceworship, workshops, akeynote address, andprayer ministry.KEYNOTESPEAKERRev. CandaceLewisWORSHIPLEADERCinde LucasLIVING IN THE SUPERNATURALA R M IN TE N SIVEARM INTENSIVEFebruary 25-27, 2016Goodlettsville, TennesseeWe are excited to launch the new ARM Intensive: Living in theSupernatural. Registration will be open in the early fall. For moreinformation, visit AldersgateRenewal.org/intensive.ConfirmedKeynote:Dr. RobMcCorkleFor more information visit:AldersgateRenewal.org/fdaSAVE THE DATE FORSPRING DAY APARTWOMEN’S CONFERENCEFebruary 5-6, 2016Aldersgate Renewal CenterGoodlettsville, TNFor more information visit:AldersgateRenewal.org/sda7

Upcoming Events23May20159-12July20159-12July2015Worship and Prayer Celebration VIHTRA, PÄRNUMAA, ESTONIAAldersgate Annual ConferenceNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPIRIT FILLED LIVING LEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTER,LEXINGTON, KY - ALDERSGATE2015.ORGThe Gate Youth Conference LEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTER,LEXINGTON, KY - GATECONFERENCE.ORGFor more information about our events visit AldersgateRenewal.org22Aug20152-3Oct201511-14Nov2015Regional Affiliate RenewalFellowship (RARF) Conference TRINITY LIFE CENTERPICKERINGTON, OHIOFall Day ApartWomen’s Ministry Event ALDERSGATE RENEWAL CENTERGOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEEThe Methodist School ForSupernatural Ministry: Session 1 UNITED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYDAYTON, OHIOEquipping the local church to minister to the world in the power of the Holy SpiritALDERSGATE RENEWAL MINISTRIES121 East AvenueGoodlettsville, TN 37072The Biggest Gift You’ll Ever Make GUY BURGOGiving is a joyful disciplinein the life of a Christian’s life.Learning to release resourcesto invest in Kingdom purposesdraws us into a closerrelationship with the Lord aswe take steps of faith. For mostof us, the biggest gift we’ll ever make to theLord’s work is through our will or trust whenwe go to heaven. This is our final opportunityto impact the world for Christ through ourgiving. So, as you write or update your willor trust, please prayerfully consider includingAldersgate Renewal Ministries as one of theorganizations worthy of receiving part of yourfinal act of generosity.If you don’t have a will or trust, or the oneyou have is insufficient or out of date, wehave complimentary video clips on ourwebsite to bless you. Our Will and TrustPlanning Ministry video system will teachyou about wills, probate, trusts, and more.You’ll also learn how to Biblically plan foryour spouse, children, church, ministries, etc.These video clips, created by a top Christianprofessional, are very user friendly and easyto understand. In no time at all, you’ll beready to have your will or trust drafted, byyour attorney, from a Biblical perspective.There’s no sign-up and no fees; simply visitour website at AldersgateRenewal.org/donate.

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